Mosquito (1994) Script

What did you hit, Ray?

I don't know, a bird or something?

You're the animal expert. Why don't you go take a look?

I don't think this is a bird, Ray.

It looks more like... some kinda bug.


Must have been a hell of a bug.

Boy, you sure did a number on this.

You know me Meg, when I screw something up, I do it well.

This looks so familiar.

Ray! I think it's still alive.

Ah, shit.

What'd you say, babe?

Uh, nothing. Just nerves.

We're not going much further now. This thing was stuck in the radiator.

Jeez, what a mess.

My God, this looks like a proboscis.

A what?

A proboscis, it's the mouth part of an insect used for feeding.

Feeding on what?

I don't know, it's hard to tell from the remains what kind of insect it is, much less what it eats.

Yeah, well, eating's the last of its worries now.

Come on, let's go.

Maybe we should take it with us.


Well, I'd like to get it back to school, take a look at it in the lab.

School? I thought you were done with school.

I thought that's why we're up here, it's time to get a real job and all that.

And I am, but Dr. Frank said I could have access to the lab anytime.

This could be an important find, Ray.

I'm not putting that thing in my car. It'll stink up the place.

We could wrap it up, put it in the trunk.

Forget it, Meg.

I can't just leave it lying in the middle of the road.

Why not?

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Jump baby, jump. Oh, yeah.

Jump, baby. Spike the ball, baby.

Spike it!

Spike it.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, Hendricks?

I thought I saw a rabid badger or something over there.

Yeah, sure.

Listen up.

Chief Marrow wants you to fog tonight. Says the skeeters are getting bad.

A lot of campers complaining.


Well, you tell the chief I got a stinger for him.

Why doesn't he get his fat ass out of that chair and do it himself?

Just do it, Hendricks, and no wisecracks.

Oh, by the way.

You're on post tonight.

I'm supposed to get off in a couple hours!

Gotta do the time, Hendricks. You got to do the time.

And then maybe someday... you too can boss someone around.

Besides, I'm going fishing.

If you have a problem with it, you can talk to the chief.


You bastard.

Chief, you look really good.

Did you lose some weight or something?

You know that... Shut up, Hendricks.

But, chief, we gotta talk.

Hold on, Hendricks. I don't want to hear about it.

We got a real problem to deal with.

They're out there right now... watching... waiting for the right moment to strike.

Every year, the little bastards get the fever.

Blood fever.

They can't help it.

They crave it.

Every second of their measly little lives, they hunt for our life-giving blood.

Sometimes... when you're asleep... they stick it to you.

After they've had their fill, they up and leave without even so much as a thank you.

They must be stopped, wiped out from the face of the earth.

Right, chief!

Now, Hendricks... who's the best point man I have in the platoon?

I am, chief.

That's right, Hendricks, you are.

Now, all those civilians out there are counting on us to make sure they get a good night sleep, and we don't want to let them down, do we?

No, chief.


Now I want you to go out there and lay down a fog cover around the entire perimeter of the campsite tonight.

Seal us in tight till reinforcements can arrive tomorrow.


You mean we're finally getting that park officer we've been waiting for.

That's right. He'll be here at 1200 hours.

Now... let's get busy and make the world safe for Americans, shall we?

I'll find you.


All right, you little bastards, let's throw down.

Hey, what's this?

Hey, you jerk, you wanna watch it with that thing?

Give me the map.


Hey, horse breath.

Draw! Whoa!

What's the matter, scaredy-cat? It ain't even loaded.

Holy shit.

Hey, man, don't ever point that gun at me again.

I don't like that. You just... You never know.

I don't... I don't like that, man. You just never know.

You just never know.

Hey, asshole. Come here.

Quick fooling around and find our exit.

It's right here.

Well, then, how the hell did we miss our exit?

'Cause you let Rex drive, and you know he can't read or write.

That's what you get when you mix blood lines.

There's a possibility that this homicide is linked with the other homicides.

But right now, we don't know... Hi, we're looking for...

We'll know more about it later.

Okay, and how about that bank robbery in East Town earlier?

Any connection there?

It's possible they could be linked, yes.

In Agawa County, this is Alan Smithee, Channel 3 New...

So, what can I do for you folks?

Well, we need a room, and I was wondering if you knew a place I could get my car fixed today.

Well, the room I've got, but what's wrong with the car?

We hit this bug in the road. It was...

Meg, we don't know what it was. I got a hole in my radiator.

You saw it, Ray. It was a bug. A bug?

You hit a bug big enough to put a hole in the radiator.

It wasn't a bug. It was some kind of animal, but it wasn't a bug.

It was an insect. It had a proboscis about like...

Meg, it was too big to be a bug. Whoa, whoa, whoa, I don't care what it was.

Now, a flat tire, that I can fix.

But a radiator, that takes a pro.

Now, there's a phone book back in the room.

You might get somebody out from the city to fix it up for you.

Cabin number seven.


Hey, that's Rex.

Help. Get away from me. Help me. Help.

Helpless son of a bitch.



Get away from me! Help!

Rex! Help!

Hey, Rex! Help!

Dog shit! Help! Help me! Help! Help!

Son of a bitch. Come on!

We're coming, Rex!

Shoot the bug!

Help! Oh! Don't shoot me!

Whoa! Help!

Help me! Oh, oh! Help!

Oh, my God! I shot Rex!

Look out!

Hey, did you blow bubbles when you were a kid?


I saw him at the circus. He says hi!

What... What's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind when it hits the windshield?

I do not know. Its ass.

These mosquitoes bugging you?

What mosquitoes?

The mosquitoes.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, you see that?

I got something pulling on my line.

Wishful thinking, pal. Reel it in, see for yourself.

Better luck next time.

Come on back, little buddy, I got some dinner for you.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy...

Now, I see him. Here, he's coming.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy.

Whoa! Son of a bitch!

And the award goes to...

Get off me! Tony, help me!

Get away! Get it off of me!

Help me, Tony!



Yeah, but... Yeah, but it's just a radiator.

Two weeks?

No, forget it.

That's what I get for stopping in Hooverville.

Any luck?

Not yet.

How are we gonna get to my new job on time?

Don't worry, sweetheart. I'll figure out something by morning.


What? You're biting my neck.

No. It's a mosquito.

There you go. Find your own girlfriend.

Hey, where you going?

I gotta water the plants.


What are you doing, big boy?

Playing mosquito again?


Another day in paradise.

Morning. Morning.

Need a hand?

Sure. Grab the other end and fold it over.

Thanks. Name is Parks.

Mine's Ray.

Hey, Ray, better get moving.

Morning. Morning.

Well? We hitchhiking or what?


Told you I'd figure something out.

You sure you don't mind driving us all the way?

No problem. I was going by the state park anyway.

So, what brings you out in this neck of the woods?

Work for the Air Force, meteorologist.

Oh, you're a weatherman.

No, no, no. A real meteorologist. Meteors, I chase 'em down for a living.

Seems like one landed up this way, and I came out here to talk to all the local farmers and such and see if I can find it.

Sounds like pretty interesting work.

I don't mind. It keeps me out of the city.

Give me that, Ray.

I'm sorry, doc, I didn't mean to hurt it.

No, no, I don't mind that you turned it on.

It's just that it's picking up something close by.

Maybe it's that meteor you're looking for.

Well, these readings seem a little strange.

I haven't seen them before.

Could it be there's some sort of electrical interference out here making it malfunction?

No, these meters are all silicon-chip based.

Maybe something got knocked loose when it fell.


No, there is definitely something out there.

What does that thing do anyways, doc?

It monitors different levels of alpha and gamma rays, basically stray radiation.

Radiation, huh? Great.

Look, I... I'll be back in a minute.

Oh, my God!


Hey, Parks!

What is it? What is it? You're gonna love this, doc.

We got a dead fisherman out for a cruise.

It's horrible. It looks like he died a long time ago.

What's it reading?

It's all over the scale. I can't nail it down.

Ray, give me your hand.

Whoa, doc, we're not gonna catch any radiation off that thing, are we?

Oh, no. Now, give me your hand, come on.

This is unbelievable.

No, it's not, doc.

It's aliens, and they're everywhere, and that guy's obviously been zapped.

Ray, this is serious.

I am serious.

What do you think we should do?

I think we should get to a phone and notify the police.

Closest place is the state park. Maybe we should take the body with us.

No way, babe. I'm not gonna ride in the back with that guy.

If we move the body, we could damage it.

Um, we'll pull the boat in those bushes.

Good idea. Let's let the police deal with it.

We should at least cover him up with something.

There's a... There's a tarp in my jeep.

I'll get it.

This is strange. Where is everyone?

I mean, this should be packed this time of year.

There must be a phone in here.

Smell that?

I think our fisherman buddy used to hang out here.

Yeah. Yeah, it's all around.

What in the hell happened here?

So, this is where you wanna work?

Come on, Ray.

Oh, my God.

What is it, doc?

Another one, killed just like the last one.

What about the phone?

Phone's dead. Doc, we really should be careful.

Meg and I saw this thing on the news about these guys robbing banks and chopping up their hostages. No man did this, Ray, and no weapon.

What did it then?

I don't know, but it wasn't human, I'll guarantee you that.

We should search the rest of the park. Whatever did this may still be out there.

How do we know what we're looking for?

And what do we do with it when we find it? I mean, come on, are you guys nuts?

We should get in that little Jeep of yours and get the hell out of here.

Ray, we... we can't just run out of here like a chicken with its head cut off.

Who are you calling a chicken? Hey, wait a minute, you guys!

This isn't gonna solve anything. Ray, I think Dr. Parks is right.

Who's side are you on anyway, babe? Ray...

Meg, how do we know that whoever did this isn't out there right now?

Look, Ray, I already told you, this isn't a who we're dealing with.

It's a what. Look at this body.

Doesn't this give you a clue as to what's going on here?

Something is killing these people and sucking them dry of blood.

Just give us a few hours to figure out what's going on here, okay?

Just a few hours, Meg.

You know, a lot can happen in a few hours.

What in God's name happened here?

Well, I think I've seen enough.

Let's get the hell out of here.

Be careful, Ray.

Stay away from me, you bastards!

Hey, man, cut that shit out.

Hey, doc, we figured out what's going on around here.

Giant mosquitoes.

Not giant mosquitoes. Giant mosquitoes.

Yeah, I know. Look at this.

Who are you?

I work here. Or I used to work here.

So these did all of this?

Well, it wasn't Bigfoot.

This is definitely an Aedes aegypti.

A what?

It's a mosquito, all right, I'm positive.

It has the proboscis for extracting blood.

It has the abdomen reservoir, all the characteristics.

Yeah, but why is he so damn big?

She. Only the females suck blood.

That figures.

I don't know why it's so big.

Could be some kind of genetic defect or toxic pollutants.

Hard to tell.

I gotta get one of these things back to school, take a look at it in the lab and find out exactly what happened.

What happened? Who cares what happened?

Let's just get the hell out of here before it happens again.

Besides if we stick around any longer, we're gonna be meeting a lot of those things up close and in person.

Hold on, hold on. We're getting ahead of ourselves here.

We got a lot of dead bodies on our hands, and we need to get to the authorities.

Now, you work here. Is there a phone?

All the phones are down, and the power's out.

What about a radio?

Ruined last night in the attack.

We need to drive into the city and get to the police.

Good idea.

Damn straight.

It's right over there.

Hey, wait a minute. You drove here in that thing?

What are you talking about?

What happens if those things come back? They'll rip right through that top.

Yeah. Yeah, he's right. But what else is there?

Hey, what about that?

Ray, give me a hand.


Do you hear it?


It's them! They're coming back!

Everybody in. Let's go.


Hey, what are you doing?

Oh, shit.

Come on, doc, hurry.


I got 'em.

Go, go, go.

Come on, baby, come on. Come on.

Come on, baby, come on. Do it, move it, move it.


Now, we'll just cruise right on into that beautiful city.

Oh, don't worry. They'll be back.

Seems like we're the only ones that have to deal with these things.

You know, Megan, I've been wondering about that first body we found and the Geiger counter's reaction to it.

The next time we kill one of those things, I'd like to hold on to it and run some tests on it.

Stop! Stop!

You all right?

Help, help.

We've been attacked by giant mosquitoes.

They must have been about... this big.

They made us crash the car, and they almost killed my brother Earl.

We're taking this ride.

Hold on, man.

Whatever's going on, we didn't see it.

Are you insinuating that my brother and I have done anything wrong?

No, no, not at all.

We're just trying to make it into the city.

Well, maybe we have done something wrong, and maybe we haven't.

But our paths have crossed now and you've just come to the end of yours.

Hey, what's going on out here?

Whoa there, cowboy!

Hey, Earl, look what I found.

Hey, you asshole.

Oh, shit.

Well, ugly, it looks like those mosquitoes got themselves some dinner.

Hey, man you can't just leave us here with those things.

They got my cousin. They nearly got me.

Shut up. Come on, Parks.

Let's get the hell out of here. Those things are coming.

What about these guys?

We can't just leave them out here.

No, we better bring them along.

Grab some rope.

Come on, hurry up.

Let's go!

All right, you guys in the back. Let's go, move it.

No, they didn't do anything wrong.

Parks, let's get the hell out of here.

They're on the roof. Step on it, Parks.

Doesn't really matter, pretty boy. They're gonna get us all anyway.

Take a nap, pal.

Ray! Megan!


Oh, no, they're coming back.

Untie us. Untie us.


Shoot the bug!

Hendricks, shut the door!

Ray, give me a hand!

Shut up, you nap-haired idiot. I'm trying.

Toss me the ax!

Thanks for the hatchet, girlie.

All right, you asshole, let her go.

Don't be such a hothead, pretty boy.

All I wanted is the motor home here. Now, drop the gun.

Don't listen to him, Ray.

Don't hurt her, man, or I swear I'll kill you.

Drop the gun. Drop it.

You too.


There's no way we can survive out there.

Fine then, you can come with us, but we're going the other way.

Back into those woods? You really are crazy.

I have my reasons.

Yeah? Well, they don't work with ours.

Look, we are not giving up this truck!

Then the girl dies.

You're a dead man.

Boy, men a lot better than you have said the same thing many times.

Don't move, ugly.

This is your last chance. Give up the camper.

Or next time the cut will be a lot deeper.

Earl, can't we just ride with them till morning?

They can drop us off, and then we'll be on our merry way.

Shut up! Ray!

You little bitch.

Damn straight.

That's my girl.


Get them off me. Help.


We're going over.

Listen, asshole, from now on, if you're gonna be staying with us, you are gonna have to listen to me 'cause if you don't, I will kill you myself and leave you out there with those bugs.

Hey, man you're the one that wrecked the camper.

Earl, are you all right? I can't believe what that girl did to you.

Forget it, Junior. Where's the cash?

I don't know, I... I mean, I think I left it on the trailer.

Forget the cash, Junior. Let's get out of here.

Hey, man what the hell?

Well? Now what?

Those things won't take long to find us.

We better find a place to hide until morning.

I'm tired of running. We all are, Ray.

Look, I already told your brother, and now I'm telling you, if you are gonna be sticking with us, you are gonna have to start listening to me.

Don't worry, tough guy, we're going our own way.

You don't have anything we want anyways, but don't kid yourself.

If you had something, we'd take it.

You know, if I didn't feel so shitty right now, I'd kick your ass.


Oh, you feeling tough, man? Come on, let's go.

Ray... Don't worry, Meg, this guy ain't nothing to me.

No, Ray. They're coming.

Come on, come on!

I found a place. We can hide until morning.

I got you covered. Go, go.



Junior. Run, man, run.

That's Junior.

You can't go out there, man.


You can't help him now. He's a dead man.

Go, get in there. Hurry up, they're coming.

Hey, folks, we got company.

Oh, damn. Move back.

Move back.

They're in the pipe! They're right behind us.

Blast 'em!

Come on Parks, move fast.

Hit them again, Hendricks.

They're close, man, real close.

Go to the left. No, go to the right.

Cowboys always go to the right. Well, pick one of them.

They're coming, Parks. They're right behind me.

We're stuck. They're coming from everywhere.

What are we gonna do? Grab a tunnel! Grab a tunnel!

Blast 'em!

Got it.

More shells.

That's it. No more shells for me.

I'm out, too.

We only got a few left.

We need something to burn.

How's this?

Give me a shirt. Give me a shirt.

Come on, give me a shirt.

Come on. Come on.

Give me your shirt, Ray.

That does it. The bastards are afraid of fire.

Just like the little ones.

That does it, I...

I think we'll be safe here until morning.

What about the smoke?

There's enough draft to keep it going.

I'm beginning to think getting out of here alive is kind of like wishing for ice water in hell.

This is hell. We aren't gonna get out of here.

You're wrong, Earl. Both you guys are wrong.

We're at a great advantage here.

We know more about those things than anybody else out there.

Perhaps Megan's right.

Now let's... let's figure out what we do know about these things.

They're big.

Yeah, right. What else?

The thing I find so strange is that mosquitoes, real ones, I mean, the little ones, suck blood from a human once.

They take the blood, and they nourish their eggs with it.

These things don't seem to stop.

I mean, they seem relentless. Their motive seems to be to kill.

Don't you find it just a little more than coincidence that you happen to be out here investigating a fallen meteor, and suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of all this?

But it's like I already said.

If that's the case then why... why just mosquitoes?

I don't know, doc. You're the scientist, you tell me.

Could it be that your meteor crashed into a swamp filled with mosquito eggs?

Yes, yes, and perhaps we just happen to haven't been witness to the giant fish or frogs that too might have been affected by this thing.

And that is a real possibility.

Hey, doc, that's science fiction bullshit.

No, Hendricks.

You are living in science fact.

Tomorrow, we get back on the track of Park's meteor.

It might give us some clues.

The only thing I'm obligated to do is cover my ass.

God bless you, brother.

Hold on a minute. I wanna try something.

Yeah, it's just as I suspected.

Those mosquitoes are making these bodies radioactive.

I think you guys are on to something.

Now, this has got to be connected to that meteor.

Now, we find that meteor, and we find the origin of these bugs, and then... And then what?

And then we get rid of them.

Whatever it takes.

I knew it. I knew you were gonna say that.

I could have stayed in my little cubby hole under that boat till the cops showed up, but no!

You guys had to come along and find me and now I'm on a mission to save the world from giant mosquitoes.

Man, the late show doesn't get any better than this.

I'm still not sure about this. Why?

I don't understand why we don't stick to the road.

You can always go back to the road. It's always gonna be there.

See, that's the point. The road's always gonna be there.

I, however, am not always gonna be there.

But if I got back to the main road, that increases my chances of being there a little longer.

Fine then, why don't you and Attila the Hun here...

Hey, hey look over there. All right.

Signal is getting stronger up this way.

Hey, doc we got a farmhouse over there. They might have a phone or something.

Great idea.

Fine then, why don't you two go check that out, and Parks and I will keep searching this way.

Earl, what are you gonna do?

I'll go with you.

Hey, wait a minute, asshole, you think I'm gonna trust you alone in the woods with my girlfriend, you can forget it.

Look, pretty boy, I've lost my loot, my escape, and my brother all because of those God damned mosquitoes.

So, if these guys have some scheme to save the world, I might as well help them.

Fine. You wanna help? You come with me.

Look, pal...

if I wasn't having such a shitty day, I'd kill you right now.

You know, men a lot better than you have said that to me before many times.

I wonder if they got a shower.

Hey, Ray, we'll meet you back at the farmhouse in about an hour.


Anybody home?

Hendricks, check the basement.

Check the basement? Why do I have to check the basement?

I think we should all stick... Check the basement.

Fine. I'll check the basement.


Fine down here.

So, what'd you guys find?

Nothing, like, we...

We're right over whatever there is out there.

What about you?

Looks like we're gonna be stuck here for the night.

No phone, no transportation. And nobody's home.

Any luck with that thing? No, no, not yet.

Found this in the work shed, thought it might come in handy.

Man, I haven't handled one of these babies in 20 years.

Feels good.

I can't believe we lost track of that thing this afternoon.

This damn thing must be broken.

Either that or we're sitting on top of an atom bomb.

We got five shells left.

I got a stinger up my ass.

My leg's killing me.

And I've been crawling around in a stinking sewer pipe.

And this is all I get? Two crummy shells?


Hey, this is wet.

It's got bug goop all over it.

Hendricks, shut the hell up.

Oh, man. Always on my case.

I just try to help out, and all you do is yell at me.

Hassle, pick on me all the time, man. I'm about damn sick of it.

All that trouble, all the crap I've been through, man.

All I hear from you, "Hendricks, do this. Hendricks, shut up.

Man, get out of here, man..."

Bunch of bull, man, I'm sick of it. Damn sick of it.

Piece of shit.

Hey, relax, it's been a long day.

It's been a long two days.

I'm sorry, Meg.

It's all right, man, it's been a long weekend for all of us.

I hear that.

Jesus, man.

You always think you're gonna be tough in these kind of situations.

You mean you actually imagined yourself in a situation like this?

Giant mosquitoes and all?

No, no, I mean any kind of situation.

You know, I... I used to be...

Used to be real tough on the streets of Detroit.

Back there, you had to be or at least act like you were or pretended you were so you didn't have to prove it.

Yeah, don't worry, man, you're tough. Nobody else could've gotten us this far.

I used to be, Ray. I used to be.

You want a test tough?

Get your ass in a situation like this and see who comes out alive.

Now... Now that's tough.

Get yourself through a war, that's tough.



Three tours.

Me too.

Hey, I was in Cub Scouts.

Try to become a Webelo. Now that's tough.

They're everywhere!

Get out of the way, get out of the way.

Get it off of me! Help! Ray!

Get it off, man. Help. Get this thing off me.


Help. Someone help. Get it off.

Help. Somebody help me.

Get off of me.

Get off of me.

Get it off. Help. Help me get this thing off, damn it.

Aah. Aah, get it off.

Help me!

Get it off. Get it off me, Ray. Help me.

Get it off, damn it!

Give me a hand. Hand me a board.

It's all boarded up in there, but I don't know how long that's gonna keep them out.

What the hell was that? Sounds like one broke into the basement.

Come on, Hendricks, let's go check it out. Me? How come I gotta go?

You boarded it up, now come on. Let's go check out your work.

Holy mother of mercy.

Come on. Come on, man.

You're not gonna believe it.

What? What did you find?

They're down there. Thousands of them.

What's down there?

In the basement, eggs, mosquito eggs.

Hundreds of them, thousands of them.

Oh, man.

So, they weren't there when you checked the basement before?

Hey, man, it was dark.

That's it then.

That's why there are so many bugs outside. This is their breeding ground.

Your counter was right. Your meteor's gotta be right here.

You mean, we're on the epicenter of those things?


No, Ray it is great.

All we have to do is blow this house to kingdom come, and, man, we are out of here. One problem.

Where are we gonna go when we blow this place, out there?

We'll have to draw them in.

Inside the house?

You mean after all this work, you just wanna draw them back in the house?

Yes, Ray, it's the only way.

Oh, great, they're mad as hell they can't get in.

Now we're just gonna open the door and let them in.

Then what?

We've gotta set the house to blow.

Yeah? How?

Gas. Gas.

We'll break all the gas lines, and then each one of us will... will get by the window.

And at the count of three, we'll whip this shit off and let them in.

What about us?

We'll have to make it to the roof.

The dumbwaiter. There's a dumbwaiter in the kitchen.

We can take that up one at a time.

We can take that up, and we'll climb out from there.

Uh, we're only forgetting one thing, doc.

What's that?

Who's gonna stay here and light the match to set the house off?

I haven't figured that out yet.

Is it gonna work?

Give me a moment, just a moment.

Windows are rigged.

Now, all we need to do is rig the gas line, the ones up here and the ones in the basement.

Let's go.

In here.

In here, come on. Come on, this is it.

Yeah, that's it. Stick it right there. Let's go. Go, go, get out of here.

This is the last damn time I'm coming down here.

I'm set!

All right, I'm gonna set it for three minutes.

Hold on, doc, you mean we got three minutes to get up on the roof and away from this house before it blows?

Once we open those windows, this place is gonna fill up in ten seconds, so if you don't have your ass out of here in three minutes, you'll be dead.

Is everybody ready?


Let's do it.

One! Two! Three!

Go, Ray, go!

Come on, only got one shot. Let's go. Go, go, go.

Come on, Parks, we ain't got much time.

Hurry, hurry. Go.

Go, go, go, go.

See you on the outside, doc.

Hurry, hurry.

Come on, come on. Go, go.

Go, man, go. Go, Hendricks, go.

No! No!

Shit, no! Shit, no!

Hendricks! Hendricks!

Earl, what are you doing?

I'm gonna save your friend.

Forget it, man. You'll just get yourself killed.

Ain't life a bitch?

Earl! Earl!

Come and get me. Come on get me.

Come on, you bastards!

Come on.

Come and get me. Come on.

Come on and get me. Come and get me.

You ready? No.

One, two, three.

Well, you ready to go home now?

Yeah. I think so.


Hot damn.

Better the Norge than the Nam, huh?

You did it, Parks, man. You got them. No, we did it Ray. We got them.

Now let's get the hell out of here.