Mu-roe-han (2015) Script

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I'm sorry, Hye-kyung.

I killed Hwang.

Victim's girlfriend put that blanket on him.

The body was slouched over here when he was discovered, but his girlfriend laid him flat.

I told her not to disturb the crime scene, but she was uncontrollable.

Where is she?

Over there.

What happened?

His name is Hwang.

A man named Park Jun-gil came last night, and threatened to kill him with a knife.

We found him here after 30 minutes of canvasing.

Det. Jung Jae-gon!

They want you ASAP.

What is it?

Park's lover and a man went inside 20 minutes ago.

A man? Yes.

It wasn't Park?

I'm not sure.

It could've been him...

Sorry, sir.

It could only be a John or Park at that hour.

Jae-gon, your thoughts?

Park's not an idiot.

Life ain't that easy.

It's Park's girl.

What do we do?

It's okay, stay put.

Boss, I'll tail her.


He and I can't handle Park alone.

Tailing her is pointless.

He may not be Park.

Then who?


Let's do it.

He's an enforcer, be careful.

Who is it?

Did you use the tub? Say what?

I live downstairs, my room is flooded, open up!

You really don't know Park?

No, I'm serious.

I saw him once when she introduced him as her lover.

Then, why are you here?

I live here from today.

She needed to move out quickly.

So I took over the lease.

And the house deposit?

She took it earlier.

It should be on his poker table by now.





What the fuck!


What the fuck?

Park has... pretty good rep in our field.

He was in the same clan as Jay Investment's VP, Hye-kyung was VP's bitch, but got involved with Park.

VP found out and demanded Park to pay her debt and disappear.

Hwang must've threatened her, which got Park all roused up.

He killed for a chick.

What do you know about her?

She's... an old has-been, who fell from grace.

Lost a fortune in stocks, piled up a debt while working at sleazy hostess bars.

She became VP's bitch in her heyday.

Someone... from Jay Investment wants a meet.

For what?

Good afternoon.

Thank you. Come again.

Why thank him?


Shouldn't you thank me?

Come on, boss.

Thank you for the meal!

He's the one?


Get off.


Fucking idiot.


It hurts! My legs!

You wanted a meet?

Could you back it up?

I have some insider info on Park.

What did I ever do to you?

My name is Min.

Detective, why make me look like a chump?

Come on!

May I tell you something?

You don't wanna know about Park?


Speak the fuck up.


Are you fucking deaf?

He embezzled the compa...


Don't fuck around.

Cut to the chase.

Our VP is concerned

that this case could have negative impact on the company.

He wishes that you wrap this up as a feud between Park and Hwang.

If you so kindly make him a cripple during his arrest, you'll be a made man.

He'll be your generous guardian angel.

Where's Park?

He has a bitch named Hye-kyung.

She's a madam at a third-rate bar called Macau, Park'll come see her there.

Good evening.

I'm from Bar Macau, just across the street.

You'll treat us well? I guarantee it.

Good evening.

I'm from Bar Macau, just across the street.

Come have a drink.

Good evening.

I'm from Bar Macau, just across the street.

Come have a drink.

Hello, sir.

I'll call you back in 10 min.



Could I drop by tomorrow? I'm on a stakeout.


If I leave now, I could be there in an hour.

Yes, I understand.


Heard of Jay Investment's VP Park Jong-ho?

He called in for a favor, I'm sure you know where I'm getting at.

Let me save my face.

It's easy.

Nothing wrong with a bullet in the leg during his arrest.

If they offer you money, think of it as an investment.

Want me to be bought?


It's just a hunt, it's about doing all you can.

Isn't that how you lost the badge?


Do you know what cops fear the most?

Dying on the job?

When I cannot differentiate

myself from them, my job is over.

Don't you forget it.

Know why I always bailed your ass from trouble?


Because you're my protege.


Are you... one of mine?

Answer me.



Oh! Almost forgot.

Jay wanted to send you a little something, so I gave them your ex's account number.

Your call cannot be connected...

Yo, Min.

When did I say I'd accept your money?

Call me ASAP.

It's me.

Were you asleep?

At this hour?

Some money was wired to you, check and call me back.




Was it from Jay Investment?

Ma'am, do you have any sour kimchi?

Of course.

That and... a plate of mixed noodles too.

How much? $10 please.

Thank you. Take care.

Good bye.

You said you couldn't come. You don't trust me?

That's not it, bitch.

What if I wasn't home?

I'll fucking kill you.

Up and vanished and making me wait.

Do you have a bitch on the side?

Look at my eyes and answer me.

You laugh? You son of a bitch!

One lick and I'll know.

Bitches leave their stench on the cocks they fuck.

Fucking cunt.



Will you stay the night?

Answer me.


I'll make you breakfast, okay?

I said I will!

Did the VP send you?

Or... you a cop?

For how much?

Hey, who's that?

Can I help you?

I was about to call you.

I'm sorry... about last time.

About what?

You know...

For being a bit rude...

Did you get $480? It was supposed to be $5k, but my accountant forgot a zero... and tax was deducted... Where's Park?

You're no good to me as my informant.

Come on, man.


No need for that in front of my boys.



Hurry up!

Park wasn't where you told me.

Weird, he should've went to meet Hye-kyung.

Or maybe he was there but you missed him?

Or not.

Weren't you his minion?

Choose your words carefully.

Which joint was he at?

Wonju Pen, I think.

Look into his cellmates.


Det. Jung.

Am I your minion?

$480.00 Don't fuck around.

I'm disappointed, you make enemies too easily.

Don't fuck around.


Kim Ho-gil.

Know why you got the cuff?

I don't.

I'm clean like a snowflake.

Like a snowflake?

Do you know Park Jun-gil?

Park, who?

Oh, him. I do.


Was he here?

Is it a crime to meet someone?

Depends on who you meet.

Don't be that way.

I'm all legit now.

You can't do this.

Yeah, leading an exemplary life?

Let me ask you, 8 years in the joint cleansed your sins?


I paid for my crimes by being a bitch for 8 years.

Did the girl you killed tell you that?

I paid for my sins!



Say hello.

This is YJ, our new floor manager.

This is our madam.

I'm Kim Hye-kyung. Pleasure.

He's Jun-gil's friend.

He and I were in Wonju Pen for 2 years.

I see.

Worked in Gangnam, I hear.

Snazzy place.

I was in the red light for a bit.

What's with the tone?

What, you got a problem?

Come sit, let's chat.

Fucking idiot...

I'm off.


Bar Macau


One spicy soup and a soju.


A bottle of soju please.

I'm told Jun-gil caused a stink.

What happened? When did you get out?

About a month ago? Why were you in?

Don't wanna share? Assault.


What happened to him?

Why're you so interested? Were you two close?

Close enough to become blood brothers.

He told me to drop by when I got out.



Jun-gil I know won't make blood brothers.

He said betrayal is part of human nature.


There's a score I need to settle with him.

Which is?

Chicks won't get it, it's man business.

Fuck you, and fuck off.

That fucker...

did this to me in the joint.

Too bad, I can't reach him.

Which bar were you at?

Half a year at Dubai a long time ago.


Who exactly are you?


That scar's a lie, right?

Dubai in red light?

You're a newbie.

Nothing but lies out of you.

You haven't told me a single truth ever since we met.

Keen observer.

Casino in East Seoul?

You sure it was Park?

Lost $50k?


I just want Park, no one else.

Get in!

I'll give you a ride to work.

How did you know where to find me?

Jun-gil was spotted a few days ago.

He was at the casino.

He's a real bastard.

I heard he used you as collateral at the bar.

He probably lost it all.

How are you living?

Since he's penniless, he'll come crawling back.

You look rather happy.

Yeah, just thinking about meeting him soon.

Where did you hear that?

A little bird.

Why are you so fixated on him?


Bar Macau

Wanna drink later?


Lend me some cash.

ID: Lee YJ

Is that okay?

It's been a while.

Mr. Min is waiting.

Where have I seen him?

He's our new manager.

I haven't been to these in a long time.

The furnishing is tacky.

The sofa, decoration, and everything else.

Very tacky.

How do you work here?

You destroyed VP's rep, but he often longs for you.

If you help us find Park, he told me not to hurt you.

He must be senile.


If I was him, I'd break you until there's nothing left.

Where is he?


Ms. Kim.

Will you die for him?


He drops by, what do you do?

I'll call you.

Think this through.

Oh yeah, what about your debt?

We should have a chat to discuss that soon.

Who knows, something good might happen.

You sucked plenty of cocks to know, they're all the same.

Think about which cock will offer you the most, the best benefits.

Fucking dicks, I'm fed up with them!

Do me a favor.

Slip to Hye-kyung that I won $50k at the cards.


Is that a problem?

Done, next number.

What did it say?

Katy Perry's tits are nice, but ours are better.

Bar Macau's manager, Lee YJ.

Can't you make it funnier?

It's plenty good.

She likes it.

Next number please.

COO Kim Dong-su, 010-3348-4982.


Afternoon, Mr. Kim!

It's madam Kim, have you been well?

I quit there, I'm in the South End.

It's too far, you don't have to visit!

By the way, I'm near your office on business.

Since it's been so long, how about a coffee date?

At the office? Okay.

I can be there in 10, see you soon.

What's that?

That? A kickback.

Remember, no assault.

Why all dolled up?

You need class to collect bar tabs.

Why all of sudden?

Does Jun-gil need money?

Who's the dick?

Say hello.

He's my new floor manager.

I'm introducing him to all my regulars.

He's very green to our line of work.


Not the muscle you brought to threaten me?

That's insane, I could never.

So full of shit.

It's obvious you're here for my tab.

Come on, sir.

Since you brought it up, it'd be nice to take care of it.

Pity, I'm all dried up.

Honey bun, let's send him home, go for a drive and have some fun.

Another time, how about $5k upfront?

That's a threat, right?

Sir, should I step outside?

Motherfucker, how dare you interrupt us!

Let's go for a drive.

Cowards prey on the weak, and whimper before the strong, are you one of them?

Don't bring your lowlife attitude here!

I'm madam Kim.

I'm madam Kim.

So what? Move your ass.

I'm madam Kim!

With half a million in debt, I got nothing to lose.

You got a good life ahead of you.

So why fuck it up over a bar tab?

Fine, fine, I'll wire it tomorrow.

Do it now please.

We'll leave after verifying it.

Fucking bitch, like a cornered rat...

Rain check on the fun then.

Sir, I'll cash that rain check.

What're you looking at?

It's my favorite, I sold it to pay my debt.

Don't get your spit on it.

What did you do before your debt?

Borrowed money.

Let's go after this.

Invite me in sometimes.

Can't remember when I was in a girl's room.

Mr. Lee.

Do you think we're close now?

Sung-chul, where's Mr. Lee?

He said he had errands to run.

Have a great time!

Sweetie, I'm off!

YJ, it's me.

Where have you been all day?


I'm working.

It's something shady. Done for the day?

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.


Who was that at this hour?

A gin?

Buddy, do you know what kind of a cop he is?


We were after a suspect 2 years ago, and the shithead went completely off the grid.

Our almighty Jae-gon went down to Mokpo, and somehow produced his lover.

That bitch... knew where he was but wouldn't spill the beans.

So he locked her up in a motel, you know those swine pheromone?

He used it on her twat, and she went full horndog!

Then she told us, everything she knew!

The casino's closed.

He didn't come.

Jun-gil should be dry by now.

He could sell Hye-kyung off, but he didn't.


What are you doing with her?

Be careful, don't fall for her.

Good job. Always be punctual.

He looks like a soldier.

He manages my shop.

Yeah? His face says otherwise.

I was dishonorably discharged.

Hye-kyung, You were bound for greatness, but dicks screwed you over.

Of all the girls I worked with, you had the brightest future.

Why dredge up old days?

It's a bad year for you.

You got nowhere to run.

Know that?

Yes, I do.


Here to pay your debt?

What about ours?


Are you dissing our debt because we fucked once?

A fuck with you doesn't even cover your interest.

You're worth shit!

When will you pay us?

I'm Bar Macau's manager, Lee YJ, it's a pleasure!

I'm not fucking deaf.

Hye-kyung, Son of VP's friend is a dope fiend, I'm thinking of cleansing his blood with yours.

So no fast food, cigarettes or booze, keep it pristine.

Visit us sometimes, I'll treat you well, sir.

Lee YJ?

Fucked her yet?

Have you?

Answer me, dipshit.

Have you?

Fucked her?

If we're done, I'll be off.

Where you going?

You did.


I'll call you soon!

Det. Moon, hello.

No, I'm calling about...

Det. Jung feels a bit weird.

I was wondering if you could step in and take over.

I'll take this.


I didn't call you for a lay.

Neither did I.

Is she still useful?

You're a big boy now.

You couldn't even look at me in front of Jun-gil.

Does the VP know you're trying to fuck me?

I owe him, not you, so don't ever come to me.

If you keep this up, I'll really mess you up.

I doubt that.

I'm really scared.

Wanna see it for real?

Hello, Vice President. It's Hye-kyung.

Could you be anymore jumpy?

Toilet supplies selling well?

Maybe I should buy a set.

She's something.

An alpha bitch.

I don't care about you two.

I'm only interested in finding Jun-gil.

Know what this is? It's pheromone.

You'll be dying to spill everything.

Who are you?



Something wrong?

Already getting wet?

You heart wants to protect him, but what about your twat?

Let's see.

Twats are loyal to no one.


Hold still.


Boss, are you with the Jay lackey and Hye-kyung?

This is kidnapping.

Sexual assault, if you're using pheromone.

If I see you, I will arrest you.

I'll look the other way, so interrogate her at the station.

Hang up.


You fucking...

Until I find Park, stay the hell away from her.

Are you okay?

You know...

You look terrible.


Sorry I took some loans without asking.

Did the cops hurt you?


Since I'm in the dark, I got nothing to confess.

Just a bit longer.

The deal is almost over.

The Shanghai crew'll scout me, they're in the big league.

They'll prep my passport and the rest.

How long will you be on the run?


Don't betray me.

I won't.

Will you come with?

Speaking of which,

could scrape up some money?

$30k will do, can you do it?

Yeah, I'll try.

Do you know Lee YJ?

He was your cellmate.


What about that fucking idiot?

I work with him now. He said you're friends.

He's an idiot, don't get too close.

I'll be in touch.

You'll just leave?

Be patient, I'll call you.

What's he up to?

Dunno, but the boss told me, he made a mint at the cards.


Then get his money.

He's a moron, so do your thing.

Is the Shanghai deal real?

You don't trust me?


What're you doing in the dark?

What's the matter? I waited outside your place.

Don't turn it on.

Don't feel like working today?

Shall we go out for a drink?

No, I'll work.

I'm at work, I'll call back later.


You're a handful.

Fine, I'll come over later.

Who is it?

A gin?


Still keep in touch?

Then live together.

Do you fuck your ex?


I pay her too.

You're cute when you can't lie.


Let's screw work, and get some drinks.

Hurry back to your ex-wife.

Go on now.


My clients want their bill.

What's wrong?

What the hell?!

Snap out of it! Not this again!

Madam, why are you crying?

We'll leave if you don't bill us.

Why's that bitch crying and shit?

Which fucking gent said that?

Which fucker was it?

What a cunt...

I know it's one of you!

Drop it, let's go!

Hey, let's have one more drink, okay?

You had enough, I'll get you a cab.

Forget it.

Did YJ come in?

Who knows, haven't seen him in a bit.

He's skipping work a lot.

Whatcha doing here?

You startled me, what's up at this hour?

I'm really tired, I'll see you at the shop.

Good bye.

Had a fight with your ex?

How about a drink to start the morning?


I'll cook you something next time.

Have some.

You sure you can drink more?

I know your weakness.

Your ex, right?

I got too many weaknesses.

I met Jun-gil yesterday.

He asked for money.

He's your kryptonite.

He needs $30k.

What will he do with it?

Who knows.

What will you do?


No, I know what to do.

I'll flee and be a housewife.

I cook very well...

What can I do, there's no other way.

Should I give you that money?

The gambling money?

Why'd you do that?

Because you're my kryptonite.

You got a thing for me.

He didn't give you this scar, right?

Why did you lie to me?

What are all these scars?


gave me these along the way.

Do you remember them all?

Do you?

I don't want to.

Scar on top of scar, one bad memory after another.

Life's like that.

Not even a good bye note?

I got a call to make.

Can't you do it here?

Secret call?

Come back, I'll cook you something.

Sir, it's me.

What is it?

Could you set me up with Jay Investment's VP?

That's no trouble at all. How is it going?

She'll liaise with Jun-gil.

I need bait money.

- It's almost over. Yes.

Remember to make him a cripple.

Are you asleep?


You must be so bored here.

Where do you live?


Where do you live?

An old friend's place.

Don't you want your own?

My own?

How about this one?

Should I move in?

That's not it.

Since I'm leaving with Jun-gil, this'll be vacant.

After borrowing your money, you keep the deposit, and I'll pay the remainder.

I must pay you back.


Try this.

Good? Yeah.

I think of walking away after giving him that money, a few times a day.

Are you a trustworthy person?

Give him the money, and live with me.

Are you a swindler?


I might be a bigger one.

What'd you do in my place?

Take off with the money.

Then why give it to me?

Will you leave with him?

Send him off and come live with me.

Are you serious?

So naive.

I'll call when I get the money.


Thanks for the earrings.

You never wanted to live with me, right?

Don't believe my words.

I think you meant it.

What the fuck are you waiting for!

Park Jun-gil, come on out!

Stand straight!

Spread your legs!



It's all tied up nicely.

Jae-gon, good work.



Relation to the deceased?

Something funny?

What's your real name?

Hey! He's getting away!

Team 2! Report! Hurry up!

Almost there! We're close!

There! On the right!

Walk straight!


I did it out of love, you hear me?

Why am I getting arrested?


Where's Son Min-ji?

Son Min-ji?

Ms. Son?

I'm a cop, you're safe.


what do I do with these?

EMS will be here soon, let's sit and wait.

I'll call you back.

Holy shit.

What brings you at this hour?

Where's Hye-kyung?



What's wrong with you?

You're overstepping your boundary.

Where... is she?

You're nuts.

I'm going home.

This is where you live?


That whore could cost you your badge.

Where is...

Kim Hye-kyung?

I can't do this!

Ho! Call them and get me some dope!

There's a cop outside!

There's a cop, asshole...

I'm Yongsan district's det. Jung Jae-gon, I need some backup for a drug arrest.

Incheon, Songrim-dong ♪67.


Sir, where is the toilet?

In the back.


Don't miss a single drop.

How much debt do you have left?


My name is...

Jung Jae-gon.

He's under arrest for possession of a controlled substance.

You bastard...

Listen up.

I'm a cop and you're a criminal's lover.

I didn't betray you, I was doing my job.

You're a bastard...

Lee YJ.


Happy new year, bitch.