Mucize (2015) Script

The Miracle Based on a True Story


Crispy bagels!

Bagels, bagels! Hello. Welcome.

Crispy bagels!

Hey! Come back here!

Sister? Can we buy balloons?

Yes, we can.

Can you give us a balloon? Sure.

Here you go.

Ice cream!

Hello, kids. Ice cream.

One scoop or two? One.

Thank you.

Magir, are you really going to turn your back on your family and leave?

You know why. My hands are tied.

Mahir, are you trying to bury me alive? God damn you!

What about all the promises you made before we got married?

"Cemile, I will never leave you alone."

"Cemile, you will always be by my side."

"I can't live without you."

What about all that?

Cemile, please don't. This is my job. How else am I going to make a living?

Let's take the girls and go.

What are you talking about? I'm saying we should leave this place.

Do you want me to take the kids and go with you? Are you nuts?

Girls, go in the other room. Go on.

Go set the table.

Cemile, this would be an opportunity for the girls to see a different place.

And you can have a change of scenery.

That place is a part of our country. What's wrong with that?

Have you completely lost your mind?

What am I going to do in some remote mountain village?

What am I going to do there? I'd rather die than go there.

And you shouldn't go either. You should quit your job too.

You can work for my father. He'll take care of you.

You haven't stopped talking about your father for years!

Do I need your father's money?

Look at me, don't go.

Look, look at your husband. I am a teacher, a civil servant.

Those kids over there need me too.

Also, this is all your father's fault.

If he hadn't pulled strings for me to stay here...

I could gave finished my duty in the East years ago.

Good God...

Even at this age, I must go. There are soldiers.

If I don't go, they won't give me my pension, Cemile.

Mahir Yilmaz, do whatever you want.

Mahir! Cemile!

Take good care of yourself and the girls, okay?

You'll always be on my mind, Mahir. You know that, right?

I do.

A woman's place is beside her man, but I can't leave the kids.

Mahir... Yes?

I heard there are bandits there. Take care of yourself.

Don't worry. Don't be afraid, Cemile.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Goodbye. Be safe.

Take care. Have a safe trip, Mahir.

Goodbye, teacher. Don't forget to write us.

Watch out for the bandits. Have a safe trip.

Father! Take good care of them!

Have a safe trip. Take good care of yourself.

Go with God. Have a nice trip.

I hope you'll see each other soon. Let's go.

Sir, this is the last stop.

But where is the village?

The government only built the road up to here.

You'll have to go the rest of the way on foot.

Well, how am I supposed to get to the village then?

Do you see that mountain over there? Yes.

You are going to cross that.

After that, you are going to cross another mountain.

A stranger is coming.

Who is it?

Tell everyone.

Get everybody ready.

Hands up!

Hands up! Do not move!

What the hell are you doing here? Do not move an inch!

Who are you? Speak!

I'm the teacher.

So, you are the teacher.

Move out of the way, move.

Who did you say you were? I said I was the teacher.

I'm not mishearing, am I? No.

He really is the teacher.

Mister teacher, you are going to teach in Zazaki, right?

In what? Zazaki.

Teacher, sir, welcome. We are happy to see you.

Thank you. Welcome.

Thank you.

Excuse me, where is the school?

The school?

My good sir, the government has sent the teacher... but hasn't thought of building the school, is that so?

What do you mean? You don't have a school in the village?


The government never makes mistakes. How could this happen?

It happens, my friend. It happens.

Hey, all! Yeah?

Do we have a teacher now? Yeah.

So, we'll probably get a school as well.

We'll also get roads, water and electricity.

We'll even get radio.

You are a little bit late, but it figures... your government had long forgotten about us.

Come on, this way. Please, don't bother.

They'll carry your luggage. Come on.

Come on, my house is over there.

What are you doing? Don't make me come over there!

Come on.

Leave Aziz alone!

Crazy, crazy, Aziz the Cripple is crazy.

I'm from the Aegean, from Izmir.

I'm married, and I have two daughters.

God bless them all.

I have six sons, myself.

I have daughters as well, but they don't count.

Why don't they count? Why should they?

We raise them, care for them, and they go away.

Then, they belong to somebody else.

If the government builds a school, you wouldn't send the girls?


Sir, speaking of the school... What are we going to do about that?

I need to report to the director of education... that there is no school in this village.

We'll go to the town hall tomorrow and tell him about our predicament.

Our government sent a teacher here... that means it will build a school as well.

It's as simple as that.

You can't go to the town hall tomorrow.

The bus comes only once every three days.

What do you mean? Really? Yeah.

Sir, it took them 30 years to send you.

If we depend on the government... it would take them another 30 years to build the school.

So, where will I teach the kids without a school?

Would a makeshift place in the village help, sir?

What kind of place? We've all got barns.

My dad's right.

We could take out the animals and bring in the kids.

That's not possible. Kids are not animals.

There's no way you can turn a barn into a school.

The government will build the school.

Tomorrow is another day, chief.

Teacher, your arrival has made me really... really happy.

Tomorrow, I want all single men to be ready and wait for me outside.

God bless you, father.

Dear God, you are the Almighty.

Thank you for sending me to a village without a school.

I swear, I will make a sacrifice... if you also let me go back home safe and sound.


God, grant me patience...

What's this? It is a talus bone.

Son, you never give that away.

That means they like you.

Thank you, son.

Those who would like to get married this year, step forward.

When it's work, they avoid it... when it's women, they race each other for it.

I'll show you!

Which one of you is the oldest?

Look at Aziz. He becomes a different man when he hears anything about women.


Hazar. Head out immediately and find a girl for Celal.

Thank you, father. Okay.

Bless you.

Look, Celal's going too!

Mother! Mother!

Wait, Mr. Charming is coming!

Celal, run, brother, run! Make sure your mother doesn't pick an ugly one!

Celal, don't forget to check her teeth!

What's going on, son?

Mother, please take a good look at the girl.

If possible, please make sure she has no moustache and no beard.

Mother, I'm begging you, please make sure she looks good... with golden hair, perfect teeth, big boobs, a slim waist... and a nice butt.

Celal, watch your mouth! Shame on you!

Celal, don't you have anything to do? Let us go.

Mother, please take a good look at her teeth.

You know, it's the most important thing for me.

And I don't want her to be short like this lady here.

Good God. Celal, stop getting on my nerves.

First, take a look at your ugly face in the mirror, then talk.

That's enough. Come on, let's go.

Celal, we should get...

Aziz, Aziz... Go on, go home, son.

Go, go.

Alright mother, we'll be awaiting your return.


Aziz, stop. Stop.

Aziz, they'll come back.

Let's go home. They'll come back.

Celal! Did you let her know? A slim waist and a good set of teeth.

Celal, did you tell her that you don't want a moustache?

I did.

Celal, you are going to have to make do just like the rest of us.

Your mother is going to pick someone suitable for her own taste.

You'll see, my mother will bring me a gorgeous girl.

Which is obviously what I deserve.

Tell me, who is the most handsome, the most charming guy in this village?


Mr. Charming, to hell with your charm!

Celal, you look just like my hairy behind.

He's right.

Aren't you embarrassed to say things like that?

Shame on you.

Welcome, how are you? We are fine.

That's good. She doesn't have bad breath.

Sit down, dear.

She has a nice body.

Dear, tell us from The Quran... Al-Baqarah.

Tell us the name of the 255th verse of Surah Al-Baqarah.

It's Ayatul Kursi.

Good God.

Recite it to me.

Alright, alright.

About cooking...

How to cook beans, tell us that. Yes.

First, you soak the beans in water the night before.

And then?

The next day, you boil them in a pot full of water.

Then, you add onions, meat, tomato paste, butter... and just a little salt.

It will be ready in two hours. And enjoy.

Thank you.

Well said, my dear.

Now, stand up. Walk.

She looks a bit chubby.

Yes. And she's very tall.


She's not even bow-legged. She's perfectly gracious.

Stand in front of me.

She has wide hips. She'll be good at carrying babies.


She'll give birth easily.

Drink some water and lift your head.

She doesn't have goitre either.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Go ahead, open your mouth.

Don't worry. Open your mouth. It'll be fine.

Her mouth is full of cavities.

But she has good knowledge of The Quran, and she knows how to cook, right?

She is our girl. Congratulations to everyone.

Thank you.

Go on, take a seat.

Gule is now our bride-to-be.

Okay? Okay.

We wonder what the groom is like.

The groom is a dark, handsome man with broad shoulders and hazel eyes.

He's the most handsome man in the village.

The groom is really strong.

He's undefeatable in wrestling.

He's a very religious person.

I assure you, there is no one else like him in these lands.

God bless him. God bless him.

Celal. Here.

Celal... You've really lucked out.

My wife won't stop talking about the girl.

Bozat, what does she look like?

My wife said, "I have never seen a beauty like that in all my life."

Really? Yeah.

Celal, she has perfect hair. She has teeth like pearls.

She has a perfect waist. She's very slender.

She's a gazelle.

Oh, man...

I hope her heart is just as beautiful. We hope so too.

Guys... Yeah?

What if she's evil-hearted? Not possible.

Let's go. Come on.

Come on, come on.

Look, do this right and don't embarrass us, alright?

Thank you very much for everything.

Do I have your blessings? Yes!

Hey! Stop it!


Thank you.

My name is Celal.

But everyone in the village calls me "Mr. Charming".

"Who" is your name?

My name is Gulten, but they call me "Gule".

Oh, you talk so sweetly...

Let me lift this up and see your beauty.

Good God...

How are you?

Very well.

Let me put out the light.


Aziz! Aziz, where are you going, Aziz?

Celal, how wonderful.

Father! Aziz is coming after you!

Come now, go back to the village.

Oh, son...

I wish I could know what you are saying. I wish...


Father, you go ahead. Aziz, take it easy.

Come on, brother. Aziz, come on.

Come on. Come on, come on, come on.

He always does the same thing.

Whenever I set out to go somewhere, he comes after me.

He thinks I won't come back.

What's wrong with him? We don't know.

Didn't you take him to a doctor? We did.

We took him to doctors, hodjas, sheikhs... but we couldn't find a remedy.

He hasn't talked to me even once, but he talks to his horse every day.

Oh, God! Oh, God!

The bandits!

Sir? Who are they?

Don't be afraid, teacher. These are our boys.

What do you mean?


How are you? Thank you, we are alright.

How is Cemilo? He's doing great.

Wish him well. I will.

Come on, let's move.

Good luck. Let's go.

They are bandits, aren't they?

They call them "bandits", but in fact, they are the lions of the mountains.

But they shoot, and they have guns!

That's right, but they don't hassle people. They don't steal.

They are the owners of these mountains... masters of the animals.

Come on, let's go.

Gentlemen, the situation is obvious.

As you know, we are under martial law.

There's nothing we can do.

The country is going through a very delicate period.

There is no school in the village I was appointed to.

Where will I teach the kids? How will we solve this, director?

Look, maybe I didn't make myself clear enough.

Two days ago...

Prime Minister Adnan Menderes and his colleagues were executed... by the military.

What do you mean? Be quiet, walls have ears.

Ankara is in chaos. All hell is breaking loose.

With the grace of God, our glorious military... will bring a new order to our country.

By the way, sir, I have some advice for you.

It would be for the best... if you cited the absence of a school as an excuse and... went back home.

They say every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Don't be sad. It wasn't meant to be.

I'm sad to be leaving too, but there's nothing I can do.

Damn this poverty, sir.

Oh, how the kids' eyes sparkled when they saw you...

How are we going to tell them that our teacher is leaving?


I must go.

What will you do?

We'll go to the terminal and wait for the bus.

We'll come see you off tomorrow, sir.



President Menderes was hung! Read all about it!



Hello, sir.

I hope everything's okay. Everything's fine.

Do you want me to stay? Yeah.

I have one condition. God help us.

I'll stay if you let girls study as well. Do you accept?



Cemile, can you hear me?

This is Mahir!

Now, listen to me very carefully! I'm in deep trouble!

On the way to the village, I was taken hostage by bandits!

I have a gun held to my head right now, Cemile!


Cemile, you must send me 2000 Liras!

Otherwise, neither my daughters nor you will never see me again!

How should I know?

They said "2000"! That's what they want!

If you want, you can talk to them yourself!

Cemile, don't go to the police or the gendarmerie.

My daughters and you will never see me again.

If you don't want your daughters to grow up without a father... if you don't want to be a widow, send the money right away!

I'm waiting!

Here you are.

Hello, chief. Hello.

Hello, Haydar. Hello.

Chief, we'll build a school in the village.

Here's the money for the cement and the iron.

Chief, Cemilo said to wish you well.

We're here to build the school!

Welcome! Thank you!

If someone heard that the bandits were building the school...

I would be jailed for treason.

My career would be over. I would lose my retirement.

Sir, these men are competent.

They know their cement. Don't you worry.

Listen, chief, I swear, if they prosecute me...

I'll deny knowing any of these people, understood?


Come on, people. Let's get to it.

Come on.



Aziz, behave yourself! Stop getting on my nerves!

Come on.

Hold on, son.




Knock it off!

Have you seen Aziz? Yeah, he went that way.

Let's go.

Aziz, what are you doing?

God damn you!

Aziz! Aziz!


How many times have we told you not to run around naked in the village?

Cover yourself! You are a disgrace!

Aziz! If you go out like this again, I swear to God, I'll kill you!

Shut up!

Calm down, boy.

Enough, Aziz. Aziz!


Calm down, please.

See you, chief. Thank you.

God bless you. Amen!


Godspeed. Send my greetings to Cemilo.

We will!

Let's go!

Good luck!

Let's go.

Distinguished parents, dear students... our esteemed chief and Haydar. To all, welcome!

Thank you.

I salute you with respect and love... and I'm very excited for all of you to start your education!

Dear villagers... now, I invite you to take a moment of silence... to honour the memory of our first teacher, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk... our men who gave their lives to defend our country... and all teachers who have been laid to rest.

What is he saying? I have no idea.

Why one moment?

I beg your pardon? Why does it take just a moment?

Well, I don't know.

We are all going to be silent for a moment.

When someone dies, we mourn for 40 days. What do you mean, "a moment"?

It's not appropriate.

Celal is right.

Alright then.

Haydar and our dear chief, I invite you to cut the ribbon.

Come on.


Yes, friends. Congratulations to our new school.


Hold on now.

Kids, come on. We have a lesson to do. Come on in.

Come on, there you go. Easy.

Come on in. Allow the others to pass.

Chief, come on in and take a look.

Come on. Come in.

It's very beautiful. Congratulations.

Kids, easy.

Chief, Haydar, thank you for everything.

Come on, Haydar.

Come on, everyone, sit down.


What are you doing? Go to your seat.

Alright, children. This is our first day of class.

But before we start, let me tell you this:

I am your teacher.

My name is Mahir, and my last name is Yilmaz.

You gave this to me, remember?

What's your name?

What's his name?

He's Cemilo's son. His name is Gafur Elci.

Gafur, huh?

Dear God!

Good evening. Good evening.

Oh, welcome, guys.

Evening. We brought you some food. Thank you. Come on in.

Come in.

Aziz! Aziz!

Aziz, come on in. You'll get wet. You'll get sick.

Have a seat, let's talk. Thank you.

Welcome. Thank you.

So, Celal, how is marriage?

He never leaves the house!

Sir, how are we going to learn how to read and write?

By "we", I mean the others. I'm literate, myself.

I already know how to read and write.

Celal, the school is open to everyone... but the children are our priority.

Where did you study?

I went to school downtown.

I thought you only completed the second grade.

He's so ignorant!

I'm a bit of a rebel. I like traveling.

I thought traveling would give me more knowledge... which is why, I left school.

Where did you travel?

I went downtown two or three times.

We should go now.

Thank you for coming. Thanks.

Celal, I want to ask you something:

Why did Cemilo run away to the mountains?

Once, there was a man called Kaso.

He whipped our father's feet in front of everyone.

Cemilo wouldn't stand it and shot Kaso right between the eyes.

He ran away to the mountains to avoid jail time.

I see...

Well, then, sleep tight. Thank you. See you.

Have a nice evening.

Aziz, let's go home. It's cold outside. You'll get sick.

Come on.

Aziz, let's go home. It's raining. You'll get sick.


Kids! What are you doing?

You should not behave this way.

I don't want to see you picking on Aziz anymore.

If you don't listen to me, you can forget about candies, biscuits and me.

And I won't let you in school. Understood?



The kids won't pick on you anymore.

Isn't that right? Yeah!

That's good.

Go now. You need to study. Come on, move it.

Thank you, sir.

Don't mention it, chief.




Aziz? What are you doing here?

Come on in.

Do you want me to open the door?

Come inside.

I don't understand what's going on with Aziz.

Something came over him. He has never been like this before.

Maybe he feels lonely because the kids started going to school.

Aziz! Where are you going, Aziz?

Let's go.

Alright, kids. Now, we'll write the letter "G".

Write it down.

Well done. Nice.

Write it down. Open your notebook. Write it down.

You too.

Write it down. Come on.

Look, here.


Semo, Feyzo! Have you seen Aziz? No.

Where is Aziz?


Guys! Guys!

What's wrong, mother?

Aziz's horse has come home without him. Where is Aziz?

That's right. I haven't seen him for hours.

Come on, let's look for him.

Hang on, you are almost there.

Hang on. Pull!

Here we go...

Have you seen Aziz? No.

Aziz is missing, you go and look for him too.

He's missing? Let's go.



Have you seen Aziz? No.





Father! Father! Aziz... Father! Father!

Father, Aziz...

Look at what I'm drawing.

And another one...

See, Aziz? You draw like this...

Kids! Kids!

We've talked about this. You won't pick on Aziz anymore.

Listen to me quietly!

Look, kids, Aziz will be in this classroom from now on.

I assigned him as the class president. Understood?

Go on, off you go.

Everyone will do their homework at home!

The street vendor is here!

Aziz, we'll study together. We'll draw in the notebook.

Aziz, listen. My name is Mahir.

"My name is Mahir."

Your name is Aziz.

"Your name is Aziz."


Let's draw something here. Here, take the pencil.

It's your turn now. You are going to draw.

Come on, you are going to draw like this.

Hold the pencil like this. And now, draw like this...

What do you think? Come on, draw. Draw.

Draw, draw. Don't be afraid.

Well done, Aziz! You'll do this! Nice.

Come on, one more. You shouldn't let go of the pencil.


Did you see Aziz?

Thank God...

Did you see how he was drawing?

Dad, do you think the teacher is a sheik?

He did what no sheik could do.

Father, this teacher is an amazing person.

Even sheiks are not blessed the way he is.

Maybe we should bring my wife to see him.

Maybe he'll make her better. Maybe I'll gave children.

Good God! Give me patience!

You are a student now. You will be coming to school every day.

Come on. Let me take you home.


Aziz, come on.

Aziz, you go to school now, huh? Well done!

Well done!

Aziz, this notebook is yours.

You are going to draw something tonight. Don't forget. Now, go.

Come on, let's go home. Come on, Aziz.

Atta boy! Tell us what you did. Good evening, sir.

Good job, Aziz. Good job.

Chief, Aziz is going to stay with me every now and then.

He'll keep me company... and I will teach him whatever he needs to know.


You'd better be prepared, sir. It will snow soon.

When the snow comes, the village turns into a prison.

Everybody surrenders to God.

For eight months, we depend on God, for four months, on the government.

If you'd like to write a letter, write it now.

It would take eight months to get an answer.


Then, I'll write a letter right away. Godspeed.

He writes beautifully, like a first class civil servant.

Aziz has already started writing.

I could teach you also, if you want, you could write as well.


You went to school for two years and didn't learn a thing.

You ugly cow. I resent that.

Since Aziz has started writing, his wildness has subdued.

You know what they say:

If you are educated and wise...

He writes beautifully.

Don't squeeze your fist. Easy. Calm down. Let's try this.

It's going to be fine. Hold it.

This is called gymnastics, Aziz. We will workout our arms, okay?

Come here, don't go. Come. Stretch your arm slowly.


Okay. You do this arm by yourself. Raise your arm.

Raise it like this. Raise your arm.

Well done, Aziz. Nice. Relax.

Look at Aziz. This teacher is an angel.

Don't be scared, Aziz. It won't hurt.

God bless the teacher.

Thank God.

Alright, alright. Like this.


You know what? You accomplished a lot in a very short time.

Carry on.


Father, don't worry about Aziz. He's doing fine.

Let's get back inside. It's cold out here.

Listen to me, son... Father?

Some people have eyes in their hearts.

They see the world through those eyes.

They see everything through those eyes.

May God always guide you all towards kind-hearted people.

Amen, father. Amen.

What is it, Aziz?

Is something wrong?

It snowed!

Aziz, you know what? It never snows in my hometown.

Chief! It snowed!

Will you have lessons? We will.

The kids will be here.

Kids! Everybody to school!

Aziz, what are you doing?

Everybody to school!

You'll get cold, Aziz.

Gafur, go sit down.

Hilmi? Did you move the animals?

Yes, I did. They are "sitting" at home now.

Did you have breakfast with them as well?

Sit down.

Filiz? Read what's written on the board.

"Ayse jumps rope!" Well done. What's that again?

"Ayse jumps rope!"

Nice. Now write it down.

"Ayse jumps rope!"

Cemilo is here!

Mother, come!

Cemilo is coming!

Cemilo is here!

Look, your husband is here. Congratulations.

Father? Welcome, son.

Thank you.

Mother, how are you? I'm fine, my son. Welcome.

Cemilo... Welcome.

How are you all? We're fine. Welcome, Cemilo.

Father, where is my son?

Come, let me take you to him.

Everybody, look at me. Look at me.

Look at me.

Kids, now, everybody will tell me their fathers' first and last name.

Okay? Okay.

You start. Mikail Elci.

Nice. Sait Elci.

Alican Elci.

Gafur, stand up.

Cemil Elci.

Well done, sit down.


It's your turn.

Stand up.

Come on, son.

Tell me.

Come on.





Well done, Aziz! A round of applause!

Well done, Aziz! Bravo! Very nice!

Sit down. Sit down, Aziz.

Now, write down your fathers' names and last names.

Come on.


Chief, I see Cemilo is here, congratulations.

Thank you, thank you.

Aziz was a snowy mountain in my heart... a mountain that had never seen summer or spring.

You took him under your wing. You made us very happy.

Thank you.

Don't mention it, chief. It's my duty.

He'll get even better. Thank you, sir.

We couldn't go to school. At least, our kids will.

I hope so. They will. Gafur misses you a lot.

My son...


Well done, son. Well done. That's my boy.

Let's get going.

Your mother's waiting for us.


How are you, Aziz?

I'm thankful for dung, Aziz.

If it wasn't for it, we would be freezing.

Turn yourself in, do it for us.

We wait for you day and night. Our son grew up without a father.

Don't let us keep worrying to death every day.

I'm begging you, Cemilo.

Think about your parents and your siblings, if you don't think about us.


Turn yourself in.

It's easy for you to say that, so easy...

My going to the mountains wasn't for nothing, was it?

We did so to fight against injustice... against crooked barons and masters.

It can't go on like this.

It just can't.

Enough already, Cemilo.

It's been 10 years since you went to the mountains.

Enough already.

Cemilo, don't ever forget your rifle or your woman.

Whatever you do, don't forget either of them.

Rifles and women can withstand anything but being forgotten.


I'm here, son. I'm here. I'm going to go sled.


Come on.

Run, cousin, run! Maybe your mother will bring you a beautiful woman!

Feyzo, don't go!

Feyzo, you should settle just like the rest of us!

Don't you know, Feyzo?

Whoever your mother brings is going to become your wife.

Mother, I care most about the eyes. Take a good look at them.

I want her to gave blue eyes. Alright, alright.

Come on, let's go.

Remember, blue eyes!

He says "blue"! He says he wants blue eyes!

You should pray for her to have eyes.

Welcome. How are you?

Thank you, dear.

Take a seat.

She has bad breath. I smelled it too.

Tell me, my dear, how many surahs does The Quran have?



There are 114 surahs in The Quran.

I'm sorry, but we can't go through with this marriage... if she lacks knowledge of The Quran.

Excuse us.

I can see in her eyes how graceful she is.

My husband has the same eyes.

Welcome. How are you?

Who is she talking to? You.

Thank you, dear.

Go on, take a seat.

My dear, tell me the name of the longest surah in The Quran.

It's Al-Baqara.

268 verses, 50 pages.

God bless you!

She can't walk straight.

It's because of her eyes. She's not crippled or anything.

What if she was? It's the will of God.

She has good knowledge of The Quran, and she knows how to cook... and that's all we need.

Congratulations. Thank you Is it done? It's done.

I wonder what the groom is like.

God bless!

Higher. Higher.

Higher! Okay.

Feyzo. Brother.

Look at that, he tried to look like his brother.

How do I look, brother? Feyzo.

You should see your bride's eyes.

Really? Yeah.

May God protect her.

Dear God...

She's got beautiful eyes and perfect hair.

She's a brunette with a slim waist, a small nose and a decent weight.

Her teeth are perfect, and she has no moustache.

Thank God!

She's... pretty.

It's time, you should go. Come on!

Names are not important. I can't wait any longer.


Damn my luck!

Bozat? Yeah?

When I think my wife is looking at me, it turns out she isn't.

When I think she's not looking at me, it turns out she is.

Feyzo, God made her this way.

She can't even thread a needle.

Then you should do it! Good God!

I can, but it breaks my heart not to be able to look into my wife's eyes.

My son...

The defendant Cemil Elci is proven guilty of murder in the first degree.

He is hereby sentenced to 24 years in prison...

when committing the crime... his sentence is reduced to 4 years.

Thank God. Wonderful.

Come here.

I'll take one for the kid.

How much is it?

Here you go. Thank you.

Thank you. You're acquitted. Be happy, Isa.

Hey, Isa! Look at me!

Get him!

Get him! Get him!

There he is!

Thank you. You are a brave man. Don't mention it.

Who are you? I'm Chief Davut from Palu.

I'm Isa from Vezri Village. I owe you my life, sir.

There will always be a brave man standing up to a cowardly killer.

This is the human duty.

Make a wish, chief. Go your way. I don't wish for anything.

No, I won't leave that easily. If it wasn't for you, I would be dead.

Go on now. Godspeed. Be careful.

Okay. Thank you, thank you.


Do you have an unmarried son?

I do gave one. Why? And I have a daughter.

You gave me my life, I'm giving you my daughter.

My son is handicapped.

It's okay, as long as his heart is not.

Isa, think this through. I'm telling you.

My son is handicapped.

Send your family for the arrangements. My daughter is now yours.


Aziz, son.

Now, listen to me very carefully. Would you like to get married?

I've found a girl for you. Your mother will go see her.

Aziz... My Aziz...

Aziz... Aziz, Aziz.

Fa... ther.

Go, Aziz, run! Tell them not to bring you a cross-eyed girl!

Don't you think that's a little bit rude?

What's wrong with being cross-eyed? I love my wife just the way she is.

Aziz! Tell them that you want a girl with no beard and no moustache.

She should have perfect teeth and perfect hair, or else, you're doomed!

Alright, Alright. I'll bring the most beautiful girl for you.

Go home, now. Go. Go back to the house.

Go on.

Aziz, your efforts are in vain! Your mother is picking the girl for herself!

Can you tell us about your daughter?

Mizgin is my only daughter.

She reads The Quran, she prays. She knows everything.

These are important, but the elders gave already agreed on marriage.

We're here just for the sake of tradition.

Well, my daughter is very excited today.

There she is.

Welcome, mother.

How are you?

Dear, go take a seat.

Hazar, what happened? Is something wrong?

No, no. We gave dust in our eyes, that's why we're crying.

Mother, I know The Quran, if you are going to ask me about it.

My dear, it's done.

Mother, I know how to cook too. Would you like me to tell you about it?

Beans, chickpeas, eggplants, baba ghanoush, pickles, casseroles... gumbo, lentils, soups, rice, pasta, stuffed vegetables, zucchini, potatoes, Mother, ask, and I'll tell you how to make it.

My dear, we are not going to ask you anything.

You are very smart and very pretty.

Mother, where is the rope?

Everyone's expecting me to get on it.

Congratulations. It's agreed. Done.


Hazar, what is our son-in-law like?

My son is handicapped.

Don't cry, don't cry. You don't cry while getting married.

Mizgin, it's going to be okay. Please, don't cry.

I'm newly married as well, Mizgin. This is our home from now on, alright?

Welcome, dear.

Don't cry.

This is your destiny.

This is your fate.

Aziz is your husband now.

Up until this day, I was his mother.

From now on, you are going to be both his mother and wife.

God has made Aziz the way he is.

Now, when he comes in, help him.

Take off his jacket and shirt. Take off his shoes.

And then, take off your clothes and go into the bed.

Do you understand?

Take good care of my Aziz.

Aziz, your wife is incredible. She has perfect hair.

She has teeth like pearls. She gas blue eyes.

She has a slim waist. She is tall. Wonderful.



Don't get excited, Aziz.

Whatever you see inside, don't get excited.

Aziz, if you need something, ring this bell outside the door.

Come on, Aziz, don't embarrass us.

You are Chief Davut's son. Go for it.

Aziz, when you go in, break that bird's neck so hard...

Aziz, you know what to do inside, don't you?

Aziz, remember what I told you. Do exactly the same.

Come on, the time has come. Come on.

God have mercy!

Their prayers are useless. Aziz won't be able to do anything.

I'm sure the girl will remain untouched.

Who is the man? Aziz is the man!



Help! Help!

Aziz, what happened?

He's having a seizure from excitement.

Get him up, get him up.



He's drooling.

Aziz... Mizgin, what happened?

I don't know.

Mizgin, anyone who saw you would have a seizure.

It's no wonder Aziz couldn't handle it.

Aziz, at a time like this, one should go for it, not break down.

Aziz, what did I tell you? Don't get excited.

Don't get excited.

If he got excited... Come on, let's go.

He's fine, he's fine. Great, he's standing up.

Come here.

Aziz, not now. Everybody is waiting for you.

At night, okay. At night.

Wipe your mouth with this handkerchief.

Don't forget, okay?


Go on.

Hey, all! Aziz, the lion of the mountains, has come out!

My nephew is the lion of the village!

Well done, Aziz! Well done!

Aziz, congratulations! Congratulations!

Aziz, you are the best of us all.

Aziz the groom?

Come on over. Welcome.

Well done, Aziz! Well done!

What's up, Aziz? Come on.

Well done.

How are you, dear? I'm fine.

What did you do, you blushing bride? We are all curious.

She can't stop smiling. I guess Aziz satisfied her well.

Mizgin, what did you do in there for four days?

We talked.

With Aziz? Yeah, yeah. You talked, alright. We heard.

Mizgin, you gave Aziz a bath. Yes. I gave him a bath, dressed him.

He went to school.

Bless your heart. Amen.

You are heavenly.

If something happens to me, I won't have to worry about him.

Mother, don't you worry.

Aziz is my husband, my father, my child.

He's everything to me.

Well done. Nice.

That is very nice. Nice. Well done.

Gafur? Is that your father? Very nice.

Aziz, good job. Is this your family?

Your mother, your father, you and your wife.

Are these your children?


Well done, Aziz.

Alright, kids. You gad homework to do.

You were supposed to make paper airplanes. Did you make them?

Let me see your planes. Hold them up. Hold them up.

Very well. Fly them now.

Come on!

The flow is low here.

God help that girl. You're right.

It's a shame. What is she supposed to do with that crippled man?

God forbid...

I'd kill myself before I got married to a pathetic man like that.

There's filthy saliva coming out of his mouth.

I'd kill myself rather than marry him.

She ran away. She must be upset.

Riding a woman is not like riding a horse.

Did you at least find the hole?

Your wife's beauty is the talk of the town.

Stop it. It's wrong.

Go on, maybe you'll find the hole.

Shame on you. That's no way to behave.

Where are Aziz and his wife? Why haven't they come for dinner?

Father, Mizgin took the dinner to their bedroom.




I can't take it anymore.

What's wrong, Mizgin?

Nothing, mother.

Look at Aziz.

Is that Aziz? I can't see properly. It's him. Where is he going?

Come on now. What's this all about?





What are you doing there?


Aziz, please... I'm begging you.

Come here. Tell me what is bothering you.

Come on. Tell me, Aziz.

Alright, then. If you jump, I jump too.

Go on, jump.

Are you crying?

You are going to write down what is bothering you... and I'm going to read it. I'm going to find you a solution.

Just don't be sad, don't cry. Okay?

Aziz, my brother... Please, come with me.

Come on, Aziz.

Come on. Come.


Trust me.

Come on. My brother... Come.

Aziz! What happened?

Nothing. All is well.

Thank you.

Aziz is not at school today. Why?

Father, is he sick or what?

Go and look. Go get him.

Now, I am going to give you your report cards.

Kids, come on, let's go to class. Slowly, slowly.



Father! Father!

Neither Aziz nor his wife are here. They left this letter. They are gone.

"Before I start my letter, I greet you all.

I give my regards to my elders, my love to the younger ones.

I know, you'll all be sad, but I had to go.

Nobody has ever understood me, listened to me.

Mom, dad, I would gave given my all to talk to you, but I couldn't.

Forgive me.

Everybody in the village mocked me for years... for not talking, for being disabled.

It was okay.

But now, I'm 31 years old. I have a wife.

It's too difficult for me to watch the villagers harass my wife.

I'm not leaving for myself, but for my wife.

Maybe they won't make fun of me where I go.

Don't you worry about us. I am going to come back one day.

I love you all very much.

Please give me your blessings." God bless you.

"Take good care of my horse, and may God take good care of you."

Go on.

I'll be a teacher too when I grow up.

I don't know when I'll be back again.

I won't forget you or all the things you've done for me... until the day I die.

What brave, courageous people you are...

You welcomed me into your lives.

Your wives taught me to make cow patties out of dung... so that I wouldn't get cold.


I'm not afraid of the bandits anymore.

Those brave men helped build the school.

These kids...

Listen to me, kids.

If I live long enough, I will see them continue their education.

Some will be engineers, some will be doctors... some will be teachers.

This is Aziz's report card, and the picture he drew.

I have six sons.

You've become the seventh one.

I can't talk anymore.

Go on now. Go, go.

With your blessings, I'm leaving. Goodbye.

Mahir, son.

Yes, Father Davut.

I was going to ask you about Aziz, but...

I won't.

Have a safe journey.

7 years later

There's a car coming.

Father, there's a car coming!

There's a car coming!

Where is it coming from?

Whose car is it? It's beautiful.

I wonder who it is.

Is it the mayor?

I have never seen a car like this before.

I can't see. Who are they?

It's Mr. Mahir!

Welcome. Welcome, teacher.

Welcome, teacher.

Welcome, dear.

Mahir, son... Welcome. Thank you. How are you?

Thank you. This is my wife.

Welcome, dear. Thank you.

Everyone, I love your hair and your moustaches.

Wonderful! Wonderful.

Come on, let's go inside.

Hold on, Haydar. All of you, stop.

Do you know who I brought with me?

Aziz, is that you, son?

It's me, father.

Aziz, you can talk. Thank God.

I can talk, mother.

I've missed you all so much... We've missed you too.

You're all better now. Did you have surgery?

No, father. I...

I fell in love with my wife.

Aziz; With his wife; Three children and grandchildren in Istanbul lived a happy life.