Motherland: Fort Salem S1E9 Script

Coup (2020)

Previously on Motherland:

They're gonna tell you horrible things about me.

I love you. She told you what you needed to hear.

Madam President. You are bound by rule of law to the will of the American people.

The Spree have two trucks full of mines.

We are going to take them out.

They have hostages. The mission hasn't changed.


The Spree chose to execute the hostages.

They didn't wanna die. - So now we must rebuild and end the Spree, once and for all.

Why are your people under siege?

Many governments want what we have.

Teach me your songs to make the world a better place.

Can you imagine what the military could achieve with this power?

Yes. Unfortunately, I can.

Alder lied. Lower your voice.

How do you just lie to the world like that?

Everyone lies, Tal. Just like that, to millions of people? War is cruel.

That's all you have to say? War is cruel.

There's always collateral damage, Tal.

It's ugly, but that's part of being a soldier.

I can still feel what those hostages were feeling, knowing they were gonna die.

And then Libba...

And we all have to remember that day for the rest of our lives.

We've got your back, Tal.

I don't think this kind of thing gets better.

We were used. Tally.


That's exactly what happened.

We were used, and Libba paid the ultimate price.

Alder should never have pulled you into that.

We did the best we could under the circumstances.

You behaved with honor and bravery from what I've heard.

I'm extremely proud of you.

Thank you.

You will be expected to give Libba's eulogy.

It's a tradition. Okay.

You're the only other High Atlantic at our level in your company, and it's only proper...

Mom, I said okay.

Okay. Excellent.

I'll help you with the speech.

General, I have new intel on the Tarim.

There's something I'd like to show you.

You first. Go.

Recon just located 15 refugees in the Altai mountains, all with their vocal cords removed.

In the same manner that my family was murdered.

How did the Spree find them before we did?

What if it's not the Spree? Who else could it be?

They have yet to claim responsibility for the attacks on my family, which is unusual.

I borrowed this from Memorial Hall when I was working on the victims of the Bellweather attack.

The Camarilla, really?

My mother used to tell me the Camarilla would steal my voice away while I was asleep if I didn't sing my Seeds before bed.

They very much wanted my voice in here too.

But I got away. They were extremely meticulous.

I wanted to see if the methods were the same.

Aping our ancient tormentors is a new thrill for the Spree, nothing more.

Their methods were identical. That kind of hatred no longer festers in the world.

I rooted out the last remaining Camarilla over 200 years ago.

Are we that desperate for ideas? We have a very real enemy in front of us.

We do not need an imaginary one.

How many of the Tarim remain?

Based on our intelligence, less than ten.

They are the priority right now. We need to move.

It's a powder keg over there. If Wade finds out...

I can handle President Wade.

You are dismissed.

Do you want some more tea?

Tal. Hm? No, I'm fine.

You're not fine, Tal. I guess I'm not that fine then.

What we did with those people, that's not why I chose to come here.

I came to do some good.

We have to do something. Why do we have to do something?

Because we were involved in something deeply unjust.

And Alder's to blame. Yeah, but who do we tell, Tally?

Who do we trust? Anacostia's too close to Alder.

What about your mom? She'll eat us alive for not observing chain of command.

Maybe this is bigger than chain of command.

This isn't going to go away!

Tal, I hear you, and I don't disagree, okay, but you don't know my mother.

Please, Abigail.

I can't hold on to any more secrets.

No more secrets. Okay.

Excuse us.

I have terrible news.

I'm sorry to say that more of your people have been murdered.

You may stop. We already know.

I intend to intervene immediately.

I plan to appeal to the president.

That will not be necessary.

They will be wiped out soon. This is a humanitarian crisis.

Then... it will be our end.

Think about what she is offering. This risk is too great.

What risk could be worse than the annihilation of our...

You know what would happen if our songs fell into the hands of governments and armies. There would be no more world to fight over.

What I am offering you is the preservation of your people.

At what price, General Alder?

How arrogant you are.

Watch yourself.

Our commitment to peace is nonnegotiable.

You're alive because of me.

Not you, exactly.

Ladies, I am a very busy woman.

We have some intelligence that would interest you.

Alder lied about the hostages. Tell me more.

I saw hostages in that second truck.

Yes, the Spree chose to execute their hostages.

I'm sorry you had to see that.

There are rules of engagement in war, but the Spree have no regard for such things.

Now, If you don't mind... We executed them.

I told Anacostia that they were in the truck.

She relayed intel to Alder, who ordered the strike anyway.

Collateral damage is always a part of war.

And make no mistake, we are at war with the Spree.

You've been through a lot.

I would focus your energies on finishing strong before graduation.

The base has been infiltrated.

By whom? The Spree.

Scylla. Alder has her - in custody on base.

At Fort Salem? Correct. Somewhere in the Necro facility.

They're interrogating her. That's how they found out about Baylord Auto.

Ladies, you are dismissed.

Do you ever miss it?


Eating is overrated.

I want to talk to you about Scylla.

Let's get her off base, now that we got what we needed from her.

I think she may still be of use.

In what way? Why are you still on this?

We can bring her around.

Every day we keep her, we risk her escape, and Goddess knows what else. She forfeited her rights when she became an agent for The End.

What if we can turn her against the Spree?

Send her back to them to be our eyes.

Not with a will like hers.

How can you be so sure?

Centuries of experience.

Do you have a problem with this?

No. No, not in the least.


She should be in prison.

Arrange transport to our facility on Saint Dominique.


She died with honor.

You got this.

First, I would like to extend my condolences to the Swythe family.

Service, duty, honor, bravery.

These were more than just words to Libba.

She answered the highest calling...

I'm sorry. I can't...

Elizabeth Kane Swythe was the girl I hated most in the world.

And now she's gone.

Hating Swythes is mother's milk to a Bellweather.

Some families sail. Others ride.

Bellweathers... hate Swythes who hate Bellweathers, going back and back to a time before we were even America.

And for what?

For tradition.

For competition. Well, I fell right in.

Lock step. I pulled her hair.

Made her eat a piece of a dead pigeon.

I took her men, ate them whole, and spit them out at her feet.

I called her names so foul that they could wake the dead.

And now... this terrible now, she's gone.

And there's one less witch in the world.

And here we are, alive to fight another day.

Libba Swythe.

You were the stone that sharpened my blade.

The storm on my sunny day.

For those things, I am grateful.

May the Goddess bless you.

May the Goddess bless this country you served so well.

You did good.

We're proud of you, Bells.

You guys, stop.

You're a leader.

You're a natural‐born leader, and I would follow you anywhere.

You're a warrior queen.

You're a priestess of ancient truth.

I'm glad you came. Of course.

I especially like the part about the dead pigeon.

Oh, my mom looked like she was gonna end me right there.

I wish I could have met Libba.

Mm. She could be frosty.

That was part of her charm.

I thought she was kinda cute.

Uh‐oh, type emerging.

Dark hair, trouble. Oh!

Speaking of trouble.



What's wrong with the phone?

How's that going, now that he's hitched?

It's complicated.

I need this.

I'm sorry.

Actually, I'm not.

Careful now. Hilary is formidable.

She's deployed.

Oh. Love you guys.

Uh, jeez.

I missed you.

You're wild tonight.

I'm just getting started. We don't have to rush.

Stop talking.

We agreed, this is an all sex, no‐talking thing. Yeah, of course.


So make me forget.

How come you have time to sit with me all day?

You're my priority. Lucky me.

Hm. I love what you've done to the place.

It's kind of medieval.

I confess! I am a witch!

What's it like?

Ending thousands of people?

Did you know that in Germany, in 1761, 611 witches were burned alive? That's not the same.

These people were dragged from their homes. Children too.

And even last year a witch was burned...

Alder wants to send you to our prison in the Caribbean.

That sounds nice, although I do tend to burn.

It's the kind of place no one comes back from.

Then how come I'm still here?

I want to know how someone gets to be you.

Lots of practice.

Let me see Raelle one more time.

Why would I do that?

I gave you Baylord. Or should I say you took it.

Now give me something.

Do you have any idea what I would risk by doing that?

If you give me this, I'll tell you all about the horrible things that made me who I am.


We know that the Tarim are on the run.

If we intercept them now, we can extract them, quickly and safely.

Why is everybody so worked up about these people?

The work they possess is very special.

Profoundly rare, in fact.

Unfortunately, we can't make a move on the Tarim without setting off a conflict between Russia and China.

You know better than to ask. The Tarim are of great military value.

But there is also a humanitarian imperative.

I forbid your intervention in this matter.

Madam, President, I must... Enough.

You have nerve, lecturing me about humanitarian consequences when you have sent untrained cadets into a live operation. It was not ideal, I grant you.

Resulting in the death of one of your own, who I know did not complete basic training.

Not to mention the civilian deaths.

We destroyed hundreds of Spree munitions that were about to be distributed around the globe.

I stand by my decision.

I have to make tough choices every day.

So do I, General Alder. So do I.

And you've made the next one easy for me.

Because I've just learned that you've allowed your Fort Salem to be infiltrated by the Spree.

We have apprehended the operative.

I know.

That's how you found out about Baylord Auto.

But that's not the point.

The point is you've kept me in the dark about all of this, not to mention compromising national security.

Your days of leading our military are over.

You are the 45th president I have served.

And no American deserves their retirement more than you.

You've had a spectacular run, Sarah.

I'll announce the changeover tonight.

Thank you for your time, Madam President.


I need to speak with you. I'll catch up.

This is sensitive. Well, I've done a pretty good job of keeping my mouth shut.

Speaking of Scylla, she's being moved to a military prison.

Asked to see you one more time.

It's likely she'll never return.

That's great.

I'm not helping you Link with her.

It's not about Linking with her.

I think it would help Scylla, maybe even help you, to see her.

Say goodbye.

Why do you want to help Scylla?

You know what? I...

She's dead to me.

What did Anacostia want to talk to you about? Guess.

Scylla? You're a good guesser.


Scylla wants to see me.

She wants to say goodbye. They're sending her to prison for life.

Goddess protect.

So, are you going to see her?


You might want to think about that a bit.

I don't want to think about her at all.

I'm just saying, if I had the chance to say one more little thing to Charvel, or Libba...

I'd take it.

Forever's long.


General Bellweather wishes to see you in her office.

Sure she has feedback about the speech.

Libba's eulogy was... unconventional, but extremely effective and very moving.

I spoke from my heart and told the truth, just like you always told me.

Well done. Thank you.

I had a remarkably civil conversation with Libba's mom.

You made quite an impression on her as well.

What's on your mind? Since when does a mother need a reason to see her daughter?

Big changes are coming.

Changes that will impact how the Armed Forces are run in this country.

And by whom.

You're getting promoted? This shift will change everything for me, and by extension, you. Tell me!

It's too soon to say, but all eyes will be on this family in the coming weeks and I need you not to do anything that will reflect poorly on the Bellweather line.

And that's different from any other day how, exactly?

Pay close attention to President Wade's address tonight.

That's all I can say for now.

We have to stop meeting like this.

Oh! Hilary!

I've been on a plane for 16 hours.

I'm sorry. I'll go.

Stay right where you are.

Tell you what. Give me ten in the shower and I'll join you.

Let's raise some power.

You think you can handle us both?


So you knew she'd be back early?

Tally, I... What?

I was going to... Tell me?

No parakeets available? Ouch.

Yeah, sorry. But you've developed a habit of not telling me big things.

It's what she wanted. Meaning?

She wanted to walk in on us and turn it into a group thing.

So you cast me in your little sex game without so much as a word?

She knows about us. Yeah.

This is our compromise we came up with.

It has to work for her too, right?

It doesn't work for me. Tally, I'm married.

Okay? I did the best I could.

You could have told me. I didn't think you'd react this way.

This is a way? What way is this?

You were so insatiable last time.

I thought you'd find it fun.

You have no idea who I am.

Tally. Tal! None.

How's your sister?

Anxious to return home.

And the rest of your people?

There was another attack.

They did the same thing to them that they did to your family.

Khalida is refusing Alder's help.

Wise girl.

You don't trust her either?

She's made some questionable calls lately.

I think you should wait before accepting her help.

We can't afford to wait much longer.

Leadership is changing hands very soon.

That's all I can say for now.

Just trust me for a little bit longer.

I trust you. You do?

Any news on my Caribbean vacation?

Am I gonna be executed? Calm down.

You believed everything they said about me.

I loved you.

I still love you.

I know about Helen.

Have you done that to me before?

No! Never.

I messed up. There's no excuse. I...

I was scared. Scared of losing your mark?

It started like that, but... then you were you, and I fell for you.

I promise...

I promise I'm telling the truth.

Was anything real? Any of it?

All of it.

Raelle, you got to believe me.

I have nothing to gain by telling you this.

I... they're shipping me off to die.

Well, we all go sometime.

Why did you pick me? Is it 'cause my mom died?

You thought I'd be a likely convert?

Do I look like I'm calling the shots around here?

They didn't tell me... You know what? I get it.

I get it. I was the sickest, weakest gazelle in the herd.

I was easy prey for you.

You have no idea how powerful you are.

I don't feel powerful.

I feel broken.

Thanks to you.

I'm sorry we ever met, Scyl.

I chose you!

I had orders to deliver you.

I chose you instead of them. I chose you.


That worked out really great, thanks a lot!

Ladies... Thank you.

Does anybody hear that?

I don't hear a thing.

Well, whatever it is, it's too late now.

We go live in ten, nine, eight, seven... six, five...

Four, three, two...

Fellow citizens, the future of a troubled world now rests in our hands.

We face an enemy with no regard for the conventions of war or the rules of what is right and good.

The time has come to meet this enemy with more decisive force than we've ever employed, in a precise, systematic campaign... to wipe the Spree from the... face of the earth for good.

In this work, we are supported by the collective cooperation of many great nations.

There is no middle ground.

There is only one side now.

And only one leader to carry us through these perilous times.

A woman whose courage, tenacity and purpose have seen us through many... A storm.

That leader is, and has always... been, General of the Army, Sarah Alder.

In accordance with the powers vested in me by the Constitution of the United States of America...

I am... Granting General Alder... full authorization to employ military force... both at home and at a global level, so she can take immediate... Relentless action against the Spree, un... - Hindered and at her own discretion, until these agents of The End have been eliminated.

Our only ambition is to protect the innocent.

- Our only agenda to restore... Peace.

Our only mission to eliminate a threat with decisive finality, so that we never have to meet it again.

There is... - No outcome but victory.

We will prevail.

Bless... This great nation and all who defend her.

Don't know.

I shouldn't have put you through that.

I wasn't even gonna go. I was...

I still love her. I know.

I'm so stupid. No, you're not.

No, no, you're just... you're human.

She loves you. That part's real.

I think I messed up.

I told Petra that Scylla was being held on base.

Why did you do that? Because we didn't know who else to talk to.

Tally was just so freaked out after Citydrop with the hostages and with Libba.

So we tried to tell Petra what Alder did, and she just didn't care.

She needed something bigger. So I told her about Scylla.

And Petra told President Wade.

We have to find your unit now.

What? What is it?

Alder Puppeted the president.

Isn't that outlawed by The Hague? Very.

And with good reason. I've known Alder since I was a kid.

I've seen her make hundreds of tough calls. But never like this.

Never with such disregard for the cost of her actions. She's...

Whatever you set in motion with Petra left her no alternative.

Can she follow this back to us?

If she does... you're all in grave danger.