Must Be... Love (2013) Script

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[festival music playing]

[people chanting] Viva Señor! Viva Señor!

Viva Señor! Viva Señor!

[woman] They say life is fast-paced and full of excitement.

There are unending noises…

and a beat that must be followed.

[man] We're doomed.

[woman] A movement that we go along with.

-Best, catch! -[man] Guard him! Quick!

Guard him!

-[man 2] Here! -Best!

[grunting, groaning]

-Whoa! -That's a good one!

-That's good! -Go, Team Mustache!


[woman] But sometimes, there are moments that slow down.

Moments when your world suddenly stops.

The noise fades away.

Movements slow down.


And this… This is the moment that my dad used to tell me about.

He said that you will know you're in love when your world begins to move in slow-motion.

That is what happened to him when he first saw my mother.

-King, come on! -That is when he knew she was the one he would march down the aisle.

Time stopped and everything else disappeared.

The only person he saw was the queen of his heart.

They lost the championship…

-What the hell, King? -…but it didn't matter because he found a prize in my mother.

He also said that his world moved in slow-motion when he first saw me.

It was love at first sight.

Wow! You look just like mommy.

-[baby cooing] -You're so beautiful too!




[young girl] It's pretty, right? My mom bought that for me.

[woman] While amazing things happened to dad in every slo-mo moment, I didn't know why I felt scared and anxious.

[sobbing] Princess Patricia.

-Stay here, okay? -Okay.

I will just buy something.

[bittersweet music plays]

[woman] The first time I saw things in slow-motion was the last time I saw my mother.


Because I suddenly felt fear.

I followed her.


-But it seemed like my steps… -Mom!

…slowed down as well.


[young girl crying] Mom!




-Look, she's toothless! -She's ugly!

-[screams] -Toothless!

Did you like what I just did?

[playful music]

They're gone, you can smile now.

Look at me.

Just like this.

[woman] I lost my mom, but I gained a best friend.

[both chuckling]

-Catch! -Life suddenly took speed with Ivan.

Oh, what's this for?

I think that's what happens when you are happy.

You should wear this instead. It's made for basketball.

Gross! It stinks!

-Why does it smell so bad? -Give it back to me!

-Give it back! -Why are you saying it stinks?

-Yours smell like crap. -Shut up! It's sweat!

-It smells bad! Disgusting! -Give that back!

Best, stop it!

[woman] Edward!

Talk to me, please!

Don't make a scene in front of the neighbors!



[woman] That day wasn't good.

Another slow-motion when I first saw my best friend cry.




[tender music plays]

[woman] So when I saw Ivan in slow-motion, I got very nervous.

Nothing good happens in my slo-mo moments.


-I thought there might be another mishap. -Go, Team Mustache!

-But that moment was different. -Go! Hey! Come on!

My world suddenly stopped.

-All I could see was Ivan. -Patchot!

Only him.

-My best friend. -[Lavinia] Patchot, move!

-Patchot, come on! -Patchot!

[upbeat music playing]


[Lavinia] Patchot?


Are you okay?

I love you.

-What? -[all] What did she say?

[Lavinia] Did she say "I love you"?


I love you, Ivan.

-[boy] She said, "I love you." -She loves you.


-"I love you." -[Patchot] That.

That was my slo-mo moment.

That was the moment I wanted to fast forward and forget.

-I wanted to treat it like a bad dream. -[distant screeching]

-[distant crash] -[gasps]

Patchot, what's wrong with you?


Come on, Patchot!

What were you thinking?

You're crazy!


-This is stupid! -Patchot!

It can't be, Patchot!

It can't be!

Dad. Hi, Partner.

Make it fast, dear. We're running late.

It can't be.

It can't be late.

[frantic festival music playing]

[water sloshing]


[frantic music continues playing]


Oh, no! Not now, please. I only have two minutes left.

Oh, good grief.

We will be late again.

Dad Partner, I'm here.

I'm done!

I finished in exactly five minutes.

Oh, let's go.

Why did you flip it? I said it's better the other way around.

-This is way cooler. -That's better.

No, I said--

-This way. Come on. -Okay, fine.

-Let's go. -Uncle Conde is here.



-Come on. -Jump higher!

-Not fair. You're tall! -Good grief.

[upbeat music playing]

[in Bisaya] No way, not a chance.

[in Tagalog] It will be good for business to cater in the hair-and-makeup competition.

It will be a waste if you turn it down.

-[client] You look delicious. -What are you saying?

I mean, the roasted pig. [chuckles]

You know what?

We don't take to frivolity like that.

King, what are you saying?

-That's a big contest. -What do you mean big?

We will earn a lot from that contest.

-Ma'am, the event is in May? -Yes, that's right.

Don't worry. I'll convince my brother to do it.

-I'll count on that. -Leave it to me.

He will eventually agree to do it.

-Auntie! Quick! -Auntie?

-Aunt Queenie? -[Queenie] How are you guys?

-Queenie! -Hi, Auntie!

-Auntie! -Patchot, you're a young lady now!

-Move! Hey! -Lady? You mean, a gentleman!

-Look at her armpit! -Stop it!

Let me see!

Queenie, how are you?

Auntie, is Angel there?

She's out, -but excited to go home. -Never mind that.

-Don't forget my shoes. -You are not getting any!

Where is Bibap?

-Wait. Here he is! -My turn!

-You want this? -Auntie!

Don't forget my chocolates!

You're so big, what happened to you?

-[sobbing] -[woman] What hairstyle?

The kind that will make me more beautiful.

Oh, you want to impress someone?

Sweetie, don't cry.

Remember that for every teardrop, you get a wrinkle. Mm-mm!

But don't you worry. We are always "hair" for you.

Tell me. Who's the guy that made you cry?

-Your son. -What?


Ivan said he will stop courting me already.


He got my hopes up for nothing.

If that's the case, then you get a free haircut.

-Jolina! -[Jolina] Yes, madam?

A back massage to calm her down.



I will be right back. Excuse me.

Hey, where are you going? Aren't you paying again?

-Hey, girl! -What?

It's official.

Ivan and Jen have broken up. [giggles]

-Were they even a couple? -What the…?

You know what I mean.

Anyway, this is your chance.

Your second chance!

So, are you ready?

Yes, you are!

Gordo, I want you to roast me a pig.

-Roasted pig for everyone! -Wow, you have money now.

You still owe last Christmas' roasted pig.

So what now?

Aren't you even a bit excited?

What do you want?

You want me to celebrate every time Ivan breaks up with another girl?

But, of course! You love him.

-Huh? -[gasps]

What do you mean love?

-Uncle, Patchot is in love with someone! -No!

-I'm not. -Stop it.

What I meant was hot oil treatment costs much so I better go.

Let's go now. Hurry!

-Where are you going? -We'll be back.

How many times do I have to tell you that… I hit my head hard that it shook my brain.

And that, that's the catch!

I didn't know what I was saying.

What about when you said, "I love you"?

That's gross! No way!

[in Bisaya] Disgusting!

[in Tagalog] That was nothing.

-Are you sure? -Yes, it meant nothing.

I will never have special feelings for you.


Jen and I mean nothing to each other.

How about the thing you said that Jen's a good catch?

[both cheer]

-Wait, dude. -Jen is a really good catch.

Yes, she's really a good catch.

But she's playing hard to get.

I just lost interest and she thinks of herself too highly.

It's a waste of time.

If she's playing hard to get, why don't you go for Patchot?

-At least you know her very well. -He's right!

Catch this!


-"Ivan, I love you." -"Ivan, I love you."

Dude, that was so January.

It's summer already.

Besides, it's already in the past.

-She said I'm not her type. -Maybe she's just being ID.


It's not being in denial.

And we talked about it already.

I confronted her.

And I said… Patchot, we can talk about your feelings.

Would you like that?

Let's talk about it. I thought--

Stop it, Ivan. Are you okay?

I will never have special feelings for you.

I was surprised with what I said.


It's funny, right?

You even laughed at me, right?

Patchot, I laughed because… Because it's weird.

We're almost like siblings.

And… no offense, Ivan, but you're really not my type.

I can see that they're all head over heels for you.

But I'm not like them.

I can't even see why they're falling for you.

What exactly do you see in me?

What do I see in you?

That! Your skinny legs. Look at that.

My legs might be skinny but these are fast, dude.

And when it comes to the knees, her knees are as dark as coal!

And your eye bags are so big.

You look like a traveler with excess baggage.

And these eyes? These sweet pair of eyes, dude.

All it takes is one look and girls instantly fall for me.

-Oh, my gosh. I like you! -Oh, my god, Ivan.

She's got eyes like that of a bee.

A dark-skinned bee!

And then…

-Mm! -[groaning]

The way you smell! My goodness!

Your perfume is stronger than my granddad's.

I would rather wear a lot of perfume than smell like roast.

Oh, come on.

And the real reason I wear a lot of perfume is so when she's with me, the smell would rub off on her.

-[Jake] "Smell"? -She would smell good too.

[both sniff, groan]

-[coughs] -[Nicco] You stink!

And you wear your hair like a K-pop star.

And you believe you have a lot of fans.

"You're so handsome!"

-"A picture, Ivan!" -Stop.

It's true that girls go crazy over my hair.

So unlike Patchot's hair, which is one hot mess.


What are you doing, dude?

[Lavinia] Your conversation with Ivan was intense.

It's like a bad rap battle.

Are you sure that you don't have feelings for him?

Sure. I don't.

[both] So you're not into her?

Uh… Sure.

I'm not into her.

[both] If you don't, then you don't!

[both groan]


So you're just friends?

Mm-hm. Absolutely.

You know, guys,

there are girls who become your girlfriends… And there are girls you only see as your best friend?

That's right.





Best friends.

[tender music playing]



Best Actress in a Slow-Motion Picture.

[Lavinia] You're box office denial queen!

You won!

That's final!

It's obvious Ivan doesn't like me that way.

So please, cut it out.


[Patchot] Auntie Baby?

Oh, looks like she's done setting the table.

Auntie? Your order's here.



Oh. Hi, Auntie.

A good day to you.

I see you've already set the table. You weren't able to wait for me.

Uh, Auntie, let's go outside so you can get some fresh air.

Let's go, okay?

I'm sorry I was a bit late today.

Time flies so fast, right, Auntie?

It's already Uncle Emil's second year death anniversary.

If he were here, I'm sure he'd like the food I brought.

Especially this roasted pig that Dad and I prepared.

I hope… we can rewind life.

[tender music plays]

Right, Auntie?

He was only your best friend before.

But one day, it suddenly went slo-mo.

[Patchot] Unfortunately, for him, you're just his funny best friend, the girl he will never notice.


If only we could rewind everything that happened before it turned complicated.

What's complicated?


What piece of gossip are you telling Auntie Baby, Patchot?

It's nothing.

I was telling Auntie Baby what happened between you and Jen.

You said you don't want to complicate things.

You want it direct to the point.

That's why Jen's heartbroken.

She likes you. She's just playing hard to get.

Sorry, but I don't want someone who's hard to get.

Remember YOLO?

"You Only Live Once."


And JEL. "Just Enjoy Life."

So if you want to do it, do it.


I also don't like SSYDM.

"Saying Something You Don't Mean."

That's very simple. Right, Auntie?

So, Patchot, if you're going to tell stories, ask me first.

Hey, all of my stories are confirmed.

You can even ask your mom.

Look how heartbroken Jen is now.

She's close to having her head shaved.

I think bald suits you, Patchot.

[both scoff]

Why don't you do it instead? It looks better on you.

I don't need to shave my head because I'm not depressed like Jen.

-Really? -Yes.

Cross your heart, hope to die?

Just "Cross my heart!"

Calm down. I don't want to die yet, okay?

I knew it. You're just denying it.

In your face!

I'm so handsome!

Wow! From what angle?

From all angles!

Shit! The wind's getting really strong now.

I think a thunderstorm's coming.


[chuckling] Gross.


Give me the payment. Hurry up. Your debt is piling up.

-All right. I'm going to get it. -Hey, what are you doing?

-Give it! -Try to get it.

-Give it! -Get it first.

Come on. Hey!

[delicate music plays]


Your breath stinks.

[Ivan] No. Auntie Baby's breath does.

She hasn't spoken in a long time.

Here you go.

Drop by the parlor later too, okay?

Have your mustache waxed. [chuckles]


[King] You've been staring at the mirror too long.

-Did something change in your face? -Why wasn't I a boy instead?

That way, I would be okay with having a mustache.

What mustache?

You don't have a mustache.

I have. Look. Here.

Oh, my!

You do have a mustache!

Don't worry, I will teach you how to trim it so it will grow smoothly.



But, Partner, I love you even if you have a mustache.

[Patchot] I love you more even if your eyebrows turn white.

[King] I love you more even if your eyebrows were infested with lice.


[Gwen] Haircut, 100. Mani-pedi, 150.

-[machine whirring] -Hot oil, 250.

100 plus 150 plus 250 equals 500 times 4 equals 2,000.

This parlor loses 2,000 a month every time you make a girl cry.

Mom, it's because you do it for free.

Well, if I didn't do that, you would probably be eating death threats for breakfast.

Don't be like your dad who is a ladies' man, please.

It's a good thing I'm always "hair" for you, son, -to love you and to guide you-- -[loud thudding, whirring]

What's all the ruckus outside?

It looks like they're building a new parlor.

Parlor? Who?


It's a good thing you decided to go out today, Auntie.

You know, last night, Mom scolded me.

I just want to be sure about the girl I'm going to choose.

Because she said there should be a slo-mo moment.

Do you believe in that, Auntie?

Patchot believes in that.

They say that when you've found the one you will love, everything will go in slow-motion.

Do you think it's true, Auntie?

[car door opens]

[romantic music plays]

Auntie! It is true!

The slow-motion is real!

It is real!

Enough with that.

-You said we're late. -What?

Let's go. Hey, come on. We're late.

-Come on. Let's go. -Let's go.

-Let's pick up Angel. -Wait for me.

Come on.

-Let's go. -Surprise!

-Hey! -Hey, it's Angel!

-How are you? -Goodness!

We were about to pick you up.

-So pretty. -You're here.

-Get off her. -You're so big now!

Hi! What happened to your face?

-[Uncle Conde] It's called makeup. -[laughter]

-Where is Patch? -Over there!

-Hi, Patch! -Hi, Angel!

-Uncle, this is for you. -Wow! Thank you, dear.

Thank you for the gifts.

-No problem. -This will fit!

-All those chocolates are yours. -[wailing]

We won't share with Gordo, okay?

-Look. -That's supposed to be mine.

-Give that to me. -This is mine.

-Patchot. This is for you. -You have yours there.


-You like it? -Wow!

-Is that a curtain? -Do you wear that?

This is what you call a dress and that's makeup.

Girls wear this.

-Give it back. -You know, what a waste.

You know, Angel, your cousin doesn't wear dresses.

She doesn't wear makeup.

[Gordo] What else? Oh, chocolates!

[in English] Really, Patch?

Come on, just try it.

[Angel in Tagalog] It looks good. And we'll use the same makeup.

-Really? -You know what she likes?

Those. Rubber shoes.

-Gordo. -[Gordo] Yes?

[King] Give that to Patch. -Here.

We have the same size. You're size 11.

This is what she likes, she plays basketball.

That's why she's so dark.

She's sunburned and is darker because of too much grilling.



-Yes, Uncle? -Your mom said you're going to Manila to visit our relatives in Parañaque.

Yes, Uncle, but I'll be back.

Angel, please excuse my room.

Just tell me if you need anything.

You really like basketball, huh?

Yes. Why? Do you also play?

No, it's not really my thing.

Is my mustache distracting?


You don't have one.

[in English] I was just looking at your face.

My mom says that you look like your dad.

But I think you look like your mom.

I mean, from all the photos I saw, and from when we were kids.

You know what, Patch? I'm so glad to see you again!

Like when we were kids. You used to go to our house in Manila.

[in Tagalog] I remember.

Remember, we always saw who got to sleep first.

So? Let's go?

-Game! -Let's go!

[both giggling]

[both giggle]



You look really sleepy.

Rest for now and we'll chat later.

-Okay. Good mor-night, Patch. -Good mor-night.

[both chuckle]

[gentle music playing]


I'm at the mall right now. I can't sleep.

You know, jet lag.

-Okay. I'll be back later. -[staff] Here, sir.

Okay. Bye.

Okay, this is nice.

It's nice.

-Oops! -[grunts]

Sorry, miss.

[romantic music plays]

I like that shade. It's pretty, right?

It actually suits you.



Auntie, thank you for making me buy makeup.

I saw the girl of my dreams.

It was really an MTV moment. Meant to be!

And you know what? It was even in slo-mo.

I hope I see her again. I really hope I do.

Okay, Auntie. [clears throat] I have to go. We're playing basketball.

And I have to pick up Patchot.

The girl of your dreams is at the roasted pig shop.

What? At the roasted pig shop?

I don't know what Auntie Baby meant when she said the girl of my dreams is at the roasted pig shop.

What is there anyway?

Men and pigs.

A girl lives there, too. Patchot.

[both laugh]

Maybe you had a slo-mo with her, you're just not telling us.

Wait, I'll think about it.

Oh, yes, we had a slo-mo moment.

It was like, all this time, the girl of my dreams has always been there.

Dude, she got me with all her sweet smiles.

-Sir, I'll come back. -Hey, where are you going now?

-Lavinia! -What's wrong with your friend?

-She's trying to get away again. -To think she's a girl.

-Maybe she needs to go to the bathroom. -[all laugh]

Back to the topic.

The two of you are KTB.

What's KTB? Kilig-to-the-bones?

More like creepy-to-the-bones.


This is a different girl from Patchot. Totally different.

He's so different. Because I had my first slo-mo with him.

-[Gordo] Hey, a slo-mo moment. -Really?

A slo-mo?

Well, at first, I didn't believe in those things.

But it really happened, just like what Mom said.

Too bad because I think he's gay.

-Really? -What?

-Oh, it's confirmed. -Why, are you gay?

-Confirmed. -What happened?

I'm not yet sure.

But I don't care because he's super cute.

-[King] Oh, no. -I hope I see him again.

Oh, no.

Angel, if you see him again, don't let him go.

Hi, Uncle King, Uncle Conde!

-Wait. -Why is she always in a rush?

-Lavinia, you're early. -Girl, Ivan is coming.

Yes. We're playing basketball. 10:30, right?

No. Not that!

He said he had a slo-mo with you.

[playful music plays]

What slo-mo?

I think he's in love!



What are you talking about?

I heard it earlier.

He said that the girl he had a slo-mo with is here.

But there's no other girl here but you.


Yes, you.


At Auntie Baby's mansion.




He's here.

Come on. Let's go.

-Wait. -Auntie Baby is right.

You are here.

It really is you.


[in English] It's you.

Excuse me.

[delicate music plays]

[in Tagalog] She's pretty, bro.

Oh, I made a mistake.

Sorry. The slo-mo wasn't with you.

It's your fault. You're too slow.

[Jake, Nicco] Which part of the States are you from?

-From California, LA. -Serve it to them.

[both] Do you speak Bisaya or Tagalog?

Yes, actually, both. My mom taught me.

-[Nicco] Oh, really? -You know it now, right?

We're okay, right?

-Yes, we're good. -We're okay, right?

Wow, the tail. This is delicious.

-Delicious. -Patchot, wait.

Angel, try this. This is good.

This is our favorite. Just try it.

Tastes different but I promise, it's good.

Thank you, but I don't eat pork.

Don't you think pig tails are creepy?


Oh, really? Okay.

Please bear with Ivan. He's just SFT like Patch.

Like Patchot. Both of them.

So picky.

-Excuse me. -Ivan.

This place is too small.

What's SFT?

Strange food trip.

Ivan likes intestines, liver.

[both] But it's delicious.


Eat this instead. This is good.

-Move. -Hey! What is it?


Girl, what's wrong with you? It's just a tail.

-It's so hot. -What?

What I mean is, you'll be the one tailing them on their dates.

You're third wheel now!


Later, let's shoot some hoops after this. Game?

-So, Ivan? -Game!

Ivan, is the salon far from here?

It's close by. I'll come with you if you want.

I'll come with you.

-[Nicco] Me too! -What about basketball?

Let's accompany Angel first. Okay?

[Junalyn] Gwen! Look at this.

-Why? What is it? -Look!

"Your Hair and Me for a Pretty You" by Dolly Vargas!

-[woman] Let's try. -[Barbie] Shampoo and blow-dry.

Hey! Rabbit-faced woman!

Of all the places to put your cheap salon, you decided to put it here? You want another scene?

Oh, you're "hair," Gwen!

-Is that you? -Yes.


My gosh, Gwen, past is past.

I've moved on. Haven't you moved on yourself?

It's been a year since Edward died.

[both] May he rest in peace.

-Hm? -My gosh, Gwen, forget the past.

You have forgiven your husband, right?

Can't you forgive me already?

How can I forgive my husband's mistress?

You think I'm crazy?

Mistress? That hurts.

Well, it's true. You're a family of lunatics.

Like your brother, Baby. Where is he now?

[mocking tone] Baby.

Hey! Don't you dare involve my brother.

Is that understood?

-My gosh! Why are you so mad? -[grunts]

But what happened to Baby? Where is he now?

-Still cutting hair? He's gone. -Right.

-What is he cutting now? -Newspaper.

-[cackling] -Stop it!

-My brother is not crazy! -What is he then?

-He's in the house… resting. -For that long?

-He's conserving energy for… -For what?

For his comeback.

-Is he a celebrity? Comeback? Singer? -Comeback?

Yes. For his comeback.

Because he's joining the hair-and-makeup contest of Bridal Fair Philippines Incorporated this May.

-Hmpf! -See?


-What? -What a coincidence!

-We just registered yesterday. -Yes, yesterday.

And I am sure that we will win.

Do you want to make a bet, former mistress?

What bet, woman who loves pinakbet?

Okay, listen. Whoever wins, stays here.

And whoever loses, should pack up and leave.

-Call? -Call!

-Call! -Call.

Then it's a deal. [scoffs]

[overlapping dialogue]

I don't care. Look at her, she's old.

That's why her husband left her. Her husband left her. Not like me. See?

Hey! How dare you say that!

-My god. -You people… And I say you have a big belly!

[scoffs] And you have big gums!


Hey, that hurts! That thing about my gums hurt.

Let's just fight. Come on!

-Come on! -Come, fight me!

[overlapping taunting]

-You're so fat! -Here, take this!

Take this!

[playful rock music plays]

-Hey! Stop it! -Let me go!

-Patchot! Backup! -Come on!

[screeching sound]

-That hurts! -That hurts!

It makes my blood boil.

It gives me wrinkles!

Give me that.

I'll make that Dolly pay.

I won't lose this bet!

Does it still hurt?

Eh… Not anymore. You're here now.

Stop it.


Wait, I think it's hurting again.

-[Angel chuckles] -Here.

-That hurts. -Does it really hurt?


You'll get used to it.

-It will hurt more. -[Angel] Are you okay now?

Is there anything more painful than what I'm looking at?

[Lavinia] You finally admit that you're hurting.


If Ivan wants to date me, is it okay with you?


Why are you asking me that?

There might be something between you two.

You guys have been best friends for so long.

Others say, when you're best friends, the other one likes you secretly.

That's not true.

He already told me that some girls who become your girlfriend, and girls you see as your best friend.

Who knows? Maybe you're his type.

He always bullies me. I'm not his type.

What about you? Is he your type?


Ivan? Gross! No way.

What about you?

Do you like that lizard-looking dork?

Well, he's a cute lizard.


Wow, are you coming a-courting?

When did you and Patchot start liking each other? There she is.

[shushes] It's actually for your cousin Angel.

There's Patchot.

Ah! Catch.

Doing lover boy act again?

That fast?

Am I handsome?

-Wow. -Oh, gosh!


Ivan! Bro…

-All dressed up. -You look different.

[men chuckling]

Who is it for?

[King] Is it for Patchot?

Hey, Ivan, my partner can't have suitors yet.

Uncle King, he's here for Angel.

[King] Is that so?

-That's good. -Hey, get a grip.

[Ivan] Stop being a pest. I'm nervous.

-There she is. Go. -Stop.

[romantic music plays]

Hi, Angel.

Hi, Ivan.

Uh… For you. I brought flowers.

[Angel] They're beautiful.

Dried mangoes, too.

[Angel] Dried mangoes are my favorite.

Thank you.

Do you want to hang out? Let's go for Cof-cof.


Don't you know what cof-cof is?

It's just coffee.

Oh, coffee. Sure!

Wait a minute. That sounds like a date.

Will your mom allow you?

Yes, Uncle King. My mom already allows me to date.

-My mom's cool, isn't she? -[King] Oh, really?

So I'll just go fix up a bit, okay?


It's none of our business.

-[door opens] -[muffled giggling]


Baby, if we win this contest, with the magic of your hands, Dolly will lose her parlor.

Isn't that great?

Please, Baby. Cut hair again, please.

You're used to contests like these. You always win.

It's time for your comeback.


I agree.


-You'll cut hair again? -Yes.

Oh, Baby! Thank you!


-Mom, stop! You're heavy! -That hurts!

Sorry, Baby.

But only if Patchot is the model.

-Patchot? -Yes.

[both] Why?

Auntie, she will not agree to it because… she only likes basketball.

Baby, are you sure of what you're saying?

I only want Patchot.

Auntie, Uncle King won't allow it either.

How about Angel, Patchot's cousin? We have a second date coming.

Do you want me to ask her instead?

Only Patchot.

All or nothing.

[all cough]

[bells ringing]

Smile, Ivan. You look cute.

-Smile! -[camera clicks]


[exhales, clears throat]

Um… I don't want to waste time.

You know what they say…

-YOLO… You-- -You Only Live Once.

Okay, here.

-LIS. -What's that?

Life Is Short.

So if you like someone, tell them right away.

If not, then don't. Seize the moment.

You know, we have the same WOW.


Words Of Wisdom.

Oh, okay.

We think alike.

That's why we're not animals, nor are we humans.


-We're made for each other. -[giggles] You're so corny.

I prepared for that. I didn't even sleep.


[pop music plays]

[clears throat]


I like you.

[romantic music playing]

[inhales, exhales]




I like you too.


Can you say that again? I didn't hear you. Something passed by… What was it?

[chuckles] I said I like you.

[spluttering] Angel, are we officially dating?




[chuckles] Words of wisdom?



[both chuckle]

Don't worry about your dad, I'll take care of it.

I can make him say yes.

[car door closes]

Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

[whispers] There he is.

Here. Can you take this first?

-King. -Hey, Partner.

-Partner. -You're here.

Gwen, this is your order.

-This is a lot. -What's up?

Who's going to eat all these?

-Auntie. -Jolina.

-Fried pork rinds. -Put these in the kitchen.

-King, you see… -I knew it.

You want another favor, right?

What is it?

King, Baby wants Patchot to be our salon's model for the hair-and-makeup contest this May.

That will make you proud, right?

Maybe Baby saw beauty queen material in her, like her mom.

Baby feels we could win… if Patchot were our model.

I'm sorry, Gwen.

Find someone else to be your model.

Auntie Gwen, why did you pick Patchot?

Is it for the before and after look?

You're really crazy!

-Crazy! -[nervous chuckle]


-King… -You know, those makeup stuff, and hairstyling, isn't something my daughter wants.

-Mm-hm. -Right, Partner?

Hmm… I'm really sorry, Auntie Gwen.

-Have you tasted this? -No.

That's too bad. It's all good.

-This purple yam is delicious. -Hey, Ivan.

Trying to score with my cousin, aren't you?

Patchot, I'm not.

-We're official! -[giggles]

[Ivan] Isn't she a catch?

[bittersweet music plays]

Of course.



[sad chuckle]

[Ivan] Your hands are so soft.

[Patchot] My cousin, Angel, is the pretty one.

She and Ivan are officially dating.

And, Auntie Baby, I think I'm not model material.

I know I'm not beautiful.

And who says you're not beautiful?

Come with me.

Come here.

Is she the one who told you you're not beautiful?

That girl is so insecure.


You remind me so much of your mom.

But you don't look alike.

I know.

That's why I keep wondering why others tell me that I look like Mom.

Your beauty is different from hers.

Yours is somewhere there.

But… It's hidden.

It's like you're hiding it.

Auntie, I've been like this ever since.

Why? Can't you change? Can't you be different?

You've got what it takes, Patchot.

It seems the fight is already over.

I already lost.

Already lost?

The fight hasn't even started yet.

Will your powers have an effect on me?

It will be more effective if we join forces.

So, are you in, or are you out?


-Mm! -Okay!

Don't worry, dear. I'll take care of you.

Oh, my. I'm getting a lot of ideas now.


[both grunting]

[chuckles] Don't worry.

We will unleash the beauty you never thought you had.

["Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat" by Daniel Padilla playing]

-It's just like an ant bite. -How many ants?

[shushes] Don't move. This won't be long.

-Auntie! -This will be fast.

[screams] Oh, god! That hurt!

[photographer] Are you ready? One, two, three.

[camera shutter clicks]

-All right. -Thank you.

-Have a look. -Thank you.

-We're done. Look. -Wow.

So pretty.

Ivan should see it.

But lover boy is busy.

[Ivan grunts]

Did you see that?


Sorry, I was uploading our photos on Facebook.

Go, do it again.


[Angel] Smile.

I've already noticed it.

The color of your face doesn't match that of your neck.

Use this so it won't be hard for me to put makeup on you.

Auntie, can this do wonders for me?

To see is to believe.

-Give me that, then hold this. -What?

You need to use that to target the net when you shoot, okay?

Right. All right?

Ivan, you do know you're just wasting your time.

Sports is not my thing.


Lavinia, take a seat here.

-Why? -Go ahead and sit.

Let's get rid of your mustache.

-What? Don't! -Game!

-Hold her. -Stay still!

-No, stop! -I will!

Go, Ivan!

♪ Go, Ivan! Go, Ivan! Go, go, go, Ivan, go! ♪ Go, Ivan!

[exhales] Never mind.

-Let's go! Let's just take pictures! -Okay!

Something's different about you.

You're getting beautiful.

-Really? -Yes, you're blooming.

Don't be shy about it.

Uh… Hm…

-Thank you. -You're welcome.

[Baby] One line. Chin up.

-[gasps] -Do it slowly.

Walk with confidence. No one's stopping you.

You can even fly if you want, as if you have wings.




-There. -Baby… You're making a difference in this child's life.

She's the one who's changing me.

[chuckles softly]

-Say cheese. -[camera shutter clicks]

[Angel chuckles]

You look good.

-Do I look good? -Of course.

[both chuckle]

-What are you coloring? -You're so cute.

-[chuckles] -Okay.

What's the matter?

[laughs] It's nothing.

-Where? -There's something on your face.

There. No, it's on the other side.

-There. You got it. -Here?

It's gone.

-[chuckles] -[laughs]

What's so funny?

Nothing. [chuckles]

Look, it's really nothing.



Ivan, it's not funny.

-Let me. -No. It's okay.

[bittersweet music plays]

I'm sorry.

I keep forgetting how much of a girl you are.

It's okay.

-Hi, Uncle King. -We're here.

-Behave yourselves, okay? -We will.

-Where's Patchot? -She's here.

-Patchot! Your friends are here. -How are you, dude?

Eh… Coming!

I'm ready.

Wow, new clothes. Did you go shopping?

Dude, I knew there's something different about you.

-[Emil] She looks beautiful. -Did you get a haircut?

[Emil] Oh, come on you.

-Move over. Go there. -[Gordo] Or what?

You won't do anything.

Angel, let me help you.

[romantic music plays]

-Ivan, I'm here. -[gasps]

-[Ivan] Over here. -[Patchot] Come on.

[Jake] Move faster!

Pass it here.

[Angel] Isn't Ivan so cute?

Are there other places to see here?

Why? Want some alone time with Ivan?

[Lavinia] We're having GHOHOO, remember?

Not a date with Ivan.


Group hang-out, hang-out only.

QT with friends. Quality time.

Oh, okay. I get it.

-Hey, dude. -She's hot.


I'm just going to go get a drink.

All right.

Stay on guard. Quick.


-Quick! -Just keep running.

-It's my turn. -Let's just start.

-Pass it! -We're not finished.

Take position, quick.

-[Jake] Faster. Throw it! -[laughing]

[Ivan] Why do you keep aiming at me? It's tiring.

Yes. Why aren't you throwing it at me? I'm in the game.

[in Bisaya] Why will we hit you?

You don't look like you're supposed to be hit.


[in Tagalog] What they should throw at you is a flying kiss.

Hey, girl, look over there. They've been ogling at you.

They've been checking you out.

-Girl, you deserve a hair flip. -Dang, girl, you're gorgeous.

Stop it. Embarrassing.

Yiee! They're still there. Look.

And now they're staring at each other.

-[cheering] -I don't want to play anymore.

Oh, okay.

Great, Ivan.

-Let's just go take pictures by the pool. -[Nicco] Lavinia, run!

Pictures again, Angel?

Please? Before I go to Manila.

-Okay. -Run!

All right. Thank you.

Throw it here!

-Here it comes. -That boy is cute.

And he looks really interested in Patch.

-[Ivan] You call that cute? -[chuckling]

He looks like a monkey.

He's not Patchot's type.

Then what is her type?

I don't know.

But I know it's not that. Look, she's just pretending.

She's actually in a bad mood.

Actually, it looks like he's making her smile.


No, she's not. She's faking her laughter.

That's not her real laugh.

When she laughs, her gums show.

-It's like this. -Ivan, stop it.

Poor Patchot.

I should do something about him.

Ivan, you know what? You're really acting jealous.

Angel, I'm not jealous.

She's my best friend. I'm only being protective.

Hey! [laughing]

[Angel] You know what?

Patch is really lucky to have you as a best friend.

And I'm also lucky because you're my boyfriend.

You're a true winner, Baby!

Imagine, you were able to give Patchot a makeover.

Where there's a will, there's a way.


Oh, my God. Why is it crowded all of a sudden?

Excuse me.

-Except for that toad. -Obviously.

Oh, "hair" there.

Baby, I didn't know you already got discharged.

Are you okay now?

But it looks like you aren't.


You're funny, but I didn't go insane.

Really? Seems like it.

You know, Baby, I won't argue with you anymore.

Let's settle this at the hair-and-makeup competition.

I'm sure your eyes will pop out, and so will your fats when you see my creative reveal.

Wow. Talking like she doesn't have her gums sticking out.


That was harsh, Gwen.

If I were you, I would close down, since you'll lose anyway.

Start thinking of doing home service instead.

Funeral services are also okay, because I'm sure my friend Barbie will take you down.

[in English] Right, Barbie?

Right, madam.

Excuse me.

I may have been out of the loop for these last two years, but it doesn't diminish my undeniable talent, -my unwavering commitment to excellence, -What did she say? and my God-given beauty.

And FYI, you're just a beautician.

-I am an artist. -What?

-[in Tagalog] What did she say? -There's blood.

Madam, nosebleed!

-Oh, no, madam. -Relax. I got this.



-Let's go, sisters. -[laughter]

-Bye! -Bye!

How's Manila?

[Angel] It's okay. We'll be going to Tagaytay.

I'm really excited, but I miss Ivan so much.

Hey, Patch, take care of my boyfriend, all right?

Keep him away from other girls.

-What? -[Angel] You know what I mean.

Patch, we'll be leaving now. Bye.



Hey. What are you doing here?

So this is what you're up to.

How are you doing, Patchot?

Wow! I should be the one asking. You haven't been here lately.

You're always MIA, and you just showed up yesterday.

Me? MIA? Are you sure?

You're the one Missing In Action.

I keep inviting you to go out with me and Angel but you won't.

Is that okay with you?

Of course… not.

[clicks tongue] But do you know what I miss?

-Basketball! -[grunting]

Because Angel isn't really into sports.

How's your new look doing?

You noticed?

I think it's because I have eyes.

-Mmm. -[chuckles]

Patchot, can we play basketball?

Please! Let's play.

Later or tomorrow?

-How about now? -Sure. Let's go.

-Really? Let's go. -Game!

-One minute. I'll finish this first. -You won't be playing basketball.

You'll be dancing instead.


[Gwen] Baby has already thought of her grand presentation.

We'll reveal Patchot as a beautiful bride, -and then she'll walk gracefully -What?

-along the aisle. -I don't know.

-Beautiful. -What?

A romantic dance of the bride and groom!


[Baby] Patchot, meet your groom, Ivan.

Ivan, this is Patchot, your bride.


-What? -Yes.

[upbeat music]


[Ivan whooping]

[Patchot chuckles]


[Patchot chuckles]


[Patchot] Let's dance!

I think we have a problem.

-[Patchot grunting] -[Ivan chuckling]


[Patchot grunting]

Wait! What are you doing?

Take it seriously. Follow my lead.

Place your hand here. And put yours on her waist.

Then put it here, like this.

Hold him. There.

Then clasp your hands together. Come on, don't be shy.

I want the look of love. That's what I want. Go on.

There's nothing to worry about.

Dancing just takes teamwork.

Don't you always say "catch" to each other?

Now's the time to do that.

Catch. Go. Do the waltz.

["Di Ko Inakala" by Juris Fernandez playing]


[Patchot] Hey! Put me down.

Hey! [laughs]

I'm good at dancing, aren't I?


After her makeover of 45 minutes, Patchot will take on the runway to dance and do her reveal.

[Baby] Mh-hm.

[Gwen] After doing that, she'll go back to her position so the judges can take a look up close and personal, at Baby's masterpiece.

And also to give her high card points.

-Winner! -[Baby chuckles]

[Gwen] It's good you found a model you could practice on while the two are busy rehearsing.

[Baby] Yes. See… C-R-A-Z-Y! This is crazy! Who is this girl, Auntie Baby?

You're overreacting. That's you!

I'm so beautiful.

Makeup, 35 percent.

Hairstyle, 35 percent.

Total look, 20 percent.

Creative reveal?

Ten percent!

May it be dance, acting or modeling, anything, for a total of 100 percent!

So, Auntie Baby, have you achieved your desired look for Patchot?

Actually, not yet.

Something looks a little bushy.

What? Um… Oh, Auntie, I remember, we have a basketball game today.

See you later!

Wait up!

-Goodbye! -Why did she scamper away?

I don't know.

I was just going to pluck her eyebrows.

It's a bit bushy.

Wow, thank you. You're so sweet-- Oh, gosh.

-Sit down, Patchot. -What?

-He told you to sit down, girl. -Have a drink.

You need this. I know you're tired.


You go, girl!

Wow, that's so sweet.

I know you like it. [chuckles]

Hey, are we still going to play?

-Oh, right. -Yes. Let's go!

-Let's go, Best! Game! -[Jake] Try to steal the ball from me.

[Nicco] Come on. Try.

Hey, Best! Let's go! It's game time!

[romantic music plays]

-[Jake, Nicco] Shoot! -Hey!



-[grunting] -[Nicco] Dude, sorry!


Ivan, what happened? Why didn't you see the ball?


I love you.

I love you, too.


Why are you here, Angel?

I came back earlier than expected because I missed you already.

Didn't you miss me?


[Ivan] Well… Of course.

Guys, can Ivan rest for a while?

Okay, sure. Go rest first.

-Thank you. -[Jake] Let's play.

-Let's go, girl. -Does it still hurt?

The girlfriend's there already.

RYP. Remember Your Place, and keep a straight face.

[Angel] Does your head hurt?

-So what now? Are you a martyr now? -I really missed you.

That's not being a martyr.

That's stupidity! You're acting stupid!

My goodness.

Let's go!

[Jake] My ball!

Let's go. I'm tired.

-[Jake, Nicco] Bye. -[Angel] Bye, guys.

-Let's go. You might get emotional. -[Ivan] Take care, guys.

Let's go home.

I'll wait for Angel.

-Aren't you going home? -[Nicco] We'll go now.

Angel, let's go home together.

Actually, Patch, Ivan and I just want to hang out.

We didn't get to talk that much when I was in Manila.

[Ivan] Sorry, Angel. We're busy rehearsing.

[Patchot] Yes, for the bridal fair.

Auntie Baby joined the contest. We're really sorry.

No problem. I'm just glad to be back.

I'll see you when you get home.

-Okay, take care. -Patchot! Patchot! Uh… Join us.

Ivan, I thought we were going to spend our own quality time, not GHOHOO.

-Hm. -Hmm… Okay, we better get going.


[in English] Ivan, are you okay?

Are we okay?

[in Tagalog] Yes.

Of course.

Let's go.

Hey, Partner.

I didn't see you there.

I thought you were with your friends?


I'm sorry if I keep going out with Lavinia.

We're just taking advantage of the summer break.

That's okay, Partner.

I've been there. I know that.

But, Partner, you need to come to our catering on Saturday, okay?

At the convention center.

To that bridal fair contest.


I thought you didn't accept that offer?

Partner, they had a problem with the Sinulog Lechon.

They talked to me.

I accepted it anyway because we can earn a lot of money.

Reserve that day, okay?

I need you there.

Wait, where's Angel?

Is she at home or is she out with Ivan again?

They have a date.

Hey, Patchot.

No boyfriends for you yet, okay?

It's a good thing no one's trying to court you yet.

With this face?

No one will dare.

And no one would ever even try.

Because I'll never change.

I'll go to the bathroom.

[both] Is there a problem?

[both] What is it?

[both] Catch.


[clears throat]

Fine, ladies first.

What's the problem?



Well… nothing.

What's my girl best friend's problem?



Do you have a problem with that?


Hmm, I'm just not used to it.

We will do the catering in the hair-and-makeup competition.

Dad accepted the offer.

So what are we going to do now?

Your dad will see you there.

Exactly. That's my problem.

I don't like to leave Auntie Baby hanging.

And Auntie Gwen as well.

I also don't like to hurt my dad.

Isn't it funny?

Before, I didn't like these things.

Beauty stuff.

It's not for me.

But now, I'm realizing that it's okay.

It's okay to change.

[delicate music plays]

It's like… people can now see you.

That you look good.

People would call you "girl."


Or "princess."

But… Why does it seem so hard?

Like it's forbidden?


Let's rehearse again.

What if--

[Ivan shushes]

Let's not think about it now, okay?

["Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss II playing]

Do you feel better now?

Even though I'm not okay, even though there are a lot of things not okay, everything will be okay,

because you're still there.

Thank you.

[romantic music playing]

What's your problem again?


When we played basketball the other day,

something happened to me.

[Angel] Ivan? Patch?

[music stops]

[gate rattles]

-Angel, let me explain. -What are you going to explain?

That I'm stupid enough to sense that you and Ivan have something more than just being best friends?

Why are you mad, Angel?

Because you feel I'm stealing Ivan from you?

He was my best friend before he became your boyfriend.

Yes, you're right! But you're just a best friend!

I know, I'm just his best friend.

I'm doing this to help with Auntie Gwen's problem.

I'm doing this for my best friend.

Oh, come on, Patch!

Is that really the reason why you joined that hair-and-makeup contest?

To make yourself beautiful?

This is all for him, right?


Because you want him to see you differently?


So that all of you can see the real me.


Apparently, there are things I don't know about you, Partner.

You're fighting with your cousin because of Ivan.

And now you're joining a beauty contest?

You disobeyed me?

Dad, it's not a beauty contest.

-It's a hair-and-makeup contest. -Same thing!

You know I don't like that kind of stuff.

What do you like then?

For me to stay in this business with you forever?

Why, Patchot?

What do you want to happen with your life?

To follow the footsteps of your mom?

Dad, I'm different from her.

We're not the same.

Not yet for now.

But I'm not like her.

And please, trust me that I will never be like her.

Then why do you need to join that contest?

For a change, Dad.

So I could experience life outside of this.

One of the boys, always sunburned, exposed to smoke.

I want to feel like a girl sometimes.

Why? We treat you like a girl, don't we?

-You're our princess. -Princess of what?

Princess of the roasted pork shop?

[gentle music plays]

So that's it?

You're not happy with your life now?

I thought you were my partner.

That's just it, Dad.

I'm always your partner but not your daughter.

Because you never asked me what I want in life.

What are you saying?

You're forced to be who and what you are now?

Is that it?

That's not what I meant.

Have you ever thought that I want to try wearing a dress sometimes?

That maybe I want others to see me as a girl with no beard?

That sometimes I want to be told that I'm beautiful.

Sometimes, I feel like because of your fear that I might be like my mother, you steer me away from the things that I could become.

I know you were hurt when Mom left us.

I understand you, why you don't want to talk about her or even mention her name.

But, Dad, I was hurt, too.

[gentle music soars]

I'm really sorry, Auntie.

You just wasted your effort on me.

There are others out there more beautiful than I am.

And I'm sure if you keep me, Auntie Gwen would lose to Miss Dolly.

Why does it feel like I failed with my plans?

Do you know why I chose you to be my model?

Do you remember the death anniversary of Emil?

You said that you are the girl who will never be seen.

Is that why you made me look beautiful?

No, Patchot.

No one ever sees you because you keep yourself hidden.

If you think you're unattractive, you're wrong.

I didn't let you join the contest to look attractive.

I let you join the contest for you to see and for you to feel that you are beautiful and worthy.

Come here.

Sit down.

[delicate music plays]


This is beautiful.

But it's not my eyes nor your father's eyes or even Ivan's who will make you realize that.

Just your own eyes.


[Patchot] This is for you.

I already backed out from the contest.

Dad found out about it.

I already talked with Auntie Baby.

I asked her to replace me with you.

I'll just go outside.

[footsteps leaving]

["Blue Danube" waltz resumes]

These last-minute changes are stressing me out!

They need to perfect the routine by tomorrow.

You know that I still need to beat Dolly.

Will you just shut up, Gwen, or you'll get it from me.

[romantic music plays]

What are you doing?

I'm doing slo-mo.


The slo-mo moment.

I just thought that if you see me in slo-mo, everything will go back to the way they were.

Angel, you don't need to do that.


Maybe we'll get a slo-mo tomorrow.

[Ivan] Patchot, answer me.

Patchot! Patchot!

Until when will you ignore me?

Patchot, let's talk.

You won't even answer my--

-[grunting] -[gasping]

What the heck?

Why did you do that?

I did it just in case you have something to say again.

What do you want me to say?


The truth.

The truth about how you really feel.

You said "I love you," right?

It's true, isn't it?

It's true, right?

Yes, I like you.

Yes, I've loved you since then.

Are you happy now?


Because you took it back.

Because you made fun of me.


If I didn't do that, would you say that you love me too?



It's possible.



"It's possible?"

But with Angel, you would say yes right away.

With Angel, you would say "I love you" instantly.

Why is it so easy for you to say that you love her?

Is it because she's beautiful? Is that it?

Do you think I only fell in love with her looks?

Is that how you see me, Patchot?

Whatever, you know, but that's the truth.

Our eyes are the first that fall in love.

You never saw me even when I'm the one by your side.

Even when I'm the one who's with you every day.

You only saw my cousin once.

You liked her instantly even if you didn't know her.

So yes, I admit… I got jealous.

I got insecure, I got hurt.

Because I'm just your friend.

Because I'm not the girl for slo-mos.

Because my best friend whom I love can't love me back.

Patchot, I love you, too.

You do?

But you love Angel, too, right?

And she loves you, too.

I don't want to hurt my cousin.

And I know you don't want to hurt her too.

[tender romantic music plays]

This is it!

Finally, I will beat Dolly!

Hm! I'll still have the last laugh!


You'll really have the last laugh, Mom.

Because Dad chose you, right?

It wasn't that easy.

In the first place, your dad shouldn't have fallen for that rabbit-faced girl.

Son, if a person is truly in love, it should be with one person only, get it?

How will you know if you already love someone?

Hold that thought. Let me refill this first.

Baby, please answer him. I don't know what to say.


You asked me before if I believe in slo-mo, right?

I don't believe in it.

I believe in fast-forward more.

When you have found the one, time flies so fast.

Everything will go fast-forward.

Then you will see your future.

That's what happened to me, to your Uncle Emil.

During that time, it was MBL.


Must Be Love!

Didn't you say YOLO before?

You Only Live Once.

That's why if you have found the one, hold on to her.

I love you even if you're frowning.

I love you even if you keep ignoring me.

Can I get an answer?

[engine sputtering]

What now?


The car overheated again.

I can do this!

[King sighs]

You know what I can't take?

That you would totally avoid me because I'm crazy.

Your daddy-partner is crazy.

It's your mom's fault because she left me.

Had I known that before, as she was doing the slo-mo, I would've fast-forwarded.

Why didn't you look for her?

I did, Partner.

And I saw her.

I wanted her back.

I did everything to win her back.

But nothing happened.

She wants to be a model in Japan.

She asked me not to bother her.

No one knew she had a child.

If you found out that your mother rejected you, you would be hurt even more.

Do you know why I raised you that way, like one of the boys?

Because that was easier for me.

I was scared.

I was afraid I wouldn't be a good father to you.

I'm scared you might turn out like your mother.

That you might leave me too.

I'm sorry, my dear.

[gentle music plays]

I know I became selfish in raising you.

[King] This suits you more.

You look like your mother.

-Okay. -Give them the food.

-Bridal fair… -Thank you.

[Gordo] I'll just go get the sauce.

-Here, Dad. -Okay. Here's your food.

-Hey, come on! -What?

Be careful!

What's wrong with you?

[Patchot] Maybe later.

[upbeat dance music playing]

[female host] Are you guys ready?

[male host] Let us also thank our dear sponsors for providing us…


[female host] And now let us call the participants…

-Man, where's mine? -Coming--


Hands up!

[both] And let the magic begin!

[upbeat music playing]

-[wincing] -Oh, I'm sorry!

[hosts] Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

-[buzzer] -[female host] Hands up!

Models, please go to the backstage and get ready for your creative reveals.


Angel, we need to talk.


I'm sorry, Angel.

I don't mean to hurt you.

I love you.

But I love Patchot more.


[tender, dramatic music plays]



Thank you for being honest with me.


I have to do something.

[female host] Model number three is from Bacolod City.

Styled by Danilou Dela Cruz of Danilou Salon.


[male host] Model number four is from Cebu City.

Styled by Barbie de Leon of Your Hair and Me for a Pretty You Salon by Danny Vargas.


-Angel? -Oh, Angel.

[Gordo] Why aren't you on stage?

I need to talk to you.

Angel, why are you here?

[female host] Ladies and gentlemen, you just saw our first batch of models.

We will have a short break and we'll continue with the next batch of models after a couple of minutes.

What about the pageant?

Patch, I'm not for Ivan.

And I'm not for this competition either.

You should be there.


It's okay.

I'm okay.

[gentle music playing]

Uncle King, is it okay?

Patricia, my dear, do what your heart desires.

[gentle music swells]


It's almost our turn and Angel's nowhere to be found.

[male host] Model number 6

-is from Olongapo City. -I heard your model is MIA.

Oh, that's hair-rible.

[tongue clicking]

Excuse me.

-Auntie. -Oh, Angel.

Why are you dressed like that? Why did you change?

Auntie, we have a new model.

But don't worry, she's naturally beautiful.

Aunt Baby won't have any difficulty fixing her up.

-[gasping] -Hey!

I'm sorry.


Are you okay?

Yes, I'm okay.

Okay, bye.

[upbeat music playing]

[male host] Model number eight comes from Cebu as well.

Styled by, yes, it is! I heard he is back.

None other than Baby Martinez!



[spirited, gentle music soaring]

You know what, Patchot?

I didn't see the slow-motion moment in you.

But fast-forward, that's what I saw.

[Ivan] Us getting married.

Patchot, I love you.

I'm sorry if I didn't see it right away.

I only saw the truth just now.

That you, -my best friend, -Yes.

are also my dream girl.

And I hope…

I'm your fast-forward, too.

["Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat" by Sam Milby playing]

[Patchot] Even though we didn't win the contest, my love saw my worth.

Slow-motion or fast-forward, that's not important.

It's not really about the slow-motion or fast-forward, because true love can't be seen through other people's eyes in how they see us.

-True love -Hey! comes from how we love ourselves.

Because if you love yourself, the person you love will see that, too.

[song continues]

["Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat" by Daniel Padilla playing]

["Nagkakulay Ang Mundo" playing]