Ms .45 (1981) Script

What do you think?

Well, I have one more piece coming up, and it is really gorgeous.

But darling, give this one a chance.

Look at it for a few minutes, all right? I'll be right back.


Yes? Angel.


Is the sherbet resort ready? Here it comes.

It's coming. Mrs. Grimaldi is waiting.

No, no, no.

No, no, I'll dress the model myself.

Uh... oh my god, it's 5 o'clock.

Send the girls home.

I'm not paying any overtime.


Have you reconsidered it?

Can I see the other style, please?

Uh, it's coming right up.

Thank you, Eileen.

Very pretty.

When she moves, the material review seems to flow.

It's like quicksilver. Turn around, honey.

What do you think?

It's nice.

Let's do it in three colors, five sizes.

For all the stores.



You have impeccable taste, my dear.

Come on, let's get to Marty McGuire's.

I hope that lawyer guy is going to be there.

You remember him? Oh, yeah, I remember him.

Come on, Thana, let's go. I really liked him.

OK, bright and early in the morning.

Good night, honey.

Everything's locked up.

And the machines are shut off?

Yes, good night.

The two best seamstresses in town.

Grimaldi loved it.


Good night, honey.

Here comes those girls.

Vaya mami! Vaya!

You do look good.

Hey, sweetie, you wanna sit on my face?

Fuck off.

Oh, mama.

Hey, baby.

Come here, sugar.

Are you sure you don't want to come with us for a drink?

You'll have a good time.

All right.

We'll see you tomorrow. Bye-bye.

Produce department, pick up the telephone, please.

Produce department.

You make one sound, I'm gonna stick this thing in your mouth.

Then I'm gonna shoot it off.

You're good.

That was great, baby, but I gotta go now.

I'll see you.

I'll see you again.

I'll be back. I will.

Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh!

Now we're gonna play a little game.

You talk and I kill you.

Now I'm gonna take my hand off your mouth.

If you scream... barn!

Now let's try it.

That's good.

That's real good.

Now where's the money?

Where's the money?

What's the matter with you?



You can't talk, huh?

You can't talk?

Open the bag.

Give me the bag!

What's the matter with you?

What happened to you?

Come on, chicky babe, don't be modest.


This ought to make you talk, hm?

Come on.


Is flowing smoothly on both levels.

It's 6:09.

The temperature in Central Park is 52.

Going down to the low 40s tonight. Continued fair tomorrow...

Come here, Sam.

Come on.

What is this?

I said a V-neck!

Not a scoop neck!

What are you gawking at?

All right, girls.

Back to the drawing board.

Thana, do you have this shirt ready?

Thana, are you all right?


What's the matter with Thana?



Thana, what's the matter?


You OK? Are you OK?

Are you OK? What's the matter?

Thana? Do you feel well?

Would you like to sit down? Thana?

Would you like a glass of water?

Let me feel your forehead.

Thana, maybe you should sit down.

Come over here. Would you like to sit down?


What happened to her?

Thana, now maybe you should sit down.

Would you like a glass of water?

What's in that bag?

Oh, Phil, get out of the way.

I'll take the bag out for you.

Really, let me do it.

Thana, what did you... what's wrong, honey?

Are you all right?

Is anything wrong, honey?

Little girl.

Hey, uh, little girl, sweetheart.

Where you going?

What's the hurry?

Ah, Jesus Christ almighty, everybody's in a goddamn hurry today, huh?

Huh, Ben?

Goddamn chicks are cold as ice, huh?

You ain't missing shit.

Hey, baby doll, you look pretty good today, huh?

Hey, what's the matter?

I got bad breath or something?

A-and maybe I ain't good enough for you, huh?

Hey, Lassie.

Fucking cunt.

Hey, baby!

Your bag!

You forgot your bag!

You forgot your bag!

Thana! Thana!

Open the door!




What's wrong with you?

I heard you run up the stairs like a phantom!

And throwing up all the place?

There's something wrong with you. I'm going to call a doctor.

Oh, yes I am.

Yes... uh, Phil, where are you?

Come on, Phil.

Oh, Phil!

What are you doing in there?

Come on out.

Phil, you naughty dog.

Now you get out of there right now!

I think I ought to call Dr. Fisher.

You look very bad.

You really do.

I'm going to call the doctor.

All right, we'll see about it.

What's the matter with you?

What happened to you?

'Cause you're mute, you dress like that?

Hey, Mister, nickel?



Aah, go fuck yourself.

Harold's Incorporated.

Thana, I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm concerned about you.

You insist that you're feeling better, but still, your work these past few days has not been up to par.

On top of scorching the silk blouse, you sewed only two cuff buttons instead of three on all the print suits.

I had to have them all recalled.

Darling, I realize that you're working under a tremendous handicap, which is precisely why you have to try harder than a normal person.

You know we all love you here.

You know we all want you to do well.

So promise me you'll get back on the track.

Show more interest in your work, more spirit.

Be like the other girls.

There's the Halloween party on the 31 st.

All of us are going.

You should come, too.

There'll be boys your own age.

You'll enjoy yourself.

Have fun.


I believe you will.

Now tell Laurie to come in here for a minute, please.




I'll be right in.

Look, I'll get back to you in about 15 minutes.


Thana, come here.

Why did Albert want to see you in his office?

Is he upset?

What's wrong?

Can I have the ashtray? Thank you.

Don't you like your sandwich? It's terrible.

You know, I don't know why we keep coming to this place.

I don't either.

We barely have time for coffee now.

Hey, Mrs. Onassis, what about the coffee we ordered?

I'll get it for you right now. No, skip the coffee.

Just get us the check. We have to get back to work.

OK, you want separate?

Just put it on one.

What, do we look like strangers over here?


What is this, a zoo?

They look like a couple of monkeys going at it.

Hey, lady, we're trying to eat over here.

This is a restaurant.

It's not Plato's Retreat.


See you later.

Here, let me make sure Madame Curie didn't make any mistakes on here.

OK, it's $3.50 a piece.

It's $4 with a tip. Everybody put up $4?

Hey, ladies.

May I joint you in an after-dinner drink?

Sweet ladies.

I'm buying.

Fuck off!


You heard me. Get fucked!

Get bent!

You fucking wimp, get the hell out of here.

Heard you, all right. Beat it!

Scram! Take it easy!

Get bent. Take it easy, my ass.

Believe the nerve of this guy?

Here you go.

I can't believe how much work we've got to get done this afternoon.

Yeah, I know.

I have to go to the bank.

I hope there's not a long line.

Here, Thana, you pay the bill. I'll meet you...

Hey, listen, Thana, we'll see you later at the office, all right?


Listen, uh, baby, how you doing?

Uh, look.

I didn't mean to seem forward or out of place in that restaurant or anything.

It's no reason for your sister to get carried away like that.

Just wanted to say hello, introduce myself.

Rich Volk, fashion photographer.

You know, "Vogue," "Cosmo," the layout of Atlanta in

"Elle," the wind in the zebra skins at the Plaza Fountain?

You know my stuff.

It's been all over.

Hey, wait a minute.

Just a second.

I just want to talk to you.

See, I'm a photographer. I'm a gourmet of beauty.

And when I saw you in that restaurant in that light, I said to myself, wow!

I mean, it was like a Renoir or a Matisse, and uh, that's why I wanted to talk to you.

No other reason.

I mean, when I see beauty, I gotta go after it.

You're not a model, right?

No, you are much too beautiful to be a model.

Much too beautiful to be a model.

Listen, uh, what do you say? My studio's right around the corner.

Nobody's gonna be there.

It's Friday.

And we'll take a test.


Smoke a little pot?

Dig not, huh?

Little wine, and uh, we'll crank off a roll of shots.

No big deal.

You got nothing to lose.


I knew you were a smart kid the minute I saw you.

Hey, there's no sense being shy with a face like that.

Trust me.

I'm going to make it work for you, show you how to make the big bucks, OK?


Here's my place here, 54.

Wait till you see this place. You're not gonna believe it.

It's beautiful.

Right in here.

OK, just hold on one second.

OK, this is the place.

Come on.

You're gonna love it.

Wait till you see.

Didn't I tell you to trust me? I mean, isn't this a beautiful place?

Mrs. Nasone, I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

But, like, I had my copy and I changed my pants.

I mean...

Oh, Nicky, you're hopeless.

You're always losing your keys.

But it's not my fault! The same story!

It's not...


What's all that makeup?

Good heavens!

I've never seen you look like that.

Your eyes.

And your lips are so heavily made up.

"Staying overnight with a friend"?

What friend?


I'm tired of you playing a game, you understand?

What are you talking about? Now I want the rest of my money.

But I don't have any money.

I gave you $50, didn't I?

Baby, you sure you ain't got $50 more?

How much you think...

You sure you ain't got $50 more? Five minutes.

Five minutes we're in there, and he gave me $50.

How much you think he's gonna give me?

And besides, bay, I wouldn't hold out on you.

Listen, baby, that last trick you had was a set-up.

Now I gave him $100.

You gonna give me $50.

Baby, I don't care how much you gave him, but he gave me $50.

You calling my friend a liar?

Yeah, he is!

Huh? What'd you call my friend?

Oh, don't hit me no more!

Baby, don't hit me no more!

Don't hit me!

Never fuck with my money!

Baby, don't hit me no more!

We want everything you got, baby.


Please, don't! Don't!

Hunter, pick her up.

Perhaps we can give you a lift somewhere?

Are you going anywhere particular?

Then perhaps you'd like to come with me tonight.

Police are still mystified by two apparently unconnected multiple murders that took place in Midtown Manhattan last night in the largest mass killing in New York City in eight years.

In Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

All the victims had been shot with a 45-caliber pistol.

Meanwhile, at 48th Street and Park Avenue, a wealthy Saudi Arabian businessman, Sheikh Mohammad al Faisal, was shot to death...

Oh, it's Thana.

Come on in.

Along with his chauffeur...

Oh, you brought something for Phil.

Here, Phil.

Look what Thana brought you.

A motive in the killing, since the sheikh was found carrying more than $2,800 in cash.

Police are continuing both investigations.

Talks will resume this morning between the sanitation workers and the city, hoping to head off a strike now scheduled to begin at 12:01 AM Monday.

There she goes again, Phil.

Hey, you going out or what?

But just not coming back to work from lunch on Friday...

I mean, how could you do that?

It's just not fair to the other girls.

On top of having to finish your work for you before they could go home, they were worried sick.

You could have at least gotten word back to us somehow, has Mrs. Nasone call.

Thana, darling, you promised the other day, remember?

You were trying.

And look what happened.

And now I hear from the other girls that you're not coming with us to the Halloween party.

Well, from this, all I can...

Now this is good news.

Do you know where it is?

Are you, uh, planning on going with someone?

Would you like to go with me?

I don't believe it!

Have you ever seen her before!


I've seen her in there.

That's her office, and that...

I guess that's her...

That's her boss?

Oh, god.

Yes, that's his desk. I don't believe this.

If I ever ran into him, I wouldn't know what to say to him.

Albert, you gotta come and look at this!

I'll make a bet it's one of your fantasies, Albert.

Come here! It's the second window.

Can you believe it?

Albert, why don't you hire her to answer your phone?

You know, I see this guy downstairs a lot.

What are you gonna say to him next time you see him?

You're gonna start laughing.

I'll tell him to get some curtains.

She's riding him like a whale over there.

I don't believe this.

Even the lamps are shaking.

They should get a...

Don't know why they want to persecute me because I don't talk to women.

All women do is laugh and sing and say the word "pussy." You ask any doctor and he'll tell you that.

Ah, yes.

I don't know what's gotten into people.

Well, I'll get these things going after a while.

I just will.


I gotta get back to work now.

No you don't.

You know, really, uh, I don't... think it's possible to find a woman who's, uh, as good as she was, you know?

We make love in the bedroom. We'd start out in the bedroom.

We'd end up in the living room, you know?

You know, we start out in the living room, we'd end up in the bathroom, you know?

I mean, we made love all over the house, you know?

You never could tell what was gonna happen.

It was fantastic.

It was going along great.

All of a sudden she starts getting antsy, you know?

She's got too much time on her hands, man.

She's freaking out. She wants to do something.

She wants to get a job. And I say, hey, wait a minute.

A wife of mine isn't working.

She fought back, you know.

So finally, I gave in.

I said, all right, get yourself a part-time job.

Get yourself a full-time job.

Get a job.

Do something, you know?

And she did that, you know, and everything was back to normal, sort of.

You know, for me it was more just good.

The sex wasn't as good, you know.

But you know, it was better than, you know, like when she was freaking out.

You know... you know I'm a salesman?

I'm a shoe salesman, you know, and I do a lot of work upstate.

You know, upstate, Massachusetts, generally the New England area.

You know, and I go out of town two, three days at a time, you know?

Once every two weeks.

And you know, I started calling her, you know?

Like 3 o'clock in the morning.

She's not home.

9 o'clock at night, she's not home.

9 o'clock in the morning, she's not home.

I'm wondering what the hell is going on here, you know?

You know, a lot of things are crossing my mind, you know, but I'm blanking them out.

I'm trying to say, yeah, well, she may go over to her mother's house, over to her sister's place.

I don't know, a movie, going to a museum or something like that.

So anyway, I start thinking about this cheating stuff, you know?

And I can't get it out of my mind, man.

And all of a sudden, I'm trying to imagine these guys she's cheating with.

You know, what's she cheating with? A lawyer?

A banker?

You know, a cop?

I was fed up.

I had to find out.

So I told her I was working late one night, real late.

And I hid across the street in an alley behind some garbage cans.

She walked down the street a couple of blocks and went into a building, you know, a brownstone? I went up and I checked out the buzzers.

There was four names up there and I didn't recognize none of them.

So I tried the door and it was locked.

Tried to force it, but it wouldn't give.

I tried the side door, the one that they bring the garbage out in.

It was open.

I went in the back.

A dark window.

I looked in... there was candlelight.

And I saw her with her arms around another woman.

When I got back to our place, I went in the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face.

Then I went in the bedroom and changed my shirt.

And then I went out in the kitchen and I strangled her cat.

Is this some kind of a joke?


Are you there?


This place is turned upside down!


What have you got there?

It's locked.

You wait here and I'm gonna get the get the key and I'll be right back.


Look what you've done!

You naughty dog!


Now she'll know that we were here!

OK, ladies.

I... I want to make a little announcement.

I know all of us have been working very hard this week...

What's so funny about that?

And you're looking forward to the party this evening.

So courtesy of Harold's, I've giving you the afternoon off.

There's two eggs and they're boiling in a pot.

And one egg says to the other, how do they expect us to get hard in three minutes after we just got laid?

Oh, but you haven't walked him in... in such a long time.


Hey, lady!

Quit trying to dump the dog!

What's going on?

Not a hell of a lot, but did you see the couple of the evening?

So. Hello, Bobby.

And Sister? Thana.

That's a charming name. Is that Greek?

It's Greek to you, Bobby.

I'm telling you, you've got to go to Puerto Rico.

The Spanish girls, man, mmm.

$300, you can get a virgin.

They ship them in from the other islands.

What the hell is $300?

But you promised after we had Laura that you'd get a vasectomy.

I changed my mind.

How are my little brownies?

My little workers, how are you doing?

Oh, Albert, you're drinking.

Un poquito, Carol.

Uh, excuse me, your hair will turn to silver.

Albert, how are you?


You know Ms. Benson, don't you?

Of course. You sure?

Albert, who's that girl you're with tonight?


She's one of my proteges.

Well, it's unfair.

It's goddamn unfair.

Would you shut up?

We are not going to have this discussion here.

These are business associates of mine.


Is that you, Thana?

But Mrs. Nasone, I didn't mean to scare you.

You almost gave me a heart attack in that idiot costume!

Oh, that girl, that witch!

Oh, I know, I know, I know.

On, baby.

Oh, sweetheart.

The mound of Venus.

I think she's at a party with friends.

She's a witch!

I know she killed my Phil!


My Phil.

Yes, my dog!

Check that office for, uh, late workers.

Somebody must know where they went.

Yeah, she's a horror!

You've got to find her!

Oh, Mickey.

All right, Mrs. Nasone.

And you better get rid of that head.

I hope they find them.


What's that?


What happened? Thana!

Look out!