Mune: Guardian of the Moon (2014) Script

The ancient book say ...

... that in the beginning ...

... there was no light in our world.

It took a super strong man ...

... to bring the Sun down to our little planet.

The guardian of the Sun ...

... regulates the seasons, looks after land and stuff like that. As for the Moon ...

... it was brought over from the world of dreams ...

... by the first guardian of the Moon.

Actually, He is someone who brought dreams into our world as well.

And that's ...

... how the balance was created ...

... between day and night.

103 00:01:51,569 --> 00:01:53,045 Sohone!

Hye, girls.

How you doin'?


Tomorrow is the Big Day.

Guess who is about to become the next "Guardian of the Sun".


Damn right.



I know what you're upto and I forbid you to even think about it. You are not going to that ridiculous show.

If you say, Dad.

It's not your business and it was too dangerous.

I told you a million times, But, no no no no no!

Why should you listen to an old candle, han.

Well, young lady because this old candle knows better.

You know you can't go out in the sun.

Last time you snucked out your arms melted down your feet...