Morgiana (1972) Script

My older daughter Viktoria, apart from the income,

also gets the château, "Green Flute".

This includes the grounds and the jewellery deposited in the château's safety box, as listed in the codicil.

My younger daughter Klara inherits the rest of the estate.

All other buildings, the shares, the bank account...

Still staring at your face?

Or are you looking for a husband?

Don't be afraid of your future.

You'll have plenty of men to choose from.

The solicitor, Glennar...

Why are you smiling? I like you, Klara.

Your naive goodness, your inexperience...

After all, you're my sister.

But your face, it bothers me.

Please try to control yourself, Viktoria.

You'll feel better.

What would you know? We're different... but I hate you to suffer.

I'm glad I'm not alone in my suffering.

Love me, just like I love you.

We're sisters.

All right.

Let's leave it there. That's enough.

Will you come with me to Green Flute?

We're about to renovate.

Won't you? No, Viki.

I don't feel free there, at that Green Flute of yours.

Good night then.

This mineral water tastes like champagne.

Drinking on an empty stomach?

That water will make you sick.

Are the masons here? Yes, they've arrived.

I'll see the foreman soon.

We must clear our rooms. They'll start there.

Can't we wait? It's so beautiful outside.

Let them put up the scaffolding outside first.

We have guests today.

As you wish. It's your house, and your money.

I just wanted to help.

You're kind.

Go on, catch it.

Aye you going too? I don't think so.

Klara doesn't like it there. That's not true.

It is. She's afraid of the dead dancer.

Of Green Flute?

She walks there at night.

Klara thinks that. No, I don't.

It was cruel to die so young and pretty.

And rich too.

But that was no use to her.

Her lover died soon after her.

What love.

His conscience killed him.

He was jealous of her dancing.

He gave her everything, but kept her for himself.

He bribed the doctors.

He told her she was seriously ill and she shouldn't dance or she'd ruin her legs.

Isn't that right?

I saw her once. In front of a mirror, crying.

She was home-bound and quite ill.

Excuse me. I'd like to talk to you.

Not now. Could you talk to my sister?

That would make me happy.

It's not the prettiest but I like it the best.

Sometimes I do the watering myself.

Do your swans always neglect your guests?

Wake up, sleepers.

Don't sleep.

I hope you didn't destroy your shoes. They suit you.


I must talk to you. What's wrong?

I wanted to write it but lost my nerve.

And now...

I should have written it.

I can bring you a pencil and paper.

You'd better tell me.

I want to be with you. We're together now.

But not alone. Why aren't you with Viki?

I asked you to see her.

I want to be with you. You're being foolish.

You could have tried to be with her.

Forgive me, but I hate her.

Don't you feel sorry for her? I love only you.

You see, now you've told me everything.

Go to my sister while I change.

And find a good excuse why you weren't with her.

A letter.

A foreign woman.

An unpleasantness.

A death.

I can see a lot of money and jewellery.

It's all linked to a black widow.

And that's you.

This is all within your reach now.

However a queen of hearts stands in your way.

She's always ahead of you. She's your obstacle.

A queen of hearts.


There's an admirer. He's nearby.

A knight in a uniform... In love, perhaps?

But the queen of hearts is more involved.

My obstacle? Yes.

But it's all up to you.

Only you can remove that obstacle between you and the riches.

There's also a journey.

Maybe a disaster...

That's enough.

You mustn't lick it. You can't smell anything.

You'd just fall asleep.

Very slowly.

Until you'd fall asleep for good.

And no one would know why.

Can you hear it?

Our beautiful rose.

Pretty, isn't she? But cut flowers smell best.

We shall love her.

We'll remember her with all our love.

I want the mason to start on my bedroom.

I'll tell them.

I'm leaving so I won't disturb anyone.

I thought you were up.

Let's have breakfast. Thank you, I've eaten.

Call the upholsterer. He promised the samples.

I'll be ready soon. Why don't you call him?

I'd only argue with him.

Extension 38, please.

Yes, I'll wait.

Should I call later? There's no answer.

Wait a little.

What did he say?

They gave me a wrong number. I'll try again later.

It was all fizzy, but now it's dead.

Like a fairy tale... Dead water.

Drink your chocolate first and then get a new one.

I'm really hungry.

That's one chicken less.

That's funny.

What is?

It may not be funny... but the egg could have been a chicken and the chicken may have had more eggs... and I would have eaten them all.

All those eggs. You need to drink more.

You'll be glad when I leave, won't you?

I've said it now.

Enjoy yourself at Green Flute.

And come and visit us. We're nearby.

I'll visit you too.

Write first.


Of course. Always the draught.

Reminds me that I'm home. I want the windows closed.

I want weekly reports. As you wish, Miss.

I'd like to suggest, if I may, that the old barn is replaced with flower beds.

I forbid you to grow flowers here.

And no flowers indoors.

Thanks, you may go.

We did it, didn't we?


They cheated us and sold us water.

Is that my sister's dog?

Yes, it's grown a lot. My son loves it.

They brought a new harvester.

I didn't sign for it... I'm coming.

I won't come. I'm not feeling well.

I just feel thirsty all the time.

I'm sure it will pass.

No. I'll call you.

Enjoy yourself.

Bring me another drink.

Look at my pupils. Are they enlarged?

They're fine. You're imagining it.

But my lips are cracked.

Aren't the oranges strange? The same as usual.

I'm glad you came. You're still a little pale.

Give me a drink, please.

What would you like?

A lot of water.

Nothing hurts.

I feel as if somebody changed my body.

You can relax now that Viktoria is away.

Were you frightened?

It was peculiar. It felt like I was choking.

I couldn't move.

I kept looking down as if drawn by something.

You were saved from death.

A steam engine almost ran me over once.

I've no idea how it all happened.

I saved myself purely by instinct.

But I've never been able to move like that again.

I can add something to that hat story.

Wait a minute, please.

My family is a bit strange.

That was my cousin, Lieutenant Marek.

He was transferred here last week.

That's my hat. Where did you find it?

I was riding my horse near the beach.

It was lying there.

Just like in a book.

Did you find anything?

Many illnesses start like this.

They become identifiable later.

Does it mean we have to wait?

Yes. Will you miss anything?

Take a good book and read it.

And take quinine just in case.

Malaria can have many symptoms.

But how would you get malaria here?

Take it just in case.

And of course, your diet...

Who's making that noise?

We're renovating.

I brought the samples of the new wallpaper.

Any news from my sister?

I haven't seen her. I've heard she's ill.

What's wrong with her?

The doctor doesn't know. She's always thirsty.

And she's very weak. Thirsty?

Wait. The bowl is empty.

Let's get him come water.

Shall I pour some tea?

You forgot the window.

We leave it open for the cat. I'm sorry.

She always comes through it.

That draught will kill me.


Take that glass away.

I'll drink from the cup.

Always give me a cup.

Splash somewhere else.

She has bruised vertebrae.

The doctor said she may never move her head.

Isn't he thirsty?

Give this to that girl.

A terrible thing to happen.

What are you doing?

He's always playing. He drank his milk too.

I'm thirsty, Mummy.

He's a bit warm. I'll put him to bed.

So this is your house?

You're living alone?

Don't worry. I'm discreet.

I walked from the bridge unobserved.

May I sit down? Please do.

What do you want?

Listen to me.

I'm here to find out...

You know very well what I'm after.

Nothing's happened yet. You did get it, though?

I did.


Are you waiting for the right moment?

You said you didn't interfere with your clients.

I hope... Let's talk business.

Your sister is ill.

She's being treated by Doctor Meyer and he told his friend... that he thinks the illness is very peculiar indeed.

Your information is wrong.

She's just suffering a little discomfort.

Your order was precise.

You wanted a poison which kills slowly, and is undetectable.

They're your words. I wrote them down.

You wanted a liquid with no smell or taste, and undetectable in any laboratory tests.

Isn't that right? I don't understand.

You will.

The order was a difficult one to fulfil.

We had to do a lot of experiments.

And we had a lot of expenses.

Quite a lot more than we got paid for.

You're rich. You'll inherit after your sister.

We can reach an agreement... That's blackmail.

How would your sister react to a letter from me... containing some interesting information?

But you sold me the poison.

I have a witness who'll say you stole the poison from our safe.

Don't you remember?

You were caught by our servant.

You've got it all wrong.

The poison wasn't meant for my sister.

She's my sister, after all.

I'm listening.

All right. I'll give you some money.

I'll get some money and give it to your husband.

Leave my husband out of this. I'll take the money.

How much?

I'll give you five thousand.

That will buy you a trip to jail.


You think you can get all the money and spend it all on yourself?

Or maybe buy a man who would be blind to your ugly wickedness?

Why be mean with me?

I can tell your sister how to cure herself.

And your plans are ruined.

Come back.

Tell Gerda to bring me some writing paper.

Is it necessary? You need complete rest.

I want to write to my sister.

I had hoped I'd be cured by now, but...

Some lieutenant... The name escaped me.

Not too good.

I'd like to know too.

I probably have cancer, tuberculosis, leukaemia or hallucinations.

At least that's what medical books say.


I'll look forward to it.

Don't worry. Your sister is poisoned and she'll die.

Even though I can cure her.

Can doctors cure her too? No.

They don't know what poison was used.

How much? Half a million.

Five hundred thousand.

The stones seem real.

Some are quite pretty.

But the pearls aren't real. Have you got any more?

I have. But you only get what's there.

The poison is untouched.

It's still in the bottle. You can see it any time.

Trying to negotiate? I'll show you.

All right, Let me see.

I'll prove that you used some of it.

You'd have to open the package.

What do you mean? I didn't open it.

Perhaps I'm being silly, but I was afraid.

I was afraid everyone knew about it.

I kept holding it in all sort of places.

Every night I used to check it hadn't been stolen.

In the end...

In the end, I buried it right here.

Not far from here, among the rocks.


Let me see the package. I'll take it back.

Why? Don't you trust me?

No, I don't.

Thank you for the money.

That's all right. Get well soon.


You think I'm lying? Perhaps...

Perhaps you forgot the place.

Don't worry. It's not far from here.

I'm not going any further.

Wait. Not far now.

We're here.

The rock was on its side, so it moved easily.

Pass me that branch.

Try to move it.


I can't do it. Let me.

I can't do any more.

You mustn't get up.

Don't tell the doctor, but I'm going out.

You mustn't upset me. It's bad for me.

I'll be back shortly. I'm feeling better.

I'll tell him anyway.

What's your name? You're Klara, aren't you?

I'm ill, you know?

No one knows what it is.

We look so similar. Do you want to be my sister?

Give me your hand.

I have nobody.


What's wrong, Klara? Let me go.

You frighten me.

I want to help you. I love you.

No, let me go.

If this happens again, I'll write a report.

It's all my fault. Let me decide that.

What's that noise?

Throw those masons out. The patient needs silence.

The pulse is week. But it's regular.

What do you think it is? I don't know.


It's called hallucinations, isn't it?


You're not smoking hashish, are you?

Your nerves are upset.

That's why you hate sounds, colours, etc...

Let's have a look.

Your organs are fine.

Your liver is a little enlarged.

If there are no changes, good or bad, I'll call a consilium.

Don't worry. We have many unexplained cases.

Isn't that right?

Just stay in bed.

That won't harm you.

I'll come tomorrow.

Say I won't die. Fear won't help you.

And do as the nurse says.

Is your boy still sick?

No. It was nothing. He's with his dog again.

May I come in?

Viki, I'm glad you came.

This is Lieutenant Marek, Eva Homova's cousin.

We met at her house.

What did the doctor say?

He doesn't even know what's wrong with me.

Are you enjoying it in your house?

It's very peaceful.

You should have changed clothes after chasing those swans in the pond.

You think I caught a chill there?

There are many mysterious sicknesses around.

May I?

Have you got a fever?

I just keep seeing strange things.

It's like dreaming without sleeping.

The doctor wants a consilium.

The lieutenant wants to fly a plane.

Planes fall down and pilots get killed.

And they're mostly young.

Isn't that beautiful... to die on the threshold of adulthood?

Thank you very much, but I can easily wait until I get old.

Help yourself, Lieutenant.

What's wrong? You're the one who's sick.

I don't know...

I'm bad. I have evil thoughts.

I'll tell you when I'm fit.

Of course.

You mustn't get excited.

They're beautiful.

Is there an empty vase here?

Miss gets many flowers, don't you?

Maybe we'll throw out Mr. Glennar's flowers.

I'll see Mr. Marek out. You look tired.

Lieutenant, shall we?

Klara likes you. How do you find her?

She's strangely altered.

I'm sure she'll get better.

You're still optimistic, despite her illness.

I think you love her.

That has nothing to do with her illness.

Of course it hasn't.

I feel you enjoy a lot of obstacles.

Do you like to suffer?

Would you duel with your rival?

Or would you rather save him?

Klara would thank you.

And you'd smilingly get over your torture.

Is that right, Marek?

Can I call you Marek?

Yes, you're right. Almost exactly.

My little Viktoria.

Where did you find it? In the attic.

Was your Klara there? Yes, but she had no eyes.

I must tell you something. No, you listen to me.

I thought something bad about you.

I shouldn't have even thought about it.

But now, when our father has gone, you're all I have.

When I'm well again I'll get married.

Marek said nothing but I know he loves me.

And I love him.

I'll be useless here then.

Don't speak like that. You'll stay with me.

I mean with us. We'll both love you.

Of course...

You wanted to say something to me.

Don't worry, it wasn't important.

It's nothing. Actually I wanted...

It was only a feeling.

We haven't talked like this for ages.

I feel much better.

I love you, Viki.

This is a provocation.

To win with such a bad card.

But that's your last win.

You promised yesterday you wouldn't be playing.

And now, gentleman... let's play for the lot. And I'll deal.

Don't be stupid. Let's play.

This is all I have.

Gentlemen. The drinks are on me.

You were poisoned. You'll die within four weeks.

You're in no immediate danger yet.

I'll look after you. I know how to cure it.

I'll deliver when we agree on the price of your life.

On the price of your life...

Where are you running? Why do you spy on me?

What do you want?

Did you write the letter?

The letter? Yes, I did write one.

I mean, many, but... Go away.

Let me go.

You're sick. I want to help you.

I hate you. You're blackmailing me.

It hasn't eaten since you left.

It just drinks, and now it lays here like this.

Get rid of it.

That's the end.

They're not asleep yet. No. They're on duty.

They needn't get up if they're in bed.



Take it. Come on, I'll show you something.

Come on.


Nothing. Everything's all right.

Don't you like me?

Yes, I do. You're lovely.

I'm sorry, but...

I don't want to.

You're used to younger women. Is that it?

And the music is over.

You break everything.

Don't upset her, or she'll start performing.

Come here.

Go away. He's not here.

You're lying. The coach is there.

Tell him it's about Klara. It's urgent.

Go on.

Why did he come?

Go away.

Get out of here.

Get a move on.

Go away.

Why did you bring him? Let him go.

Let him go, or I'll cut his throat.

What are you here for? Get out.

Someone outside wants to fight you for Klara.

At least I don't have to do it myself.

She must have been his girl.

He'll show you.


I know all about you. Klara told me.

It's not that simple.

I'm ready for you. My friends are inside.

Choose your weapons. Nonsense.

Sir. Shall I hit him?

I'm not here to fight. You can if you like.


Klara left home tonight. You know she's sick.

She was looking for you, She disappeared.

I think she went to her sister's place.

She mentioned a letter. I thought you should know.

Thank you.

Are you leaving us behind?

You drank with us, so you'll leave with us too.

How could you believe such a letter?

Give it back to me.

You shouldn't have done it.

Why did you poison me? You think I'm a monster?

Yet this afternoon you loved me.

Please tell the truth. I want to know.

I don't know anything.

Leave me alone. All right.

I'll ask whoever wrote that letter.

I'll pay anything to know.

I'll know the truth.

Are you mad? I'll know how you killed me.

Shut up. I don't want to hear it.

You're sick. Get it?

I'm sick. That's true.

Just tell me why?

Why did you do it? Tell me the truth.

I'll tell you, then.

I bought...

I bought some... from...

from someone, such... a special solution... to bring on some strange dreams.

I'll make it short.

Where was I?


I gave you a few drops secretly.

You gave me drops meant for you?

I wanted to know... You experimented on me?

Why not?

You like to tell me about your dreams.

I didn't think they'd harm you.

I wanted to please you.

I wanted you to tell me about the dreams... that you never dreamt.

Now I'm at the mercy of criminals.

After selling me something they're blackmailing me.

How did they know you gave me the drops?

Yes, actually...

I just don't know.

Was it the morning you asked me to phone the upholsterer?

Does anybody dream during the day?

You're lying to me. I don't believe you.


Why did you destroy me?

I gave it to you because I was given such an instructions.

Why did you leave shortly afterwards?

You should rest now.

Where did you buy it?

I want you to get better. Go to bed now.

Don't drink. The doctor forbade it.

Listen to me.

Go to bed right now.

Don't talk.

We're alone now. Admit you killed me.

You can't prove it. Nobody will believe you.

You're sick.

Wounded birds should be finished off.

I'm telling you, Klara is not there.

Go back. She'll be at home.

That's where we're going. And you're coming too.

You don't... We'll see.

We're wasting our time. Do you think so?

Klara's in the city. She needs help.

Why do you want... Let us in.

If Klara were here, she'd be in the salon.

This way.

The only room with the light on.

I forgot to switch it off.

Do you think I'm lying?

I apologise.

Will you come with us?

That belongs to Klara. Untidy servants.

She's bound to be here.

Come out, Klara. Let's stop these games.

It's good that you locked up.

We won't be disturbed.

It's really me, alive and well.

You don't hallucinate like your sister.

You're just an ordinary killer.

But you couldn't kill me. Fortunately I can swim.

My price has doubled. You know why.

Half a million and the jewellery, Never. I'd rather die than give you that.

Go on yelling. I don't care.

Your sister doesn't know who wrote that letter but perhaps I should tell her.

Tomorrow I'll tell them all who poisoned her.

I'll be here tomorrow at noon.

Two attempted murders should be enough.

I must have lost my way.

We've all lost our way.

We need someone to show us the way out.

And you've found just the man.

I'll show you the nicest way out.

I need a drink. That's a girl. Here.

This is always a good start.

I wanted some water.

This water is supposed to be no good for you.

But we'll drink it anyway.

Have some. No. I'm sick.

It's medicine. Believe me, sweetheart.

But I'm dying. I was poisoned.

That's the reason you need a good drink.

Have some more.

I've never drunk this before.

Then it's about time you did.

Where are you going? Wait for me, sweetie.

Wait for me.

My sister poisoned me.

You have a nice little sister, indeed.

Come here.

Come on. Don't worry, I won't poison you.

Have you seen a girl here?

We must go on searching the forest.

She's dead.

Klara told me everything.

If you weren't a woman, I'd kill you.

I'll say it in court.

If you're lucky they'll find you insane.

That's your only salvation...

The mad-house.

If you were a soldier I'd give you my gun.

But you're a coward.

Get out.

Pick up my pearls. My necklace broke.

Where was my cat buried?

I don't know. Maybe on the rubbish tip.

I'm afraid Miss Trangalova died tonight.

That's impossible.

The poison wasn't deadly.

We know. The patient is getting better now.

It's Viktoria who's died. Who's calling, please?

May I? Yes. The worst is over...

I think. What poison was it?

We can't tell exactly.

It caused hallucinations.

There are so many poisonous things...

Plants, mushrooms, insects, and so on.

Many of the poisons are deadly.

Even a living person carries a poison, particularly in saliva, which is easily transmitted.

By kissing? Don't be frivolous.

I'd better go.

The chemist who understands poisons and is immoral...

How could alcohol kill such a poison?

It can't, of course.

The poison wasn't deadly.

The alcohol sped up the reaction and also the recovery.

Did you say something?