My Dream Is Yours (1949) Script

This is the mighty Pacific, its breakers coming to rest at last on the beaches of Southern California.

To this unspoiled paradise came the great explorers.

Kings and conquerors fought nature and themselves, for a share of the treasures of this earth.

The great American empire moved steadily west... man learned of the riches to be found here.

A great city grew up as the land and sea gave up its riches to the newcomers.

And when the earth could give no more. new kingdoms were carved out of air.

Yes, friends, if you want krillfit that will frenistran...

...if you want copelic with neo-doliver. then try Hick shampoo.

For hair that will grindle, for hair that will gladill and mond...

...and give beautiful fillestran, get the large economy si2e.

Yes, only Humperdinick's magnetic shaving cream...

...contains atom francid muttletree. the muttletree that makes any...

New heroes and new idols were established for the people to worship.

Not soldiers, explorers or politicians. these were conquerors of a new variety.

Why wear a frown All over town?

Love finds a way To make your daydream smile at you And skies of gray Won't stay that way When you're in love, the skies above Seem clear and blue Do I love you? You hnow I do That's why I still desire to thrill you Through and through I always will I will until Love finds a way to make you say You love me too Why wear a frown All over town?

Hutch looks a little jumpy. Aren't we all?

Gary Mitchell doesn't sign. we _ose The Hour of Enchantment.

Relax. I'll take care of it. Gary will do anything I say.

Well, say "sign" for heaven's sakes.

Hutch can't sleep. the agency's in an uproar...

...and you're acting like the leader of a suicide squadron.

Get the contract to him and get him to sign.

Right after the show.

Seem clear and blue Do I love you? You hnow I do That's why I still desire to thrill you He's not in very good voice today. is he, Mr. Hofer?

I like it. It's beautiful. Soft as an ángel's voice.

What's the matter with you, Mr. Hutchins? Are you perhaps tone-deaf?

Don't you know an ángel's voice when you hear one?

To mahe you say You love me too

Love finds a way

Well, you know. his Hooper rating is down.

Don't bother me with technicalities. Let Hooper worry about his own rating.

Besides, all my products are selling like-


Hotcakes. That's right, hotcakes.

Exactly like hotcakes. I will tell you why.

Because the hotcakes...

Why are you bothering me about hotcakes all of a sudden?

What has hotcakes got to do with-? Now, don't get excited.

Don't get excited. I am not excited.

Am I excited, Mama? Yes, you are, Felix.

All I want from you, Mr. Hutchins... Gary Mitchell's contract for the next fall signed, sold and delivered.

Well, here I go.

Call me when he signs and we'll celebrate or something.

All right, kids. Break it up, break it up, break it up.

After all, he's only a man. How dare you?

Excuse us, will you, for now? Thank you, thank you very much.

Those kids are murder, aren't they? They're annoying at times.

But don't forget, they made you.

Of course. I did a pretty good job of building you up myself.

Yes, sir, a lot of water's gone under the bridge, Gary.

We've come a long way.

When we started, the crowds we drew were bill collectors and process servers.

That was a stopover on our way up.

Sometimes it seemed like it was the end of the line.

Remember the night we met? You were singing up the Hudson...

...with a five-piece outfit. getting paid off a meal ticket a week.

Yes, sir, we've really come a long way together.

We'll put it in our memoirs. Remember when we auditioned for Hofer?

We tossed a coin to see if our last t5 went for dinner or a new tie.

I sat up all night settling the contract. What a contract.

It was a start, and now I've got a new deal with The Hour of Enchantment...

...that's as good as any contract ever written.

Congratulations. Five straight years.

Top money, choice of program. Five straight years.

Five years? Yes, sir.

Tied hand and foot to an illiterate old windbag like Hofer for five years?

I'm surprised at you, Doug.

Look, this is a great contract. I fought pretty hard to get this.

Yeah, well, I imagine so. It's a great spot for you.

You just sit back for five years and pick up big commissions.

That's not my idea of a contract. But this is.

You mean you made a new deal? Yep.

On your own, without me? New sponsor, new agency, starting fresh.

I don't need anybody to front for me. They come to me now.

Now, but when you were broke. they didn't pay your bills and back rent... clothes for you, tell how to wear them, give you a place to live.

Take it easy, I'll never forget what you've done for me.

I'm taking you with me on my new job. You can be my secretary or something.

How's your shorthand? It's in pretty good shape.

Wait a minute. I'm just kidding about shorthand.

We can work out a deal. I have a deal with Hutch, remember?

Hutch? Well, he won't want you without me.

The only reason you've been there as long as you have is because of me.

Oh, really? Thanks.

You know something?

I'm gonna get myself a new Gary Mitchell.

Yeah? Where?

Oh, I'll look under a stone or down a sewer.

This is what you need. This'll pick you up.

No, thanks, Vi. Come on, now, drink it.

It's strong, hot and black. Yeah, black like my future.

You say that after every program. Drink it, you'll feel better.

We've been through much worse than this.

You're a good influence on me, Vi. I'd be lost without you.

Why, Mr. Hutchins, you'll turn my girlish head with your flattery.

Feeling better?

Some. It's just that Hofer's riding me for Gary's contract.

That crooner turns on me, the account gets shaky and the jitters move in.

Now, now. You know something?

I don't belong in radio.

When I was in college. my ambition was to be a country doctor...

.., with a horse and buggy- Little white house.

With green shutters. Yeah.

I wind up in this pressure cooker with my nerves shot!

Slip into your cap and gown and we'll make believe you're at Yale.

Don't joke about something sacred, Yale. You don't know what that means to me.

Another touchdown for the home team.

Well, well? Well, there's your contract.

My hero. Unsigned. He walked out on us.

What? He signed with another sponsor.

No, you're kidding. That's it, you're kidding.

I like a joke, but not at a time like this. It's true, but it doesn't mean a thing.

I'll go to New York and be back with a new star.

Hofer doesn't want a new star. He wants Gary Mitchell.

And you let him get away. It's treason. high treason, you Benedict Arnold.

What could I do? I didn't dream Gary could turn out to be a rat, but I can fix that.

A trip east. I'll come back with somebody Hofer will like.

Hofer likes Gary Mitchell. So does Mrs. Hofer. And so do I.

Well, I don't. That half-baked ham. Now, look, look.

Here's the scheme. Go back. Whatever he's getting, we'll top it.

We'll package the show and give him ownership.

You would bargain with that double-crosser?

I'd bargain with Jack the Ripper. And get the best of him.

I'm not just thinking about myself or my pride or my feelings.

But look at this office. Think of the overhead!

Let's face it. We've got to have Gary.

Give me a chance to find somebody new. I'll take the plane.

No. If you want to show up Gary. that's your business...

...but you'll not do it on my time. nor at my expense.

I'll do it on my own. I quit. You're fired.

Don't be a hot-headed mule. I know what I'm doing.

Wait a minute. Here, lower your blood pressure.

Think beautiful thoughts. I'll be right back.

Hey, Doug, wait a minute. Oh, he sent you after me, huh?

To plead with me not to quit, eh? Well, no, not exactly.

What are you gonna do now? Just what I told lamebrain I'd do.

I'm gonna hop on that plane and fly-

What's the matter? Have a forced landing on the plane?

I haven't got an expense account.

When you go into business. it's customary to use your own money.

Oh, I'll use my own dough, Vi. don't worry about that, it's-

Vi, it's gonna be awful lonesome. being all alone in a big business.

No. A man needs a partner for a thing like this.

A partner with how much money? It's an investment.

Get me a reservation. meet me at the plane.

Besides, it won't be only my business now. it'll be your business too.

Somehow, I always knew he'd be giving me the business.

Are the stars out tonight?

I don't know if it's cloudy or bright Cause I only have eyes for you, dear Jeepers, creepers Where'd ya get those peepers?

Jeepers, creepers Where'd ya get those eyes?

Hi, Blake, where you been hiding?

Hi, Hilliard. Hello, Doug.

Lloyd, how are you? What'll it be?

Bourbon over rocks. Bourbon over rocks.

Looking for something tot The Hour of Enchantment?

What have you got? A great little singer.

Dynamite on looks and talent. Polly Ann Sergeant.

Why not Betsy Ross or Molly Pitcher?

Polly Ann's been around, all right. Been around?

She was in radio ahead of Marconi.

No. I want a new star. Something fresh and exciting.

Somebody with a sock personality that'll sweep people off their feet.

Sorry. I can't fill that order.

If I could. I wouldn't be hanging around in here.

Miracles, he wants. Okay, Hilliard. I'll see you around.

In the radio racket? I was.

Network or agency? Both.

And looking for talent?

You sound like you're selling a quiz program.

He's a stranger in town. I will be.

Say, Blake, I've got an idea.

How about Skinny Lambert? He's available now.

When has he not been available?

It's the Green Room.

The signal? I've got a bite.

Oh, gee. Number, please?

Fonestran on the revelrun. copasetic you.

I think "Canadian Capers" is just wonderful.

How about it? Okay. Kick me if you see sourpuss coming.

Now, be careful. You know he warned you the last time.

Number, please?

I heard you call for an all-star band It's something new for the music stand It's on the way, but before we start A- cuttin' capers around your heart You're gonna cheer When you hear this band There's never been a better crew What a style. What freshness, huh? Who?

Oh, the voice. Terrific.

You betcha. Great.

With Mister Krupa or with Frankie Carle You'll never dig a list of bigger names A- cuttin' capers with Harry James With Benny Goodman and his clarinet And Tommy Dorsey in it too Alvino Rey will star A walkin', talkin' steel guitar A- cuttin' capers just for you I didn't know "Canadian Capers" had lyrics.

It didn't, but it has now.

Yeah, well, who did the singing? Who made the record?

It isn't a record. It's me, listen.

Listen to that tenor saxophone Mever heard it played with such a tone And when you get that lic'rish stick Out in the woodshed, son Why, it's Papa Benny Goodman And he's showin' you quich How the proper lic'rish stichin's done Listen to that fiddle player Slap, slap, slap Boy, he plays it He really lays it in your lap, lap, lap Say, I'll bet before they're through You'll be cuttin' capers too

Bet you've never heard a better band Fresh, ain't it? Kind of new and exciting, ain't it?

Not this side of dear old Dixieland Great.

If you could hear them every day They'd send you to the shy No one's ever been the same That's heard them play

'Cause they're iust a bunch Of real gone guys Listen to that boogie-woogie Style, style, style What's the name of that-? Metropolis Music Company.

Circle 6-1010.

In the aisle, aisle, aisle Say, I'll bet before they're through You'll be cuttin', cuttin' Cuttin' capers too

Metropolis Music.

No, no, my friend. What you're listening to is a record.

But I tell you, such a thing couldn't happen.

It's absolutely against the rules.

Oh, thank you for calling.

Say, I'll bet before they're through You'll be cuttin' capers too

Cuttin' capers 'cause I'm out with you Mothin' else that I'm about to do My heart begins to flutter like a dove I even stutter I guess it's love I'm cuttin' capers so you'll notice me He's coming. When we're together, can't you see I'm only blowin' off A- talkin' big, a-showin' off A- cuttin' capers 'cause it's true Baby. I'm in love He's coming.

Baby. I'm in love with Baby, I'm in loye with you!

Cab will get you there in five minutes.

Thanks. No, it's on the house.

Why? Oh, just from one music lover to another.

Taxi! Hold him, please.

Okay, lady, he's free. Thanks.

115 East 52nd Street.

Yes? Hello.

Where's the girl I phoned about who was singing?

Oh, thanks for calling. I'm sorry that happened.

If you'll leave your name and address, your dime will be refunded.

Who cares about the dime? Where's the girl?

She been discharged. She's gone.

She's gone? Where to? Could I have her name and address, please?

We cannot give out that information.

This is a music company. not a lonely hearts club.

All right, stool pigeon. Just a minute.

Yeah? What about your dime?

You can take my dime and play yourself a record.

It was him, getting himself a phosphate.

Hi. Hi.

Where's the man who asked me to sing?

Didn't he get there? Not before sourpuss fired me.

Fired you?

Do you really think he was a talent scout?

Well, he said he was. Otherwise. I wouldn't have tipped you off.

You think he went there looking for me? He started for it, honey.

Oh, great. What are we playing, hide and seek?

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold on. He must still be there.

Well, wherever he is. I'm gonna find him. Now, don't-

Taxi! Hold it!

Okay, lady, he's free. Thanks.

Metropolis Music Company. West 49th Street, and please hurry.

Okay, lady.

Hey. Hey, you in the taxi! Wait, wait!

Are you the girl who sang with the record?


Are you the party? What kind of a party-?

Okay, baby, you're in. In where?

Back to the Green Room, and hurry.

Baby, what I couldn't do With plenty of money and you Hello?

Ready with your call to Hollywood.

In spite of the worry that money brings Hello. Vi?

I had to make the call collect. I haven't got any change.

Are they putting floor shows in them now?

Mo, no, that's our new star. Listen.

He sounds sort of girlish. Well, he is a gi- I mean, she is a girl.

Well, I hope you'll be very happy together. Now. Vi, this is business.

Our business, remember? You gotta set up an audition with Hofer.

Hutch wasn't too happy about your walking out on him.

I don't know. Vi, please, don't let me down now.

I'll be in Hollywood as soon as you send me the money.

Listen, chum. that last touch just about broke me.

Vi, you're making a gilt-edged investment.

This is the answer to a sponsor's prayer. Hofer will snap at her.

Have you? No, of course. I haven't snapped at her.

This is business.

It's the root of all evil Of strife and upheaval But I'm certain, honey That life could be sunny With plenty of money and you

Flight 17 now loading at Gate 11. Flight 17 now loading at Gate 11.

Mommy. Mommy.

Mommy. Mommy.

What's the matter, junior? Lose your mom? Yes, mister.

I'm looking for somebody myself. Are you?

Yeah. Let's hunt together.

There's one thing you might learn about women.

They don't show up on time or where they're supposed to be.

Well, there's mine, anyway. Now all we gotta do is find yours.

Mommy. No, that's mine.

I mean, the girl I'm waiting for.

Mommy. Mommy.

Didn't I tell you to wait at the baggage counter?

I did. Mommy, but- Why didn't you-?

You're Mommy? Yes. Mr. Blake.

But you didn't tell me. But you didn't ask me.

Oh, not me. I'm her uncle.

Wait a minute. You wanna take this kid along?

Oh, he won't be in the way. Mr. Blake. He's a good little boy. Aren't you, darling?

He even dresses himself in the morning, don't you?


Even if he cooks and does the laundry. he can't come.

There's nothing personal. He's a great kid. We struck up a lifelong friendship.

It's just that he'll be better off here until I get you set.

Just what I told her. That's unfair to him.

Whole thing is for him. if you look at it that way.

Leave him a couple of weeks. then bring him.

Now you're a big success. He's got a French governess, toys.

You can enroll him at Harvard. In a few years, of course.

Don't you see this is the best thing to do?

Charlie, you know all about show business. Tell her.

I've been telling her since last night. but she won't listen.

Passengers Gibson and Blahe, please board the plane immediately.

Oh. Mommy, the airplane.

We aren't going. Not this time, darling.

Oh. Mommy.

Well, that was nice while it lasted. Goodbye. Mr. Blake.

Wait a minute. You're going on that plane.

No. I'm not. Uncle Charlie. Yes, you are.

I raised you and I can take care of him till you're ready to send for us.

This is your big break.

This is why I've framed talent scouts to listen to the jukebox.

Look, darling, you've just gotta go. Don't you see?

Yes. Bye, darling. Kiss me.

Mommy. I wanna go with you. I know, sweetheart. I promised you.

And you will get that airplane ride real soon.

Kiss me again. Give me a hug.

Bye. Get going, will you?

If we don't, we'll stand on the running board to Hollywood.

So long. Freddie.



Come on, you big softie.

Flight 22 leaving at Gate 4. This is the last call.


Now, there's nothing to be nervous about. Oh. I'm all fluttery inside.

How do I look on the outside? You look great.

Are the seams of my stockings straight? Yeah.

Sorry we had to shop in such a hurry.

I only hope I have the chance to pay you back.

Don't worry. There's plenty more where that came from.

You just take it easy and let me handle this.

My dream is yours My dream is yours alone It's all I own My dream is yours I'm through with spending...

Gary Mitchell. He's just warming them up for you.

I go on after him? Go on and stay on.

You'll be a big star when Gary's just a town in Indiana. Come on.

And when I dream it over I'm in clover And everything is fine My dream is yours It isn't much to give But while I live My dream is yours Hi, partner. You were swell. Vi. Thanks for everything.

We can sit back and clip coupons.

Yeah? I almost lost my job trying to persuade Hutch to set up this audition.

He'll apologize on bended knee. Wait till he hears our gold mine sing.

I hope she pans out, pardon the pun.

My dream is yours Because it's yours and mine Get that guy out of here.

You're just a pause for station identification to me.

Stick around and you'll hear some real singing.

My dream is yours My dream is yours alone It's all I own My dream is yours I'm through with spending time Pretending I'm a rover And when I dream it over I'm in clover And everything is fine My dream is yours It isn't much to give But while I live My dream is yours So, darling, may I say, "I love you"

Till the theme of every dream begins to shine?

You like him?

You are like my wife, a regular hope-cat.

A what? Oh, you mean hepcat.

Hep, hip, hope. Who knows from such things?

Miss Gibson. they're ready for you on-stage.

That's me. I'm auditioning for Mr. Hofer's show.

Wish me luck. I will cross for you my tiptoes.


You're on. Go out there and rock the joint.

Oh, good morning. Mr. Hofer.

How do you do. Ms. Gibson? I'm Gary Mitchell.

How do you do? Gee. I loved your song. I know. I was watching you.

I didn't know it was showing. On you, it looked good.

Let me handle this. Ada. Yes?

Give her a good beat, all the help you can. Of course.

Don't worry, we'll be with you. That was nice of you.

Thanks a lot. That's all right. Think nothing of it.

We're ready. They're waiting.

Good luck, and easy does it.

Thank you. Be good.

I'll try.

Oh, give me your attention There's been a new invention It isn't any larger than an adding machine It's only fair to mention Though it's a new invention It's one that you have heard about But few have ever seen It doesn't do division And it doesn't multiply It doesn't want to be a bird It doesn't try to fly It came about because They made a big atomic bomb The new invention's cliching And because of all its ticking I know where the idea came from I tick, tick, tick Why do I tich, tich?

What amazing trich Mahes me tich, tich, tich?

I tick, tick, tick An electric tick When I feel a realistic tick You're such an attractive hich Give me a radioactive kick It's distractive the way you stick But love, love makes me tick I tick, tick, tick And my heart beats quick How can anything go wrong?

When I'm listenin' To that Geiger counter song You'll tich, tich all day long Lihe the butcher and the baher tichs Lihe the candlestich maher tichs Lihe the doctor and the lawyer tichs Even though he's mixed up in his politics Like the merchant And the Indian chief ticks Lihe the poor, lihe the rich man Tich, tichs Diggin'- a-ditch man The butter-and-egg man The poor wooden-leg man The beggar and feett Great little personality, eh. Mr. Hofer? And so much of it.

You can't be wrong You better listen To that Geiger counter song And tich, tich all day long Tich, tich, tich, tich Tich, tich, tich, tich, tich, tich Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick Tick Well. Mr. Hofer?

It's wonderful. Charming. Yeah, really charming.

But I don't like it.

Don't be hasty. Don't say anything you might be sorry for.

I will tell you. I want beauty and charms. You bring me boogie and woogie.

Is it The Hour of Enchantment or is it The Hour of Hi-Dee-Ho?

Hour of Liverwurst? Times change. Be up-to-date, modern.

I like everything should be up-to-date. also modern. But it must be old-fashioned.

Ticktock, ticktock. Do I advertise watches?

How was it?

Well, there's one thing. You were certainly different.

But Mr. Hofer- Don't bother me. I can be very unpolite.

What do you think? You were great, baby.

Did Mr. Hofer like it? Tell you later. I gotta talk terms.

I'm gonna fight for every nickel I can get. Take a cab to a hotel. I'll meet you there.

Mr. Mitchell, does it sound right to you? Well. Blake fights every step of the way.

I guess I'm just on edge. Let me take the edge off.

Right now, your biggest problem is lunch. and I think I've got that solved.

A little more of the same, please.

Lost your appetite?

No. I'm just looking at the view. It's like a picture postcard, isn't it?

I'll bet that's been said before. Maybe it has.

Just imagine. Here I am in Hollywood. having lunch with Gary Mitchell.

Oh. I wish sourpuss could see me now. Sourpuss? Oh, you mean Blake.

No. He's a man I used to work for a long, long time ago.

Day before yesterday.

You're a funny girl. Just where did Blake find you?

Well, sometimes it's a choir. sometimes it's the Metropolitan Opera...

...sometimes it's a small Southern college.

I don't think he's made up his mind about it yet.

The old Blake buildup, huh?

You know, he always says to me. "Now. Martha. I don't want you thinking...

...about your past too much until I have a chance to make one up for you. "

The funny part is. I haven't given my past a thought.

It's my future I'm worried about.

Well, don't get your hopes up too high. Martha.

It's a tough town. It's a tough business.

There are a lot of setbacks. You think my audition was a flop?

No. I liked it. I heard a lot of favorable comment, only-

I better call Blake. He may need me.

Oh, relax, honey. Blake always has a lot of things to attend to.

Why don't we take a little spin down to the beach?

I've got a shack down there. a lot of records. We can have a swim.

Sorry. I can't swim. That's all the better. I can teach you.

Not only that. I can't learn. You sure?

Positive. Lots of fellows have tried to teach me.

I'm unusual. Not that unusual.

Well, then, you might as well call Blake. Check, please.

Who is it? Me.

How are you, partner?

Well, it's about time. How'd you make out with Mr. Hofer?

That old chromo. Talk about your old-fashioned ideas.

He ought to be in a museum under a glass. Never knock a sponsor. What happened?

You know Hofer only likes waltz time.

Need Wiener schnitzel with tonsils to sell him.

You auditioned the belle of Basin Street. Yeah.

Personally, I think the gal's got something. I know she has, but she needs our help.

We've gotta give it to her. I just told her the bad news.

She's pretty discouraged. Yeah? Well, so am I.

I'll make her a star if it's the last thing I do. Felix Hofer isn't the only sponsor.

I'll make them listen to her. In three months, they'll be begging for her.

I'll put her in a nightclub to show her off, or a band.

But I'll sell her. Well, what fireworks.

Are you selling her to me or yourself to her?

Oh. Vi, this is only business. You know that.

What else could it be? You asking me?

Say, what have you done to this place? It looks so different.

Oh, new slip covers.

Doug, even if your scheme works. it takes money to develop a new singer.

Money for clothes- Amazing what slip covers do.

Changes the whole place. Makes it look so large, so roomy.

Why this sudden interest in interior decoration?

No reason. Just noticed.

My, what a big bedroom you have. And twin beds.

Oh, now, wait a minute. You can't say no at a time like this.

It'll cut expenses. She's in a suite now at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

You know how much that costs? I'm about to find out.

You said you believed she got something. But I'd like to keep something, anything.

If she's got a place to eat and sleep. it'll save the price of the hotel.

Your bedroom's big- Hold on.

I gotta think this over. You don't know what it's like, two giris living together.

But. Vi, this is money in the bank. Whose money?

Look. I'll make you a deal. That's what frightens me.

Anyway, you can't move her at this hour. Well, it's not so late.

Come on in, honey. Is it all right?

Sure, sure, sure. Hello.

Just like I told you. Vi's tickled to death.

Oh. I'm sorry. Sorry.

Well, good night, giris.

You sure you wouldn't like to curl up on the couch?

Vi, would I ask you that?

I'm sorry to barge in on you this way. Vi. but he just insisted on it.

Believe me. I know how you feel. getting a roommate so suddenly.

Oh, that's perfectly all right. Just consider yourself an investment.

You can stay here until you declare a dividend.

Gee, it's so nice of you, Vi, to let me stay. Oh, it's nothing, really.

I want you to look on this place as your home.

It's really been very lonesome. living all alone... this great, big, vast, roomy place.

Just think, if it wasn't for Doug Blake. none of this would've happened.

He'd do anything for you. no matter what it cost me.

I'm so sorry. Oh, that's all right.

All set? Okay.

Isn't he a wonderful guy?

He's been like a big brother to me. or an uncle.

Well, some kind of dependent. Good night. Martha.

Good night. Vi.

Long distance. I'm calling New York City, please.

Oh. I'm gonna reverse the charges.

Who is it, your boyfriend?

No, my baby. Baby?

It's the first time I've been away from him. You mind?

No, go ahead. Hello, operator?

Well, what do you know? A baby.

I'm only blowin' off A- talkin' big, a-showin' off A- cuttin' capers 'cause it's true Baby. I'm in love Baby. I'm in love with Give this kid a break, you make a star. She's fresh, original.

She's the hottest new singer in years. I need a girl with a fan.

The way I feel. I'd like to stay on this bus and go back to New York.

What, kid? You'd quit? You'd give up? Looks like show business has given me up.

We were turned down by tone-deaf producers...

...who couldn't tell Bing Crosby from Bugs Bunny.

Am I discouraged? Am I licked? Do I give up?

Are you? Do you. Mr. Blake? No. I don't.

You're gonna be a star. You'll have your name in lights.

You'll have the whole worid at your feet. Please don't mention my feet.

Doug, believe me. I'm so grateful for your help-

Now, now. don't you get chicken-hearted.

No. I'm not. It's just that we've been to all the big radio programs...

...and all the nightclubs and all the name bands.

What's my next stop. the dead-letter office?

Let me handle this thing my own way.

It's been discouraging you because I've been shooting for the best, you know.

I know. This is important to me.

I said I'd put you over. I'd stake my reputation on it.

Martha, you've gotta trust me.

I'm on your side. Way over on your side. You know I trust you.

I'll tell you what. Maybe we should take a night off.

Go to a show or one of the clubs or something and just have some fun, huh?

Of course, it would still be just strictly business.

Oh, gee. I'd love to, but- But what?

I have a date tonight.

Joe Tonsils? If you mean Gary, yes.

Anything wrong with that? No, no, that's just lovely.

There's a nice handpicked. sun-ripened date for you.

I know you and Gary had trouble, but- It's not that.

It's not anything personal, like jealousy. Nothing like that.

Gary Mitchell ought to wear a skull and crossbones on his hat.

He's poison. But there's nothing between us.

It's just that I was lonely and he took me out a few times.

And we had fun and we had laughs. but that's all.

Okay, let's hope it stays that way.

Well, you better get to bed early.

I got auditions for you in the morning. I'll practice my road work... my setting-up exercises and be in great shape for the main event.


Have a good time. Thank you.

Well, there it is.

The Pacific Ocean. Like it?

It's nice. Okay.

Oh. Gary. I've had a wonderful time. Have you?

The dinner, the dancing and music...

What was the name of that drink again? Rainbow fizz.

It's just the way I feel. like a rainbow fizz.

With music. Music?

Coming up.

Oh, it's so spacious, peaceful.

No sponsors or agents pushing me around.

You know something? I wish it could always be just like this.

It can be, you know.

Just hitch your wagon to me and you'll be a star.

No. Thank you. Gary. but I have too much to do on my own.

You'll never get anyplace with Doug Blake.

He's been washed up in radio since I got rid of him. Why hang on to him?

Is it personal with you two?

Oh, what's so funny?

Well, because he asked me the same thing about you.

What'd you tell him?

I told him it was just for fun and for laughs.

Is it? Yes.

Isn't it? You're right.

We have to keep these things light. just for fun and for laughs.

I'm glad you're smart enough to see that. No point in getting serious, is there?

None at all. Keep it light, just for laughs.

First thing. I'll be falling in love with you and forgetting all those other things.

We couldn't let that happen, could we? Absolutely not.

You must have been a beautiful baby You must have been a wonderful child When you were only starting To go to kindergarten I bet you drove the little giris wild And when it came To winning blue ribbons You must have shown the other hids how She's the hottest singing personality in town.

Build your show around her and have the customers packed in.

Not bad, but I need a big name. Sorry. Next!

That's all, thanks. Romer twins, you're on!

Well? Let's get out of here.

Get your things. I'll meet you outside. Okay.

And then what happened?

I says. "How dare you address me in that tone of voice, you creep?"

And with that. I up and quit. Ain't it the truth?

If it was me. I would have belted him in the snoot.

So he offers me 60 a week to stay... I told him relations between me and Club Babita was definitely severed.

"Get lost, you heel. " was how I worded it.

That Club Babita. No wonder they're always looking for talent.

They have no respect for the artist. You said it.

What'll you have? Two hotdogs with everything.

All right.

Doug, what kind of a place is Club Babita? Oh, it's just a dive.

Hey, what do you know about a place like that?

Nothing. Heard a couple giris talking about it. They need singers and dancers.

Look, you think I lugged you 3000 miles to work in a clip joint with neon lights?

I don't operate that way.

Well. I have to do something. You will, but not at Club Babita.

Well, shut my mouth. Hey. Blake.

Doug. Oh, hello. Jeff. Excuse me, babe.

I hate to ask for that 100. but I need it. You said it was-

I'm working on something big. Big expenses.

I promise you, next week, for sure. Next week, at the very latest.

Okay, but I need the dough. Nice to see you around, nice to see you.

What were you saying about the Club Babita?

Oh, it was nothing. Doug. Forget it.

All right, all right. It's fair, just fair. You ain't exactly no ballerina.

This ain't exactly no opera house.

What do you want for 60 bucks. Pavlova?

Come here. Take a look at this song. This ain't no dump, you know.

Special music, special lyrics for all the numbers.

Beat it up.

Pick it up, pick it up.

Special, see? Special is just what it is.

Okay, you got a deal. Thanks.

Hey. Louie. Yeah, boss?

Give her the costume. Okay. One costume coming up.

What do I do with this, put bananas and cream on it and eat it?

You're killing me.

Hey. Louie. Yeah, boss?

Give her the star dressing room. Okay.

What? Oh, the one without no lock on the door. Check.

You know, baby. you got a lot on the ball.

I'm just the guy can develop your latent talents.

Look. Mr. Grimes, all I wanna do is work.

If you wanna play patty-cake. get a different girl.

No, you got me wrong. Little Red Riding Hood. I ain't no wolf.

Okay, but I'd hate to meet you in a forest on a dark night.


Say, who runs this place? Fred Grimes.

Where is he? He's right over at the bar.

Oh, thank you.

You the boss here? What do you want?

I'm looking for a singer. Client of mine named Martha Gibson. Blond. 5'5" or 6"-

Try the Lost and Found Department. 14th Floor-

I'll catch your act some other time. I gotta locate this girl now.

You her agent? You send her here? Send her to a dive like this?

Who books this joint, the parole board? It's a dive, eh?

Special lyrics, special music. high-class floor show, but it's a dive.

Your girl ain't here.


Hello? Hello. Vi? Any word from Martha?

I know it's late. Yeah. I'm down here at that Babita joint.

Well, she mentioned it today. I thought maybe she came down here.

Well, have her phone me when she comes in, huh? Okay.

Oh. Fuiiyama You get a mama And then your troubles increase In some pagoda She orders soda The earth shakes, milkshakes Ten cents apiece They hissy and huggy nice By iingo, it's worth the price Bach in Magasahi Where the fellers chew tobaccy And the women wichy-wachy Woo

Baby, you're cute. I go for you.

Bach in Magasahi Where the fellers chew tobaccy Lay off. Okay, okay.

They hissy and huggy nice Come on, babe, be nice to me.

Why, you...

What's the matter with you?

I can't understand it. Just as I told you all my plans...

...why you'd work in a place like that.

I had to do something. Doug. I couldn't ask you to do any more for me.

I thought, if I'd work at something. I could make some money and get out of here.

Hey, what do you mean, get out of here?

Here, use this. You look awful. I'll bet.

I'm all right now.

It was just something I had to get out of my system. I guess.

Just when I'm working something big. sure-fire stuff.

A big new account needs somebody just like you.

You'd better blow your nose. They'll never hire you.

How are things?

Looking for a job is really murder. How long does one go before you get a break?

There's no book of rules, kid. The break'll come when you least expect it.

Excuse me. Martha. Martha. I'm sorry I had to stand you up.

The plane was late. What plane?

I set up an audition for you with a fella from New York.

He's in the cab. I'm not dressed or made up-

Didn't wanna give you a chance to get nervous.

If I didn't tell you. you'd be calm and relaxed.

I think that's the best way to sell yourself. Just don't press, you know? Let yourself go.

Hi, Mommy. Freddie. Freddie.

Darling, how'd you get here? On a airplane.

All by yourself? Yup.

Uncle Charlie put him on at LaGuardia and the stewardess took over.

You double-crosser. You cheat. You two-timer.

Oh, you no-good, wonderful guy.

Oh, now, wait a minute. What is this. a big thing or something?

64 Terrace Drive.

Now, empty the mind of care and concern.

Put business and household worries from you.

Think of blue skies and green fields.

The cool calm of a mountain lake.

Relax. Just relax.

The cares of day are done.

The time has come for the worker's well-earned repose.

It is a time to be alone with your thoughts.

You ought to try it in my apartment sometime, wise guy.

And now, music for your dreams.

I might have known it was you. How are you?

Where'd you find him?

Oh. I was just out at the airport. and there he was.

Doug Blake, are you crazy? Sometimes I wonder.

You can't go around picking up lost kids like that.

I wasn't lost. Not this time.

What do you mean, not this time? Yeah, well, go ahead. Freddie, tell her.

Freddie? Yeah.

Oh, no, not that Freddie. Yeah, yeah. Vi, isn't he wonderful?

Yeah, cutest little lease-breaker I ever saw. Where's his mother?

She's downstairs. She wasn't sure how you'd take this.

I bet. Pardon me.

Can I come up now? Don't you dare.

Unless you bring a quart of milk with you.

It's all right, he's housebroken. How does he feel about an apartment?

Well, look. Vi-

Now, isn't it easy to relax? Oh, shut up.

Hi. Hi.

Smells so good.

What'd you expect? Well...

Freddie in bed? Sound asleep.

You're wonderful. Just a born father.

Not in that apron.

What's up, doc?

Listen here, my fine little disc jockey...'re gonna have us thrown out one of these nights.

You shouldn't have to have music to sleep. You're getting to be a big boy.

Oh. Mommy, no song? No song.

Good night, sweetheart. Come on.

Oh, my Bugs Bunny book. Oh. I'm so sorry.

Okay? All set now? Yup.

Good night, sweetheart. Sleep tight.

What's the matter with you?

What's wrong, honey? I don't know. Mommy. I just coughed.

Let me see your throat. Stick out your tongue.

Hey, are you spoofing me? Yup.

You faker. Come on, now, quiet down.

I shouldn't spoil you. Nope.

Well, late again. Here I stand over a hot stove all day long...

...and you can't even come home in time for dinner.

You don't love me. Oh, of course I love you, honey.

When I get my raise. I'll get you a maid.

Then you'll have time to listen to the radio with the rest of the housewives.

Spaghetti again? Well, that ought to take about five minutes more.

Now, don't you go messing around with my dinner.

Go in the living room, read a paper. smoke a pipe till dinner's ready.

Nag, nag, nag. Never a minute's peace.

All my life I've waited for an ángel But no ángel ever came in view Then one happy day I found an ángel I'm so glad it turned out to be you

I hnow that you're an ángel

'Cause angels looh lihe you That is why my heart is singing a song I'll string along with you I hnow I found an ángel The day that I found you Ever since the day that you came along I've sung my songs to you Ain't that sweet? She's singing her kid to sleep.

He's a lucky kid.

Between Martha and me and you with that apron, he's got three mothers.

Oh. Vi. That kid could stand a break.

Losing his father in the war made it pretty tough for him, and for Martha too.

I'm grateful for the things we do share I couldn't love them more Hey, what's the matter with you?

Do you hear that? Yeah, still a great song, isn't it?

I don't mean the song. I mean the way she's singing.

That's where I've missed. I've been selling the right girl the wrong way.

Be careful. You'll knock your brains out.

I know iust what I'll do

I'll string along with you

Why didn't you tell me you could sing like that? It's terrific.

It sure is. Puts my audience right to sleep.

Vi, we'll start all over again. change her style completely.

No more comedy songs. no more hot songs.

It isn't fair to raise her hopes again. Raise her hopes?

You'll sing like you did just now. from the heart.

Ballads, love songs, torch tunes. One shot on the air with that style, we're in.

How do we put her on the air. open a window?

I'll get her on some station if I have to pay for it myself.

A fate worse than death. What do we use for money?


Oh, no, you don't! Took me two years to pay for that.

I'll get it back in two weeks. I'll buy another coat for interest.

No. She's done too much already.

This is the chance of a lifetime. This is the mink of my lifetime.

You've put money in. This is your chance to get it back.

Don't listen to him.

In two weeks. I'll get you a coat. Don't do it. Vi.

Don't rush me. But. Vi-

I wanna think about my mink. It's now or never!

Let me think. What's a mink when opportunity knocks?

If there's t50 left over from this deal. I'd like to have my head examined.

Oh. Vi, you're just being a smart businesswoman.

No smart businesswoman ever put her mink in the clink.

I just made the last payment on it yesterday.

Well, look. maybe there's some other way.

There is.

Are you trying to bump me off of my insurance? What's wrong with you?

Just occurred to me that your car is worth more than your coat.

Doug, have you no mercy? But I'm just doing it for you.

Please, don't do me any more favors. May I help you?

No, but I can help you get the buy of your life.

This beautiful little job for only t2000.

Doug, you can't do this to me.

Sixteen hundred. Nineteen-fifty.

Sixteen-fifty. You gotta, it's too small anyway.

It's not. I love this little car. Seventeen hundred.

Nineteen hundred. I'll get you a Lincoln. I don't want a Lincoln. The answer is no.

Seventeen-fifty. Eighteen-fifty.

We're friends, it's only a loan. Seventeen-seventy-five.

What? Eighteen hundred.

How dare you offer t1800 for this beautiful little car?

I wouldn't accept a cent less than 2000.

Sold. Okay.

Oh, what have I done?

Hold still, honey. Auntie Vi wouldn't get soap in your eyes.

You wouldn't get soap in Auntie Vi's eyes, would you?

Another move like that and I'll drown you.

Saved by the bell. Hello?

Vi. I got the time, the musicians. the arrangements, everything.

Are you all set? Yeah, all set.

Hofer's secretary told me he leaves for his walk at 4:OO every afternoon.

Junior will be ready to do his part as soon as I give him his lemon rinse.

Hi. Mr. Hofer.

I didn't know you were a dog fancier. It is not such a fancy dog.

He's a fine little fella, though.

He's not a little fellow. He's a little girl. Her name is Sally.

What's your dog's name? His name? Archibald.

Archibald, meet Sally. Sally Hofer. Archibald.

Nice to meet you. Now, now, now, children.

I say you can tell a man's true nature when he's with a dog. Don't you think so?

Why should you blame it on a dog?

Well. I'm very happy for Archibald.

He's been lonely. He doesn't have many friends.

But why is he pulling away? Doesn't he like Sally?

Oh, he's just being coy. He loves Sally. She's such a sweet little girl.

Speaking of sweet little giris. Mr. Hofer...

...I discovered a new singer I'd like you to hear. She's gonna be on the air at 9 tonight.

Will you be at home? No. I can't make it.

Tonight is my night to stay home and listen to the radio.

But that's what I want!

I want you to listen to a radio program. Nine o'clock.

Mr. Hofer, are you saying. "Yes. I will be home"...

...or is your hat just bouncing on your head?

How about it, we organized? Right. Get ready, boys.

You all set, baby? Now, remember. keep it soft, mellow and dreamy.

I'll call Hofer on the phone. make sure he listens.

It's a slow four, so keep it in strict tempo all the way through.

Good luck, baby. Thanks.

Get ready, fellas.

Well, here we go. Vi. We're on our way.

Wherever we're going. if we still had my car, we could ride.


Mama, is it the phone? Yes, it is. Felix.

Why is it ringing? I wouldn't know.

Maybe somebody's calling me.

Yes, maybe. It might be why it is ringing.

Wait a minute. Somebody's calling me. Hello.

Hello. Mr. Hofer? This is Doug Blake, remember?

Do I know somebody named Blake?

Sure, you do. I met you at the park today with Sally.

Cute little Sally. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now I remember Sally.

You can't talk to Sally now. She's asleep. And anyway, she's a dog.

Well. I know she's a dog. I just wanna-

Somebody wants to talk to Sally. Who?

I don't know. It might be some other dog.

We're on the air in one minute. Mr. Blake.

I'm coming! I'm coming!

Hello. Hello!

Mr. Hofer, please.

You remember me. Doug Blake. I used to worh for Hutch.

You promised to listen to the radio and hear my girl.

She's wonderful. I know you need her to take Gary Mitchell's place.

Thank you very much, but I still have a headache from Gary Mitchell.

I will listen early in the morning. By then. I will feel good.

But you can't listen to her in the morning.

She's on the air now, in 30 seconds.

Two other sponsors want this girl. but I've saved her especially for you.

You got a great product to advertise. You got great air time, great money.

Someone lihe you Mr. Hofer, are you listening? Do you hear me?

Turns wrong into right Brightens the night

Mr. Hofer! Mr. Hofer! Please. Mr. Ho-

Makes me luckier than throwin' a seven Takes me nearer to heaven Than anyone's allowed to do When your heart is talkin' I feel like I'm walkin'

On a cloud with someone lihe you Someday I'll find Someone I can boast to Somebody to hug A bug in a rug To snuggle up close to And whenever I do Do you hnow the who Who I'll give the most to?

You prey on my mind Stay till I find Someone lihe you for me Until I find someone lihe you

Well, what next, mastermind?

Oh. I'm not licked yet. I got things to fall back on. I got resources.

For instance? Well. I...

Just my unemployment insurance.

Take it easy. Danny.

Hey. Gary, there goes a filly from your stable.

What? And one of the nicer ones.

What kind of talk is that?

Good evening. Good evening.

What'll you have? Something light.

Scrambled eggs? Two of them. Fine.

Coffee? Please.

Thank you.

Well, that was our last chance. and I muffed it.

I'm sorry, it wasn't your fault.

It's just that you picked a lemon for a manager.

You did everything you could. Yeah, the wrong way.

Hello. Martha. Hello. Gary.

Well. I hear your manager, that ball of fire. finally got you on the air tonight.

On some two-bit station, wasn't it?

Well, it's a way of getting started. isn't it?

The hard way. I'd like to get you off to a real start.

I'm having a party up at my place tomorrow afternoon.

I'm having my sponsors, the press. a lot of important people in radio.

It'd be a good idea for you to meet them. But the party's only for my friends.

That's fine with me.

But not with me. I don't like that kind of invitation.

All right. I'm sorry. but if you change your mind... know you're welcome anytime. alone.

I think I got a very funny idea.

Gary doesn't know it. but he is gonna give you a start.

What do you mean? Boy, if this works out...

You're gonna go to that party. What?

After the way he talked? Why do I care?

You'll go to that party and really get started.

I got this thing all worked out. Why, if it works, it'll murder him.

I hate cocktail parties.

The only thing I hate worse than a cocktail party is a press cocktail party.

It completely spoils my dinner.

That's it. Gary, hold it. Wait a minute. Hal.

Martha, get in this with me. Gary, they don't want me in the picture.

This is your party. I want you.

Stand a little closer to Gary, miss. Okay, boys, make it a good one.

Hold it! Wait a minute, boys. Hold it, boys. Vi, what's the idea?

You still work for the House of Beauty. so no more drinking.

At least not in front of the cameras. Take it easy. Gary.

Don't forget you've got a program to do. Don't get too fuzzy.

Don't worry. Okay, carry on.

Thanks, Vi. Looks like a very serious project for Gary.

What's her name? Gibson. G-I-B-S-O-N. Martha Gibson.

Come along, darling. My boss's wife wants to meet you.

She's one of your most ardent fans. Don't move. I'll be right back.

She's so anxious to meet...

Have you seen Blake? He slipped in a few minutes ago.

What will Gary do when he sees Doug? Let's not think about that now.

Well. Mr. Hofer! And Mrs. Hofer! What a delightful surprise, meeting you here.

And how is dear little Sally?

Who? Sally.

He knows our Sa- Thank you, thank you, fine.

Good. Can I get you two a cocktail or something?

Thank you. but Mr. Hofer doesn't like cocktails.

Oh, really? No. I am a too-tee-

Teetotaler. Teeto- Teeto-

Anyway, it's like Alcoholic Unanimous. Hold it. Mr. Hofer!

Thank you. Let me make you two comfortable here.

Here's a nice sofa. Sit down. I'll get some ginger ale or something.

No, no, no- Please.

Oh, you're so charming. Thank you so much.

Honey, would you play a couple of Mr. Hofer's favorite songs for him, please?

A Strauss medley. Mr. Hofer? Oh, thank you.

By all means, a Strauss medley. Music from old Vienna.

I know you've been worried about a replacement for Gary Mitchell...

...and I've given your problem a great deal of thought.

Thank you. Don't mention-

I mean, don't mention it, sir. It's a pleasure. I'll-

Excuse me. I'll be back.

The way I'm set up now. I don't need any managers, no agents.

Excuse me, will you?

We're all set. Ada has your music. and she'll go into it when you tell her.

The Hofers are by the piano. We're squared away for your big chance.

All right, only- Leave everything to me. You just si- Oh, hi.

What is this? Is he managing your personal life too?

Who invited you? Me?

I wasn't invited. I crashed the gate. Well, crash back out again.

You remind me of everything I wanna forget. Get lost.

Don't chase your blood pressure up.

I'll do business, then I'm leaving. Please-

You make up your mind who you wanna be with, me or this guy.

Go on. Martha, go ahead.

How do you do. Mr. Hofer? Mrs. Hofer. How do you do?

Give you a four-bar intro. take the pickup.

You are going to sing, young lady?

Yes, is it all right? It's delightful.

You'd like to have Martha at your beck and call, wouldn't you?

As long as I have anything to say. that'll never happen.

Oh, boy, there's a fight! It's Gary and Doug Blake!

Oh. Felix. I'm gonna faint. Not here.

When we get home, you can faint. There's nothing to worry about.

These things happen at cocktail parties all the time.

Gary, stop! What a story!

What a scoop! You stay out of this.

Those vultures find out you're in this. they'll tear you apart.

I don't care. Doug, let's go. All right.

It was a wonderful party. I had a lovely time.

You going with him? Yes.


Are you with somebody? Well. I'm with you. Don't you remember?

I'm the national president of your fan club.

Oh, that's fine, fine. Stick around, honey. You might be international president.

Richards, two of the same. The same. Yes, sir.

Yeah. And after I have this. I'm gonna have a few more...

.., then I'll take you to the broadcast. Oh, you're sweet.

Yeah. You can help me find it.

I know it's 10 minutes to showtime. but there's no news yet.

I'll call you as soon as anything happens.

Hour of Enchantment.

There must be a nicer way of getting ulcers.

But they can't cancel the program. Honey. Mr. Hofer can do anything.

Don't tell me if it's a secret. but are we doing a show?

They're still in a huddle. Stand by to man the lifeboat.

I saw Gary Mitchell. He was drunk enough for a quartet.

Never mind the cream. We'll give it to him black. Here, drink this.

Give him some tomato juice.

Lash him to the microphone. The audience won't notice.

Eighteen years already. I'm a sponsor of the radio!

I can sing better drunk. Such a thing has not happened to me.

Stop being so righteous. I'm in great shape. You disgrace The Hour of Enchantment!

Hour of Nonsense!

What do you want. Vi? We're on the air in eight minutes.

Maybe we are, maybe we are not. Be so kind and don't disturb me again.

Excuse me for slamming the door.

What's going on. a rehearsal for Gangbusters_

Well, it's not Life Can Be Beautiful. Wait a minute. Vi.

I'm gonna put Martha on the show tonight. Are you crazy? An unknown?

Hofer didn't like her. Put a cold compress on your head, you'll feel better.

Of course, that is an idea. But how would you swing it?

I'm not sure yet. I- Where is Martha? I parked her in the audience.

Young man, you read Section 10. Article 4 of your contract.

It says "no drinking. "

Furthermore, in Section 4. Article 1 O. it says "positively no drinking. "

You are fired. Mr. Hofer, stop, please. Think.

I don't need you. I don't need anyone. That does it.

I am not anxious if you need me or don't. If you'll only listen-

Leave me alone. Please, please.

You've gotta have faith in me. What?

Complete faith. Absolute faith. The kind of faith that moves mountains.

Who wants to move a mountain?

No. Your show is built around a singer. You can't put it on without one.

You'll disgrace the House of Beauty an8 The Hour of Enchantment.

People will say that Felix Hofer is slipping.

He's no longer the genius of advertising and exploitation.

Mr. Hofer, we don't want that, do we?

So you've gotta get a singer. It so happens that I have a singer.

As charming a personality as you'll ever see.

With a style as fresh as April showers and a voice like the song of the lark.

Don't pay attention to Blake. He's crazy. I will tell you. I don't need a singer.

The orchestra will play tonight just music. Viennese music, that's all. Please, that's all.

Mr. Hofer, this girl is the heart and soul of old Vienna.

She comes form a long line of archduchesses.

When she sings, her voice is like the last breath of a dying gypsy.

You owe it to Vienna to give her a chance. If the old emperor were alive, he'd insist.

Some other time. I'm sick. I want a doctor. It's idiotic. You can't put this girl on cold.

You better get out the stand-by arrangements, just in case.

Only two minutes remain.

A fresh and vital talent is calling out to you, pleading. "Please, give me a chance. "

You put Martha Gibson on your show tonight and you'll be hailed as a genius.

I appeal to you. you. Felix Hofer, the great showman!

You. Felix Hofer, the daring impresario!

All right, all right. Put on who you please!

I am sick! Bring the doctor. Thank you. You'll never regret it.

This is the wisest decisión you ever made. Here, sit down.

Give the okay to the control room. Hutch. Okay.

Vi, put her on. She's on. Here you go, coast to coast.

A hundred and fifty-three stations. No, don't make me do it.

This is the break we've been praying for. I can't do it. What about Gary?

Gary? What about me? What about Vi? What about Freddie and Uncle Charlie?

Gary's got four weeks and he's taking over another program.

What difference does it make how he quits? Get out there.

You don't understand. Gary and I-

I don't care if you're brother and sister or aunt and uncle. Music all set?

We'll play the songs in your key. Swell. Come on, baby, you get on there.

Good luck.

Ten seconds.

The House of Beauty presents The Hour of Enchantment.

Ladies and gentlemen, we regret that. due to sudden illness...

...Gary Mitchell is unable to appear on The Hour of Enchantment this evening.

In his place, we are fortunate to have that distinctive new songstress. Martha Gibson.

My dream is yours My dream is yours alone It's all I own My dream is yours I'm through with spending time Pretending I'm a rover Get out of the way. Gary, you can't go on, you're drunk.

What's the matter with you? You're leaving.

I'm in clover And everything is fine My dream is yours It isn't much to give But while I live My dream is yours So, darling, may I say, "I love you"

Lovely girl. Lovely singer. Handy with a knife too.

Begins to shine?

My dream is yours Because it's yours and mine

Well. Mr. Hofer? What'd I tell you about her. Mr. Hofer?

You were right. Do you still want that doctor?

Doctor? Me? I never felt better in my whole life.

I would like to have a lawyer. I will sign her up tonight.

Hello. Tony? This is Martha Gibson. Has Gary Mitchell been there?

He has? How long ago? Oh. I see. All right. Thanks, Tony.

Radio. What a business.

You don't get a break, that's bad. You do get a break, that's worse.

Java? No, thanks. Vi. I don't have time.

Where are you going? It's raining.

Martha, come back here. You can't help Gary.

He's on a binge. He's gotta drink himself out of it.

Fifty bucks for talking to myself.

Waiter, if you see Mr. Mitchell. will you please have him call Miss Gibson?

Miss Gibson? Very well. Thank you.

Hello? Oh, no, honey, he didn't call yet.

Freddie? Freddie's asleep. And you should be too.

Now, get in a cab and come home, will you? Women.

Oh, not at this hour. It's raining outside.

Okay, come on.

Hello. I have Mr. Mitchell's apartment on the line.

Gary, where have you been? Oh, is that you. Richards?

Where's Mr. Mitchell? In an airplane. He just flew away.

Where'd he go?

He just wanted to get away and stay away and see nobody.

Thank you. Richards.

Makes me luckier than throwin' a seven Takes me nearer to heaven Than anyone's allowed to do

'Cause angels looh lihe you

That is why my heart is singing a song My dream is yours I'm through with spending time

Hold it. Miss Gibson. Thank you.

Good evening, ma'am. Good evening. Helen.

Would you please unwrap it? Yes, ma'am.

Is that you. Martha? Hello. Uncle Charlie.

Just from one girl to another. aren't you wearing too much makeup?

I'm dyeing Easter eggs for Freddie. I've got six baskets of them.

We'll hide them as soon as he gets to sleep.

I'll be in to help you when I tuck him in. He's still awake, isn't he?

Ever see the night he didn't wait up for you? By the way, he's got a guest.

Guest? Yeah.

"It looks pretty bad for Bugs Bunny right now.

The rabbit hunters have his private carrot patch surrounded, and they're closing in.

And what's that sticking up over that bush?

Are you my daddy? It's-"

No. I'm just your Uncle Doug. Yeah. Yeah.

"A nice, empty hole in the ground.

Safe at last. Bugs Bunny curis up contentedly, munching on his favorite fruit. "

Hey, fellas, can I come in?

Hi. Martha. Hi. Mommy!

Happy Easter, darling. Oh. Mommy, thank you. Thank you.

It's the one you saw in the store window. remember? The one you liked best?

You put him under the blankets and he can sleep with you tonight.

Oh, no. He's got to sleep with his family.

You weren't the only one who was taken for a walk past that toy window.

That's from Auntie Vi. And this one's from Uncle Charlie.

And he's from Mr. Hoofer. Hofer.

Hofer. And this one's from- Uncle Doug.

How'd you know? Oh, because he always has the topper.

Come on. You have to go sleep.

Don't forget, we have to get up real early in the morning...

...and hunt for all those Easter eggs.

And the Easter bunny doesn't come around till little children are all sound asleep.

But what about the story? What happened to Bugs Bunny?

He was trapped, just like I am right now. Okay. I'll finish it for you.

I'll fix you a sandwich and some coffee. Thanks.

Good night, darling. Good night. Mommy.

Don't you stay too long. No, no. I won't.

Now, where was I?

Well. Bugs Bunny was all curled up. eating a carrot.

Oh, sure. I remember. Here we go, now.

"Naturally. Bugs Bunny doesn't know that he's eating the magic carrot.

All of a sudden, he starts to grow.

And he gets bigger and bigger and big-" How bigger. Uncle Doug?

Oh, pretty big.

Bigger than you? Oh, much bigger than that. Yes, sir.

"He grows and he grows and he grows...

...and he grows and he grows... "

Freddie. Time to get up.

It's Easter. Time to get up.

Did you hear what I said?

Freddie. I said, time to get ready.


Is there no way of getting that kid Out of bed?

Freddie. I gotta get you up and dressed Up and dressed Freddie, you gotta look your Sunday best Your Sunday best Oh. Freddie, look in the Easter bunny's nest The bunny's nest Get ready I've got to get you up and dressed But he doesn't hear a word I say There doesn't seem to be a way To get him up and dressed today He heard the coch-a-doodle-doo Of ev'ry rooster on the cloch-a-doodle-doo They're always wakin' up The stoch-a-doodle-doo But freddie doesn't bat an eye Wakin' up is such a terrible shock A-doodle-doo He must be sleepin' Lihe a roch-a-doodle-doo I'm gonna give another Knoch-a-doodle-doo And try to mahe the feathers fly

Put on your shirt, put on your pants You better get dressed I'll give you one more chance Put on your shoes, put on your hat I tawt I taw a putty tat!

Come on. Fred Get out of bed I know you heard what they said Hurry on, hurry on, hurry on, do Mister Trouble hasn't got a thing on you Wash your hands and wash your face And part your hair the proper place Wash wherever dirt appears And don't forget behind your ears Get your shirt and get your pants You haven't got another chance Get your coat and get your hat And get your blue-and-white cravat Brush your teeth and shine your shoes And hurry, there's no time to lose If you dawdle, I'm afraid You're gonna miss the big parade Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry Freddie, get ready right nowt

Honey, what are you doing out of bed?

Hey, what's going on here? Oh, sweetie.

Darling. the Easter bunny hasn't come yet.

That's what you think.

Oh, honey, go to sleep.

Well, you know something?

Last year, all I could afford for the baby was a 29-cent duck from the corner drug store.

Now look at us. This is how it should be.

I know. I always hoped it would be this way.

But I only get worried. I think we're spoiling him.

Oh. Martha. Yes.

I try to give him everything he needs...

...and you come along with Uncle Charlie and Vi and you give him more.

He hasn't got everything. Martha.

Well, he's got toys and books and stuff like that, but, well, he needs something more.

What, for instance? Well, you know what I mean.

Well. I think he needs a father.

Oh, why, he isn't too badly off. Doug. He has his Uncle Charlie.

Not what I mean. Uncle Charlie's fine, he's swell.

But Freddie needs somebody he can hunt and fish with.

Somebody to teach him how to swim.

You know, all those things that kids learn from their dads.

And I'm nuts about the boy. Martha. and about you too.

I'd like this to be the best sales talk I ever made, but I need your help.

I don't know what to say.

Why don't you just say yes and put me out of my misery?

I can't. Doug.

I know you've been wonderful...

...and I owe you so much. but I can't say yes.

Still Gary, huh?

How does he feel about it?

He doesn't even answer my letters.

This was returned unopened. and a dozen more like it.

But I'll write again tonight and again tomorrow night.

I'm sorry. Doug. Well. I can't fight that.

Neither can I, because I've tried.

I know it isn't practical or wise or good for me, but that's the way it is.

It's just one of those things. You can't help it. Well, good night.

I wish I had a laugh line for an exit here, but...

Good night. Doug?

I'm so sorry. Yeah, so am I. Good night, baby.

Hutch. Gary Mitchell is still waiting. Okay. I'll tell him.

He'll see you in a minute. Thanks. Vi.

You've been away, haven't you?

Yes, just got back a couple of days ago. I thought I'd-

That's for you. Go on in.

Hello, is Doug Blake there? Let me speak to him, will you?

You know how it is. the way we're situated...

...with Felix Hofer as our most important client...

...I'm afraid we wouldn't have anything for you.

Yeah, but a lot of sponsors. and old man Hofer too...

...were hungry to get my signature on a contract a few months ago.

That was a few months ago.

Since then, you've signed with somebody else. Why don't you go to them?

I've been to them. And they don't want you?


Well. I'm sorry. Gary. but there's nothing I can do.

Look. Hutch. I've been getting the freeze from everybody.

From people who were licking my boots a few months ago.

Am I blackballed in radio just because I blew one program?

What do you think?

Well. I had a bad spell there, but I'm over it now. I haven't had a drink for weeks.

Well, next season, maybe. when we're lining up our new shows.

Right now. I don't- I get it. Thanks.

You're welcome.

Double Scotch, straight. Yes, sir.

Hi. Gary. How you been? What do you want?

I just wanna talk to you. I'm busy.

Look. I'll make it short and to the point. Just a few minutes.

All right, let's have it. Gary, this is business.

Business? What's your cut?

Look, this time, it's not for me. it's for you, believe me.

Let's go up to my office, huh?

Okay. Put it on my tab.

Very well. Mr. Blake. Say. Gary...

"We are holding first Yale class of 1923 reunion... "

Ms. Randall, if I have any engagement for Saturday night, please cancel it.

Good evening, sir. Good evening.

Thomas Hutchins. Yale class of '23 reunion.

Yes. Right this way, please. Thank you.

This is it, sir. Class of '23.

Well, they've done the table beautifully. Thank you.

It brings back many fond memories.

I seem to be the first one. Yes, sir.

Thank you. Thank you.

Well, well. Mr. Hofer. Oh. Mr. Hutch.

How do you do. Mrs. Hofer?

You came also for the Strauss? Strauss?

Oh, no, no, no. Yale class reunion of '23.

Twenty-three. Where are the other 22?

Excuse me.

I saved this table special for you. and I trust that you'll enjoy yourself.

Good evening. Good evening.

Have you our table? Of course. Will you follow me, please?

There you are, gentlemen, over there. Have a nice time.

Thank you.

Well, everything's all set. There's nothing to be nervous about.

This is just another audience. remember?

Get me a drink, will you. Blake? You're through with that stuff.

Yeah, that's right. Starting tomorrow.

A lot of strings were pulled to set this up.

I've stuck my neck out a mile. You'll go out there and sing.

There's a lot of important people waiting. Let them wait. They waited for me before.

Ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the Cocoanut Grove tonight.

And for your entertainment...

...we're very happy to present an old friend of yours...

...someone that needs no introduction.

Mama. Why, that's Gary Mitchell.

Keep it down, will you. Frankie? They want to hear the singer.

My dream is yours My dream is yours alone It's all I own My dream is yours I'm through with spending time Pretending I'm a rover And when I dream it over

I'm in clover And everything is fi- fine My- My dream is yours

So, darling, may I say, "I love you"

Till the theme of every dream begins to shine?

My dream is yours Because it's yours and mine My dream is yours It isn't much to give But while I live My dream is yours So, darling, may I say, "I love you"

Till the theme of every dream begins to shine?

My dream is yours Because it's yours and mine

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be back again to sing for you later.

Frankie, it's all yours.

Now. I can still kill them. with a little rest.

We can thank Doug for arranging this whole thing tonight.

He's got some kind of an angle on it. But then, it's his business.

How can you say that. Gary? You're wrong. He did it for you.

Use your head. He wouldn't do that unless there was something in it for him.

Well. I think it was pretty swell of him.

All right, so he's sensational. a true-blue Boy Scout.

But let's talk about something more important. Let's talk about us.

Look, honey. let's have an understanding.

Two careers in one family is one too many.

We'll concentrate on mine, huh?

Come on, here he is. You were great. Gary. The old champ.


Gary. I want you to meet Hank Wilson. Come on, step up.

Gary, you've got some fans here. There's Dolly. Polly and Katie.

I think you're wonderful. It was wonderful. Come on-

Just like old times.

Oh. Miss Gibson, it's always a pleasure to meet a grand singer like you.

You know, we play all of your records out of our station up at Grand Forks.

Everybody's just crazy about you.

You giris wanna celebrate? You haven't changed a bit.

Yes, my kid's got every record you ever made.

What, no etchings? Oh, we missed you.

Come on. Katie, tell us too, will you? Come on.

I'll look around and find that photographer.

Come on, drink up. Here's to a big evening.

There's one here someplace. I- Excuse me a moment, please.

Hutch, how about it? Sounds tired to me.

We give him a chance, handle him right. he'll be back on top.

Well, maybe. I'm afraid to say no to you anymore.

I don't want to talk shop tonight. Vi, you're looking very pretty.

Thank you. I'm a little slow...

...but I'm getting around to saying something I should have a long time ago.

Really? How about this dance?

Well, that's a start, anyway. Excuse us.

You know. Vi we should do this moie often.

Well, we will.

I thought we might have this dance. Well, yeah, sure. Sure.

Doug. I wanna thank you for what you did tonight for Gary and me.

Oh, that's all right. Any friend of Gary's is a friend of mine.

I'm glad everything worked out right for you, kid.

I feel like I'm walkin'

On a cloud with someone lihe you Someday I'll find Someone I can boast to Pete's sake, what do you do...

...propose to a girl once and get discouraged and quit?

What? How about that promise?

Yeah. I told- I promised Frank.

Come on. Martha, please. Go ahead. They want you. Go on.

Who I'll give the most to?

You prey on my mind Stay till I find Someone lihe you Someday I'll find Someone I can boast to Somebody to hug A bug in a rug To snuggle up close to And whenever I do Do you hnow the who Who I'll give the most to?

You prey on my mind Stay till I find Someone lihe you Baby, no one else will do Oh, stay till I find Someone lihe you