My Neighbors the Yamadas (1999) Script

This is the sun, this is the moon.

This mountain is really the earth.

And this is grandma.

My, how splendid.

Hello, Mrs. Yamada.

I've never seen such a magnificent...

Yup, they're my little babies.

What species?

This is a Mino Chrysanthemum, this is...

No, I mean the caterpillar.

No idea.

Grow into a butterfly just as gaudy as that flower.


That's our grandma.

And my mother and me, Nonoko.

What am I going to make for dinner tonight?

I know, I'll go for it! Something really special!

What are we having?

We had curry last week, curry two days ago, tonight... curry!


And this is my father and my older brother.

What's the use of all this studying, Dad?

Listen, Noboru, studying is not about what's useful or not.

The studying that seems useless may turn out to be useful.

On the other hand, it might be that. studying that doesn't seem not useful may not be, but then, studying that seems useless may then be useful.

But when you really need it, it's not about useful or useless.

What are you going on about?

So I still have to study.

I get it.

If my father had been smart and really cool and my mother had been gorgeous and a great cook and our family had been rich, my whole life would've been different.

If only one of them...

Don't be ridiculous.

If we hadn't married, there'd be no you and no Nonoko.

Without the two of us, you wouldn't be here.

No, that's wrong.

If I had cooler parents, I'd just be their kid instead.

How stupid.

Don't you know about stamens and pistils?

You tell him.

You can't choose your parents.

No, I can't accept that. Something's not right.

Because I'm me, Dad's Dad and Mom's Mom.

What is that supposed to mean?

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Where am I?

Who am I?

I get it.

So, there was a time when Dad and Mom weren't married.

Takashi and Matsuko are off to a great start in their new life.

Let's give them a warm send-off.

Congratulations, Takashi and Matsuko.

I also offer warm wishes to their parents and relatives.

Now, your prospects are boundless, and you're embarking for the wide open world under billowing sails.

Life, as they say, has its ups and downs.

At times, the waves may taunt you, tossing you in their swells.

But take heart.

It's hard to stick with it and make it on your own, but even a couple of losers can survive most things if they're together.

So listen, take my advice, and have children as soon as you can.

Children are the best reason for riding out life's storms.

Nowadays people say child-rearing is challenging and difficult, but we've done it from time immemorial.

Children grow even without parents.

So hold them close to your heart as they crawl, then walk.

They'll be fine.

Children make you appreciate your own parents.

Parents may seem to do nothing but order you around, but they'll baby-sit your kids and sometimes give them toys.

Nowadays young people turn that saying about appreciating parents to their own advantage.

But I guess that's part of it too.

If things work out, you even get the real estate.

So, Matsuko and Takashi, start looking after your folks!

I hope you know the land is in my name.

Excuse me, Mother, but I built this house.

Without land, there's no house.

And we are grateful to you, but I've worked hard, too.

Your room gets the best light.

Thanks for nothing.

Of course, it does. It's on my land.

Besides, why do you always insist you built it by yourself?

I hate to contradict you, but I definitely built...

That's enough!

Both of you.

That's right! What's the point of all this bickering?

Listen to Noboru.

In the end, it'll all be mine.

And what should you fear most on this lifelong voyage?

Wild storms and rip tides?

No. Beware the calm waters when there's hardly a ripple in sight.

As long as a family holds each other tight, they can somehow weather the wildest seas.

But calm waters are another story.

The wind dies down, you sigh and relax, loosening your hold.

But take care, Matsuko and Takashi!

If you selfishly please only yourselves, you may lose each other.

You'll never see the sharks gathering around you.

And how will you guide your ship?

Without a wind or even a course?

If you row blindly, right, no, left...

No, right after all, you'll never agree.

You may even wonder why you're stuck on the same boat at all.

Your family's about to fall apart.

Turn right there!

Are you sure?

Turn left!

Right, right! No, left, left!

Which way?

Oh dear, maybe right.

Which is it?

We came so close.

Our turn!


We're taking the long way around.

You should've turned!

No, no, go straight!

No, it's that way. Are you crazy?

It's this way, Dad!

Quiet! All of you.

Nonoko's the only one who's quiet.

Wait a minute... She's not here.


Where is she?

Stop the car.

Where did we lose her?

Noboru, weren't you with her?

Yeah, while Dad and I were waiting for you.

Maybe she got bored and wandered off.

No, I remember her on the bench.

I'm so sorry.

What took you so long?

Sorry, I didn't mean to.

I could have done some shopping, too.

I wanted to look at baseball bats.

I'm sure she's still there.

It's all because you kept yelling about how late we were.

Don't blame me. You're the ones who were late.

You all got so excited, you just left poor Nonoko behind.

Like you weren't there yourself, Grandma.

We were looking for your flannel underwear!

The store will close. I'll never make it.

Stop thinking about yourself.

What if something terrible happens to Nonoko?

Something terrible?

You don't mean... kidnapped?

She's so adorable, just like me.

This is no time for jokes!

I hope she doesn't forget.

Forget what?

The PTA mantra.

"Don't talk to strangers."

That's what you teach children?

It's like saying all strangers are thieves.

Nonoko's fine. Those teeth!

Hey, cake! Gimme some!

Just one bite.


One chomp of those teeth!


Please, our daughter is about to be kidnapped!

We can't even call.

We should've called before.

I told you to buy a cellphone.

You keep quiet!

Oh, Nonoko!

Are you lost?

Huh? So, you're waiting for someone?

Who are you waiting for?

Can't you talk?

Then why don't you say anything?

I'm... I'm not supposed to talk to...

I know, "Don't talk to strangers," right?

You're very grown-up because you're careful. You can talk now.

You should hear my story.

My father and mother and grandma and brother all got lost.

Did you lose someone?

My mommy.

Your mommy?

My mommy went away.

I know. There've been a lot of missing parents lately.

But it's only your mom, you'll find her.

Excuse me, this is Toshio Kimura.

Can you please call his mom?

Oh, he's lost?

No, he's not, they were separated.


And your first name, Mr. Kimura?

-Toshio. -Toshio.

Toshio, then.

Wait here a minute, OK?

And you? Are you his sister?

No, no relation.

My whole family's lost.

Poor little, poor little lost pussy cat

Stop crying, we're here.

What? She went with her mother?

I'm her mother!

Oh, is that so?

How dare you give her to a stranger!

Maybe it wasn't her mother, but it was no stranger.

No stranger? Who could it be?

I don't know anyone...

Someone pretending to be friendly.

No, she recognized Nonoko.

That wasn't her mother!

Calm down! And then?

I'm terribly sorry.

Nonoko went off happily with someone who seemed like her mother.

Oh no! Who can it be?

Will you please page Nonoko?

Actually... they went out that exit together.

Not here.

Come on!

That's some family.

Dad, where are you racing off to?

-I'm chasing it! -What?

The car Nonoko's in!

What kind of car?

We don't even know which way it went!

She'll be fine. Nonoko knew the lady, right?

I bet she took her home.

I'm sure Noboru's right.

Sure, that must be it.

Don't be so sure. You can't trust anyone these days.


Don't you think you should notify the police?

The police!

How would we explain?

Make a full confession.


That four grown people neglected and abandoned a young girl.

Say, does Nonoko have a key?

Let's go home!




POCHI Nonoko!

Not here.

Of course not, it was locked.


Oh, thank goodness!

Thank you! Thank you so much!

Thank you! We were looking everywhere for her.

I'm so sorry for all this.

Yes, we'll be right over.

You even made her dinner!

You're so very kind. How can we possibly thank you?

They finally got home.

They're coming right over.

I'm sorry, auntie.

Oh, it's nothing.

I can't wait to hear their side of the story.

Joyful laughter breaks the silence of an autumn eve.


Look up and see the blue skies The white clouds One of these days It'll all work out

Next stop, Luncheon Court.


What did you call this stop?

Can you stand back, ma'am?

HOME ECONOMICS WIZARD Oh, dear, it started raining.

The laundry!


What's the fuss?

That's right! I'd already brought it in.

You never even hung it up!

I'm going out. Can I get you anything?

Oh! There was something.

What was it? Uhm... Uhm...

OK, then, I'm going.

It's just that... Oh, what was it?

Wait, wait, wait, wait...

What is it?

Uhm... That is... Uhm...

Why don't you just give up?

Oh! Bread!

Get it yourself!


Money, money.

I'm home.

I guess Mom's not here.

Wow, noodles.

And the water's boiling.

Great, I'll go ahead and eat them.

Oh, you're home.

You were hiding!


The bulb's out.

That's no good. Better change it.

Oh, darn... no spares.

Switch it with one you're not using.

Up we go.

I'm just borrowing it.

Ouch, it's hot.


-Me, too. -Me, too.

Me, too.

I'm busy washing the dishes. Get in here, one of you!

Rock paper scissors.

Get your cup out.

The dishes are all yours.

Mr. Tanaka says he's coming over.

What? Oh, no.

Better tidy up a little.


Hey, what are you doing?

I'll say we're spring cleaning!


It's on the kitchen table.

No, it's not.

Are you sure? I know I left it.

It isn't here.

Where did you look?

It's a manila envelope that says OKK in red.

Is this it, sir?

Oh, uh... OK. Well... if it's gone, it's gone.

-Hey. -Here.

That's 20 years of marriage for you.

I meant the paper.

When I'm done.



Can you pick up a few things?


Lettuce, cucumber, ham, light bulbs, and garbage bags.

I'll make a list.

No, I've got it.

Lettuce, cucumber, ham... light bulbs, and garbage bags, right?

I told you.

All I forgot was to buy them.

Lettuce, cucumber...

Let's see...

Make up your mind.

Have you decided?

Just hurry up.

I'll take the Shanghai Special.

Me too.

Two Shanghai Specials.

Oh, you're still here?

What do you mean, "still"?

Can't I rest on my day off?

Usually, you're off at Pachinko.

Nope, I'm giving it a rest. How about some tea?

And noodles for lunch.

Yes, dear.

Actually, make that coffee, not tea!

And the bathroom's a wreck.

Clean it up.

And when you go shopping, I need cigarettes.

What a pain in the neck!

Honey! Honey!

Where's your mother?

Out playing Pachinko.

...only one sacrifice fly in the fifth inning.

Kuwata has pitched.

And he hits it. Right where he wants it. But he's there to catch it.

And he catches it with ease. That's the third out.

The Giants will move to the offense in the bottom of the eighth inning with one out.

Tonight's program will be extended...

My program's about to start.

In the top of the eighth inning, Kuwata really showed his skills.

As a pitcher, he is a brilliant defense player.

He really is.

It's not over.

But I was looking forward to it.


It's a movie!

Now nobody can watch.

This is much more fun.

I win!

Hey, Noboru.

Wanna play catch?



Wait, the dad's supposed to be the catcher.

Give me a break.

OK, this signal is for a curveball, this is for a fastball, and this is for a slider.

Give me a break.

Two outs, bases loaded, you're the relief pitcher.

I'm the starting pitcher type.

Give me a break!

Are you nuts?

The team never even lets you pitch.

That's why I want to start now.

I see. OK, let's see this starting pitcher pitch.

It's still two outs, bases loaded.


OK, pitch.


What are you listening to?

Listening over and over will improve my English.

It's not that easy.

In my experience...




Repetition just doesn't work.

I'm not you.

How about a drop of sake?

-Sure. -But, dear...

Pretty awful, huh?

A little dry.

-What did you say? -Have you been...?



Hey, Noboru, let's play catch.


Why? It's a form of parent-child bonding.

Then it doesn't have to be catch.

I get your point, but...

We need the right setting.

Forget it. Can't be bothered.

Kids these days.

A serious generation gap.


Don't mix your rice into the soup!

It's bad manners.

Pour the soup over the rice.

Excuse me, Father...

What? Got a problem with that?

Oh, suit yourself!

See? Cement, then water.



Quit dawdling. Make a choice.

Use your chopsticks with purpose.

That's my plate.

Excuse me.

You bit it, it's yours.

Help me think of an independent study topic.

Think for yourself.

It's "independent study," right?

I know, but I'm coming up blank.

You're free to do anything?

Right, free.


Total freedom makes it tough, doesn't it?


Complete freedom...

Absolute freedom of choice...

Glorious freedom... The freedom of dreams...

But when it comes on a silver platter...

I haven't got a clue.

Now he's a philosopher.

He's probably worrying about his retirement.


The first snow!


First snow! Let's take a picture!


How childish.

Shut the door. It's cold.

Where's the camera?

In the top drawer, where else?

It's gone!

The camera's supposed to be here.

This is the best part.

A lone figure, back turned, receding into the mist.



New Year's Cards.


-Go! -Mine, mine, Mother's, Matsuko's, Nonoko's, Mother's, Matsuko's, Nonoko's, Mother's, Matsuko's, Nonoko's...

Thirty-one seconds! A new record.

Not bad.

The Thick of Winter.

Think I'll just...

Get me some cake.

Cola for me.

And tangerines.

The stove needs kerosene.

Thank you!

Spring Showers.

Can you bring my umbrella?

Your father needs his umbrella.

Why me? I'm studying.

You should go. Walk in the rain with your man.

I don't have the energy.

Noboru! You go, please.

Make Nonoko go.

Forget it! I'll buy one.

Pick up some pork.


A spring shower, dressed for rain, talking as they go.


Strange... Where's Noboru's sock?

Nonoko's pajamas and Dad's towel?

Pajamas? Socks?

And his towel.

Hey, wait...

This means...

I knew it!

The Black Hole!

THE PERFECT COMBO Maybe we'll order sushi in for dinner.

Oh, what a waste of money! I'll make the sushi.

Just as I hoped.

Say, Mother...

Sushi's not interesting. I thought I'd go gourmet.

I see. So, what is it?

Beef Stroganoga...

Don't cook what you can't spell.

Well, excuse me!

It's Beef Stroganoff, right?

You knew all along.

I know very well.

Beef Stroganoga is just the Strogaffgaff of beef.

Whatever, just make it.

Darn. I was really counting on sushi.

No good. I screwed it up. Order the sushi.


Wow, miso soup, fried egg, and seaweed.

A real Japanese breakfast.

Well, actually...

Nonoko's leftovers?

Yesterday's soup?

Extra seaweed from lunch?


Today's your lucky day.


Take care.


When's lunch, Matsuko?

What are you talking about? We just ate.

You're too young to be senile.

Are you sure?

The noodles, a few... Oops!

I ate them all myself.


-What's for dinner? -Shabu shabu.

We have it all the time.

Shabu shabu's perfect for winter.

OK, help yourselves.

This way, she doesn't have to cook.

Cold noodles for lunch again?

That's what we had yesterday!

And the day before.

That doesn't make sense!

And again tomorrow!?

Noodles! What else?

Lots of free ginger in the garden to go with it.


The ginger's good in miso soup.

Yes, though they do say it makes you forgetful.

Oh, dear. He left his bag.

He's bound to notice. He can't be that dumb.

-Right. -Oh, no, I forgot...

to take off my pajamas!

I'm off.


Have a nice day.

I'm off.

My shoes!

Mom, look!


What's all the fuss?

My train!

I'll be late!

Be careful.

I'm off to school.

Off you go.

Can't even close the door behind them.

What's this?

Oh, Nonoko forgot her lunch.

She needs it by noon?

Sure, but...

Fine, I'll take it to her when I go shopping.

That'll really be a help.

I'm off.

OK. Thank you.

What's this?

Oh, no, she's forgotten her purse and everything.

She'll be back.

Watch the house, OK?

Oh no! I left the kettle on.

POCHI Mrs. Yamada, delivery!

Are they out?

No, they're in.

Oh, Mrs. Yamada.

Oh, I did turn it off.

Were you robbed?

Here's your package.

Oh, thank you.

Your seal?

Oh, sorry.

Let's see... Where do I keep it?

It's in the back of the second drawer.

Oh, goodness.

Always a pleasure.

Thank you.

I delivered Nonoko's lunch.

Why, Mother, I thought you were going shopping.

Oops, I forgot.

Too much ginger!



Is that Mahler?

I didn't know she was a classical music fan.


They're in full bloom.

I wonder how many more times I'll see the cherry blossoms.

Don't be silly, Mother. You're only 70.

Thirty more seasons?

Mom, will you go pay the taxes?

Leave it to me.

You hand it to the clerk, got that?

I know. Don't treat me like a child.

Oh, dear, what a terrible calamity.

POST OFFICE I'm really going senile.

Nice to see you.

Take care, bye.

I put it in the mail box!

Why, Shige. Thanks for coming to visit.

Well, I heard you were suddenly hospitalized.

You'll never believe it.

Have a seat.

You see...



See the guy visiting that patient over there?

I'm sure they're having an affair.


Are you sure?

They definitely look suspicious to me!

Suspicious, right?

This is a special room.

That notorious city councilman accused of corruption is in there now.

I occasionally come up here for a breath of fresh air.

These noodles are pretty good, right?

They are.

But the coffee's really lousy here.

By the way, why are you in the hospital?

Oh, Shige!

No sign of death's approach in the cicada's voices.


Why, Mother.

Turn on the light.

Oh, I hadn't noticed it getting dark.

Noboru! Turn off your light.

I'm not asleep!

AGE COMES MORE EASILY THAN WISDOM Five problems left. I'm so sleepy.

A hot bath will wake you up.

In you go.

-Feel better? -Yup! I'm wide awake.

OK, here goes!

Here goes. Here goes.

Here goes...

He's as limp as a noodle.

Don't give up.

In a fire, the first five minutes count. In a test, it's the last five minutes.

Time's up. Turn in your papers.



Tanaka went to the nurse's office for ten minutes!


That should be "lost time".

I'm afraid not.

Put them in the upstairs closet?


Why's Noboru studying like a demon?

His exams are over.

He did miserably.

About Noboru's tutor...

He really needs one?

He's my son, after all.

You've got a point.

But isn't it expensive?

Three hundred dollars for two sessions with a university student.


For $300, I'll teach him.

I'll teach him for $200.

Pay me $100, and I'll work harder!

This is getting us nowhere.

Fleeting dreams. An octopus making its home in a trap, a summer moon.


I'm home!


Look, chocolates!


Noboru bought chocolates!

They were a Valentine's Day present!


Gone, gone, gone!

I'm home!

Where are those cookies, Nonoko?

I ate them.

What? I got them for a girl!


No ifs, ands, or buts!

Mommy already ate half.


Damn... I forgot my umbrella.

Hey, Yamada!

Use my umbrella.

How about you?

I'll be fine.

Say, Tanaka, I forgot my umbrella!

Too bad. Don't catch a cold.



Give it back!

Not after that.

But it's mine.

Thanks for the favor.

-Give it back! -I said no!

Guess it's a rain date.

Hey, Nakamura.

Back to sock the teacher?

Don't be stupid. I came to tell him I got into college.

Wow, you made it!


No need to run from Nakamura.

Idiot! Don't believe the rumors.

Hey, Yamada, Yamashita, let's buy some dirty books.



What a coincidence.

Tragedy in Bosnia! You've got serious taste.

Well, Japan's part of a bigger world.

Can I borrow it later?

A real tragedy.

I'm home.


The textbook?


I gave you $10 for it.

I want to see it.

F1 FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL What is this?

Formula-1 Racing for Students?

It'll help my English and my geography.

You idiot!

You're the one who gave me The Power Ranger's ABC when I was three!

Noboru, there's a girl on the phone.


Oh, hello.

Oh, yeah, it's me.

Go away!

Oh, no, nothing.

Yeah, yeah, OK.

A girlfriend... with his looks?

A real girlfriend?

His face is red.

Yeah, OK.

Bye, then.

It's pounding away!

An irregular heartbeat?

Let's see.

Do you think he's upset?

You insulted him, Mother.

This, from the paragon of motherhood?


The scent of plums on a mountain path. Suddenly, dawn.



I'm home.

Welcome back.

An Autumn Night.

I'm hungry.

Anything to eat?

Coming right up.

Red bean cake or banana.

Who the hell would want to come home to bean cakes after working hard all day?

OK, a banana.

What a jerk! Who wants a banana?

Turn towards me, I'm lonely too. The Autumn dusk.


Mom's down with a cold. We'll get take-out tonight.

Seaweed-rice special.

Me too!

I'll have the salmon-rice.

How about you, Mother?

The combination special.

I'll go get it!

Not so fast!

Tempura-rice for me!



You can't do that!

What? But this is...

GATEBALL COMPETITION JULY 22ND It's empty now, but someone may put a poster up. There's an election.

But, mister...

AWA YOICHIRO This was the only thing underneath.

If it isn't old Saburo.

This is my territory.

Oh, it's you, Shige.

We might as well work together, we're volunteers.

That's your side, this is mine.

No trespassing.

Amazing, she hasn't changed a bit in 60 years.

Oh, no, I forgot to take out the garbage.

Oh, well, I'll have to sort it!

Why sort burnables?

Trash can at the station, Nonoko does the park, Noboru does the store.

You can't do that!

Why not? It's a great plan.

Off we go.

See you later.


I volunteer to clean up the park, and you dump trash there!

I'm not dumping, just using the public trash cans.

That's the problem!



Our ball fell in.

This new one or this rubber ball?

The rubber ball!

Honesty's the best policy. Don't ever lie.


Take this one too.

Wow! Thanks!

Excuse me. Our ball fell in yesterday.

But you weren't here.

Didn't see any.

I see...

I'm sure this was the house.

I beg you, please tell those boys to give him his new ball back.

Oh, poor things.

You're right, they're all wilted.

Not the flowers! The accident!

Oh, I see.

It was a motorcycle gang.

The poor guard rail.


It was the poor child's parents who suffered.

They're so loud, it has to be a motorcycle gang.

They're by the park.

They're the litterbugs!

I'll go scold them.

That's dangerous, Mother!

Someone was recently murdered for that.


That's worse!

M-mother! Why the get-up?

She wants to scold the motorcycle gang.

Won't you stop her, please?

You can't wear that hard-hat. It's a memento from when we built the house.

Oh. Well, that's too bad.

I'm sorry, but you can't.

In that case... you wear it, and go.


They're not vicious. They'll go home eventually.

Then you have nothing to fear.

Give them a manly scolding. You're older.


But, Mother...

I know, let's report them to 911.

The poor kids. They don't deserve a criminal record for making noise.

A record!

See, they're gone.

You think?

What did I tell you?

We're relying on you.

All right, I'll just go look.

Be careful, dear!

Uhm, excuse me.

What do you want?

It's awfully late.

Yeah? So what?

Got a problem?

No, we can work this out. I don't have a problem.

I don't have a problem, -but I do have a request. -Spit it out.

Ask away, old man.

Would you mind turning off your headlight?

So that's your request, then?

Uhm, no.

What do you want then?

Come, come fireflies This water's bitter, this water's sweet What is that?

That water's sweet

Come, fireflies That old bag's nuts.

Mother, are you all right?

An old bag, huh?

At least turn down that putt-putt. You're a neighborhood nuisance.

Mother, you can't talk to these low-lifes.

Who you calling low-life?

How exciting!

What a great voice you have.


And a fine face and physique to go with it.

I bet people shut up when you talk.

Get to the point!

Oh, scary. You sure shut this guy up in a hurry.

Tell me about it.

When you yell at people, it reminds me of a snake staring down a frog.

It sure must be fun shutting people up and ordering them around.

It's OK.

I know, why don't you employ your venom in the cause of justice?


Don't you like fighting for justice, that Masked Rider stuff?

Way old, Granny.

Of course, it's not exactly cool, is it? Nowadays we turn a blind eye to every kind of misdeed.

But I know you could do it because you're fearless.

Someone tosses a cigarette butt or can from their car, you use that voice of yours, make them pick it up.

You see a kid causing trouble on the subway, you gently tap him on the shoulder.

I'm sure anyone will do whatever you say.

We'll all be so happy, we'll cheer you on.

It's nice to be appreciated.

While you're at it, scare off thugs, and take the bad guys' money.

What do you say, will you heed an old bag's plea and fight for justice?

It'll be a whole lot better than listening to me rant and rave.

I think this old lady's nuts.

No go?

What a shame, with your godly attributes.

Let's go.

Think about fighting for justice!

Hey, you forgot this.

Did he get it?


Noboru! Nonoko!


It's the Masked Rider!


The Masked Rider!





Thank you, Masked Rider!

How cruel: a grasshopper trapped under a warrior's helmet.

I'm home.

Did you bring your umbrella home?

Your husband's home from work, exhausted, and all you can ask is, "Did you bring your umbrella home?"

OK, OK. Welcome home. Have a hard day?

Where's your umbrella?

I forgot it.

POCHI Welcome home.

Look, I remembered to bring it home, so there, ha!

What? Got a problem?

But you didn't take an umbrella today.




Once in a blue moon.

Guilty conscience?

What was that?

That's going too far. Here, Takashi's thoughtfully gone and and I even bought custard.

Now that's suspicious.

Nonoko! Noboru! Your father got cake!

Where's Dad?

On a business trip.

But his briefcase...

Oh no, he must've forgotten it.

And his scarf and train pass.

What? Oh no!

He was supposed to leave early.



SECTION CHIEF YAMADA Mom must've overslept.

She woke up late and thought Dad had already left.

Oh, I see.

I need this too.



I'm off!

Have a nice trip!

Be careful!

I can still make it.


Are you OK?

Phone, phone.

I suddenly feel terrible.

I can hardly breathe.

Yes, yes, I'll get there.

I'll crawl there if I have to.

Please tell the client...

Yes, yes, I'm terribly sorry.

A slight fever.

You should stay home.

Before it gets worse.

The company won't take care of you.

You know, maybe I will. Make a long weekend of it.

You should, you should.

It's good to relax and enjoy some time at home.

What is it?

I started feeling better the minute I decided to stay home.

I guess I'll go in after all.

Take care, dear.

Next, Mr. Yamada will offer his congratulations.

Your notes, dear.

He's wound tight as a spring!

Uhm... This is a fine, auspicious day...


Life is full of surprises...

Now... that is, up until now... things seemed to be just fine... then suddenly, you're shoved off a cliff...

By... your trusted spouse... of all people!

He means you.

But Ichiro and Kazuko, you have to accept life as it comes.

Acceptance is the key to surviving the worst situations without losing heart or breaking up.

Breaking up?

Even the worst behavior can be accepted and forgiven if there is no malice.

In fact, it must be forgiven so one can go on with life!

Gutsy speech!

It's not necessarily bad to resign yourself to a situation.

In fact, it's essential.

A must for a happy family.

A must for facing life and getting on with it.

Though it may sound negative, "acceptance" is the only way out of totally unacceptable situations.

I didn't know he had it in him. What a man.

Um, well, that is, I mean...

So, my dear Ichiro and Kazuko, congratulations on your wedding.

May you be a tough, harmonious couple.

When I grew up and fell in love I asked my sweetheart, what lies ahead?

Will we have rainbows day after day? Here's what my sweetheart said Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be

A skinhead cut would disguise your baldness.

Who asked you?

-Don't you need dentures, Mother? -Who asked you?

Cut it out! Both of you!

You're starting to look like a sumo wrestler.

-You tell her! -How dare you?

You're setting a terrible example in front of the children.

I can't hear the TV!

I know why we're so peaceful.

Because all three of you are nuts.

-How dare you? -How dare you?

If even one of you were normal, it'd throw off the balance.

Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be THIS YEAR'S RESOLUTION MAKE FRIENDS, STUDY, HEALTH What's your motto?

Getting married?

A new job?

Be quiet.


"Don't overdo it."

Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be

Now I have children of my own They ask their mother what will I be Will I be handsome? Will I be rich?

I tell them tenderly Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be Que sera, sera

Hey, everybody's in the picture!

Let's see.

Everyone's so tiny.

It's a stick-on picture.

Time to get some dinner.

Let's have pork cutlets.

I want pizza!

-Tempura. -Spaghetti!

Quiet! I decide!