Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story (2013) Script

D? put your how calm Proch? from? counterplay between ?? i, lightweight? st? ela from? p? st? m? and what you hear talk ?? te ?? for the? e.

Howe sb? r? puck and the con ?? in the? You!

It's a Gordie Howe hat trick; g? l, assist and fight.

The heart and soul? e Detroit? organizations, nose? c? Rud jersey? s ?? a ?? s del number as 9

record? s twenty-p? t sez? n.

Howe is on the ice ?, and in the stands it in? e.

Howe will wed ?? years, p feeds? accurately?!

?? number 9 is now unstoppable?.

Howe is? m, and d? v? g? l!

Rud? to ?? dla from Detroit? t? a? the Stanley Cup in 1952.

not let ?? dn? doubts St. about? Absolute? nadvl? d?.

From? rocks twenty-two contiguous? ch Nominations? UTK to? n? h? W

and at the end of curry? ry leads historical? After? ad? st? ELC? NHL

udivuj? c? Balance? 786 g? L?.

PAN HOCKEY: P ?? B? H Gordie Howe

1971 Detroit? OLYMPIA ARENA: Evening Gordie Howe

D? Thank in? M.

Excuse m? ride ?.

I want below? Thank St? M d? Tem, who ?? Today it stands? after m? m side.

And the biggest? Ce of the? I want our pod? Shoeing St? Railways? ? en? Colleen?

spoluhr him best ?? ?? i, How? him I m? l.

I was py? N? M Rudým køídlem 25 let…