Mr. Soft Touch (1949) Script

Thank you. You're a kind soul.

[ Radio ]

"Car 341. Car 341."

"Go to south-east corner of Maxwell and Clinton."

"Cat in tree."

You'd better get that windshield fixed. Yeah.

Fifty bucks? Yeah.

Sorry .. I must have left my change at home.

It will be a pleasure Mr Rockefeller.

[ Radio ] "Car 3.2. Pick up your hot sheets."

"Attention all cars."

"The stolen car, a black '47 Lincoln sedan."

"This car stolen from The River Club within past hour."

"License plate: 1N 9319."

"Repeat check. License plate: 1N 9319."

That's him.

[ Female scream ]

Wow .. he beat her, I think.

Beware! Beware!

The treachery of women. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

That's a musician's idea of love.

Mum .. you know .. oh.

Please Victor, please.

There he goes with that bell again. It's got to stop.

If there's anything I can't stomach, it's a noisy drunk.

Husbands of the world. Awake! Awake!

Oh Victor, Victor .. Away.

Nothing but a tragic eggshell. Nothing but gloom.

Joe. Where have you been all night? Did you get the ticket?

Ticket? Yeah.

We got the ticket alright.

But he drank your change.

Where am I going?

Yokohama. Where?

Yokohama in Japan. You said the first boat.

That's what I meant. Joe.

Why are you going?

We helped to win a war, didn't we? I want to see what we won.

Hey, I could use a little soap and water here.

Joe, before you go you must hear this.

A tone poem.

These two hands have created a farewell elegy for the pure in heart.

For Leo Christopher, my sweet brother.

Destroyed, vanished.

Because he refused to sell you out while you were gone, Joe.

You, his friend and partner.

[ Radio ]

"On the street and in full view of thousands of spectators."

"Which gives her my nomination for Woman Of The Year."

"Some people never sleep."

"Now stand by for today's headlines."

"The inside story of one of the most sensational hold-ups in club history."

"A lone bandit gained entrance to the heavily guarded River Club."

"Swank playground of the gambling fraternity."

"And held up the cashier while the clientele played on."

Was it a bandit?

This reporter says "no".

The inside story is that a former owner suddenly came back to town.

Only to discover that the mob had taken over his River Club.

Early this morning, he held up the cashier.

It will be a miracle if they find the guy.

And his first name is "Joe".

"Take a tip from me, Joe. Protect yourself."

"Get yourself an army."

"Now, a word from my sponsor .."

Why should you have to steal your own money, Joe?

It was yours, yours and Leo's. You owned The River Club.

They'll never look for you here.

If they do, I won't be here. I'll be on my way. I'll be on ..

Hey, wait a minute. This boat doesn't sail today.

No Joe, tomorrow night. Tomorrow night?

Two days and a night. What am I going to do for thirty-six hours?

Sorry Joe. That's the best I could do. That's not your fault.

Or stay here Joe.

You forget you're Leo's brother? Well, they'll remember.

Maybe they won't. "Maybe" isn't good enough for me.

I'll think of something. I'll think of something.

[ Door knocks ]

Who is it? The Police. Open up.

Yes? What is it?

Open the door and we'll be glad to tell you.

But what is it?

Come on lady, open the door. Open the door.

Just one moment, please.

Come on lady, open the door or we'll have to break it down.

Come on, come on, come on.

One moment. I'm having trouble with this lock.

Come on now, on with your clothes. Alright Miller, start searching.

Lively now .. no flimflams.

It's all over my boy.

What seems to be the trouble?

What seems to be the trouble is you.

And plenty of it.

My boy, it's the long arm of the law. You can't escape it.

Alright now, hand it over.

What? You know what. Where is it?

Where is what?

The bell. The blasted, devilish bell. Now hand it over.

Oh, the bell?


Let me handle it my way Sarge. He'll tell me where it is.

Steady Miller .. we represent the law.

Have you no humanity?

Your fellow citizens needing their sleep.

And you, ringing that bell and playing that music.

And you know, in my 29 years in the force.

I don't mind telling you I've met some fine loonies but never the likes of you.

The Police have more important things to attend to.

Than chasing after a lazy loafer, ringing bells and playing that music.

Fit to stir up the sleeping dead, and beating up your poor morsel of a wife.

Do you know what you need? What you need is a ..

A little understanding.

Is it the social worker again?

Come in, Miss Jones, come in. I'm in Sergeant.

Am I too late? Positively, he's under arrest.

That makes even less sense than usual, Sergeant. This man isn't a criminal.

He's a menace to the community, why he ..

Mr Christopher, if you'd listen to your wife and come to me to talk things over.

This wouldn't have happened. Alright Christopher, let's get going.

Why you can't take him. Shut up.

Uh .. darling.

Arrest doesn't solve these problems. It never has.

"Disturbing The Peace" is the charge. A night in the house guard for you.

That will hush things up here.

Is that the Christmas spirit? To take a man away from his wife on Christmas Eve?

That's tomorrow night. If he behaves himself, he'll be out by then.

Judge Fuller is a very busy man. I'd hate to bother him.

Would you do that to me again? Yes, I certainly would.

Let's take him in, Sarge. Oh no, no Miller. None of that.

Why, Policeman don't arrest people any more in this neighbourhood.

These are issues for the Family Division of the Borden Street Settlement House.

Whose fine purpose it is, to hold the family together.

Isn't that right, Miss Jones? When possible.

So you see Miller, he isn't to blame.

He's only a pitiful victim of society.

Mr Christopher, suppose Sergeant Garrett could see his way, just this once ..

To let you come and talk things over with me.

How would that strike you? I'm a reasonable man.

No doubt.

But he's a wife-beater. The lowest thing a man can do is beat his wife.

Miller my boy, are you married? No.

Then, skip it.

Shall we say at ten-thirty, then?

It's a date.

Thanks Sergeant. You're a sweet gent, a credit to the force.

I'm a victim of society too since Judge Fuller's wife joined the settlement job.

I know. I know you know.

Goodbye Mrs Christopher. Try not to worry too much.

Remember, your appointment is at ten-thirty.

Yeah .. I'll remember.

Hello .. who?

"Is Joe Miracle there?" Joe Miracle?

We haven't seen him in years. Who's calling?

It's time to blow. Where?

I don't know. I've got to get out of here.

The jail .. the Sergeant said "one night in jail" didn't he?

Where else can I find a safer place until the boat sails, huh?

Scream! No, wait a minute, wait. I've got a better idea. Give me that.

That does it!

I don't know why Sergeant but when I get the urge, I have to ring that bell.

But Sergeant .. No more social talk, Miss.

This time he's ours and you can't talk me out of him.

Goodbye my darling, and take care of things.

And, until tomorrow night .. Bon voyage.

Take me away, Sergeant. Come on.

Listen, Sergeant. Sorry, Miss Jones, but you have to ..

So he gets the urge sometimes, night or day and has to ring this bell?

That's right Your Honour. Ever since I was a kid.

We have ways of curing such strange urges. How do you plead?

Guilty, Your Honour .. very guilty.

Ten dollars or .. Just a minute, Judge Fuller.

Ah good morning Jenny. Good morning.


Sentence suspended. Defendant remanded to the custody of Miss Jenny Jones.

But your honour? Next case.

Come on.

How far is this place of yours from here?

Next corner, to the right.

Now look, when we get to that corner, suppose you go to the right, see.

I got to the left. I want to catch a boat.

Yeah, while you're catching that boat, better take a look over your shoulder.


Right, so I spend the night with them.

You'll spend thirty nights with them if they take you back now.


The sign looks fine, Alex. Thank you, Miss Jones.

Good morning, Miss Jones? Good morning.

You live at 34/82 Maple Street? And the baby is three months old?

I'm sure we can help you, if you don't mind waiting a few moments.

This way, Mr Christopher.

You'll be more comfortable in here. I doubt it.

"Hello." Hello Clara?

Oh Joe. Where are you? Is everything alright?

I'm down at The Settlement House.

Will you bring me .. the "stuff" in the garbage can right away?


Okay, I'll hang around until you get here .. bye.



I've got a sore finger.

Do you usually go around scaring people?

Well, they usually scare me.

There's a lot of big thoughts around here.

What is this known as? The handwriting on the wall?

Among other things.

Nice words. What do they mean? Just what they say.

Once you've heard the people calling, you can never heed aught else.

Do you believe all that? You don't?

Words ..

What do you believe in, Mr Christopher? Not words.

Then what?

Miss Jones, let's count my beliefs among the missing .. shall we.

Just as you say.

It's as good as new honey. Run along.

Won't you sit down?

What's troubling you, Mr Christopher? I don't know.

I know things have been difficult, but I want you to know that we can help you.

And will.

You are a musician? Oh .. one of the greatest.

The last time you worked was over two years ago.

Eh what? According to your wife.

Oh yes .. yes. Why do you beat her?

I beat my wife because I love her.

Were you ever beaten by someone you love?

No ..

No .. no, not you.

Every night, she wakes the neighbours. Suppose you hurt her, seriously?

You can't hurt anyone you really love. Yes you can.

Don't ever hit anybody.

With all your love, you may cripple her for life.

Something you could never undo, something you'd regret.

Don't hit anybody.

Mr Christopher.

It's been our experience that when a man beats his wife, he's been drinking.

Usually because he's out of a job.

Well .. we'll find a job for you.

It may take a day or so.

A day or so? That's my problem, you see ..

I can't bear to face her when I'm not working.

Well, you could spend a few days here with us. Would that help?

You mean, sleep here too? Yes.

You could help the kids with their music. Their orchestra is ..

Don't worry, I'd make myself very, very useful.

Good .. you can begin by bringing these Christmas decorations into the gym.

Yeah .. here we go.

There we go.

Miss Jones. Yes.

Richie can't make it. His mother's having another .. - I know.

There you are. Fourteen dollars even.

So, the truck won't be here for a while. You boys don't mind waiting, do you?

Oh no Miss Jones, of course not. And Yonzi. - Yeah?

Would you ask Mr Bandeau to give you a nice, large tree?

Like last year's would be fine. Leave it to me.

Hey Mister, I'd like to talk to you. You're talking.

Short term investment. A sure thing.

What's your story?

His big brother's a jockey.

How much will it take?

It will take about fifty. Fifty cents will swing it.

Where can you make a bet around here? Know the piano store down the block?

Yeah. Well, it ain't no piano store.

It ain't? No. There's a back room.

Well, what do you say? The race goes in eight minutes.

Take a look at the good odds.

Here's a buck. Make us both rich.

Don't go away.

Hey .. what's with the buck?

Easy. He don't even ask who's the horse.


You got them with you? Well, naturally.

What's up?

A greenie from Sweeney.

What's that? A domino? Oh no. Dice.

Oh. Want to play?

For fun or for real?

Let's try for real, yeah? Yeah.

After you. Thank you.

The kid shoots two bucks. Alright.

Let me get my money out here. How much did you say? Two bucks?

Two bucks, here we go.

Hey can I shoot first? No, no, no. He gets to shoot first.

Well, I'd like to.

High roller shoots first. Right.

Five. Yeah.

Six. Yeah.

Seven. Hey, you're lucky.

I'll shoot the fourth, yeah? Uhuh.

Eleven. Hey, wait a minute.

These are the crooked dice, aren't they? Oh, no, no.

Shoot to win?

Yeah, but hit the wall, huh? Yup.

Blow on them. Warm them up. They're warm enough. Shoot.

You all through, fellows?

Yozenic didn't have a chance.

You had to roll a five?

Don't tell me .. I know.

Hey Jack, you got to listen. It's all a mistake.


We can't lose that money. It's not ours.

You should have thought of that before you started.

It's for the Christmas tree okay. For the party.


What's so special about a tree? The woods are full of them.

Miss. Do you know a Mrs Christopher when you see her? - Yes.

Well, isn't she .. I mean, hasn't she been here?

No, not today. I see. Okay, thank you very much.

You got to be .. you just can't .. Sorry. I'm sorry.

Why that cheap and cheesy phony-baloney. I never seen that before. Come on.

Hello. Hello.

Hi .. excuse me.

The people of the United States in order to form a more pleasant union.

Established justice, ensured domestic tranquillity, for the common defence.

Promote the general welfare, and secured the blessings of ..




Your wife is here. Who?

Your wife.

Oh .. I was just trying to reach her on the phone.

You may use my office. Thank you.

What happened? We had visitors.

A man named Rainey. I know, I know. What happened?

They were asking about you. What did they find out?


What did they find? Nothing.

I brought the package.

How'd you do it? I took the garbage down.

I checked on the boat. It sails tomorrow night at eight.

Can you stay here until then?

I'm going to have to. They'll be looking for me every place else.

Besides, I'm kind of getting to like it here.

Here. Oh no, John.

Come on, take it. Oh no Joe, you're a friend.

Alright. Never refuse a friend, do you? Oh please, I ..

Come on, take it .. it's only garbage.

How's Victor?

Don't worry about him. He'd never tell them anything.

I won't.

Joe .. you're a King .. the best.

How do you do? Hello.

How's the decorating coming? Oh, that's great. Just fine.

All done with it? Uh .. no ..

No, not quite. Oh no. No hurry.

That harmonica music really gets me.

Right. Come on, let's go.

Get it up on the truck. Come on, let's go.


Well, what's wrong with this tree? This tree belongs to the city.

I know. But Officer, is this the Christmas spirit?

No, and this is not a Christmas tree. It ain't?

No .. look.

Holy smokes.

It was dark.


Now, you were a kid once Officer, after all ..

Well .. Sure, you must have been a kid.

Now wait a minute. Whether I was ever a kid or not doesn't make any difference.

Did you hurt yourself?

No, but I really put my foot in it this time, didn't I.

It may be funny to you, but it's the only piano we have.

Well, it was just an accident. An accident?

Like gambling with the boys and taking the Christmas tree money away from them.

Now, Miss Jones .. now wait a minute.

Get Byrd.

Hey Byrd.

What's he doing down here? I never saw him before.

You know him? I know him.


Worse. You'd better see what he wants.

Something I can do for you? You sell pianos here?

What else? How much do you get for this one?

For you, six hundred dollars. Go ahead.

A good strong piano?

All my pianos are strong.

Well, maybe you have some stronger ones in the back room?

This is the piano for you, pal.

The strongest. Guaranteed for three years.

You think you'll be in business that long?

Down at the district attorney office .. Now, wait a minute, pal.

Let's talk this over. I'm sure we can straighten everything out.

You wouldn't be trying to suggest .. No, nothing like that.

Don't get me wrong. Don't get me wrong?

I sure picked that eighth race, didn't I?

Padrewski and Rachmaninov, huh?

You are new on this beat, aren't you?

Everybody knows I am a good fellow.

Take this piano. What would I do with one of these?

Anybody can use a piano. It's Christmas.

Well, you've got enough pianos. You got enough pianos.

Tell you what, as you're a good fellow maybe they can use it round the corner.

Come here.

Tonight Mr Saratoga.

He's from the DA's Office. He shakes me down for a piano for a Settlement House.

What do you think? Oh, I think you'd better send it.

Are you sure it's safe now?

What? This ladder.

It makes me awfully nervous you standing up there. I'm going to help.

No thank you. It's done now.

I'd like to get down.

You're doing fine. Come on, give me your hand. I'll help you.

You'll help by getting off the ladder.

You ought to climb ladders more often.

Go ahead and move some more.

You do something to clothes when you move.

Don't talk that way to me.

You're blushing.

Don't get mad. I think you look great in that dress.

What's the matter? Don't you like clothes?

Of course .. I wear them all the time.

You know something? I'd like to see you in red silk.

I'd like to see you on a dance floor.

Or in a motorboat, or on a diving board, high up.

What's the point of all this? Fun.

You ever hear of it? I hear you are a married man.

I'm not asking you to marry me. What are you asking?

I'm asking you .. if you can smile, Miss Jones.

I am smiling.

Now, don't overdo it.

Try it .. you can't use it up you know.

Don't you believe me?

I hardly know what to believe Mr .. Christopher.

Always believe what you want to believe.

This way please!

Jenny .. the piano is here.

What piano? I don't know, but it's here.

Such a nice big one too.

Over here please.

Are you sure you have the right place? Is this the Borden Street Settlement?

Yes. It's the right place.

Take it easy fellows. Who sent it?

Santa Clause .. okay fellows, let's go.

There must be some mistake. I know who must have sent it.

It's that nice anonymous person who donated this gymnasium.

Look, when somebody gives, take. When somebody takes, scream.

That's an old Bulgarian proverb. Bulgarian eh? Very clever.

My, what a lovely tree .. so big.

Well, time for bed. Goodnight children. Goodnight, Miss Balmuss.


If we are to be of any help, there must be some honesty between us.

Look, anything I tell you, is on the level.

Anything else is strictly your own guess.

I don't like to guess.

At any rate, it seems I owe you an apology.

Not me .. no, you don't owe me a thing. I mean about gambling with the boys.

Oh that?

Well uh .. somebody has to teach those kids a lesson.

Otherwise they'd end up in the gutter.

Besides, they have to know better than to gamble .. with strangers.

They know it now.

What I wanted to say is "thanks". Oh, don't thank me.

Now, if I do anything for you ..

It's just because I'm trying to get you to like me.

You know, like you do with those kids.

Only you're not a kid. That's right.

If I get you to like me, I may make use of it someday.

Miss Jones, how come you're not married? How come you get so personal?

You ask me personal questions.

How come you don't smile more often?

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Why in my day, even the cows had more sense than humans have today.

They knew what they had to do, and did it.

Back in Yonkers the schools really taught you something.

As sure as my name is "Rickle", I'm going to have a talk with the mayor.

Welcome friend. I'm going to tell them about my plan ..

I owe you an apology.

Didn't it fit? Oh sure. Thanks.

Glad to have it back.

What is our system of education?

Parsley on fish! That's all useless.

Take my brother. A college man with six degrees.

Studied mathematics, in all its forms.

Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus.

Goes into a restaurant and gets short-changed.

They didn't teach him to think!

With all his learning, he never saw a hundred-dollar bill in his life.

Friend .. you look like an educated man.

Could you tell us whose face is on a thousand-dollar bill?

Grover Cleveland.

Army style?

That's right.

It's changed some since my day.

I've always been a leader of men. Always will.

And let me tell you something else. I just can't wait for the bust-up.

What's busting up?

The whole, entire shooting-match. And I say "good riddance".

Got to watch it.

We had better call on the carpenters before it's too late.

That's what I'd do. I'd put everything in the hands of the carpenters.

They'd rebuild. What do you do?

I'm a carpenter.

If I had my way .. Where's my towel?

You're using it, friend.

Why, in the summer of 1906 ..

No ifs, ands, or buts. I'm telling you all for the last time.

Shut up!

I sure wish they'd pass a law against ignorance.

Oh, Miss Jones? Yes?


I'm looking for Joe Miracle. Who?

Joe Miracle .. or Mirakowski.

There's no one here by those names.

Is he a client, a resident, or a staff worker?

No, he's a big hunk of guy. One of a kind.

Steel plate eyes ..

Dark ..

The kind you'd remember.

Who are you?

If you'll open this paper to page 8 column 3 ..

Suppose you tell me.

The name is Byrd, early bird. An old friend.

I'm sorry, I don't think I can help you.

Well .. you're not even going to try, are you?

We don't discuss clients. Is that what you call him?

Well .. sorry to have troubled you.

Mister Byrd.

This man .. what did you say his name was?

Joe Miracle.


You women ..

Alex. Yes, Miss Jones.

Alex, there's .. there's a new man upstairs in the dormitory.

Tell him I'd like to see him in the morning. At 9:30 in my office.

Yes, Miss Jones.

Take it easy, buster. The day is young, but you're not.

In the new man's mattress I find ..

I know ..

Did you tell him I wanted to see him this morning?

Yes, Miss Jones. Where is he?

He gets up very early this morning. I can't find him.

I do wrong? No.

No, I'll take care of it. Thank you.

Hello, I've been looking for you all day. Where have you been?

I've been around.

I felt sure you'd gone for good this time, and my chapeau with you.

Oh .. thanks.

It's my pleasure. I've always had high-class people for friends.

You know uh .. I had a big fight with my conscience about you last night.

Who won? My conscience.

I had to go to the bank to check. "Grover Cleveland" it is.

Where have you been?

I'm sorry. I forgot you wanted to see me.

Don't stop. I like that clackety-clack. It has such a nice, clean, busy sound.

Did they call today? Who?

The people.

No .. not today.

But somebody did call last night.

Yeah? A man named "Byrd".

He was looking for "Joe Miracle".

What did you tell him?

That we don't discuss clients.


I should have told him the truth. But you didn't .. why?

Because last night, I didn't know that Joe Miracle was carrying a gun.

Now I know.

What are you going to do?

Go away. Leave us alone.

I felt something was wrong. I knew it from the beginning.

The way you wanted to go to jail.

Your heels were too good, your teeth were too good. Your clothes.

Everything about you was too good.

Except you.

Just because I carry a gun?

What's the matter? You think I'm going to use it?

No, and you are not using this place as a hideout.

What's the use? We'll never understand each other.

Leave us alone. Leave me alone.

You are trouble. It comes with your kind, like the colour your eyes.

What do you mean, my kind?

I'm not anybody's kind of anything. You're no good.

How do you know that?

Everybody does the best they can, the best way they can.

Why, do you think I was born with a .45 in my hand?

What gives you the right to sit in judgement?

When you were a kid you had lace curtains on all the windows.

Had to wash your lily-white hands before you sat down to dinner. - Shut up!

Lace curtains on the windows? That's what you think.

I didn't need this until I was five. That's when my father hit me.

He was tired and driven and he got drunk one night.

He loved me and yet he hit me.

And after that he saved and scrimped for years to buy me this.

And for those years, I lived in a silent world.

I couldn't hear the sound of my own laughter .. so I just didn't laugh.

No go please .. go away, Joe Miracle.

Sure ..


Jenny. The delivery men are here.

What delivery men?

I don't know but they're here. Better come and see.

Excuse us, please.

Why so many towels? It's all for us.

It ain't for me, lady.

It is a privilege to share what we can spare, at Christmas.

Wilton hotel. How awfully decent of them.

Oh my, yes .. yes indeed, we must call them and thank them.

Will you just sign this, lady?

Okay boys, let's go.

Alright, get those empty crates out of here. Let's clear things up!

Miss Jones .. look at this.

Jenny, something ghastly has happened.

We must send those towels back immediately.

I called the Hotel Manager to thank him.

And he said the most dreadful things to me about the tactics our solicitor used.

Then he hung up. What solicitor?

I have never been so humiliated in my life.

We must send them back. We don't want anything given in that spirit. We ..


U.S. Navy?

Stop those trucks. Stop them!.


I don't think we ought to send anything back.

Why Susan.

I mean, as soon as we get our own, we'll return them.

But we're not expecting any of our own.

How do we know? We didn't expect these.

Well, that makes sense to me. But who could have done it? Who'd ..?

If somebody gives, let's take. If somebody takes then ..

An old Romanian proverb.

Let's discuss it later Mrs Hangale.

It's almost like a miracle.

Last night the piano, and today the towels and blankets.

Just what we needed the most.

Jenny .. look!


Everybody is doing the best he can in his own way.

I didn't hear you knock.

Mr Christopher?

You talking to me?

If you are Victor Christopher. I was looking for a friend of yours.

I never use them.

He was a better friend of your brother .. Leo.

Come on in.

You knew Leo? I knew him.

What happened?

They ran him through a rock crusher.

It's rumoured he's now part of the Bayshore Drive.

Why? He was stubborn.

The syndicate wanted The River Club, and he wouldn't get out.

Not without his partner, Joe Miracle.

Who was busy being the Purple-Heart hero of the U.S. Army.

What do you suppose made a guy like Miracle enlist?

Maybe he was beating a rap.

No .. he was a patriot.

So help me, the iron-brained Polack caught fire.

Is there still a law against hitting a man with glasses on?

That label always got you, didn't it Miracle?

You broke my pencil.

They're looking for the guy that hoisted The River Club.

They're looking for you.

Maybe they've found me.

I've forgotten I ever saw you. I'm a newspaperman. Newspapers need stories.

Not from me, they don't.

You got it wrong Miracle. I'm on your side.

That's what bothers me.

I'm looking to nail the syndicate, same as you .. okay.

Tell me who is selling them protection. The "Juice-Man". What's his name?

What's in this for you?

A story.

What else you put in?

A little blackmail?

A slow shakedown, huh?

This is your chance to get even with them for freezing you out of the club.

For Leo.

You know I am not going to tell you anything.

I know I'm going to get a story somehow.

I'd like you to be around to read it.

Let it soak for a while, huh.

I'll be back with a new pencil.

There's a creep in every profession isn't there.

[ Carol singing ]

I believe Miss Jones has gone out. Can I help?

No, I .. just wanted to tell her something. That's all.

Can you tell me?

Tell her that I said goodbye .. and I ..

That's all.

Miss Jones.

Can I walk with you? Sure.

I try not to ask too many questions. Don't start now.

What do you get out of this? This Settlement work.

Where's the pay-off? Pay-off?

I like my job.

You believe that a few people like you can change .. change this set up?

I believe in hope.

That's a poor man's disease.

I was vaccinated against it when I was a kid.


Our Mrs Hangale?

That's right. Even one person can change things sometimes.

For hundreds of families the world's a better place to live in.

Because one little old lady had an idea.

A hope.

Mrs Hangale .. Jenny Jones.

They weren't around when I was a kid.

Didn't that used to be a junkyard over ..

When was that?

It was a long time ago .. I guess.

I bet you had a lot fun playing in the junkyard.

My father died there.

Oh, I'm sorry.

How did he die?

With a sigh of relief.

And you've never been back here since? What for?

We can't help where we're born, and we can't help where we're going.

Where's that? Out of the gutter.

I promised the old man.

What time is it?

Time for me to get going.


Yes .. it's better that you do.


You seem awfully anxious to get rid of me.

Take care. Of what?

Whatever you do. Wherever you are going.

Come with me.

Sure .. come with me.

I can't Joe .. I can't. Oh, yes you can. Now listen to me.

I can't listen to you. I don't want to listen.


I want you to hear every word I say.

I'm going to leave soon, and I want you to come with me.

I can't Joe, I can't run with you. Where and when would we stop?

Why my life is here, my work.

The Christmas party tonight. I've got this errand to do.

Then let's do it now .. come on.

What's that smell? Poverty.


Would you open the package, please?

[ German language ]

He wants to know if I'm your husband.

Ask him where the diapers are.

[ German language .. mumbling ]

There aren't any.

Is that alright? Huh?

Must you go?


Will you come back?

I want to come back.

I hope so.

Hey, Miss Jones. The people are calling.

It's feeding time.

Keep that dumb kid quiet, or I'll come down and do it myself.

That racket has got to stop or I'll have to call the cops to do it.

Shut up!

You go ahead and cry if you want to.

Yeah .. go ahead.

Well, let's hear it.

You do this all the time? No, only when it needs doing.

What is it Joe?

Get back. Don't get tangled up in this.

I'm staying with you. Do what I tell you to do.

Get back in there with the old man, and hang on to this.

What's in it Joe? That's the future, Jenny.

That's the stone wall I built between me and the gutter.

Does it belong to you? Sure.

Be careful Joe.

I'll be alright. Just so they don't get their hands on this.

I've found you. I don't think I'd like losing you.

What did you say? I said ..

Oh, we picked a fine time, didn't we.

Get going. We're going to have company in a minute.

Stay where you are Joe-boy!

Come down .. slow.

Hello Muggles. Mr Rainey.

He's clean. Come on, let's go.

What are we doing here? Be nice Joe. We caught you.

Now go in and bring it out. It's stashed away up town.

Save the chatter, Miracle. We know it's right here in this Settlement House.

We twisted Mrs Christopher's arm into a goulash.

Don't get sore Joe. Teener gave orders.

You know how it is.

Sure .. you were just doing your job.

Sure, just like I done them for you.

Joe, we got to come back with the dough. So go in and bring it out the easy way.

Otherwise we got to go in and knock the place apart and get everybody excited.

What if I don't come out? You'll come out.

In exactly ten minutes.

Teener likes you Joe .. he said he'd stake you to five, maybe ten.

He likes you Joe. Honest.

I'll try to remember him on mother's day.

You too, my friend.

Yeah, if you last that long. Keep him company Al.

Hello there. Who's your friend?

I'm just showing him around the place.

I'll see you later. It's a date.

Ah .. apple pie. My grandmother used to make apple pie. My favourite.

The real way to make apple pie is just a touch of cinnamon.

Not too much cinnamon, or you lose the flavour of the cinnamon.

Shall we take the food in this dining room?

Come on, make up your mind.

You know, I often wondered what these steel-plated heels were good for.

Yeah, they're all over the place. Front, back .. the Royal Guard.

What's your game?

I came to cheer you up.

You also brought the cheering squad. I can also get rid of them.

How would you like me to go to the phone?

How would you like to hear the sweet wail of sirens?

And in five minutes the Police have cleared the streets for you.

You get to keep your dough, I get my story, and good luck to the both of us.

Just tell me who the Juice-Man is.

Why don't you trade that twisted brain of yours in for a ..

Don't be stubborn, Miracle.

You know your partner was stubborn. Leo tried ..

What were you saying?

What's the matter? Did you run out of words, finger man?

Well, isn't that very strange?

It cannot be good, Jenny. Not when a man carries a pistol.

Do we draw the line at who needs help?

He's a veteran. It might be a war souvenir.

But why wouldn't you report it? Discuss it with us, as we have for ever so long.

I don't know.

I can't understand those answers, Jenny. Nor your behaviour.

You know we frown on the personal in our work.

It is personal, isn't it?

Send him away Jenny. He'll bring you mischief, mark my words.

He's going away.

Clara. None of the phones are working. The phones? Oh my goodness ..

What are you doing back here? You said not to go too far.

Those men, they are still out there. Yeah, I know that .. where is it?

I would have called the Police only I wasn't sure that you ..

You're not going out there with that?

I'll be alright, I'll send for you.

No Joe, there's too many of them. They'll kill you.

I can take care of myself.

I don't want you to kill anybody either. Look, stop worrying.

If it's the money they want, let them have it. - Money.

That's a hundred grand. Then give it to them.

Give it? What you talking about?

I'm talking about us, Joe. You and me. Sure.

That's for you too. I don't want it.

I don't want any part of it. Give it to them. All it can buy you is a bullet.

Maybe .. but why should I give up a hundred grand without a fight?

Because I'm asking you to. Well, ask me something else.

There's kids there. Somebody will get hurt.

You don't want that, not for a hundred grand.

Look, this is all I've got in the world.

What about me, you forget about me. I love you Joe. I told you that.

That's nothing to do with it.

It's got everything to do with it. You must give it up.

You'd better think of something else to ask me.


The gym's on fire!

Honey, don't move from here. I want you to stay right here, see.

I won't go away. Alright.

Lose something?

That's an old building, Miracle. It won't last ten minutes.

Whose brainstorm was this? Yours?

It's an accident. We were just trying to smoke you out. - Okay, I'm out.

Okay, but you can't let money burn, Joe. Not cash.

I'd sooner let it burn than let you get hold of it.

Look Joe, get it. There's no time.

What's the matter Rainey? You got the sweats.

Okay, you want it so bad, come on in and get it.

I'm afraid he's going to be alright.

That hard head of yours came in handy.

What are we going to do?

What are we going to do?

You can hold your party in the gym, just like you planned.

The boys will clean it up.

But it won't look like the ballroom at the Hotel Wilton.

Oh thank you, Chief.


It's pretty awful, isn't it.


There's no good anybody being sorry about this.


Oh Jenny, look at me.

I can't .. I can't look at you.

I've got to believe it's only a nightmare.

And you were just a part of the nightmare.

Okay, if that's the way you want it.

I didn't do this.

I did.

And I don't know how to undo it.

I'll make it up to you somehow. It's too late.

Go on .. catch your boat or your plane.

Now wait a minute, you've got it all wrong. I didn't want this to happen.

No, and you didn't want to use me, or little Sonia.

The way you use everything.

People, places, words. Everything for money.

What's wrong with money?

You .. for money, you let this place burn.

For money, you'd kill. You're just like the others and nothing can change that.

What's the big rumble? This is just a building, they build them every day.

I told you I'd make it up to you. Don't you believe ..

I can't hear a word you're saying. You just went off the air.


Are you coming in?

Stay just as you are Teener.

Or you'll never get to finish that book.

What's on your mind, son?

A couple of old ladies and some kids.

You won't get away with it.

You hope, huh?

Your boys have terrible manners, Teener.

They didn't even say thank you. So I am taking it back.

We found you once. We'll find you ..

Where's the crank? I'm not going to like this Joe.

Where's the crank? Or do you want me help you remember?

It's on the shelf, behind the books.

You're being very young, Joe.

Don't let that worry you. Slow down, Joe.

Come here .. have an orange.

It's good for you .. or some grapes.

What kind of books you been reading?

If we can't be good friends Joe.

Let's be good businessmen.

We are.

You just bought my end of the business.

That's your receipt.

Hello sweetheart.

You'd better listen to me Joe. For your own good.

We can make a deal. Like you did with Leo?

Tell me about it, Teener.

Tell me about it before I squeeze the rotten life out of you.

It's about time somebody did.

Who'd miss you Teener, huh? Who'd miss either of us?

You're a lucky man, Teener.

I don't kill for money.


[ Door knocks ]

Boss .. boss!

Don't press your luck, Teener.

Boss! Open up!

[ Door knocks ]

Open up Boss! Open up!

Joe Miracle.

Hey, Santa Claus.

What's going on here?

Roadblock. They're searching the cars again.

Say uh, why don't you take the night off?

Thanks. I have the whole year off. With pay.

Get in.

You talked me into it.

Hold it for the band.

Hey you .. hey Santa Claus.

You're not going to pass me up.

It's not above an Officer to spread a little Yuletide cheer.

Merry Christmas, Officer. You're a good soul.


In the very real belief.

That there is nothing anywhere more sacred than the individual.

When there has been no place to run, they have come here.

When they've left here they have in some way been better human beings for it.

But you all know that, don't you.

I ..

Jenny .. our head worker and friend ..

Miss Jones.

What's important is us. Our being here together.

And the things that ..

Bring people together are better than the things that keep them apart.

It's only a building. Money can rebuild it.

But what's in our hearts is better than a building or money.

And not so easily destroyed.

Not by fire .. time .. or anything else.

Give what you can.

What are you waiting for? You heard what she said. Come on, let's give. Come on.

A merry Christmas to you. A merry Christmas, Sergeant.

And even you.

Merry Christmas, Judge. Merry Christmas Sergeant.

Ah, it's a fine and lovely thing, Settlement work, Mrs Fuller.

Yes indeed, Sergeant.

I thought you said there wasn't going to be a collection.

Come on Judge, dig. Twenty bucks or twenty days.

[ Carol singing ]

[ Carol singing ]

[ Carol singing ]

[ Carol singing ]

I once knew every single word of that song. Would you believe it?

What's happening? My feet are killing me.

He ain't in there.

No, and the joint is full of cops eating up all the sandwiches.

I told you he'd be nuts to come back here.

Keep your eye on the door.

Last Christmas I bought my mother a bathrobe.

The old man complained it made her look like a prize-fighter.

Santa Claus quintuplets. With toys for the kids and everything.

Oh, I don't go for them new, skinny Santa Clauses. Not me.

What's going on here?

Amateurs! Bunglers!

It's out .. it's out!

Miss Jones .. "Grover Cleveland".

That amateur Santa. He fell off the chimney.

And there he was all over the place. Nothing but "Grover Cleveland".

Where is he? Who?

The other one. The one brought you. The charitable screwball?

He's probably feeding the reindeer. Ha-ha-ha.





0h .. Joe ..

Aren't you going to smile like ..? Like you're glad to see me.

Why did you come back? You knew they'd ..

Don't scold. They needed a new building anyway.

See, I told you I'd make it up to you. Joe.

Get me out of here!

Jenny, get me out of the gutter.

Oh, you're not in the gutter.

Not anymore.

No. I guess not, if you say so.

We sure pick the strangest places, though.