Mother India (1957) Script

The water canal has reached our village, Mother.

The villagers want you to inaugurate it.

She refuses! You are our mother, the mother of the whole village!

Either you inaugurate it or it will remain untouched!

Mother, please...

l speak the truth.

The wedding was so grand that everybody is talking about it.

Of course. God has blessed me with just one son.

Nobody in our village holds a torch to the bride in beauty.

Of what use is mere beauty? She should be talented, too. lf God desires, she will be. l've heard something... The villagers would say...

Why have you stopped? Go on.

Aunt, please don't feel offended.

People say that you have mortgaged your land for the wedding.

Mortgaged my land!

Let them say that in front of me! l'll knock their teeth out!

What hasn't God given me? Don't l possess land?

Plow? Bullocks? l've mortgaged land!

Why are the villagers jealous?!

My foot!

l have mortgaged the land. lf l wouldn't, how could l celebrate the marriage?

Who doesn't do it?

lf the bride is fortunate enough, we'll get it released, too.

She does look lucky.

Let me do something.

Fine. You do it.

What have you done? A new bride and you've removed yourjewellery!

Think of me, if not yourself. l haven't yet seen you properly.

Wear them. Sell them.

Are you mad? lt will lighten the burden.

What burden?

Mother has mortgaged the land.

That's a pack of lies! The villagers make up stories!

And even if she has, l'll throw the money in the lender's face very soon!

Somebody will see! Mother might come. Let go.

So what? Won't you feel shy?

Dump the shame in your basket! l wish mother comes. Let her.

l swear... they look good on you.

l pray that they always remain in my hands for you to see.

Why won't they when l'm around?

Then l'll take them off everyday.

So you can put them on.

Shameless man!

Are you the only man in the village to have got married?

Anybody who sees this will spit at you!

And you too, daughter-in-law! What can l say...

Why should l blame you? His father too was like him.

Look at this! Light the fire first.

What are you cooking? Your head?

Don't drop it.

Listen ...

Don't let him come too close.

Stop it.

He'll become worthless.

Dear Kamla, walk carefully lest your foot slips.

This is a woman's foot not a man's. - Let's go.

You are offended. l meant the pot. lt's an earthen pot. Might break.

With you alive, who can have a copper pot on their heads? l want you to have pots made of gold on your heads.

But nobody cares. What times!

Why are you arguing with him? Let's go.

Go and rinse your mouth. lt stinks!

Who is he? The village grocer.

But he has a wicked heart. We'll go together with lunch.

You've come. Shamu's Radha has come You really take very long!

Sit down.

l think you should come here with me in the morning itself.

And lunch? Don't worry about food.

You are all l need.


You cook very well. ls the salt okay?

Don't talk about salt.

You must only touch food.

Everything will turn salty. You don't know how salty your hands are!

Where? See...

The salt of the entire village is in your hands! l swear. Let me see... ln two days your henna has faded.

So what? Nothing? You don't understand.

A new bride shouldn't work so hard. l feel hurt.

New bride? lt's 2 days since we got married. lt's not a few years! Remain spruced for 2 months.

This time won't return. Let the other brides be jealous.

Keep away. Somebody might watch us.

Nobody will see us. Let me go.

This is a big problem!

At home, you're scared of mother; And here, the world! Are we sinning?

Then the kids will come by!

You're already counting the kids?

When God gives us the day... Gives? Of course He will.

When we have children...

A couple won't do. l need 4 healthy sons for the plow.

One for each corner.

Shambhu? Just wait!

What's the matter?


Come and take some grains. l'm very happy today.

You also come and take some.

What are you doing?

You also take some.

Be a little patient.

You're not the only one to become a father. Hold back.

What do you know of the joy of the birth of a son?

You also take some.


Your voice sounds as it were coming from a torn drum!

First congratulate us. You're worried about wishes?

And your son is ruining me! He's destroying the crop! lf he must, let him distribute his own share.

Why is he touching my share?

Three fourths is our share. You keep forgetting.

Three parts are mine. What? - Of course.

Three are mine! No, mine.

This is cheating.

Get us to put our thumb-impression on anything! l'll complain to the Panchayat!

Think and decide, brothers. l help you in times of need.

Till the principal amount of rupees 500 is not paid...

..3 parts of my crop ofjowar and pulses will go to...

...the moneylender as interest. Hear that?

And here is her thumb impression.

Now tell the Village Council that this is not your thumb-impression!

God knows what nonsense you write!

Talk of what we spoke. l believe in spoken words.

Didn't you say that one part of the crop will be yours and 3 ours?

Giving her due respect for her age, l was being lenient. l gave her the money. l couldn't even lift the bag. lf you'll hang me for this, l'll go straight to court!

Who is afraid of courts?

The courts are fair. You'll be jailed instead!

Listen to him! He'll have me jailed! lf l don't get the police and claim the land, l'm not man enough!

No, the police should never enter our village!

Decide the issue here and now. What do you say?

The police mustn't come here.

Then you decide this.

What do you decide?

lf it's the written word, then you have to give it.

Make Shamu also put his thumb impression on this.

One can't trust this old lady. She's alive today. She may die soon.

You'll die with your family! l'll go only after you're dead!

You bullied the Council into deciding in your favour!

You're cheating my kids! l pray to God to punish you!

As long as l live, my son won't put his thumb impression! Let's go.

Don't give him. Why?

He hasn't made me a catapult. l'll make it. Don't be angry.

What is going on?

Whom did you think this belongs to? Beggars!

Put it back! He won't.

The son is one step ahead of his father!

Now, my boy... This has my share, too.

You didn't plow the field. l've plowed 500 bucks in your father's life.

Come here. What is it?

You're a thief!

A thief? Yes.

Yes. You are a thief! Stay away! lf l get angry, you've had it!

Go and stop him.

Doesn't matter. Let him be.

My umbrella costing 5.50!

l swear l'll add this money also to your account! Remember that!

He's ruined my umbrella!

Give it to him. My umbrella!

Return it.

Throwing it away? l've added 5.50 to your account!

Your son would have thrashed that man today.

Grandma is a liar! l was going to beat Ramu. But why?

He asked me to steal jaggery. He stole it, not me!

Why... Sit down!

He's a devil!

Don't call me a devil. l'll fight back.

Mother, l'll eat with you. Me, too.

Tell us a story!

All right. Once upon a time, there used to be a mouse.

He had four tails. Don't tell lies!

A mouse does not have 4 tails. lt has just one. l'll tell you a story about a lion. l strangled its neck...

He started limping. Then l sat astride the horse.

And l escaped...

And l find a lion. l pick it up and carry it home.

And l pet it gently.

Then he dies.

Then l bring another lion and keep it in another house.

Then a mouse comes slowly...

And l kill it.

Don't stop. Learn it fast.

Sir. Greetings.

You've brought the younger one too.

That's very nice.

People say education makes a man soft hearted.

They just say it. Am l soft hearted?

Teach him carefully or he'll teach you some things.

Don't you worry. l have set many rascals right.

Teach him that much...

..that he is able to read all the money lender's books.

Even the English can't read his books. l'll read them! Go and sit in your place.

Don't punish my child.

Without that, one can't gain any knowledge. l must have been punished at least 250 times.

Only then have l learnt a little. lt's essential to be punished.

Thank God we are not educated or he would have punished us too!

Look at him!

Get up! Why are you bent over?

What are you doing here? Go and sit in your seat. l know everything! What do you know?

Go to your place!

Why are you beating my brother?

Standing up for his brother! First you bend over!

Bend like a chicken!

Put away the catapult!

You're punishing my brother! l won't spare you!

Remain bound till morning. lf you give him dinner, l'll be really angry with you!

Beats somebody! Throws somebody's turban!

Throws stones! What is this?

The moon sits faraway and eats in a plate.

Grandma dies.

Father got scared.

Grandma will die!

You'll sleep hungry tonight. Mother will give me dinner.

Give you dinner! Daughter-in-law... lf you feed him, l'll tie you up in his place. Be warned!

Be warned!

She's gone to sleep. Get my dinner.

No dear. Leave my legs.

Go and untie him. Whom?

Your son. Let him be. lt's so late. Go and untie him and give him something to eat.

What's the hurry? l'll give it.

What a mother you are! ln your place l'd have fed him hours ago.

He's eating. Eating?

You gave him food without asking me!

Am l dead? Grandma is dead!

What are you eating? Grams with jaggery.

What's your name?

Get lost! That's a boy's name.

Should l tell you the truth? My name is Rupa.

What madness is this?

He's just a child.

He's stealing the grams from the girl's hands! Robbery!

Give it back to her. l want to talk to you. Give him some jaggery.

Here. Come in.

There's a month or so before the crop can be harvested. l wanted a quintal ofjowar. There's nothing to eat at home.

So you eat me. l swear l'm fed up of giving you loans.

No sign of paying back what you've already taken.

Don't you take 3 parts of our crop?

That's the interest. The principal is as it is.

Should our kids starve to death?

Let not the kids starve. What have you brought to pawn?

To pawn? Don't you trust me? lt's not that. lf you ask for a kilo or so l won't think twice.

But a quintal! Don't feel hurt but l'm sitting here for business.

I have a motherIess chiId to rear. l have to collect money for her. lf nothing else, your daughter-in-law has ornaments.

Don't you dare talk of her! All right. l won't.

You have some copper and bronze vessels?

Yes! Then get them.

Tell your mother to give the vessels.

To throw at his face! l won't give them! He's a thief! l won't give them! He's a thief!

ln what will we cook? And store water?

He says he'll give the grain only if we give our vessels.

Give it. l don't want his grain!

Give it son. l won't! lt's my plate!

lf you don't give this plate, your father will sleep hungry.

Ramu will be hungry.

Your grandma will be hungry.

My mother will also starve.

Will you also starve? l don't want it.

Come down and have lunch. l don't want it. You eat. Got a little late.

The fire wouldn't light.

Begged for grain? No, don't say that.

Why not? l say you shouldn't have brought food today!

You would have been hungry. So what? God would feel ashamed.

Gives us birth but doesn't feed us!

Eat something.

So the vessels have reached the money lender! l have thought of a plan. We have 5 acres of land... lt's lying barren with only grass.

We'll cultivate it. The money lender doesn't own it. ls it easy to break that land?

Half the land is full of stones and the other half with thick roots!

My oxen will die in 2 days.

The oxen will die later. First the moneylender will kill us.

I'II start breaking the Iand right from tomorrow.

l had told you this land is only full of boulders!

You are so broken hearted just because an ox died? l'm not dead. l can always lend you 100 bucks. l believe if man can't help another, l'd rather shoot him!

Aunt! You be quiet mother! lf you don't leave, you've had it. What crime have l committed?

Am l a thief? A dacoit?

Leave him!

He will die! Let him!

Let him go!

He's killed me!

Thank God nobody saw.

Be prepared for tomorrow. l'll confiscate your field, house, ox..

Then call me a sweeper not a money lender! l'll strip the clothes off your back!

Give me my turban! Your father is a rat!

Return my turban! You rat!

Give it back! You rat!

Return it. l won't!

Doesn't matter. Are you watching? l'm taking this as a remembrance. l say, murderer! lf you treat him like this, how will we survive?

He's no God! Not God?

Then ask your God for another ox.

With what face can l now ask him for money?

Why do you need to beg for money? Let everyone die like the ox died!

Let everyone die! You are very arrogant!

We eat thanks to him! l'll burn such food!

No! Move aside!

Leave it! My kids are hungry!

My children are hungry!

Get an ox with this.

WeII done.

Good Radha. Almost done.

A little more.

Shambhu! Uncle!

Help! Uncle!

Anybody there?

lt would have been better if l had died!

God forbid! l should've died!

What's the point in such a life?

l will tolerate the harshest sunlight in your shadow.

For God's sake don't say that!

Smoke mine father.

Smoking? Kids don't smoke.

You must not smoke. l'll never smoke Dad.

Here you smoke. l'll roll joints for you.

And you smoke. No problem.

Daughter-in-law! Wait. l'm coming.

Call your mother. Mother!

Mother, l'll help you...


Good God!

Why are you giving the oxen this dirty water to drink?

Take the oxen to our well.

No. Don't do this.

Why not?

What will you do with them?

You'll have to sell them.

Was my money worthless...?

You'll never be happy.

Don't take curses from my kids. l have no arms.

No hands and no shame!

Kids are starving and you live off your wife!

Shameless! Darken your face and sit on the village outskirts.

Live off charity like a stray dog!

Take the oxen! l won't let you take them! No!

Tie a bell round my neck!

And turn me into an ox. Oh! l forgot...

Tie this in his neck.

Give this too to the money lender.

You have no hands and no shame.

The kids are starving and you live off your wife!

lf you must live, live on charity.

Mother! l knew it!

What did you know? l knew he wouldn't take it. l knew it! l knew it would happen!


Your vermilion!

No mother!



Mother what's wrong? Didn't find Dad?

Where has Dad gone?

He got angry with me and left.

Why? Got angry and left?

But why are you crying?

Shall l tell you something?

He has no hands. Who will feed him?

That's why l'm crying. You're crying.

Let's go home.

Grandma! Grandma!

Grandma! Get up!

Get up grandma!

Or l'll get water!

Okay l'll get water! l'll throw water at you.

Let her be. l'll call mother.

Mother, grandma is sleeping tight.

Mother, you're feeding others with sweets and starving us!

Feed the dead and starve the living to death!

This is life.

Open the door!

Open the door!

Mother open the door!

Dear Radha!

Shame on you! You took 20 acres of land, the oxen!

Now have you come for the corpses?

You have your eyes set on the 5 acres that remain!

You'll die a dog's death!

Doesn't matter. Even the dog is a creation of God.

What do you want? Money.

She has no money to give! l'm ready to look after them all.

Try to understand me.

Explain to her that her husband ditched her and left. l'm still alive l'll look after everything.

Take back the land, the oxen. And we'll see about the loan too.

Mother, my ox has returned!

Will you leave me and go?

Now if you go, l won't talk to you ever! l'll never speak to you!

You won't go. l won't talk if you go.

Come here. l won't. Son, take the ox out.

Fine. Just as you have returned the oxen, return the loan too. lf you don't like my deal, forget it.

Radha is not for sale. She'll die but not sell herself.

She can be sold only for her kids.

Take your share when the crop is harvested.

Now go away. l say go away.

God! Now what will happen?

The crop is almost ready. lf it rains now, there'll be a famine.

God! We don't want water!

Hold me!


Mother! A snake!

Throw it Birju!

Go away from my mother!

Mother l'm very hungry.

Give me some food. ln a minute. l'll light a blazing fire.

Mother, baby is not getting up.

Radha my queen.

You had called me over. So l've come for my share. lf l wouldn't come now, you'd say l didn't come.

Lord! Killed him finally?

Swear by God, l feel very sorry.

Son will you have some grams? l won't have that. l'll eat what mother is cooking.

Mother, l'm starving.

Very hungry.

There's nothing in this.

The food is cooked son.

Lord! Why are you doing this?

What to do? l'm so soft l can't bear to see this!

Eat this son.

Throw it away. Throw it!

What kind of mother are you?

Eat it son. ln that hand too.

Throw it. Throw it!

Do you want me or the grams?

Mother and son, just the same!

By morning you'll come to your senses.

l'm a very patient man.

When your anger cools down, think over my proposal again.

Son! Birju!

Look at me!

Nothing will happen to my son.


Yes, l'll give you the grams.


l'll get them for you.

Mother, hungry...grams...

Bless you lady.

Radha the queen at my step? l am blessed. Come in.

Come in.

My children are starving.

Give me food.

Give me food. My kids are hungry.


l'll cover my queen in gold.

Don't worry my queen. Who holds the generous man's hand will be happy.

Even if l keep a dog, it will wear a gold chain.

Swear by God, you look like the goddess of wealth.

Come. l'll look like a goddess?

Didn't you feel ashamed to come in this form? lf you've come in my form, keep your image intact.

Don't laugh.

The goddess who carries the burden of the world.

You won't be able to carry the burden of motherhood.

Try and become a mother. You'll give up in 2 steps She won't go from here. Don't you dare!

Let go of her. Don't touch it!

She has given you wealth and brought me here in poverty. l want to show her it's easy to preach But very difficult to follow. lt's easy to watch the fun.

But very difficult to lead life as in a play.

Very difficult.

See what a helpless mother can do for her children!

To what depths she can sink!

She cannot give strength.

Then take away my shame! l can't sacrifice my children!

He will return. He is alive.

This won't remain.

A woman's duty is motherhood.

Thank God you came to me.

Otherwise your sweet kids would die.

Come. Let go!

The goddess has returned my husband She will also return my children.

She will. Yes she will.

She'll return your husband and kids.

But at my hands!

Help me!

Won't you leave? The entire village is going. l won't go. You want to starve here?

Nothing can be done in this field for 2 years. l won't leave home. What if my husband returns?

You've changed the face of the village Honestly l've neither seen nor heard of such a crop!

Feels as if the crop has fallen from heaven not earth.

Don't worry. Your share of 3 parts has been kept aside.

Go and take it.

Yes master? Fill the carts.

How are you my son?

Get up son. This is my share.

First show me the account. Then look at my crop.

So you want to see the account?

Have l fallen on such times that l have to show you accounts?

Hear! He wants to see my books.

Your father never looked at my books, what will you do?

The son will see the father's account

Show him the account.

Move away.

What are you doing? Aren't you ashamed? l've grown old filling your house!

And for this grain, you're aiming a gun at my son!

10 such crops sacrificed for my son!

Take it away! We don't want it!

Did l ask you to shoot? Join an army if you want to shoot!

Why do you need guns? l asked to show the account.

Take the grain. You don't do the job you've come for! Shooting!

What are you waiting for? l won't let him take one grain!

We'll have to give it if it's due.

Take your share! Live long son.

Don'tjust stare. Lift it!

Drop this! Mother! l won't let him take the crop.

We've plowed the land like oxen. lt contains our sweat. We stayed hungry for it

lf this grain won't feed us, l'll burn it up!

Then ask him to show me the account.

You want to see the books. Here have a look.

Here study it.

Read it my son.

You read it mother.

Ask somebody else to read it.

You read it! Read it. Don't feel shy.

He can't understand accounts. You read and explain it to him.

You read it uncle. This is knowledge. lf we could read, we wouldn't see this day.

Then you signed it without reading?

Your grandma signed it!

Your cow has gone to a fieId.

He's dragging her away. What?

Daughter come fast. Take the class. l'm going out.

What comes next?

The pots of the village belles. And your stones.

Your rough tumble games.

After 3 years you've come to ask what comes next?

Where were you? Here only. l would hide behind the tamarind tree and watch you everyday.

Why? l'm not scared but l feel somewhat in awe of you.

Do l have horns on my head?

No, you are very nice.

Better than all the village girls!

You've read so many books and l...

..know nothing beyond half the alphabets l feel shy of you. Aren't you feeling shy today? l feel ashamed today but today Sukhi had come.

By morning l want to read from the alphabets to his books!

You want to read his books?

The most difficult knowledge. There's no knowledge in it.

There is! l saw it myself!

And l showed it to everyone. lt has the same letters!

For 20 years we've given him 3 parts of our crop to repay his loan of 500.

He has even taken away 20 acres of our land.

He removed the gold bangles She now wears only black thread.

Yet his debt remains. lt's such a cruel knowledge!

How can it be so cruel? l want to understand this!

You want to understand this?

This is the 25 acres of land your grandmother owned.

She took 500 bucks as loan against it.

The first crop was of 400. You gave 3 parts as interest.

And kept one part. Similarly the second crop was of 400.

Again you paid 300 as interest and ate 100. ln 20 years you gave this much of interest.

Then you gave the land as interest.

But the principal is as it is.

This land is mine! lt is my mother. Nobody can snatch it from me!

This cycle has been going on and will continue forever. l won't let it continue! l have understood the account! l'll tell mother and the whole village!

l'll take back our land! l'll take back everyone's land!

He is a thief and l've caught him! l'll never spare him!

Beware! Don't you dare speak nonsense about my Dad!

You look after your Dad. l'll set him straight.

Let's see!

Don't mess with me. Go your way!

Will you hold my hand?

Your groom will go back Even if l'm imprisoned after that Get lost! You son-of-a gun!

You need an army to do that!

Then wait.

Don't run away.

Get lost son of a deserter!

Sister-in-law! Why did you come in between? l'm not your sister-in-law!

Then you'll become tomorrow. Why are you crying?

You broke 10 of my pots. Shall l say something? l'm not your sister-in-law! But listen! l've got your horoscope matched with my brothers!

Honestly! l promised to give the priest 2 quintals ofjowar.

Really? Yes.

You broke another pot!

Do you think l'm a potter?

Why do you break pots?

Give me my smoke.

Your mother will scold! lf your mother sees, she'll kill me. Give it back.

Good Lord! l give up on you!

What are you doing here? Go.

How many times have l told you not to tease her!

His sister's responsibility is on me. She'll pull my hair out! lf l don't tease my brother's wife, should l tease you?

She's not your brother's wife!

So often l've told you to send her back to her village!

You did say. Ramu has seen her.

Everybody has accepted. Now why is she still here? l didn't give it to him.

Where are you going after a bath?

Don't stand in my way.

First say what happened.

Say something. l'm going to my village.

Why? Birju.

What's the matter?

What has he done?

What did he do?

Why are you scared? Tell me.


l'm feeling shy.

Let go. First say... l can't tell you.

Let go.

By my word...


Who is it?

Get the gun.

Who is it? l've brought some cotton.

Hope it's not full of hay. Come and have a look.

The deal is in the night Who wants to have a look.

Deal for 50 bucks. lt's not stolen. The cotton is mine. l'll take a pair of gold bangles lf you have them, we deal.

Or l'm off! Come here and listen.

These gold bangles weigh 4.50 grams.

And this is the cash.

My mother will wear these!

Do they really weigh 4.50? Yes.

We don't make crooked deals. That's only at Sukhi's place.

Now go. lf there's any cheating, l'll shove this gun in your tummy!

Go while it is still dark.

Give my money. Money?

Yes, 25 bucks!

What are you doing? Let me go!


Where have you been?

Didn't tell anyone!

Where have you been for 2 days?

You went without telling me! l'm very annoyed with you! l won't talk to you! Why don't you say where you were! l was here only.

Look at your face!

l was watching God's miracle near the riverside, under the tree.

God's miracle?

Yes mother. A great saint has come there.

With long locks.

He had this long hair!

And his meditation..

He was sitting like this on his head!

What are you doing?

Like this mother. Straighten up.

He was pleased with me.

And said, child ask for whatever you want. l said sire, l want nothing. lf you have to give, give me 2 gold bangles for my mother.

l heard a voice, shut your eyes.

You also close your eyes.

Open your eyes mother.

Why did you ask for gold?

Why didn't you ask for your Dad's address? When he'll come?

Take me to him now.

Actually l was going to ask him..

Soon as l opened my eyes l saw there was no saint.

Nor the tree nor the river.

Soon as he returns, l'll take you to him.

And you can ask him whatever you want.

They look so nice on you.


Birju brought gold bangles for me!

By the grace of a saint.

That's by the grace of your Birju not a saint!

So? You've started this too?

Where are you going?

Started fighting as soon as you entered! Let me know what it is!

Your son is a thief!

Don't talk like this. Thief!

Am l a thief?

Who says my son is a thief?

No, he's a big businessman.

He gets gold bangles for you!

Refer to her as sister.

That's what l do consider her.

For your sake, l didn't file a complaint. l have two witnesses. Your son stole my crop!

Only then are you wearing these bangles.

Give my share of the money or l'll ruin the entire house!

Who cares? Write the complaint. lt was my crop so l took it. l'm not the thief, you are!

Cheating my mother for 15 years! l'm a thief so was my father! l'm a worthless man.

When you have to go to jail, you'll know what l mean! l'm going.

Don't say a word to him. Wait.

Nothing will happen to you l'll pay back every penny.

Birju is mad. Mother return the bangles.

Don't give the bangles. You lied to me! You steal!

You lied to me! l don't want the bangles. Let go of my hand.

Make him leave my hand. Let go!

Don't interfere. Let go!

Let go of her!

She won't remove them. Let go of her!

-Wait son. She won't remove them.

For my sake, let go of my hand.

Take this.

This also belongs to your Pop!

Give them to your daughter as dowry!

lt's wealth! Gently.

Use it to cremate yourself!

Who does this is a fool!

Where does this go?

You're always in my way!

Move or you'll fly with it.

Watch how far it goes.

Now it goes far.

These bangles are my mother's.

But now they are my father's!

Your father took the bangles.

Tell him to keep them locked up.

Or l'll take the bangles along with something else too.

Yes, take your relative!

Explain to your son or you'll regret it!

At least tell me what's the matter.

Why don't you speak? You tell her. l feel like crying.

We were... Wait...

We were bathing in the river when he came and started teasing us.

But what has he done? Sometimes he hits stones.

Sometimes he breaks pots. He's broken 3 of mine!

4 of mine. 5 of mine!

6 of mine. And never breaks mine!

Let him come! l'll break his head!

Where's my stick? Here, mother.

Smash his head in! l'll really break his head!

Teasing the viIIage girIs! His sisters!

And listen, if you've done anything, l'll break your head too!

God! Where have l landed between women!

Sorry ladies, l'm off.

Come here!

Mother, what's all this?

You tease girls? l tease girls?

No, mother. Did you go to the river?

River? But l'm here.

Who says so?

l say so. When did l tease you?

With a snake. She says, with a snake!

Can anybody catch a snake?

Says, l scared her with a snake!

You may have! You may have caught a snake!

You caught snakes even when you were little!

Why do you carry your shoes?

Put them on your feet. They hurt my feet.

Look here... No mother.

You heard her. Now listen to me!

No! You have to listen!

No! l won't listen to you!

Okay! Speak up! l didn't tease her. lnstead she teases me.

ln front of mother say who teased whom? l teased or you did?

You did! You!

We teased you!

Now do you believe? l didn't tease them.


Move away!

Put it in the plate.

Take it.

What delicious food we've cooked!

Tell him l don't want to talk to him

l won't eat food! Tell him!

Even if you get 4 daughters-in-law food won't be as tasty!

Just taste it.

Ask him to let go of my hand!

And l won't eat food!

Okay, l won't tease anyone! l apologise on his behalf.

Really mother... Enough!

Taking his side! l know all about your antics too!

Goes to meet Champa on the quiet!

Says, my cow is sick!

Talks to her before marriage! l'll send her to her village tomorrow!

Not fair. Taking his temper out on me!

Brother is very smart. Takes her to the tamarind tree to eat it.

Tell him to leave me. l'm not talking to him.

Leave her and bend over!

Unless you do that mother will not forgive you or eat dinner!

The poor thing has bent over. Now eat dinner. l won't eat.

Then don't eat. l will as l'm hungry.

You punish him and feel hungry!

You also bend over.

Both of you trouble me a lot! Nobody cares about me!

Mother if you don't eat...

We'II remain Iike this aII our Iives!

Okay straighten up. l'll eat only now.

She's eating.

Here mother.

Tell him the fight isn't over.

The fight will continue.

l didn't say anything in front of the girls.

But listen carefully... l can forgive anything..

But l'll never forgive it...

..if you dishonour any girl! l'll kill you right there! l hate these things! l'll fix your marriages in the morning Don't go to the wrong place. l know everything. Go to sleep!

What's wrong?

Get up! Champa hung herself! l swear l did nothing!

What have you done? l fed you well everyday! l even fixed your marriage. The groom also agreed. lf you didn't approve of him, you should've told me. l'd find another. l would've married you off.

What have you done?

What have you done?

l haven't come to drink cold drink made by her. l've come to take her home.

When you come to my house, l'll get her to make you a drink.

Even l wanted this.

You know she lost her parents and everything in the flood. l brought her here. l like your son a lot.

But l heard you're getting him married to Shambhu's niece...

No, Champa is for Ramu. l want her for Birju.

There's no boy like him in our village!

He's a little mischievous. But then he's so young.

The moment he gets married, he'll forget mischief.

He has many vices too.

Cards throughout the day. Gambles through the night.

Don't name me, but l've heard Sukhi wants to send him to jail.

He even teases his daughter.

Yes, you talk in the villager's tone!

My son is bad! Only he is wrong! l came to discuss his marriage.

You malign him before me!

Don't look at me so! l won't but answer me what have l done to you?

You never tease us. We always tease you.

Who says you trouble us?

The teacherjust said he won't marry Chandra to Birju.

You marry Chandra?

Did your mother go to talk?

And he refused outright?

That's very good! l'm very happy!

May you never get married! To nobody!

Nobody teases you!

You are bad! Very bad! l lost face thanks to you! l'll never get you married! l'll get Ramu married. l'll play with his kids!

You look at him and feel jealous!

l'd sent mother for your hand.

Thought if we get married, l would become very good.

Now l won't get married! l won't even become good.

You are already married.

You're married to your land.

She's your bride.

The money lender has forcibly taken her away.

Won't you release her? l will! l will!

Good l didn't marry you.

Now l don't care if l live or die!

Mother's dreams will come true with brother's marriage.

Will you come for his wedding?

l saw you so many times.

And taIked to you.

But today you seem absolutely new.

Throw this away!

Let go! Mother might see! l'm off to the field. Bring lunch soon. lf mother doesn't send me? l'll tell her.

No! Don't. Let go.

Which one shall l hit? This one.

Oh no! Didn't touch!

Leave it!

Or l'll tell your brother you gamble!

Bring it fast. What's for Iunch?

What's this? Birju ate it.

He is gambling.

Where is he?

Run! Brother has come! l'll kill you!

Food! First go and wash up. l have washed up. Now serve me dinner.

Doesn't look like it.

Where's your brother? How do l know?

Must be feeding grass to the asses.

Then why are you asking for food? Your stomach must be full.

Don't pull my leg!

Brother, hope a cat didn't cross your path today.

Is this bread? Feed it to the cow! lf you don't like the way l cook, get a cook from the money lender.

What's the matter? Birju slapped me.

He slapped you? You slap me twice.

l told you so many times, don't lift weights now.


Are you going to fill water? Am l dead?

Quiet! The baby is about to come and there's no water at home.

You stay with sister-in-law. l'll get the water.

Will you go to the well?

So what? What will the girls say?

What? Won't you feel ashamed? Leave it.

Mother, is it a girl or boy? A son!

Give him to me! He'll fall!

Ramu's father. l've become a grandma

Won't you come to see your grandson?

Listen, where are you taking him?

You'll drop him!

Whose baby is this?

Keep the eviI eye away. My baby!

Grandma's pet! Whose prince?

Leave her alone!

What's the matter?

Throw the stick! Move out mother!

What has my son done?

He tried to malign a girl.

You tried to malign a girl from our village? l had warned you! l won't accept this! But listne to me...

Mother listen to him. l'll kill him! Mother!

He didn't do it for nothing. This girl is no less!

She is a real sly one!

Ask the village girls if you don't trust me.

The day l got married, Birju wanted to make her his sister.

Ask why she didn't accept his gift Who wants a torn scarf? Shut up!

Have you heard that?

Even today he kept teIIing her not to throw coIour on him.

But she kept doing it.

She kept clanging her bangles and getting him mad.

Youi are not aware, mentally she harbours bad intentions for Birju.

But l ask which girl hasn't Birju troubled?

Which girl's pot wasn't broken by him?

Do your daughters also harbour bad intentions for him?

Swear by God, l never saw anyone in this village eyeing anybody else.

Don't make me open my mouth. lt is not Birju's fault.

Your sins are appearing before you!

Stop your wife Shambhu!

Arguing with men!

Finish the fight. First you'll gave him intoxicants.

Then the whole village attacked him!

Get up!

Apologise to the money lender. Yes apologise to him.

l'll wring one neck.

Nobody can wear my mother's bangles.

Return them to me.

Or l'll take your daughter along with the bangles!

You have a great dream of getting bangles for your mothre.

Tell me. l'll put bangles on her wirsts.

What atrocity is this?

Now he can't stay in this village!

No way! l beg you!

Villagers! You tell me can he stay in our village?

No, he can't! l beg you! My life is in danger.

What are you watching? Throw him out of hte village. lt's too much! No!

Don't throw him out! l beg you! Don't!

You've beatne him up. Been so cruel to him!

Forgive him once because l'm asking you to!

He's no longer in your hands.

Don't accept responsibility for him.

He'll ruin the entire family's name.

You'll lose your name too! No!

Now he won't do anything.

He won't raise his eyes and look at anyone.

If he teases any girI... I'II kiII him! l promise all of you now he won't do anything. l beg you, forgive him once!

Forgive him just this once. He won't do anything now.

l'll break you bones if you step out of the house!

How dare you take the bangles without taking my permission?

Because l like them! Quiet!

Ask her in-laws when they'll come for the marriage?

Say l'm in a hurry. Go! l'm very young...

Shoot me.

What have you hidden?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Show it to me.

You want to see it?

This is a gun. l've stolen it! l'll kill hte money lender!

What will happen to you then? l'm not worried. l don't care about being hanged! Or his men breaking my bones!

Let them shoot at me if they want! l'll be happy if they empty their rifles in my chest!

But l'll kill Sukhi!

No my child, throw this gun away!

l've been through great difficulties to rear you.

You don't know that. l've been through tough times to make you a strapping youth.

You are not at all worried about your mother!

How will l live without you? l can't live without you my son!

You talk of making me happy.

Then throw this gun.

You want to create one more problem for me!

Mother, this will never end.

Till Sukhi doesn't die! l'm not scared of dying. So what if a Birju dies?

My dying will bring back the ornaments of the women in the village.

Grain will come to their homes! They can start cooking food.

His evil rule will end! Let your son die!

By my death, the whole village will have a better life.

But that won't solve anything.

Guns never help.

With a gun you can't cover the women's head.

Grain won't come to their homes at gun point.

Neither will it light their stoves.

Look at me.

With only 5 acres of land, l have reared you and Ramu.

Then we didn't even have food. l was alone. Today we are three.

We have food.

We have a plow, oxen.

Don't lose hope son.

We'll work hard, slog.

And God will change our fate.

All the village will change.

Let go mother! No Birju!

No! Son!

Release me!

Take the gun away! He's stolen it!

Let go!

Leave it. Leave it son.

Mother, break the gun.


Don't go my son!

Let me go. Son!

Don't go son. l'm not your son nor you my mother!

Don't go my child.



lt's him! Him!

l brought the bangles.

No my son.

Let go of my hand! Master!

Her hands are fuII of bIood.

She must have hidden him somewhere.

She sent her son to kill me!

Good God! Crush them!

Not one step forward! Why are you scared?

Burn the hay stacks. Smoke him out!


Move aside!

Catch him! Don't let him escape!

Sister Radha!

Call her mother, not sister.

Mother! My mother!

Birju is coming! Where is he?

Where is my son?

He has sent this letter.

He's coming to carry my daughter away from her wedding platform!

The groom is at the door. Nobody but you can stop him. l beg you for my honour.

Forgive me! l beseech you! l plead with you! l forgive you.

You're forgiving him!

He's our enemy! What Birju is doing is right!

She's not only his daughter, but the daughter of the village.

She's my honour.

Your honour. The village's honour.

Go ahead with the wedding. l take responsibility.

My son won't do anything.

Get my walking stick.


Where had you gone? Why are you dressed like this?

Climb down. l'll never let you leave home again.

Don't go my son!

They will kill you!

For my sake, don't go!

Move out! Don't go!

Come son. You're right in time. l've been pining to see you.

Give me my mother's bangles. l've kept them carefully.

Stay here. l'll get the key.

What are you doing son? l'm going to get the key.

What are you doing son? l've grown old.

You're still as naughty as you were in childhood.

As naughty as then.

Sit down brother. You must be tired.

Have you forgotten you ran away with my umbrella? l ran behind you yelling, give it back!

See, they are as shiny as before.

All the accounts will get mixed up.

Entries will get mixed up.

No! Son, no! lt's a sin to burn knowledge. l've learnt your knowledge.

With this knowledge, you took 3 parts of our crop as interest.

And gave us poverty.

With this knowledge you took away our fields, our oxen!

You took away our father and tied black thread in my mother's wrists!

One acre of land for a kilogram of rice.

You came to deal for a woman's honour! l brought those grams for you! l remember everything!

l will avenge everything.

You're a dacoit. So am l.

The law won't spare me. l won't spare you.


Your fight was with Sukhi who is now dead.

Move out of my way!

Mother has promised the villagers.

And l'll give my life for her word.

But l won't let you touch Rupa!

Move out!

Go, mother needs you! l've sworn by my mother l will not spare Rupa!


Mother will save me!

Save me!

Save me!

Stop right there.

Stop, Rupa!

Save me!

Let her go.

Or l'll kill you!

You cannot kill me. You are my mother. l'm first a woman. l'm your son.

She is the daughter of the entire village. Our honour. l can give up a son.

But not my honour!

Kill me if you can! l will not break my vow!