Moontrap (1989) Script


120 feet.

100 feet, 3.5 down, 9 forward.


Quantity light.

75 feet. And it's looking good, down 0.5.

6 forward.

60 seconds.

Light's on.

Down 2.5.

Forward. Forward.

40 feet down, 2.5. Kicking up some dust.

30 feet, 2.5 down. Faint shadow.

4 forward.

4 forward, drifting to the right a little.

Down 0.5.

30 seconds.

Contact light.

Okay, engine stop.

Tranquility Base, here. The Eagle has landed.

Okay, Neil, we can see you coming down.

I'm at the foot of the ladder.

I'm gonna step off the LM now.

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Tranquillity Base, Houston. And you're cleared for take-off.

8, 7, 6, 5...

Abort Stage, Engine Arm, Ascent.


Very smooth.

Very quiet ride.

Good morning, good morning!

The future is here, the future is now. It's the 1990s.

This is the start of a brand new decade full of thrills, chills, excitment.

So, let's hear from one of our regular listeners, the man you all know and love, the man you've all been waiting for...

Jason Grant!

That you, Phil?

You guys must be bored too.

Just doing my job, buddy. Keeping tabs you.

We don't want you skipping out, taking the hardware for a joy ride.

Don't I wish?

Listen to us, Phil.

I can't believe how routine this whole business has become.

Guess you can get used to anything, huh?

Say, how about putting Koreman on?

I got an important question for him.

He's here. Hang on.

Hey, Chuck, what's the weather like today?

You don't wanna know. Why torture yourself?

What the hell, I'm a masochist. Tell me.

Well, high 70s.

Nice breeze off the Gulf.

Not a cloud in the sky.

Oh! Why did you have to tell me?

I suppose you got the usual 4 o'clock tea-off time at Briarwood.

Matter of fact, I do.

I wanna try that new 3-Wood.

Harv says it'll cut two strokes off my game.

No, I can't take it anymore.

I bet I can drive the green on that 8th hole.

You know, the one where the palm trees block the trap.

Enough already!

I'm looking out my window right now and I, sure as hell, don't see any palm trees.

Hey, you asked for it, buddy!

So, what do you see? Anything to write home about?

Same old thing.

Never thought I'd say this, but I've been on this job too long.

Guess I'm just starting to realize that.

Yeah, but you wanted adventure.

High adventure. And you got it!

You call this adventure? Come on, I'm a truck driver.

Maybe you just need a little time off.

A couple of weeks in Mexico when you get back.

Lie on the beach, play some golf.

I don't know. I gotta do something to liven this place up!

The final frontier.

The space shuttle Camelot journeys into the void braiding the dark depths of the universe.

Manned by the daring and adventurous Colonel Jason Grant.

And... his dynamic partner, Commander Ray Tanner.

Who at this very moment is probably dreaming about... food.

Hey, Houston, when we get back, Tanner and I are gonna organize a campaign to get rid of this freeze-dried crap.

What do you think about that?

Sorry, Jason.

We can't have you guys cleaning linguini and clam sauce out of the air filters.

But I'm hungry. For real food!

I'll make a reservation for you at Demitre's.

Now, you better wake up sleeping beauty.

That wounded bird's coming your way. Can't miss the pick-up.

Roger, Houston. Will do.

Check with you when we got it in the bay.

Not bad. Pretty quick.

It's just training, habit.

From the old days of carrier duty on the Med.

Plus, let's face it...

Clean living.

My ass.

Oh, and let's not forget youthful energy.

You're not as young as you used to be either, buddy.

Our best flying days are behind both of us.

Ah, yes, but yours are farther behind.

What your problem is, you still think you're a fighter jock.

I bet you even had one of those Top Gun nicknames, right?


There must be a reason why you never told me.

Come on, what was it?

Look, I'll even tell you mine first, okay?


They always said I thought my way out of tough scrapes over Nam.

"Einstein" Grant.

Come on, that's an order. Let me hear it.


"The Penetrator".

Ah, come on, look!

Because I always went the farthest at the target, goddamnit!

Libya, Tunysia, Lebanon, it was me, pal.

I was always first in, last out.

"The Penetrator"! I love it, I love it. Screw you!


SLR is picking up something.

It's just another lamed-up satellite for the space janitors to collect.

No, it's too big.

Christ, it's nearly a quarter mile long!

A quarter mile?

Yeah. And closing fast.

Hey, Chuck, are you tracking this?

We got it down now.

Sounds okay. Crazy elliptical orbit. Way out of the usual satellite tracks.

That's why we never pick it up.

Well, get us a course projection, quick! I'll pull us out of here if we--

No danger to you, Camelot.

Plotting shows a comfortable miss.

Hold on, we've got some conflicting reports.

Here we go. I got it scanned.

Is that what I think it is?

I think it is.

What the hell have we got here, Jason?

Looks like some kind of a ship!

We got to get it in cameras. Everything we got.

Okay, I'll tell you what. I'll grab one and get some stills from the port.

Yeah, in a minute. I'm gonna get us closer.

Okay, guys, listen up.

We copy Houston. What are your words of wisdom?

Here's the story.

Object's orbit is coming apart at the seams, decaying fast.

It'll be going down real soon.

Any chance it might survive re-entry?

Locked in tear, Colonel, that's a big negative.

We'd like to request a volunteer to jump over to it.

Again for the record, it's strictly volunteered.

It could be very dangerous as hell. What do you say, Ray?

I got it.

No! Me!

You're the command pilot, Jason. You shouldn't be taking risks like that.

Bullshit! I'm out the door, Houston.

All I hear is heavy breathing out there, pal.

So, how does it look to you?


Very descriptive.

Very big!

You always had a way with words!

Listen, Ray...

Check all the sensors for any kind of radiation.

I'm in range now.

Well, there's no significant infrared.

It's been cold a long time ago.



Just incredible!

I can't find any other words for it.

This is history.

Hey, partner, you see any little green dudes out there?

You watch yourself.

You don't wanna get shot for trespassing.

Looks like there's writing of some kind.

Anything look familiar?

Strange hieroglyphics.

Not like anything I've ever seen before.

Now, I'm coming up on a breach in the hull.

Careful, man. Don't get carried away.

There's something else in here.

I think I can reach it.

First thing I've seen that isn't all burnt to hell.

Okay, got it!

What is it?

I have no idea.

Looks self contained.

Like it wasn't part of the ship.

I'm gonna bring it back.

How's our time?

Make like Jumpin Jack Flash.


He's 14,000 years old!

That's pre-history!

It's also absurd and ridiculous.

Thought you all saw the analysis.

And we ran the carbon dating a number of times.

And always get the same results.

No, there's no mistake.

He and his ship were on the moon

14,000 years ago.

What about that?

Well, that's some very tough alloy. And hollow inside.

We can't seem to open it without destroying it.

Dr. Burns, do you really want me to report to the president that you believe we may have some kind of ancient astronaut here?

Well, that's not quite the way I would put it, Mr. Haskell, but that It is the general idea.

Do you want to see the analysis again?

It's not necessary. I do want a copy of the print-off though for my report on your cockamamie theory.

What is it with you?

You think we're making all this up?

It's right out there in front of you, goddamnit!

Colonel, we have all been around in budget time.

There's nothing like a little mystery in space hyped to sort of jack up the bucks at NASA. Right, Chuck?

Come on, you can't be serious!

We've just presented you with the facts!

I don't believe this guy!

I think it's outrageous for you to even suggest that we would try to pull off a hoax, Mr. Haskell.

I don't recall accusing you of anything, doctor.

All I know is, is that this sounds a lot like that junk my kid watches on Saturday morning TV.

You know, you have a real problem, friend.

Forget it, pal, the guy's a jerk.

Look, why don't we all just take a break? Relax!

Get some coffee.

Whatever you say.

Access granted.

Replay analysis.

Organic remains: human.

Age: 14,000 years.

Tissue reconstruction.

Suit reconstruction.

Ship reconstruction.

Hull composition: unknown.

Lunar dust present.

Probable origin: Earth's moon.

Launch site...

Prometheus crater.

Prometheus crater.

Government contractors!

Okay, now, let me get this straight.

It looks like you're gonna tell Washington that we rigged up some kind of elaborate con job, that this whole thing was a ploy to pump up the budget?

My report'll have to speak for itself.

Well, Chuck, I guess we'll have to file our own report.

For the president's advisory group.

It's beginning to look that way.

Now, that is going outside of normal channels.

Well, we don't really wanna do that.

We'd rather talk to you.

So, talk.

We have to go back to the moon.

Oh, give me a break, Colonel!

Look, all the evidence points to some ancient base there.

That's got to be important to us!

For the knowledge alone, if nothing else.

A scientific investigation will show us-- Yeah, yeah, right. Look...

Be realistic. It's been 20 years since the last lunar mission.

Where're you gonna find the hardware or the men... do it? Wait a minute.

There's one complete set of Apollo unit in mothballs down at the Cape.

And right here you've got two seasoned astronauts, who could be ready to go in a jiffy.

Hell, I'm ready now! Hey, I don't know, Jason.

You've been out the intensive training loop for a long time now.

Oh, bullshit, Chuck! You know I can do it.

Well, maybe.

But we still need the funding.

I'm still listening.

Just think about it.

Think about how the president will react when you tell him what we might find.

Great advances in space technology, construction techniques, life support systems, even weaponry.

Oh, I doubt there would be any weapons. Why not?

Look, you're trying to suck me in, Grant.

I'm just trying to show you what might be waiting for us.

Or for somebody else.

Of course you guys know that the Soviets are supposed to attempt a lunar landing within the next two years.

Look, you can't stampede the president with that kind of talk.

It's just a thought.

Still, it is a concern.

Security. Sergeant Peters.

Get a team up to the isolation room.

On the double! The body is missing!

All right, sit tight.

So, what do you think?

I think we got him.

Nice move bringing up the Russians.

I knew that'd put a bug up his ass.

Why aren't you going for the kill?

Way ahead of you, partner.

I'd like to kill this goddamn machine. Come on!

This whole thing has got to go through the the proper channels all the way to the oval office.

I have no problem with that.

And until the president makes his decision, it is entirely a national security matter.

Strictly need to know. Right.

Which is why you need us to fly it.

We'll only have to bring in one other outsider.

We need an orbital pilot. Major George Beck.

He flys the orbiter, while Ray and I go down to the surface.

I'll feel better knowing that it's Beck holding the fort, until we can link back up for the trip home.

So, now you're not only making team assignments, but you're also commanding the mission, Colonel?

Don't even think of trying this without me.

Or me.

That's up to the president.

But you make the recommendation.

I missed out on the moon before.

Not this time.

Lieutenant, urgent. Come in.

Conners here, what is it?

Get down to sub-basement 2 with all your men.

Corridor 5C.

Bring every damn weapon in the place.

What's the situation?

There's something in the corridor. Something huge.

I don't know what the hell it is.

Okay, we're out of here.

Hey, we don't take no shit from a machine.

What the hell is going on?

Security breach! Intruder in the basement!

Stay there!

Keep it together. Keep it together. Goddamnit, take your positions!

Ready your weapons.

Fire on my command.

Wait! Wait! Wait, hold your fire!

Don't do anything foolish.

This is a great moment for mankind.

This is our chance to finally communicate with a non-human intelligence.

We can't meet it with hostility.

With guns.

No! Let him go.

We mean you no harm.

We just want to make contact.

Do you understand?

It sees him!


Give us a sign.

Get the son of a bitch!

Let him have it!

Open fire!

Oh, that son of a bitch! Oh, shut up!

You know what I'm thinking?

I know what you're thinking.

So, what do you think?

I think it's a good idea.

Over here, alien freak!

Still undecided?

You win, Dad.

Old man still got it, huh?


Oh, sure, Dad.

All right.

You hungry?

I'm starving.

Burgers and fries?

Sounds great.

Mom's on some kind of health food kick right now.

She's definetely anti-grease.

Nothing wrong with that.

How's she doing? Still seeing Alan.

He just got a new dune buggy to go with the surf board.

And he's getting into body-building. Mom too.

Your momma pumping iron?

Well, she says she wants to get in touch with her body.

Good for her.

So, grease burgers it is.

Just don't tell her, all right? Okay.

Hello. Hi.

Oh, hi, Ray. How're you doing, kid?

I'm fine. Hey, how's school?

You know, school is school.

Is your old man in? Yeah.

Dad's right here. Just a second.

I think he's bummed.

Hey, partner, what's up?

Come on, take it easy.

Damn it, keep your voice down!

Look, how about coming over here for a while, all right?

I'll pick you up.

No, no, I mean it. Just sit tight. I'll be right there.

Don't do anything, don't say anything.



What's the problem?

I'd better go get him. He's shooting his mouth off about classified stuff.

You okay? Sure, Dad.

Why don't you put on that Godzilla movie till I get back?

All right.

You're a riot, Alice!

You're a real riot!

One of these days... Bang, zoom! the moon with you!

Ralph Kramden.

That's it, you're cut off. Now, come on, Alice, honey.

You know I wouldn't send you to the moon alone.

Now, come on, will you just give me one lousy beer?

That is lousy beer. Okay.

But it is the last one for you, Moon Man.

And that goes for your friend too.

For crying out loud, last one!

Can you believe that?

No respect for marriages and heroes in space.

You got that right, pal.

But things are gonna change.

Damn straight! You called Jason yet?

He's coming down here to shut me up. Oh, yeah.

I know he never can.

Sure as hell what? Sure as...

Jason, my man!

What is this bullshit?

Georgie and me, we got a little something to tell you, pal.

Yeah, right. Let's call it a night, okay?

Listen, how does fame, fortune and fast women sound to you?

Fine, great!

Let's go, Penetrator. Oh, "The Penetrator"!

Okay, Einstein, how does your picture on the cover of 'Newsweek' sound?

We can get you a... Interview.

Interview! Movie!

Shit, maybe we can even get you at 'Movie of the Week'.

What are you babbling about?

It's your boyhood dream, old buddy!

The stars are our destination!

Ray, give me a break!

Now I don't have to listen to this guy anymore bitching to me about being too young in the 60s and too old in the 80s.

Screw you, old buddy!

All right, remember me telling you about Francine?

She worked at the vehicle assembly plant down at the Cape?

Oh, I remember her. Yeah, she was a mud-wrestler.

No, that was Arline! Oh!

Francine called me last night.

Real hush-hush.


The mission, they're doing it.

They're getting ready to light that last big candle, and it's top priority.


Are you sure? Damn sure.

They wanna us to check out the home base of that space stiff and that Frankenstein junk pile that we brought back.

They want us to see if there's anymore of those... things lying around up there waiting to pop open.

Boys... we're gonna be doing a little Search and Destroy on the goddamn moon!

Yee-haw! Right!

With an earth-shaking roar not heard for almost two decades...

Tell them, Mr. Cronkite.

...the mighty Saturn V rocket rises once again from its launch pad into the clear, blue Florida sky.

Go, baby, go!

Hey, anybody called a cab?

You know what I always wanted to do?


Bravo, bravo!


I don't know why you always wanted to do that.

Some hero! Finally gets to the moon...

...and falls flat on his face.

I don't know that I would exactly call that your face that you landed on.

Look, let's just hope that that's the worst that happens up here.

What's the matter, partner? Getting a little jumpy?

Yeah. I don't know about you, pal, but I'm not exactly looking forward to running into another one of those... zombie robot things that builts its up out of junk and spare human body parts.

Well, that's what we're here for.

Fine, next time, he can have your body.

Come on, Ray, loosen up!

This does not sound like the famous Penetrator.

I just want my old F-14 back.

Now, that baby could fly us out of anything.

I wonder why I feel like we don't know what we're getting ourselves into.

Because we don't. Oh.

Let's check our link with the orbiter.

George, do you read?

Copy, Jason. Tracking network now being established.

Damn! What's the matter?

Ah, I left that frisbee my kid gave me up there.

Promised him I'd try tossing it.

Go it right here.

I wish I could sail it down to you.

Son of a bitch, would've gone for miles.

Futher that Shepard's golf ball. Well, maybe next time.

Keep on that heading. You should reach the target in 12 minutes.

Copy on that. Stay out of trouble.

We might need a fast getaway.

Houston, do you read?

Argo team is off and rolling. ETA 12 minutes with terrain as variable.

We copy, Argo 1.

Maintain full surveillance monitors while you are in range.

Copy, Houston. Understood.

Don't worry Chuck. I'm gonna bring them back alive.


Fabulous sight!


That in that crater, what is it?

Mica? Ice?

Sorry, I can't help it. I'm just a born tourist.

You know, you're the kind of guy who would've been admirring the jungle plants in Vietnam.

During combat.

George, do you copy? How's the target look from up there?

Should be dead ahead. No sweat.

Hey, pal, don't say dead.

I didn't know you were so sensitive, Ray.

Well, honey... Oh-oh.

Gotta leave the rover. What's wrong?

Incline's too steep.

It'll be okay here.

We'll hike it and save the batteries for later.

Well, care to join me?

I thought you'd never ask. Jeez!

After this, I'm hearing to ride again.

I'm ready now.

Oh, man!

No wonder we never saw it from orbit.


Is that for us?

You see anyone else standing around?

Hey, what's going on down there?

A base!

It is a goddamn base!

And we are being invited in. Yeah.

But who's throwing the party?


We're here!

Just incredible.

Let's do it.


Hold on.

We forgot something.


Guns on the moon.

I don't think we were the first ones, pal.

Here we go.

Some kind of ceremonial hall.

Maybe religious.

Yeah, weddings... Baptisms...

Communions... Bar Mitzvahs...

Good going. Revivals... Acts of convergencies...

Human sacrifices...

What do you think?

Never mind. I know what you're thinking.

It's... a woman!

I wonder who she was.

And why she's in here.

My God, she's alive!

Give me a hand, Ray.

Okay, I got it you.

It's gonna be all right here.

Hey, watch it! Don't let her go!

Look, goddamn it, we're human!

Can you speak to us?

Can tell us your name?

What am I doing? She doesn't know English.






That's a real nice name.



All right.

It was a very long time ago, Mera.

Argo team, do you read me?

Argo Team.

Talk to me guys. It's urgent!

Please respond.

We got you, Argo 1. Thank God!

Listen, listen check out the lander right away. It seems to be moving.

Half of its status transmissions are out.

What about the surprise package?

That's still operative, but nearly everything else shows malfunction.

Get back there. That's your ride home!

Yeah, but what about her?

I don't know. We can't just leave her here.

Wait a minute. That thing's actually supposed to work after all these centuries?

She seems to think so.

Who're you, guys, talking about?

What's going on down there?

We'll tell you on the way back, George. Stand by.

What the hell was that?!


Houston, do you read me?

Advise on team status.

They're returning to the landing site, Houston.

They found something or someone.

We don't know what the hell we're dealing with here.

I'm transmitting high speed scramble.

Copy, Argo 1. Standing by.

And I wish to hell I wasn't sitting on my ass.

Maybe these Kaalium are tools or even weapons that got out of control.

Hell, maybe they're aliens. Only Mera can tell us.

Yeah, once she learns how to talk.

Argo team, do you read me?

Can't you hot-shots get me more juice out of that thing?

Oh, now they want speed.

George, what's our position?

I got you three minutes from the landing site.

You should be able to see the lander.

We don't see a thing.

Check your readings.

Readings nominal.

Oh, shit!

It's gone.


You know?

Those Kaalium are really starting to bug me.

I can relate to that.

There's tracks all over the place.

We should be able to follow them.

Let's go.

This thing's not gonna make it much further.

I think the batteries are just about shot.

Well, that's it.

Auxiliary? No, I kicked it in way back there.

Okay, Einstein. What next?

We walk. We walk.

Why didn't I think of that?

She must be wondering what we're doing.

I'm wondering what we're doing.

Fantastic view.

Yeah, I wish we could enjoy it.

Jason, Ray, got the lander in sight?

Not yet. Just a lot of tracks.

If you don't find that thing, you're all in big trouble.

I hate when you exaggerate, George.

We're not ready to set up permanent housekeeping here.

Good God!

Now we know what these Kaalium have been doing for the past 14,000 years.

Yeah. Looks like they're getting ready to move out.

You stay here and cover my back. My ass!

You're not gonna go up against something like that alone.

Now, wait a minute. Not this time.

I'm going with you.

Okay, partner.

Let's do it.

Thanks, Mera.

Back home we'd say that you saved my ass.

And looks like our space hero here is... fallen on his... face again.

Come on, you son of a bitch!

Take it easy, partner. I'll get you home.

You're gonna be okay.


You know what I'm thinking? Shut up.

Don't bullshit now.

Old buddy...

I'm not...

going anywhere.

Screw you! You're gonna make it!

Argo team, acknowkedge. Are you, guys, all right?

We were attacked. Ray's hurt. I'll get back to you.

I've got a problem here too.

Nothing seems to be working.

All the instruments are functioning, but the orbiter is not responding.

Something's pulling me out of orbit.

I'm going down! It's breaking up!

Stay with it.

Try to fire the retros against the pull.

It's no use, Jason.

My God!

Argo 1, this is Houston.

Please respond.

What's the situation?

George just...

Our link-up's gone.

Jason, remember one thing.

What's that, buddy?

We don't take no shit... from a machine!

Right, Jason?


Right?! Quite right. We take no shit.



Damn for you copping out of me when I need you the most!

Always the goddamn easy way out!

You know what I think?!

No. I'm all right.


Think, damn it, think!

What a screw-up!

Goddamnit, I should've seen the danger!

I should've listened to Koreman.

Let someone else go.




I must've been crazy to go up against that ship.

I blew it.

I blew it.

Ray's dead.


I woke you up...

just so you could die with me.


My God, Ray!

What they did to you!

If those things get to Earth...

I wonder if there are any other?

I've got to stop them.

We're in their ship.

Oh, Christ!

That's what we are.

Spare parts.

That's what happened to your people.

Maybe with a little time we can get out of here.

We don't take no shit from a machine.

Here's the way out.

Seems like they never learn.

We're going for main engine start.

7, 6...

We have main engine start.

3, 2, 1, 0.

We have lift-off for intercept mission.

Intrepid has cleared the tower.

Mark 10 seconds, Intrepid, and looking good.

Main engine sequencing confirmed.

Roger, Houston. Getting a little bumpy here.

Stand by for pitch over and MDP.

We have pitch over.

Encountering MDP.

Throttling back.

All right, that smooths out the road considerably.

Confirmed, Intrepid.

You're aloft a bit early.

At mark 2 minutes you are go for SRP sep.

Roger, Houston. Standying by for sep.

Booster separation at mark 5 seconds.

Houston, we have SRB sep. Feels good.

Sep confirmed at mark two minutes 50 seconds.

You are go for MECO.

Roger for MECO.

Looks good, Intrepid.

Houston, we have MECO.

Main engine cut-off confirmed.

Go get them, Intrepid.

So far so good.

If we can reach the ship's core, we should be able to cruise right down the whole length.

This is it.

Zero gravity.

I hope.

Mera, come on.

Come on!

All right, hang on.

Now, just hang on.

It's an all-hot invasion force.

And that's where they're going.

Report orbital status, Intrepid. Prepare to intercept.

Insertion complete, Houston. We're here.

Now, where is that ship?

Still at about 10,000km out, coming right at you.

Keep your fingers on the trigger.

Roger, Houston.

I'm getting something now.


My God!

They got one up.

Thanks anyway, guys.

It's the lander.

The last piece of equipment they needed to complete this ship.

And they waited 14,000 years for us to bring it.

All missiles armed.

But I don't know if we'got enough punch to stop that.

Well, you're all we've got, Intrepid.

Don't miss.

Intrepid's gone! Report status, Intepid!

No damage.

Intrepid, can you still engage?

Too far for our missiles.

We're goddamn sitting ducks.

I wish you could have met my son, Mera.

I wish...

Surprise, surprise.


It's over.

You have Delta 4 authorization to fire.

But we're now getting readings that the lander may be inside that thing.

And if it's possible, so are Grant and Tanner.

If you do not receive confirmation, you are to fire at your discretion.

Do you acknowledge, Intrepid?

Do you acknowledge, Intrepid?


Do you know what I think?

It's working!

It's working!


Do you read?

Please respond.

Goddamn government contractors!

Flying star!

That's falling star.

But why falling?

Stars cannot fall.

It's just a figure of speech.

Like all the other phrases you heard tonight that don't make sense.

Don't worry about it.

So hard!

Phrases, figure of speech.

It's been difficult for me.

Jason, when I was chosen to carry the warning, I said no.

I wanted to stay.

Maybe even to die.

I know.

But it was my duty.

But it is all over now, and I'm glad to be with you.

Yes. It's over.

Manor station. Watkins.

Phil, buddy, glad I caught you. Jason Grant here.

Hello, Jason.

Listen, I wonder if you could me a favor.

On the back channel. No record, okay?

If I can.

I wanna know if you guys have been tracking any debris from the Kaalium ship.

Listen, like we told you before, after you blew that thing, there wasn't anything left!

I know, I know.

I just thought maybe...

It's been so many months. You might've picked up something.

Look, we got a tag on every piece of junk up there.

Anything else would've burned up. You know that, right?

Forget about it. Right.


Sorry to bother you.

No problem, Jason. Be talking to you.

Yeah, you will be.