Mountains May Depart (2015) Script

Happy New Year, Tao.

Happy New Year.

We'll come to hear you sing tonight.

Already going to join the others?

Lots of people around now. See you.

"We're seeing off the cold winter and greeting the final spring of the 20th century.

Our first steps on the journey to welcome the 21st century's new dawn.

See. Spring's first footsteps.

The Fenyang Spring Festival Gala starts here.

And now... the yangge umbrella."

I wish my cheekbones were smaller.

You study yourself closely. Right.

When will you start studying me?

Study you? Are you a problem?

A geometry problem or an algebra problem?

Either way, a problem.

Studying takes time.

Boss Zhang, you made it.

Yeah, I got here.

Where have you come from, Jinsheng? Taiyuan.

I hear your coal mine's doing well this year.

Our boss is desperate with the low price of coal.

When it bottoms out, I'll buy it.

I bet you will.

How's your gas station doing this year?

Okay... We're too busy bundling up all the cash.

Great. No false modesty, then.

Gotta go... We should do lunch sometime.

Why did you bother to come?

I thought you were leaving?

Won't you see me off?

Won't you?

Are you serious? Getting rich has gone to your head.

Won't you?

Come on...

"Not a care in the world."

Look, that's my car.

It's red.

You're showing off. How could I?

Looks good.

Pretty damn cool.

Just right for the new century.

Take us for a spin sometime?


Hong Kong has the best views...

Hong Kong hell, I'll drive you to America.

Spend some dollars.

You have to cross the Pacific to get there.

My geography was never great... I need you to tutor me.

Forget America, Macau returns to China very soon.

Just take us to Macau... Okay, Liangzi?

Fine by me.

You bet. It will be on me.

Take it easy.

Doing great, Erxiao.

Hey, Xiao Yue.

Our hometown is Fenyang, by Dragon's Gate Famed for our mountains and rivers A purple haze rises from Wenfeng pagoda We step proudly into the new century.

A purple haze rises From Wenfeng pagoda We step proudly Into the new century.

Left foot off the clutch...

Right foot slowly on the gas.

On the gas. Change gear.

Don't yell. You scare me. Look forwards.

Turn... Turn left.

Turn... Slowly.

Turn right.

Turn right.

I can manage.

You're insured, right?


I'm so sorry.

Sorry... I'm terribly sorry.

Never mind, I can deal with it.

You must be upset.

I told you, it's nothing. You can rely on German technology.

It's okay?


Are you sure?

Yes, it's German technology.

But you have a Chinese body.

Will the car still go? Can we get back?

If not, you can push it. No problem.

Come on, let's make some noise.


Let's do it.


Let's do without Liangzi next time.

What do you mean?

Isn't two nicer than three?

You're being small-minded.

It has nothing to do with that.

Then what? Is it a geometry problem? Or algebra?

It's a triangle problem.

Isn't a triangle more stable? What did you learn in middle school?

I graduated in law from Shanxi University.

By correspondence course.

So talented.

They didn't want you for a higher degree?

They underestimated me.

Such self-confidence.


Have a quick bath and come back for a drink.

I've brought some braised pork from home.

Great. Then don't hang around.

Busy, Liangzi? Jinsheng. What brings you here?


I've just bought this coal mine.

Can it make a profit?

The price of coal is so low.

You don't get it, it cost me next to nothing.

Help me run the place.

Don't just run the helmet store.

You deserve better, no prospects here.


What are we going to do?

About what?

I like Tao too.

Then tell her so yourself.

I'll make it plain...

Just stay away from her.

You have no chance with her.

Let's see what an elite face looks like.

I'm telling you this as a friend.

Piss off.


From now on, our friendship is over.

And you'd better get the fuck out of my mine.

Don't you worry.

The day I beg you for a living, I'll be dead.

I see.

You've got balls.

Take care of yourself.

Hello. Hey, Liangzi.

How's business? Not bad.

Hey, Liangzi.

Not working today?


You're back late. Had a couple of extra students.

I have to call someone back.

Liangzi, watch the shop for me.

Hey, you.

Come on in.

Look around.

Anything special? Can I see your stereos?

Sure, we have a good choice.

This one has a 3-disc tray...

Two cassette slots, a radio...

Like to hear it? Sure.

Let's try a CD. Fine.

Nice sound, isn't it?

I'm famished... You two want some?

Good bass sound, right? Not bad.

Lovely song... Who is it? Sally Yeh.

It's lovely... I wish I knew Cantonese.

Come back if you want anything.

Take care.

Chopsticks. Okay.

Jinsheng, try one.

Wasn't that a great song?

I made them, how's the taste? Good, as usual.

What's wrong with him? Who knows? He's the elite one.

I brought you something good.

What is it? Hair Beauty, it's an elite product.

Really? It creates ten or more styles.

Thank you.

Have some more. Is there enough?

What's the matter?

You asked for it?

Did you buy it?

Or borrow it?

What's the matter?


Have you gone crazy?

Why are you following me?

What is the matter?

You really don't know? Or are you pretending?

What do you mean?

You eat from the same bowl as him, like a couple.

I offered you some, but you refused. Disgusting.

You are being disgusting.

You must stop hanging out with him.

Who do you think you are?

What right have you to tell me what to do?

You're hurting me.

I don't get it.

You're hurting me, because I care for you.

So you've made your decision.

We are still good friends.

Come on, Liangzi...

Are you on Viagra? Following her around all day?

Liang Jianjun.

Playing it rough, huh?

You two make it hard for me.

Missing him already?

See you.

Boss Zhang, long time no see.

Do me a favor...

What is it?

Get me a gun.

A gun?

Sorry, there's no way.

How long will the dog live?

The guy said fifteen years, if it's treated well.

Fifteen years...

Takes us to 2014.

That's right.

So we'll be turning forty when it dies.

Why say that? Can't you say something nice?

You'll always be 18.

Don't move.

What is this for?

To blow up that bastard Liangzi.

Are you crazy?

Are the peach buns dry yet?

Not yet.

Peach buns are white and tasteless these days.

The ones your mother made were much better.

The flour smells different, too.

I'll have to go to Shahe again in July.

What's happening at your old friend Wu's?

His daughter Lilin is pregnant.

The baby will turn one month in July.

Dad, I have a boyfriend.



You're not happy?

It's your business, you decide if it's good or not.

I'll get some water.

Come on.

Great. I'll take you all bowling sometime.

That's fine. Of course.

Can't you just turn it off?

But my phone brings good news.

Coal's gone up again, another 100 per ton.

Stop that. Come on...

We're ready. Lovely lady, look at me.


Liang Jianjun.

Please page 72801.

My name is Shen.

Have him call me back.

In local news, the Forestry Authority has sent up twelve planes to re-seed forests in the Jinzhong-Luliang district.


I've been looking for you all day.


I'm getting married on May 26th. Here's your invitation.

You absolutely must come.

I can't, I'm leaving.

Where are you going?



Henan, Inner Mongolia, wherever.

When will you be back?


You don't mean it, do you?

I'm going.

You won't even say good-bye?

I already did, in the club the other night.

Baby Zhang Dame.

Are you really giving him that name?

Sure I am.

Zhang Dame.

Daddy will make you lots of dollars.

Okay, get ready for the photo, move to the middle.

Move to the middle, look this way.

Come on, closer together, look this way.

Ready. 1, 2, 3, done.

Go to Daddy.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in again.

Breathe out.

Where do you work?

Underground... Mining.

I suggest you get another check-up in a bigger hospital.

Migrant worker?

From where?

Let's go to the hospital first.

Surgery, chemotherapy...

They cost big money.

Then give me the numbers of your friends and relatives.

I'll borrow money from them tomorrow.

Makes no sense.

Borrowing money is a serious matter, I'd have to go in person.

Where's your wife from? Handan.

Handan's okay?

The price of coal stays low, the mine may close.

They're in trouble here too.

Small mines are prohibited now.

I've become a welder myself.

A welder? Skilled work.

You've just got back...

If you need anything, just say.


You're back just in time.

I'm off to Beijing next month for my visa.


For Almaty.

China Petroleum is laying pipelines there.

They need welders.


It's in Kazakhstan.

Just beyond Mount Tian.

I'm taking a chance.

I have to deposit 30,000 yuans.

Had to borrow it from my two brothers and a couple of other friends.

It could take a year's salary to pay them back.

I'm sure you'll manage.

It will work out. Yeah.

Oil is a good business.

Zhang Jinsheng has gotten big.

He has investments in Shanghai.

He's a real capitalist.

But he and Tao are divorced.


Just say if you need help with anything.

I'm fine.

Standing next to me is our French groom Olivier.

With such a fragrant bride, your future's bright, your home is a home, riches are yours.

You'll be running the Bank of China in no time.

On this joyful occasion, I want to ask Olivier: Are you happy?

I'm very happy. Louder, please. Are you happy?


To celebrate the union of this wonderful couple, Shen Tao, close friend of the bride Wang Ting, is presenting them with precious gifts.

His-and-hers iPhones.

Mrs. Shen... Where are you?

Mrs. Shen.

Mrs. Shen. Where is Mrs. Shen?


Now I ask the couple to thank Mrs. Shen.

First bow.

Second bow.

Third bow.

Mrs. Shen?

Mrs. Shen...

Someone's asking for you outside. Oh, thank you.

Shen Tao...

You are?

You don't know me.


Liangzi's wife.


Liangzi is back?

Yes, he is.

How is he?

He's not good.

Not good...

Be good.

Come in.

You came. Yes.

Where's Liangzi?

He's a big boy.

Oh, he's asleep. Just dropped off.

Liangzi... you came back.

You should have told me.

Your baby's so cute.

He's all right.

And you? How are you doing?


Where's your boy?

He's with Zhang Jinsheng.

Going to the International School in Shanghai.

Not with you?

He won custody.

And conditions are better in Shanghai.

Can you afford it?

Don't worry.

Thank you for helping.

It's really no big deal.

Do you still sing at the New Year dance party?

Not anymore.

I can't come up with good lyrics anymore.

Your keys.

He seems okay. He's from Yuci.

He is in the building industry.

He's a widower, raising his daughter alone.

He has enough money to take care of her.

A daughter?

Well, ask Tao to have a chat with him.

She's past forty, it gets harder to find someone.

She can't stay single all her life.

She should have a family of her own.

You talk to her.

She won't listen to me.


You're back, Tao.

It seems the gas station is doing well.

Yes, it's pretty good.

We should be going, Dad.

You're off somewhere?

Dad's wartime friend has a birthday.

I'll drive him to the station for the train to Shahe.

I should be going.

Come and see us, Tao. Look after yourself, Auntie.

Shall we, Dad?

You have your ID? Yes.

Train ticket? Yes.

Cell phone? Yes.

Then let's go. Okay.

Xiao Xing, watch the place for me. Yes ma'am, drive safely.

Old Wu?

I've arrived.

No rush, take your time.

I'll be in the waiting room.


The relative's here?

You are?

I'm his daughter.

Please show me your ID.

Are you planning burial or cremation?

You'll be taking the body, right?


Where's my dad?

Wait a moment, I'll make the preparations.


It's fixed, the ambulance will drive him back.


What is it?

They want 12,000, including the road toll.

Gas excluded.

It's fine.

I'm very, very sorry...

that things turned out this way.

Don't say that. Your birthday was spoiled.

Father passed away yesterday morning 7:20, send Dame back to Fenyang ASAP.

Hello, are you Mrs. Shen?

I am. Please sign here.

Thank you, please follow me.


Why don't you talk to your Mama?

Call me Ma.


Who taught you that?

Be grown-up. Say "Ma".

That scarf makes you look girlish.

Let's go home.

Mr. Shen... has flown up to heaven.

But his features remain. Alas, it is sad indeed.

His daughter cherishes his memory. His grandson pays his respects.

Light incense.

Light incense for Granddad.



Kneel for Granddad.

Dad, Dame came back to see you.

Do you miss me?

What's happening there?

Your Dad and I went to the consulate today, the immigration paperwork is done.

Dad called the lawyer in Melbourne, we've bought the house.

The white one?

That's right.

Can we see penguins there?

The penguins are on Philip Island... But there are kangaroos near the house.


Yes, the house is by a conservation area.

Your Dad has spoken to the best local school.

It has the best soccer team and the best dorm.

You'll have such a grown-up life, Dollar.

The other boys will be Australians.

Amongst them, you'll be speaking English in no time.

How does that sound?

Mama, smoking's bad for you.

You are truly Zhang Jinsheng's son.

You both like lecturing people.

Dad's name is Peter now.


He even has a foreign name.

You're better off with your dad.

Stay with him in Shanghai.

You can go to International School and then abroad.

Your Mama is no use to you.

Nobody can be with you all through life.

We're fated to be apart.

Have you eaten? Not yet.

Didn't I tell you to eat your meals on time?

Dad's booked your flight back, and I've booked your favorite restaurant.

Out of here.

Let me speak to Zhang Jinsheng. Thank you.

Tao. Zhang Jinsheng...

Will you tell that woman not to speak to my son in front of me?

What? Do you two have no sense at all?

I need to book the ticket for Dollar.

The flight ticket? No need, I'll book it myself.

Is that okay?

I'll get Dame back to you safe and sound.

Okay? That's all.

Mama's made you some long dumplings.

Eat long dumplings, grow taller.

Like it?

Tastes good. Very nice.

Why's this train so slow, Mama?

Because it's the slow train.

Why didn't we fly or take a fast train?

The slow train gives me a bit more time with you.

Like the song?

This is the place Dad wants to take me to.

I've made you a set of keys.

The big one's for the yard, the small one for the house.

You should have a set of keys to your home.

You'll always be welcome there.

It was in 2014, eleven years ago.

The country was caught up in that big anti-corruption campaign.

I went to Hong Kong and ran into Xing at the Four Seasons.

He couldn't decide whether to go back to Mainland China or not.

I called him "Xing." and he was furious.


Because "Xing" sounds like the word "Criminal" in Chinese.

Poor him.

I said, that's the name you inherited from your Dad.


Happens to be the year we left Shanghai.

I'd just gone through customs when I got a WeChat message... saying that Xing was being prosecuted.

Jinsheng... You've been hiding here long enough.

It's about time to go back. We'll see.

Your kid has suffered so much because of you.

Yeah... How's boss Liu lately? He retired. A safe landing.

Where's yours?


Boys... will be boys.

No problem.

You can do it all, can you?

You're the Top Gun?


Who do you think you are?

You say you can do anything?

Can't you learn your old man's Chinese?

You understand "old man"?

Old man means Father.

I'm your old man.

The father of Zhang Daole.


Who are you?

A friend...

I'm Dollar's friend.

So you want to hear all about our family problems?

I think he wants to talk with you, so he asked me to translate.


He wants to move out and quit college.

Nothing interests him, so he could end up doing anything.

I have just one question for him.

If he moves out, where's he going to live?

Who do you think you are?

How will you survive without a college degree?

Where did you pick up all this shit?

He wants to have his freedom.

Do you know what freedom is?

China doesn't permit individuals to own guns.

But Australia just changed the law, you can buy guns.

I now own a pile of guns, but no-one to fire them at.

So what's freedom?

Freedom is bullshit.