Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP (2020) Script


Every scene with actual animals was conducted under the care of specialists

LEE SUNG-MIN KIM SEO-HYUNG BAE JUNG-NAM PARK HYUK-KWON Today's breakfast menu is seafood paella, 293 calories, and oriental salad, 135 calories.

- Have a delightful day. Thank you.

You're welcome.


There, there.

Darling, are you scared of the elevator?

Hang in there, okay?

What are you looking at, punk?

Why you little...

Isn't my baby just adorable?

Isn't he?

Would you like to pet him? He's adorable.

What? Oh, no! What are you doing?

Hey, why are you acting out?

I'm so sorry.

I'm terribly sorry.

Do you know what is the thing people carry around the most these days?

Dog waste bags.

They carry those bags around so proudly.

"My dog is so cute. Even his poop is cute!"

"Try smelling the germs. It smells nice."

"His pee isn't dirty either."

You know what? This is what you call collective madness.

They care about their dogs so much, and yet they have no respect whatsoever for humans.

Mr. Joo.

Congratulations on your promotion in advance.


A word, if you will.

Well, it is a bit sad that I have to leave now.

And smoothly, you'll become the director of Shanghai Blue Team.

Step by step. One thing at a time.

No one knows who will take the position yet.

Don't hold your breath.


You don't like me, do you?

That's good. Hate me.

Hatred maximizes one's potential ability.

That way, you can hold out until you get your pension.

Good luck.

Terror attacks are taking place all over the world these days.

Recently, an organization called Lone Wolf picked Korea as their target.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Korea-China diplomatic relations, the Chinese Premier is coming next month.

This event will bring different countries together and a peace will reign created by the two Koreas. Hey, when will they put that away?

Before the Premier visits, Mr. Hwang loves it. an envoy will visit. She will be literally our VIP.

She is very picky, so we will need to look after every single detail from her taste in food to her bedroom.

Who is that envoy?

Put it on the screen.

It's so cute.

The name of the envoy is Mingming.

She's the symbol of the friendly relations between Korea and China.

Why do we have to guard a panda? That's ridiculous.

In 1972, during the cold war, do you know what China did to restore its relations with the US?

No, I don't.

The then Premier of China, Mao Zedong, sent a panda as an envoy.

From long ago, China has been using pandas as a soft diplomatic method to build friendly relations with other countries.

This is a golden chance to loosen the tension between Korea and China.

The guard will be given an honorable task, which is to escort the envoy to the meeting with the President and the Premier.

Any volunteers?

Director Min.

What is there to think about?


You must be desperate to get promoted.

I thought you hated animals.

My personal opinion doesn't matter, does it?

I'll do it. The animal diplomacy thing...

This will be my last task out in the field.

All right. The day after tomorrow, the panda...

That bear...

The envoy will arrive.

What should we prepare first?

I think we should tighten the security on the private jet...

How dare you during the meeting!

It's yours, Mr. Joo.

My Daughter You can't call me when I'm at...

Mr. Joo, help me!

Seo-yeon! Are you okay? What happened?

What is that?

I want you to find its owner, Mr. Joo.

You called me over this trivial...

Is losing family trivial?

Besides, it isn't hard for you to find its family, is it?

I thought you were a detective or something.

This must be its name.

God? The Almighty?

Goodness. I can't believe this.

To become a vet in the future, I need to take good care of different animals.

Joo Seo-yeon. There are three things I want to tell you. Listen carefully.

First, that cat looks very dirty.

It must have been exposed to germs, and it can infect you too.

Put the cat down right now and wash your hands.

Second, I'm not a detective. I work for the government.

Secretly and covertly.

Third and most importantly, call me Dad.

Why on earth do you call me Mr. Joo?

I'll report you to the public office for violating the Animal Welfare Act.

Where did you learn that?

The darn internet is spoiling children.

You are right. I'm spoiled.

Because I grew up without a mother and I can barely see my father.

These animals are a big stress for me.

They are noisy and they pee and poo everywhere.

They are so dirty.

If you don't respect animals, you'll get punished.

I'm sure you have heard of animals risking their own lives to save humans.

Have you heard of the opposite?

I'm sure you haven't.

Okay. Fine.

I get it now.

Your birthday is in a few weeks, right?

Here. Buy things you like and eat some nice food with your friends.

You're hopeless, Mr. Joo.

I hate you.

Why... What?

See you on your birthday.

Bring your friends.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Korea and China's relations, the envoy of China, Mingming the panda, arrived at Incheon Airport today.

After being quarantined, Mingming will take up residence in a zoo until she gets invited to the dinner for the summits of Korea and China early next month.

Next up...

Alpha section 47.

The 25th Anniversary of Korea-China Relations Bravo section 47.

It's all clear on the bridge.

The venue is all set.

The VIP is heading to the venue.

It's 09, 09, Zone A all clear.

The envoy is arriving in 10 minutes. Be prepared.

The envoy has arrived in the waiting room.

Escort the VIP.

Come on, 1478.

Why did you bring him?

Darn it. Stand up.

1478, stand up.

What an idiot.

Report anything suspicious, please.

Make sure to secure the VIP's path.

Why is that doing there?


Hey, Mr. Crony.

Tae-ju, long time no see.

Stop it.

Hey, what brings you here?

I just came back alive from the Gates of Hell.

Weren't you in New Zealand? It's a safe country.

That's what I meant by "Gates of Hell".

But I didn't stop training.

I'll be the next you, the top agent.

All right. Then listen carefully.

Here is my first order, okay?

That cat over there. I want you to put it away.

Pardon? Cat?

Is it the name of a terrorist?

Okay. Consider it done.

Which family is the Cat in?

For goodness' sake.

Don't you worry. I'm here.

That's why I'm worried.

Do you know what this is?

What is it? Stop.

You must not touch it.

Then why are you showing it to me?


If you press this switch, all electronic devices within a radius of 50 m will...

Even radios don't work.

Give it to me!

One, two, three. Mic check.

Back to your position.


You need to deactivate the enemy's devices.

If you destroy ours too, what's the point?

Tae-ju, you're a genius.

I'll do the fact-checking now.

That's not how you use that phrase. Okay?

Okay. Do you get it?

No! It's expensive.

Here is my second order.

You stay there and do nothing.

Today, we have an important guest from China.

Let me introduce to you, Mingming!

That's a panda!

Master Clean Service

Quiet down, will you?

Evacuate everyone! We have a situation!

We have a situation!

Hey! Who is setting off the smoke bombs?

- Report in! Now! They're coming from all directions.

It seems like several people are setting them off while moving.

Let's go!

Report in, I said!

Hey, 1478! Get back here!

Team, locate the damn panda...

I mean, the envoy!

I'll take care of it, sir!

Hey, Mr. Crony!

- I told you to do nothing! Out of the way!

What the hell is wrong with this car?

Well done.

Move her to a safe place for now.

We found the envoy.

The bombers...

We're on our way.

Master Clean Service Those punks...


What was that?

Where are you, Ms. Envoy?

Run! Everybody, run!

It's him! He has struck again!

Are you taking a nap or what?

You idiot! Run!

A dog is talking.

Mr. Joo, are you all right?

Where is the panda?

We told the people that it was a mock drill.

And we told the press that the envoy is settling into the zoo.

Text the headquarters that I'm definitely coming.

Yes, sir.

Twinkles, you are so cute...


Hey, get off of me.

Hey, let me go!

Darn it. It's that jerk again. It'll be over soon.

Don't you mess with me.

I won't.


Why you little...

Hey, jerk. Can you hear me?

Really? You really can?

Goodness. A human can hear me.

What are you doing?

Awesome! Can you tell him something for me?

Be my interpreter.

He keeps telling me that I need wiener surgery.

Just think about it. Getting a wiener surgery?

Seriously, at this age?

It's just wrong, right? He talks...

He's talking... Hey, stop staring at me. Hey.

Hey, you'd better watch out. Come on, interpret for me.

My bladder is filling up. Hey, don't be like that. Hey!

Seriously, don't go. Hey!

Darn it. I should have peed on his face like yesterday.

Right. It's probably because I'm not well.

I haven't been eating.

Black Garlic Juice healthy enough.

Red Ginseng Goodness.

A dog talking like humans... It's just so ridiculous, right?


Hey, there. Young man.

Yes, sir?

Yes, you.

Come and help me. What the...

You, the one with the neck brace.

I'm already two years old, and I've been doing this for the past three hours.

Help me out, man. Take me to your place.

I have only six months left at most, but I have high blood pressure and even myocardial infarction.

Tae-ju! I said come help me.

Wake up! Why are you slapping yourself?

What an idiot.

Get it together. Here's the animal that will capture your heart.

A 100 percent real hedgehog.

Who would buy such an old rat for 30 dollars?

"Rat"? Show some respect, will you?

What do you think of my spines? Aren't they pretty?

Buy 1 get 1 free, for only 25 dollars!

Hey, where are you going? Come back!

Is he gone?

Mr. Joo, are you feeling better?


Director Min, we have had enough.

If he feels better, that means he has no conscience.

He ruined the relations between Korea and China and even lost the envoy.

Could you tell me what happened at the scene?

Well, what happened is...

There's Mr. Joo.

Why did he bother to come? He'll get fired anyway.

I knew this would happen when he volunteered for the position.

There is no way he came here without knowing he's going to get fired.

This is legendary.

He's going to be the legend who took a nose-dive and got fired instead of a promotion. Director Min.

Are you going to fire me?

Pardon? Wait, guys.

It seems like Mr. Joo can hear us.

Director Min. What? No way.

You trust me, don't you? Can he really hear us?

He can hear us? Of course.

I've always believed in you since I was a newbie.

Although I got promoted quite quickly considering the time I've worked here.

On the other hand, you were busy working in the field...

I can hear animals talk.

I said I can hear animals talk.

Mr. Joo. I'm not joking.

A dog I met in the elevator talked about his wiener and kept calling me a jerk.

And in the supermarket, a hamster said he's 30 dollars.

And hedgehogs were 25 dollars. Mr. Joo!

Tell the agents not to throw their boogers in here!

I'm so sick of it. This is a serious issue!

Tell them not to throw boogers. We don't want boogers.

Please tell them not to throw! It's gross!

Who put boogers in the fish tank?

Director Min.

It seems like Mr. Joo either lost his mind or deliberately sabotaged the operation.

Mr. Joo, is that true?

Did you hate me so much?

Did you mess it up to screw me over...

Hey. Why would I do that?

I have had so many near-death experiences working in the field and I can't even live with my family because of security.

Hey! You should know who I am! I'm Joo Tae-ju!

And I'm Min Su-hee.

Tae-ju. Please come to your senses.

Remember? You always said this.

"An egg broken from the inside becomes a chick, but an egg broken from the outside becomes a fried egg."

What are you talking about?

We'll start an internal investigation.

So take a break for the time being.

You should turn in your ID Badge and gun.

I'll find it.

I'll make sure to find the panda.

How will you do it without the team, people, or weapons?

Even you can't do that.

You'd better stop before you get hurt.

You'll see.

I will find it, one way or another.

Please leave.

How did he know it? Mr. Joo!

♪ There is one man ♪

♪ Who loved you too much ♪

♪ There is one man ♪

♪ Who can't say he loves you ♪

♪ He is right by your side ♪

♪ Where you can reach if ♪ ♪ you just hold out your hand ♪

♪ He cherishes you even ♪ ♪ more than he does himself ♪

♪ I am right there ♪

♪ Wooooo... ♪ No!

♪ Ah, ah, ah ♪ Darn it.

As soon as I find the panda, I can go back.

I just need to find the panda.

The panda...


Have I found it already?

Tae-ju, it's me!

How are you feeling?


Now, a panda is calling my name.


Which class were you? Which department do you work for?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs? I...

What are you doing here?

I'm carrying out a special mission by myself.

You know, I specialize in undercover missions.

If China finds out about this, we'll be in big trouble.




Gosh, it's hot!

Fire! Fire!


Warning: Alcohol

Tae-ju, don't worry.

I'm immortal.

Males are stupid.

He's humiliating every primate.

Hey, kid. Come here.

How dare you ignore me? I'm your elder.

Goodness. I'm ages older than you, show some respect!

Why is your forehead so wide? Are you losing hair?

I can understand everything you say.

How dare you, you're just a gorilla.

How dare you, you're just a human.

Hey! Did you just understand me?

Aren't you here to find the panda?

Yes, I am.

How did you know?

I know everything that happens in this zoo.

Nothing gets past me.

So you saw everything?

I can't tell you for free, buddy.

Oh, my. Look at the chest.

My goodness.

Now stop it and tell me!

Find the dog.

What do you mean? What dog?

The German Shepherd.

According to my source, he went to the abandoned farm in the mountain behind the zoo.

Is it the dog that swore at me?

That dog knows it.

Knows what? Oh, come on.

The person who stole the panda, of course.

When the dog got scared and ran around, he smelled the thief.

Find the dog and put the thief behind the bars.

Forget it.

What am I doing with an animal?


Can you smell the dung of the elephant over there?

They can even smell the fart of the zebras behind it.

Can you hear the ants walking over there?

You can't, can you?

Dogs can even hear the sound of fleas jumping.

That dog definitely smelled the thief.

Besides, he's a military dog. A military dog.

Those guys at the farm are scary.

Okay. So don't you go there alone.

Take care of yourself.

Is this a military dog training center?

You know, a military dog ran away from the center recently.

You mean 1478?

Is the dog's name 1478?

Its military service number is 1478.

That dog goes crazy when it smells gunpowder.

We brought him to fill in for sick dogs.

What about him?

Darn it. That's a poop!

That terrorist hid bombs in the car and was waiting for us.

Our platoon members could have all died.

Goodness. Really?

People called me four-legged tank. Incredible.

I fought in wars where bullets were flying all over the place.

I detected explosives.

I bit the enemy while parachuting.

Not on the ground, but in the sky.

That's amazing. That's so cool.

What a load of crap.

If you're so great, what are you doing here?

Military dogs get vacations.

Paid vacations. You know? We get paid.

Jeez. So do they pay you with bones or dog food?

Goodness. That must be tasty. That's funny.

No, no. To us military dogs, paycheck means nothing.

I was on the scene during the September 11 attack too.

You prick. You weren't even born then. Stop saying nonsense.

I was in my mother's womb at the time.

Hey, 1478.

Yes, Sergeant 1478, sir!

It's a human. Who is that?

A human is speaking our language.

Sergeant First Class Choi seemed to be missing you.

What is he doing here?

So why did you desert?

What? What is "desert"?

It's to run away from the army.

Was that all a lie?


Clucky, he's a human.

Did you already forget what they have done to you guys?

What are you waiting for?

Let's welcome our guest.

How dare you sell me to a barbecue restaurant!

Do I look like a black pig to you?

Hello, sir. You're up?

You disrespectful punks. Come here.

You always make me say "Hello".

Do you have any idea how boring it is to say "Hello" hundreds of times a day?

You piece of bull-crickety crackerjack, I'll mince you and grind you up in a mixer.

You humans are creepier than the bird flu. Bring it on!

Bring him to me. I'll infect him with the vibrio vulnificus.

Way to go, you guys. Come on out.

Remove that human. I'll crush you.

You guys.

You're going to regret this.

Yes! Here comes the super tank!

You better run now, okay? Die!

Let's move!

It's a sausage! What's that?

What? Where?

Is it a branded one? Gosh, it's the branded one!

That sausage is mine!

Oh, my head! Goodness heavens.

It's mine! It tastes so good.

I love this. Give it to me.

Hey, come to your senses. What are you doing?

Give it to me!

It's mine! It's really good.

Hey, you know who stole the panda, right?

Have a nice day. Wait. You're going nowhere.

I haven't heard anything about it. Who are you, by the way?

You know who the thief is.

You told me to run away. Remember?

I said that? Why are you doing this to me?

Are you a dog trader?

Everyone, stop.

Are you falling for humans again? Oh, right.

Dude, it's your last chance now. You better run away now.

Hey, what are you doing? Guys, let's go and get him!

Get him! Run your trotters off!

Hey, it's dangerous! Don't jump! Hey!

Guys! Help me!

The dog trader is kidnapping me!

How could you let him leave like that?

This is why I told you to exercise.

Don't move.

I said, don't move. Help!

Don't you dare move! Help!

Stay still.

You stay there.

Hey, I heard you can't smell gunpowder anymore and do missions anymore. What are you talking about?

I'm a military dog with a pedigree from Germany.

These canine teeth are not those of a dog.

They are those of a lion.

You little...

Hurry up and tell me. Who is the thief?

Where did you see him and when did you meet him?

You're funny.

What are you doing with a toy?

I'm hungry and sleepy.

I feel like a good night's sleep might help me remember.


Go easy on the accelerator.

So this is where humans live.

It's great. I like it. Hey.

You should wash your feet first.

Wow, it's awesome! - Good morning, Tae-ju.

I'll take a look around.

You must have worked overtime last night.

Gosh, look at it. This is so soft and fluffy.

Tae-ju, what's with the dog sound?

Hey, you promised you would be nice.

There's a second floor too. Let's go and see.

Detecting explosives. Darn it.

♪ March along, sing our song, ♪ ♪ with the Army of the free ♪ You! ♪ Count the brave, count the true ♪ Stop there! Catch me if you can!

Wait, it's a ball. It's a ball!

Help me.

Help me, Tae-ju.

- It's a crazy dog. Hey.

Hey. - Crazy dog, stop it.

Bad dog. Son of a...

Don't bite me.

Stop it. Please, don't...

Oh, so it wasn't a ball.

Human, how dare you repay my loyal service like this.

You underestimated the AI.

I will take over...

Why do you have so many stuff in your fridge?

Hey, wait. 1478. Don't you have food?

You said you were hungry, right? How do you live on these?

Right? Don't you have food? I'm hungry.

Why aren't you eating?

Military Dog Rules, Clause One.

Don't eat human food.

I won't eat it.

- Pat and compliment your dog Finally, I cleaned up everything.

- to make them listen to you. Gosh, my whole body aches.

You need to walk them every day too.

Be patient until the dog opens up to you.

"Be patient".

Passionate compliments are a must.


Sir, you must trust me wholeheartedly.

You need to smile. Smile.

This isn't bad. Which brand is it? It's so soft.

1478, you're hungry, aren't you?

What? You want some snacks?

What? - You're doing a great job.

- Very good. I've got a delicious snack for you.

Did you lose your mind?

Did you eat something bad?

Wait. Where are you going?

Just give me a second.

I need to take a leak.

The average urine output of an adult German Shepherd is 1,520 cc.

He's very healthy.

I'm going to kill you.


Come here. I will cut you into pieces.

What are you doing with the bread knife?

You punk! Jeez, you have a temper.

You said you wanted to find a panda.

I don't need you!

I'll find it myself!

Get out.

Get out!

Get lost! I have no place to go.

Come here.


Oh, my. Oh, my.


What's all this?

Seo-yeon, it's you.

Happy birthday.

- Happy birthday to you. Shut it.


You said you would throw me a birthday party.

You said I could bring my friends too!

It's okay. It's not like this hasn't happened before.

Dads are all the same.

Seo-yeon, why don't we go out and eat something nice?

Pizza? Barbecue?


My name is Ali.

I fought in wars where bullets were flying all over the place.

Is that a dog?

Wow, look!


Gosh, I'm so popular.

Mr. Joo, I thought you hated animals.

Are you sick or something?

Are you in menopause?

No. Well...

That dog used to be a military dog.

A military dog? That's so cool.

This is such a cool birthday present.

What's your name?

My name is Ali, not 1478.

Could you please tell her that?

His name is Ali.


Seo-yeon, why don't we give him a bath first?

Let me hold him.

What? A bath?

What do you mean? I took a bath last year.

Let's give him a bath.

Let's go take a bath. I said I did it last year.

Bathing too much will lead to hair loss.

No, I'm not going.

Good boy. I'm not going!

Get off of me!

Gosh, this is nice. It's so warm and refreshing.

There you go. A bit lower.

Gosh, this feels so good.

Gross. I touched it.

Could you rub it harder? Come on.

How can I rub harder than this?

Gosh, this feels really amazing.

Wow, you're so cool.

It seems like he can talk to the dog too.

Seo-yeon, what does your dad do again?

She said he's like a detective.

Is he an animal detective then?

He's so cool.


Ali, come here.

This way.

Good boy.

Goodness. Pretending to be a companion dog is hard.

Let me take a rest. I had so much fun today.

Did you?


Goodness. Don't you know how old she is?

Let's go see the panda next week.


I want to see Mingming from China.

I want to see her too.


I'll make sure you meet the panda.

Aunt must be worrying. I should get going.


Bye, Ali.

Okay, bye. Take care.

How did you become friends with her so quickly?

I have no idea what's in her head.

Just play with her. Walk with her, run with her, listen to her, and be with her.

That's it?

What else is there?

So that's it. I see.

What is it? What's the matter?

What are you doing there?

What's wrong?

I smell him.


He killed So-jin.

Here. This way.

Here's the ball.

Look here.

What am I going to do with you?

Salute. Salute.

He's hopeless.

He's too cowardly and lazy. He's untrainable.

Just send him to the lab.

Please give him one last chance.

That's right. Come here.

You have to keep it up, okay?

You're not 1478 anymore. I have a name for you.

Ali, run!

You're in danger. The panda is too.

- You might all end up dead. Let's go.


What's wrong, Ali?

What's going on?

Ali, come back here.



You mean it's a terrorist from the UN Peacekeeping Force dispatched to Cosomia three years ago?

He came to the zoo and stole the panda?

Come on, you can come out now.

Ali is the name of the boxer that I admire the most.

Muhammad Ali.

When you see him, float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee.

You can do it.


Stop it.

You're not that bad after all. Stop it.


Come here. Don't come near me!

Go away. Would you like to smell my butt?

Don't! Come on. I'll let you smell.

Hey. It smells good.

We even bathed together. Stop it!

Stop it! Smell it.

I said, stop! It smells nice.

Hey! Come here.

Son of a panda! Until when I have to eat this?

Do you know who I am?

I'm the biggest star in Sichuan, Mingming.

How dare you treat me like this.

I can't eat things like this.

How many times did I say I only eat high-quality food?

I only eat the finest bamboos and bamboo shoots.

It's not like I'm picky.

Isn't that my ball?

Come down here.

I get it. You're my fan.

Or are you my stalker?

Do you think it's right to lock up my beauty like this?

Wait, you're smiling.

Who thinks I should get out of here?

Pandas used to be carnivorous, but they somehow turned herbivorous as they evolved.

They eat bamboos and bamboo shoots for 16 hours a day.

That panda is from Sichuan, so I'll try to find who imported bamboos from that region.

Hey, are you listening?

It's him. What?

He was here.

All right.

Well done. I know.

You're not bad. I'm not bad.

Let's go.

Hurry up. You're going overboard again.

Wait up.

This is the place.

This is where the smell stopped.

Excuse me, sir.

There you go! It's the maple card!

This week's winning numbers are

2, 7, 33, 1, 6, and 10!

Here you go.

What, another ten?

Don't you have a fifty? I've got an appetite for a fifty.

Sir, may I ask you something?

About the people who bought bamboos here.

Can I see the CCTV footages of them or their credit card bills?


The CCTV footages or their credit card bills.

You brat!

You want to pay with a credit card, not cash?

You disrespectful punk!

I'm not going to sell this precious black goat that tells me the winning numbers.

How dare you... Get lost, you scum!

Hey, idiot. We don't accept credit cards.

If you want the numbers, bring cash. You morons.

Hey, let's go. Come on. Shit, he's a total jerk. You just wait.

I won the third prize in the lottery last week!

Aren't you one great fortune-teller?

Let me buy you a nice dinner today.


Let's go!

You're back again, moron.

Moron? Do you think we are morons?

What? Why? Are you surprised?

I seem to be able to communicate with you, don't I?

Who are you?


We are...

A joint investigation team from the intelligence agency.

You're so in trouble now.

We'd like to know the license plate number of a car.

What? What nonsense are you talking about?

Of which car? A truck.

You must have seen some people that were carrying bamboo shoots.

If you want to see the cards, bring money.

I'm craving a fifty today.

Well, then.

Sergeant Al. Yes, sir!

Wait. What are you doing?

Why are you doing this to me?

What have I done? Do you see his canine teeth?

Those canine teeth are not those of a dog.

They are those of a lion.

Now you get it.

Fine, fine. I will tell you.

I'll tell you, all right?

Call off the dog, will you?


Each number will cost you a fifty.

You should show him how your canine teeth work.

Wait! I remember now!

It's the guy whose leg smells like iron, right?

Goodness. Where did all these kids come from?


It's a panda! It's a panda!

It's so cute. It's so pretty!

Show us kung fu. Kung fu?


Can you do turning kicks too? Turning kicks?

Eat your food.

Gosh, it's bitter.


I think I've heard of it before.

Dr. Baek Hoon Plagiarized a Thesis? Genomix in Trouble Why would a successful biotechnology company...


Dr. Baek Installed as Chairman of Panda Conservation Society

Gosh, you scared me.

It's him. What's wrong?

What? Who?

The man who took the panda. I recognize his face.

Are you sure? I'm certain.

It's his face.


What are you doing with the dog?

Gosh, he scared me.

Is that a human or a panda?

He's Mr. Crony. I see.


I can't believe how messed up you've become.

I think I'm doing better than you.

That accident must have made you completely crazy.

Man-sik, this dog is a very important witness.

I mean, a witness dog.

His name is Ali, and he's helping me.

How could a mere dog be of help?

He doesn't look very well.

He's much better than you.

You're getting worse and worse.

You should have gotten yourself treated.

You used to be a top agent. What has happened to you?

Hey, hey.

Tae-ju, could you help me up?

I think he's the one who needs treatments.

Hey, let's run away.

Not that weapon!

I'm the only one who can handle it!

Bye. I'm sorry. My mom bought it for me!


What's the most popular animal in the world?

It's the panda bear.

Genomics's new project is toy panda.

We will clone the genes How adorable. of the pandas that have good genes and make them as small as puppies.

People will go crazy for it.

Kids will love it. Why? Because it's convenient.

They don't have to be neutered like dogs and cats.

They can't reproduce, so people can buy them only from our company.


What is it?

I think we need to change the plan.

Can I go to the bathroom real quick?

Suit yourself.

I'll be right back, then.

With the cloned bamboos, we will make panda food, panda houses, panda toys, and even panda amusement parks.

The exclusive rights to toy pandas around the world will be ours.

Dr. Baek, but where will you get the panda genes?

Isn't it tightly controlled by the Chinese government?

We have secured a subject that can provide the best eggs.

We got him.

That was satisfying.

It's him.

I recognize this smell.

What do I do?

What do I do? I don't think I can do this alone.

- Ali. I might lose him.

Live up to your name.

What do I do? - When you see him, float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

You can do it.

Dr. Baek is the chairman and the chief researcher of a biotechnology company called Genomics.

I know.

The problem is he wasn't in Korea on the day the panda went missing.

This is a photo of him leaving JFK Airport in New York.

He arrived in Korea three days after the incident.

Okay. I got it.

What's wrong with you?

What on earth is he doing?

Are you okay?

Director Min.

I'm not sure if we can trust Mr. Joo.

After saying all those things about the Lone Wolf, now he's saying Dr. Baek, an eminent figure, is responsible.

There must be some kind of misunderstanding.

The information is from Ali.


Please check again. Where is the agency located?

Arabia? Italy?

Well... You see...

He's... He's a German...

Isn't that the dog's name?

The German Shepherd Mr. Joo always takes around with him.

Fact-checking, see?

Your informant was a dog?

You seem to be living up to your nickname.

Crazy Dog, Joo Tae-ju!

Mr. Joo.

From this moment forward, you're relieved of your duties.

You're a civilian now.

What the hell?

You! What the hell did you do?

Why did you do this?

That made all the work much easier.

I told you not to make a scene.

And you stormed the zoo in broad daylight?

Do you have any idea where I was taken to?

Well, because of it, you are no longer a suspect.

Move the panda tomorrow.

To a deserted island in the Philippines.

We will do the research there.

Transferring the Panda wasn't part of the agreement.

Just do as I say.

Just because you paid me a little bit of money, does not mean I work for you.

If someone ingests that and you activate the detonator, it will explode.

We're still testing the product, so it's not secure.

What do you need that for?

None of your business.

Don't take it personally.

Where are you going?

They left.

My fans will think I'm dead and be disappointed.

What? What language is that?

In order to become a superstar, you need to know at least five languages.

What's this?

A dog? Hey.

I'm a military dog.

I fought in wars where bullets were flying all over the place.

What's the use?

You're still a dog.

Who sent a dog?

Fine. Good luck with surviving then.

Wait. Don't go.

Look at me.

What do you think? This is my best pose.

It's my fans' favorite. You're really good.

You're indeed a superstar.

Wait. What was I doing?

You said you came to save me.

Oh, right. I must tell Mr. Joo about this now.

Mr. Joo? Isn't that my bodyguard?

That's right. But he's not very trusting.

I don't think he'll believe me.

This should do.

Mr. Military Dog, if you get me out of here, I'll hire you as my bodyguard.

What do you say?

I'll be honored.

Hey, Mr. Joo. Open the door. It's me.

Open the door.

Hurry up and open the door.


Do you have any idea what I've been through because of you?

Why is this in your mouth? You stupid dog.

No! Let go of it, you punk.

Come on!


Follow me.


Mr. Joo! Come on out.

I need to tell you something. Come on.

Listen to me! Let's go.

This is Lucky. I brought him so he can be Ali's friend.

He was a rescue dog, but after being taken care of, he's become all pretty.

Come here.

Ali. Ali?


Mr. Joo, where's Ali? I don't know.

Don't look for that stupid dog.

What did you do to him? Did you abandon him?

That dog can never live in this house.

He went back to where he belongs.

You're a dick.


That's it. You're getting punished today.

Do you know what happens to retired military dogs?

What does that have anything to do with me?

They put them to sleep or use them for animal testing.

You just let Ali get killed, Mr. Joo.

Do you know how your mother died?

You must have been hungry.

She didn't care about her own health.

She kept working, without knowing she was ill.

Then her face and whole body turned black.

Mom died of sepsis.

I knew it wasn't because of a car accident.

To her, animals were more precious than her family.

I can't forgive your mom.

I don't understand her at all.

I can understand her very well.

Mom thought the lives of both humans and animals were equally valuable.


I'm proud of Mom.

She's not like you, Mr. Joo.

Let's go, Lucky.

Time for the special training.


Today, I'll teach you what the military spirit is all about.

Who the hell is that?

You came.

Mr. Joo!

Are you okay? Did you get hurt?

Is your hand all right? Answer me.

What's with the face?

You're not feeling good, right?

Okay. This one is nice.

Throw it. It will make you feel better.

I won't. Go away.

I saved your life, so go live your life.

What's wrong?

I'm the one who sent you here!

Do you understand? What?

So get away from me.

Well done! You threw it really far.

See? You feel better now, right?

There you go! Well done!

This time, try throwing it in a different direction.

Are you training me?

Go! I said, go!

Just try it again. Try throwing it farther.


I almost killed you.

Doesn't that upset you?

Don't you hate me?

I'm sure you did that because I caused trouble.

You came back anyway. That's all that matters.

Mr. Joo, you're a good man.

Don't do this, okay?

I totally understand.

What's wrong?


Go away.

I said, go.

It's okay. I won't go anywhere. I'll always be by your side.

I said, go!

Go! No, I won't.

Mr. Joo. I will protect you, no matter what it takes.


Get off of me. Why did you cry?

I can't explain it. What?

Where did you get this? The trash can in the bathroom.

Oh, gross!

Oh, right. We don't have time for this.

What? I found the envoy.

What? Why are you telling me that now?

Hurry up and follow me.

If you're wrong again this time, I will seriously kill you!

See? Let's go!

We're almost there. This is the place.

I'm lost. Please help.

What are you doing?


What are you doing here?

It's you, Mr. Crony.

And what are you doing here? Sit down.

Tae-ju. Sit down.

Do you think you have time Sit down! to walk a dog now? Be quiet.

This is an important time. Quiet, you punk.

What are you doing here?

Even if the world ends tomorrow, Keep it down.

I must keep on training.

This is the mountain I hike all the time.

But you said you were lost.

I did?

The panda is here.

So please don't interrupt me and just leave, okay?

The envoy is here?

What do we do? There are so many of them.

Come here. Let's make plans.

That man has totally lost his mind.

Hanging out with him will make me look stupid too.

An intruder.

One at 2 o'clock.

One at 10 o'clock.

Let's go.

Ms. Envoy, I'm back.

Hey, military dog!

Come on out, now. I knew you would come.

I believed you. Mr. Joo, say hi to her.

I dub you my bodyguard.

You should be honored.

Goodness. Who do you think I am?

Okay, fine.

Yes, ma'am.

Watch out!

Ma'am, this way.

It's him! Don't go anywhere. Protect me.

Gosh, my head.

Are you okay?

Did something happen?

Something? You passed out.

You scared the hell out of me.

Is everyone okay?

Go! Guard the panda!

Let's go. Get the dog!

Oh, no. What about me? Hurry and come out!

You're amazing, Mr. Shepherd!

I believed you guys from the beginning.

There they are!

I'll give you my autograph later!

Don't shoot!

That idiot!

If I lose weight from all this running, it's all your fault.

Goodness. I can't go anymore. What do we do?

I can't go anymore.

Hurry up!

What are you doing?

I need to save myself at least.

If you die, I will take revenge for you.

Man-sik. Why?

You're immortal, right?

You survived the Gates of Hell, right?

Of course I can.

I'm sorry.

This is a great idea.

Gosh, it's so fun!

Die! You jerks!


Let's go.

All right. Let's go!

I really can't walk anymore.

Call a limo.

Gosh, seriously.

I need a limo.

I'm okay with a helicopter too.

Either you carry me on your back, call a limo, I don't think they'll let a dog in. or call a helicopter. What about the envoy?

This is the only way.

We need to get on it. I can't.

No. I can't take a bus.

I'm not taking the bus.

Dogs are not allowed.

I'm visually impaired.

He's my guide dog.

Goodness, what a great buddy.

Okay, hop in. Goodness.

What is this bear?

Is that your guide bear?

Walking on two legs is totally out of fashion.

Why are you looking at me?


Oh, it's just a costume.

You must have seen people wearing this in amusement parks.

She's my niece and the zipper is broken. Someone just touched my butt.

You should have been more careful.

How dare you touch my face.

You... Do you want to die?

This is the only way to fool people, Ms. Envoy.

What are you doing?

Say hello to the driver.

You don't have to. I'm okay.

I mean it's really okay.

Hello. Goodness. Is that a hello?

Please stop.

Why did you call me?


Ali wants to see you.

Really? Where is he?


Seo-yeon! Ali!

I know. You missed me, right?

How have you been? Did you get hurt?

Hi, have you ever seen such a dashing military dog?

Military dog? Which division were you in?

I'm from the military dog training center.

Which class were you in? I served in the special forces, and I've retired years ago.

You have a babyface. Let's go meet your friend.

Which hair salon do you go to?

Blue Club. Your hair is so glossy.

You have a good eye.

Is that a stuffed animal?

Go take a look.

What a beautiful girl.


She's so soft.

I know.

God damn it!

All my plans are ruined now.

Relax. Plans are made to be changed.

What about my money?

Put it down.

The original plan was to feed that to the Panda and when the Chinese Premier and the Korean President meet...


My money. I'll give you all my money.

You did this because of money too.

Am I wrong?

Oh, look at the smart guy.

Yes, money.

My country was colonized because of money, so I vowed my entire life to fight against all of these rich, capitalistic, scumbag countries.

So no. You'll get a refund.

You get the cage.

Took care of that. Now, what do you want us to do?

Kill the dog and take them all out.

Hi. Come on in.

Come in.

Did you come by yourself?

I'm sorry. After you called me, I needed some time to think.

It's okay. I would have done the same.

I understand why you misunderstood me.

Remember what you used to tell me?

"Smart ones make enemies, and wise ones work with enemies."

I have never said that.

You did, Joo Tae-ju! You're...


Oh, right.

Ali brought his friends.

He said many of them were injured. Come on in.


Hey, I told you to poop in the bathroom. Goodness.

Hello. Oh.

Hi there.

What was his problem again?

He can't sleep at night and easily gets startled.

He must be stressed out.

I'll tell the vet about it.

You should never ask her to say, "Hello".


Our envoy!

Limousine. What a relief.

She's asking if you brought a limousine.

She's really cheeky. Limousine.


What's that smell?

A limousine, at last!

Change of plans.

Let's go to the venue.

I'm not coming today.

What are you talking about?

Then you won't get the promotion and will fall out of favor with the executives.

I have a lot of things to do with Seo-yeon.

I see.

Then who should escort the envoy?

Joo Tae-ju, you bastard!

I will kill you with my own hands. Come here!

Well, he'll do it.


This man, Agent Jo Man-sik, is the person who is qualified to escort the envoy.

He made a major contribution to find the panda.

He crushed everyone, risking his own life.

That's true. Go do some fact-checking.

Where is Ali?

He was here just now.

It's him.


What was that for? Hey!

What are you doing?

Ali has been kidnapped.

What nonsense are you talking about?

We're going to find him. Can you help us?

What kind of scumbags did it?

Dad, please find Ali.

I'll be right back.

All right, guys. That's exactly how we're going to pass the security point.

Don't eat that.

They put something weird in it. Don't eat it.

Where's the mask?

We got the mask. Don't worry about that.

One of the dogs is being stubborn.

He hasn't eaten the pill yet.

Bring me that dog.

Oh, no. It's easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom.

Get him!

You pricks. Stop eating food off the ground and fly.

Let's move! All right!

His name is Ali. He's a German Shepherd. Go find him.

No! It's dangerous!

Everybody, run!


It's dangerous!


Hey, brother man!

Yo, are you the person looking for the dog?

Yes, I am. To the 25th anniversary ceremony of Korea-China diplomatic relations. Let's get it!

What's with that outfit?

My mom bought them for me. I had to wear it...

It's prettier than mine.

What's the problem?

The road is closed because of an international event.

Please head back.

No vehicle across

Let me borrow your horse.

20 dollars for a ride.

Hey, buddy. You can run well, right?

That's a ridiculous question to ask a horse.

Let's go. All right. Let's go.

Run! Let's go!

Let's run!

Please welcome the envoy with a round of warm applause.

It's Mingming.

We will start the ceremony to commemorate the 25th anniversary...

Who is this guy? Isn't Mr. Joo here?

The symbol of the friendship between Korea and China.

This is Mingming!

Hello, everyone. I'm Mingming.

It's a beautiful night.


Don't come here! Why?

These guys fed us bombs and drugs.

Mr. Joo.

What should I do?

Hurry up. This way.

Who's stealing my thunder?

Everyone, keep calm! Do something!

You idiot!

Save the VIPs first.


Open the door! Open the door right now!

Kill them all. Just kill the dogs first!

Just stay there. I'll take care of everything.


Mr. Joo? What took you so long?

Knock him down! Who? Him?


I knew it. I was born to be a star.

Bring it on!

Where is it?

She really can do a turning kick.



We apologize. Don't worry. We will escort you now.

This way, please.


Ali, no! Don't follow him!

How dare you?


Don't. Please! Don't do it.

Who would you like me to shoot first?

You? Or your dog?

Please don't do it.

Please don't shoot.

If you don't respect animals, you'll get punished.

I'm sure you have heard of animals risking their own lives to save humans.

Have you heard of the opposite?

I'm sure you haven't.

Darn it.

I didn't know

that would be me.

Thank you for doing that for me.


Thank you for everything.

Thank you.

Is that really you, God?

Please answer me.

I'm sorry. Did the music wake you up?

You're very religious.


Yes. Ali is in critical condition.

We moved him to an animal hospital, but...


Hey, say something.

You're a talkative dog.

Say something already.


What's wrong with Ali?

What is he saying now?

Dad, is Ali going to die?

Is he saying anything?

Excuse me.

Please let him rest in peace.

He's snoring.

What? He's snoring now.

Ali, you...

The government of the Republic of Korea highly appreciates this agent's loyal service.

If you have the courage to twist the chicken's neck, eggs are not scary anymore.

What is she saying?

Ali, please step forward.

Ali. Good boy.

Thank you.

Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP

Mingming! Our envoy!

What a relief. She's asking if you brought a limo.

She's really cheeky.


A lady came to the single man's place.

Let's have a party.

Okay. Music starts.

This music is awesome!


Put your hands up.

Tae-ju. Yes?

How did...

How did you end up having this ability?

I think it's a punishment.

What? A punishment?

I met a cat because of Seo-yeon.

Well, it's a long story.

16 km northeast of Mt. Baekdu

12 days have passed since the operation started.

Our team is being destroyed by unknown enemies.

I'm on my way to save Manager Hwang Bo-seong.

Mr. Hwang!

Who did this to you?

You did it.

I will take revenge on you, no matter what it takes.

In the end, they got me too.

This is pretty tasty.

What is this man doing in the mountains?

I think he's from the South. Come over here.

Comrades, come here.

So this is the taste of capitalism.

Comrade, how did you know he's from the South?

Look at his wrist. He's wearing a Rolex.

Shut it. Keep up the spirit and go for it.

The mosquitoes are talking.