Motherland: Fort Salem S1E3 Script

A Biddy's Life (2020)

Previously on Motherland:

Any child born of a witch shall be held a witch and shall deliver herself bodily to Fort Salem for training in the military arts.

The Sprees are ruthless and savage. We will need all of you to meet what's coming.

We had training all day. None of this is elective. Your absence was noted.

Call the commander‐in‐chief. Awfully nice to meet your girlfriend, Raelle.

Is she saying girlfriend?

I love this day. Best day of the year.

Second best.

I suddenly look weird. And not in a good way.

Stop fidgeting. You look fine.

General Alder. Witchfather.

Welcome back to Fort Salem. It's good to be home.

Men! Front and center!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Whoo! Whoo! Yeah!

On me.

They do like to peacock and strut.

Close your mouth.

Hey, Bells. All right, Buttonwood.

Good to see you.

Gerit Buttonwood.

We grew up together.

Rough room. Ten minutes.

You need some you time in the suite, Tally?

Very funny.

Red! Correct.

Good start.

When you identify one, shout it out.

You're competing as units.

It's blue. No. Next!

That taste in your mouth? It's failure.

Mother's milk to a Swythe, I'm told.

Reminder! You are using Seed 37, the Seed of Revealing.

Moffett, if I can hear you, you're doing it wrong.

37 is below the range of human hearing.

The Seed and your breath will activate your Scry.

After that, it is in your brains, ladies.

Hold the image of the target in your mind.

I'm trying to see what's behind the barrel, but all I'm getting is the ground.

Concentrate, Moffett.

This is amazing!

I'm pretty sure my Scry is broken.

I'm 100 percent certain that it is not.

Tally, what's the next one?

Do we want to give someone else a chance?

No. No.

Black. Yellow. Green.

Orange. How are you doing that?

I don't know. I just... am.

Can anyone tell me why Craven is excelling right now?

Because she saw the men and got all charged up.


That is correct, Swythe.

There is going to be a lot of... energy around here for the next few days. All the way through Beltane.

Take the energy, channel it into the work.

It will make you better, stronger.

Nice work, Craven.

Nice and high.

Whoa! There's something wrong with this one.

Oh, my God! Get out of the pool!

We are the Spree.

Total ice, like Antarctica ice.

Some were stuck under the water when it froze.

Do a person's lungs explode?


Simms! Buck up!

You're in the United States Army!

Will you cry every time the Spree attack?

You are here to crush them.

We have to be just as strong and focused as our enemies. Hm?

Fall out!

Playing field, ten minutes!

You sure you don't want to stick around for this?

Yeah, I got training in five. Okay.

But I'll come find you after. Okay, sounds good.

Where's Alder? The Council called an emergency session.

She's on her way to The Hague.

Good afternoon, ladies.

I'm Lieutenant Sergeant and Junior Matrimonialist Berryessa Tansey.

This is the kickoff to Beltane, a chance to unwind and connect, a chance to rediscover our shared history.

I know you're all shaken by news of these latest attacks.

These are trying times, but I am here to tell you that the way to get past it, the way we steel ourselves for the fight to come, is through the rituals and workings of Beltane.

The official start of the festivities is "Mead and Greet" at Memorial Hall, where you're encouraged to mingle with your male counterparts, getting to know as many of them as possible.

You should know that the strength of Beltane lies in participation, in whatever way you see fit.

How's this for participation?

You in, Raelle?

Yeah, what the hell.



Tally, you okay? I think I just got flirted with.

My little girl's grown up. Hey, heads up!

Where'd you learn to play?

Chippewa Cession. You?

Nowhere you've ever heard of.

You're a lot better at this than you are at picking girlfriends.

You okay? Yeah.

What was that about? I have no idea.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

My flight hit a little rough weather.

Do I have one of you to thank for that?

Hello, Scylla. Long time.

Porter. What are you doing here?

I got tired of running.

So when the call came, I said the words.

Seemed like the right thing to do.

Good for you.

The real question is what are you doing here?

Same. It felt like my duty to... Come on.

You may have the Army fooled, but I know who you are, remember?

After my parents were killed, things change.

So no, you don't actually know who I am.

I never got a chance to tell you how sorry I was about that.

They were good people.

But that's what happens when your girlfriend just disappears.

You don't get to tell her all the things you wanted to say.

Right. Well, people change, Porter.

I hope that's true.

Ms. Bellweather.

Slake your thirst with some mead?

How did you know?

Thank you. What's your name?

Clive Garland. And what's his name?

That's my friend, Agustín Alcala.

Clive, do you think you could rescue your friend from that sea hag and bring him over here?

I'm at your service. I'll be right back.

Good attitude. I can work with that.

Just go talk to him already. And say what?

"Hi, I'm Tally, complete virgin and hot for any part of you that's available?"

How about just "hi."

Look, it doesn't matter what you say.

Let him do all the heavy lifting.

She's right.

Ladies. Are you enjoying yourselves?

Very much so. Thank you, Witchfather.

Good. Do you have time to have a drink with us, Witchfather?

Oh, Ms. Bellweather. You remind me of your mother. Shameless.

Oh, I take that as a compliment, sir.

Shame is for civilians.

You're asking us to commit troops on the promise of finding one cell?

Our embassy was taken out by a plague bomb that no one's used in 50 years.

Two hundred thirty‐three dead, 91 injured.

The numbers fail to express the horror of what happened.

They died in the most painful ways you can imagine.

The Spree are escalating.

But now is not the time for any rash or indiscriminate action.

When we have verifiable intel, America will spearhead an operation and cut the head off the snake. Like you spearheaded the raid in Kiev?

General Sharma, you object? Again.

What I object to is your presumption of leadership and authority in matters that concern all of us equally.

What's gonna happen? Just say hi.

Abigail Bellweather, Agustín Alcala.

Mm. Mm.

Come on.

Only Abigail.

Tal, I'll be back. What's going on?

Give me a second.

What was that shit at the game about?

Sorry. That was about me lashing out at the wrong person.

I'm Porter, by the way.

Who was the right person?

Scylla Ramshorn.

We have a history.

I saw you two together and I reacted like a jerk.

It won't happen again.

Well, what kind of history?

Did you guys go to school together or something?

She hasn't told you anything, has she?

Nothing about her childhood or her parents?

Look, do yourself a favor.

Don't get too attached.

General Alder, there is another matter that needs our attention.

What is it, Sarah?

I know this sound.

It's in my blood.


A small, nomadic sect of witches was recently discovered in a desert region near our border with China.

As you could hear, they possess profoundly rare Seeds.

Several nations have offered them asylum in exchange for the sounds, but they have no interest in becoming militarized.

Why not respect their wishes? Russia would be happy to let them live in peace, but China has made two hostile attempts to...

Unfortunate that China is not here to speak for themselves.

It is unfortunate. Because of China's actions, this tribe's very existence is being threatened.

Already there are reports of children and elderly dying from hunger and disease.

Hello, Tally Craven. You know my name?

After the game, I asked around about you.

Plotting your revenge?

Pretty sure we were even there by the end.

So I hear you're from Norcal.

Is that where you learned how to throw a shoulder like that?

Oh, yeah. It's pretty tough on those compounds.

Lots of jostling for space at the pottery wheel.

Do you remember your first Beltane?

What was his name? Grofton.

Grafton. Channing Grafton. Grafton.

You'd think I would remember that.

I was a hungry little thing, crawling all over the guy.

I think you ripped his pants off from the back, like just tore them in half. Shit. I did do that.

Surely I'm not alone in thinking these sounds might be a powerful weapon in our war with the Spree?

General Alder, please tell me that we will be mounting an operation to retrieve these people from...

Absolutely not.

Any incursion into the region will spark a conflict between Russia and China.

I am asking all of you, stand down.

I would agree with the general, if I thought that she intended to stand down herself.

General Sharma...

Goddess protect.

Something is wrong with Alder.

I didn't know that the Biddies ever fought in combat.

Formidable, right? Complete heroines.

They never leave Alder's side.

Can you imagine their sacrifice? It's humbling.

I think about it a lot.

I don't think I could be that strong.

Sure you could. Everyone knows women are stronger than men.

You're not wrong, thought you may be laying it on a little thick.

I don't get why you're so impressed. The whole Biddy thing is creepy.

You're wrong.

It's an incredible honor to be called, to be chosen out of thousands to stand with General Alder in that way?

They should be revered.

Yeah, well, I've never really been big on revering things.

Sergeant Quartermain has found a candidate. She awaits our return.

I wonder where Abigail is.

Uh‐uh. Hands behind your head, soldier.

How did you know to do that?

I read about it in Reveille.

The Army magazine? You read that?

That was May Craven, my mother's namesake, who fought with Alder at Appomattox.

Only you now?


That's why my mom didn't want me to enlist.

My cousin had a dispensation.

But when her eighteenth came, she said the words, just like you.

She's the bravest person that I've ever known.

You remind me a lot of her.

Did she fall in combat?

Still throwing shoulders and kicking ass.

You did the right thing when you answered the call, Tally.

Never doubt it.

Raelle, you coming?

I'll catch up.

Miss me? Yeah. Always.

Is your family on this thing? No.

My family history is complicated.

You know, there's more to the place than this family bullshit.

Come on.

It was here, at the Battle of Juarez, during the Second Mexican War, that the Swythe family really came into our own.

This was the day that Madeline Swythe led a brave company of witches in singing up a storm that changed the course of the war.

The battle had raged for days.

♪ But after a disastrous, and poorly led infantry charge threw the American forces into chaos, Madeline led her sisters to the top of a hill and called down the fury of the heavens on the enemy, scattering them and securing the victory.

Lies. Here we go.

The same lies that the Swythes have been telling about this battle for the past two centuries.

That stops now.

It is true that Madeline Swythe helped to sing a storm that day.

But she is not the heroine of Juarez.

What is it about these two? I love it when they get going. It's like watching opera.

Try growing up around them. The appeal doesn't last.

Far from being...

What is it you called it, Libba?

Disastrous and poorly led?

The infantry charge was a brilliantly planned and executed maneuver designed to provide a cover for Madeline and her blasters.

And that charge was led by none other than Jem Bellweather.

She and her company held the line, hopelessly outnumbered while the storm gathered.

In the end, it was only Jem left standing.

But she never faltered.

She held back the enemy, single‐handedly, until the storm swept over the valley.

Jem Bellweather, the Lioness of Juarez, was torn apart by the same winds that crushed our enemies.

She sacrificed herself without a second thought because that is what a soldier does.

That's... what a Bellweather does.

Can't they see that it took both of them to win the battle?

No, they can't.

Since birth, 200 years of poison and resentment poured down their ears.

I think I'm going to like this one.

I know people have always hated and feared us, but to look this kind of evil in the face...

Well, the burning times are over, right?

Are they?

I mean, look at this place.

So many sick ways to kill us and maim us and grind us into dust.

Does something like that ever really go away?

Your ex is here.

I didn't realize you had met him.

I did. And he said some weird things to me.

What's going on, Scyl? You don't need to worry about him.

No, you don't get to duck this one.

You either tell me what's going on, or I'm leaving.

All right. Well, not here.

So was Porter a Dodger? Yeah, and his parents too.

We were all part of this loose network, moving from place to place, staying with different families.

In hiding? Yeah.

So your parents were Dodgers.

I just, I don't get why you feel like you have to keep that a secret.

It's not like it's shameful or anything.

I mean, no more than having a civilian father.

But it is illegal. Right.

And when the military tried to arrest my parents, the whole thing went south, and they were both killed.

I don't even know what to say, Scylla. I'm so sorry.

That was when I decided to enlist.

Try to beat them at their own game, maybe get some measure of justice for my parents.

I wanna help you.

But that stuff that Porter said...

If I do get the urge to run, I'll take you with me.

I am thrilled for you, Devon.

You should be so proud of what you're doing.

I don't even know what to say.

I've dreamt of this for years.

How soon?


Now, now?

Is there anything I need to bring?

We have everything you'll need.


Porter. What the hell?

I need to talk to you.

And I need you to stop spooking my girlfriend. I don't care about her.

I care about what you're doing here. Why? I told you already.

I want the truth.

Because the things you used to say, the things you did, that person doesn't end up in the Army.

That's the kind of person who ends up filling a balloon with hate.

Porter, just because I've always challenged the system doesn't mean I'm a terrorist.

That's not who I am.

And it hurts that you would think that.

Hey, hey.

I am filled with unbearable sadness.

Come on. Show me. As soon as it's ready.

Patience, Craven.

Okay, watch this.

Did you just summon an owl?

Bird languages are kind of a hobby of mine.

Wow. He says he likes your hair.

You're an idiot.

For you.

It's beautiful.

Okay, I know that it's part of your job to be charming and wonderful.

And you're very... very good at it.

But am I being an idiot thinking that there's something more here?

Tally, I'm not meant to be spending all my time with one person, anymore than you are. I know.

But I've been with you all day, and I couldn't be happier about it.

So I'm just supposed to trust you?

Enjoy Beltane for me, sisters.

I hope that you know that your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

It's no sacrifice at all.

And it's been my very great privilege to serve.

Sleep now, my daughter.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Help! Somebody help!

Please! Oh, my God!

Oh, God!

Stay with me, please.

You're okay.

Ask and it shall be given to you.

Seek, and ye shall find.

Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.


Please, somebody help!

Oh! Ask and it shall be...

Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

I'm sorry.