Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) Script

Mortal Kombat!

Mortal Kombat is not about death... but, rather, the preservation of life.

Liu Kang and few fighters from the Earth Realm... defeated Outworld sorcerer Shang Tsung.

According to the rules of Mortal Kombat... their victory preserved earth's safety for another generation.

Our chosen ones were returned to earth... only to enjoy a brief period of peace.

For someone from Outworld has a different point of view.

Shao-Kahn, emperor of Outworld.

The earth was created in six days... so shall it be destroyed.

On the seventh day, mankind will rest in peace!

This is not good.

Somehow he's opened gateways to your world.

Our Mortal Kombat victory closed those portals.

What closes can open again.

What does that mean?


You're alive.

Too bad you... will die.

As long as I have the power, you will never rule this world.

As long as the portal is open, your world becomes mine!

You will never win.


This ends now!

You hide behind a human?

Why not, Lord Rayden?

You hid behind them your entire life.

No, Johnny!

Surrender, Rayden, or he dies.

I'll take your generals.

Earth does not bend to the will of tyrants.

You would never let one of your humans die.

Trade me for Johnny Cage.

Come bow at my feet.

You fool!

In six days, you will bow to me!

It has begun!

We can't let Kahn get away.

We can't win here.

Annihilate 'em!

We must go.

Move back!

Kahn opened the portal.

Your planet and Outworld have begun to merge into one.

Think of it as hell on earth.

My mother... resurrected.

How is that possible?

Your mother Sindel may be the key.

This can't be! We won the tournament!

The rules say earth is safe for another generation.

Kahn has broken the rules.

He resurrected Sindel to keep these portals open indefinitely.

By reuniting you with her, Kahn's spell will be broken... your mother's soul will be at peace... and his portals closed.

How could the Elder Gods allow this?

They do not know.

Kahn must be stopped, or your world will perish.

We have six days until annihilation.

I beat Shang Tsung. I can beat Kahn.

You beat a great sorcerer... but you're no match for Kahn.

If anyone's killing Kahn, it's me.


You are far from ready.

Kahn's extermination squads will be everywhere, hunting.

I am telling you this for your own good.

Kahn knows I have no powers in Outworld.

As the two realms merge, I will lose my powers on earth.

You must grow stronger, together.

We are the only hope.

We couldn't even save Johnny.

What do these do?

Inside the velosphere, you can go anywhere on earth in hours.

The inner winds propel you.

You'll move so fast, it'll be like you're not moving.

We need your help, Sonya.

I'll take you to your partner Jax.

Forget it. If I die, fine, but I'm not losing anybody else.

Alone, you are vulnerable... but if you work together, you can do much.

What about us?

You two will travel to the Hopi mesa.

You did great last time, but now you need help.

Go deep into the night.

Seek the counsel of Nightwolf.

You will not find him. He will find you.

I will speak with the Elder Gods and demand answers.

Ready? Ready.

Here we go.

They are faster than I remember.

I can't wait.

This is amazing.

It's the hot air from earth's core.

We harness its energy.

Where are we?

The interchange. Roll to your right.

Hold on to me.

Father, the merger has begun.

Earth is under attack.

It is glorious!

Did you make Rayden beg before destroying him?

Rayden is of no concern.

You let him live?

He could not be stopped.

I have no use for excuses.

I have broken the sacred rules to keep the portals open.

If the Elder Gods learn of our plot... we shall both suffer the consequences.

I do not understand.

How can you fear the Elder Gods?

With control of earth, our power will be absolute.

Until the sixth day has passed... we can take no chances with Rayden and his mortals.

Do not underestimate the power of the human spirit.

Liu, if anything happens to me...

Kitana, I have lost everything.

I am not going to lose you, too.

The missile!

You must go.

There will be others.

I killed you.

You killed my older brother.

Why did you help us?

I helped her.

Legend says the princess is the key to stopping Kahn.

You've been following us. Why?

Kahn reprogrammed Smoke to come after you... in order to keep you apart from Queen Sindel.

How do we get to Nightwolf?

We have a common enemy, Sub-Zero.

You must help us if you want to stop Kahn.

Let's hope you succeed.

Get over here!

Take it!


I've got to find Kitana.

Kahn wants you to go after her.


Without Kitana, it's over.

You alone are not ready for what's ahead.

You'll take the same track back and turn where I showed you.

Don't worry about me.

Is it like this everywhere?

Each hour, the merger of the realms grows closer.

More of the earth will be destroyed.

I will meet you at the temple of the Elder Gods.


Thought I was supposed to be rescuing you.

I couldn't wait.

What have you done to yourself now?

Cybernetic strength-enhancers.

It quadruples your muscle capacity.

You've got a confidence problem.

These locks must be on some remote-access mechanism.

What you doing here?

Everybody split.

The facility will be trashed by an extermination squad.

What you mean, extermination squad?

They're trying to kill me, probably you, too.

I don't even know them.

Damn it!

I can't free you.

Stand back. Let's see what I'm made of.

That's what I'm talking about.

Wish I had these in high school.

You'll wish you were in high school.


What is that?

Death is the only way out.

Major Briggs, Sonya Blade... Shao-Kahn will be pleased.

Shao what?

I'll take homeboy.

I take it this ain't something we can talk about.

Heads up!

Catch this!

Now what?

Cybernetic strength-enhancers!

Nice look... but I'd lose the wall.

I was just getting a feel for it.

Watch out.

You barbecued his ass.

Look at this.

Does this mean what I think?

Too bad I didn't get new legs.

My squads have claimed thousands of innocent souls on earth.

I will claim millions.

By now, you'd be behind bars in a zoo.

If those bars kept me away from you, Sheeva...

I would welcome them!


What is your report?

Two of earth's best warriors have been taken...

Kabaal and Stryker.

Did you make them beg before you destroyed them?

I thought if I let them live...

I have no use for excuses!

Rain, this will never happen again.

It will never happen again.

It is true this will never happen again.

I need a new general.

You can die in duty or by my hand.

Centaurs are known for their hunting prowess.

As general, I will personally hunt down every human soul... and spare no one!

Motaro can't be trusted.

Long ago, I proved myself as the protector of Sindel.

Your orders are mine to follow.

The energies they waste with their sniveling...

I would use to capture souls.

You are all too impetuous for such important work.

You are my new general, Queen Sindel... unless anyone has a different point of view.

Pretty cool, huh?

It's my animality.

Who are you?

Wouldn't you like to know?

So you're Rayden's prodigy.

I've seen better.

Don't sweat it.

I've seen worse, too.

If you are Nightwolf, you know I won Mortal Kombat.

Don't get cocky.

The tournament had rules.

This time, anything goes.

It was a mistake coming here.

You think you're ready... but if you were, would Kitana have been captured?

Can you help me get her back?


Kitana is important.

To beat Shao-Kahn, you've got to pass three tests.

First one's courage.

I don't have time for these stupid games!

To test your courage and find your animality... you've got to enter a dream state.

How am I supposed to do that?

There's a slow way and a fast way.

No time for the slow way.

That's what I thought you'd say.

Sweet dreams.

I had faith in you, but you failed me.

You are not the warrior I thought you were.

What if I fail everyone?

Your brother's soul is mine!

Fight from the inside.

It's the fire inside of you, your faith in yourself... that can never be defeated.

The fire inside you is killed.

You lost Kitana.

You are not a leader.

Find that power inside you.

Feel your animality.

You will fail!

I am Jade.

I have searched the mesa for you.

Of all the horrors darkness holds... to die alone... that is my worst fear.

With you, I'm not afraid.

This is almost too good to be true.

The same could be said about you.

My heart...

belongs to another.

I can't.

There's not much time left.

Is this just another dream?

How can you beat Shao-Kahn when I am too much for you?

First you betray me, now you laugh?

You are more pure and faithful than I heard.

You have passed the test.

A test?

This was just another one of Nightwolf's tests?

We could have killed each other!

But we'll live.

I will lead you to the temple of the Elder Gods.

I can't.

If this was a test, it was only his second.

I'm not ready.

Not ready to save Kitana?

Because she's the key.

I can take you to her.

She's alive?

For now, yes. For how long, I cannot say.

We must go.

All your past betrayals I can forgive.

Please accept this offering.

I do not want your death.

You test my patience.

You destroyed my family.

You drove my mother to kill herself.

I am your enemy forever.

Kill me now... if you dare.

Foolish child.

A struggling worm on a hook... lands a bigger catch than a dead one.

No trees, no animals.

What's going on here?

Nature's dying.

The merger of the realms is almost done.

You keep talking about mergers and realms... but it don't mean squat to me.

I can't explain it.

We've only got a few days.

Use your imagination.

Use my imagination?

You keep talking like that, and I'm gonna split.

You dragged me out the base with some killers after us... put me in a ball, take me halfway around the world.

If I'm gonna die today, tell me why.

Nobody told me why Johnny had to die.

What is it with you?

Who the hell is Johnny?

I'm your partner.

If you can't trust me, who can you trust?

Nobody but me.

Nobody but you?

Every time you needed me, I was there.

I'm in the middle of nowhere because of you!

I need to use the rest room. I got no toilet tissue.

I got metal on my hands!

You wish.

I told you these arms were good for something.


I owe you one.

I don't know how much longer I can take this.

You look good in mud.

You do.

I got to find a river.

We better roll.

They don't use parachutes.

I have come to the eternal palace... because your sacred rules have been broken.

Shao-Kahn has invaded the earth.

As always, you are granted three questions.

Why was this treachery allowed?

We do not control man's destiny.

Everyone can change their fate.

You'll stand by and watch the ruination of earth?

You are correct.

Kitana is the key to closing Kahn's portals.

If I reunite her with Sindel... how can I be sure Kahn's portals will stay closed?

Only when Shao-Kahn is destroyed will the future be safe.

Do you believe the humans are worth saving?

More than anything I know.

Do you love them enough to sacrifice your immortality?

I don't see street signs, mailboxes.

Which temple's the Elder Gods'?

Keep moving.

You know this dude?

Is that Jax?

Who is she?

Jade, this is Sonya Blade.

Major Jackson Briggs.

You've got incredible legs... for kicking.

Where Kitana?

She was kidnapped by Scorpion.

You lost Kitana and picked up her?

She helped me get here.

Thanks to you, we got Kahn's squads on us.

Can I make a suggestion?

Let's worry about bigger things, like staying alive.

He's not here, either.

We're just gonna wait for this dude?

Without Rayden, it's hopeless.

Never give up hope.

At least not so early.

It's a new look.

Who's she? Can she fight as good as she looks?


Good, because I was expecting a team of fighters.

Instead, I hear fighters at war with each other.

Give us a break. We've been through hell.

Compared to what lies ahead, you've been through nothing.

Where's Kitana?

Kahn took her. It's all my fault.

This is not about blame.

We're together in this.

Each of us must support the others, like a family.

What's with your arms?

I've known you one minute, and you're dissin' me already?

I mean no disrespect.

You have real skills.

Those arms aren't your strength. They're your weakness.

Thanks for the tip.

These things are state of the art.

Faith in yourself is all you need.

I say that to all of you.

I'll try to open a portal to Outworld.

Follow me!

My powers are leaving me.

Who does he think he is, Moses parting the Red Sea?

Destroy... everything!

Whenever you're ready.

Come on.

That was fun.

They have taken the bait and fallen into our trap.

Proceed as planned.

I will await your arrival in Outworld.

My skin is burning, but I'm freezing inside.

Feels like I got microwaved.

You never get used to that.

Is that what I think it is?

The realms are merging.

This will continue unless Kahn's portals are closed.

Time is against us.

People in their cars... Torn between realms.

It's like a nightmare.

We have to stop this.

To do that, we must rescue Kitana.

I know Kahn took Kitana to his fortress.

Hold up. Kahn?

You mean Mr. Bad Attitude?

You want to check out his crib?

No way.

I ain't going on no suicide mission.

Jax is right.

That's probably what Kahn wants us to do.

There is a secret passageway.

I used it to escape.

How could you believe the ruination of the temple... would not jeopardize our plan?

It was necessary to convince the mortals... their only hope lie in Outworld.

You seem confident that Sindel will capture them in your trap.

I promise you, on my soul.

All the millenniums of planning will be rewarded.

You will be proud.

Know this...

I will take your soul myself if you fail.

I will rally the extermination squads... and prepare for victory.

The merger will soon be complete.

All your friends will be dead.

This must have been Edenia.

The royal family's temple.

Kitana said I'd find it here.

She's having a bad hair day.

They must have followed us.

Perhaps, but it may be a blessing in disguise.

We need Sindel to close Kahn's portals forever.

I'll take care of her. I'll rescue Kitana.

Something finally went right. We won.

Who finished off Sindel?

After she blasted you, I surprised her from behind.

Maybe she came in handy after all.

You are witness to the dawning of mankind's final day!

The two realms will be one!

Rayden and his mortals have fallen for my trick... and failed to stop us.

Bring Rayden and his mortals to bow at my feet.

With their dying breaths, they can witness the birth... of the greatest army in existence!

It's a trap. Leave!

Up there!

The date's over.

Only your love... can reunite her body and soul.

Kitana... your love... can break the hold Kahn has over your mother... and close his portals to earth.

I have prayed for the day... when our love... will bring us together again.

I have never loved you.

With such a pathetic child, what reason was there to love?

I knew it could not be true.

It cannot be.

But it can... and it is.

And you are powerless...

Thunder God.

It's over.

You fools.

You've been tricked.

The legend was a lie.

Kahn's portals stay open.

Now the merger is nearly complete.

How could you do this?

It was so easy.

You will die for this, Jade.

That's it.

We trusted you, man.

And what happens?

You take us on a wild goose chase.

I don't understand.

You were advised by the other gods.

The gods must've lied to me.

Forget your gods... and immortals... and all that junk!

The only ones we can trust from here on out are humans.

Nobody else, not even Rayden.

Don't you understand?

By leading us here, he is mortal now like you.

All his powers have been sacrificed.

That's even worse.

How do we stop Kahn now?

There's more to this than Kahn.

If Sindel is not the key to closing Kahn's portals, then Kahn has a higher allegiance.

Wait a second.

That tattoo. I've seen it before.

On a robot and a woman.

They both tried to kill me.

And both of them worked for Kahn.

This tattoo is a family crest... bestowed only to my bloodline.

It is a permanent mark... that allows safe passage through the portals... for the bearer and his passengers.

Did the tattoos you saw flee the fighter upon death?

Like a bat out of hell.

Temporary passes.

The did not share my bloodline.

But if it's your family crest... how can Kahn's side have it, too?

My father is an Elder God.

And only they can bestow such a marking.

Your dad's an Elder God?

Funny how you failed to mention that before.

If your father's an Elder God... what does that make Kahn?

Shao-Kahn is my brother.

It was not my fault.

I did everything you ordered.

It was your job to lure them to an ambush.

If they escaped, then you failed me!

We could never have stopped them alone.

Listen to her.

She speaks the truth.

We would've died trying.


You are already dead!

And you... will be soon.

You will mount a defense around my newest temple.

Prepare for Rayden to make one last attack.

You said Rayden was no longer to be feared.

I am to be feared!

If you fail me...

I will feed your rotting corpse... to the worms!

Your hallowed position atop the worm pile... appears to be most tenuous.

Now your failure will be my opportunity.

Man, you got one dysfunctional family.

Years ago, my father decreed... his heir to the family throne must be strong enough... to kill his own brother in battle if necessary.

I beat my brother... but I could not kill him.

Only one thing is certain.

Kahn must die.

This time you'll kill him.

I could not then.

I cannot now.

So what do we do?

You will do your best.

It is all that can be expected.

I will pray for you all.

Listen to me.

Liu is our only hope.

I want to fight Kahn... but I may not be ready.

You must believe in yourself.

We believe in you.

My home.

The Temple of the Order of Light.

Your family.

There's so little time left.

Whatever time we have... we must use well.

Are we really ready to die here?

If we die... we will die in battle.


Prepare for final battle!

So good of you to join us, son.

In under one hour, the merger of realms will be complete.

Father, you alone have the power to end this.


I do not want to remember you this weak!

It is not weak to value life!

I offer you one final chance to return to my side, Rayden.

To rule all realms with your family.

They are my family.

Then you shall die with the rest of your pathetic human race!

Finish him!

You should have killed me... when you had the chance... brother.

My brother died a long time ago.

His heart, anyway.

I win... brother.

You cannot die.

I am proud to die... a mortal.

Like you.

This is the beginning of the end!

Show them the way... to oblivion!

Mr. Ed is mine.

I'll take my mother.

Leftovers are fine with me.

I'll make you eat that thing.

I can't take too much more of this.

Is that all you got?

Is that any way to treat your mother?

My mother's dead.

As soon will be her daughter.

That just leaves you and me, Kahn.

Pathetic and weak.

Clearly Rayden has molded you in his image.

Without your weapons... you are no match for Motaro.

Jax, help!

I got everything I need right here!


Get off her.

Get down, Sonya.

You OK? I'm fine.

So you finally got your confidence back, huh?

Finally asked for help, huh?

Whatever you are... you will live to see the end of Kahn... to give my mother's soul peace.

Face it, Liu Kang.

You will fail!

I can feel...

Now I done seen everything.


You've come prepared.

But not good enough.

Your blood flows, Kahn.

Just like the blood of a mortal.

How can this be?

I warned you there would be consequences... for breaking the sacred rules.

But I did not expect this.

Must I do everything for you?

The fate of the universe... will be decided as it should be.

In Mortal Kombat.

Nothing can alter your destiny, nor mine!

I can, and I will!

That was the longest week of my life.

Oh, come on, Jax.

Could've been worse.

Could've been the last week of our lives.

I guess that's right.

What's up with that?

Was I dead?

It is only right that Shinnok's son... be allowed to take his place in the Eternal Palace.

You've become one of us.

I will never forget this moment, Liu.

You've all made me very proud.

I will be watching you... so stay out of trouble.

And remember... be there for one another.

You're a family now.