Morris from America (2016) Script

You see what I'm saying?

Yeah, it's pretty good.

Pretty good?

It's kind of slow.

What's slow? The flow's slow? No, the beat... is slow.

It's minimal. There's a difference. It's not overpowering the rhyme.

All right, it's supporting the rhyme.

That's what a good beat is all about.

Well, I guess.

You feel me? It's got no hook.

Get out of here with that no-hook shit. This ain't pop.

It's music right here, boy.

It's boring. Bor...

Go to your room. You grounded. For what?

Because you like terrible music.

You can't ground me for that.

I can't? So you make the rules now? Is that what I'm hearing?

Stop making them noises with your mouth. What is that?

Oh, OK, you know what? I can't hear it, because this sick-ass beat!

Tell me you can't dance to that.

You definitely can't dance to this.

Double grounded. Keep talking, and see what's up.

Seriously, go to your room.

All right, you're ungrounded.

Let's go out.

I think she put the wrong flavor in my ice cream.

But do you like it?

Yeah. So you win.

You got a whole new flavor to like.

But if I go back and I want it again, the problem is I don't know what the name of the flavor is.

Well, what did you order this time?

Vanilla. OK, so just say vanilla.

Come on. Tell me more than just "nichts."


This... is a special activity program for teenagers at the youth center.

They have football.

American football?

No. Soccer.

They have... And you want me to go here?

You can learn German with me, but you need to practice your German with people your own age.


Because I said so.

Because you can make friends.

I don't need friends.

Everybody needs friends, Morris.

If you don't like it, you can blame me.

I don't like it.

# Yeah, yeah

# Let me get some claps y'all, yeah, yeah

# M to the motherfucking G in the house

# Fucking all the bitches two at a time

# All you can take for just 10. 99

# Mom's on the pipe, and Pop's on death row

# So who gives a shit if I fuck all these hos?



Nah, I'm good.

Ah, American.


Kobe Bryant?




Morris. I'm Katrin.

How old are you?

Fifteen. How old are you?


I don't think this is true.


So where are you going, 14-year-old Morris from America?

Oh, um... um... I was going to see this castle.

Oh, really? Yeah.

Why is that?

Because I go this way to my house, so we cannot walk together.


So I'll see you another time.


This, I believe.

Want me to do you next?

Hell, no. You messed my hairline up last time.

So you don't want to walk around looking fly for these German girls?

Oh, I can't talk to you about girls now?

Ain't no girls to talk about.

First you get the hi-top fade.

Then you get the girl.

It's the first rule of the game, son.

When I was out here playing, and, uh, y'all were in the States, your mom did not trust German girls.

She could trust me, but she could not trust them German girls, man.

She always thought they'd be after me.

Were they? Hell, no.

Not even one.

Oh, you know what?

Stop for a second.


What's this?

That was in the box your grandma sent.

Just a hot rapper from the Bronx around '93 freestyling.

Who? Me.

That's funny?

My own blood laughing at me.

I should take it back.

You used to rap?

Man, don't sleep on your old man, son.

I had sick flow with this freestyle shit.

Probably still do.

How am I supposed to play this?

Gotta get you a boom box.

Walk around the square bumping that, blow these Germans' minds.

They still sell those? I have no idea.

Maybe I'll find one in a museum.

Hey, uh, I like... You see that boy?



Yo, Kobe Bryant!

No food here, Kobe, so good-bye.

Hey. You know, there is a party under the bridge.

A body? A party.

Oh, a party.

You want to come?

Tonight? Tomorrow.

I think you should come.

Are you gonna be there?



Cool. Give me your phone.



Inviting? Like in what sentence?

Like, "Thank you for inviting me."

Are you invited to something? Maybe.

I get invited to things all the time.

How come you don't invite me?

Because you're old. I'm old?

How old do you think I am?

Mm, I don't know. 40?

Forty? Thirty-eight.

Is this how you talk to all the ladies?


You are a genius, Morris, but you're not very charming.

Man, forget charming.

I'm gangsta.

'Cause all the gangsters drink hot chocolate with one marshmallow?

One marshmallow is a gangster move.


Teach me how to be charming.

I can teach you how to say, "charming."

Do you have a boyfriend? Why?

You want to take an old lady like me out on a date?


Good, 'cause I have one, yes.

What's his name? Lukas.

Is he cool?

He's pretty cool, yeah. He's in New York, though.

Where in New York?

The West Village.

Man, fuck the West Village.

Language, please.

I miss him. Hm.

He's, uh, learning English there, like you're learning German here.




Morris Gentry.







You know what time it is?


You have your phone?


So you have a clock. It's 12:30 A.M.

Where you been?


Morris, where have you been?

I went to a party.

You told me to make new friends.

Yeah, make some friends, but let me know.

Leave me a note.

I'm sorry. "Pop, going to a party."

Boom. Easy. Five seconds.

That way, I don't have to wait up all night thinking about what kind of shit could be happening to you out there.

This ain't Richmond no more. You get that, right?

Yeah, I get it, every fucking day!


All right, chill with that. I'll chill, too.

Is that all?

You pee your pants?




You're mad at me?

Come on. It was for fun.

You were supposed to shoot me back.

You know, I give you the gun, and so you shoot me back.

It's like a water fight.

They don't have this in America?

They do.

OK, so you don't need to be mad at me.

Look, you and your friends just like to fuck with me.

I get it. Just a bunch of German dickheads.

I'm not gonna sweat it.

"German dickheads."

I like this. So we are friends?

We are not friends.

Yes, I will show you that we are friends.


I don't know.

What do you want?

Do you have a boom box?

I don't know what this is.

Something to play... this?

Ah, yes.

Come in.

Sit down.

# Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine

# Hangin' pictures on my wall

# Every Saturday, "Rap Attack"

# Mr. Magic, Marley Marl

# I let my tape rock till my tape pop

# Smokin' weed in Bambu, sippin' on private stock

# Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack

# With the hat to match

# Remember Rappin' Duke, duh-ha, duh-ha

# You never thought that hip-hop would take it this far

# Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rap tight...

That's my dad.

No. Your dad is a rapper?

No, not now, but I guess he used to for fun.

Nah. Those are not his rhymes. That's Biggie.

He's just...

He's just rapping somebody else's shit.

# I made the change from a common thief

# To up close and personal with Robin Leach

# And I'm far from cheap

# Smoke skunk with my peeps all day

# Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way Can you rap? Can I rap?

Come on. Quit sleeping on me.

I got sick flow, freestyle shit. Know what I'm saying?

Not at all.

I'll show you sometime.

I don't really listen to rap.

Who do you listen to?

Like techno and electro swing.

I like to dance, you know?

I hear black people are good dancers. Is this true?

Well, I don't really dance.

You don't dance, and you don't play basketball?

So none of the sayings are true.

# ...a one-room shack

# Now my mom pimps the Ac with minks on her back

# Yeah, come on, come on Do you have a big dick?


Is your dick big?

I don't know.

Like this? Katrin!


# Birthdays was the worst days

# Now we sip champagne when we thirsty

# Damn right, I like the life I live

# If you don't know, now you know, nigga

I should go. Don't worry about her.

No. I really should go.


# Mo Dilla, the pimp, the hustla

# The crook most scrilla

# The classy ladies love to look What you doing up early on a Saturday?

Just woke up.

I feel that. What you want to do today?

It is beautiful outside.

I'm going to the youth center.

What? For what?

Hang out with my friends.

Aw, friends? Look at you.

Boy, you're making 'em faster than I am.

Hanging out with friends.

Going to parties.

Slinging that big ol' dick around. I see how it is.

Why you gotta talk about my dick, Dad?

'Cause if that thing gets any bigger, I'm gonna start charging it rent. That's why.

For real, though, what time you going over there?

You wanna see a movie or something first?

I'm going right after I finish this.

Well, shit, man. What am I supposed to do?

You wanna drive me?


Well, one of the younger kids found something in the back woods and brought it to me.



Is it yours?


Did you give it to any of the other kids?

Man, why don't you ask the other kids?



Hey. Hey.

Yo, Big Mac!

You have a talent?

He can rap, freestyle shit.



I'm not doing that talent show. Why?

I don't want to.

Are you scared? Nah.

I just don't have anything to prove to these people.

German dickheads.

I would like to see you rap.

This'll be a good one.


Are we done?

Why? You have more important things to do?

I gotta practice.

No. There's a talent show tomorrow.

And you're in it? Doing what?

Hit it.



Let's go. Yeah, yeah.

Come on. Yeah.

I can't do it right now.

It's OK.

Hey, don't forget to ask your dad to sign these off.

OK. Thank you.



See? I'm nimble with it.


Come on. What you got?

Man... that ain't nothing.


Yeah! Well, congratulations.


# Unh, unh, unh Yeah. Um, it's not over till the fat lady sings, OK?

And let me just show you.

Not only am I nimble, I am quick.

I'll get it.


Your dancing messed it up.

Hi, Morris. Hello, Inka.

Uh, is your dad here? Yeah. Um...

I gave him the forms.

That's OK. Um, I need to talk about something else.

Excuse me.

Hey. Hi.

Hi. Is something wrong?

I was wondering if we could talk for a second?

Uh, go hang in your room, Mo.





Und, um...

You read through his book?

He was telling me about a rap he was gonna do at a talent show, so I read it. I'm sorry.

It's a... It's a part of the curriculum to bond with the student and to... look out for warning signs.

Warning signs? Warning signs about what?

Many things, like, uh, misogyny and... or violence or...

Does Mo seem violent to you?

No, but this should...

How 'bout this?

You worry about Mo's German, and that's it.

I'll worry about Mo's everything else.


How's his German?

It's good. Good.

I'm gonna go then. Thank you. Wait a sec.

If you want me to keep signing these so you can graduate...

I suggest... you mind your own business.


What'd she want?

"Fucking all the bitches two at a time.

All you can take for just 10.99."

How does that hook go?

Do it for me.


'Cause I said so.

Fucking all the bitches two at a time.

All you can take for just 10.99.

Mom's on the pipe, and Pop's on death row, so who gives a shit if I fuck all these hos?

You ever fuck bitches two at a time?

I'm asking.

Have you ever fucked bitches two at a time?


What? No.

Why are you mad? You curse all the time.

I ain't mad at you for writing them rhymes because they're explicit.

I'm mad at you for writing those rhymes because they're bullshit.

That's the best you got?

I was just playing around.

Let Snoop Dogg rap about fucking bitches two at a time, 'cause he's done that shit, OK?

You need to be rap about what's really goin' on with you. You feel me?

So I should rap about getting yelled at by you?

Nobody want to hear that shit!

Oh, you think you know what people want to hear?

Just like you think you know what it's like to fuck two women at once?

You don't know shit. And until you know shit, you need to rap about how you don't know shit, because that is garbage.

At least my shit is original.

What you mean?

I listened to your tape.

That's the real bullshit.

You heard the tape?

Yeah, and it's just you rapping Biggie's rhymes.

What? Why do I wanna hear a tape of you rapping "Juicy"?

'Cause that's a hot fucking song.

And I probably killed my own shit on side two.

Hey, we are not done!

Why do I have to hear about you being in a talent show from some lady at my door?

This isn't even for the talent show, and it's not even finished yet.

Well, finish it by writing some rhymes from your brain and not your dick.

You're 13 fucking years old!

Yo, MC Big Mac.

All right, let me get some claps, y'all.

All right, no claps. OK.

# Fuckin' all the bitches two at a time All you can get for just 10.99...

I'm gonna kill you, Bastian! Hey!

Thank you. You're finished!

Hey! Hey!

Let me go!

What does that mean?

Speak English!


I like your freestyle.


Mr. Gangster. You want to get out of here?

You're not doing a talent?

My talent is leaving.


# So we go after your show

# Don't say no Hell, nah.

Why do you live in Germany? My dad works here.

He works for the soccer team.

He's a player?

No. He used to be a player, but he's on the coaching staff.


But the team around here is not very good, you know?

Well, I still think it pays better than in America.

I don't know.

He played here, so I guess he works here.

Was your mom mad about me being over?


I don't care. My mom is a bitch.

Your mom's nice?

Yeah, she's nice.


Hey, wanna hear an impression?

What is an impression?

You know who Jay-Z is? He is married to Beyoncé.

Yeah, it's ya boy.

Jay to the izzo in the house.


And this is like Jay-Z?

You don't know what he sounds like? Not really.

Damn. That was a badass impression, too.

You need to learn some Jay-Z.

Here. Give me earbuds.

No, for you.


I like this.


Who was that guy you left with the other day?


The other day.

You left with someone on a bike.

Ah, Per. He's in university.

He asked me to a party tomorrow night.

You want to go?

It will be fun.

My friend Nadine brings Ecstasy.

You know? We could all do it.

I don't know.

This is my stop. Good-bye.




Mo, you in here?

Got something for you.

Peace offering.

Mo, pull your...

Put your pants on. I'm coming in, man.


I wish you were here.

Shit's starting to get real.


Curt... Ahem. Carlos.

Carlos? Mm.


Do you want me to speak English?

No, no, no. I want you to speak German.



I'm not sure.

Uh, no, not really.


I think I'm gonna bounce.

Bounce? Leave.


I'm not feeling great.

I'm not ready to leave.

Well, I am. I got a headache.

Let's dance.

Nah. Nah. I don't want to. No. Come on.

I don't dance.

No. No.

All right. All right. Yes.

A few classmates were there.

It was good.


The best part of the party, though, was when these two kids started dancing.

They were good. They were, like, in the middle of the room.

They were dancing like no one was watching, like this.

Have you ever seen anybody dance like this, Morris?

Are you gonna fucking snitch on me again?

What did I say? Language.


I'm not gonna snitch on you again.

OK? I understand it's none of my business.

But I wanna tell you something. You are young.

Believe it or not, you are young, and there's no rush to be old.

Trust me.

Nobody dances like you at these parties.

You know? They all dance boring.

Now don't rush to be boring.

Be young.

Be you.


You make a very cute couple.

We're not a couple.

'Cause you're single and unattached?

I'm not a player. I just crush a lot.



Doctor, they're chasing us.


Hey. Hey.

What you watching?


How was the movie last night?


I was thinking maybe we could go to one together.

I don't know if they, uh...

Hey. I don't know what's going on with you, man, but, um, we need to talk.

I know you got banned from the youth center.

Why you out here causing trouble?

I didn't do anything! Those people were out for me!

I believe that could be true.

So believe it.

All right.

You're saying it to my face, so I believe it.

But just know it won't take much for some people out here to give you some serious shit. You understand what I'm saying?

So don't be out here looking for it. I'm not looking for it.

I gotta go out of town, to Berlin.

I'll be gone overnight.

I know I told you I wouldn't be traveling until the season started, but I have to go. I'm sorry.

But you been acting like a real big man around here lately, so I'm gonna treat you like a big man, OK?

You think you can handle being here by yourself?

Here by myself all day.

I'm serious.

I trust you.


My man.



Hey. Were you texting me?

Uh, no. Per.

Oh, because I lost my phone at the party.

No. Per's DJing in Frankfurt tonight.

Per's a DJ? Yes.

What's his DJ name?

Per. Well...

I was gonna see if you wanted to chill tonight.

Uh, no. I have to go.

It's a big show, opening for a U.K. band.

But, uh, you can come as well if you want.


It's not far. They play the show tonight, and we come back tomorrow.

Nah. I can't just leave town like that.

You will get in trouble?

No, it's just I don't have a phone or any money.

Ah, I understand. You are boring.

Well, if I'm boring, why do you even want me to come?

You are also funny.


What did he say?

He said, "I play the flute, and I'm stupid."

So I hear you're wanted by the cops?


He's a gangster, gangster rapper.

Oh, you rap?

No. Yes.

No. Not for real.

I still need to see you rap.

What was that?

A surprise.

Ah, no. Mm-mmm.

Last time you had a surprise for me, I ended up with a wet dick.

Chuck Morris, It's me.

Tried the cell first, but you didn't answer.

Hope everything is cool.

I'm bored in my hotel room, and all they got on the TV is Fatal Attraction, dubbed.

You probably don't even know what that is.

You better not, actually.

Anyway, give me a call so I don't worry. Peace!

What does that mean?

In five minutes, you will go out and rap, freestyle shit.

What?! Surprise.

Hell, nah! I'm not going out there.

Why? You can finish from the talent show.

Fuck that. What?

Feel dizzy as shit.

I want to see you rap.

# Popping off like E pills and busted glocks

# America to Germany, it doesn't stop

# Like Notorious BIG, young and glorious

# Pops gave me shit, but I ride for him till the story ends

M to the motherfucking G.

All right, I'll do it.

Yes! I think you go now! Now?

# Popping off like E pills, and busted glocks

# America to Germany, it doesn't stop

# Screaming, "Muthafuck the cops"

# I love my pops, but a young'n is grown

# It's time to get it, rockin' Mikes like Lennox

# Spit sick like diabetics

# Flow wild as the calico

# Straight from the underground, fuck your talent show

# My talent improbable

# I'm everything they say I am

# Morris in Germany, surviving any way I can

# Bringing Germany that blackout

# Dope like a crack house

# Serving up these rhymes like alcohol at a frat house

# I ain't a player, but the hottest girl crushing

# More potent than the cannabis she hitting

# Then the man she think digging

# I'm the man, you see me spitting

# I'm like Notorious BIG, young and glorious

# My pops give me shit

# But I ride for him till the story ends

# His soccer game tight

# So you know I kick it right

# When I grip the mic, Morris Gentry kicks it nice

# On some other shit on another level

# How I rip raps, bitches on my dick

# I tell 'em all to call me Big Mac

# Big black with a big sac

# Hey, girl, holla at me

# I'll show you where this kid's at

# Heads up, 'cause we dropping some shit

# Uh-oh, heads up, 'cause we dropping some shit

Give it up! Give it up for my man Morris!


My God! Did you see that shit? It was so great!

# Feeling so up and down

# Feeling down

# Feel the shoulders

# What can I do?

# We can be

# Feel the rhymes

# Up and down

# Feeling down

# Feel the shoulders

# What can I do?

# We can be

# The everything you need

# Everything you need

# Every day, you will say

# Here we are

# I can say that I feel good

# Like men say

# Everything you need So...

Come here.

Oh, Morris.

You will be OK sleeping in the other room with Franz?

Good night, Mr. Gangster.

Close the door, yeah?

Ooh, ja.

Katrin. Morris?


Don't touch me!


I'm sorry.

He was nice to you.

So did they say if they were coming back?

Mm, I don't know. I woke up, and they were gone.

You were in my bathtub.

So they might have gone back to Heidelberg?


No, definitely not.

Um, they maybe went to Stuttgart.

That's where they play tonight.


Yeah. You didn't get the tour schedule?

What was your job at the tour, anyway?

Just hanging.


Inka Meinart.

It's Morris. Morris?

Your number came up unlisted.

Yeah. I'm at a pay phone.

I'm in Frankfurt.

In... You're in Frankfurt?

Look, I'm sorry to ask this, but can you pick me up?

What happened? Are you OK?

Everything is straight, but, um, I just got stranded here, and...

I just need a ride.

OK. Uh, do you want me to call your dad?

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

Um, I already called him.

He's in Berlin.

He asked me to call you. Everything is cool.

I just need a ride.

Um, well, it's gonna take me a while to get there.

So, just where are you?

I'm at...


All right. Stay there. OK.


Where's your cell phone?

It was stolen.

You get roughed up?

Last time I was in Frankfurt was 2001.

You know, your mom was studying in Munich, and I was still in the Bronx, but I flew out to visit her.

Cost me a fortune, and I had never been out the country before.

I didn't know any German. I didn't know shit.

I didn't even know your mom for three months, so it was like...

It was a crazy thing to do.

But I wanted to surprise her. You know, real baller move.

But when I got to the airport... I couldn't understand anything, where to go, what the signs said, nothing.

So this British couple that was on my flight told me how to get to the university, and they bought my bus pass.

I didn't even ask them to do that.

But I get to the university, and I find out that she and her class had all gone to Frankfurt for the weekend.

Frankfurt? Where the hell is Frankfurt?

Again, this nice couple I met at the university told me how to get to Frankfurt.

They said they were going that way, and they offered me a ride.

I didn't really trust 'em. I didn't really trust any Germans, but they were straight up, you know, took me to Frankfurt and became two of my closest friends to this day.

Britt and Saul.

You met 'em when you were six.

You probably don't remember.

Anyway, I wandered around the streets of Frankfurt for four full hours.

I mean, I'm dipping into restaurants and bars, hostels looking for her.

I finally saw her.

She was standing on the corner, hailing a cab, 3:00 in the morning.

She stuck out almost as much as I did, but she was also the flyest girl in that entire country, I mean, knock you on your knees fine. You know what I'm saying?

Her mouth dropped when she saw me.

Her jaw... daah... to the ground, man.

I walked up to her.

I'll never forget this.

First thing she said when she saw me, you know what she said?

She said, "Please tell me you not here for me."

And then she jumped on me.

She... She grabbed me. She hugged me.

It was like a scene from a movie, you know?

That's the end of a chick flick right there.

We stayed the whole weekend in Frankfurt, and I never took my flight back to New York.

Love will make you do some stupid shit, Mo, and I'm not trying to keep you from experiencing that shit.

I'm not trying to keep you from experiencing anything.

My job is to raise you right, and it's hard, man, especially if you not gonna be on my team, you know?

I know I put you in the fire by bringing us here, and you might be still mad at me about that, but I make the best decisions I can for you.


I was in Berlin interviewing for a job with their team to get us out of here.

I didn't want to tell you, because who knows if I'll get it or not.

But I'm trying, you know, 'cause it's hard out here for me, too.

You gotta remember we in the same boat.

So get on my team, man.

Tell me what's going on, and I'll be there for you.

We the only two brothers in Heidelberg.

We gotta stick together. Know what I'm saying?

How'd you know it was a girl?

It's always a girl, Mo.

I do hate it here.

My man.

I know.

But check it.

I know you don't want to hear this right now, but one day, when you lighting the hip-hop world on fire, it'll be 'cause you have a unique perspective.

And when you collecting all your Source Awards, you'll thank me.

Source Awards? Mm-hmm.

Is that as far as I get in your dreams?

All right. All right. You right. Can I get a Grammy or something?

Nobel Prize! How 'bout that?

Thank me in that speech.

So I'm not in trouble?


Oh, no, you grounded like a motherfucker.


That is delicious! Right.

Marvelous! Someone's in a good mood today.

Yep. Not grounded anymore.

Oh. You a free man? What are you gonna do?

Whatever I want.

So you're not angry at me anymore?



Don't trust you, though.


Don't trust no German women. I ain't German.


I'm not German.

Do you even speak German?

Well, I guess then it's a good time to tell you I'm not gonna be your tutor anymore.

Why? Because I'm graduating.

So we... we can't pay you or anything?

I don't know German well enough to stop.

Well, you can pay someone else, but not me, 'cause I'm moving to New York.

For your boyfriend? And for me.

Damn. Language, mister.

"Damn" isn't language.

You gonna miss me?

No, not a bit. Little bit?

All right.

Dear Mr. Gangster, I am writing you from Düsseldorf.

Per played a show here last night, and we have a few more days before we go to Hannover.

I'm very sorry we left you in Frankfurt, but I think this was the best thing to do.

So maybe I'm not sorry.

But I'm sorry I did not say good-bye, because I'm not sure if I'll be coming back to Heidelberg.

You made me see how everyone there is just dickheads.

Per is talking about moving to Berlin and wants me to move in with him. Isn't that great?

Anyway, I wish you could write me back, but I don't have an address, so just think of me sometimes, OK?

Oh, P.S. I listened to some Jay-Z.

Pimps and ladies brushing shoulders.

Cool song.

And your impression was really good.

I'm happy I've met you, Morris from America.

Enjoy the picture.

Love, Katrin.

That bunny-ear-giving motherfucker.