My Little Brother (2017) Script

What happened?

Didn't find anyone?

You can't do a story about a new drug without an expert!

You should get high and do the interview then.

It's a unisex design that everyone will love.

We have a special promotion right now, so please come by.

I'm from Star Entertainment. Would you be interested?

Actually, I've received a lot of offers in the past.

I see.

Go away, Sung-ho!

Let's talk about this! Please! Let's talk!

Don't move, stay down.

Damn it!

Who is this? Hello?


Who? What?


My Little Brother Funeral Service: Oh Mang-dal So pitiful even till the end.

What a scorching day.

Do I get funeral suit or what?


Can't you wait till your sisters get here?

And don't pay for everything like last time!

But it's already time!

What time is it?

It's been a while, Su-kyung!

Isn't this the jacket from your last broadcast?

So much prettier in person. Its got shoulder pads.

Is this expensive?

Yes, it is.

Take your sunglasses off.

What happened?

About what?

What happened to dad?

How the hell should I know when you don't know?

No need for 3-day mourning, 2-day is enough nowadays.

Have a wake today and send him off in the morning.

I need to head back in 2 days.

You didn't invite any guests?


For whose good?

Wanna collect tribute money and help yourself?

Jesus… - Why you little!

We'll divide the funeral costs equally, so don't get any other ideas.

Sure. Do it your way.

Look at your damn make-up!

I came straight from work!

Not even a portrait?

Got any photos of dad?

Ju-mi! You got any photos of dad?


Sir, I'm sorry.

I'll pay you right away!

Hurry, I need to head back.

Give me cab fare.

Are you kidding me?

I was in a rush and couldn't get any money.

There're no ATMs here.

Please hurry!

I'm a busy man, I can't wait around.

Okay, okay, how much?

250,000 won.

What?! 250,000 won?

What the hell?

Where did you take the cab?

There weren't any more buses!

I'm sorry to interrupt, but can someone just pay me?

Pay me back first thing in the morning!

Don't you dare skimp me.

I'm short 100,000 won.

100,000 won...

100,000 won...

My condolences.

What is this tie? As cheap as 5,000 won… And why are the pants so long?

2 daughters didn't even have a photo of your father?

I had some, but I switched phones...

Didn't bother bringing kids to their grandpa's funeral?

One did come.

Is he the older one?

Why did you bring just one?

And you call yourself their aunt?

How can I tell twins apart! Don't snap at me!

My twins are girls.


Then who's he?


You're Su-kyung, right?


Wait a minute...

Who are you?

Only I didn't know about him?

I didn't know either.

So much for being the head of the family!

A boy we never knew existed is in the family register!


Is that perfume?

What? So what?

You altered funeral suit too?

Why don't you put on a fashion show?

Good clothes won't change your physique.

Watch your mouth! I'll slap you silly!

Stop it! You two are always bickering.

Shut your mouth!

Judging from his age, he must've been adopted when mother died.

But we don't know who gave birth to him...

The thing is...

Is that your child and you left him with your father?!

Listen to yourself.

You're acting strange. Don't avoid my eyes.

Of course not! Speak some sense!

Do a DNA test.


And what if he's not our family?

What if he is?

What will you do?

Whether he's family or not, I want to make this clear, we're in no position to raise him.

This isn't the time for that.

You want to raise him then?

I live hand to mouth.

To the orphanage then.

Isn't that what everyone's thinking?

No one can take care of him, and he might not be family.


And we'll divide the funeral costs exactly 3-way.

Ju-mi, pay me the cab fare right away.


Where the hell are you? Tell me!

I'm driving right now, sorry!

Are you kidding me?

The person you are calling is avoiding you.


Having fun?

She totally deserves it.

Damn it!

The number is not in service...

Come on...

Dad wanted me to give you this.


Don't call me that!


Don't touch me, don't move and don't even breathe!


I mean, Reporter Ms. Oh Su-kyung...

The washroom...

What the hell did you eat?

It's not me, it's your apartment.

You said so!

You said they're coming this time!

It's not fair that I've never seen my siblings all my life!

If they can't come, why not go see them?

Let's go to Seoul, and take a family photo!

You must be so happy to be meeting your siblings!

We'll take a family photo too!

Is that so?

Dad? Dad?


Dad! Dad!

Please wake up!


I'm sorry...

No, dad!

I'll never ask to go to Seoul! I'm so sorry.

Please get up! I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, my son.

Come out.

Whether I'm home or not, if you cross this line, you're dead.

Doesn't it drive you nuts...

Sorry, let me try that again.

Doesn't it drive you nuts that I'm seeing another man?

Don't you have pride?

Snap out of it!

Does love feed you?!

That's enough.

Could you try dancing?

Sure, I'm pretty good at it.


They asked me to come and made me feel like shit!

Su-kyung Why is she calling me all day?

I should pay her and shut her up.

It's not about the money so answer the damn phone!


Where does that bastard Sung-ho live?

Why all of sudden?

How's the kid doing?

Did you two plan this? And hid him in my car?

No, of course not. I tried to stop him.


So you know or not?

I don't know.

But you lived with him!

That was in high school.

I was kicked out when he got scammed, now I live alone.

What's the bastard's wife's number?

I don't know.

What exactly do you know? No number, no address!

Don't you get it?

We're not family, we just share the last name.

We never keep in touch and live separate lives.

I understand you're angry, but who else will look after the kid?

And I know this is bad timing but, can you help pay my card debt?

If you get his address, I'll pay off your debt.

You can do it!

You can do it!

You can do it!

Don't run, children.

What a piece of shit!

This belongs in a chop shop!

Why're you keep calling me?

If you keep ignoring me, I'll give Su-kyung your address.

She called? What about?

She sounded mad as hell.

I wonder if I should tell her, I'm really torn.

You know how well I keep secrets.

Give me 500,000 won.

How much did you deal with her?

Wait, that bastard.


Did you just swear at me?

Damn it...

That bastard...


Come over here!

I'll call you later, babe. Stop!

Stop right there!

Sung-ho, bro!

Stop, you jerk!

If I ever catch you, I'll kill you.

I can't do this anymore.

The union's having a rally later, shouldn't we check it out?

I feel bad about never attending one of those.

What the hell for?

If we voice our concerns, do you think the boss will apologize and step down?

Hunger protest and whatnot, they won't bat an eye.

Bon appetit.

Look, it's LBS' Kang Min-hyuk.

After his dismissal, he moved to LBS, and began digging dirt on us.

He's after our boss and the board of directors, he wants to wipe them out.

He's coming, he's coming.

Good afternoon.

I heard about your father's passing.


My condolences. I should've been there.

Your father passed away?


Why didn't you tell me?

You know Kang? Yeah.

How do you know him? Ex-colleague?


You were married?

And got divorced.

It's really hot in here.

Do you know what kind of that money was?

My wife, you shit head!

She cleaned other kids' shit to earn that money!

Sung-ho, I'm really sorry.

I'm too ashamed to face your wife, or your father for that matter.

You won't have to face my dad, bastard.

We had his funeral recently.

What in the world? He passed away?

He was coming up here with a brother I never knew, and got into an accident.

What's with the brother?

Don't know.

And he's alive?

You want a 11-year old to die then?

He's alive and well.

He is?

Let's drink.

Damn you.

Ma'am, another bottle please!

From an award to NYC gig, are you in someone's good grace?

Come on, that's nonsense.

It's just luck.

Are you all free tonight? I'll treat you a fancy dinner!

But what about Su-kyung?

I think she made plans to go to NYC.

She thought going to rallies would impact her promotion.


I didn't take a single day off in 10 years and worked my ass off.

So you got an Attendance Award and even a pair of sneakers.

I brought you exclusive daycare assault case, Hongdae drug case, and put you in that seat, am I wrong?

So I bought you steak dinner, Korean beef, no less.

With God and Buddha's help, you said you'd fend off anyone taking that gig!

If it involved God and Buddha, I'd have prayed against it.


Damn it, that's enough!

The CEO has her back!

The CEO?

Dad was right, girls are nastier than boys.

What are you doing?

Can't you see? I'm staring at the wall.

Who told you clean?

I ordered you to stay here, did I not?

This place was so nasty so I cleaned it and stayed in here.

I went to the toilet twice. Didn't even poop though.

Where did you toss my clothes that were here?


Did you eat yet?


Are you messing with me?

Who gave you permission to do laundry, clean and cook?

You think I'd want to keep you if you did all that?

That's not it at all...

Listen, kid.

If I tell you not to do something, don't.

Dirty house and not eating are all my choices.

Stay in that damn room and plant your butt!

I bought it on the way.

I know you love juice.

Dang, this is a nice place.



Looks like you finally came around.

Cleaning after yourself for once.

Nak, come here.

No, no, no.

Go pack up, hurry.

Go on!

What the hell are you up to?

Listen now, baby sister.

I'm going to raise Nak.

Why? Because I'm the patriarch.

We're barely making ends meet, and you bring an extra mouth?

We get compensated if he's deemed disabled.

He'll get it until he's an adult, and it'll be more than pension.

At the very least, it could help the twins too.

But he's not disabled, he's not even injured!

He's fine on the outside, but what about inside?

What was that called... Yeah, trauma.

Post traumatic disorder or something!

You sure?

Don't you trust me at all?

That's why I don't trust you!

I understand why you wouldn't, but this is the real deal.

This is pretty common!

Are you really sure?

I really am.

I'll apply tomorrow, and once he's diagnosed, we're all set for life!

For life!

Fish soup is in the pan, heat it slightly.

Can you do this well?

Of course!


This is my friend, Yong-chul.

Hello, I'm Nak.

So you're Nak.

What a handsome boy.

I don't think you two are related.

But there is a resemblance.

How did it go?

I pulled every favor I have to get it done.

Where's the love?

Come on.

You better not be pulling my leg.

I'm Lee Yong-chul, you don't trust me?

That's why I don't trust you.

Should I pull the plug?

Don't throw that...

Let's see. Good.


Are you expecting your wife? Yeah.

I'm gonna take off, okay.

Stay for a meal.

My guilty conscience won't let me face her.

I'm off, good luck!

Isn't that Lee Yong-chul?


That man just now.

Why'd he be here?

I was too preoccupied during the funeral, but the accident must've caused a lot of mental shock.

From the scan, there's nothing wrong with him.

But mental symptoms don't show up on any scans.

It ultimately leaves him with grief and trauma.

Look at him.

Are his eyes normal?

He hasn't eaten anything in days.

Was the burger delicious?



Actually, Yong-chul sent us.

Sanchung High Lee Yong-chul. I also graduated there.

Doctor, please do us this favor! Sanchung's the bomb!

I think you're mistaken.

I'm went to Seoul Middle, Seoul High, Seoul U.

Don't joke around.

You must've transferred.

That's enough.

Remember our school song?

♪ Receiving the spirit of Mt. Jiri, ♪ ♪ we are the children of Sanchung! ♪ It's the truth, doctor!

I get constant headaches, I can't sleep, I'm so scared of the bus that my eyes flip out!

Would a child lie?

Look at his eyes.

He's mentally unstable!

Enough! Come back!

Don't go full retard! Please leave.

When I saw you enduring your wife's beating, I knew the patriarch of the family would be different.

Patriarch my ass...

I got no money, and get scammed...

Time, date, and location.

What are you doing?

Gramps next door taught me.

You were born on August 2, 1974, yes?

Yeah, so?

All your troubles are behind you now, happiness and fortune are the only things left for you.

Is that so?

You're quite something.

Can you read mine too?

What's your date and time of birth?

April 12, 1944, 10 PM.

April 10, 1944, 10 PM...

Wifey: Come home alone.

Time, date...

That must have hurt. You didn't cry?

Know what that is?

Sure, dad told me, if you weren't injured, you coulda won gold at Olympics.

Dad said that?


Could I stop now?

Keep going.

Your skin will come off.

It's okay, keep going.

Brother, I have a favor to ask.

Is this it?

The Olympic selection games, where you won every game?!

So fitting for the Olympics, it's so big and epic!

Let's get going.

Why did you lose the final match?

Isn't it obvious? I wasn't good enough.

Is it because dad took bribes from the opponent?

Who said that?

The town leader.

Dad kept silent, and smoked, isn't that right?

Stop saying shit, you idiot!

Are you happy now?

Where is she going with the boss?

This could be interesting. Maybe they'll even lock arms.

And they do.

My spidey senses are tingling. Something indecent.

A mistress wouldn't do that out in the open.

Girls nowadays go all-out.

They're exploiting people's doubt.

Are we going somewhere?

Let's see where they go.

Could be a restaurant, or a motel.

No way, that's illegal!

Let's go.


Who's that?

She's banging 2 guys in a day?

Isn't that Councilor Kim Jong-do?

Who's that?

Kim Jong-do?

Kim Jong-do...

It's me.

Let me ask you something.

A girl may be involved with Kim Jong-do and Moon.

Remember Kim Hee-su from the station?

Young and pretty.

Right, Kim Hee-su.

She's Kim Jong-do's daughter, an illegitimate one.

She's born with diamond spoon in her mouth.

What are you doing?

I firing up some dry squid for you to eat with.

Stop fooling around and go back in.

You haven't eaten anything.

You need something in your tummy.

And blow off some steam too.

Where did you learn to cook?

By watching dad cook.

I made hangover soup for him all the time.

Eat my pollack soup in the morning.

You didn't eat any last time.

And the laundry?

You clean and even cook.

Did that man you call dad took you in as a slave?

No, I did it because I liked it.

I would've gotten in trouble had he seen me.

He said boys shouldn't do chores.

He wouldn't let me near the kitchen.


I'll do whatever you ask, don't send me to the orphanage.

The victim's family won't settle, so please go home.

Who's the victim?

He barged in our home and threatened us to pay back the debt!

Let's talk outside.


His athletic career is over, and can't coach because of you!

Don't just sit there, say something!

Could you go outside?

Sweetie, you got any money saved up?

It'd be terrible if he gets arrested.

Yes, sir.

Is Oh Mang-dal your father?

His creditors applied for seizure of your salary.

Sis, what are you doing out here?

Go inside.


Do you hate dad that much?

I'm warning you, if you bring up dad one more time...

Do you know what he talked about the most?

“I'm so sorry about Su-kyung.


My eldest daughter...” Like hell.

He didn't worry about Sung-ho or Ju-mi, but whenever he talked about you, he teared up...

You got a motor mouth. Why do you talk so much?!

Go to your room!

I gotta get it out to forget.

I'm still a kid, I just turned 11.

And dad passed away not too long ago.

Your station I saw on TV?

It's so big and epic!

Aren't you going to show me around?

What you saw on the way in is it.

See that sign says 'Library'?

Go and stay there.

There's a library inside the station?

But I'm not a library type.

How about an orphanage type?

No, I'll go.

How long should I stay there?

Until I come back.

If you wander around, straight to the orphanage.

Got it!

Councilor Kim Jong-do, running for party leader

It's a bribe, Su-kyung.

What bribe?

I know you're mad about it.

About what? The NYC gig, I applied for it, but I didn't think I'd get it.

I'm sorry.

Most qualified person gets to go.

The decision can also be reversed.

I heard your father is a city councilor.

Thanks for the coffee.

I thought he only had a son.

Stand up.

Stand up straight!

Is it your fault or not?

Why're you crying?!

You don't deserve to cry! What are you doing?!

Tell me!


Who is he? I'm sorry!

Is anyone doing crowd control?

Let's go.

What's going on here?

A girl is getting beaten up, and you're just gonna watch?

Get him outta here!

This is a shoot.

Shoot? Yes.

Let's go, kid.

Did you know Hee-su is Kim Jong-do's illegitimate child?

So what?

Gonna leak that to the tabloids?

Kim Hee-su is the bridge that connects our CEO to Councilor Kim!

That's an assumption, not evidence!

One can't get an overseas gig by sniffing a potential scandal.

You'll need irrefutable evidence.

I can start gathering that.

You hate Hee-su going to NYC that badly?

Do you love the fact that Moon has the CEO seat?

Will you retire as a station chief?

Say what?

Do you know what the union is demanding now?

They want Moon to step down, and put someone who worked up from the bottom... fill that spot and make a democratic station!

So what?

You wanna blow the whistle? What do you propose?

How can I convince you?

Isn't she pretty?

Yeah, so pretty.

Are you new here?

Should I show you around?



Where did she go? What about the daycare?

Chief, what do you want to do?

Make a decision.

I'm gonna do it, don't pull out later.

Go ahead.

Grab a weapon if you're gonna go on the offensive!

It's me, Councilor.

Since you provided the opportunity, I told her to give it her best.

Overseas correspondent and Congress aide are oceans apart.

Marriage? It'd be my honor.

So we'd be in-laws then?

Of course, right.

Let's have dinner soon. Take care.

Mr. Moon.

Se-byul is shooting on the set downstairs.

Yeah? Let them know I'm coming down.

Yes, sir.

Did you put honey on your lips?

Something smells so sweet.

Se-byul, where are you?

Hi, mom.

Did you run away from the set again?

- Where are you? Isn't that...

Isn't that a watch?

Come here, you jerk!

Sis! Come here!

I didn't mean to! Why are you in there!

This is your last warning.

If you don't listen to me, then I'll...

I'll walk there myself, the orphanage.

Yes, chief.

It'd be easier than checking up on Kim.

Could you look into his whereabouts?

The party nomination is upcoming, everyone will be on the edge.

Yes, I understand.

Who exactly is Councilor Kim?

Stop being nosy and eat, wipe your mouth too!

I overheard that man's call with Councilor Kim.

That man?

The man who works in that office.

How long did they talk?

Did they sound friendly? Remember what he said?

Are you absolutely sure about it?

About what?

What you heard in that office! That they'll be in-laws.

I'm sure!

Something about marriage and in-laws and stuff, and having dinner soon.

By the way, sis, have you heard of 'All Kinds of Family'?

Don't know, maybe I've heard about it.

An actress from that drama could be your boss' daughter.

How do you know that?

I think her name is Se-byul.


She asked me if I put honey on my lips.

Because I smelled sweet.

I guess I'm a popular type among Seoul girls.


There, run alongside her.

Hi, Se-byul!



Can you slow down?

Morning, Mr. Moon.

I'm Oh Su-kyung from the newsroom.

You live around here? You must really like jogging.

How come I've never seen you around?

We started not too long ago.

Since you're greeting me, you must not be one of the union idiots...

...who go on rallies everyday.

Of course not.

I wonder how much those reporters who want my neck...

...contributed to the democracy of broadcasting.

It's about keeping the status quo, no?

I agree, sir.

Jogging in the morning, having clear eyes...

You won't retire as a frontline reporter, I can tell.

Do you live here too?

No, sir.

We live 2 blocks away.

Good day, sir.

Say bye, Nak.

Good bye, sir. Bye.

And bye to Se-byul.

Bye. Bye, Nak!

Take care. Bye, sir.

Let's go. Dad?

I'm going to the mall with mom, could I get some new Lego?

Of course!

Se-byul's here.

What would you like?

That one.

Se-byul, hi!

We meet again.


You are?

Hello, I'm BTS reporter Oh Su-kyung.

I work for Mr. Moon.

I think I saw you on TV.

But how do you know my daughter?

Everyone in Korea knows Se-byul.

And she's a friend of my brother.

Your brother?

Nak, say hello.

My parents were lovebirds like you and your husband.

Is that so?

Nak, you should pick one too.

Since you got everything, there's nothing you want?

He loves Lego too.

You love it too? Do you have Frozen Castle?

Of course he does! Right?

Thank you so much, see you.

We take a bus up front.

#22 bus goes to Woosung apartment.

You didn't bring your car?

No, it's being serviced.

#22 bus drives past your apartment.

And we get off one stop after that.

If it's the same way, I can drop you off.

You'll build Lego when we get home, right?

You build it immediately, isn't that what you do?

Nak, do you want to make it together?

I heard you son went to Harvard.

Yes, he'll fly in soon and become a Congress aide.

How old is he?

26 now.

A monkey zodiac is better off as a scholar than a politician, since he'll never be happy in one place.

Go play with Se-byul, and stop fooling around.

He could go far as a scholar, but he'd be perfect as an artist.

He has great artistic potential.

How did you know that?

His birthday was marked on the calendar.

Madame, Mr. Moon called, he'd like you to come down with his things.

I apologize, he has me running an errand.

Not at all, ma'am.

We had our tea.

We'll be on our way.

Why don't you join us for dinner tomorrow?


Will you read my fortune too?

Of course!

We'll be back tomorrow, so stay sharp.

What's with you?

Aren't you happy about dinner with Se-byul?

I'm not gonna go.

Why not?

I've been wearing same clothes for 3 days.

And I don't know how to build Lego.

She didn't say anything, but I really stink.

You do stink...

Practice with these, and become her friend.

Sis, I think I'm too old to play with these.

Shut it.

Since Se-byul is into it, start practicing.

What are you doing here?

Sis, you know what a smart watch is?

What about it?

Se-byul talks to her mom and dad with it.


If I have one of those, she and I could become friends.


Se-byul? It's me, Nak.

Where are you?

Is your dad home?

You're a piece of work today.

Come here.

Smart watch or whatever must be expensive.


I'm not even in middle school, how do I make money to buy it?

If I had one, I could be Se-byul's best friend, and do whatever you ask.

I'm not saying you should buy it.

Can you do it? Yup.

Can you really do it? Yup.

If you slip, we're both dead.



That scared me.

By the way, what do you really want? What are you after?

You sure do talk a lot.

Just do what I tell you.

Sis, I have a wish.

What is it?

Let's take a family photo.

Fine, but only after you get this done.

Really? You promised!

Is Mr. Moon always late?

Home is a place he stops by.

Today too?

If he doesn't call, then probably.

Nak, wanna play games in my room?

I don't go to a girl's room, maybe your dad's office?

Dad's office?

I want to get a look at a TV station boss' office.

If I absorb his energy, I could become a great man.


Then come with me.

Mom, washroom!

What are you doing?


Did you go inside?

We were gonna, but it's locked.


I managed to toss it in...


Through the crack under the door...

Through the crack?


Damn it...

What are you doing?

I dropped something on the floor.

Se-byul, dad's home!


I'm home, sweetie.

Welcome home. Evening, honey.

Had fun today? Yup.

Go buy some time.


Where's Ms. Oh?

Ms. Oh?

Oh Su-kyung came by.

She's in the bathroom, taking a poop.

No, she was in the office.

Dang it!

What's going on here?

What happened?


Wake up! Are you okay?

Sis! Wake up!


Oh no, I think she passed out!


Su-kyung! Hey!

She flinched, slap her some more.

Su-kyung! Sis!

Wake up!

Get me cold water! Anything cold!

And call 911!

Su-kyung! Hey!

A woman passed out!

I think she's having a seizure!

Honey, make her comfortable.

What do you mean? Strip her!

Take her bra off, and belt and pants too!

Hold still!

I'm okay!

Su-kyung, are you okay?


I said I'm okay!

You sure you don't need to go to ER?

It's alright, boss.

You could drop us off here.

It's fine, I'll take you to your place.



When did you arrive? You could've come in.

You still ride scooter?

Don't nag, not like you help pay for gas.


What happened?

He's dead to me.

Toss him or keep him, it's up to you.

Su-kyung! What's going on?!

How can I raise a child?



Since she gave me money, I'll look after you.

But I don't know what to do with you!

Isn't today a holiday?

Holidays are the busiest.

Sis, aren't you tired?

I am.

Eat this.

I really like how you work.

Better than your sister.

No way, boss.

Call him 'chef'.

Here's your pay for the day, come by any time.

It's really okay...

Take it.

Thank you! Sure.

I may live through this life as a part-timer.

Why not get a real job?

You think I don't want that?

Honestly, I don't know what I should be doing.

Why not?

Don't know.

I'm starving, so no more questions.

Why didn't you eat it? Not hungry?

You didn't eat anything either.

We're almost done.

After work, I'll make you ramen.

Let's eat rice instead!

I ate nothing but pizza and burger here, I feel sick.

I'll cook for you.

You will? You'll make dinner?

What is she saying?

What's going on?

It's my boy's birthday, I was stuck at work till now.

I'm sorry, but all our chefs left for the night.

What did she say?

Could you make some pasta?

If chef finds out...

Tell her we can't. I'm done for the day!

Can't you make it yourself?

I'm just a part-timer!

Can't you just make it? You saw how it was made.

Cooking is no joke!

Just do it! Making pasta is easy!

Cook the noodles and pour sauce over it!

When I saw them eat my food, I had an electrifying sensation.

Seeing them enjoy something I created… I think I found my calling.

I'll take cooking classes and become a chef and go on TV!

Can I be honest?

The noodle you made was not edible.

I saw the kid spit it out!

He ate it because he felt bad.

He's no idiot!

It was that bad?

Instead of cooking, find something else.

Like what?

What else?

When they made this, I'd wake up from my sleep.

We would play rock, paper and scissors and the winner would eat a spoonful!

We fought so much then, but we had camaraderie.

So what happened?


There's no camaraderie, and you fight all the time.

I know.

It's because you don't talk to each other!

You have to let it all out when you're frustrated.

What do you know, you little brat.

What happened between you and Su-kyung?

I made a mistake, and messed up her work.

How could a cutie like you mess up so badly?

Know how to use that? Can you use it?

Su-kyung bought it for me.

I can't make calls yet.

She said she'd activate it if things worked out...

I'll do it for you.

Press the talk button.


Nak, come in, over!

It's got walkie-talkie function, so we can chat like this.

You try it.

Hello? Hello?

Chief, have you read it?

What is this?

This is pure speculative. What about the recording?

You got nothing to support your claim!

We could use this article to stir up the pot for now.

Sis, what was that thing you did at the restaurant?

Huh? Sign language?

That's sign language? When did you learn that?

Didn't you know mom was a mute?


I've never seen mom...

Just mentioning her makes me miss her.

When I was a kid, I was ashamed of her, so ignored her when I was with my friends.

But I still wanted to make them happy though.

Don't cry, sis.

It's your fault.

Sis, can you teach me some sign language?

What for?

Just curious.

What do you want to say?

Mom, dad.

Mom, dad.

Did you buy new pants?

No way.

Bullcrap! I haven't seen those before!

No, it was stashed away and got it altered.


How much was the alteration?

He asked for 20,000 won, but I gave him 15,000 won.

15,000 won?

That'll buy them 2 dresses, look at their scruffy clothes!

New clothes are wasted on you!

Dad, make me soy sauce mixed rice!

With butter! Me too!

How do you know about that?

Uncle made it for us! He said you liked it too.



Let's help Su-kyung just once.

How can we help her?

Whatever it takes!

You said so yourself, you all had camaraderie.

So how do we help?

We gotta make a recording.

I'm busy today, so next time...


Next time.


Why'd he just disappear?

If I knew, why'd I call you?

Do you know where he could be?

He wanted to help Su-kyung but I told him I was too busy.

So I'm heading over to her place.


How does he know where to go?

She's not answering?

No, that's why I'm going.

Can't you help too?

Mr. Patriarch?

Shit, you're pissing me off.

Mister. Yes?

Did you say a bad word?

No, I didn't say it to you.

Mister, you just said 'shit'.

No, no, I did a bad thing!

Sorry, I'm sorry!


What now?

Went to make a recording? Where?

Nak, where are you?

Ju-mi, is that you?

Does this work?

Right now I'm near...

...really tall buildings.

I'm sure this is it.

But where's the entrance?


Isn't this the TV station boss' car, right?

Who are you, kid?

Se-byul's friend?

What's he doing there?

Dang it...


What are you doing?


I got an offsite meeting, so I'll see you back.

I'll drive you, sir. No, I'll drive.

I feel like driving, give me the key.


Su-kyung, where are you?

A new minivan?

It's not mine.

I got a job as a driver at my wife's kindergarten.

Very nice!

Did you talk to Su-kyung? Where is she?

Tallest building around here. Why there?

I don't know, Nak's in a car or something.

What's going on?

What's that?

She should've bought him a watch that's activated.

Come on...

Isn't that Nak?


That's him, right? Why is he in there?

Is he kidnapped?

Is he taken?

And that's Su-kyung's car.

Douchebag What?

Is Nak kidnapped?

What're you talking about? Where are you?

- Behind you. What?


Judging from your voice, I can tell you're upset.

The nomination's gone, wouldn't you be upset?

This is breach of our agreement!

Do you think KS Group's contribution only went to you?

Should I make that list public to the Congress?

I wasn't the only one who took that money.

I know you pocketed over 500 million won.

By the way, isn't Kim Hee-su's mother Miss Korea Suh?

You're crossing the line!

Who are you?

Good afternoon, sir.

I'm Se-byul's friend...

Why are you in my car?

I had something urgent to take care of.

I'll get off now.


Are you really making a recording? What kind?

Give me that!

Hand it over!




I made a recording!


Sis! Help me!

It's locked!



Sung-ho! What are you doing?!

It's red light.

Stop at all red lights, drive under speed limit!

How are we gonna catch up to them?!

This is a kindergarten bus!

Move. What?

I'll drive. It's all busted!

Okay, I'm busy, so give me your number.

You should be giving me your card.


Can you go easy? Shut it!

Nak, you idiot! Sung-ho!

Why are you in there?!

Stop the car! Stop it!

Who are these crazies?

Brother! Kidnapper!

Stop the car, you bastard!

Nak! Sung-ho!

Where did you learn to drive?!

Get out!

Where's the recorder?

Where is it?


Give it to me!

Ms. Oh, what are you doing?

And what are you doing to this child?

What could be recorded on this?



Don't hurt my sister!

Don't hurt her!




Who is he?

Who are you?

Why are you kidnapping kids?!

That's enough!

When you get to the station, prepare a resignation letter.

Illegal recording and family instigated assault.

Is this your tacky investigation method?

Are you okay?

I'm so sick of you all.

What did that bastard mean?

That man is the CEO of my TV station.


What the hell did I do wrong? Why're you doing this to me!

Why are you all ruining everything that I do?!

Please piss off, please!


Everything's your fault, you call yourself my brother?

You're another addition to this pathetic family.

We're better off strangers.

If we weren't related, we'd be better off!

Sis, I'm sorry.

Go away.

Hey, hey!


Get out of the way! Just piss off!

Do you even know what you just did?

You better put together some settlement money.

You got money?

Do I have to pay for you again?

You shrew...

Hit me, go on!

Crazy bastard!

Hey, stop!

Why are you so wound up?

If you don't leave, I'm calling the cops.

Go on, call them!

Yes, chief.

What the hell did you do to piss off the boss?

What did I tell you?

I said to go after the fact!

Stay away from here for a while.

Answer me!

Yes, sir.


That brat.

Dude, I'm starving.

All 3 of you are the same.

Drinking like a fish and so dirty.

Stop drinking!

Ju-mi, seriously!

What's going on here?

That was a long ass nap.

We heard you snoring from out here.

Feeling better?

Since the 3 of us are here, let's have a drink.

Not 3, but 4!

Sit, let's drink.

I don't remember if I ever poured you a drink.

Come, Ms. Oh.

Take a drink.



Damn, you can drink.


Very good, very good.

When the 3 of us became one to chase after the kidnapper, it felt exhilarating.

When you punched that bastard, it felt so good.

Not a kidnapper, it was her boss.

Semantics! I was reminded of the good old days.

When you were bullied at school, he'd wipe the floor with them.

And mom cleared things up afterwards.

The settlement we paid off would've paid for your college.

I'm sorry.

I didn't go to college because of money, I wasn't smart enough.

It's not like you went to college because you had money.

It's not too late to go to broadcast college. I'll pay.

Instead of tuition, how about rent?

Do you want to die?


You got divorced because of me...


Because I asked Kang to be my guarantor.

One of million reasons.

I couldn't handle the shame anymore.

I worked as a tutor during college to cover my tuition and send money home too.

I worked so hard for 10 years, and half of my salary went to pay off dad's debt.

When that was all paid off...

I felt empty somehow.

I know it was wrong of me to shun dad, but I wanted to go abroad so that I had a reason to avoid him.

Who's the kid, you know, right?

Know what?

Look at his face.

He looks exactly like them, dad didn't adopt him.

What happened?

What are you talking about?

Tell us everything you know.

When mom was sick and hospitalized, she said she was pregnant with him.

I first thought it was a lie.

Mom was nearing 50, how could she have a kid?

Mom and dad said not to tell a soul about it.

They didn't want to burden you.

Are you nuts? How could you not mention it!

We weren't even keeping in touch then!

Dad was being chased by the loansharks, and we were all scattered, pretending not to be family.

Fine, so what now?


What do we do with him?

Isn't it obvious? You're the only one.

Didn't you see the shitstorm? I'm about to be sacked!

Your thoughts, Sung-ho?

How could you be so cold! This isn't his fault!


I'll take Nak to the orphanage.


Let's think realistically.

There's no other way.

When things improve, I'll bring him back.

You could have had something better.

No, this is better than anything in the world.


Sung-ho, Ju-mi, don't worry.

My fortune says my luck's down this year.

But once it passes, I'll be okay, so don't worry.



Wait there for a little while, I'll come get you soon.

How long?

I was just saying.

Dad wanted you to have it.

Su-kyung, I'm so silly.

Having a child at my age.

Do you see him? It's your brother.

His name is Oh Nak.

I know it's difficult for you.

I know you resent us very much.

We've given you nothing but burden.

Your father always gets into trouble, and Sung-ho is too kind and scammed easily.

I know you have it tough.

You pretend nothing bothers you, but I know how hard it is to pay off dad's debt and send us money.

That's why I couldn't say anything.

I didn't want a late baby to be another burden.

I just couldn't do it.

I'm sorry for being so pitiful.

I don't think I have much time left.

But I leave you with this angel, so when you, Sung-ho, Ju-mi...

...are all settled, please take good care of my little baby.

Su-kyung, I'm so sorry...

Thank you so much for looking after me.

I took some photos of you all with this.

We look different, but also very similar.

But only after you get this done.

Really? You promised!

Right now I'm near really tall buildings.

Kindergarten Bus Downtown Chase I wasn't driving that myself...

What happened was...

Wanna see it again?

If this gets on the news, do you know what'll happen?

I'm sorry, I really am.

If you forgive me... Get the hell out!

So? What happened?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm fired.

Good job! Our twins will be kicked to the curve!

What do we do?!

Be quiet.

Why did you have to do that?

What is it now?

Who is it?

Yeah? What is it?

Where's Nak? Which orphanage?

Yongin area.

Hey, Oh Sung-ho!

What now?

Open this.

Did you take it again?! I'm penniless!

You only had three 10,000 won bills. Just open it!

Thanks for looking after me. It's a small thank you gift.

Soon-im. What?

I'm really sorry, but I've had enough.

I'm always blaming others and being so incompetent, but trust me just this once.

So long as I'm alive, I'll take care of my family.

And I need to take care of my little brother too.

Fine, do it.

The twins are asking for him too.

Uncle, or whatever.

Don't drive so recklessly!

Nak disappeared?

He was gone after you left, so I thought he went with you?

This happens every so often. Guardians change their minds...

Why'd I drop him off in the first place?!

Nak's gone?

What happened?

Do you have a photo of him?

Yes, I got one.

Wait, he's a big boy.

Amber Alert is designated for small children.

But my brother is...

Well, he's not all there.

He looks big, but not mentally.

Mentally challenged? Yes.

Bullcrap, he's just fine...

Where are you, Nak?


Hello? Who is it?

Are you looking for a child?

Where's Nak? Where's my brother?!

Well, the thing is, I had him...

He looks the same but he wasn't retarded.

Why did you have him?! Did you kidnap him?!

What do you want?

Well, he was stealing my customers!

This is a really rare line.


How long will you stay here?

I need to make a little bit more.

Sorry about that.

How much was that bus fare?

I took pity on him and gave him 20,000 won!

The ticket was 18,000 won, he didn't give me back 2,000 won!

- He just took off! Who are you?

Where's my brother, bastard!

Don't call me a bastard!

Could you calm down? Where's Nak?


How dare he go there alone?

Wait till I get my hands on him!

What will you do?

Isn't it obvious? Break his legs!

If you break even his nails, I'll kill you.

You got no right to say that.

Su-kyung! Watch out!

Take it easy!

If you don't keep your mouth shut, I'll kill you!

Dad, mom.

I'm back.

My brother and sisters were so kind to me.

Sung-ho bought me a burger and a cap too.

Su-kyung got me a watch and so many delicious things.

Ju-mi and I made mixed rice and had chocolate bar too.

Oh yeah, mom!

I didn't know you couldn't hear.

I prayed every night to see you in my dreams, but you didn't hear it, right?

Is that why you never showed up?

I hated you so much for that.

So I learned sign language from Ju-mi.

I... mom.

I miss you.

Come see me in my dreams.

I'm good, aren't I?

Now you have no excuse.


Sorry for meeting them by myself.

Sorry that I had so much fun alone.

I'm sorry!

Because I begged you to go to Seoul...

Dad died...

And mom died while giving birth to me...

I ruined Su-kyung's work...

It's my fault...

Idiot, why's that your fault?

It's not your fault!


Come here!

I'm not going to the orphanage!

Can't I live by myself near mom and dad?

I can cook and do laundry, I can do everything by myself!

Please, let me live here!

I'll never go to the orphanage!

Only the orphans live there!


I'm so sorry.



...really sorry.

I'm so sorry.

The sky here is always stunning.

Night sky is better.

And steal watermelons in the summer too.


Dad was so good at stealing watermelon.

Why are you all suddenly using Southern dialect?

He really was really good at that though.

It's not like you to mention dad.

I miss the orchard and the hut too.

Yeah, I really loved that place.

Don't worry, I'll build an orchard and a hut for you.

During our lifetime?

But we do have an orchard and a hut.

What? Seriously?


Over there.

Nak, all this is ours?

Of course.

Dad bought this land to show it to you all.

He even built that hut himself.

Is that so?

I doubt it, maybe you got it all wrong.

Of course not.

It's so nice!

Guys, come up! Hurry!

These are really old photos.

Look at those...

I put everything on here.

Ju-mi, you got an award too?

Exemplary Award?

Every child gets one.

Warning: Flood Zone. No orchards allowed.

What are you up to?

Judging from your voice, I can tell you're upset.

This is breach of our agreement!

Do you think KS Group's contribution only went to you?

Should I make that list public...

My methods may be tacky but I get things done.

What do you want?

Tell me what you want, Ms. Oh.

NYC? Correspondence gig?

I think that's what your boss said.

I know you pocketed over 500 million won.

You're probably recording this conversation, should we all go down together?

- Do you think KS... Su-kyung?

The NYC gig may be cushy, but wrong is wrong.

Should I make that list public to the Congress?

Honestly, I'm envious of you.

No, I was envious of your father.

Born to a silver spoon, and family helping each other, I was envious of you all.

Did you hear that?

I mailed Moon's recording to everyone, so let's assault KS Group and our station, and go with an exclusive!

Moon In-tae, the CEO of BTS was cleared of suspicion...

...concerning party nomination bribery with Councilor Kim Jong-do, and was reinstated by the BTS board of directors.

BTS union is reacting negatively...

Su-kyung, I don't see you on TV anymore.

I was watching news all day.

Of course I show up.

Step down! Step down!

Are you protesting again?

Dad was so worried that you were protesting.


Can I have this?

This style is perfect for me.

You can have it, but you really think you can pull that off?

He's just being an ass.

He's hopeless.

It's mine then.

What's taking Ju-mi so long? Is she still part-timing?

She's got a full-time job!

With full benefits, she's doing better than you.

Sister-in-law, should I call her?

She probably can't answer.

In order to protect our children's health, the government is declaring war against sugar.

We've discovered that children's liquid medicine...

...contained tremendous amount of sugar.

Used for stomach ache and fever...

Ju-mi, can you stand up?

Wait, wait!

We need everyone in the family photo.


All members need to be present.

Okay, look over here.

Su-kyung, are you angry?

Take it already.


Timer rolling.


I miss mom.