Mu ji zhe (2017) Script

!!! Abn !!! Hello | World

Shit, what the hell?

We received a report Car accident 2 km north of junction between NH and 65 Expressway New Taipei Unit, please join the rescue Confirm when received Confirmed Confirming the crash site

2 km north of junction between M1 and 65 Expressway

Are you?

Senator Chang?



Are you okay?

(Luxurious sports car crashed in car accident)

(Married legislator's affair exposed)

(Goddess Maggie)


Hey Maggie Hello, I got it Any problems?

All good The woman next to him, her name is?


For real. -Layout You can check with the entertainment desk Rebecca, the E-cup model

I'll double check I'm coming back to the office Let's go for a late night snack I'm meeting someone after work Gotta go Wait a second

God, Chi, look at your car!

How much is it gonna cost me?

Take my advice don't waste your money Buy a new one I bought this thing less than a month ago!

You serious?

I'm serious. Take a look!

Damn, you were screwed over Listen, used-car dealers can't be trusted They trick you into buying the car. Once it's sold... the dealer denies any responsibility and you're on your own Here, see for yourself The links on the door frames don't match Definitely not originals and here Same with the engine But they did a good job Most people couldn't tell the difference But they can't fool ol' Ji

Look, the rubber here is soft Definitely a reassembly Every step leaves a footprint



Are you on duty?


Sir, can I help you?


Sergeant Wang!

What brings you here?

Sir, this is?

Sorry about him He's new here Doesn't know who you are Hello!

Nice to meet you Be careful around him He's a reporter Used to be a crime reporter Then he got promoted!

Well, sir, not quite Please, De If you hear anything, please call me OK You make it sound like we're working for you We've got a lot on our plate Come on!

I'm a model citizen, and you're a model cop We can help each other out!

So what happened this time?

My Car?

What a beauty!


Not anymore You had an accident?

Please I was wondering if you could help me trace the car See if it was involved in any previous accidents Or if there is any? -Records?

Yes Should be pretty easy Keep it on the down low though My bosses have been pretty strict lately They've been keeping everything confidential Checking records every month That being said...

When was the last time you took me out?

I paid off our last bill just recently!

Till next time I'll take you to "relax"?

Have a little "fun"

Yeah, I know Don't worry We've worked together so many times I always keep it quiet Don't worry Got it Always making trouble for me?

Well, how did I know this would happen?

But only a man of your talents could help me crack this case Alright, fine Thanks. I have to go meet De. Leave it to me

Wei Sir. -Sit Do me a favour Check this car for me, okay?

All the info is inside

(National Police Agency Database, Ministry of Interior)

Okay Let's start Politics desk

"A Cabinet Reshuffled"



What do you think?

Chang's affair with the model?

Shouldn't we check its validity first?

Isn't it common sense?

She's a G-cup model!

All the young people know about her She's famous

Chi We'd still better check it

Thanks everyone Today, we are joined by my friends in business and politics Actually, I have to thank my wife who has spent the past few years helping me build these relationships If it weren't for my little helper, and my father-in-law given my temper I wouldn't be where I am today So thanks to them both Let's drink a toast to Ching-kai Cheers! Congratulations!

Senator Shen, Counsellor Chen, cheers!

Bottoms up! -Together?


Everyone, let me make a little introduction This is Chi, our new head of Society desk Wow! -Thank you Mr. Chiu Pretty young to be head of desk It hasn't been an easy road for him Parents are farmers, Very humble background Came to Taipei for a better future and in just a few years becomes head of desk Cheers!

You watch the news lately?

The Senator and his sports car?

That was his report First one on the scene You're a hero!


How's her body look up close?

Pretty good Sorry Mr. Chiu has been my idol since I was at university Mr. Chiu has been my idol since I was at university Everything I've achieved I owe to Mr. Chiu's support He brought me into this company Treated me as one of his own Sir?

Here? -Congrats on your retirement!

All together As I've said before?

With such a competent young man behind me do I have any choice but to retire?

I guess you're right Everyone?

Our Maggie here is also very competent!

Mr. Chiu has been very clear This young lady is still single and has yet to find a suitable partner Ms. Shen, you're still single?

Unbelievable Such a beautiful woman and you're still single?

Chen They're both your right-hand men They'd be a perfect couple, am I right?

Perfect match!


Miss, Give Chi a chance He's not so bad Hush, stop talking Maggie I'm available?

Are you okay?

Still fighting with your boyfriend?

If you're together too long

does it always turn sour like this?

I told you to break it off already

It hurts me to see you like this

You're such a great woman You deserve someone better. Really

Ms. Huang, unjustly labeled as my mistress in the news report is my lawful wife, whom I married in March this year

The report has seriously damaged my reputation, as well as Ms. Huang's I've instructed my lawyer to press charges against the newspaper and demand that they?

The reporter in question is Wang Yi-chi He obtained an MA in Journalism with distinction He currently works at?

We see Wang Yi-chi and his father, a tea grower?

Senator Chang has demanded that the journalist to be severely punished and make a public apology in the paper.

That's all for today

Liu Yes, chief Have you drafted the apology?

Yes Let me have a look I want to check the content Back to work!

Thank you Chief

All done?

Good work. Very efficient Thank you, Wei


Sergeant Wang Perfect timing I just got all the info Here, sit You're a celebrity now Saw you on the news this morning Bravo!

Wang ls it ok to ask a straight-edge like him to do it?

You mean Wei?

He's fine I was a straight-edge once Never got me into any trouble Sit?

Listen We checked it out It's true that your car was reassembled What?

They changed its exterior but didn't touch the insides The serial number on the engine is still there See for yourself And the details from De It was involved in a car accident nine years ago The owner was killed on the spot Fuck! He died in the car?

It was a hit-and-run The perp was never caught Here Come You in a rush to get back to work?

Good. Let me make you some tea Hmm

This tea is really something

Don't forget to thank De for his help

(lnterviewee: Wang Yi-chi)







The boss just announced those who are to be laid off You're one of them

It's kind of a punishment They're downsizing anyway

Who put in my name?

Editor-in-chief And the boss agreed to it

Fucking prick Chung-wen did it on purpose!

He seized the chance to kick me out


We had no way of knowing that Senator Chang was remarried

Sir Can you plead with the boss on my behalf?

I already did But you know?

Senator Chang is good friends with the boss Small world I only heard about it yesterday They play golf together In any case, it's hard to run a paper these days Or else they wouldn't be downsizing You were just caught at a bad time Take this as an opportunity to have a break I'll see what I can do

Don't drink so fast You trying to get pissed?

Beer's here

How's the wife and kid They're good But?

A lot of pressure comes with having a kid

Man, this sucks I'm unemployed Even Chiu can't save me this time

You'll be fine, don't worry Chiu will definitely help you out Just think of this as a holiday You know My car, the red one Fuck was really in an accident

That's what happens when you buy used A lot of them have been in accidents

Nine years ago

There was an accident on a mountain road in Xindian

I was the only witness

What a coincidence

Damn small world Things that happen to you come around in circles They always come back to you

It's all predestined

This has nothing to do with destiny Taiwan is a small country This is what happens with used cars It's like musical chairs Today you get his stereo Tomorrow he gets your door Don't think too much

Should I drive you home?

I'm fine, just go Inside, now!

Get inside! -Okay?

Boss, thanks!

No problem Let's go

(Office of The Public News??)

(Xindian, Mountain Area, Car Accident)

(Wealthy Businessman's Daughter Kidnapped)

(Kidnapper Escapes With Ransom)

(Hostage Remains Missing)

(Mother pleads, 'Please give me back my daughter')

(Local Daily News)

(Female Survivor of Xindian Car Accident)

(Mysteriously Disappears From Hospital)

Why all the interest in this car accident?

Nine years ago, I was still an intern The whole editorial department went out for dinner After dinner, I saw the car accident I remember Chung-wen was at the dinner too Yesterday, when I was looking at the pictures I took, I discovered that few of them had been deleted

Looking back on the whole thing Chung-wen was the only one with access to my camera Good morning, sir. -Good morning You didn't go home last night?


Sir I took pictures of a car accident yesterday A hit-and-run Do you think it's worth reporting?

So you think Chung-wen deleted them?

Not sure

What's the point of investigating it now?

That was ages ago

So you want Chung-wen out?

Maggie I lost my job!

Damn! Chung-wen kicked me out!

Then what's your plan?

I need to find the girl first You sure she wants to get involved?

I'll try to find her first

Oh right

I remember you saying you've got a relative working in the Shan-en Hospital?

Is that her?


Cousin. -Thank you I need to go back to work Thank you

(Household Registration: Miaoli?)

(Medical records: Hsu Ai-ting)

Excuse me ls Hsu Ai-ting home?

Ting doesn't live here Do you know where she lives?

Who's asking?

We were classmates of hers We wanted to see if she was coming to the reunion Oh You're her classmates?

Yes Classmates?

Oh, that's good You scared me for a second Well

Come in?Have some tea Excuse me ls that Hsu Ai-ting in the photo?

Didn't you say you were her classmates?

You don't recognize her?

Well I haven't seen her in ages I just wasn't sure what she looks like now Come, have some tea Ting hasn't come home for a long time That's right That's an old photo

(Oriental Beauty)

Something weird about the tea?

My parents are tea growers I know a lot about it Award-winning tea like this costs more than NT$10,000 per kilo Didn't he say they were poor?

How can they afford such expensive tea?

There's only one place you can get premium tea like this Let's go see


What kind of tea are you looking for?

Hello I'm looking for Oriental Beauty Which variety?

Golden leaves One second

Do you drink this brand of tea often?

It's Mrs. Hsu's We drink it when we visit her here In that case, she must be quite well off Far from it!

Mrs. Hsu works very hard Really?

But this tea we're having is pretty pricey Right, see?

It's award-winning tea Have a look Not many people buy this one, right?

Not too many It's the only champion tea we sell Can't get it anywhere else It's an award-winning tea Really?


I remember Ting mailed it over Her granny says Ting is so nice to her Don't listen to his nonsense

Excuse me, Granny We've come to see Hsu Ai-ting I haven't heard from Ting for ages Don't know where she's been But uncle said just now?

Ting sent the tea back? Don't listen to his nonsense It was a present from someone else

I was wondering if you could tell me Did she ever come to the shop?

I can't remember?

That's Ms. Chang, isn't it?

Ms. Chang?

Ms. Chang?

Yes, she called in this afternoon Said she'd pick up the tea tonight

Try m.

What's her full name?

What? -How old is she?

Ms. Chang?

I think it's?

Chang Hui-wen?

Or Chang... Ai?

Let me check She's in her thirties One second Sounds about right Has she lived in the area for long?

How long has she lived here for?

I'm not quite sure She's been a regular customer for about a year or two What I remember about her is she always pays in cash Usually, our customers call us on the phone and pay by credit card Then we mail them the tea Ms. Chang!

Ms. Chang This man here is looking for you

Here's my card


What are you doing here?

We went to see your grandma At her grocery store we saw the tea found our way here What do you want?

I'd like to talk to you about the accident

Excuse me, Ms Hsu

I was a witness to the accident

He was very drunk that night He was speeding and got hit

That's about it

What else do you want to know?

Did you see the driver in the other car?


When I woke up, I was already in the hospital Then why did you leave the hospital?

This all happened years ago Why are you asking me this now?

Are you writing a report or something?

I just want to find the truth and help you catch the person who did this I don't want to know the truth What's the point?

My boyfriend is dead My leg will be like this for the rest of my life

ls there anything I can help you with? -No I'm fine

I don't want to know any further Why would you care?

Ms Hsu Can I have your phone number?

Leave me alone

If you need anything my number is on the card

It happened so many years ago

Maybe she just wants to forget

We should leave her alone


(Post-mortem report: Liao Tzu-fan)

(Car accident. No trace of alcohol found)



This? this is Hsu Ai-ting

Sorry to call you so late What's up?

Is everything okay?

I want to ask you

not to mention our meeting to anyone else And?

To stop investigating the accident that happened nine years ago Excuse me, Ms Hsu. I?

I read Liao's post-mortem report No trace of alcohol was found Which means he hadn't drank before he died So... why did you say he was drunk?


Mr. Wang, what is it you want from me?

I want to find out what really happened

The truth is, if it weren't for the car accident, I would never be able to rid myself of Liao It was a nightmare ls that why you escaped from the hospital?

Mr. Wang I didn't call you so that you could interrogate me I've finally built a peaceful life I really don't want to be disturbed by the past

Ms. Hsu, please don't get me wrong I'm sorry I still need to talk to you in person Can I see you tomorrow?

Just the two of us

One second


Hello? Ms. Hsu?

Mister Gosh!

Why're you here so early in the morning?

I'm sorry Do you know where Ms. Chang lives?

Ms. Chang?

Not sure I saw that she walked here yesterday Does that mean she lives nearby?

I know she rents out rooms to people Maybe you could try the housing complex Do you have the address?

Yes Here

Check this place This?

I'm sorry I'm a friend of Ms. Chang's Do you know which room she's in?

You mean the landlady?

Yes She's in the last room She lives in this building too?

Yes Thanks

Ms. Hsu?

Ms. Hsu?

Are you okay?





Are you okay?

What happened to your hand?

(You've got one new message)

Your call will be transferred to the voicemail You'll be charged after the beep

You've got one new message Mr. Wang Help!

Mr. Wang...

What's wrong?

I'm sorry

She's still not answering?

Your call will be transferred to the voicemail How can it happen?

Who's behind this?

Is it the perpetrator I think you should stop investigating This is getting dangerous It's fine Let's talk to De first

Watch out!

Are you okay?

I'm fine

When you were a journalist we had a working relationship But you're not a journalist anymore If anything has happened you should go to the local police Please?

Listen to this message Something has really happened It's a matter of life and death

De, please, I'm begging you Listen to this

Okay Go home first I'll look into it When I track down the address, I'll call

Thank you, De



Sergeant Wang?

He left already

Can you do me a favour?

Check this one thing for me I can't Please, it's urgent I really can't Can't do it without boss's permission It might have to do with a kidnapping It's a big case Could help you out

I just need to check the car registration It won't get you into trouble

(Chiu Ching-kai WB-2668)

Come in

Sir Come in, friend Sit Professor What's your name?

You can call me Chi I took one of your classes when I was studying for my Master's Oh

My man These pictures are blurred

Well, no I remember it was a black car?

You get the license plate number?

Kid This is a great learning experience for you as an intern Learn how to be a good journalist It's good that you care about society But remember, this job requires detachment Chi?

A journalist is always someone who records history You'll witness a lot of cases like this in the future Like what Chung-wen said, you have to learn to detach because you'll never be in the middle of it Your job is to witness, document and state

I can tell you're quite talented After the internship, you should apply for a job here I mean it Just let me know

The Premier announced his Cabinet reappointment today The choice for new Minister of Interior took everyone by surprise Appointed was veteran journalist Chiu Ching-kai The Premier expressed that the aim of this reappointment was to draw talents from different fields in the hope of creating a new atmosphere and a change in the political environment Chiu previously taught at university Hello

I got it It's okay I'll sort it out


Hello Ji Can you come over now?

I have something important to tell you What's up?

It's better to talk in person It's about what happened nine years ago

Can you come see me right now?

I'll be right over



Call the police Call the police first


You came to see Ji too?

I remember you used to have a black Mercedes

What happened to it?

I got a new car ages ago

Recently, I went through those blurry photos I took nine years ago They're hard to see, but?

I worked out a few license plate numbers

Based on the plate numbers and the fact that it's a black Mercedes I found some car registration details

You were one of the owners You're suspecting me?

Nine years ago

Ji wanted to borrow my car

That's why I wanted Ji to ask you to come today


For a date!

I need a flashy car for my birthday C'mon, let me use it!


I want to kiss it!

You're driving. It's dangerous!

It's fine. I'm a professional!

Relax No?


Where's my phone?

Where's my phone?


You drank Get out of here!


He was drunk and had an accident When he got back to the garage, he took a car of the same model and changed the plate

But after all, it was my car My wife asked me to pick her up from a party that night because she had drank too much I immediately spotted something wrong with my car

You know Ji, never could tell a lie He fessed up as soon as I asked him I'm sorry I really didn't mean to But don't worry?

I'll mend it so good that no one can tell?

Is that okay, Chiu?

Yesterday he called me Told me that

he followed not just you but Hsu Ai-ting all the way to her place He found out where she lived After having thought about it for a day, he went to see Hsu Ai-ting He wanted to settle it with money Ms. Hsu?

Hello I'm a friend of Ms. Chang's Do you know which room she's in?

You mean the landlady?

Yes She's in the last room

Ms. Hsu?

So it was Ji who tried to run me over this morning?



A few hours ago he called me asked me to drink with him, help him out Said he couldn't keep up the secret any longer

Who would've thought?

He was so troubled that he took his own life?



Was he having any problems with anyone lately?

I don't think so He even called me today? Evening, minister!

In recent years... No need to call me that yet It's true we were having some problems?

He did feel a lot of pressure But he said he was coming home!

Hello De


This is the place?

Do you want to stay in the car?

It's fine. I'll go with you Jackpot This won't be easy to find

Let's go

Have you seen this woman?

Have you seen this woman?

Have you seen this woman?

How is it going?

Go ask over there Excuse me. -Yes?

Have you seen this woman? -No Sorry, I'm in a rush Excuse me Have you seen this woman in the building before?

No No. Never seen her Don't think I've ever seen her.

No, I haven't Nope, never Excuse me

Anyone home?

You live here?

Yeah What are you doing here?

L?I’m looking for someone You live by yourself?


Who are you looking for?

This woman Have you seen her before?



This is my home

Not Sergeant Wang's office

Sorry My bad

Are you alright?

I'm fine

Wei Sir Sit Do me a favour Check this car for me, okay?

All the info is inside

(Liao Tzu-fan)



Why would you care?

Hello Morning, Ms. Chen Good morning I've fed them every day this week You're coming back next week?

No problem

I laundered another hundred thousand today When I'm through with all of it

it'll be enough for us for a while

Such expensive tea You're having a good life

You're even a landlady now The way you've been spending our money?

Think you're smart, huh?

I'm sorry Sorry to who?

I'll pay you back Sorry to me! -I’m sorry You know you should say sorry?

I looked after you for so long You damn cripple How could you do this to me!


I guess I should thank that reporter He saved me a lot of trouble Who knows how long you were gonna hide from me Should I start drinking tea like all the other police officers?

Like you?

Eat good Drink good You thought nine years was long enough that I would just give up?

I kept you alive

I thought we were the same

I even became a cop because of you

There you are

How much have you had to drink?

Just waiting for you So I started drinking?

I can't drink. I'm driving

I can drive you

You're drunk Let's talk business You hand in your resignation yet?

I'm not leaving You don't want to work in the ministry?

Why should I?

You want to set me up with Chi anyway, so...

I should start my relationship building with him Isn't that what you want?

The investigation has brought you two closer?

That night?

What you texted was true (Chi is staying at my place tonight)

You did sleep with him I slept with him What's it got to do with you?

Excuse me, Minister Chiu Professor Chiu You've been having an affair with your student for ten years now What you're doing now?

Isn't it good for everyone?

Isn't it!


I'll give up the job as minister

Isn't it great that you're a minister now?

So you can put an end to our relationship


I offered you a job as head of PR Isn't that enough compensation?


It's fine I'll sort it out

Anything you want to say?

August 30th, 2007 You remember what day it was?


A very happy day for Ji

The day when he proposed to his wife You should know, you introduced them Shu-hui, the woman who knelt next to Ji's body last night

You really think after he proposed, he would go all the way from Linkuo to Xindian just to have a ride with another girl?

Does that sound right to you?

Why did you lie to me?

Or you do mean to tell me that you fucking remembered it wrong?

Here Thank you!

Everyone Here A toast to Chiu Our new editor-in-chief!

Come on!

Thanks. -Congrats!

Bottoms up!

Everyone say it together Congratulations to Mr. Chiu!

Ready, go!

Many congratulations to Mr. Chiu!

Best of luck!

Sir Congratulations!


Okay with the desk job?

Yeah, it's great Work hard!

Tell me if you need anything Thank you, sir

Chung-wen I need to go home Take care!


(No signal)

Sir, drive slowly It's alright I'm okay Are you really okay?

Don't I look okay?

Careful, sir!


You like it?

Of course I do, but I can't concentrate if you keep doing this?

My phone?


Call the ambulance You've been drinking


How could this happen?


Who is it? Knocking like crazy Ji Chiu What happened to your car?

I was drunk I hit someone Help me!

You must help me!

Help me! I can't Don't drag me into this Help me!

I'm begging you You have to help me! Chiu, don't be like this I beg you, help me!

You have to help me! Chiu, don't be like this

Okay I'll help you Thank you?

Sir Sir


It hurts

Ji got a car of the same model from his garage He changed the plate So that I could go to work as usual the next day

If Ji had known that you would use his death as a cover, how do you think he'd feel?

Where the hell is Hsu Ai-ting?

I really don't know Does Maggie know?

Maggie really doesn't know either She just told Ji and I you suddenly began investigating the accident

Do you want me to expose you,

Minister Chiu?

You know you can't do anything to me You have no direct evidence Right?

And I've known you for ten years

I know what you'll do

To you they're just strangers who mean nothing to you You wouldn't only help a stranger in the name of justice You wouldn't try destroy the lives of those who have been supporting you for the past nine years

Like the accident that happened nine years ago,

what you have is only part of the truth

You want to be a hero for 15 minutes?

Or stay under my wing?

Have you seen this woman?

No You live on your own?


Excuse me. I'm looking for Wei Wei?

He lives next door

I'm sorry Wrong address

(Chemical supplies)

Open the door!

Open the door!

I know you're in there!

Open the door!

Open the door!

Open the door!


Where is the key?




Everything in this world has already been decided No one is free

Everyone wants to know the truth

But once you've known what then?

Two million NT...

Good money, isn't it?

I don't know what you're talking about I knew it was you

The amount just didn't add up Ai-ting couldn't possibly have taken it Of course not Liao Tzu-fan I was wondering why there was suddenly less So, it really was you!

That's why you care about this so much That's why you care about this so much

Good morning, !


Open the door!

Come on!

Hsu Ai-ting, stop messing around!

Stop fooling around!

Idiot! What are you doing?

This isn't time for games!


That's fifteen million?

Or else what?

Did you count it?

Not yet. Let's go back first

What have you done?

She kept screaming!

Didn't I tell you?

We shouldn't have trusted him!

Aren't we in it together?

You alright?

You know you can't do anything to me You have no direct evidence Right?

Minister Chiu

I have the answer Listen

The wolf has grown up?

(Pay Hsu Ai-ting)

(Two million New Taiwan Dollars)

Director Wang, congratulations!

Hi, De Director Wang, I've finished the thing Chiu asked me to do It'll be treated as self-defense I see Thank you, De You sure there won't be any problems in the future?

I'm sure Director Wang, no need to worry You'll be considered as a witness and the case will be closed And the favour I asked for, please?

I got it Thank you, De

You have a parcel

(Sender: Ms. Chang)

(Oriental Beauty)

Let's go

You're here too?

Yeah Just showing my new colleague around This is Mr. Wang, head of the PR department Nice to meet you, sir Hi!


How've you been?

Not bad Chiu got me a job at the TV station The pay is probably better than being head of PR

I've always wanted to ask you something

Chung-wen says it was you who kicked me out

I've asked to see you today because some colleagues have quit, and we have positions to fill I know you don't like me

But you're good at your job I was thinking?

Gould you be willing to come back?

Wen You finally had the chance to get rid of me Now you're asking me to come back?

What's going on?

It wasn't me who wanted you out Maggie told me everything She said you?

You suggested to punish me It wasn't me. It was Maggie It was Maggie, okay?


How can you be so blind?

With the whole news debacle, someone had to be held responsible You two were in the same team Of course she had to sacrifice you Chiu, her lover and only protection, was leaving!

She had to look after herself

You know about their relationship too?

When Chiu got promoted to editor-in-chief, we had dinner at the mountainside restaurant

It wasn't too hard to see that there was something between them Chiu got dead drunk that night I got him into his car Maggie insisted on driving him home After that I saw them together a lot

What happened?

Do you believe Chung-wen, or me?

I believe in myself Hello everyone, this is the head PR, Director Wang Good day, sir Hello everyone Thank you all for coming I look forward to collaborating with you all Come!

Instead of wine for celebration, I've brought some tea This is Oriental Beauty Good for journalists to drink It's good for the throat Thank you, sir Mr. Wang Would you like to further explain the false reports earlier?

Why so eager to ask questions?

It happened ages ago How can I remember it?

I prefer to remember happier things I think that's more important Next question

No more questions?

Well, let me to tell you a joke Right now it's the "ghost month" in the lunar calendar So I'll tell you a ghost story Ming always loved collecting books of ghost stories ever since he was a kid One day, he traveled very far went through many challenges to find a bookshop one that only sold ghost stories Ming asked the owner

'Mister, which book is the scariest?'



The owner thought for a moment before handing a book to Ming The owner said to Ming

'If you buy this book,'

'don't ever read the last page'

'because what's written on the last page'

'is the scariest part.'

Ai-ting He's come to give you your money back

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

Pick it up.

Pick it up No?

Pick it up Set her free Let her go

Without any hesitation, Ming said to the owner

'l want this book'

The owner charged him $50

Ming carried the book, and ran home with excitement But Ming could not resist the urge

He went straight to the last page

To his dismay, on the last page it said

Suggested retail price: 50 cents