Mrityudaata (1997) Script

Justice is up for sale!

They're sellinga man's integrity!.

There's a marketplace... where these "commodities "are up for sale!.

Demons now rule this land that once belonged to Lord Rama.

The law has been defeated; society is rendered impotent.

At every step here... man is up for sale!.

It's an open market... where these commodities are up for sale!.

In exchange for money, or in the name ofthe ballot papers... in the name ofthe holy places and in the name ofreligion... they're outbidding each other;, because God is up for sale!.

It's an open market, where these commodities are up for sale.

The human race is being plundered... and the almighty is still silent.

To wipe outsins from the face ofthe earth... why isn't the Angel ofDeath ever born?.

Will you guys speak up or d'you intend to play mute?.

We aren'tmeeting here just for the heck ofit.

We're meeting to guide the party through in the future.

We have the elections ahead. We have to prepare a manifesto... but you gentleman are...

Mr Girdhari... Mr Noor?. Mr vinayak?.

Why are you gentlemen silent?.

You happen to be the senior members ofthe party!.

The party needs your guidance!.

Why don't you speak up?. -And say what?.

Make promises, as usual?.

And sing the litany of assurances to put people to sleep for 5 years.

Make some minor changes in the old manifesto and publish it!

Manifestos are no more than a ritual nowadays.

Our promises mean nothingmore thanjunk!

And how the public loathes the sight ofus! politicians earlier entered a crowd ofmillions, all on their own.

But now, to address a motley crowd... they cart alongno lesser than a dozen commandos!

What has given them the reason to fear anyone?.

Why have we begun to fear our own people?.

Because, in all these years, we haven't done a thing for the people.

Where is this politician-underworld nexus taking this country to?.

Mahatma Gandhi said that when the people have lost faith... in the political leadership... politicians will get lynched.

Which means all politicians present here are thugs?.!

You insinuate that the public will beat us up, okay?.

I'll convey your opinion to the High Command this very day.

You needn't The nation still has a leader, Tirlochan Tripathi... he's still following the principles Gandhi laid down!

He has already formed Goverment in several states.

Millions are willing to lay down their lives for him!

Should we support him, we will atleast have done a good deed.

I will pray that your soul rests in peace.

I have silenced the voices.

These voices that were raised against you.

What the hell have you done, Rana?.!

Ijust wanted you to teach the guys a lesson! And you've killed them!

With age, men tend to forget home truths, Mr Mohanlal.

Which is why I've chosen to disqualify them.

But how will I explain these deaths?. What do I do with these corpses?.!

These crusaders belonged to Gandhi's times!

They had a very clean image!

My political career is now... On the ascent!

You will weep tears for them. And you will claim their ideals.

You will swear to bring the assassins to the books.

And you will even institute a Commission to probe the killing.

As for the bodies, you can tell the newspapers that... these 3 leading politicians were victims ofa terrorist attack.

So you see how true leaders are done away with?.

Terrorists are being blamed.

But all three ofthem were victims ofdirty politics.

And now they have been eliminated!

They will now hold the customary condolence meetings and shed tears.

The Goverment will institute an enquiry into the deaths... and a file will be prepared with the findings of their slaying.

This file will rot in the records as millions ofother files... in goverment offices do!

And they accuse me of talking nonsense!

Whereas, the Govermentseems to be stuck with only one slogan;

The eradication ofpoverty.

They will, in the process, wipe out ofthe poor themselves!

You will remember that when Mr Mohanlal, the Minister... contested the elections for the first time... all he owned were effects to the extent of125 Rupees.

That too, in the clothes in wore... apart from loose change, ofcourse.

But today, after 1 0 years in office... he owns assets worth 1 250 million!

Wath business does he or his family run?.

They used to sell bananas at 2 Rupees a dozen!

Stop clapping and apply your mind to the problem.

Where did he get all the money from?.

From your pockets, ofcourse!

Rise now! Awaken!

Make proper use ofthe rights the Constitution has given you... and throw out the dishonest leaders who occupy their chairs!

They have sworn to be cremated with the chair...

... but they won't let go oftheir high offices!

The politics they adopt has only one meaning... to rule without policies!

I will say nothingmore.

It's for you to decide. All glories to lndia!

This house is more like a Home!

They have planks here to sit on!

Greetings, Mr Mohanlal. please come and sit down.

I don't have imported furniture, Mr Mohanlal. please make yourselfcomfortable on the mattresses.

So what have you decided?.

Which party are you aligning with in the forthcoming elections?.

We will ally with the public.

Mr Tirlochan Tripathi! please don't take my proposal lightly.

Should we align forces, we can win the elections here... and rule over the country, too.

It's only power that you're hungry for.

Aren't you satisfied with the millions you have swindled?.

Do you need our help to plunder the country even further?.

I'm sorry, sir, but you're not altogether innocent either.

Even in the states where your party is in power...

...there has been no rule ofrighteousness.

How's that possible with demons like you around in the country?.

When have you let us rule in peace, even in the states... where our party is in power?.

You've found some excuse or the other... to dismiss our goverments and impose president's rule.

-Do you have any principles... You are..

All you want is power! To remain in office!

No matter whose help you have to seek!

I'm ashamed ofmyselfwhen people like you rule the country!

I wonder what's come over the minds of the people in the country.

They're probably rotting.

They're the same people who drove away the British... and won lndia her lndependence!

But they're now slaves to politicians who are thugs like you!

That's enough! You've spoken enough, Mr Tripathi!

Just because you've formed a goverment in a couple ofstates... you think you've become God Himself!

Don't forget, Mr Tripathi, the public has a short memory.

You never know when the scales will tilt!

I will leave, but you must always remember...

No matter how weak a walking-stick is... itstill helps you walk.

Good-bye. Wait, Mr Mohanlal.

I do all my work on my own. I have no servants.

I will not clean the dirt youjustspat out.

You must clean it, because it is you who spat it out.

This is an insult, Mr Tripathi!

Is it an insult to clean the mess one has created?.

You clean yourselfin the loo, don't you?.

Or do you have a servant even for that?.

So hat's wrong with cleaning what you've just spat out?.

You can leave, after you've cleaned the mess.

Think ofsomething, Rana! And think quickly!

I'm dyingto lay a wreath on Tripathi's body!

Whether you kill him... or bury him alive makes no difference to me!

Besides, I will pay you as much as you wish for thejob.

I guarantee that! very well. But I will accept the payment only in foreign currency.

The moment you pay us there, we'll pull it offfor you.

But how will you do that?.

You'd better leave that to my genius.

I'll arrange TT's death in such a manner... that the nation will give it up for an accident.

The operation will be carried out by our suicide squad.

At 1 1 a. m. tomorrow...

TT's life comes to halt forever.

What does the report say, Dr. Siddiqui?.

We'll have to save Mr TT at any cost, DrSiddiqui!

Our nation can't find a leader ofhis stature at this stage!

I know that. But only a miracle can save him now.

And who can pull off the miracle?.

There's only one doctor who can do that.

Doctor Ramprasad Ghayal.

This is DrSiddiqui here.

Mr TThas met with a very serious accident.

We must perform an operation immediately. please come over.

Okay, DrSiddiqui. I'm comingover.

Dr Ghayal seems to have arrived.

Mr TTis our saviour, doctor! please save him!

We begofyou, doctor! please save him.

He's a God-send for us workers. please save him, doctor.

You are the God who can save him today, doctor! Only you can!

He's a drunkard! He might operate on the wrong organ!

You say that for the doctor?. He's an angel!

He only saves lives... never takes them!

Here's doctor Ramprasad Ghayal!

No matter what you do... you mustsave Mr TT!

In this nation of ours, Commissioner...

It's people like this who are messiahs, Commissioner.

I can swear by anything, I've never met a doctor like him!

He's not even in his senses... but his fingers work magic!

True. No wonder he has never failed in a surgery earlier.

Go ahead. I'll follow you.

Amiracle! You've pulled off a miracle, doctor!

Havingsaved an honest and upright leader... you've done the nation and its people a great favour!

Long live Doctor Ghayal!

Long live Doctor Ghayal!

Janki... Janki! I'm coming!

-Bharat! Yes, brother?.

Where are you?. The operation on Mr TT. has been successful!

What?.! Was the operation on Mr TT. a success?.

You musdt tank the Almighty for having given you magical powers.

You're right. Thank you, O Lord...

I also want to thank my brother and my wife... for whose sake I live.

Look,Janki... God has fulfilled all your wishes.

You wanted my name spread through out the country, didn't you?.

Wait for the morning newspapers.

Every newspaper will carry my name in the headlines!

Iet's celebrate the occasion with some sweets, then.

Have some sweets...

Come on... have this.

Come on! What are you staring at my face for?.

Hey! I hope the two of you haven't ganged up against me again?.!

Come and have the sweets... Come along!

Whom are you feeding the sweets to, sir?.

For how long will you keep dreaming like this?.

Whom will you feed, now that they are no longer alive to have it?.

Not their lifeless portraitts, surely?.

The truth does knock on my mind, but...

I still can't hear it.

Oh! The memories of Janki and Bharat!

The memories keep coming back to me!

I just can't see anything else!

They'rejust too loud.

How will going to the hospital help, son?.

It will alleviate my pain to some extent... but it can't put off my death, can it?.

It was my worries that kept puttingoffdeath till now.

What worries are they, Mom, that I can't take care of?.

My son...

After I'm dead, he shall be your responsibility, son.

Although Bharat happens to be my brother, as far as relationships go...

I've always considered him to be my son.

Yes, Mom. He's my son.

Janki... you shall be the mother in the family, after I'm dead.

You will undoubtedly love your children, when you give birth to them.

However, do reserve some love and affection for my son, too.

please don't take offence. I can't help saying that as a mother.

Not at all. You're only teaching me to be a good mother.

It hardly matters that my husband was not born ofyou.

You have given him more affection than you've given your own son.

So, I will consider Bharat to be my first-born, too.

Had only mothers to deliver their kids,... it would render so many relationships meaningless.

-My dear... -I give you my word.

Till Bharat gets to be 25 years ofage...

I shall not have my own baby.

No! Don'tsay that!

I can't even imagine Ram going without children!


You'll be okay, mother.

Why don't you speak?.!

Why don't you speak?. What's wrong with you?.!

You can't leave me like this, Mom! You can't!

Don'task me! Just do as you please!

At least hear me out, sister-in-law!

Something wrong between them... What's happened,Janki?.

I'm fed up ofthis. You can drill some sense into his head.

Like a kid, he insists every year that he won'tcelebrate his birthday!

I see! Well, mister... What do you wish to do?.

Don't rub the finance department the wrong way... you won't get any project through!

She doesn'teven listen to me nowadays!

I have no such problem, brother.

Ijust have to talk to her sweetly and she'll agree!

How can she remain angry with me?.

Of course I'm angry with you!

Can't you agree for the sake ofour happiness?.

I'd even lay down my life for your happiness.

Shut up! You'll get a slap from me!

Why don't you talk to him?. Can't you hear the nonsense he's talking?.

This is between the two ofyou; don't dragme into this.

Not true, brother. This has to do with all ofus.

Now that you have sacrificed all yourjoys for my sake... how can I be expected to celebrate anything?.

Don't we share our joys together?.

Aren'tourjoys meant for all ofus?.

Isn't that true, sister-in-law?.

We'll celebrate my birthday when the pledge sister-in-law made... to mother is fulfilled.

This is no time to come, Renu. You promised...

I was here even before I promised I'd arrive.

All I wanted to see was whether you'd be miss me.

That's an understatement, Renu!

He fell offthe bed last night, even as he remembered you!

Isn't that true?. Must I tell her everything else?.

Are you both fighting even today?.

-No, brother. Then come and cut the cake.

That's a very big piece... give me a smaller one.

Open your mouth.

Congratulations, Dr. Ram! It's nice to see you happy.

Thank you, Dr Siddiqui. It's a happy day for our family today.

His birthday that we're celebrating after years is indeed a happy...

There's going to be another good news soon.

What is that?. -lt'll be the arrival ofmy nephew.

Exactly 1 0 months from now... my little nephew will play with me!

Exchanging glances with her isn't going to help you, brother.

Treat this as an ultimatum!

You mustsolve my problem in the next 10 months!

Hear that?. He's given us a grace period ofone month.

Just go away from here!

I have indeed been taught to respect my elders.

But they've never prevented me from beating up those who try to bribe me!

You'd better think it over, Bharat. This move will prove expensive.

Before I smash your head,just get the hell out ofhere!

Your principles and honesty will cost you dearly, engineer!

Iet's go.

What's the matter, Bharat?. Who were they?.

My colleagues.

They want me to accept a bribe and pass a power-project at pawan Ghat.

Never mind them now...

It's your birthdayTake your friends out and have a nice time. Go on!

What's up?. What are you dreaming of?.

Nothing. But who's the babe?.

Whoever she is, she's engaged to the guy in the red-coat.

You can't find that word in my dictionary, okay?.

You don't understand. There's no comparison between Rajni and you.

Ijust don't like your relationship with her.

They call me Raja... Raja Tunga.

And I get anything I take a liking to... no matter what the cost.

No matter how much you go around with her...

Renu's eventuaclly going to marry me some day.

I've taken a terrible liking to Renu...

Iet me go!

I have an advice for you, doctor.

Just go home and talk to your brother and tell him...

Not to mess with the Tunga family, if you want to live in this city.

I've heard your advice and I'm sorry to hear of your mental bankruptcy.

Now please register my complaint and arrest Raja immediately.

Neither will I register the complaint nor will Raja be arrested.

But your family will surely land in trouble.

Before Rana Tunga gets to hear of this, I suggest you forget it.

A whore in nun's clothing still remains a whore.

What have you worn that uniform for?.

Ifyou have sold your soul to the thugs, let them have your body too!

Have you said what you wished to?. Are you happy now?. please go away now! I'm in no mood for sermons!

You must be a slave to Tunga; not me.

Just remember that you're forcing a simple man into this.

What?.! Are you going to take to arms?.

Will a doctor get violent?. You will do nothingofthe sort!

When you couldn't prevent crime, how'll you prevent the reprisal?.

Even the Gods had taken to arms against injustice.

I'm a mere human-being.

Not one police station is prepared to register a complaint against you.

Why is that the case?.

The inspector said yours is a family of decent people!

Is that true?.

people at the police station warned me that... ifl wished to live in the city...

I must keep my distance from the Tunga family.

They dare hit my brother!

It was that... -Just shut up!

Someone has dared to beat up my brother for the first ever time!

Just tell me his name, Raja!

I will wipe outevery trace ofhis family!

No, brother. Wiping out his family is not my goal.

Then what do you want to do?.

I want to snatch Bharat's love and deal a blow to the brothers... that they will remember all their lives!

That's all I want! -Just give me her name.

His love will be a slave at your feet!

It's the famous builder Umedchand Jain's daughter, Renu.

Welcome Mr Rana Tunga! This is a surprise!

I was at my prayers when the servant told me.

But how could I even pray when I heard you had arrived?.

I've just come running here with the bell in my hand!

Have I done something wrong?. Not at all.

Your arrival at someone's house, so early in the day... can't bode well for anyone, can it?.

You're wrong, MrJain.

It's not necessary for me to always hurt people.

In the right position, I could even change people's destinies.

I hope that's true and my prayers are answered!

Deign to tell me, sir... how are you going to change my destiny?.

And why are you standing?. please sit down!

I've come to invite you to my younger brother, Raja's wedding.

Is itjust that much?.! It's great news!

Awedding in your house is like a wedding in my own home!

But why did you take the trouble ofcoming here?.

You could have sent the invitation with your chauffeur.

You could have got someone to telephone me!

I'd personally have come to collect the card! Why take the trouble?.

I thought I must personally invite you to the wedding.

You're being magnanimous! Here's the invitation.

But tell me what you will have. Asoft-drink?. Or tea, perhaps?.

We'll decide that after you have read the invitation.

Your brother is like my son! Why see the invitation?.

You must obviously have spent a lot on the invitation.

The bride's father must also be ofyour own stature, what say?.

I think you need a soft-drink.

Asoft-drink?.! I'd rather have poison!

Is my daughter to marry your brother?.!

You've had the invitations printed... you must even have distributed them all over town!

This will set the Jain community after me!

Is there something lacking in my brother, MrJain?.

Not at all! But how can I be compared to you?.!

When I consider you my equal... what's your problem?.

It has nothing to do with my objections!

It has to do with my daughter's approval!

It has to do with our community! Why can't you understand that?.!

Raja is a very obstinate boy, MrJain.

He insisted on the most expensive toys, even when he was a kid.

And I let him have every priceless toy in the world.

He then took a fancy to cars.

And you will find the most expensive cars in the world... rotting in our compound.

He has now asked me for Renu's hand in marriage.

I will satisfy this demand ofhis, too.

Besides, why will Renu object, when you have no problems?.

I do object!

I am no expensive toy or gift you can buy for your spoilt brother!

Listen, dear... I don't agree to this wedding!

I will never agree to it!

You speak like a true daughter-in-law ofour family.

Since you are going tojoin our family as a daughter-in-law...

I will not get angry at your misbehaviour.

Else, those refusing me something just can't live in this town!

You don't seem to have met people who refuse to accept you as God!

I'm not scared ofthis man... no matter who he is!

Let me tell him that I live in this city and always will!

Without grovelling before him or obeying his dictates!

I must leave now.

See you tomorrow.

Renu?. Since when have you been at the door?.

Ever since you have been flirting with her... and promising to meet her soon!

You're suspecting my friendship with Rajni!

The heart-shaped bouquet, a love-letter, and a good-bye kiss... can't be for nothing, can it?.

But that's only good wishes from a friend!

I know Rajni has studied with you, Bharat.

She may only be a friend.

But her behaviour is confirming my suspicions!

I hope you are not...

Ifthere is anyone I revere after God, it is my sister-in-law.

I swear in my sister-in-law's name today... that I have never loved anyone but you.

It's true, Renu.

That's the ppp file... Don't you understand?.

I mean, the pawan power project.

Aforeign-based company will now supply power in the country.

Since you are the engineer on the project... your stamp ofapproval on the project is absolutely essential.

Just put your signature on it. I'll handle everything else.

You don't reckon you're doing something wrong, do you?.

This is wrong, sir.

There are six tribal villages where we want to build this project.

We obviously can't let them drown in the project.

Then, there are problems ofenvironment...

We'll solve that! It has to do with another department.

Why must that worry you?. It's my responsibility, sir.

I can't deliberately endanger the lives ofthousands ofpeople!

But you want to endanger your own life, don't you?.

Your speech smacks of intimidation, sir!

Sensible boy!

You're a responsible leader, sir... whom the public trusts.

But you... is this your brand ofpolitics?.

Now look... our culture does not encourage... such exchange between elders and youngsters. politics is my business; I know how I must go about it!

I can perform my duties well, too, sir!

It's true that I got thisjob, thanks to your blessings.

But I will perform my duties as my ideals and principles bide me to!

I will do nothing that goes against my conscience!

I wouldn't mind losing my life in upholding my values!

See that, dad?. Even dogs are more loyal than these human-beings.

You had done this boy a favour.

But he's shown his true colours and walked out.

It happens, my son.

When the brains don't work in tandem with the mouth... this is what happens!

How'd the kid know the consequences ofwhat he hasjust said?.

This is like killing two birds with one stone.

You will have accomplished what you want to... and it will also clear our path.

To kill Bharat, therefore, I have called lnspector Daanapani here.

My plans have fallen in place, too, brother.

The execution isjust a phone-call away.

At 6 tomorrow evening, that will happen, too.

Make the call then!

There's still 5 minutes to six... and there's the call!

This is Raja here... Renu is in my custody.

Don't you even dare touch Renu!

Come and rescue her... if you really love her so much.

She's at Hotel Savera... Room # 504.

He has already left. Where has he gone?.

There was a call from some girl called Rajni.

She called him over to Room No. 504 at Hotel Savera.

Let me go!

Leave me alone, you swine!

Rajni?.! What are you doing here?. Let me go...!

Help! Help me, someone!

She's dead.

No, inspector! I haven't killed her! It's the truth!

This is a frame-up! Her killers have already fled!

After they pushed the pistol in your hands, I guess?.

And also after giving the girl, a tie you wear.

But inspector...

These tooth-marks don't belong to the girl, I suppose?.

You must've bitten yourself, isn't it?.

And the nail-marks... you must have scratched yourself, too?.

It's true that the tie belongs to me... and the nail-marks have been made by Rajni!

But I haven't killed her!

It's the truth, Renu!

That's enough. I've had enough ofyour histrionics!

The court will decide what is the truth.

My brother can neither rape nor kill someone!

I know Bharat very well! He'd never do that!

There you are! You give him a nice name... and sit back and relax!

We're living in a sinful era, doctor.

Names are merely for recognition; not to guarantee good character!

You are named after Lord Rama, too.

Must I beg at your feet for salvation then?.

Not every demon is as fortunate to do that.

Listen, mister! I've been very courteous to you!

You're doing a favour to the law by being courteous, aren't you?.

The law which gives you the right to slander someone?.

Besides, what proofdo you have ofmy brother's guilt?.

I have enough proof to hang a killer!

The room in the hotel was booked in his name.

The revolver bore his finger-prints.

The testimonies ofthe staff at the hotel... besides the eye-witness, Bharat's girlfriend Renu!

This is a frame-up and he's being falsely implicated!

It's obvious that you're only a puppet dancing to someone's tunes!

My brother could never rape a girl!

Have you a medical reportsaying he's not "capable" ofrape?.

That's enough, inspector!

Atongue is that which you keep under control.

Let loose, it could destroy many lives!

You'd better hold your tongue!

You're not the last man who can give usjustice.

My brother is innocent... He will certainly getjustice!

It's ofno use now.

We got to know ofthis pretty late, doctor.

Bring the body down, constable.

Why have you summoned me,jailer...

What's wrong with my brother?.

Bharat! My brother...! How could this happen!

How did this ever happen?.!

It's a case ofsuicide. perhaps... outofshame.

Shame?. What shame?.! What had my brother done?.!

What would he be ashamed of?.

He was always a virtuous boy and lived a life of righteousness!

Why would he be ashamed?. What for?.!

I'm sorry, doctor, but that's what we believe is true.

Take a look at that.

"Brother and sister-in-law... please forgive me"

What's happened to you, Bharat?.

What's wrong with my Bharat?.

What's happened to my son?.!

What's happened to Bharat?. What's wrong with him?.

Why don't you speak....?. What's wrong with him?.

Bharat is no more...

No! This can't be true!

You're a doctor who has saved innumerable lives from death!

Give my Bharat back to me... Give him back to me!

I'm only a doctor... Not God!

I am not the Almighty!

You've let me down too, haven't you?.

It was because ofyou that I promised your mother... and did not even bear a child!

For 14 long years, I consoled myselfwith the feeling... that Bharat was my son! My son!

And today... he has been snatched away from me!

This is an injustice! Everyone has been unfair to me!

God has been unjust with me, too!

Why, oh why?.!

Hey, hold it!

Stop singing and dancing.

This is a good sign; they're taking away a bier.

Here's the bride!

Marry her!

You've become a bride, haven't you?.

But take a look at Bharat!

He's bathed in blood!

He's looking like a bridegroom; your bridegroom!

Look at him!

Why is she wearing the wedding vermillion, Ram?.

My Bharat hasn't yet married her!

Why is she wearing the matrimonial vermillion...

Stop it... stop it!


It's morning already, sir.

And you went to sleep withouteating last night?.

How can you go on like this, sir?.

When man embarks on his journey through life... he knows not how and when it will end.

He treads along, nevertheless.

Falling and stumbling and again steadying himself...

he continues hisjourney.

That's how he goes through thejourney ofhis life.

But why has God made your journey so difficult?.

You have always granted people a new lease oflife!

That is one court where no case is never contested.

Nor is there room for an appeal against Hisjudgment.

He's the onlyJudge who delivers the final verdict.

He's the OnlyJudge.

Read the newspapers, while I go and fetch some breakfast.

Dr. Ramprasad Bags the Sanjeevani Award.

Hats offyou to, Mr Mohanlal!

You've had one ofthe brothers knocked off.

And you're now honouring the other with an award!

Chameleons and politicians belong to the same breed!

You can never say when they'd change colours.

Which is why we've given Dr. Ram the highest award in medicine.

And I've had so much ofpraise lavished on him... that he'd forget even the grief ofhis wife and brother's death!

That's okay. But what colours will you show me now?.

The colour ofrelationship!

The underworld and the politician belong to the same brethren.

Ifwe don't help each other, who will?.

But what will I have to do?.

Ever since Bharat was eliminated... the pawan power project is now in its final stages.

But there is an obstacle which only you can remove.

What obstacle is that?. The obstacle is... the village oftribals who live there.

Fantastic! The young and the old... they're all brilliant!

He's a smartchap, I say! He's my brother, after all.

It will be done, Mohanlal. Let's talk about my fees now.

Ofcourse you will get your share as you have always got it!

20 per cent ofthe spoils.

Times have changed, Mr Mohanlal.

Things which were worth thousands earlier,... are now selling for millions.

It's another matter that you've been getting my brother... to toe your line, somehow or the other.

But that won't work anymore.

As for our share... it'll be 400/0; not 200/0

Ifit's okay with you, you have a deal.

Or you know your way out. Don't be arrogant, young man!

You mustn't forget that the luxuries you enjoy... are a result ofthe politicians' sweat and blood, too!

Not the politicians... it's the public's blood and sweat!

The masses whom you have always fooled... and robbed as part ofyour profession.

Don't you dare...! Mohanlal!

Don't forget your limits! I hate loud voices!

Treat what Raja has said as my wish, too!

Andjust you remember another thing, Mohanlal!

It's the combination ofmy reign and your policies... which keep your brand ofpolitics alive!

Didn't you say that politicians and chameleons...

...can change colours at any time?.

Just you remember that. Good-bye!


When you take the robe offa man... you see him for what he is!

Make sure you remember that, too!

There's only one way you deal with a mad-dog, dad.

You mustjust shoot it.

No, my son! It's not good to lose your temper!

I will do no such thing that harms my political career.

The investigating agencies and the courts... don't spare the politicians anymore!

For all you know, I might land behind bars!

I'll have to find another way to strangle Rana!

Big deal! You're in power and yet can't teach him a lesson!

Who else will?.

There is someone... who will fix Rana!

Greetings. Greetings, yourself!

I'm not fond of all those things.

Just have a cup oftea sent for me... withoutsugar.

And tell Mr Terror that... Greetings.

Welcome, Mr Mohanlal...

Greetings, Mr Terror!

I, the Minister, offer you my salutations!

Tirlochan Tripathi?.! Alias... TT....?.

My name is not Tirlochan Tripathi, alias TT...

I swear by my political career, Mr TT...

I have for the first ever time felt that I've found my match!

I thought I was the wiliest ofthem all. But today... you've knocked me outcold!

I feel like doing away with all the idols at home... and start worshipping you!

This is politics for you.

Besides, I'vejust changed my attire.

Our intentions however remain the same.

We share a common goal. As for scruples... we have none!

You had one day sought Rana's help to eliminate me.

But you've come to me today to teach Rana a lesson.

But it happens... It's a partofthe game.

Only when you stand up to Goliath do you realise... that there are giants in the world, too!

Let bygones be bygones, Mr TT... I mean, Mr Terror.

But I want to know whether you will help me or not.

Ofcourse, I will! By all means!

But I will take the same percentage ofspoils... that Rana sought from you.

You dreamt ofbeing ChiefMinister ofthis state. And you succeeded.

But I dream ofbeing the prime Minister ofthis nation.

That dream remains yet unfulfilled.

I need help from your party to realise my dreams.

What does that mean?. That which you wanted...

Apolitical alliance!

Should you to betray your party in the forthcoming elections... we can capture power at the Centre.

Should I once be elected to office for a 5-year term... what is a pawanghat power project?.!

We can strip the nation with financial scams... and assure our next 7 generations the greatest luxuries of life!

To bring Rana on the streets... I'd agree to anything you say!

Certainly. -Just strangle the bastard... and kill him!

You must do everything with the utmost secrecy.

Even the public has never been able to guess my moves till this day.

How the hell will they know what I am up to?.

You can assume that Rana's train oflife has derailed!

Hey! Are you blind?.

Rush him to the hospital! Quick!

Raja's met with an accident. What?.! Which hospital is he in?.

Looks like Dr Ghayal has arrived!


What's wrong, dear?. No!

He will not perform the operation on Raja! Stop him, Daddy!

What nonsense are you talking?.

Only Dr Ramprasad can save your husband now!

No! He won't save my husband! He'll snatch him away from me!

He'll extract revenge for his brother's death from my husband!

Stop him, Dad! please stop him!

You will not be allowed to operate on my husband! Never!

D'you hear me?. You will not perform the operation on him!

Do you hear me?.

Wait... stop!

Commissioner! please stop him, for God's sake!

He'll kill my husband! He'll kill him!

He'll kill Raja. Stop him... Relax, dear.

What's up, Siddiqui?. You look upset.

There's only one problem, Dr Ram.

The patient's wife has refused to sign the indemnity bond.

She's crazy!

She can't see the difference between a killer and a doctor.

Go ahead and prepare for the operation.

Raja is my younger brother, Dr Ram.

Don't worry about the expenses.

But Raja must live. Mr Rana...

Don't ever tell a doctor his duties!

There's an injured man lying on your operation table.

Let him die.

Should you even attempt to save him... no power on earth can ever be able to save you then!

Do you understand?. I'll call you again, in the next 30 minutes.

I want to hear ofRaja's death.

Is Raja okay, doctor?.


Had even the enemy to come to the doctor as his patient... the doctor would still perform his duties.

Adoctor saves lives... never takes it!

Come with me, Renu... Come inside.

Come and see the life on your husband's face.

Come in...

There he is.

In a little while, there will be a smile on your husband's face.

To begin with, he will want to...

No! I left him herejust now...

Listen, Renu... You've snatched him from me!

I knew you'd do that!

You've killed my husband! You've killed him!

Hear me out, Renu... Listen to me!


What's wrong, dear?.

That which I feared has happened!

I had warned you... but you wouldn't listen to me!

He has killed my husband! He has killed Raja!

Ifyou have indeed killed Raja, doctor...

I will give you such a dreadful death... that any doctor would think several times... before doingsuch a thing again!

No, Rana Tunga. No doctor would deliberately kill his patient.

But he has killed my husband! Deliberately!

When I didn't even sign the indemnity papers, Commissioner... why did he perform the operation?.!

Was itonly to kill my husband?.!

Is that true, Doctor... Commissioner!

In her excitement, Renu had refused to sign the papers.

But, as a doctor... how could I desert my patient on the operation table?.

I had to save his life and I had very little time. So...

He's lying!

He has performed many operations in that room.

And none ofthe operations have ever failed.

Why then did this particular operation fail...

Raja was alive! That's a lie! Afalsehood!

I want you to register my complaint, Commissioner!

I will testify against this murder!

This man has broken the law!

So arrest him here and now!

We must follow the law.

Take him in your custody, lnspector.

Thank you.

There is something I've not been able to figure out, Siddiqui.

How did you finish Raja after a successful operation?.

It's impossible for a patient to die, once Dr Ram has operated on him.

The operation was successful, no doubt.

But when Dr. Ram went out to give Raja's wife the good news...

I'm delighted with your work, Siddiqui!

I'm so happy that... in a few days, I'll have you made the dean ofthe hospital.

Thank you, sir.

But there is something you must always remember.

To save your precious little life... make sure you keep this secret buried in your heart.

I will keep the secret till I die, sir. But, Ram...

Why are you worried about that, my friend?.

Citingsecurity reasons...

I'll have Ram sent tojail from police custody, today itself.

I'll make my next move a little later.

It's only ther innocents who cry within the 4 walls of the prison.

But neither can the law see their tears... nor their plight.

I used to be known as professor Nizamuddin Azad.

But I'm now reduced to being a prisoner, bearing No. 52.

I used to be a scientist in the labs ofthe lndian Atomic Energy.

But I am now known as a traitor ofthe nation.

Mr Azad?. Atraitor?.

Yes. Treason is what they have accused me of.

They accuse me ofpassing on a formula ofthe missile... to foreign powers.

Even my faith in God could not prove my innocence.

Not even my clear conscience could save me from this punishment.

Like a devout Muslin, I used to pray to the Almighty, 5 times a day.

But to make me confess to the crime... the so-called patrons of the law beat me up so badly... that iteven ruptured the veins in my legs.

I am perhaps being punished for a sin I must have committed... that I can't even bow to God during my prayers.

I can't even kneel before the Almighty!

Do you consider yourself guilty then?.

It's demons who now rule this land ofLord Rama.

When those who rule the country have pronounced me guilty... who will prove my innocence?.

The police, the courts and the law and order... are all slaves to their maneouvres.

And look at yourself.

You are a victim ofthe present day's dirty politics, too.

Not only you, even your brother was...

My brother?. What happened to him?. What do you know about him?.

Your brother did not commitsuicide. The poor boy was murdered.

Murdered?. Who was it...?. Who killed my brother?.

It was the guardian oflaw... Inspector Daanapani... who was decorated by the Government last year, for his bravery.

He came here with a couple of constables that night, and...

I saw it all happening... I heard it all!

And yet, you quietly watched the fun ofmy brother beingslaughtered?.

What else could I have done?.

What could a cripple behind bars do?. perhaps the Almighty made me keep a silence then... so I could tell you the whole truth.

Look at the scrawl on the wall, doctor.

It's just not your brother's handwriting.

Here you are, sir... The Jailer has sent it for you.

Why do you drink?.

For support... This is the only support I have.

Ifalcohol could indeed supportsomeone... no man would ever stagger after drinking it.

It's only those who stagger that seek support. people lose their consciousness when they are drunk... and return to their senses, once it wears off.

You have a fire raging in your heart... and yet douse itout with this water?.

Alcohol makes a slave outofman.

And slaves are given to bowing to their master's dictates...

They can never fight back like true soldiers.

I was old and helpless... and thus lost out to these traitors.

I lost out to the corrupt leaders!

But you can accomplish everything!

You are even named after Lord Rama!

Why then are you so helpless?. pick up your weapons and destroy the evilmen!

Till today, you have granted life to friends and foes alike.

You have now to deliver your enemies to death!

You have now to destroy the traitors ofthe country... who intend to break up the nation... and strip their motherland!

You must now award death to your enemies!

Be then, the "Angel ofDeath"

The Angel ofDeath!

Here you are, doctor. It's the keys to the main-gate.

Before the film is over... make sure your escape.

But how... You have no time to think!

The Almighty has Himself given you this golden opportunity.

Go on... Run away!

One moment, doctor.

This is a charm from the holy shrine at Ajmer.

God-willing, it will protect you from all the dangers.

Wear it around your neck.

Anoble man like you can never be a traitor.

May God protect you.

Where the hell are you going?.!

Hold fort here... I'll go and check downstairs.


Mr Azaad!

Go away, Ram! Escape!

Beware! Drop your guns... or you're dead-meat!

Go away, Ram! Go!

I implore you in the name ofthe God you worship!


Where are you going?. Get in... Go on!

Run away, doctor! Escape!

Thanks a million, O Almighty... for letting a sinner bow to You before he dies!

I now come to You with my head bowed.

What nonsense is that?. Has Dr Ram escaped from prison?.!

I must hear ofRam's death by tomorrow morning, Daanapani.

Engage him in an encounter anywhere you find him andjust kill him!

Amar! I'vejust heard iton Tv that Dr. Ram has escaped from...

What has stopped you from completing your sentence, darling?.

You have a long life, Dr Ram.

My wife was talking about youjust now.

You folks?. Do you know me?.

How can we ever forget you?.

You had once saved my wife from thejaws ofdeath!

You had not even collected your fees for the operation.

As far as we are concerned, you are God Himself!

You had once helped us, when we were in difficulty.

Ifwe don't help you out now, who will?.

Actually, Mr... The name is Masrani.

Yes, Mr Masrani... I need a change ofclothes.

Sure! Come along! I've got heaps ofclothes in my studio!

Acop's uniform, a commando's outfit.

You can even dress up as a doctor.

Help Yourself. Take anything you want.

This dress...?.

This camera, Mr Masrani... Keep it.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Keep this money, too. You might need it.

Well, how can l...

Don't tink, doctor. Just keep the money.

Keep it. You might need it.

You're a very kind soul.

You're also a great doctor.

Our nation needs doctors like you.

Take care ofyourself, doctor.

The Lord will protect you.

Wait there, Ram!

Stop, I say!

Here comes the swine for the free-fun!

Hey, lnspector!

Don't go inside. Chand is entertaining a customer.

Just get on with your tobacco-chewing, lady!

And stop worrying about Chand!

You know very well that whenever I come to this brothel...

I always have fun with the girl!

Who's in there?. Throw him out!

He's paid for the fun! He's not a bum, like you are!

Do you guys have no scruples?.

You want your bribes and the girls, too?. Get lost!

Bloody whore!

Will you lecture me?.!

But I'm not used to be being lectured! Understand?.

Let me see who will stop me from going inside!

Who the hell's in there?.


The guardians ofthe law... are expected to protect the helpless and the downtrodden.

They are not supposed to victimise them for their plight!

Why did you kill my brother?. Tell me!

Why did you kill him?. Speak up!

Speak up, or else... Hold it! I'll tell you!

It was the minister, Mohanlal, who plotted your brother's death... with the help ofRana.

They wanted him outoftheir way to get on with their plans.

Mohanlal then conspired with Siddiqui to have Raja killed.

He then had you implicated for the murder... do you understand?.

They are the real killers! I'mjust a pawn they've been using! please let me go... I have done nothing! I'm innocent!

Forgive me! Let me go!

Here you are, lady. This will cover your losses.

Someone has fallen in the burning oven, boss!

Forget it! Let's get the hell outofhere!

Listen to me first, Ram!

State what you will, in the presence ofthe people... to whom you have proved that I am a murderer!

This man is proofof my innocence, MrJain!

He is the real killer ofRenu's husband!

Speak up, Siddiqui! Tell them... who had killed Raja?.

Why had you killed him?. Speak up!

Speak up, Siddiqui! Tell them!

Wait, Siddiqui! Stop there!

You are a blot on the fair name ofmedical practitioners!

Why did you snuff out a life on the operation table?.

Why did you kill Raja?. Tell them the truth, or else...

I'll tell them! I'll explain!

Forgive me, Ram! I have strayed!

It was my greed that killed Raja!

But it was Mohanlal who plotted it! Not me!

He wanted to teach Rana a lesson by killing Raja... and wanted to implicate you in the murder.

How did you kill him?. Tell them!

Tell them how you killed him!

When you went out to convey the success ofthe operation...

I switched offthe supply ofoxygen.

I'm speaking the truth.

But forgive me, Ram... please grant me pardon!

Beg for forgiveness ofthe Lord... Who you believe is Magnanimous.

He might grant you forgiveness.

But I will never forgive you!

Don't, Ram... This is your punishment!

This is it!

This is it!

Go to hell!

It was my greed that killed Raja!

But it was Mohanlal's idea!

He wanted to settle a score with Rana and implicate you!

How did you kill him?. Tell them!

When you went out to convey the success ofthe operation...

I cutoffthe supply ofoxygen.

Have you seen the cassette?.

Do you know who has really killed your brother?.

Who is that?. This is Ram speaking.

See that, Rana?. The Mohanlal you connived with, to kill my brother... has snatched your brother from you, to teach you a lesson!

Cursed is the father... who cremates his young and only son.

Arrest him! He is a convict who has escaped from prison!

He's a killer! Arrest him!

Whyjust arrest me?. Why not kill me instead!

Wipe me out in everyone's presence!

Even burn me alive, if I am indeed a killer!

But I have some questions to ask.

Who gave me the false label ofa murderer?. You did!

Who was it who falsely implicated my brother... and had him killed at lnspector Daanapani's hands?. You did!

Who got Dr Siddiqui to kill Raja on the operation table... and framed me for the murder?.

You did, Mohanlal! It was only you!

This man is lying! Damn it! Why must you listen to his nonsense?.

Kill him! I'll tell the press that he attacked me! very well! Level another false accusation at me and kill me!

Finish me off!

They must've ended many innocent lives at your behest... what difference will another killing make?.

What are you guys waiting for?.

Ifmen in uniform don't have the courage to face the truth...

Iet it nor be trampled upon by such falsehoods! Take itoff!

And strip these traitors who are getting you to neglect your duties!

Ifwhat I say seems to be false... shoot me!

Go ahead! Open fire!

Shoot, I say!


What are you waiting for?.! Fill him with lead!

No one will open fire.

Are you outofyour mind?. Kill the scoundrel!

Saw that, Mohanlal?.

They now see the truth!

They have realised that a falsehood is, after all, a falsehood!

As for the truth...

Help! I've been set on fire!

Help! Save me!

Now let's discuss business.

Sit down, MrJohn.

So we have signed the MOU today.

And we will even make it public tomorrow... promising every village to be lit up with electricity.

And the suckers that they are... the masses will go mad withjoy!

How can you talk business on a happy day like this, TT?.

Where are the lndian dancers you've called in for our entertainment?.

I haven't come here to see the lndian dancers perform.

I have come to rob the people oflndia!

Show me something then... that will steal my heart!

Certainly, MrJohn.

We'll now present to you a fusion ofthe East and the West.

You must know how the lndians are obsessed with foreign dances!

Move aside! Outofour way!

I'm sure it was Ram!

He's hidingsomewhere around! Find him and shoot him down!

Rest assured, Mr TT, I have made very good security arrangements.

There will be no problem in your programme.

The police will now smell Ram miles away... and he will no longer only be arrested.

He will be shot at sight!

I have cherished only one dream in life, Commissioner.

I'd do anything, if my dreams are shattered.

Your life and your career depend on the success ofmy function.

Should anything untoward happen there, ask your family... to have a day found to mourn your death!

On this auspicious day, we will show you some rare glimpses... ofthe services our revered leader has rendered to society.

It was 50 years ago that... a child was born in a small village ofUttar pradesh called pirana.

Born in a Brahmin family, the child was called Tirlochan.

Even in his childhood, the all pervading poverty... made such an indelible impression on his mind... that the mere sight ofpoverty moved the child to tears.

Treating poverty as the No. 1 enemy ofthe masses... the boy dedicated himself to the service ofsociety.

One who found time for everyone in difficulty... the youth became the village Chiefvery early in life.

That marked a new era for the village.

But Tirlochan Tripathi had the problems ofthe country at heart.

How then could he be content with merely improving his village?.

To improve the working conditions ofthe labour in the country... he formed the Shramik Dal... and pursued his one-point programme; the eradication ofpoverty.

That's enough. You have given him enough ofapplause.

How did he get on screen?.!

The conjuror's act now comes to an end!

Cut itout!

Have you heard then, the heart-rending tales... ofhis service to the nation and society?.

Now listen to some of this gentleman's deeds.

It's true that great leaders are not born very often.

But devils are now mushrooming everywhere in the country.

Ademon ofthis nature was born on the sacred land oflndia... some 5 decades ago.

It's Mr Tirlochan Tripathi alias TT., and in truth...

Switch itoff! What's wrong with this?.!

Cut itout! I'm doing my best, sir!

It's ofno use, TT.

This is not a door on the poverty-stricken masses... that will shut at your behest.

This is the voice ofthe lndian who has awoken from his slumber... which will be silenced only after you have accounted for your sins!

I hold the remote to this Direct Channel!

You have shown them the glorified side to you.

I will not reveal to them what you really are!

The permission for the pawanghat power project.. has been finalised.

To sign the agreement, therefore, their Managing Director, MrJohn... will be arriving here tomorrow.

But why would you need me?. I do need you.

We must evict the tribals who have been occupying that land.

And only you can accomplish that.

I also know that you didn't see eye to eye with Mr Mohanlal... over the issue ofsharing the moolah.

But rest assured. I have discussed the issue with the new minister... and we will now share everything 50, 50!

You could say that we, the crooked politicians... will keep robbing the stupid masses oflndia for all times to come!

please sit down, MrJohn.

At last, the agreement has been signed today.

And we will even present it before the public soon... with the promise that... all our villages will be lit up with electric supply... and our foolish masses will go mad withjoy with the news!

Afew days later, we'll slightly hike the tariff ofthe power-supply.

We have paid you guys a hefty kickback, haven't we?.

Why raise itslightly?. Raise it to any level you wish!

The public in our nation is used to price hikes!

The idiots will kick up a fuss... but later cool down.

Give him an ovation! Celebrate the doom that stares you in the face!

Coin some slogans to eulogise this cheat's dubious ways!

For how long will you keep clapping away, like eunuchs?.

Arrest this killer, inspector!

He is a fugitive who has escaped from the prison!

Don't you dare, inspector!

The man who can harm Ram is yet to be born!

And you are cheats... thugs!

Even the mighty demon-king had lost out to Ram's might.

Should you arrest Ram, lnspector... there will be a blood-bath!

There will be a battle between the public and the police!

Yes! We will fight itout to protect him!

Relax, lnspector... Let him speak!

The masses know what I am!

This is a ploy ofthe opposition to defame me... and this man is their stooge!

A crow will remain a crow, even if it visits the holy pilgrimages.

You're a man who'd even sell his mother for money!

You use politics for a crutch and sacrifice anyone... to achieve your own selfish ends.

I am not the only one you have used as a pawn in your game... you have also trapped the masses ofthe country in your dirty trap!

I could have killed you with the foreign swine the other day.

I could have rendered your unholy entity to dust!

But I wanted to expose you to the public... and hand you over to them!

Which is why you're still alive; a burden on the face ofearth!

But I have achieved my goal today.

Neither will the law decide your case, nor the law!

God has entrusted your case to the public!

The people will now realise... how you have robbed the nation with the thugs!

They'll know how you've made a shroud outofthe uniform... the police wear!

They will realise how you have made a whore outofjustice!

How you have fooled the poor, got them to vote for you... and won election after election.

And once you won the elections, you deserted the masses... as ifthey were unwed mothers! people who sweat and toil for the country... find it difficult to even feed their children.

And you sit down to decide on the nation's destiny...! blowing up millions ofRupees in the weddings ofyour children!

Where does the money come from?.

You poison the masses' ears, in the name ofreligion and community... and sit in your ivory towers to watch the fun of... the blood-bath that the public gets into!

Why hasn't a political leader ever been killed in the riots?.

Why have their houses never been set on fire?.

Why were they never struck by the bullets ofthe police?.


Their bullets always found... the poor innocent lndian who had done nothing!

Do you hear me?.

Or do you still prefer to play deaf?.

Do you see how this man has been hoodwinking you?.

Awaken! Awaken now from your lethargic stupor!

For how long will you silently put up with their atrocities?.

Our forefathers had once got us freedom from slavery.

Will we be pushed back into slavery again?.

Must we entrust the reins ofthe nation to such dishonest leaders... who wear stain-proofclothes, drive bullet-proofcars... possess noise-proofears and have no sense ofshame or guilt?.

Speak up! Answer me!

Bloody scoundrel!

Run away! We're going to be lynched today!

Beat her up! She's one ofthe crooks!

She's a thief, too! Give her a thrashing!

TT?.! Many happy returns ofthe day!

To hell with my birthday!

Start preparing for your funeral!

Listen carefully to what I say...!

Don't anyone ofyou get any closer!

Don't anyone dare get closer!

Or else, I'll mow you down here in this graveyard!

I'll have you cremated without a funeral pyre!

The terror ofyour guns cannot silence the masses today!

It's you guys who will have a funeral today!

And the people will spiton you, to stoke the fires!

Stop there, I say!

Don't you come closer, Ram!

Stop there, Ram!

What are you up to?. The slugs have all fallen down!

Where are they?. Let me load it for you!

Now see how it works!

Here's TT, friends! Kill him! Beat him up!

No! Don't...!


Leaders like you don't deserve to take birth in this country!

I will ask you to account for the miseries ofevery lndian today!

It's dishonest leaders like you who have set a fire... ofhatred raging in the country!

I will today putout the fire with your blood!

What are you waiting for?. Let's rush him to the hospital!

No, Masrani... this is enough! I'm through now!

My time is up.

But you'll die, if we don't rush you to the hospital!

No, Masrani.

I'm not sorry at my death.

In fact, I'm a very happy man.

My death will usher in a revolution amongst the people ofthis country!

May one die a death the world remembers!

Or else, everybody else is born in the same manner... to die some day.