Mr. Nice Guy (1997) Script

lt's time for What's Cooking Tonight?

Here are your hosts, Melbourne's greatest chefs...

Baggio and Jackie!

Thank you.

Tonight, we combine the culinary arts... of the East and West.

Easy there, Jackie.

First, knead the dough. lt's like giving your true love a sensuous massage.

Then stretch and twist the dough.

Ladies, later, Jackie will do the same to your hair.

Now pull the dough into fine spaghetti noodles.

The alchemist works his magic, and before your eyes... a lump of dough transforms into delicious pasta.

Tina, baby.

You are so beautiful. l know who you are. You're with the Demons.

Take her to the guesthouse!

Let go of me!

Enjoy your stay!


Tuck her in, boys!

Let's go to town.

lt's Tara. She's a Demon girl.

For this bitch you betray me? l just...

How much did they pay you? l think l was drunk. l didn't know she was a Demon.

Some punk stole my coke... because you couldn't control yourself? l'll get it back.


Boss, the Demons are here!


Tara, you bitch.

You set me up.

Careful! l'm good at cutting things off.

Excuse me. l thought we were here to do business.

Mr. Giancarlo, let's deal.

Here's half a million.

Give me back what's mine, l let you walk away.

Half a million, huh?

How much do you want?

All of it.

Not the whole 10 million.

What's the world coming to... when a businessman has to pay to buy back his own stuff?

Your stuff, huh? Only stuff l got is mine!

Call me when you're ready to deal. l'll kill you!

Go to hell!

You first!

Let's get out of here!

Who the hell...


Get them !

Richard, hurry!

Hurry up!



Get out of the way, Dave.

-What's this? -The girl and guy dropped it.

-Where's the tape? -The girl took it.

Get her!

Get her!

-l want that tape! -Right. l want this place spotless.

Let's go.

Move aside!

What the...

What's going on?

Look out!

Why are they after you? l don't know. l didn't do anything.

There she is!

You OK?


Now it's empty!


Keep looking! Over there!



You're fast.

There they are!

Let's go!



How'd you...

Let's go.

How did he do that?

This time, you go your way, l go my way.

Which way are you going?

-That way. -Bye-bye.

There he is!

l don't know her!

You understand?

Let's go get him !


Thank you. lce cream !

Go on, look around.


Have you seen a Chinese guy?

Yeah. Me!

Another Chinese guy.

Right here!

He's here!

Want some ice cream? l now pronounce you husbands and wives!

Watch out!



This way!

Damn it!

Don't worry. l know that guy.



Quick! Over here!

My tape!

My flowers!

l think we got away. l hope. You OK?

How about you? l'm fine, but my poor car. l'm sorry. lt's OK.

Thanks for coming to my rescue.

You're welcome.

By the way, l'm Diana. l'm Jackie. l know you. You do that cooking show.

You're a nice guy.

A nice guy.

Watch me on the Big Story tonight.

Big Story? l seen it.

lt's Jeremy from channel 13.

Where's your exclusive? Call me. lt's Annie at Global.

Heard you got a hot story.

We could do better than channel 13.

Hi, Lakeisha.


Hi, Sonny, Nancy!

Dad, how are you? l'm still kicking.

Open the door!

Hi, everybody.

Hi, Sonny and Nancy.

You're looking sharp.

-l'm lucky to be here. -Why? l was shopping, and l was shot at.

They were chasing a woman they thought was with me.

Was anybody hurt?

My poor car is full of holes.

-Where'd this happen, downtown? -lt did.

Who was this woman?

Her name's Diana.

She said to watch the Big Story tonight. l should take this down so l can file a report.

Put that away. You're off duty. l don't want to talk about it now.

For this bitch you betray me?

This is cool! l want to watch cartoons.

Melbourne's greatest chefs...

Oh, my God.

First, knead the dough. lt's like giving your true love a sensuous massage.

Help me.

Who is it?


Let me in.


Now pull the dough into fine....

Hold it. This ain't the tape.

Where's the tape? lt's with that guy. transformed into delicious pasta.

Don't try anything stupid.

Whatever you say.

-Sorry. -Sorry?

You trying to get a cheap thrill?

Don't just stand there acting innocent.

Did you get a good feel?

That's OK. You can go.

Move it.

Don't push me!

That guy's trying to cop a feel.

Hurry it up!

What's the hurry?

You men are all the same. You can't wait, can you?

Can't wait to see what you've paid for.

No worries.

What's this?

A gun?


Out of my way!

Watch out!

Come on. Get up.

Where'd she go?

Come on, this way.


What the hell's going on?

What's with all that? Did you see that?

They've gone.

Where's the phone?

Over there.

This looks great. l can't wait to see what happens on the Big Story.

What do you think of Jackie's new recipes?


You never say that about my cooking.

Grandpa, you've always said being a chef is the best.

Yeah. Being a cop is too dangerous.

The kitchen is a safe place.

That's right. That's why Jackie's not a cop.

That's true.

Jackie's dad and l were best friends.

We owned a restaurant together.

Before he died... l promised l'd take care of Jackie and keep him safe.

As long as l'm around, Jackie's a chef, not a cop. l'll go get dessert.

Strange. The Big Story is not on tonight.

Where's your mystery woman? l don't know.

What are you doing tomorrow morning?

Taking a load of videos for the show.

Why? What do you want?

-Can you take me to the airport? -OK.

Come on. We're going!

We're leaving! Come on!

Come on! We're leaving!

He's dead.

He's gonna pay for this.

Giancarlo, you're a dead man.

Snake's dead, Tina's missing. l'll teach you to mess with the Demons.

What do you think you're doing? l'm gonna shove these up Giancarlo's ass. l'm gonna kill them all!

Shut up! You'll get us all killed.

You bitch.

Look at you.

Who do you want to kill, me or Giancarlo?

How long is she staying? l don't know. lf she likes it, she may stay longer.

Are you going to marry her?


Do you love her?



Nice to meet you.

What'd you say?

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together... for everyone's favorite culinary cut-ups...

Baggio and Jackie!

Welcome to the 10th annual "Feed the Hungry" benefit.

Thank you for opening your hearts...

And your wallets... help the needy.

You eat today so they can eat tomorrow. l smell money out there.

After the show... stop by and purchase your personally autographed...

Cooking with Baggio and Jackie video.

All of our proceeds... go directly to "Feed the Hungry."

Anybody hungry?



Sit. Relax.

Open wide!

Over here.

Here we go.

Careful. Don't get egg on your face.


Up here.



Want more?


Trouble is coming.

What trouble?

Go. Quick.

Gentlemen, please take your seat.

You'll get your turn.

Stop it!

Call security.

Call the police!

Where's the tape?

What tape?

The video!


Over there, for sale.

Oh, my God.


There are too many innocent people down there.

There he goes! After him !

What's going on?

This way!

Hurry! He's up there!

Let's get up there!


Look out!

Move it!

There he is!

Faster! Go!

Excuse me!

Look out!


Stop them !


Out! Move!

What do you want with that guy?

He's got a videotape that exposes us all.


Thief! l'm gonna--

Wait! l can explain.

You can explain it to the cops.

l'm not a thief. l'm looking for something that belongs to me.

Uh-huh. l got it right here.

Enough, you psycho!

Stop! Stop! You're trashing my place! lt's not my fault. She's doing the trashing.

And now l'm going to trash your butt!


Stop it!

Look at my place.

How could you do this after l saved your life? l'm sorry.

Look, l dropped a videotape in your car yesterday... and l have to get it back.

That must be the video the gangsters wanted.

You didn't give it to them, did you?

Good. Just give it to me. l don't have it.

-What? -What?

You have to, because when l got home... l had one of your stupid cooking videos.



Please. l've got to have that tape. l'll do anything. l'll bet you will.

What do you mean, do anything? lf l had the tape, l would give it to you.

You should go to the police. l'd be happy to take her.

Please just go.

You don't understand-- l understand. l know.

My vase?

Sorry. lt's OK. l can fix it.

Jackie, if you could just help me.

You're my last hope--

They're coming to kill me.


Hurry up! Hurry up!

You were right. ls there another way out?

Yes. Follow me.

Every time l see you, it's trouble.

This way.


Be careful.


Wait for me.

This is the other way out?

Yeah. Are you scared?


Go. l'll go. OK.

Giancarlo needs that tape. lt's bonus time.

That's what l'm talking about.


Shit. Shit.

-Need any help? -No.

-OK. See you later. -OK.

Why did you stop? l'm afraid of heights!

Come on!


Look straight.

Now what?

Close your eyes.

Now what?

Well done!

All right, Giancarlo. Payback time.

l'll check in here.

Hang on!

That's the guy that's got the tape.

Come on.

l'll arrange a safe house for you all to stay in.

You mean like a jail? No, thanks.

You can take care of yourself, but what about the others?

Hey, l'm sticking with Jackie until l get my tape back.

Where are you going to stay?

Anywhere... like Lakeisha's place.

What? My place?

Any problem with that?

No problem.

You're all welcome.

See? No problem.

Jackie, be careful.

Gentlemen, you asked for a meeting.

We need that cocaine shipment.

We've lost a lot of business.

There's no product to sell.

How can l keep my men if l can't pay them?

People don't respect us anymore.

The Vietnamese are moving in on our territory.

Damn it, Giancarlo, you've got to do something.

Soon, we'll have nothing left.

Gentlemen, thank you for your concern... but l assure you business will continue as usual.

You may go.

Keeps his house so clean you can't even fart.

Sorry. We didn't get the tape, and four guys got blown up.


Either l get the tape, or you'll never be seen again!

Let me do that.

Thank you.

Yes, yes. That feels good.

What is she saying?

She just wants to buy some clothes.

Not a problem.

She's a bit smaller than me, but... l've got something that should fit her just fine.

What are you talking about?

She said, "Thank you for your generosity."

Come with me.

Don't be shy.


Did you go anywhere else yesterday?

Get over here.

-Who are you? -Where's the tape?

Oh, my God. You want the tape, too? lf you find it, please take it!

Find it!

Just don't hurt anyone.

Hey, who are you?


-What's the matter with you? -Bathroom.

-Just hold it. -OK.

-Don't try anything funny now. -l won't.

Cops! Come on, let's go.

Take her!

The phone is gonna ring in 12 hours.

Be ready to trade.

What happened?

They took Miki.

All units, this is Captain Morrison.

Don't anyone make a move without my order.

Listen up.

Stay out of sight until the hostage is safe.

So you got the tape?

Trace that call.

Where are you? l'm in Chinatown. l'm ready to trade.

Victoria Market.

Can you get to Central Melbourne?

Yes, l can.

Let's go. He's on the move.

Unit four, go to Victoria Market.

Take the corridor and stay in contact.

Unit two. l've got Jackie in sight.

This is unit four. We're at Victoria Market.

-Check that out. -You got it. l'm at Melbourne Central.

St. Kilda Beach.

You see the tram stop?

Hop on the St. Kilda Beach tram.

Unit one, St. Kilda Beach.

This is unit two. l've got Jackie in sight.

Copy that. This is unit three. We've got him, too.

l'm on the tram.

Any tricks, and we'll kill your girlfriend.

No tricks. Don't hurt her.

Get off the tram now.

What about St. Kilda beach?

Do as l say. Get off.

Unit two, Exhibition Centre. Copy?

Unit two. Copy.

They're playing with us.

All units, focus in on Jackie.

Unit two. Copy.

Unit three. Copy that.

Unit four. Roger.

Hey, watch it.

Remember-- behave yourself.

Say hello to your boyfriend.

Take it easy.

Hostage spotted. North side.

All agents to converge on Jackie.

Not so close.

Get back. You are too close.



Come here!

Hey, stop it!

What are you doing?

Get off there!

Be careful up there!


Move it! Come on, hurry up!

Down the tunnel!

Move it!

Damn it!

Where are they? lt's over!

Stop following me!

Let's go.

Jackie, look, l'm sorry, OK?

You promised me she'd be safe.

Damn it, l didn't think they'd be so smart.

They saw the agents!

-What? -Look!

This, stupid!

Those vests are regulation! l won't jeopardize the safety of my men!

Their safety? What about Miki? l told you, but you never listen!

Damn you! How can l get Miki back?

They were following my orders!

Your stupid orders!

Cool down, OK? l promise we'll get Miki back. l'll get her back. You just stay out of my way. lf you interfere in police business... l'll have you arrested.

Arrest me? Go ahead!

Go ahead!

Jackie, don't worry.

They'll call. They need that tape.

What if they don't call?

Hey, you!


What are you looking at, fat boy?

-Somebody need help? -Yeah, you!

What happened? l'm too nosy.

Are you all right?

Where's my girlfriend?

Wait. l don't care what you do to me, just let her go!

Are you sure this is the right tape? lt's the right tape.

Let her go. lf you're jerking us around... you and your girlfriend are in trouble.

We got the tape.

Let's call Giancarlo and set up a meeting.

Boss, there's a phone call for you.

We've got your tape and the cocaine.

Meet us at the Golden Garden construction site in an hour.

The price is doubled.

Thank you very much.

Take the tape.

None of my business. None of my business.

What are you doing?

Watch the knife.

Where is my girlfriend?

Where is she?

Say it!

At the Golden Garden construction site.

Let me go!

Tell me what happened!

Just let me go!

Let him go.

There's Jackie. Stop. l didn't do nothing!

Police brutality!

You're all my eyewitnesses!

Go on. Hit me, somebody.

My pleasure!

Here we go, then.

He hit me. You see that?

And your mother, too!

Let's go.

You two stay here.

Wait. l think that what--

Touch her again... and l cut 'em off.

Where's my girlfriend?

We'll waste you, Demons!

Giancarlo's men! Run!

You're a pretty one.

Where's my cocaine?

Quick! Over here!

Where's the tape? And where's my cocaine? l don't have the tape!

What happens to us if l tell you?

You're free to go.

You have my word.

Two crates... in that room.

We found it!

She's all yours, boys.

Go! Save yourself!


What happened?

The girl--she got away.

Who cares?

Boss, the Chinese cook... he's upstairs.

The Chinese cook?

So who are you? l'm Miki.

Jackie's my boyfriend.

Well, how about that? l must be living right.

Take her!

Put that in the car.

Stand over there.

You're gonna get us killed.

Lakeisha, you're my star witness.

l'll get help.

Don't hit me!

That way!

Grab one!

Throw her over.

Hey! What the hell are you doing?

You heard the man. He said no.

Put her down.

Finally, we meet.

Try not to get any dirt on my car.



Come here, hmm?

What's so interesting on TV?

What's the world coming to when a businessman... has to pay to buy back his own stuff?

Your stuff, huh?

Where'd you get the tape?

At Grandpa's house. Uncle Jackie brought it.

-They got the girls. -What?

-They've taken them hostage. -Are they hurt bad? l don't know. We've got units standing by.

You better get down here. l'm on my way.

This is all the information we have on Giancarlo.

-Thanks. l owe you one. -l won't forget.

l can't even sit?

Look at you.

The boss is very meticulous about his home.

Hand over the tape. l don't have it!

Leave him alone!

-lt's at my friend's. -So call him.

Come on, Romeo. Answer the phone.

Where are you?

Hi. lt's Jackie.

Remember the tape l gave you?

You haven't seen it? Good.

Can you bring it to me?


What's the address?

Anybody know the address?

They won't tell me. l'll come get it. Yes.

See you later. Don't go anywhere. l'll be there soon.


He found the tape, but l have to go get it.

See you soon.

You like to play games?


Let's play one of mine.

The judge is looking at the tape right now.

We're close to breaking this wide open. l don't want a loose cannon jeopardizing the case... so l'm here to make sure there are no more screwups.

Now, l want you to cool down.

Well, here's your chance.

Show me what you got.

Real sweet punch.

Almost got me.

What am l paying you idiots for?

He almost got me that time!

Don't mind the ropes.

Take your best shot.

Don't spit in my house.

No, no! Don't pull!

No! Pull!



-Boss! -What?

Luigi and the others, they're here.

Forget the damn tape.

Take him to the guesthouse!

Out of the way!

Yes, boss.


They might as well give us condoms.

Take the girls over there. l'll look after this one.

Look out!

Get in!

Quick, quick, quick!

Look out!

Get out!

Remember, stay cool.

What do you want?

We want to see Giancarlo.

Maybe he doesn't want to see you.

That kind of rudeness simply will not be tolerated.

You wish to see me?

Captain Morrison, NEA.

This is Romeo Baggio.

Where's Jackie? lf you've done anything to him-- l have no idea who you're talking about. ls your name Jackie?

You Jackie?

l know you.

You're the city's biggest drug lords. l told you to cool it!

You have any evidence?

You know the law. l could shoot you like a dog for trespassing... so why don't you just leave?


Let's get out of here.

Come on. Let's go.

Can you believe those two?

That Romeo's got some big brass ones.

He better be careful... or he'll find them hung on his Christmas tree.

What's that doing here?

Hey, it's Jackie. l know it's Jackie.

Hold it!

Do something!

Come on!

Get out!

All right, Jackie!


Sorry, Captain.

Who is that guy, anyway?

Did you see anything?

No, Captain, l didn't see anything.


You boys see anything?

No, sir!

Come on, gentlemen.

Right, that's it.

Up you go.

Roll over.

Come on.

You're licked, mate.

Let's go.

Captain, we got the evidence to put Giancarlo away for good.

Take him away.

Jackie, we got here as soon as we could.

-Really, we did. -Yeah, right.


Honest, Jackie.

-Sharp? l'm lucky to be here. -Why? l was shopping, and l was shot by the gangsters.

Oh, my God.

-Who's the dialogue? -You.

My dialogue?

Now l'm nervous.

When l speak English, l'm nervous!

Sharp? l'm--

Sharp? l'm lucky to be here.

What do you smile for?

Just happy.