Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964) Script



Produced by TOMOYUKl TANAKA Screenplay by SHlNlCHl SEKlZAWA Cinematography by HAJlME KOlZUMl Production Design by TAKEO KlTA Music by AKlRA lFUKUBE

Sound Effects by SADAMASA NlSHlMOTO



Director of Special Effects ElJl TSUBURAYA Directed by lSHlRO HONDA


Over there.

Don't just stand there! l'm looking for a theme.

Your theme is the typhoon. You read my article, right?

Just photograph the damage, and make it snappy.

Anyone here from Maicho Times?

What's the big idea, writing an article like this?

"Typhoon 8 destroys reclamation project on Kurata coast." lsn't it true?

Don't be absurd!

This is one of our prefecture's five largest projects. lt will be completed by the target date. l'm ready to put ten times as many pumps to work!

Convinced now?

As an assemblyman, l've always kept my promises, so give me a good write-up.

How many shots have you taken? None yet.

None? This isn't high art!

A news photographer has to be quick!

Don't waste time with light meters. Start clicking that shutter.

What are you shooting anyway?

What's that thing? l don't know.

But it's pretty.

"A vision of beauty amid utter destruction."

Perfect for our story.

What's that? The Shizunoura office?

Got it! l'll send someone right away! lchi? Sakai went to Kurata Beach.

Wire him! What are you doing anyway?

Don't take it out on me.

Get off your backside and go to Shizunoura!

What's up? A "monster egg" has been spotted.

A monster egg?

Boss, what kind of egg is that?

How should l know? lt's floating toward Nishi Beach!

Launch the boats! What for?

Dad, he says to launch the boats.

Launch the boats?

Boss, are you insane?

Fishing's been poor lately.

We gotta do something or we'll starve!


You cowards!

You ever heard of an egg hurting anyone? l've offered prayers to protect you from any curses.

Launch the boats!

Anything we catch in this bay, whether fish or egg, belongs to us.

Let's go!

He's right. We should try.

Let's go!

There it is!


Professor Miura, what kind of egg is this?

Can't really say.


Sorry to bother you... but it's not man-made, is it? lt's not that simple. l see. So you think - l'll present my findings at the press conference.

Just one question. Enough already.


You don't need a flash on a bright day! l didn't know it was on. l'm sorry. She's a rookie.

Just stay out of the way, okay?

Just one question, please.


Go ahead.

Could this egg be dangerous?

Could it explode or release toxins?

That's what l'm studying.

Professor... you may inspect that egg, but don't damage it.

Who are you? lt's none of your business, but l'm Mr. Kumayama of Happy Enterprises.

Happy Enterprises?

Our firm has bought this egg.

Bought it?

From whom? lt was found in our fishing waters, so it belongs to us.

Here's the receipt.

How much did you sell it for? 1 ,224,560 yen.

An odd figure.

Not at all. lt's a fair price.

Regular chicken eggs cost eight yen wholesale. l figured this egg was equal to 1 53,820 eggs.

Multiply that by eight.

Everyone back. Give them a hand.

Mr. Kumayama! l don't really think this egg can be considered private property.

That's why we'll let the public come watch it incubate and hatch... for a small admission fee, of course.

What a moneygrubber. lt's of far greater scientific value.

My job has a social value: giving people what they want.

Sure you know how to use that thing?

lf it's good, send me a print.

l've never been so insulted. How rude!


Well, lchi-chan?

Don't call me lchi-chan! l'm your - l know. You're my boss.

But l can't respect a boss who says nothing while his subordinate is insulted. l was thinking about the social implications of all this.

Professor Miura... we can't let Kumayama do as he pleases with that egg.

Can't you bring this up with the authorities? We'll help.

Thanks, but it's no use.


As the old song goes...

"'Right away' means six months, 'timely' means two years, and "after deliberation' means five or six."

That's how long it takes for the government to do anything.

There's Kumayama. ls Mr. Torahata in his room?

Yes, sir - l know the number.

Now l get it.

There's someone behind Kumayama. l'm going to find out who.

Come in.

Good evening, sir.

l've completed the purchase agreement.

No loose ends? None, sir.

Here's the contract and the receipt.

How much do you think we can make from that egg? l'd say at least 50 million yen!

You're thinking too small.

One billion at the minimum.

A billion yen?

"Shizunoura Happy Center."

That's right.

Whether that egg produces a bird or a beast, we'll build the biggest amusement park in the world around it.

What do you think?

You mustn't do that.

Stop making weird voices! l didn't!

Please give us our egg back.

Please return our egg. lt's a spy!

An industrial spy. Get him!



Please give us back our egg.


That egg belongs to us. Please give it back.

Grab 'em!

Got 'em! Good. Over there.

They're gone!

There they are!

l got you!

No one makes a fool of me!

ls there a burglar in here? l'll help. Where is he?

There's no burglar! Who are you?

Get out! But the burglar -

Never mind that.

They're gone!

lchi-chan, how did it go? l found out who's behind this. lt's Manzo Torahata's son, Jiro Torahata... a major power broker in the business world. ls he really that powerful?

He works behind the scenes, but he's got money and more political connections than his old man.

So that egg is like their golden goose.

Makes sense. Why else would they be doing this?

Please give us our egg back.

What's with the weird voice? lt wasn't me.

Please give us our egg back.

Look over there!

We've come from lnfant lsland.

Please give us our egg back.

lnfant lsland?

Where they tested nuclear bombs in the South Pacific?

That's right.

And that egg at Shizunoura belongs to you?

Yes. lt's Mothra's egg.


You believe that?

We should hear them out.

Please go on. Thank you.

Nuclear bomb tests have turned lnfant lsland into a most desolate place.

What's more, the recent typhoon caused mudslides that washed Mothra's egg into the sea.

Buried underground for years, it had reached full size at last. lt's the one and only hope for the people on our desolate island.

Please help us get our egg back.

Can you hear the voices of the island people?

They're praying for the egg's safe return.

lsn't there something we can do?

But Happy Enterprises is the legal owner of the egg.

Yes, we went to see them and barely escaped alive.

They're not understanding types.

What will happen if the egg isn't returned?

Once it hatches, the larva will return to lnfant lsland on its own, but not before causing chaos.

Chaos? lt means no harm, but while searching for food, it will destroy everything in its path.

We wish to avoid any violence.

The natives of lnfant lsland are a peace-loving people.

Please help us.

We have to do something.

Please. Mothra asks for your help too.

Mothra does?

She's waiting over there.


Closer than you think.

Up there!



You accusing me of something?

No, simply asking you to do the right thing.

Enough! l could sue you for interfering with my business.

Mr. Torahata... you're his financial backer.

Won't you hear us out?

Don't drag me into this. l know nothing about it.

This concerns Happy Enterprises.

He's playing dumb.

That's not very nice, young lady.

Then return the egg to its owner.

You keep talking about the owner. ls their name written on the egg?

No, but it's perfectly clear it's Mothra's egg.


Are you saying...

Mothra gave you power of attorney?

That's a good one!

Don't be absurd! lt's a matter of trust.

Kumayama, it's no use talking to them.

Ask them to leave.

We can't work with you around. Please leave.

Our guests are leaving!

We'll show you to the door -

Fine. We'll show you proof.


l believe you met them last night.

Please give us back our egg.

How did you...? They've come for the egg.

l have a proposition.

How about selling me those two ladies?

What? Are you crazy?

Think of the sensation!

The giant Mothra egg and its two beautiful little keepers. l'll give you 200,000 yen.

Make it a million each!

Absolutely not! Let's go.

Five million!

That's 2.5 million apiece.

You're throwing away a golden opportunity.

Hey, wait!

Those bastards! l didn't have much hope they'd listen to reason.

Don't be discouraged.

We'll write about this in the papers and appeal to the public... right?

Of course.

But public opinion in our favor doesn't give us any legal rights.

They don't care about public opinion.

Then what can we do? l wish l knew.

Professor, any ideas? l'd say an eye for an eye, but we can't beat them at that game.

So we just ignore these ladies' goodwill?

They're gone!

We better find them.

Lose something?

No, nothing.

Maybe they gave up and went home.

The forest!

You're right. Let's go!

Maybe they went home for good. Most likely.

Probably felt no one could be trusted.

Good-bye, everyone.

We're returning to our island. lt's unfortunate we must return without the egg, but we won't forget your kindness.

Where are you now?

We're with Mothra.

Good-bye, everyone!

lt saddens us... that certain people cared so little for our feelings.





PUBLlC ASKS HAPPY ENTERPRlSES TO RECONSlDER Happy Enterprises is proud to announce the grand opening of the Shizunoura Happy Center!

What will hatch from that giant egg?

The entire world will be watching!

You act like you own that egg, but you haven't paid in full. lt's not just the egg.

You haven't paid the rent for the land around here.

That's right!

Per our agreement, the balance is due on opening day.

Trust me and stop being so greedy.

Will you pay even if the opening's canceled?

What do mean, canceled?

That's what everyone's saying.

That's why you want your money now!

No need to get angry.

Go home! l'll have your money tomorrow.

You promise? Yeah! Now clear out!

Go on now!

Hamakaze Hotel?

Mr. Torahata, please.

Kumayama here. There's a rumor the opening will be canceled.

Ridiculous! Don't you trust me?

lf it were true, l could stop it with one phone call.

Trust me.

What? Money? l can't spare any right now.

The thing is, l promised the fishermen.

What about the money l saw in that cabinet?

Don't be absurd! That's for something else.

But seeing how it's you asking... l can spare some cash if you provide collateral.

For example... l could loan you money against Mothra's egg as collateral.

What? Mothra's egg as collateral?

You son of a -

No, l didn't say anything.

lt's no use writing any more. l'm throwing in the towel.

Then you're admitting defeat.

We never had a chance.

Newspapers have no power to judge or enforce.

How long have you been a reporter?

What would happen if newspapers had such power?

We're champions of the people. l know that.

But the more l write, the more free publicity l give them. lt doesn't hurt them a bit. That's what gets me.

Your writing packs no punch!

No punch?

Yeah, Maruta here.

What? They lit the incubators?

Damn it! They've really started.

How long will it take to hatch?

Soft-boiled takes three minutes. What? lf Mothra's egg is 1 53,820 times bigger, multiply that by three.

They're not cooking the thing.

Get over there! Where? lmbecile!

Boss, Professor Miura wants to see you right away.

Says it's important. Must be about you-know-what.


Oh, right.

l'll be right back. Damn it!

What are you doing? Eating an egg.

Stop wasting time and get over to Mothra's egg!

What was all that about?

Clearing you of radiation.


But no need to worry.

Stop joking around. lt's no joke.

That thing you brought here - Did you find out something?

Nothing definite... but it's highly radioactive.

Right here.

lt didn't detect a thing.

Hello, everyone.

What are you testing for? Hello there.

Oh, it's you.

The water has certainly gone down. l told you l keep my promises. ln fact, recovery efforts are ahead of schedule.

Give me a good write-up this time. No story this time.

Then what...? Testing for radioactivity.


This isn't a nuclear testing ground.

You here to sabotage our industrialization project?

Hold on. lt's purely an academic inquiry.

Academic inquiry?

This is our prefecture's future industrial belt! l won't allow any more testing.

We don't mean to interfere with your plans.

Still, no more testing. l understand.

Let's go.

Hey, stop fooling around.

Wait. Something moved.

The mud moved out there in the middle.


We bring you a special news bulletin.

This morning at 1 0:00 a.m., Godzilla, the atomic monster, emerged along the Kurata coastline.

He's now heading for Yokkaichi and Nagoya.

We'll keep you informed of his whereabouts via emergency bulletins.

Please stay tuned.

Godzilla is approaching.

Please follow the police department's evacuation procedures.

Godzilla is approaching.

Please follow the police department's evacuation procedures.

A Level lll Emergency Deployment has been issued for Chubu, Kinki, and Kanto's self-defense forces.

All units are ordered to lead Godzilla to the coast and attack him there.

Every effort must be made to minimize loss of life and property.

As such, the operation is to take place in the least populated area.

Additional orders will be issued from our mobile headquarters as needed.

According to the latest report, Godzilla is moving east from Nagoya.

Let's go.

Thank you for coming.

Professor Miura, as a zoologist, what are your thoughts on this?

On what? Defending against Godzilla.

We should leave that to the government.

You're talking like a rookie.

Newspapers don't just inform people about the government. ln an emergency - lt was absolute chaos out there.

Hey, chief. Pipe down.

Why's everyone so grumpy?

We have to stop Godzilla. Stop Godzilla?

That's a tough one. We could ask Mothra for help.

Mothra? You idiot!

Wait! Say that again.

We could ask Mothra to help us defeat Godzilla.

That's it!

Did l say something wrong?

No... but your idea's a bit simplistic.

Well, with Mothra's precious egg here, we could ask -

That's right. Of course it is. ldiot! Who said to come back anyway? l said to keep an eye on that egg.

But everyone fled when Godzilla approached.

The egg too? Of course not. lt hasn't got legs.

Then what are you doing here? You're lucky l don't fire you!

l won't do it. Why not?

When they needed our help, we refused.

How can l ask now just because we're in trouble?

Listen, you're the only ones who can talk to those little ladies.

Or would you let Godzilla destroy Japan?

Don't you care?

Even if we talked to them, there's no guarantee they'd help us.

Right, Professor?

But if we make a sincere appeal, they might listen.

That's right. l still don't like it. Do we have a choice? lt's the people who are suffering.

That's why l'm going to go.

The people of lnfant lsland may despise us for being so shameless... but l'm willing to accept their scorn and make a sincere appeal.

Prepare for landing.

Fasten your seat belts.

What a desolate place!

Do people really live here? ls all this due to nuclear testing? ln simple terms, it's the residual effects of radiation.

This must have been a beautiful green island once. l feel somehow responsible.

That's a natural human reaction.

Calls to ban nuclear weapons are a dime a dozen now back home, but when you actually see something like this -

ls this place really inhabited?

No one should have to live like this. lt's beyond cruel.

What will they do with us? l don't think they mean any harm.

You can't blame them for not trusting us.

What should we do?

What else can we do?

The evil spirits have been banished.

Why have you come here?

We've come to ask for Mothra's help.


Mothra cannot help you.

But Godzilla's on a rampage. Japan's in great danger! lt's your fault for playing with the devil's fire! lt's no concern of ours.

This island was once a beautiful place... a peaceful, verdant island.

Who ignited the devil's fire here?

The fire forbidden by the gods!

Ever since that day... this island has been a place of suffering!

We have no faith in outsiders.

We trusted in them once and were repaid with treachery.

You won't even return Mothra's egg!

Take a look around you.

This lush oasis is all that sustains the people of this island.

We've come to ask a favor.

Mothra's egg is in danger, isn't it?

We have telepathic powers.

We can read your thoughts.

Then l'll be direct. lt's a selfish request, but can you help us?

We must refuse.

We have no faith in your world. lncluding us?

We're very sorry.

What do we do now? lt's clear we're not welcome here.

Please listen to me. l understand why you don't trust us, but even as we speak, many are dying because of Godzilla.

Many of them are good people, but even bad people have a right to live.

You may call it divine retribution... but all are equal before the gods.

They don't choose sides.

Please. We need your help.

We too want a world where we can trust one another.

But the more people there are, the more difficult it becomes.

Nevertheless, we'll never give up.

We're working hard to make the world a better place.

Please don't be quick to judge us.


Please follow us.

There they are!

Over there.


Mothra is going to help you.


With the last of her strength. The last of her strength?


She has but a short time to live.

She's awaiting her final day on that sacred rock.

lf she leaves... she won't be able to return.

But Mothra never truly dies.

New life will be born from her egg.

At points A, B, and C... we'll install artificial lightning generators, our last line of defense against Godzilla.

Then what?

Our operation will unfold in two stages.

Two stages?

Air and ground forces will take coordinated action to direct Godzilla into Area A, where we will attack.

And if that doesn't work?

We'll lure Godzilla into Area B, cover the beast with electrically conductive nets, and unleash another barrage from our lightning generators.

The voltage should reach 20 million to 30 million volts.

Will that do the trick? l'm confident it will.

Over there.

Are you sure Mothra's coming?

Don't worry. They'll keep their promise.

Godzilla's getting real close.

What's the matter with you?

Godzilla's almost here.

The boss threatened to fire me if l left Mothra's egg.

Are you crazy? We're talking about Godzilla! l know... but being fired scares me just as much.

Where's Kumayama?

He blew a gasket and took off.

Torahata, get out here!

Stop shouting! l've lost everything because of you!

Don't blame me. You should have known better.

Damn you!

Gimme my money back!

You said you were behind me. "Don't worry about money!"

Dirty liar!

Stop it! Like hell l will!

You said it was a joint venture, but l put up all the money! lt is a joint venture! l had to borrow from you at 1 0% interest per week!

What kind of deal is that? lt's just business!

You made sure l'd be the only one losing money!

You won't get away with it!

Filthy little crook! l'm taking my money!

Damn you!

The hotel's in danger!


That way!

ls Mothra really coming?

She'll come. l'm sure she will!

Godzilla's heading for Nishi Beach. What if the egg is destroyed?

The egg's in danger!

lt's Mothra! She's coming!

Let's get to the top of that hill.

She's coming this way!

Thank you. l knew you'd come.

We always keep our promises.

Let's go!

What's that yellow powder? Mothra's final weapon. lt's like a poisonous pollen.

Mothra, get up!

Get up!

Why didn't she finish him off?

Why did Mothra flee?

She didn't flee.

As we explained, she's reached the end of her life.

Damn that monster!

Back to headquarters!

Hey, stop!

With Mothra dead, we're no use to them.

How could they just leave us here?

Let's go, everyone.

Go where?

Mothra is dead, but the egg's still there.

Her legacy will continue.

Prepare for Operation A.

First Airborne Squadron, proceed to target.

Tank units, open fire.

Start the generators!

Move out!

lnto the trucks!

Godzilla's approaching!

Prepare for Operation B.


Airborne Squadron, proceed to target.

Second Airborne Squadron, proceed to target immediately.

We can finish him off! lncrease the voltage.

We can't, sir. lt's at its limit!

Push it further!

What should we do?

Let's head for Shizunoura.

Hurry up! Quick!

Careful! Hurry!

Where's Miss Kobayashi? l think she's behind us.

Miss Kobayashi!

Take me to the island!

Are you crazy? This boat's no match for Godzilla.

Please take me there! Enough crazy talk!

Please come along!

We must get to the island! Why?

There are still schoolchildren on lwa lsland!

Ten children and their teacher!

We have to go now!

lt's too late!

Come along, sir!

Hurry! This way!

Professor, it's twins!

l've come to pick you up!

Where's Godzilla? Heading for lwa lsland. lwa lsland?

A teacher and students are stranded there.

To the other side of the mountain!

Hurry! Watch your step!

Take me to the island!

Hang in there!

Are you all right?

Hold on!

The children are still there!

Don't cry.

Just a little further.

Don't give up!

Watch your step!

The Mothra twins!

You're right!

We must save the children. But how?

We'll go around while they keep Godzilla busy.

All right, let's go!

Teacher, l'm scared! lt's all right. Go inside. Hurry!

Look! Over there!

Can you get us there? Go to the right.

l'm scared!

Miss Kobayashi!

We're here to rescue you!

We're in here!

Miss Kobayashi!

We'll be okay now.

Come on, let's go!

Thank you. Good work!

Please see to the children.

Let's go.

Good-bye, everyone!

You're just letting them leave?

That's right.

Shouldn't we at least thank them?

The only way to thank them is to create a better world.

That's right. A world based on mutual trust.