Murders in the Zoo (1933) Script

A Mongolian prince taught me this, Taylor.

An ingenious device for the right occasion.

You'll never lie to a friend again.

And you'll never kiss another man's wife.

Where is Bob Taylor?

He went over to zolivan.

= alone?

Well, after what happened last night I imagine he felt he shouldn't stay with us.

What did he say?

He didn't say anything.

It's Taylor's. Can't find white man.

Tigers eat.

Evelyn, you got to forget the orient.

I know it was horrible, but you can't go on like this.

Eric, I never want to see that country again.

Now, why don't you take a stroll around the deck?

I'll catch up with you.

I'm getting a walrus for Evans at the zoo.

What are you laughing about?

Just what I wanted to find out.

What? You can smile.

Oh seriously now, Roger, please don't let him see us together again.

He'll be out any minute.

He's making a wreck of you Evelyn, has you all tied in a knot.

Something peculiar about your husband.

Something I can't quite make out.

Oh, let's not talk of him.

We mustn't talk about anything.

Evelyn, don't go.


We've got to talk, Evelyn.

We're docking tomorrow. I told you it's hopeless.

But you can't go on living with gorman.

You can't wreck your life just because you made one mistake.

No, he'd never let me go.

Please Roger, he'll be coming any minute.

I'm going to have with him.

Oh, you can't.

I know him, I know what he'd do.

On the exhibition a man named Taylor tried to kiss me.

My husband saw him.

The next night he was found in the jungle dead.

The tigers had been there, there was no way of proving...

It's the most interesting collection my husband has ever brought back.

Everybody's talking about it.

The ship's hold is a regular menagerie.

Good evening, Mr. Hewitt. Good evening.

My wife has been telling you about my animals?

Yes, she has.

I had no idea you were interested in animals.

Perhaps you'd like to come along with me and see them?

It's rather late, isn't it?

Maybe your right.

They'll be at the public 200 after tomorrow.

I would like to have you see them.

I'd enjoy it. Splendid.

It'll be a great pleasure to show Mr. Hewitt through the zoo.

I have a message for professor Evans.

Follow that path to the right.

You'll find him at the office. Thank you.

Well, honey, back to work.

Oh, don't go yet, Jack.

That one keeps flirting with you and I'm getting jealous.

You'll have to choose between us.

Do you have a message for somebody?

I'm looking all over for professor Evans.

They are nice, aren't they?

He's over there, in the laboratory building.

Thank you.


Thank you.

This is Evans, of the zoo.

I have a man in my outside office named Peter yates applying for the job of press agent, gave your name for reference.

He seems quiet bright.

Yates, he's ok, he's a clever guy.

I hate to disturb you dennison, but how about him?

= he drinks a little now and then.

You let him off easy.

Oh, it's my last chance.

He's pushed himself out of every job in this town.

Mr. Evans, Mr. dennison utters a gross falsehood.

Well, I admire your nerve.

Yeah, I had a hunch you would.

Come in.

Yeah, right behind you.

In the main, young man, your recommendations are satisfactory.

We do need a press agent.

The zoo is in desperate financial straights and we want every bit of public interest and support we can get, but...

Well, then you can't go wrong with old man yates's boy Peter.

Why, I put more businesses on the blink, map, than anyone two men since Mason and dickson pulled their famous line.

Who ever heard of Niagara Falls until little old Pete came along?

Look, I've got a picture of it somewhere here.

There you are, there it is.

See, there am I standing on the bridge.

You can't miss seeing the falls, can you?

No, no. Well, that's efficiency.

And if you'll turn to page 48 you'll see why I made bimson's combination button hook and can opener a household word and that's just a small idea of my ideas.

And besides, I need the job, am I in?

Well, I must admit Mr. Yates, I'm favorably impressed, but do you know anything about animals?

They've been my constant companions many a night.

I didn't mean...

That's bring me the point about your drinking.

Oh, well, Mr. Evans, I will be frank with you.

There was a time in my life through sorrow

and please believe me when I tell you that I haven't tasted a single drop for, well, a considerable time, a long time.

Two days and three weeks, to be exact.

Well, I'll give you a chance.

= consider the zoo as a success.

Well, here's your first assignment.


Mr. gorman gets off the boat from India this morning.

You ought to be able to start out with a good story from him.

Oh, it's a natural.

I'll have it on the front page of every paper.

Good, if you'll come with me I'll introduce you to Dr. woodford.

Yeah, be glad to.

Yeah, oh, oh, excuse me.

Maybe somebody else would want to see this.

Woodford's my associate.

He is a very clever young biochemist and toxicologist.

Oh, for goodness' sake.

Jack, I want you to meet Peter yates.

This is Dr. woodford.

How are you? Yeah, I'm ok.

I've just hired Mr. yates to handle our publicity.

Good, we need it. Yeah, that's what I think.

Hand me that bottle of beta-naphthol disulfonic acid.

= is did it?

No, nevermind, I'll get it.

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm a stranger here, you know?

I think you better get down to the boat.

Yeah, it's a good idea.

Hello, dad. Hello, dear.

This is my daughter Jerry.

Mr. yates, our new press agent.

How do you do?

Well, I'm feeling much better now.

Well, well, this is a swell place you have here.

We think so. Yeah, certainly...

Oh, I...

Stuffed, huh? - Yes.

They're nice that way.

Oh, locusts.

Hey, you ought to have this place screened.

Oh, not locusts, Mr. yates, rattlesnake.


They don't like your book of clippings.

Oh my goodness.

Here it is, time for me to meet the boat and I find myself whiling away the hours with snakes.

Well, goodbye all.

Oh, you forgot your book.

Let them read it.

Oh, for goodness' sake.

What do you suppose he wants?

Probably a drink.

No, he's on the wagon, he's working for the zoo.

Oh, yeah?

Come in.

Oh, how do you do?

I'm Peter yates, Mr. gorman, publicity department for the animals.

This is Mr. Hewitt, Mr. yates.

Oh, my goodness, did I get in the wrong cabin again?

How are you? - I'm Mrs. gorman.

Oh, I beg your pardon again.

Where can I find Mr. gorman?

He's down in the hold getting ready to unload his animals.

= animals?

Yes, thank you, I'll rush right down there.

I beg your pardon, but would it be asking too much if I inquired what kind of animals?

Oh, all kinds.

Tigers, wild boar, panthers, rhinoceros.

Did you say rhinoceros?

Yes. Yes, of course, rhinoceros.

Well, goodbye now.


When he knocked, I thought it was Eric.

Oh, please, don't stay any longer, Roger.

Promise you'll get in touch with me tomorrow?

I promise.

You better go.

If I only could.

Let me handle the afraid part.

It will be lots of fun.

= where can I find Mr. gorman?

= over there.

Oh, thank you.


Oh. - I'm afraid it has a cold.

Do you want to see me?

Yes, yes, I'm Peter yates from the municipal zoo, I...

Oh, yes.

Publicity department for the animals.

I came to get a story from you about these things.

Fine, fine.

A cute little thing, isn't it?

Yes, shake hands. Oh, no.

No, no, no, I never met the gentleman.

It's a lady. Oh, pardon me.

Here, Jordan.

Really, Mr. gorman I-

Mr. yates, never be afraid of a wild animal.

Let it alone and it will leave you alone.

That's more than you can say of most humans.

You don't meant to say you really like these beasts?

= t love them.

Their honesty, their simplicity, their primitive emotions.

They love, they hate, they kill.

Now, speaking of tigers.

No, no, I didn't say a word.

Mr. gorman, I...

Mr. yates, this way.

Mr. gorman, I have some reporters on deck oh, yeah.

And some photographers who are very anxious to take some pictures of you.

I'd like to have you pose with Mrs. gorman, she's very attractive.

You've met her? Oh, yes, yes.

I hope I didn't offended her.

= offend her?

Well you see, I thought the gentleman in the stateroom with her was you.

Tell me, was Mr. Hubert or Herbert or whatever?

Hewitt. Hewitt yes, was he part of the expedition?

No, no, no, just a very good friend.

You know Eric, the size of your new collection worries me.

Well, if we haven't got room for them all we'll build some new cages.

Yes, yes, with thicker bars.

That doesn't seem to be exactly the problem, it's the expense of upkeep.

You know Eric, since you've been gone, you don't seem to realize our budget's been cut four times.

Good heavens, man.

Why didn't you cable me?

Ti know what I'll do.

I'll get together some of the most influential men in town and we'll make up the deficit by private subscriptions.

Oh, that would be wonderful.

= but how?

I beg your pardon, Mr. gorman.

Hm? I have a grand idea.

Why not give a dinner here?

Spread on a long table amongst all these magnificent animals?

Think of it.

Photographs in every paper.

Oh, I can see the front page now.

Lovely ladies languishing among lions and llamas.

Multimillionaires meditating amid monkeys and mongooses.

Yeah, monguises.

Enthusiasm, novelty, contributions pouring in.



How would you like to eat with lions and tigers?

Well, if we had the dinner late and they were all sleepy.

I wonder, the thing has value, it's glamorous.

Let's do it.

I'll attend to the arrangements.

You, you mean to say you like the idea?


Oh, for goodness' sake.

Well, that's just a small idea of my ideas.

Mr. Evans, consider the banquet a success.

= just a moment.

Woodford, this is something that should interested particularly.

What is it? = a snake.

A green mamba.

A new variety, I picked up in India.

It kills hundreds of natives every year and no antitoxin has ever been developed for it.

I thought you might like to work on it?

That's great, I'll start this afternoon.

It won't be easy, it's the swiftest acting venom there is.

We'll see what we can do, how about it Jerry?

All right.

All right, Jerry.


Right after lunch, we'll see what we can do to make the world safe from mambas.

You'll have to find an antitoxin after all Mr. gorman has done.

You know, I'd break a leg for the dear old zoo.

That gorman bird is certainly the animal's friend, but...

I know what you were going to say.

You were going to say that's he's...

He's what?

Oh, it isn't nice to dislike him when he's been so kind.

Do you realize what the success of his plans will mean to us?

I can go on with my laboratory work.

And you'll have to quit stalling about marrying me.

Mr. Roger Hewitt? Apartment 8b.

Shall I announce you, sir? It isn't necessary.

He expects me.

But Roger... Don't argue with me.

You sail for Paris Friday.

I warn you, when we're married I'm going to run this family.

Here's your ticket and things.

Don't worry darling, you will be guarded in Paris night and day.

I'll look after that.

But... I've got to butt those buts out of your system.

Did you bring your passport?

And the moment I get my divorce you'll come over on next boat?

No, on the boat just ahead of your divorce.

Everything seems so simple when I'm with you.

I'd never marry this girl. I don't blame you.

You'll cable me every day? = no.

What? I'll phone you.


= come in.

Mr. gorman to see you.

= go in that room.

Show him in.

Hello, Hewitt. Mr. gorman, how are you?


I thought I'd drop in to have a little chat.

= that's fine.

Cigarette? - Thank you.

You know, I was rather surprised to find that a man like you should take such an interest in something which is, shall we say, outside of his province?


I mean, on the boat you and I

I'm afraid I don't quite understand.

I was referring to my animals.

= oh.

Of course.

I'm giving a little dinner at the zoo on Thursday next.

I'd like to have you there.

I'd be delighted to come.

We're try to raise some money.

I know you're one the few fortunates who still have a little left.

I thought perhaps you might like to give a nominal contribution?

Why, certainly, you can count on me.

= that's final then.

I hope I hadn't disturbed you?

Oh, not at all.

= good.

Until Thursday then. = I'll be there.

I can promise you a really unusual evening.

Ah, ladies, ladies, you don't realize how fascinating these wonderful animals really are.


My god!

Stop that man.

Stop, stop that man!

Stop that man.

Take your hand of there.

Don't pull it, don't pull anything, don't pull anything.

It's all right ladies, be calm, everything will be all right.

What's the matter? Matter, matter?

That's for when they want to clean the cages, that's for if they have a fire they pull that thing and wingo out comes every lion, every bear, every tiger into little cages.

But the little cages aren't there.

And if you pull that thing, oh me, oh my, oh mercy.

Oh, put it back on the hook.

Here's a good story, photographer almost releases avalanche of animals on zoo banquet guests.

Yeah, no... Great story.

No, now boys.

Now listen boys, listen.

Listen, now, that's not the right attitude.

I tell you, we've got to make this thing lovely, pleasant and beautiful.

See, and, and, and beautiful.


He loves me.

Let's go over...

Now look, when I'm at the dinner table and I make my speech and I do this, see?

Mm-hm. That's your signal to take the flash lights, you got it?

Ok, we got it.

Don't forget now.


Hello, doc.

Say, do we eat? Oh, sure.

That's just a small idea of my ideas.

Oh, missed.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll all gather around and find your respective places we'll put on the feed, we'll partake of the refreshments.

You'll find we have all on the menu, from soup to...


= oh.

Somebody's been very thoughtful.

= t think...

Here you are.

Ladies and gentlemen.

And warm fraternal hand that I welcome you to the zoo.

This is the zoo of zoos.

You may search up the entire world and never would you find another zoo such as this zoo.

This is...

This is a zoo, beyond any question of a doubt that you can go, you may look, you may search, as I said before, you may go from India to Newark and never would you find...

Come on boys, there's the signal.

Let's take some pictures before yates pulls his ear off.

Look pleasant, please.

Hold it, still.

Don't anybody move.

Oh. Still.

Thank you.

Thank you, boys.

It is however, with a pulsing lump of gratitude in my throat that I wish to thank Mr. Eric gorman, for not only sponsoring this delicious and resplendent banquet, but for bringing back from India with him some of the worst, some of the best, most interesting animals in this wide universe to entertain and intrigue you.


Keep your places everyone. = Mr. Hewitt has fainted.

Dr. woodford will take care of him.

Better get him out of here, doctor.

Yes, bring him this way. What is it that happened?

What is it? I don't know yet, dear.

Right this way.

Please stay here and help keep the others calm.

He was holding his leg.

It's swelling.

That looks like a snakebite, but we haven't any snakes with fangs as wild as that.

Maybe it's a mamba bite.

See if that mamba"s in it's cage.

If it is a mamba that tourniquet's no good.

I've seen a dozen cases like that in India.

People dead within five minutes.

= you mean there's a snake loose in there among all those people?

Gorman, get everybody away from that table.

I'll do what I can, but there's no antitoxin, there's nothing you can do for him.

The mamba"s gone, it's cage is open.

I'll try to keep everyone quiet.

Get out of here, everybody, there's a poisonous snake loose.

You'll be killed if he bites.

Get away from that table, there's a poisonous snake under it.

Try and get this... = it's a natural.

Fred, grab some photographs.

Where's there a telephone?

Come on, Charlie, let's go.

Jim, let's grab a shot.

Thank you, and goodnight.

Where's the telephone miss Evans?

Where's the phone?

I'm from the morning record. Please, don't you see that it'd spoil everything if this gets out?

Everything. = gets out?

It's going to be a sensation.

Oh yeah, just as soon not be so close to it.

Come on, let's find a phone. All right.

Where's Evelyn? =I don't know.

Oh, this is horrible, unforgivable.


Well, woodford, this pretty well ruins the zoo's chances for any outside help.

I know it, I can't understand how that snake got out.

Gross carelessness on your part and it might've been six people as well as one.

Mr. gorman, it wasn't his fault and I know it.

I saw him put that shake in the cage and close it and I've been with him every minute.

Come Evelyn, I want to get you out of here, dear.

You're trembling.

Let me get you some Brandy.

You killed Roger Hewitt.

Now, my dear, you're not yourself.

Drink some of this.

That's why you sat right across from him.

Evelyn, you don't think I sat there all evening with a eight foot mamba in my pocket, do you?

Why, it would be an injustice to my tailor.

I don't know how it happened, but why was it he was struck and no one else?

Why aren't you more concerned with my narrow escape?

I sat within two feet of the snake myself.

Oh, don't touch me.

I've never saw you look more beautiful.

Yes Eric, now I know, now you're going to make love to me.

I never wanted you more than I do at this moment.

Oh, you're not human. I'm not going to kiss you.

You're going to kiss me.

Kiss you?

I hate you.

Yes, Roger and I loved each other.

I was going to leave you for him.

Now will you let me go?

My dear, why didn't you come and tell me?

You know I have too deep an affection for you to ever stand in your way.

What is it?

What is it that makes me love you so?

I hate you!

Open up, open the door, Evelyn!

I'm coming back in five minutes and I expect to find this door open.



Is Dr. woodford here? He's at the house.

I'm Mrs. gorman, I've got to see him.

Certainly, Mrs. gorman.

My dear, you don't know what you're doing.

Give me that. - Let me alone.

= give it to me!

Here now, you're all upset.

= you killed him with it.

You murdered Roger just as you murdered Taylor.

Anything I've done, I've done because I love you.

If I lacked the courage to kill you I couldn't expect you to go on loving me.

Don't put your hands on me.

Don't touch me!

I hate you.

I hate you.

Come along.

Let's go home.

If you expect me to go home and forget then you're not human.

You think you'll never be found out?

You're wrong.

I'm going to tell everybody. That's just about enough.

You can't frighten me anymore.

I'm going to tell them all that you're a murderer, that you've no right to live.

Electrocute you, hang you, I don't care what they do to you!

Sorry, we can't let anyone in until we find the snake.

We ain't afraid of no snakes.

Bill and Jim sneaked in there, I seen 'em do it.

They had no business to.

Sam, get those boys out.

It's dangerous.

You kids ought to be glad you're not in there.

But it's the only place around here you can have any fun.

Try to keep it on top of the stick.

Looks like somebody got ate.

Maybe we'll find a pocket with some money in.

Hey you kids, you gotta get out of here.

Nobody's allowed in the zoo.

Oh, we weren't hurting nothing, mister.

We've been here hundreds of times.

I'm sorry boys, but you got to go.

No one's allowed.

What you got there?

It's just part of a lady's dress.

We fished it out of the pond.

You boys get out of here in a hurry.

Some kids that sneaked in here fished it out of the alligator pond.

There were some other pieces floating around on the water.

Who was on the main gate last night?


Where is he now? Down at the quarters.

Is purdy there?

I want to speak to him.

Purdy, anyone come in the gate last night?

Mrs. gorman came in here last night, wanted to see you.

= hello?

No, she isn't here, woodford.

She hasn't been here all night.

I'm very worried about her.

I've telephoned all her friends.

Ti can't understand it.

Well you should hurry over right away, I'm afraid something dreadful is happened.

I'll come right over.

What is it Evans?

Something about Evelyn?

For heaven's sake, tell me, man.

We are not sure.

Can you identify this?

Why, ves.

I believe it's part of a dress that belonged to Eve...

Is she dead?

= for some reason that I don't know Mrs. gorman came to the zoo last night to see me.

She never reached the house.

This morning baker found that in the alligator pit.

= oh.


But, why did she come here?

Why did she come here, woodford?

I tell you, I don't know.

We'll never know Eric, woodford's telling the truth.

This is a frightful thing.

If there's anything on earth that we can do?

There's nothing you can do!

You were responsible for Hewitt's death.

Your carelessness and your stupidity, and now my wife has died here.

Died horribly, again because of carelessness.

I'm through with this zoo, Evans.

It's a public menace.

I'm going to see that the city closes it before there are anymore of these ghastly happenings.

As for you, woodford, I'm going to have you prosecuted for criminal negligence.

And the charge ought to be manslaughter.


No, this is the zoo.

The zoo, 2-0-0.

Yeah, what?

Oh, what you said?

Hey lion, cut it out, will you?

I'm shaving.

I know you boys have families.

I hate to let you go, but there's nothing else I can do.

We know how it is, Jack.

So long Mike and good luck. Thank you.

Well, so long, Jack. So long, Johnny.

We'll be seeing you. Bye.

Oh, did you want to see me?

Oh, yes Mr. yates.

Father's going to San Francisco to try to sell the animals.

I know you're a press agent, but...

Yeah, publicity department for the animals.

= that's what I mean.

I hate to ask you, but if we don't all pitch in and help here the animals are going to starve.

Yeah, good. What?

No, no, no, 1, oh, why, of course, I'll be very glad to help.

Baker, Mr. yates is going to help us out.

= that's fine.

Sure, any little thing at all.

Here, follow me.

Oh, for goodness' sake.

Anything I can do something for you, Peter?

I could use some perfume.

Now look, I'll only be here a little while longer.

Isn't there something else you can look at?


Help, help!


What's wrong, Peter? It's mamba.

I'll get a stick, hold it.

Oh, you don't think I'd let her go, do you?



There you go, Peter, I'll get it.

This is one decent press story you'll be able to get in the papers, Peter.

= oh.

Peter, Peter, speak to me, say something.

Is there a good laundry in this town?

= t won't be over for dinner.

No, I'll bring it down to you on a tray.

Thanks, Jerry.

Sometimes when I see you working so late at night I wonder if you're going to make a very good husband.

I've only have a few more days left in this laboratory and I've lots of work to finish.

Oh, you don't have to explain, dear.

Yes, what is it, woodford?

You'd better hurry over here right away.

I've just made a discovery that will interest you.

I'm not interested in anything you have to say until it comes up in court.

Suits me perfectly.

On second thought, I'm going to hold back what I've found out until we get to court.

What do you mean?

I don't care to discuss it over the phone.


All right, I'll come over.

Come in.

Good evening.

Sit down, gorman.

Yes, well, what is it?

Why didn't you tell me about the other mamba you brought back?

= other mamba?

Why, I don't know what you talking about.

= the mamba that killed Hewitt.

The mamba you killed Hewitt with.

Why, my friend you're mad.

Hewitt was like one of the family.

And that's the drivel you brought me up here for?

Why, now it isn't even funny trying to cloak your own negligence by accusing me.

Look at this, gorman.

We found the mamba today, I measured the fangs.

The spread is entirely different from that on the wound in Hewitt's leg.

= hm.

A brilliant discovery.

And you immediately jumped to the conclusion that I have another snake, huh?

There's no other conclusion possible.

Here's the measurement of the fangs of this mamba.

And here's the measurement of the bite on Hewitt's leg.

A difference of eight millimeters.

= hm.

No gorman, this mamba never killed Hewitt.

Another one did.

And by your own admission no one but you in the country could have one.

A large vicious snake that I carried unnoticed to a banquet and trained to bite my friend, but not my wife who was sitting next to him.

Your wife was coming here to tell me of the other snake on the night she was killed.

Ti think I know how she met her death.

Very ingenious aren't you, woodford?

= ow!

Ow, ow.

I told you the truth, woodford.

There was only one mamba.

Woodford, oh, woodford.

Oh, hello. = hello.

Would you happen to know where Dr. woodford is?

He phoned a moment ago and asked me to come over.

He was in the laboratory.

We found the mamba this afternoon and he probably wants to show it to you.

Oh, yes.

Oh, Jack.

Jack! - Why look.

What is it? It's the mamba.

Jack, Jack.

It must've escaped.

It bit him and he killed it before he fell.

He's alive, there's still time for the antitoxin.


Antitoxin, we finished it today.

= antitoxin?

Can I help? No thanks, I've got it.

Phone a doctor.

Hello, hello?

Peter yates, publicity department of the animals, speaking.

Gorman, what?

He killed?

Holy smokes.

Did you shut the...

Yeah, what, police?

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Hello, hello, Dan?


Yeah, sound the alarm right away.

No, no, never mind asking why.

Sound it, sound it, go on.

I'll tell you later.

This is whiff, there's some trouble at the zoo.


It's got him.

Doctor, I'd like to congratulate you on that antitoxin.

It was a splendid piece of work.

So far it's worked on three Guinea pigs, two rabbits and one woodford.

Say, where can I find Peter yates?

Well, just go outside and yell you're from a newspaper, he'll turn up.

J two little ears