Munnariyippu (2014) Script

"The warning"

(An Arabic greeting)

Where are you? Long time no call.

Where else? At home looking after my husband and kids.

You are too busy, is it not?

What busy? I make a living scribbling for others.

Where are you, now?

On my way to a nearby place.

Are you driving?

That is okay, you tell.

Are you on your way to meet a boyfriend?

Will any one go there to meet lovers?

If they want, let them come here.

Where are you going then? Is it a secret?

What secret? Have you heard of KK?

The chief editor of Media Match.

He's hosting a get together. Every year it is held.

This time I got a chance, luckily.

It is a chance, no?

Is there any benefit for you?

On asking if there is any benefit.

If he gets impressed, then there will be benefit.

It's a matter of luck, no?

He is an editor no? Watch out when you enter the lift with him!

He better take care!

Otherwise, his lift won't go up!

The SI calling you. Take the phone too.



Anjali Arakkal.

Vehicle Number?

Wait, wait...

Why peeping? Don't you know your own vehicle's number?

It is not mine. It belongs to a friend.

Oh, is that so?

Then must see the documents of the vehicle.

There are no papers, found in it. Will it be a problem?

No. Just tell Sir. Go.

If you give me that phone. I can call my friend.

The papers are not found in the car.

Before setting off in the morning...

"shouldn't you take book and papers?

No papers, neither knows the number of the vehicle!

Who knows if it is stolen?

That's what I, said. I will call owner of the car. And sir can talk to him.

What is the use of that?

What will he say? Will he say, it is his call?

And I'm supposed to believe that, no?

Tomorrow if it is used in a bomb blast. Who will be responsible?

Is it not Iqbal?

Sir..I am a journalist.

Which news paper?

Not with a news paper.

Is it on a channel?

I am a freelancer.

Even local ladies print business cards, saying they are freelancers.

Is it not Iqbal?

Look, sir. I am a journalist. I work for several institutions.

And where is Madam headed to now?


What is there at Chenkonam?

There is a meeting in a farm house over there.

What meeting in a farm house?

On say meeting, its like a small party.

So, it is a party meeting, no?

Sir, this is a get together being hosted by KK.

Who is the chief editor of Media Match.

Who is he?

He is one of the nationally acclaimed journalist, in India.

That also a freelancer?

Do one thing, call him.

Who? KK?

Your friend.

What is his name?


Is this Mohandas?

Yes. Who is this?

I am the Control Room SI.

With me... What is your name. Jameela?


Yea..A lady named Anjali is there.

Yes, this is her phone. What happened?

Do you own a car?

Yes, I have.

Which one?

A Ford Figo.


KL 11 AP 4447.

And where is the car now?

That was given to Anjali, for a purpose.

What happened? An accident or something?

If things continues like this. An accident is certain.


If the papers were not in the car Why didn't you tell me, earlier'?


What sorry.

This pig had not raped me with his tongue.

Leave it, take it easy.

I'll call you later.

Whether in the kitchen or in a car Women can't stop talking.

Finally when the tipper knocks down, we will have to take them.

Didn't I tell initially?

First this has to be added.


To cook we must have lot of ingredients.

But we must learn how it must be put to use.

Swamy.. I can understand.

Anyway I knew he is not an African This is not what I told before.

Will, pick up one from this, will that do?

You simply don't mess.

That is all very easy is it not?

Hey, not like that.

This time that must be made possible.

What is it sir?

Anjali Arakkal.

Are you on any important assignment now?

Nothing like that sir.

One person wants to write his service story.

Who is it sir?

Jail superintendent Rama Murthy.

We were together at school.

Everybody writes autobiography, these days, no?

So he has also got a desire.

Murthy doesn't have the skill to write.

Must write and give.

The book won't have your name but...

What do you say?

Swamy, didn't I tell?

Now go on boldly planning your autobiography.

I'll give to your autobiography writer.

Yes, Mr. KK has told.

That is not a problem.

Sir, you can tell your convenient time.

Without doing any crime.

The person was put on trial.

An unfortunate person Joesph. K.

I'll wait, when sir tells I'll come.

When the book gets published, anyway...

...there will be lot ofjealous people.

In a way that is good for us.

Even slander is publicity.

Then..For me there is only 4 more months left for retirement.

The book must be released in tune with that.

Yes, take tea.

For the prisoners there are various schemes...

...which are devised by me.

That should be the main high light in my book.

Do you know what are the schemes?


Even the journalists like you, don't know that.

Now for the convicts who go out after along imprisonment.

For them.

A re habilitation program.

After all this years being inside the jail.

When going out, being lonely in the society, many will have to face that.

That is where this scheme is relevant.

For example, this Raghavan, who is standing here.

For several years he is in here.

While going out he didn't know what to do.

But now it is not like that.

For Raghavan to start a small business...

...a bank has told will do the necessary help.

That will do for him to survive.

A sudden madness for a moment.

That is what happens norm ally.

What has he done? To come here.

Killed two people.

That too two ladies.

One is his wife.

And another one, a Marvadi girl where he was working.

For the time being, let no one know about this book writing.

Raghava, take that tray.

I have not killed anyone.

Three tickets are booked, one is a waiting list It got okayed Okay then The materials to write is at the house.

When you come conveniently, one day.

Will take and give everything.

The person who went now, his name is Raghavan, which you told.

Yes, what is it?

No, he like this, told he has not killed anyone came and told.

He is like that.

He won't agree that he is a killer.

Not us, it is court only which told he is guilty.

As per the jail records.

He has killed two people.


He is only tough outside, he is a gentle person.

During the emergency time, when I was living...

...under cover in my own house Where were you people?

It is you people who are the frogs in the well.

You guys have not seen the world.

Why you are not saying anything?

Will get 'off' soon.

Without mis-spelling 'Ka' and 'Ku' can you spell Kunhikannan?

Hey man, can you do that?

Leave that.

Do you know who Ku nth akaran Path rose was?

Or Kunnikkal Narayanan, have you heard?

That is the name of an elephant is it not?

Heard, is it?

Says Kunnikkal Narayanan is an elephant.

Hey fellow.

You guys who doesn't know...

...difference between a pen and a yam.

At night by nine on putting the coat and show off.

Telling it is news line and teaching politics to compatriots.

There is no point in telling all this to you, go, go get lost.

Shall I go?

Go fellow!

My Chandraji, leave him.

Daily he has to tell some stupidity for at least half an hour.

Only then he can survive.

Sir, don't you have any otherjob?

Why simply crossing with those people?

What am Ito do? I'm an Angry Old Man!

Can't I not react?

It has been few days that you are not seen here.

Where were you?

Ho! Nothing at all a small affair.

Is it own writing or as usual is it for someone else?

My dear Anwar, let me go on living like this.

Leave, leave.

Anjali, why can't you stop this at least now? What use of it?

You are all big journalists and big salaried people.

She doesn't have anything of that sort.

If it is ghost, then go on with ghost!

You boldly carry on writing.

No matter whatever other say, I'm leaving this job.

There is no point in talking to these girls.

Again doing the same job which has got no credibility.

For her, she wants only money, no?

Everybody knows who has written the autobiography, for your editor.

So don't talk much on credibility and all.

On while carrying on this cottage industry, only then many people's...

...vehicle will run.

So because of that you simply don't poke me.

Satisfied, simply it was lying on the fence!

Anwar, you take a shot man.

Let that fatigue relieve.

Never mind, take it cool.

Where is our James?

He and all got better off.

Now at Madras, in some Ad agency.

Became a task, now has got a service story.

Lot of materials are there.

Who else is there?

For a help.

Can get the person and all. But should pay well.

Otherwise will have to call some Orissa people.

All that for the comrade's party convention, do that... gather people.

This we will handle.

Read the paper man.

Leave it.

Okay, left.

Then whom to get?

Othenlvise that Suresh of ours is there.

Will that do?

Sister did you see that Jacob Chettan?

Hey fellow did you send that courier'?

My Mohanan Mash,(Tutor) I have send long back.

Sister Jacob Chettan(Brother)?

Hey man, who is your sister?

Have I not warned you several times, not to call sister?

Not that sister, sorry madam.

Jacob Chettan, has told that three months rent is pending.

That is why.

I'll take care of Jacob Chettan's things. Who are you?

Are you his wife?

Superintendent sir has told that...

...madam will come to interview Raghavan.

This application and all is a government formality.

If it were in sir's office without all this could have talked to Raghavan.

If it is here means, Raghavan will be bit more free.

That is true. Is it a feature on jail or is it a feature on Raghavan?

You people journalist will not say anything, no?

It is suspense, is it not?

Little suspense is required is it not?

God, see this after all this years...

...madam is the first person coming to meet Raghavan.

After all this years, no one has come is it?

No one has come to see.

Has not gone on parole and was not hospitalized either.

He likes this place, no?

More than 14 years no one used to be here.

Do you know how many years he is here?

20 years.

Why is that?

That is what Raghavan is.

The rule is when talking to prisoners we must be near.

Since this is superintendents case, no problem. Must leave him fast.

Yea, go.

I..I'm coming as superintendent Rama Murthy sir has told.

Yes, I have met at the office on that day.

On account of sil's service story wanted to discuss some things.

Do I have to talk standing like this or can I talk by sitting?

Can sit and talk.

Then can I start asking?

While going out from here.

Through superintendents benefit scheme... are going to start a new life, is it not?

Are you happy on that?

Is there anything like new life, old life and all?

We have got only one life, no?

Then what is this life?

A brief turbulence before death.

Other than that, what is it?

Not that on going out from here.

Anyway happiness will be there, no?

For that I don't have any sorrows in here.

Is it because of that even after the expiry of the term...

...not trying to go out?

It has been 20 years, no?

During the childhood we...

Many of the things that is felt as very far away.

On seeing later, doesn't it feel it is near'?

The time is also like that.

At this age of mine, so called 20 years is not such along period.

Not that in between this 20 years.

They told me that I'm the only first visitor, visiting you.

Till now no one has come to meet you. Is it?

Told, you have not gone on parole also.

Is it because you are not interested to meet anyone?

No, nothing like that.

I'm a lazy guy, that's all.

What is this thing?

Brought to record what we are talking.

It's a recorder.

Only our speech will be captured in this, is it not?

Won't capture our thoughts, no?

No, no. Not at all.

Not that, is there any machines invented to capture the thoughts?

To my knowledge, not invented so far.

Any way that is good.

Now the age is of inventing anything.


The other thing is...

...that you have not done any crime.

...used to say that you are innocent.

When we turn on a switch.

A bulb is capable of spreading the light in dark areas.


In a place like this, where there is light.

On turning on a switch... there any bulb invented that can create darkness?

This light and truth they are of the same meaning.

Both cannot be removed.

If you want you can obstruct or cover it.

But it doesn't mean that, it is not present there.

Only thing is, we are not seeing it, that's it.

So, there is a truth which is there, not seen by anyone.


I was not making any sort of complaint like that.

Shall I take one picture.

This light and truth they are of the same meaning.

Both cannot be removed.

If you want you can obstruct or cover it.

But it doesn't mean that, it is not present there.

Only thing is, we are not seeing it, that's it.

All this is our materials.

This much is there?

Not only this, some more are there, will give you.

For the time being take this. Rukmini!

Did you get n?

I'm searching that.

I had met Raghavan.

There is a draw near the bed no? Check inside that one.


Not that, I had met Raghavan.

Then what did he say?

Raghavan, is a great fan of sir.

He was only talking about sir.

That is the reason why he is with me.

Anyway he is a great help to me.

His way of talking and all is in a special manner, no?

He's like that.

Earlier, itself great deal of philosophy.

Heard that writing something while inside the cell.

What is he writing?

Is it any sort of autobiography?

I have not taken any efforts to enquire on those kind of things.

This is the one, no?

Yes, yes.

That has to be established in a chapter.

These are some of the poems that is written by me, long back.

If any corrections are required, just feel free to do that, okay.

Take this one also.

It's a small advance.

No need of it sir.

A good thing is about to start, no? Just keep it.

Sir, can I see what is written by that Raghavan?

What is that for'?

Is there any benefit for our book, with that?

Can say that only on seeing it.

That I'll tell him, will that do?

While writing something will a person become a writer, like that?

That is not what I meant.

Then what is that, you meant?

Don't confuse me by asking questions like this.

It would be good if I could just read those ones which are written.

That is why asked.

But I have not written anything about Murthy sir in it.

Anyway will have to write about brother Raghavan in sir's book, no?

It will be good if anything is obtained...

...from that is written, that will support it.

Won't it be good?

My brother Raghavan, please cooperate.

I was just scribbling all that. I was never meant to show it to anyone.

I'll also not show anyone. Will that do? Will just return after reading it.

Why is a person being jailed, for committing a crime?

Is it for giving him a chance to repent and become good, or... it by avoiding him thereby to give security to the society?

A prisoner has got only 'human rights' no 'citizen's right'

Without punishing human being while only punishing a citizen.

Then how can a human being have repentance?

Sir, article for the open page has to be sent, is it not?

There is again time for it, no?

No, it has to be sent today.

Okay, do one thing send a mail to Varma first.

After 22nd on which ever day, tell him to fix the meeting.

Okay sir.

Yea, Anjali come and sit.

I have read that completely.

What was his name?

On reading some will feel like a 'Hiaku'.(Japanese poetry)

At the same time on reading some will feel like 'Zen Buddhism'

It's a mix of everything.

Certain things what we regularly see.

The way he interprets it, on see it, will be astonished. Is it not?

Anyway. In a police officer's autobiography...

...he is not a person who should be limited to one paragraph.

Especially from a person who has got a criminal background.

One like this can be never expected.

It is a genuine writing there is no amount of trickery.

Not that sir.

My confusion is.

There is no need of any confusion.

Is it enough that always writing like this, on behalf of others?

This is a big opportunity that you are going to get.

One person who believes, he has not done any crime.

Moreover he is jailed for last twenty years.

Not having much education, an ordinary person.

Can make any intellectual astonished. In such a way... his thought and perspectives.

To get a combination of this nature, that is rare is it not?

We can publish this on any of the national magazine.

Did you read, in this what was written about love?

What is it sir?

This love is not a big problem.

But a 'prostrate love', that is a big problem.

That is an advice to some of our tutors.

Now while looking at the mirror.

Reminds me of what is written by Raghavan.

Just read that carefully and see it.

He is a guy who makes the people confused.

While looking at the mirror, my reflection is...

"Staying there itself looking at me.

When I move away from the mirror will it stay there?

Or will it come along with me?

Anyway if I again look at the mirror.

That is there itself, look at me.

I have read that entire note book.

It is really nice, then"

I did a mischief, okay.

I showed that to one or two people.

They all got really astonished.

Look, where are you getting all this ideas?

There is nothing of that sort.

When sitting idle will feel certain things like that.

Then will write it down, not to forget, that's all.

Brother, you have written lot of things like this, no?

But own matters, like those...

...about own life.

Not a word is written, why is that so?

Why to write all those things that is known to us, no?


Going up, is it not?

I'll go only once you all leave. You son of a dog!

Brother, did you get?

That will take some time.

Do it at leisure, I just asked that's all.

Just move a bit away.

Arakkal Anjali, how is it connected to Arakkal Baby?

Will be an aunty is a distant relation.

Then aunty catch this one.

Do you want 'Karikkan Villa'? A good case.

No need.

Then in that case, near my house one guy has chopped 3 people.

On the last April 14th on the day of 'Vishu'

If that is the one means, can take it fast also. Why not that one?

My brother, you only take the case which I told.

Only that is enough as if no one else has murdered anyone.

Let me check this one.

This is the one.

'Double homicide life imprisonment for the accused'

Is this the one?

'Double homicide life imprisonment for the accused'

Brother, shall we ask the route and go?

Will ask this person.


Which is the house of lawyer Eppen?

Told it is near the Deccan Agencies.

Oh yea! That one after going to the front from here. After the bus stop.

It is the third house.

Just wait for a while okay.

Anyone out here?

Who is it?

Came to meet lawyer sir.

If it is case won't take.

It is not a case, just wants to meet the lawyer.

If it is case, won't take okay.

What is it?

Came to discuss a matter?

What matter?

Must clear off fast after discussing.


What is it child?

What is it?

Sir, didn't you recognize him?

This is Raghavan, sir has argued for his case, long back.

Take that spectacles.

Yes, yes Raghavan.

How is he related to you?

No one of mine.

For a study purpose his case is being referred.

Where is he now?

At the jail itself.

It has been quite long, still now not released.

Not that.

What should I do now? Should I release him now?

I have already told, if it is case I will not take it.

It is all different.

Lawyer had not come to release him.

Just wants to know some details of that case.

What kind of details like?

I have met this Raghavan, on going to jail.

He says he has not killed anyone.

Is he still saying like that?

He is the guy who has told I have not done any crime...

...then why lawyer for me?

Child you turn on that fan.

But case at last, by turning in and out...

Came to my own hands.

Not that one, in the middle.

Then, one who was dead was a Marvadi girl hailed from here.

He was their driver, is it not?

When that case was conducted in between that...

...only came to know that his wife, one year back was killed... the same manner.

That also came on his head.

Frequently he used to come to teach me the law.

When we ask something he will counter us with many questions.

I haven't killed.

If it is repeatedly told, will court hear all that?

Look, not because of my fault failed in the case, okay.

All the evidences were against him.

Child, you take that wicks.

Lawyer on what ground is he saying that he has not done anything?

That Raghavan always says.

That is because he has got strange reasons, is it not?

My things I know better than anyone else. No one else knows it better.

I'm saying I have not done it.

These are the kind of debates.

The forensic report is his hands and legs prints are there.

On asking, Raghavan does all this bear evidence?

He will ask in return is it due to...

...evidence human beings believe in God?

Who knows the truth.

Can we ask the dead ones?

Hey Kumara!

He is not the old Raghavan, now.

Ladies and all started coming to visit him.

Who? Brother Raghavan?

Dress him up nicely.

Those who are coming to visit are not silly parties.

They are media people.

Tell them to come to 'C' block.

There a new guy has come.

First poured acid into the mouth of the wife.

Then after tying both legs and hands poured kerosene and burned.

Like us, finishing in one stab.

That girl need not have to bear anything.


You don't laugh.

Just shave okay.

During that time along with this Raghavan...

...the cops came in an old jeep to take the evidence.

We all had gone to watch.

The girl who was killed by him no?

She was having asthma issue.

The com patriots thought she was dead like that.

Because of that, at that time did not do postmortem and all.

Then who is going to check all that, got dead buried that is it.

Now who is there at that house?

Only that girl's mother.

When he came, we thought we are saved.

That became like this.

What Raghavan says is he has not done anything like that.

All that I don't know. On the night when Ramani was dead.

He was here.

By morning had left also.

When I went and checked.

She is lying without life.

Later he was called by sending men.

After the death of the daughter, does Raghavan come here?

Yea, some times used to come.

Sometimes will give money to me and go.

After some time, police came searching for him.

They only told Raghavan has killed her.

On our national emblem the Ashoka Stupa, what we see is...

...we see three lions facing different directions.

But there is one more lion hidden. A 4th lion that is not seen by anyone.

What the truth is, it is the 4th lion.

No one is searching that and finding it neither.

'Satya Meva Jayathe' (Let truth win always)

I've not become a big journalist like that.

By God's grace, it looks like the thing has become a click.

Those who are calling has got high opinion on it.

Shall I call you later?

You can write something and all I'm the one to answer all this.

Right from morning the TV and newspaperjournalists are calling... masking who is he? Where is he from? Why is he not yet released?

Again the call will come from ministefs office.

Not that sir, all this channel people will be calling, out of their curiosity.

I don't find much curiosity in this.

I'm seeing this for a very long time.

What about our book? Will it happen?

I'm writing that sir.

Now understood what you were writing.

Not that sir, we will start that immediately.

Sir, I have brought a copy for Raghavan, can I give that?

Then let alone Chandraji...

Let him say.

I know it.

Started the bating, no?

Then what you can just hoist a party.

All this liquor these people will have to drink and finish, no?

I went and met Sasi Kumar sir.

That is why got late.

Then what did sir say?

Sir really liked it, told it is marvelous.

Yes, it is marvelous. It must be like this.

Here there are lot of other kind of people.

These son of dogs think journalism is escorting the ministers.

Let them learn from her. Your kind of presentation.

The language of it.

Chandraji, did you read it?


Did you see it?

Why not? What was his name? Ramachandran.

Chandraji, not Ram achand ran , Rag havan.

Yes that is it, Raghavan.

Excellent to the core.

I read your article.

When can we discuss?

I'm free, I'll be here only.

I'll call and come.

No respect man!

Don't play Chandraji, it really hurts.

Look, do you know a company named Green Orange?

That is a literary agency, no?

What is it?

One, Rajeev Thomas from there had called.

Telling will publish a book based on our Raghavan.

Sometimes something will happen.

Hey, you don't leave this chance, cling on firmly!

See I have told at that time itself, it will be marvelous one, is it not?

Das, at least now drink one shot.


My Chandraji, I need to drive there is police all over the place.

After all this years, don't you know Das?

No Leopards will catch journalists.

Is it true?

Why not man?



Then in that case will have one.

Just tell like that.

We are pouring one.

Drinking it. Again pouring one more.

Drinking it and it is continued.

Yes mother.

What is this girl?

After reading something which you have written.

Kariachan from Bangalore had called.

What is that which you have written?

What is written is all big, big, mighty things. Will tell and that aftenivards.

Only when this Kariachan and Avarachan calls.

We are getting a value.

They had criticized a lot when you were send to study all this.

This is not the one, yet is about to come.

Let all that come. First you come here.

How long it has been since seen you?

Oh! This week it is not possible. Next week will see.

While coming take that weekly also.

Can't you clean this place properly?

How is that? Now you are a big star is it not?

The way some people writes, as if I have tied you here by force.

You are not interested, no?

If you wanted you could be released earlier itself, no?

That is not possible, told several times is it not?


To meet you only, TV people.

All that let them see once you go out from here.

Think of the ways for that.

Again let me think it over. Whether you are to be fed... here on the government's expense.

No need sir, where will I go after going from here?

I don't have to know all those things.

Again if you stay here it will not be proper.

Go where ever you want.

Anjali, hope you have not discussed with...

...any other agencies and publishers?

No, no.

But we have one or two conditions.

We will be having a dead line.

That is very important.

The matter in this is really interesting.

But it is scattered.

It is mixed up here and there, no?

We will have to put this into an order.

Then there is no volume to make it into a book.

This is not enough.

All that we can make Raghavan to write it.

But now what Raghavan has to write is.

Not things like this.

Then what?

What Raghavan has to write is.

On his life.

In your article it is said that, there are certain things...

...that is not revealed to anyone.

That is what he has to write.

That is what we need.

That Anjali, you must make him write that.

Madam you were seen on TV and all, okay.

Now only we are knowing this Raghavan is such a big person.

Now for 24 hours he is sitting and looking at that weekly.

TV people and all had not come to cover him?

That is because sir didn't allow.

Raghava, must reach there on time, okay.

Then did you read that?

It is English only, no? Only saw the pictures.

Brother Raghavan, became really famous okay.

Everyone is asking where did you get a person like this?

Look, is there anything bad written about sir, in that?

No what happened?

Sir, is really on a bad temperament with me.

Told no need to stay here again, going to release me and all.

That is a good thing is it not?

It has been several years in here no? Come out boldly.

Then one more thing.

Whatever that is written by brother Raghavan.

Putting all that together it is going to come out as a book in English.

But will have to write some more.

In English?

You write it in Malayalam I'll translate that into English.

For all that I'm not a writer and all, no?

So what? All this was written by brother Raghavan is it not?

You just write and give all that.

I will tell you later what all things to be done.

Then shall I take leave?

Look..A lady came from Delhi saying she is a journalist from a paper.

She has given this.

Priya Joseph.

When did she come?

Yesterday morning.

Why did she come?

Told something has to be discussed.

Next time when she comes don't entertain her.

Like this many will come.

Look, told about that release, no? Don't plead with superintendent... msaying no need and all.

Let it go ahead on its course.

What is it? Are you scared?

Not because of fear and all, where will I go?

Coming with me is there anything wrong in that?

Not because of that, still...

We have to do lot of things, no? Come out boldly.

Even if no one is there, I'm there, is it not?

How come you are serious?

For the sister's daughtefs marriage.

On asking whether I can go and come, answered, no.

If it is own daughter, it seems only then parole is allowed.

For that where will I go and create a child?

For brother Raghavan, there is no need of all that.

No need of parole or anything.

Happy to be in here.

Who said like that? I'm going.

Yes, I got the release.

Is that so? Then where are you going?

That is all there.


Yea, yea, I understood.

It is because, the photo came in the magazine, no?

Shall I reduce the thickness of the mustache?

No need. Let him be there itself.

Why is that lowered now?

The AC is turned on. Outside it is all dusty.

Why? Not recollecting anything?

No, everything has changed a lot.

That is like that, no?

Is the present brother Raghavan, is he like how he was before?

Has completely changed, no?

Look, where are we going?

Will reach just now.

Look, car is coming.

No, I will take it.

Which is this place?

Get in, get in.

How is it?

Did you like the room and all?

Lot of amenities are there is it not?

How can it be without all that?

Don't just stand there holding that bag. Keep it somewhere.

Look, the money that is received from the jail is with me.

What to do with that? Should I keep it or..

Keep that with you, when required I'll ask.

Okay then.

Look, regarding the food and all it is arranged.

From tomorrow morning it will reach promptly.

No need to go out for that.

Look, for tonight it is there in this.

In jail also it is like this, the dinner will be given in the evening itself.

Oh, its like that, no?

Look, yesterday also people of that book had called.

They are telling it is required urgently.

We are running out of time okay.

If we work hard only we will be able to finish it.

What is there in that no? There is no other engagements, no?

Can simply sit and write is it not?

Look, there is enough paper and pen that is required.

Regarding writing there is no need of any stinginess required.

Keep on writing as you wish.

Not that on saying writing, what should I write, really?

Other day, brother Raghavan has told me, is it not?

The truth cannot be removed, it can be only hidden.

It is like light and all, do you remember that?

I have not done any crime, that is what brother is saying always, no?

If it is like that? Who has done the crime?

Not that, if anyone has trapped brother into this case.

Who is that?

If that is not the situation.

If it is like taking the blame of the crime for someone else.

If it is like that, for whom it is taken?

The things like this. Nothing of that sort.

Brother had not revealed to anyone, so far.

Those things have to be mentioned from now on.

When it is presented through brother's language.

It will turn out to be stylish.

It is 20 years gone from the life.

That is gone, no? Can you get it back?

For all this let our judiciary answer it.

So because of that write boldly.

Shall I go now?

Close the door.

No, no sit there itself.

No, finished.

At night how was the sleep and all?

The sleep did not come. It is a new place. No?

Sleep will search and come slowly.

Yes mother, I'm in an another place.

Yes I understood, the one which was told yesterday, is it not?

I understood that.

I'll call you, there.

It is mother.

She wants to marry me off immediately.

Who and all are there at home?

Mother is there. Brother is at Chennai.

Then there are lot of cows, chickens and goats.

Is it possible to make curd from goat's milk?

No nothing at all.

The goat is poor mens cow, is it not? That is why asked.

Then brother Raghavan.

So from today onwards can we start writing?

Then start right away. I need not come and trouble you always.

Okay then.

Close the door, close the door!

I was about to call you.

How are the things going?

He has already started writing.

Must go ahead in this speed, only then it will materialize.

Then, I'll let you know by the time of contract and things like that.

You will have to come up to Mumbai.

Hey boy wait there.

What is it?

You come here.

For what?

Let me see you. Come here.

What is it?

Thinking for some time to catch you.

After hanging the cover on the door where are you running?

I have got job at shop.

Well, what is your name?


The name is KP Anil Kumar.

What is sifs name?

My name is CK Raghavan.

Where is your house?

I'm staying at the shop.

Hey boy just don't go like that. Let me tell one thing.

Hey, I have got work at the shop.

Yesterday's 'kadala curry' how hot it was?

Some days it is like that.

My Anwar, it is not possible at any cost.

When we see he is not going to lose his virginity, no?

He is sitting there and peacefully writing.

In the middle of that, it is not possible to disturb.

Even I never used to go there.

Next time when you go, will you take me?

For what?

Not that I have not seen a person who has killed two people.

That is why.

Don't talk about the killings and all in front of him. Okay.

My Mohanan tutor, will I say? Don't I have fear on my life?

It's Anjali, no?

Yes sir.

What is happening on my work?

Sir I'll come to the office.

If you can't write just say that.

For that you don't have to take trouble on coming here.

Not that sir, since I have got an urgent work.

Umm..Where is Raghavan, now?

Sir, I don't know exactly.

Why is that?

Aren't you the person who took him out from here?

Not that sir he told he wanted to meet some relatives.

Oh! Is it? Now has he got new relatives and all, now?

Okay, okay then.

Sleeping, no?

You keep it there.

What is it today?

'Puttu and Kadala'

Sir, don't you have any job?

I'm on leave for some time.

Here there is no TV, no?

It is there in our shop.

Whose picture is this?

This one.


He is a big DYFI member.

Who is he?

He is the one who brings food here.

Hey boy he is a big writer you must leave the place fast.

On giving the food.

Must not disturb sir.

I'm goir19-

How is the writing going?

After all these days, what is this? Nothing is written!

That is..How to write"?

Where to start and all?

Brother Raghavan, start from somewhere, is it enough?

We can do the minor changes here and there, later no?

That will do, no?

Why not?

Then one more thing.

I'm going to Mumbai.

There is a meeting with the people of our book.

I'll be the person who signs the contract with them?

That is okay, is it not?

That is enough.

In that case just sign and give on this paper.

I'll come back after some time only.

By the time, you will write, won't you?

So can I go boldly?

Then, I wanted to say one thing.

What thing?

I wanted one, small good broom.


While you go, throw that waste.

You are writing story, is it?

Yes, what is it?

Is it for a movie?

Not for movie, for that sister?

If it is for a movie, I have got an apt story.

When it comes out with it, it will be super.

What if it doesn't come out?

All that we can bring out.

Shall I tell?


Shall I tell?

Come on, tell boy.

A big ship.

On that, Mohanlal is coming like that.

It is night time okay.

Mohanlal, is coming like this.

All around candle is lighted.

How is that fellow? In the wind the candle's flame will die out, is it not?

Then I'm not saying the story.

I'm going!

Hey fellow, tell the remaining part and go. Hey fellow!

Sit and write yourself.

I have got work at the shop.

Hey fellow, take that waste and go, okay.


No need of candle bulb will do.

When it is bulb, Dulquer Salman is more handsome than Mohanlal.

Who is that?

As if sir doesn't know him?

Anyway you go on telling.

DulquerSalman, is coming like this.

At that time. It is night okay.

Dulquer Salman is coming like this.

At that time a sister is singing at the shore.

Who is that? Is it Jaya Bharathi?

Who is that?

As if you don't know.

Okay anyway that sister.

That sister is singing.

On hearing the song, Dulquer Salman feels like crying.

Is the song that bad?

Leave it, tell, tell.

Okay, then the Dulquer Salman is crying like that.

He has been crying for a very long time.

(No, that is because)

It is at night, okay.

Hey fellow, if it is night or day. Your story has got a moral.

Don't create a story which is not there.

Yes mother.

I'm coming from the airport.

Yea, the things got okay. For which had gone.

No, no one had called.

Those who are coming from America and all.

Will not be having any sense.

No problem, I will bear it.

My mother, first let him come from America.

What is this? Is it spring cleaning or what?

No nothing like that, just cleaning the cobwebs that's all.

Keep the broom there and...

...come and take this, with grace.

This is a huge money indeed.

That is the advance.

Being jailed in the whole life, will you get this much?

In case of ladies longevity also it is termed as men's life, is it not?

I don't know all that.

Shall I open an account in the bank and deposit it?

Okay, let it be.

Where is all that paper that was here?

While cleaning I kept it, over here.

Not that, where is that which you have written?

I couldn't write.

Had not written anything?

I tried but..Those things at that time, the place...

...time, then some names.

All getting mixed up.

Nothing is working out properly.

Brother if you really intend, all this can be set right is it not?

But for that we must also put our mind into it.

That is not because of that.

To tell the truth.

I'm really upset.

On my arrival, I had expected that something will be written.

No..I was...

Not out of anything else, we don't have any time to waste.

Had given the word, we will finish it within the time, told by them.

On which this agreement is signed and... maccepted this advance, everything.

When did you come from Bombay?

I thought you might have left, through that way.

That was better.


Brother, one black coffee.

What is it? Tensed?

Bit problematic.

Our sir should write something, no?

What? Not yet started?

How can it be?

I have come after signing the contract and collecting the money.

Must complete it within the time, no?

My Anjali, if it were some DC or Current Books...

...we can say something. These are big wicks!

They will swallow you. You try to make him write that, somehow.

What is he saying?

Saying will write, will write and all.

Then what is the problem?

What problem?

Will get food four times a day. There is a decent room to stay.

Will that do?

Not like that.

What you must do is? You must handle him more tactfully.

Or else the plan will not work out.

Brother Raghavan!

Where did this person go?

He might have gone for some needs, to the down stairs.

What need?

There will be some requirement, no?

What requirement?

That boy over here, is he not here?

He is on leave today.

Not that...

...that Raghavan sir staying up stairs has he come here?

He along with that boy in here went outside.

On seeing that boy, I had felt its asking for trouble.

He is the one spoiling him.

Then what?

That persons age is right to get spoiled or what?

You don't talk stupidity.

I have told a hundred times not to go out from that room.

It has been few days no? He has been lying in that room.

Let him just go out and come.

After a going out and breathing some fresh air.

That guy will be fresh.

But still where might have he gone anyway?

Neither has he got any money with him nor any place to go.

He will return to this place you wait and see.

Sir, here.

Hey boy, do you know earlier there was a bridge over here?

Where is that now?

That is what I'm also thinking.

Some robbers might have taken it.

Look, why don't we have Sharjah shake?

For that I don't have money with me.

That is because sir has got no job, no? I have got money with me.

Not that, while writing this story, won't you get any money?


If it is for the movie, you will get it.

Who has told you all this?

That I saw it on the TV.

Then we will go and drink Sharjah.

Okay then.

Hey fellow, in your story for the ship to come, will this sea be enough?

Oh! I changed that story. Now it is Danush.

Inside the church, candles are lighted fully.

That is enough, even if the wind blows, it won't die out.

Other day when I came here. Over there shooting was going on.

It is not like we thought

Hey! Where are you going?

Hey, ourjuice shop is over there. Come here.

Wait there sir.


If it goes on like this, it is not going to come out.

Telling will write today. Will write tomorrow.

How many days it has been?

Why? Not writing a single sentence.

I know the issue.

A laziness to start, nothing else.

Do one thing.

Brother you come and sit here.


Sit here.


Here hold this pen.

By sitting here, if it is one sentence, one sentence come on write.

Only after you start writing, I'll go from here.

Why looking like this? Just start.


Today afternoon Biriyani, is there if you want must tell now.

Why is that? Don't you want?

On the other day as you said you want it.

Why you are not talking anything?

Must tell now whether you want it or not.

I have got work to do at the shop.

My heavens!

Fellow, wait there!

Didn't I tell you just come and give food? No other business is required.

For that I have not done anything.

Then, how come you called sir and went out for roaming?

Now on listen to what I say.

Give food and quit the place!

Then clear off!

What's up?

I'll write.

Then just do it!


What but?

My brother Raghavan only after getting something written...

...only then I can start my job.

All this must be translated to English. Must do the editing.

You know, like that what all things to do.

I need some more time.

In between that...

I must not come here and trouble you, is it not what you mean?

Okay.. I will stop coming.

Will make a try like that.

But next time when I come.

Must give me an assurance that something will be written.

Then I will go.

Ah! Have you purchased the new car and all?

This is not a new one, a second hand.

What is happening with the knee pain and all?

Child only told no? Will bring something to apply.

Sorry about it. On the next visit will bring.

Lucky if my knee is there till that long.

Why are you not eating anything?

Aren't you hungry?

What had happened to you?

Right from the moment you came the face is scorn.

Look here.

What is it? Is it on discussing about the marriage?

Not because of all that.

What is wrong with you? Do you want any money?

My mother tensions on my profession.

Mother, won't understand saying all that.

If it is a job that worries you, just resign thejob.

It is peace of mind that is of higher importance to people.

This is the reason why I'm not coming here.

Will start on coming here.

You don't have to go there urgently.

On Friday it is our molly's child's baptism.

After attending all that, stay here for few days...

...and you return after being a smart girl.

After fulfilling his need, he went on his way.

I have planned to commit suicide.

Then on thinking about the matter of postmortem, got scared.

I canceled it.

When did sir return from Chennai?

That was yesterday afternoon, in the Indian Airlines..My God, sir!

Have you been waiting for some time?

Sir, came just now only.

Please take your seat.


Why I told you to come is, other day Rajeev Thomas had called.

When he called Anjali, is not picking up the phone.

Told, has not replied for the mail and all.

For few days I was at the native place.

Even if you are at native place, can attend the phone is it not?

Have you not send that matter which was committed to sent?

That is..Sir..Raghavan's language is all very strange.

To translate that it is bit difficult.

After correcting all that, thought will send it.

That is why.

Anjali, when you deal with corporates like these.

We have to be very careful.

For them these kind of excuses are not applicable.

From our side, if there is contract violation.

Then, their legal department will be talking to us.

Don't make the matters to reach that stage and all.

Nothing of that sort will happen, sir.

Okay, I just told that. By the way.

How is Raghavan, is he happy?

Yes sir.

He is really involved on the work.

Are you that CK Raghavan which came on magazines?

Got released is it not?

I had read it.

Really lucky on seeing you.

Can you just spare five minutes? Will have a cup of tea and go.

No, no I must go.

Right after reading it, wanted to meet you.

This was never expected, okay.

Just five minutes, will sit and have tea.

Will call an auto.

Auto, auto, stop, stop.

Sir please come.

Please come sir.

Get in, get in.

Take the vehicle to the ancestral home.

Sir, you may sit, see how lucky I'm?

Go, go!

Sir, you come.

Did you recognize this person?

My heavens! Where are you from, now? Come, sit!

Come, sit!

They are all my friends.

Sir, sit.

Please sit.

I have read that it is really a rocking stuff, okay.

It is really great.

Sir, what must we order?


I don't need anything.

Don't say like that.

For our happiness.

At least one beer.

I don't drink beer and all, rum will do.

That will do.

One JK Pint.

Will it be possible to get some cashew nuts?


Brother, one packet cashew nut.

This jail and all, is a different experience is it not?

You are feeling like that because you are outside.

When you get time, get jailed for some time and see it.

My heavens! No, no need thinking of it, itself scares me.

Have you written before going to jail?

This so called writing, is not a part of jailed punishment.

Being able to write is a great blessing of God.

I have tried several times.

But nothing will come out.

As a light food, shall I order one chilly chicken?

No, no need.

There in the jail will get face book, is it not?

Will get all kind of books, there.

Is it so?

Doesn't he drink?

My sir, he was a hard core drinker.

Now after marriage everything stopped.

Afraid of wife.

So, that is the thing, is it?

No, not because of that.

Thinking not to create an issue in the family...

...for the time being, stopped.

A life filled with fear, it is really boring.

That will destroy our freedom.

No matter if it is male or female, should not succumb to that.

Then what about all this years, being jailed, without any freedom?

This is the problem?

The thing is, how we interpret freedom.

Your freedom what you see, may not be my freedom.

Certain things which come as a hindrance... times we will have to pluck it out and throw...!

That is what is meant by freedom, is it not?

If it happens in the family it is family quarrel.

If it happens in the society it is revolution.

Even if it is in Cuba or in family...

...whenever a revolution takes place...

Blood will be shed...!

So all those things which stood as a hindrance to sir...

That is plucked off and thrown, is it not?

Did not...Understand?

No, that is...

That is..Those two were killed, is it not? That what he is saying.

Who killed?

Did you see it?

Did anyone see it?

Don't talk about the things which is not known to you.

I have not killed anyone.

Sir..Raghavan sir!

Let me say one thing, sir.

Sir, please don't go.

Don't come here, stay there!

Brother Raghavan!

Brother Raghavan!

Now she wants only that Raghavan.

Since she is your contact, that is why... is not that, I don't know how to deal with her.

You just relax, we will find out a solution.

If no other job is obtained, then will become ajournalist.

There are lot of girls with that kind of attitude.

She and all, will be one among such of breed.

What was thatAnjali said, in which journalism school...

...have you studied?

What is it sir?

There, it seems no has taught you, what is professional ethics.

On undertaking a work, must learn to complete it.

Not that, on seeing something bigger than that.

Shouldn't go after that, that is not what you must do!

No sir, I'll do that.

It is better you do that!

Othenlvise it is police men no? They will do it.

I don't like the theory of annihilation, right from beginning It doesn't mean that I'm not political I, know that I'm a violent Gandhian and a non violent naxalite Actually this 'Nehruvian'...


This Anjali Arakkal.

Came to see Anjali.

Is she here?

Then where did I stop?

Ho! To find this place, really struggled a lot, you know.

On the outside, there is not even a board, kept.

My heavens! Didn't you recognize me? Didn't mother tell you?

Chakkochan, one who is in America.

I, felt so.

Yea, yea that is it.

This place is cool! What is going on in here?

Is it a tea shop or a toddy shop?

Everything is here. This is a meeting place of we, journalists.

An adjustment set up, is it not?

If the meeting were in some ice cream parlor or some coffee shop... would have been very conventional like.

Anyway it is really good the right am bience to see the bride.

Shall I order a coffee?

I don't drink coffee or tea.

Oh! My dear uncle, we were discussing some family matters.

After this I'll come to you.

Which is this guy?


An old Delhi journalist.

Will start right from morning itself, no?

Oh! He is like that.

Now doesn't he have any job?

All this is thejob.

Good, should be like this.

On the 50th birth day..I'll also resign my job and... this will start boozing right from morning.

Won't go for any job, is it not best?

What are you doing in America?

Scientist at 'NASA'. That was the plan Since I was not that brainy, joined an IT company.

How long you will be here?

I'll go back only on 22nd.

Before that should fix someone is it not?

I won't stand to fix someone, like that.

We also have our own conditions, is it not?

Financially sound back ground.

Should make good fish curry.

Should not refrain from Sunday Holy Mass.

Aren't these the conditions?

Nothing of this sort.

I'm a guy who just goes on in a flow.

On that flow, must have a companion, in perfect tune.

Along with that, if there is some amount of brain... will go on like that without much problems.

Those people with 'money and 'charismatic'. I will be trapped.

Among this in which one does I, belong?

On asking in which one.

There is a girl like this, her name is Anjali.

Telling she is a journalist, when a proposal came like this.

I checked that profile.

Felt, the candidate is good, then thought will...

...directly see the candidate.

At that time only, I, saw your article on CK Raghavan.

This Raghavan is a deadly person, okay!

Then which is the next writing assignment?

That is about that Raghavan only.

Has not left him, so far?

The CK Raghavan, what you read, he is going to tell his real story.

Sometimes people will get shocked.

So when the book get published, will become famous, is it not?

That might happen some times.

One minute okay.

Do we have to sit here and talk or...? we have to go out?

Can sit here, can't we?

Now the situation is, there is no possibility to contact you.

That is the reason why, I had to come here directly.


...have you decided to work for some other publishers?

In India, about ten prisoners who are jailed in different parts, a book... planned by 'Black Bird'.

On their book, the first chapter... you know about whom it is?

About your Raghavan!

A Malayalee only.

She is trying to contact Raghavan.

That won't happen!

The problem is not solved because of that.

You have not submitted anything that is written, so far.

See.. I will do that immediately.

You have been saying the same thing for some time now.

Now there are only few more days.

If you are not able to complete this within that period.

Don't you know?

That person has left in a hot temper.

Is it a case of giving beating?

That is because of the book's time...


When two people talk. To over hear that...

...I know it is not a good act of doing.

But an unnecessary curiosity.

That is why attended to that.

If you don't take it as an advice, I'll tell you one thing.

There is a lesson learned from my life.

Doing certain things that will give us happiness...

...then we can easily live and go on like that.

On taking unnecessary burdens on the head.

The mind, the body, everything will be..Sick like that.

So when feeling not needed, just leave it.

The rest of the things we will see.

Why not take one?

First let it be 50 years old.

Then will start from the morning.

That is enough, is it not?

That is enough.

Then shall we fix?

Okay fix it.

This is our character.

Just read and see, have written a lot.

Nothing wrong with the pen and all.

So that is not the issue.

Then shall we shift to a better room, with AC and all?


I'm the one who has signed the contract.

If it doesn't take place, I'm the one who is answerable for that.

You may not be scared of court or jail.

I'm little scared, that is why saying.

The previous day when I came here, what did you say?

My presence is the problem. When I go, will write. Is it not?

Then have written fully, is it not?

Now..I'm going to sit here.

I'm going after making you to write.

I don't want anyone standing as a guard.

You are a person more accustomed to that, aren't you?

Anjali, enough. Stop it!

Do you know how many days are left, again?

Only 1 days!

It is said that, within six days the earth was created...

...on the seventh day it was rest.

So because of that, if at all intended there is time.

For that I'm not God, no?

We will think and decide whether it is God or Devil!

Anjali, you please come here!

Let me talk.

For the time being this much talk is enough.

Leave. Let me tell.

There is no use of telling this person.

A shameless person.

You go downstairs and sit. I'll come.


She is really tensed.

That is why like this and all.

Don't feel bad, okay.

There is again one more week, no?

If brother takes effort, can do it.

This is not a novel and all, no?

It is all known things, is it not?

Just start, we can all together make it fine.

That will happen for sure.

How harsh have you talked with him?

While talking like this, won't it deplete his remaining confidence?

Then what else should I do? Do I have to go and catch his leg?

Or should I go and tell sorry. That can be also done.

It is my requirement, is it not?

A person who is not interested to come out ofjail.

Calling and then locked up in an another jail!

And then pressurize him telling write, write.

Is it some kind of a job like ploughing or chopping a tree?

He is a thinker and a creative guy it is, you who have written it, is it not?

A person of that nature, to the mental state of such a person...

...must show a minimum respect.

Not that saying, contract, dead line showing...

...a harsh behavior of yours.

That is too bad!

Where are you now?

I'm there at the flat.

What is it?

Look, enquiring where is Raghavan, where is Anjali?

One girl from Delhi is roaming out here.

Who is it?

Is it Priya Joseph?

I have not asked whether it is Joseph or Jacob?

The name is Priya.

Look, that is the room.

Raghavan did you recognize me?

It has been two days on reaching here... only found outthe place.

Bigger than jail, security over here.

On coming out, there is no peace, is it not?

How far is writing going?


Are you sitting here and writing?

I don't go out like that.

Must go out and all. Is it only sitting inside this place?

Other day, who came to meet at the jail...This is the person.

Why are you here?

I came to meet Raghavan.

For what?

Why is a journalist meeting a person?

For that only.

No need of that.

That has to be decided by Raghavan, no?

For the time being it is not Raghavan, I'm the one deciding.

You must leave this place, please.

Okay Raghavan we will meet later.

Why did she come?

I don't know why.

Asked how far is the writing going?

Then, what did you say?

Did you say wrote or did you say not written?

I didn't say anything.

The way you talk, will feel like I'm the one who told her the place.

Did I say like that?

Anyway it has become like an 'inn'.

Anyone can come and go.

Again he can't be lodged there.

Must shift to some other vacant place.

Now, is there any need for all that?

It is required.

Here food and all you will have to make by yourself.

There is no one to bring it and all.

When should I come again?

Can come any time.

Again, only three more days are left, is it not?

What should I do now?

Sir..On talking to Rajeev Thomas.

If that date is extended it would be great.

What was the date told by them?

Only two more days left.

I'll try talking to them.

How many days should I ask?

That is, like 10 days.

Can give within 10 days is it not?

Yes. Can give sir.

Till now how many chapters have you send?

That is...Nothing is send sir.

Why is that? Can't you send what is written?

Raghavan..Has not written anything sir!

What? So far nothing is written!

It was not like this, what you told me earlier.

What have you thought about me?

For this kind of irresponsible acts... you think I'm a person who supports?

For this I don't have the time to waste.

Tomorrow is the last day.

I know miracles are not going to happen.

Do you have any doubts on that?

Can you hear?


Speak on.

What more to say?

There is no other solution, no? Then we will meet at the court, no?

Where are you?

I'm out to go to a place.

I have reached at the air port okay.

The flight is delayed for two hours.

If sir is free, come over here.

We will have a cup of tea and talk. What do you say?

I must meet a person and solve a small thing.

After settling that I'll come over there.

If it is a whacking case, just tell okay.

No, it is that Raghavan's case.

I dropped that, why simply taking the burden.

So, learned the things and all.

Then in that case, we will write on Raghavafls at American.

What you say?

So won't you come fast, over here?

Why not? Will reach fast.

Then come fast. I'll wait.

I expected you yesterday.

For not coming, there was no problem, is it?

Here, your money.

What is the use of money to me?

This is the wages to you, for being in jail.

That you, yourself keep it.

Here, this one your great literature.

This one also, you keep it with you.

Now there is nothing left between us to discuss and to do. Is it?

What do you want again?

Where do you want to go?

If at all any where to go, I'll drop.

Decide whatever it is.

What are you fooling people?

Basically you are a cheat.

All these years what you told, is it not a lie?

Always saying, I have not killed, I have not killed.

Aren't you scared to tell the truth, is it not, why you are not writing?

Why are you standing, without talking?

You have nothing to say.

That is it.

The time is going to finish, is it not?

You leave all that. Tell where you want to go?

I don't have time. If you are leaving, then leave.

Go where ever you want.

Before going just read this and see.

Has written what ever that is needed.

I have decided where to go.

I'm going back to jail.