Mother's Day (2010) Script

Get your I.D. And sign in, please.


Ma'am, you've got to sign in.



Lady! Hold it!

Put the baby down.

We don't want to get the baby, hurt, do we?

Come on, lady, stop.

I said stop! Or I will shoot.

Hey, Charlie, where the hell are you?

I'm in the basement.

Come on, lady, I know you're in here, so just come on out.

That's it. Now, bring...

I was wondering where you went.

I just came to check up on Beth.

We're gonna have a place like this someday.

But even better.

I don't need all that, Trey.

But you could live with it, right?

Oh, no. No kids in the master bedroom. Come on.

Up, up, up, up!

But, Daniel, I am the Master.

Be the master somewhere else.

I love what you've done with the place, Daniel.

Thank you.

Something smells good in here.

Birthday cake in ten minutes, guys.

You're doing great.

Oh, could you grab the cooling rack? It's up there.

Have you chosen cabinets?

Honestly, I haven't even thought about that yet.

Baby, come on, let's go.


You all right?


Just hold it in there, baby brother.

What you've fucking done!

You quit being a goddamned pussy!

You man the fuck up!

Johnny, you're gonna be okay. I told you, Ike!

I fucking told you not to trust him! I'm not arguing with you right now!

Johnny wants mama!

Call mama again.

Give me that fucking thing!

We're gonna get you home. We're gonna get you to mama.

Fucking out of service, man!

Call Lydia.

I'm sorry he took the money guys. I'm sorry.

Calm the fuck down. Hold that there.

Oh, fuck!

You think they've got that backstabbing prick already.

Put that gun down.

They're clearing the roads for the tornado.

Come on, Color of Money.

That ball isn't going to sink itself.

Ah, you hit my arm.

Guess you can teach an old dog some new tricks.

You'd be surprised what this old dog can do.

Lissy, I've been making these since junior high. I know the feel.

You don't "feel" margaritas. It's a very precise ratio.

I'm an artist.

I know you are, baby.

Hey, guys, you might want to check this out.

They're issuing a tornado warning. It's very serious.

Tornado virgin, I'll protect you.

This cellar is the safest place you could be.

Whole thing's just been reinforced... and Charlie put in new storm doors. We're all okay.

No way. The city's gotta be the safest place to be.

At least here, kids go to public school and make it home alive.

So why do you keep a gun in the office, then?

For when you get feisty, sweetheart.

It's okay baby, we'll be home soon.

Are you okay?

That was the babysitter. Rachel is still up.

The weather's freaking her out.

I hate to leave before the cake... but we should really get going before it gets any worse.

Yeah, no, sure, that'll be fun.

We'll put a tent up in the basement, make some popcorn...

Put on Toy Story.

Sure, you're okay with this.

What? Toy Story?

I mean, me and Rachel.


Danny boy.

Here's your present.

You can't keep it.

Can he unwrap it?

Come on. I'm embarrassed.

Show me your stick-work, birthday bay.

My beautiful wife's right there.

I'm kidding.

I know. It's okay.

Come on, let's see what you got, baby.

Wait a minute. What the fuck?

What the fuck is this shit?

This house. Ike. What the fuck is this shit?

Ike, are we in the wrong fucking house?

Ike! Are we in the wrong fucking house?

No! We're not in the wrong fucking house So, you're an associate in Daniel's firm right?

That's right. What's he like to work for?

He's tough, but I'm learning a lot.

Hey, what's going on upstairs?

Oh, it's probably Charlie.

You left the door unlocked?




Charlie, boy!

What's up?

What the hell are you guys doing in my house?

What are you doing in our house?

Okay, okay.

What are you doing in our fucking house?

It's my house.

How long have you lived here?

Two months. It's not your god damned house!

It's not your god damned house!

It's our house!

You shut the fuck up!

You don't how many people are around.

We are issuing a tornado warning.

All our fucking shit is gone!

I'm fucking sorry, man.

That's right, you're gonna be fucking sorry.

What's your name?

Daniel. Daniel Sohapi.

You don't look so happy to me.

How many other people are here?


Nobody else? What do you think, John? Is he telling the truth?

Jesus asshole Christ! What the fuck is going on?

This is three bubbles in here, man. Three fucking bubbles!


How the fuck did this happen?

I don't know. Maybe she's lost or something.

I don't know.

Foreclosure. We bought the house on a foreclosure.

We gotta get the fuck out of here right now.

Mama! Mama!

Run! Run baby! Run!

Help me! Help me!

Don't you hurt her!

Sit down! Everybody calm down!

Now how many people are downstairs?


Six. Six.

Fucking bullshit! Let's just off these two assholes!

Let's off these two assholes and get the fuck out of here!

We can't do that.

Why not?

We can't just kill them, man.

Why can't we kill them?

Because everybody downstairs...

You already fucked this up!

You fucked up.

Why can't I fucking talk to you?

Are you okay?

Our friend is a doctor.

Our friend is a doctor. He's downstairs and he can help you.


Kill the fucking cunt!

Walk away!

Come here.

All right, just...

I'm not lying.

Your brother's shot and he can help you.

Your brother's shot and he can die. He can help you.

Now Daniel's your husband?


Now you have thirty seconds.

I'm gonna be listening.

You take a foot off the bottom step or act like anything's wrong... all your friends are going to die.

And I'll make sure that Daniel here takes a long time to go.


Do you understand me?

Do you understand me?

I understand. I understand you.


All right, let's go. Come on.





Can you help me with something upstairs?

Sure. Yeah.

We're out of here?

Whenever you're ready.

Where's Danny at B?

You guys having your own party upstairs?

What do you need?

Hey? Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

Go! Go, go!

What the fuck is going on?

Stop it!

He can't help you if you hurt him!

Bitch, you shut the fuck up!

My brother's been shot. Help him!

Are you a doctor or not?


Fantastic! Let's go.

We've got to get him to a hospital.

That's not gonna happen.

He'll die if we don't.

He does and he won't be the only one. Fix it!


I need rubbing alcohol and plastic.

Like a coffee lid or something.

And a butane lighter and a spatula. Metal.

Now. Okay?




I got your messages.

Where are you? Where's mom?

She's here with me. But why are you calling?

You're not supposed to use this phone.

Johnny's been hurt.

Hurt? How bad?

The kind that when it stops hurting it's because you're dead.

Where are you?

We're at the house. Just get mother and get here fast.

Ike? That's not our house anymore!

It is now.

Do they have any aspirin?

Calm down. It's giving me a headache!

Stay down!

Julie, what's wrong?


Addley! Addley?

Get the fuck back! Get the fuck back!

Get down on your hands and knees!

Get down on the floor!

Where's Legs?

For fuck's sake!

Addley! Just talk to me! What is going on?

Get the fuck up!

You! Come here! Come here!

Pick her up!

This gun is in your fucking ear!

You better not be moving over there!

I see faces! I want to see tops of your heads!

You got it under control?

I need a fucking padlock!

Blondie! Do you have a padlock?


Go get it. Now.

Everybody take your wallets out. And your cell phones.

Put them on the floor next to you.

And if I ask you again I'm gonna shoot you in the fucking head!

Fucking disco!

I hate disco!

Up we go.

Doc, you just keep doing what you're doing.

I'm in control, okay?



Go ahead, queen bee!

Join your friends. Come on.


You got it?

That's nice and tight!

That's like I like it.

All right. Keep an eye on them. Just an eye.

Addley, you understand what I'm saying to you?

You fucking control yourself.

Mama's coming.

All right.

On the lookout for four suspects. All Caucasian males.

They are believed to be responsible for... up to five other bank robberies since July.

I know. I know.

...for a 1985 station wagon which they are now driving was stolen.

What's going on down there?

How is everybody?

Do your job doc. Everybody's going to be fine.

You got a cell phone?


Give it to me.

Take it.

What the fuck did I just say?

Get your fucking hands off me.

You think you're real tough, huh?

Tough little bitch.

Got anything else to say? Huh?

Chew this and shut the fuck...

You think you're fucking tough?

You think I give a shit what my brother says? Huh?

You think you're safe cause I can't touch you? Huh?

This your Mrs.?

Soon to be.

Let me tell you what's soon to be.

I will soon bend you over this fucking table... and I'll fuck the tough right out of you.

Right in front of your future ex here.

And we'll see how tough you are.

We'll see how much he wants to marry you when I'm done with you.

Get the fuck up.

Hey you?

Get up!

Come here. Get your fucking ass over here.

Don't you fucking move!

What you got there? Nothing.

A little hair hat?

A little piece? Huh?

You sit still. Don't you fucking move.

Get the fuck off!

Fucker thought I didn't know, didn't you?

I fucking knew it.

You got that William Shatner rug, don't you?

How long have these people lived here?

About two months.

Two? Just our luck.

What is that going to do?

It'll help you out...

Hold still!

If this isn't working out I'm gonna try something else, all right?

It hurts so bad!

Don't do that again.

You're gonna fuck this up, you know that?

I'm trying to help your brother.

That's why you're still alive.

Hey, look at me!

You see?

Dancing hair.

We know that you're in charge.

I don't understand why you think you need to prove it to us.

Don't Dr. Phil me!

I ain't here for you to understand!



Mother's here.

She's not gonna be happy.

Well, what are you going to tell her, Ike?

Ike, what are you going to tell her?

Hello mother.

What happened, Ike?

There was a problem on the job.

And what did I teach you top do when there's a problem?

Use the emergency phone.

And did you do that, Ike?

No, I lost that phone.

You lost the one connection we had.

So I couldn't tell you we lost the house.

I'm sorry, mama.

I told you to hold on to that phone with your life.

You didn't listen.

Hey, kiddo.

What's with the ride?

It's home now, Ike.


Mom? I'm sorry about the gunshot.

I don't want to die.

You're not gonna die, baby.

It hurts so fucking badly, mama.

I'm right here.

I don't want to die here.

No, no, sweetheart. No.

You promise me you're not gonna leave your mama.

You promise me you're not gonna leave me.

I promise.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

And you are?

I'm a doctor.

You called a doctor, Ike?

He was already here. He's a friend of the new owners.

I'm right here.

Now you just rest.

Thank you. Thank you for saving my son.

Look, I haven't saved anybody. Your son needs hospital care.

No hospitals. No hospitals.


You assist this kind man.

Do whatever he needs.

Ike. Come with me.

Yes, mama.

Hi, Lydia?

Hey, Johnny. How are you doing there?

Not good.

So what happened exactly?

Mother, we were double-crossed.

Our partner Ethan told me...

What is the cardinal rule I taught you, Ike?

Never trust anyone but family.

Tell me at least you got the money.

He took it all.

There's a reason for rules, Ike.

I didn't teach you them because I like to hear myself talk.

I teach them because they work!

I can fix this.

Just tell me how. I'll fix it.

How many others are there in the house?

Eight downstairs.


All right, well, come morning if they're not home... the police are gonna be right here looking for them.

So we're going to have to be out of the country by then.

What are we waiting for? I'll grab Johnny...

Gabriel is gonna take us across the border.

But the rush is gonna cost us.

How much?

Ten grand, which we don't have.

But what about the money we've been sending you?

Money? What money?


This is unacceptable.

I swear, sometimes, you boys are just little savages.


Please, get up.

Make yourselves comfortable.

I don't want you lying there.

Please, Ike?


Go sit over there. Go sit down on the sofas.

I'm so sorry. I don't want you lying there on the floor.

I take it this... This belongs to you?


You look better without it.

Thank you.

Please. Make yourselves comfortable.

Let's just talk.

Please sit down.

I'm sure you're very frightened.

And believe me, though it may not seem that way... my children are too.

Which of you are the new owners?

We are.


We did not buy this house to hurt you.

My husband and I, we just needed to get out of the city.

And I'm a realtor.

And I snapped it up before it went on auction.

And we can get it back to you.

We can get you the deed back.

Would that it were that easy, my dear.

No, what I want is to leave you in peace.

We simply need a little time.

And then we'll be out of your hair. No pun intended.

What about George?

George. He's upstairs.

I think he saved my son's life.

You should be very proud of him.

Just like I'm very proud of my boys.

They never forget their mama.

Apparently they've even been sending me cash here... to this address for the last couple of months.

You mean you never got that money, mama?

We never received any money.

No, I'll bet.

I swear to god.


That's the Devil's truth.

And I will not tolerate it.

Not from my own children. Certainly not from you.


Look at me.

Because if someone's lying... there will be consequences.

I can guarantee you it.

Your name is?



I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances.

But I need to know if you're telling me the truth.


Nothing has ever come to this house for you.

I believe you.

Thank you.

You, I'm not so sure about.

No, wait. I swear to God! We never got anything!

What are you guys doing?

Just listen to me for a second!

Put his hand on the table.

Just listen to me! I don't have any money! Don't do this!

We never got any money.

Shut it!

Please don't do this!

Stop it! He's telling the truth!

Where's the money?

Again. He's telling the truth!

Stop it!

He doesn't know anything!

That's enough, boys.

Hey Daniel. Daniel, buddy? Look at me I'm okay.

How much?

About a grand.

Well, that simply won't do.

Look what they've done to our house.

All right, I'm going to need everyone... to please write down your full names... and your ATM pin numbers.

That's a lovely ring.

Thank you.

Take it.

No, please.

Wait, wait. It belonged to my grandmother.

Oh, whoa, whoa.

Family heirloom. That's irreplaceable.

Thank you.

Her ring.

Take it.

Her ring.

Come on, come on. Take it off.

I can't.

Take it off!

Take it off or I'll cut it off.

What is your name?




I'm sorry you got hurt.

All right, I am... gonna have Ike... take Beth upstairs.

No, don't take Beth. Take me.

No, no listen. It's very simple.

You're the man of the house.

So it's going to be your job to keep all these people in line... while Ike and Beth have to go run their little errand.

Now if you do that... we should be out of here, I would say, eight o'clock.

But if you somehow can't handle this simple task...

I'm gonna call Ike... and Beth will pay the price.

Same rules apply... if you fail to cooperate with anything Ike says.

Beth, look at me.

Your husband and your friends are gonna suffer for it. All right?

Melissa, no!

Sit the fuck down!





She always this impulsive?

Take it down a notch, Ike.

Come on, baby.


I got it under control, ma.

My boys!

Addie? Tell Lydia to come down with the bag and get this stuff.

All right.

Time to go.

Now remember.

You need to behave.

Get in.

Hey, be careful on the roads, Ike.

This weather could help or hurt us.

I need you back here not a second after eight.

Try not to mess up this time.

And Beth? Beth?


Remember the rules, dear.

Your friends are counting on you.

Hey, mom?

These people just rolled up our life.

And put it in the trash.

We still have each other, mama.

Move the cars to the back and siphon all their gas.

We've got a long drive ahead of us.

Yes mama.

Calm down.

You didn't do anything wrong.

I didn't do anything wrong?

No. You did what had to be done.

You did it for the family.


How come you didn't tell us that you lost the house?

I tried.

But your brother made it impossible.

He made a bad mistake.

Yeah, he does that.


Ike told me you struck one of them downstairs.

And it was a girl.

I was scared.

You always said. You said. You told me.

Bark loud.

Show them whose boss.

No. I said don't bark.

Wait and then bite.

I'm sorry.

And what else did I teach you?

Don't ever strike a woman.

That's right.

Hit me again, mama.

No baby. No, no. Hit me.

I love you baby.

Mama loves you.

Now let's get back to business.

Rise and shine boy!

Get your fucking hands off me! Take it easy!

Don't try it!

Where's Melissa?

She's out with Beth and Ike.

You'll see her when they get back.

Now George, it's important that you listen.

I understand rage. But rage can get you killed.

It can throw you off your focus.

And you need to focus, George.

Because if my son dies... then you die.

And so will all your friends.

You understand this, lady.

If you hurt any more of my friends...

I'm gonna let your baby boy die right in front of you.

You've got gumption.

Good for you.

Get out.

Get out.

Beth, I'm not gonna ask you again. Get out of the fucking car.

Now open it.

Open the damn door!

Get her out.

Get her out.

I'm so sorry.

Damn it.

Not on my shoes.

You know, Beth. You are fucking useless.

You are useless!

I bet your husband loves that!

Damn it, this bitch is heavy.

Beth? Grab her ankles.

Be fucking gentle!

She won't mind. I promise you.

You don't say hi to your big brother anymore?

Why do you look so scared?

Did you see Queenie out there?

Just shut up, Addley. I'm not five.

Can you just put that on him?

Come on!

Fuck, motherfucker.

I told you.

They're shatterproof tornado windows.

You're not gonna break them.

Tornado windows? You're joking, right?

You okay?

Get away from me.

Oh come on, Annette.

You just sat there and watched that piece of shit torment...

The fucking guy had a gun!

Trey, what's going on?

What are you doing?

Finding a way out of here.

Yeah Gabriel. We need to meet you sooner.

Five a.m. At the border. Ten thousand.

Is that still gonna work?

You will have it in full.

Okay, thanks.

That little smile. That little smile.

We need weapons. We need a plan.

I have a plan.

We're gonna do exactly what they said to do.

Nothing. - Yes. Good.

And wait for that lunatic to bring my wife back.

That's not a plan, Danny.

I'm with Trey. I say we do something.



Don't fucking touch me.

Oh Jesus.

Mama wants to see her.


She's not going up there alone.

No, I can take care of myself.

Annette? Annette!

Damn it.

Just moments ago Kansas State Police apprehended Ethan Poe.

One of four suspects wanted in connection with the robbery... of First Omaha Bank earlier today.

The other three suspects are still at large.

Could you help me with the ice cream, dear?

It's in the freezer.

You are one tough cookie, aren't you?

Where's Melissa?

She's out with Beth and Ike.

No, no, no. That's not how you do it.

Cuts through much easier. See?

It makes a nice round scoop.

The kids love that.

You'll see when you have a few of your own.


I guess your mother never taught you those sort of things, huh?

Well, it must have been hard for her though. And you.

After your daddy left.


I've known a few tough cookies in my day.

Can you please let us go?

Can't you see that's what I'm trying to do?

My boys messed up.

It's in their nature to huff and puff and wave things around... and think that's being strong.

But real strength... is knowing where you stand.

And guiding others to that position.

Why don't you take this downstairs to your friends?

Something nice. Something yummy.

Show me your camera smile.

You can do better than that.

Your friends are counting on you.

Show me the one you use when you've had a shitty day... but you want dear old Danny to be happy... when he gets home from work?

You know Beth? You're a really pretty girl.

Let's go.

Her name was Melissa.

She had a three year old girl... Shut up.

She was a single mother, now there's no one to watch her. - Shut up!

We didn't have a choice.

Of course you had a choice.

Addley did what he did to protect the family, Beth.

Just like you'd kill me to protect yours Anyone can be a killer if they have to be.

It's human nature.

That's bullshit and you know it.

You didn't have to do it.

You killed a mother and orphaned a child That's consequences, Beth.

She didn't listen so she paid the price.

Don't you make the same mistake.

Your camera smile.

Nice and easy.

Are you trying to kill us?

Oh come on! I only drive better when I'm drunk.

Oh shoot! Do you have your card?

You just do your job, I'll do mine.

Do you have yours? I can't find mine.

Hi. How you doing?

Okay. Quietly.

I've gotta pee. Okay, come on you guys. Hurry up.

There's an ATM down the street. That's probably your best bet.

The storm's coming. I'd get going if I were you.

Honey? Do you need my help? Cause I can help you.

Get this done. Nobody gets hurt.

Okay, seriously? Hurry up.

I have an extra card just in case you don't have enough there.

How awkward.

Subtitles bitch.

He's got a gun!

Let's go!

Damn it, Beth!

Get in the car!

Get away from that fucking car.

Someone help us! Shut up!

Go on the other side of the car.

You know what, Beth?

I fucking told you, didn't I?

Didn't I tell you? Get on your knees, cows. Now!

Everyone shut up.

Didn't I tell you there would be consequences?

What are you going to do to us?

I'm not going to do anything.

You are.

Whoever kills the other first gets to live.

What? Are you serious?

That's sick. You're joking, right?

Thirty seconds and then I'm going to kill you both.

Ike, you can't do this to them. Please don't do this.

I'm not doing this to them. I'm doing this to you.

You understand? You gave me no choice.

Don't kill us, please!

I don't want to die.

Then pick up the knife and kill her!

We'll get you money. How much? We can get you money.

I don't have time for the check to clear

20 seconds. 19. 18. 17.

Please, I don't know what to do!

I don't know how to help you!

Don't look at her, look at me.

10. 9. 8.

Pick up the fucking knife.

What are you doing? Are you insane?

Now we're getting somewhere. Right Beth?

See what you did? You're gonna be a hero.

Put the knife down, Vicki! What are you doing?

What do you think, Beth? Does Vicki have it in her?

Stop it!

Put the fucking knife down!

That's a shame.

I'm gonna have to kill you both.

Finish it.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Beth. That's human nature for you.



What are you doing now, Treshawn?

Oh come on, Trey. We talked about this.

I'm through talking, all right. Just stay the hell out of my way.

She told me Melissa was with Beth.

So you believe her now?

Yeah. I believe what I just saw.

What did you see?

I saw that George is still alive.

He's helping one of them. I think they were shot.

All she wants is to get her children out safely.

Children? They're monsters.

And I'm not going to sit around here and wait.

Let him do it.

If he wants to get himself killed that's fine.

Let's all just stay the hell out of his way.

So that's how it's gonna be? Every man for himself?


Fucking asshole.

Oh my God!

Hey! There's a woman down here!

Call dispatch!

She's alive.

Stay with me. Stay with me!

We'll get you help. You stay with me.

You okay?

Johnny won't make it to Canada.

He won't make it another hour.

That's not what mama said.

Yeah well, your mama's wrong.

And believe me, I want to save him just as badly as you do.

What are these?

They're for my skin.

How long has she had you on these?

My whole life.

I don't know what they're called.

They're called sugar.

I have sensitive skin.

You saw a doctor?


You ever see a school nurse?

Mama taught school at home.

Turn around, Lydia.

Just turn around.

There's nothing wrong with your skin. Your mother's lying to you.

Why would she lie?

Why would she lie?

That's stupid.

So you dress like this.

Every inch covered so boys don't notice you.

So you never leave her.

Get out of my way.

Lydia, here. Just take mine.


Thank you.


Cover up.

I know what you're up to, George.

And it won't work.

That girl needs me just as much as I need her.

It's a cruel world we live in.

Especially for a woman.

And she is not strong enough.

That's because... you made her that way.

Federal and state authorities have just released the identities... of the 3 suspects still at large in the First Omaha Bank robberies.

Isaac, Addley, and Jonathan Koffin are wanted...

What are we gonna do about this?

Addley Koffin is also wanted for questioning... in connection with the rape and murder...

That's a terrible fucking sketch.

The bank robberies began in Tulsa, Oklahoma in July.

There's a fucking cop outside!

You get that head of the household up here now!

All units report your twenty please.

Skay at the house.

Oh my God. Guys? Guys!

Trey? Trey!

You. Get the fuck up here! Move!

And if any of you make a fucking sound...

I plug the cop and I plug every one of you bitches.

Get over there! This ain't recess.

You've done a great job so far. We're almost half way there.

We don't want it to fall apart now.

Stonewall Police.

You and I both want the same thing.

But if he suspects anything, what we want won't matter anymore.

It will just become a question of necessity.

Think about Beth.

And that hand.

Just keep it behind your back.

Evening. Mr. Sohapi?

Yeah. Sorry about that, I was taking a nap.

Is your wife here with you?

My wife's... Yeah, she's... In the shower.

What's going on?

Sorry to bother you sir.

Have you been watching the news tonight?

Yeah. Tornado.

Looks like, uh... Looks like we're going to get a bad one, huh?

It is, sir.

But I was talking about the bank robbers Three men. Brothers, actually.

Wanted for robbing First Omaha Bank.

They're on the run.

Well, so what? You're checking the area?

Actually, sir. The three suspects used to live here.

In this neighborhood?

In this house.

In my...

Violent criminals lived in my house?

You would think they'd have to disclose something like that.

I'm not sure, sir. You could check with your attorney.

Have you seen anything unusual tonight? Had any visitors?

No. Normal.

I'm gonna be out all night. Close by.

If you see anything, if you need anything.

Okay. Great. Officer Skay. Thank you.

You have an accident, sir?

Your forehead.

Yeah, it's, uh...

Basketball. Is it still bleeding?

I'm not very good.

This is gonna sound strange.

If someone is here with you...

I want you to blink twice.

No, we're good.

All right, sir. Thank you.

Yeah. Thank you.

Shit. He's getting back in his car.

What's he doing?

Where's he going?

What was I supposed to do?

If any of us die tonight... it's on you.

That was too close.

What are you looking for?

Our money. They're hiding it.

That guy is too good of a liar.

You go downstairs. Check his office.

Check for any little thing. Okay.

You're okay.

Why are you doing this to us?

To you?

It's got nothing to do with you.

We had to get Johnny home to mother.

Well, how could you not know that she moved?

Something bad happened. We had to leave town for a while.

She couldn't contact us.

Guess you just moved into the wrong house.

We got a real problem here.

How much more do you need?

How much more can you get in 20 minutes?

Treshawn runs a dry cleaning business downtown.

I don't need my pants pressed, Beth.

It's a cash business.

That's you, Smokey.


Trey, it's me.


Are you okay?

We're going to the store. I need the code for the alarm.

Why are you going to my store?

We need more money, Trey.

What's the combination to the safe?




Is everything in there?

What do you mean?

I mean is there another safe.

No, that's the only one.

Listen to me, Treshawn.

I need to give him everything he needs so we can be done with this.

Do you understand?

Desk drawer, bottom right.

Listen, Beth... be careful.

You, too.

There's only one safe. But there's plenty in it.

Make a right on Main.

He ain't looking too fucking good, doc.

I'm doing my best.

Well, do a fucking better job!

For everybody's sake.

Can I please get cleaned up.

I didn't do anything.

I've never had a woman before, and I'm gonna die.

Is that what you want?

What are you doing?


Johnny needs a new shirt.


So tell me about Queenie.

She lives in the woods behind the house.

And she punishes children who are bad.

That's what mama says anyway.

Do you believe her?

Not since I was small.

But sometimes I still think I hear her.

There's nobody out there, Lydia.

It's your mother trying to scare you.

I know.

I'm just trying to tell you this night is going to end, okay?

We're gonna go back to our palatial one-bedroom apartment.

You're gonna put on that sexy black cocktail dress.

You know, the one we can never find the right occasion for.

And we're going to light some candles.

We're going to play some Marvin Gaye.

We're going to dance close and slow... while this tornado tears up this damn county, okay?


I've been on pussy patrol.

Which means...

One of you lucky bitches... are gonna come with me upstairs and pop my brother's cherry.

And since I'm such a giving mood... and this is a special occasion.

I'm gonna let you all decide.

You can't be serious.

I'm serious as a God damn lynch mob.

But time is running out so...

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

I need you all to make a decision.

I'm trying to be nice about this.

With the winner chicken dinner.

No! Please, no.

You just plug up there or I'll plug you down here.



Are we just gonna sit here and let them take us one-by-one, huh?

Danny? I don't know what to do. Trey.

I don't know what to do.

I know what to do.

Baby, please!

I'm gonna show you what to do.

No, no, no. This one is not worthy of my son.

You've got a nice strong man there.

Any children?

No, not yet.

I wouldn't wait much longer. It'll age you quicker than drugs.

She's worthy.


Wait! You need money. He works for a bank.

You bitch.

He writes mortgages. People pay in cashier's checks.

He wrote one for Trey.

God defend me from my friends.

My enemies I can handle on my own.

He's not our friend.

You fucking bitch!

Ooh, he's a fiery one, huh?

Well, obviously, you two have something to work out.

And whoever loses, his woman will come upstairs with me.

Then get this started or I will take them both.

No, no, no, please, I don't want to do this. Please.

And I didn't even eat any of the cake.

You know what? Perfect music.

Music will set the mood. That's looking good.

Come on, mama, let's cut a rug!

Fuck him up!

Knock his fucking head off!


Lydia, I want you to listen me for a minute.

When the police show up... you're gonna be considered an accomplice You'll go to jail.

This is your chance. You don't have to be like them.

You don't know the first thing about my family.

You're supposed to be keeping him awake.

Get up.

He's not breathing.

He's gone.

Save my brother.

Lydia, he's dead.

You will save him!

This isn't gonna work. He's gone.

Oh, God, Johnny! Johnny, come on.

You're not gonna believe what mama just did!

What the fuck is this shit?

Out of curiosity... how long has it been going on between the two of you?

What else have you been keeping from your wife?


Something's up.

What's wrong?

It's okay. He's just dehydrated.

Mama's got a surprise for you.



I thought you said it would always be the woman's choice.

This is the woman's choice, Lydia.


No, mama! That's too far!

These people do not deserve your compassion, Lydia.

They've been lying to us from the moment we got here.

They are hiding our money in this house.

And I am going to find it.

What are these numbers?




67 0

The numbers? Tell me again.




67 0

You're fucking with me. Aren't you, Beth?

One more time. Get it right.

What are the fucking numbers?







We are in business.


Well done, Beth.

Cell phone.

You don't even know how to hold that thing.

Cell phone.

Help! Help!

Damn it, Beth!

You tried.

I respect that.

Don't make me fucking look for you.

You make this nice and easy on me...

I'll make it quick and easy on you.

You've reached emergency services.


OIly olly oxen free! You stupid bitch!


Come on, now.


Hello, operator. Hello, hello.


Put your hair down.

Make yourself look sweet.

I told everyone down there that you weren't gonna hurt us.

I actually believed you.

This is not fair.

Please don't this to me, please don't.

It's not fair.

Life isn't always fair, my dear.

Hasn't been fair to me either.

Ready, Johnny?

How's that for a transformation?


No, he cannot do this in his condition. It's dangerous.


Take doc to the kitchen.

This is a private show for my boy.


No! Okay.

Just trust me.

I'm so sorry.

You're something else.

I'm begging you.

Oh, stop your whining and do what you know how to do.

I can't.

Johnny... you've made your mother very proud.

I love you.

I love you.

Now dance for him, dear.

Come on, take the dress off.

Come on, Dave.

It's true, isn't it?

Beth was right.

Say it.

Daniel and I are having an affair.


She knew something was going on. She just didn't know who with.

She knows.

And after everything she's been through.

We both lost a child!

You think you know pain?

None of this matters right now. Okay?

My fianc? Is upstairs with those animals right now.

The only thing that matters is us getting out of here.


Let him see you.


Doc! Get in here now!

Help me.

The green box. Open it.

They're coming!

I know you can hear me coming down these steps motherfuckers.

Get your faces down on the fucking floor right now!

What's going on?

A group therapy session. Get the fuck on the floor!

Get on the floor!

I'm devastated.

Bitch couldn't get my brother's dick hard.

But she's doing wonders for mine.

You perverted piece of shit!

Get off!

Get off!

Back up!

I'm so sorry. I did not mean to do that.

No! No!

Addley, can't I leave you alone five minutes?

Every time I turn my head, you make a mess.

You have exactly 3 minutes to get that person back in this house.

Or your sniveling little weasel of a wife is gonna get hurt.

Danny, don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. Please.

You have two minutes forty-five seconds.





Open the door!



You gotta go back! You gotta go back!

No, no, no! We made it out. We can go get help.

No! She's gonna start killing us.

You have to come back with me.

Daniel! Not all of us are gonna make it.

That's just a fact.

If you want to live, come with me, okay?

We can't let these bastards get away with this. Come on!

I can't!

Please, just come with me. No time! I can't!

Motherfucker, get your hands off me! No!


Stop! Wait!

No, no, no.


Don't make me kill this guy.


You folks have got to get off the road.

That tornado could touch down any second.

We're trying officer.

We're just on our way right now.

You folks have far to go?

A couple of miles. Denny Avenue.

Nice street.

Got your ID?

My orders are to escort anyone to the shelter on Elm St.

If you live that close, I'll let you slide.

I just need to check.

My husband and I don't have our license.

I hope that'll do.

No problem, ma'am.

We just went out for water and batteries for the storm.

Good thinking, Mrs. Sohapi.

You be careful out there.

You'd be Mr. Sohapi.

Yeah, I'm very happy.

Yeah, I'm Mr. Sohapi.


Sir, could you roll up your window and turn your vehicle off?

I'll be right back.

Stay in the car.

Sir, please stay in your vehicle.

I just have a couple of questions for you.

Please get back your vehicle!

Down on the ground now!

Move over. You're driving.

You've gotta be kidding me.

Run him down.

Mother's going to be very unhappy with your lack of listening skills.

It's that man or it's you and your friends.


I'm starting to gain rapport with you and I, Beth.

That's a good wife.

Oh, good. You're awake.

You don't know how lucky you are... running around in the middle of the night.

Be grateful Queenie didn't get you.


Thank you.

My dear.

You didn't listen.

When my children were growing up... they occasionally misbehaved.

What child doesn't, after all.

But I taught them that their behavior had consequences... not just for themselves but also for their brothers and sister.

I'm really sorry.

You'll see.

If you ever become a mother.

Punishment... is never easy.

But if you want them to understand and respect the rules... you can never back down.

You see, rules are what make order out of chaos.

We must follow the rules.

I'm really sorry.


What's he doing?

What's the point in having ears if you're not going to listen?

Stop it!

Please, stop it.


That's enough.

Don't worry, my dear... he still loves you.



Are you all right?

Help me! Please help me What about the man with you?

He's not moving.

He's not moving.

I'm gonna get some help.

Is that your little Jake's?

Now it's time for show and tell.

I am going to show and you are going to tell.

You loved your little boy, didn't you?

Was he the light of your life?

The apple of your eye?

Was he the best thing that ever happened to you?

Did you see yourself in him?

The smile and his laugh.

What a beautiful child.

Such a shame.

You must have relived that moment a million times.

And you looked away.

And he ran out into the street.

What he must have looked like in his little coffin.

His future snuffed out like a candle.

And all because of you.

If only you'd paid more attention.

He'd be here now, wouldn't he?

Alive and snug up in his bed.

Now's your chance to be a man... and honor the memory of your little boy.

Where's my money?


Tell the truth. Where's the money?

There's no money! No money!

Where's our money?

There's no money.

Oh, there's no money.

Don't do that! Please, don't do that!

Are you sure you didn't hide it... so you could run away with your little floozy?

Don't do that.

What does that woman mean to you?

Do it.

No man is going to want you now.

No, no! No! No!

Let that be a lesson to all of us.

Marriage is sacred.

Come on, Addley.

Was I wrong about her?

Stay calm. We're going to help you.

Send Help Get the police in here.


The gold box! George said open the gold box.!

I was right!


Bring Daniel upstairs.

Gina, Gina, Gina.

Oh my God, Gina! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Give me Beth.

You want to talk to your wife?



It's okay.


"Always and forever." Remember that stupid song?


I love you, Daniel.

You know how much I love you.

I'm so sorry.

Bring me that phone.

They killed Addely.

They killed your little brother.

Bring Beth to me.

I love you.

You like them dependent, don't you?

They never saw a doctor.

They never went to school.


And Queenie.

Just another story to scare your kids.

I get it. I see now. You're afraid.

You're afraid they're gonna leave you... so you hobble them before they can run.


You know, none of them look like you.

And they don't look alike.

They're not even your kids.

Those children are mine!

You have no idea what I've been through for them.

You're infertile.

They mean everything to me!

Mama! Stop!

We need him.

No, I don't need him.

I can take care of Johnny. No, mama, you can't.

We've already lost Addely.

Isn't one enough?


Where is he?

The basement.

No use crying over split milk.

Or the husband who betrayed you.


You killed my husband.

It's gonna be okay.

They had the money.

Help George and Lydia and get Johnny in the Winnebago... cause I have something to discuss with these ladies.

Yes, mama.

Ike, what happened to Addley?

Get him on his back. We gotta get him on his back.

Keep him propped up. Keep him quiet.

We've been through a hell of a night... haven't we ladies?

You know what the real tragedy is?

It didn't have to happen this way.

Nobody had to get hurt.

Nobody had to die.

Everything that happened... was the result... of your lie.

The money... she said wasn't here in the house... was hidden behind the picture in the bathroom.

In the very envelopes addressed to me.

Whose name is that?

Is that your name?

Your fianc? Your friends... she may not have pulled the trigger, but... she's responsible for their deaths.

She's lying. Their blood is on your hands.

I was buying us time.


If I had told her I had the money she would have killed us.


We had seen her children and we could ID them.


She would do anything for them.

I just want to know one thing. Why?

Why did you lie to your husband, Beth?

Why did you lie to your friends, Beth?

Beth. Why did you let innocent people die, Beth?

My baby.

I did it for my baby.

You baby's dead!

You're pregnant.


Lydia, I need you to step outside now.

No. Ike, he's coming with us.


Mama said, Ike.



Thank you.

I kept the money so that I could get away.

I just wanted a new life for me... and for my baby.

I knew that he was cheating.

Prove it.

Mama said no loose ends. I'm doing good, all right?

I know. - That was good.

What a gift you have inside your belly.

The gift if life.

A gift some take for granted. But it's a miracle.

A miracle.


It's a tiny life.

Created by you. Of you.

Wholly dependent.


Go, go, go, go! Hurry! Hurry!

Hurry, Beth!

Go to the garage!

There's a gun! Go to the garage!

Beth, wait! I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.



Mama always said never trust a pretty girl.

Go! Go!

I'm gonna gut you, Beth!

I'm gonna gut you...

Go through the garage!

Not my Ike.

No, not my baby.

Go to the neighbors! Get help!

What are you gonna do?

You took my firstborn!

You ripped him from me!

Where are Jake's things?

What does it matter?

You killed him with your neglect!

It was an accident!

You think you deserve a second chance.

You have no right!

Everything I did, I did to protect my baby!

Just like I did!

You tortured your children with your demented lessons!

Like I was taught.

You taught them to be killers.

I taught them to survive.

I taught them to be strong.

Not weak like you.

Too weak to protect your own child.

Too weak to keep your husband.

Too weak to leave when you had the chance.

My Addley.

You took my Ike.

If my family can't live in this house... you sure as hell can't either.

I'm stronger than you think.

There's somebody in here!

Somebody's in here.

We've got a live one! Get the stretcher out.

Stop right here. Get the MT over here.


My God, Gina!

That was it. Primary search complete.

No, no, no. There's somebody else in there.

Come on, hon. You can do this.


Thank you.


Hush little baby, don't you cry.

Mama's gonna sing you a lullaby.