Mystified (2019) Script

When the world was being created, magic was very much a part of man's existence.

I'm sure you've heard the stories about fairies, dragons, unicorns...

Well, they all existed way before.

There were also the protectors of man, a group of magicians, warlocks, and witches.

During the revolution in heaven...

...those who did not join the dark side became the protector of good magic.

We protected mankind.

The evil forces lead by Luvictus tried to conquer the world in darkness.

The Council of Magic imprisoned Luvictus... a comet that passes our planet every 300 years.

But a strong enchantress named Hellga, and her minions...

...are trying to steal the power from the council...

...and free their master.

And we have to stop her, at all costs.

Kill everyone that stands in our way...

...especially the Coven!

Good evening, gentlemen.

Please, don't, please.



Don't, please.

Go, now!


What are you doing here?

Teacher Althea said I should come...

...and learn.


-Althea! -Clara.

You brought her here?

Yes, Clara was permitted to come tonight.

And it has the Council's blessing.

Clara, you were brought here to learn and observe.

Not to fight, do you understand?

Teachers, I can handle myself.

-Silence! -Silence!

Stay with her.

A lot of people got hurt and they need my help.

Clara, go hide. Quick!

Teacher Adela!

-Clara! -Clara!





...can I be a sorceress now?


...forgive me.

Hellga got her.

Let's not blame each other anymore.

Helena needs us.

Where is Hellga?

Good evening, Coven.

How's... Clara?


Don't let your anger overcome you.


Stop this insanity!

Come back to the light!

You fools!

You think you can defeat me?


...your mentor?


...who taught you everything?

One on one, yes...

...we can't defeat you.

But against us four from the Coven?

We can and we will defeat you!

Let's finish this.

I dare you.

She's too powerful.

We can't defeat her.

Althea, the Portalis.

What the...?



Clara died because of you!


No, it's because of you!

I told you to take care of her, but you didn't.

I did what needs to be done.

It was you who brought her to danger.

She wasn't ready and yet you brought her to a dangerous battle.

If there's someone to blame, that's you.

Are you questioning my honor?

-Althea. -Adela.


Stop blaming each other!

We are all pained in Clara's death.

We are all aware, even Clara knows...

...that it is dangerous to battle with Hellga.

That's part of her training.

The important thing is...

...Hellga's gone.

You should've let us kill her.


...was one of the most powerful sorceress in our history.

She was one of us.

I think...

...Luvictus tempted her with more power.

Let's give her time.

Maybe she'll change her mind.

So for the moment...

...find Hellga's remaining henchmen...

...and stop them from their evil doings.

But be careful in using your powers...

...because you created the Portalis...

...where Hellga is held captive.

If you use too much of your powers...

...the Portalis might break and Hellga will escape.


...the rings.

Wear those rings.

If you use too much of your magic...

...those rings will glow.

It's a signal that your powers have reach its limit.

If that's the only thing you're worried about, I think we can do our tasks individually.

Althea, what are you saying?

Don't say anything you'll regret later.

I agree.

I don't want to stay here anymore.




Where are you two going?

Come back here!

Let them be.

You might get in danger.

Aki's right.

Just tell them what we're about to tell you.

Go and live with the mortals.

But be careful, do not let them find out about your true identities.


...we should not interfere with their destiny.

Emotions will be a hindrance to your duty...

...that's why we forbid you to fall in love.

It's for your safety.

We pray that the wounds of your heart will heal.

Good morning, class!

Good morning, ma'am!

Wow, you guys are full of energy today.

All right, class. Let's discuss.

-Where were we last week? -Rizal, ma'am.

So Jose Rizal...

Ma'am, look.

Excuse me, everybody.

Mr. Alcantara is just my friend.

That's so sweet.

They were right about you.

Whenever you're the event coordinator, the weather is always sunny.

It's nothing.

It's just my magic.

Hey, your groom is waiting, go.

The bride is now walking down the aisle.

Check out my flat lay.

It's so pretty.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

There is magic when a girl wears a ring.

Right, Frogleto?

Check it out.

Hi, Doc.

Hi, Kylie.

Happy birthday.

I have something for you.

It's a koala bear.

I made sure it's soft, so you can sleep with it.

Do you want to give it a name?

Can I name it Kooky?

Wow, that's a great name.

Kooky Koala.

Kylie, move gently, so you won't be in so much pain.

Where'd you like to go?

I don't know yet.

I'm not yet hungry.

How about you?

Oh, my God! They're gonna get run over!

Kids, wait.

I already told them...

-Were you hurt? -Are you okay?

Unfortunately, the cancer has spread through her lungs and liver.

Does that mean she has to undergo chemotherapy again?

We don't want that, Doc.

She was in so much pain the first time.

We don't want her to go through that again.

I understand.

What I can do now is put her through palliative care.

I can prescribe morphine for the pain.

She doesn't like morphine.

She feels like she's having nightmares.

All right.

I'll see what else I can do for Kylie.

Thank you, Doc, thank you.

Ena, where are you?

I'm doing a vlog on the local equestrienne scene.

But that's not why I called. We have an emergency.

Addie's ring glowed.


She might have overused her powers.

Ena, I know what it means.

I mean, why?

Why is she so irresponsible?

Thea, she must have her own reasons.

Do you know that I'm controlling myself to use my power for my patient?

She's just a kid and she has cancer.

And she's too young. She doesn't deserve to die.

Have you tried healing oils?

Ena, we're talking about the Big C here, okay?

All right. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I was just trying to help.


I'm just frustrated.

I really want to do a healing potion.

But I'm afraid to overuse my magic.

Not like someone we know.

Don't you find it strange?


The accident earlier.

It seemed as if the truck stopped and something picked it up.

Not really.

I think the truck suddenly stopped that's why it seemed that way.

Four feet in the air?

Is that magic?

Are you okay?

Oh, hi, Addie.

Hi, Mr. Sison.

You're too formal.

Just call me Javi.

Okay, Mr. Javier Sison, Mr. Miguel Alcantara.

Miguel teaches Philosophy in our campus.

Hi, dude.

Oh, and this is Javi.

He teaches English Literature and Theater.

I'll just see you at the university.

Not you too?


You think I fancy Javi like all the other girls in school?

Come on.

You know I don't have time for petty stuff like that.

Besides, he's not my type.

What do you mean? What kind of type?

-Congratulations! -Long live the newlyweds!

Long live the newlyweds!

-Congrats, guys. -Congrats, guys.

Long live the newlyweds!

Miss Kat, I think it's going to rain.


Oh, my!

This moment should not be ruined.

I will take care of this.

Long live the newlyweds!

You guys are meant to be.


Hey, congrats, guys.


They're so stubborn.

Why do we have to meet up?

We've been summoned by the Council.

You used your power too much.

What do you want me to do?

Let those kids get run over?

-Besides, you also used your powers... -Yeah, yeah.

It's nice, right?

A little too much for me.

But she's a doctor.

I'm sure she has a lot more savings than any of us.

Don't be judgmental.

She was a doctor for 300 years in some towns.

Of course, she can't go anywhere else.

That's why she stays here at the city.


We all went from place to place.

Because if we didn't, people will find out about our secrets, right?

That's why we should have each other's back.

So forget about what happened in the past.


It seems that nobody's home.

We arrived early.

Let see, where's my phone...?

I'll send her a message.

Don't bother.

I will take care of this.

Open sesame.

You're so corny!

It worked.

Anybody home?


We are home!

Order for Thea.

Thank you.

They're at your house.


Rub this on your temples before you face Addie.

It's calming oil.

I don't see the reason why we need to assemble for a meeting...

...if everyone is following the rules.

You know...

I've been wanting to tell the Council about Adela's mischief.

Like what?

Come on, as if you don't know.

Kat told me that someone from school is courting her...

...and I won't be surprised if she's in love again.

That's why my best friend is a frog.

So that means your frog is more important than us?


You guys aren't my best friends.

I consider you guys as my sisters, my family.

And from what I can see, I'm glad I do not concern myself with the issues of mortals.

I find it too complicated.

I only interact with them through my vlog and less contact.

So what you're trying to say is...

...I should let Kylie suffer because of her illness?

Look, I pity her...

...but we have to choose our battles, Thea.

The world will be in chaos...

...if Hellga and her minions will be released.

After that one time, I allowed myself to fall in love.

And then it didn't work out.

I don't want that to happen again.

Because it's complicated, right?

I mean, before they can even tell that there's something different with you...'ll be the one who would keep the distance.


So you will leave Miguel?


That's the reason why I became an event's planner, because I don't want to be in that situation.

I only fall in love with my client couples.



Lately, I've been...

...daydreaming about...


And my groom... Aki.

The monk?

You have a crush on that monk?

Are you sure you parked here?

Yes, I'm 300 years old, but my mind is still sharp.

Oops, wrong way. It's parked over there.


Do you hear that?

It's sound familiar.

I know someone who makes that sound.

Hey, witches.

I'm here to finish what Hellga didn't accomplish.

Did you miss me?


Is there a cosplay convention in this mall?

It's Violeta.

-We've been looking for years... -Decades.

-For decades... -Sorry, it's centuries.

We've been looking for you for a long time.

Now you show up.

Let's go there.

The chemicals... I can use those to concoct a potion.

You need time? I'll give you time.

And now some magic.

Kat, your powers...

Too slow.



In case you're wondering, I'm not alone.


Oh, no.


You called for me?

Danger is coming.


Get him away from here.

As you wish, Yang-ub.

Call the Council.


You're easy to fool.

If you think I got beaten, then you're greatly mistaken.

We are being attacked.

Yang-ub, Aki is already fighting.

Mahiko Yang-ub...

...and my beloved council.

You should've killed me when you had a chance.

We wanted to give you a chance.

We're brothers and sisters, Hellga.

Come back to the Clan.

You fools!

I have no intention of coming back to this clan.

I was given more importance by Luvictus!

We won't let that happen!

Let them go.

Goodbye, Yang-ub.

We were attacked.

Us too.

The portal.


Helena, let's go.

Stay here, Frogleto.



Mahiko Yang-ub.

This is all your fault.

You released Hellga.

We didn't mean to do it.

We were attacked.

I guess they provoked us to use our powers, so that they could free Hellga.


Where's Aki?

Aki knows...

...the key... Luvictus.

Mahiko, where's the Council?

They are imprisoned inside the Portalis.

Don't blame us.

You're hurt.





No one is stopping you in using your powers.

Use this to defeat Hellga.

She will never return to us.

She is now...

...with the dark side.

My only wish is for you to not follow her path.

Hellga was consumed by darkness...

...because she was not chosen as the head of the Council.

Don't stay angry for so long... darkness...

...will not consume you.


Your Majesty.

I hope you will like our chosen candidate to host your omnipotent spirit.

We've studied her for years.

She has a pure heart, healthy, and most importantly...

...very sexy.


Let go!

You're hurting me.

Who are you?

Are you kidnapping me?

What is that?

You'll soon find out.

What is that?

Let go of me.

You're hurting me.

Your Majesty, what are you waiting for?

Take over.

Queen Hellga has returned!

Well, well, well.

It's a cliche to say this, but...


...and oh, it feels so freaking good.

Now I need to change my clothes.

White does not look good on me.

His wounds are not deep.

He'll be okay.

He's like us.

He has powers, so I'm sure he's gonna get better.


We're so sorry.

We didn't want that to happen.

But don't worry, we will search for Hellga.

Now I feel like myself.

Queen Hellga.

Are you sure the Coven of Four will not be able to locate us?

"Coven of Four"?

That's the modern term for the four sorceress.

I am more powerful now.


I made sure that the four witches won't find us.

Not until I'm ready to face the so-called Coven of Four.

To the end of the Coven of Four.

It's gonna get better, I promise.

It's gonna be better, okay?

It's gonna get better.

How are you now?

What's your pain level?


Okay. See?

I told you.

I told you it's gonna get better.

Come on.

Lie down.


Give me more time.

I will cure you.

I promise.

Thank you, Doc Thea.

You're so nice.

You know, Kylie... remind me of someone.

She was very close to me.

But I wasn't able to save her.


...can I be a sorceress now?


...forgive me.

But you...

I can save you.

I promise.

Thea thinks that she's the only one that got hurt.

I also got hurt, you know.

Everyday, I think about what happened.

I always think about my actions.

That's why I try to do right by my students.

If you don't mind me asking...

...what really happened?

And who's Thea?

Is she the owner of this house?

Yeah, she owns this place.

I don't want to get into too much detail.


Let's just say that she's unable to forgive me... what happened a long time ago.

And the truth is...

...I cannot forgive myself to what happened.

Are you a mind reader?

What made you say that?

Who told you that?

But how do you guys know what each other is thinking?

How will she know that you regret what you didn't tell her?

When it comes to family...'s easier to make amends.

So long as someone's willing to put the initiative.

Believe me, I would know.

I have seven other siblings.


I didn't know that about you. You haven't told me that story.

There are a lot of things that you don't know about me.

There are a lot of things that I want to know about you.

Thanks, Miguel.

You're a good friend.

A really, really good friend.

Leave me alone.

Hellga, now I can talk to you.

My comet prison is nearing Earth.

You need to go back to the monastery.

There's this monk, Aki...

He is the key to my freedom.

Violeta, Zandra.

I'm ready to face the witches.

Luvictus has spoken to me.

Together we will conquer the world.

Wipe-out the non-magic folk.

But the key...

We need to get the key... the Dark Lord's freedom.

Come with me.

Where are you taking me, Mr. Alcantara?


Wow, library.

What's happening?

Don't you remember this table?

This is where we met.

Please take a seat.


We are friends.

Can't we be more than that?


Why not?

Addie, I like you.

And I don't wanna sound conceited...


...I can tell that you like me too.

But something's holding you back and I just don't understand why.

You wouldn't...

You wouldn't understand.

I'm tired.


From what?

I don't understand.

Hurry up, take a video.

You want to be sent to the Disciplinary Office?

If you can tell me now...

...if you have feelings for me...

Because if not then...

Then I'll just stop.

But I need you to be honest with me, Addie.

Kylie's running out of time.

This has to be done.

She can only be healed...

...if it's her fate.

Remember that, Althea.

You sound like Mahiko Yang-ub.

Mahiko Yang-ub said something about you before he died...

...but it doesn't make sense.

Something to do with Luvictus and the key.

Oh, that's right.

What's it all about?


Stay here.

Ah, it's the traitors who left the Clan.

Get ready to fight.


-Aki! -Aki.

Hello, bitches.

I'm back.

Missed me?


Until now you're unable to defeat me.

You made me suffer for a long time.


...the Coven of Four will be no more!

Coven of Three!


Where's the fourth witch?

Your Majesty, we already have Aki. Let's leave.

Achievement unlocked, let's go.

I want to put an end to them.

Have you forgotten?

You need all four to get rid of them.

Otherwise, the powers of those who will die, will be transferred to the remaining sorceress.

You will be facing a more powerful witch, Queen Hellga.


...that sucks.


...I got what I came for.

But I could still hurt you...

...just for the fun of it.

Let's go.

Something's wrong.

Excuse me.



Are you all right, Pauline?


Addie, what's wrong?

I have to go.

-Let me take you... -No!


What happened?

What happened?

I'm sorry I wasn't here.

I know I let you down again.

Actually, it's fine.

It's actually good that you were not around, otherwise we could have all died.

They took Aki.

We have to find out what's the relationship...

...between Aki and Luvictus' key.

I have an idea.

Here it goes.

You have no idea what you have done.

Ena is suffering under Hellga's power inside Portalis.

That's why the Council shouldn't stay anymore in Portalis.

We just need some answers.

They took Aki.

If that's the case, then you're really running out of time.

Hellga is waiting for the comet where Luvictus is being imprisoned.

Hellga will be able to perform the ritual...

...right here at the Monastery...

...and she will set Luvictus free.

Aki didn't say anything about a key.

Aki is the key.


Aki's life...

...will set Luvictus free.

I won't stay for long.

Ena is already suffering.

You have to defeat Hellga.


It's torture in there.

We have to save them.

It's my turn.

Let me have a few rounds with this one.

That's enough!

His blood is too important.

We need his life force.

Don't forget...

...we need him to set Luvictus free.

Kylie, are you okay?

Daddy is here.


...mommy, you guys can take a break.

Baby, Daddy and I will step out for a while.

Doc Thea will be here with you, okay?


It's already late. Why aren't you sleeping?

It's okay.


I'm sorry... took so long.

If you drink this...

I promise you, the pain will end and you will be cured.


How are you feeling?

I'm feeling so much better.

Thank you, Doc.

I knew I was right. You're not an ordinary doctor.

What was that you had me drink?

It's magic.

But you shouldn't ever tell anyone, okay?

I feel really good now.

Thanks again.

I told you, you'd be fine.

But now I feel sleepy.

You feel sleepy?

Goodnight, Doc.

I love you.

No nightmares.




No, Kylie!

Kylie, wake up.

No, no, no!


Kylie, wake up.

Kylie, please, wake up.



Come on, pick up.

What? Is Thea still not answering?

I've been calling and texting, but no reply!

This might be her.


-Miss Addie? -Pauline?

Miss Addie...

Pauline, what's wrong?

Miss Addie, I need your help.

Tell me where you are. I'll be there.

Hey, what about...?

Sorry, girls, I have to do this.


Get away from there!

What do you think you're doing? What happened?

I give up, Miss Addie.

I did everything to get the highest grades in every class.

But I failed.

I failed.

How can that happen?

You're the hardest working student in my class, and you even take tutorials after class.

It's Sir Javi.

He gave me a failing mark in Literature.

He's taking revenge on me.

What do you mean by taking revenge?

You all can go home now.

-Pauline... -Sir?

Can you stay for a while?

I know you want this.

Sir, no!



I will fail you in my class!

Hey, Pauline.

Whatever happened...

...I want you to understand that it wasn't your fault.


And I will do everything I can to help you.

And when you're ready to talk...

...I'm just here, all right?

I'm here to listen.

All right, listen up.

That's it for today's rehearsal.

-I'll see you guys tomorrow. -Finally, time to go home.

Let's give each other a round of applause.


-All right, you may go. Go on. -Thank you, sir.

-See you. Thank you. -Bye, take care.


-Yes, sir? -You stay here for a while.

Why, sir?

Just stay.


Keep me company.

Mr. Sison!

Oh, Addie!

What a pleasant surprise.


-Would you please excuse us? -Yes, ma'am.

I need to have a word with Mr. Sison.


Accompany me here on stage.

You're really good.

Was that the same line you used on Pauline when you harassed her?


Then, when you didn't get what you want... went and took your revenge on the poor child.

Do you know that she almost killed herself because of what you did?

What are you talking about?

Answer me!

Well, she's lying.

She came on to me.

She had feelings for me.

And you know how kids are nowadays.

They're aggressive.

Don't you dare blame Pauline for what happened!

She's the victim here!

She was helpless!

Do you want to know how that feels?

Can you stop being such a bitch?

How pathetic.

Is this the only welcoming committee they've prepared for me?


What are we waiting for?




My dear girls.

That is how... make an entrance.

What the hell are you?

I'm your worst nightmare!

Put me down!

Try telling anyone about this...

...and you know exactly what I can do to you.


What was that? I saw everything.

I saw you fly. I saw you pick him up.

What are you really?

Are you a witch?

Technically, I'm a sorceress.


Well, if you want to call me a witch, then that's okay, but...

But yes, we are real and we are everywhere.

It just so happens that we've a handful here in the Philippines...

...because we have a magic portal here at Mount Banahaw.

That's why all those weird stories you heard about that place, they're all real.


Why are you telling me all of these?

Because I just want you to know everything about me...

...before I wipe out your memory.

What? You could do that?

Wait! Please! No, no, no!


Miguel, I don't have time for this.

I need to go.

Something's happening and I need to be there to stop it.

Then go!

We'll talk about this later.


Your secret is safe with me.

It's party time, pretty boy.



What happened?

Kylie died.

My patient...

I gave her the healing potion and yet...

...and yet she still died.


You did everything you could for your patient.

More than any doctor could ever do for her.

We have to accept the fact that we won't always succeed.

She was destined to die.

We can't interfere with that.

Then what are all these for?

For what?

We have powers, but we can't use it to help people like Kylie.

So what's the point?

Tell me! What's the point?

It's no use, right? It's no use.

Thea. Come on now.

Remember what Mahiko Yang-ub told us.

Don't let anger consume you.


Don't do what I did.

Why? What...?

What did you do?

I used my power out of anger.

There's this teacher, in the school...

He harassed one of my students.

Of course I had to protect her.

I don't want a repeat of what happen to Clara.


-I'm sorry, too. -I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

You will never succeed.

Evil will never win against good, Hellga!

Oh, please.

Enough with the cliche.

It does not suit you!

We're late!


She cannot start the ritual.

Or else, something worse will happen.

Game over.

Don't you just hate the Council of Magic?

You swore your loyalty to them...

...and look what they did to you?

They made you the key.

Your life force can release the Dark Lord.


Hellga, stop that!

It looks like Christmas came early.

We have visitors!

It's Hellga.

We need to leave.

"Follow us. Use the old-fashioned way."

Zandra, Violeta, you know what to do.

Here he comes! Luvictus is coming!

He's coming!

The Lord is coming!

Adela, we're too late.

Why do we have to use the broom express?


It's Aki.

I saw him in my vision.

Hellga took his life force to bring Luvictus back to life.

I need to save Aki.

He's also the key to defeat Luvictus.

But Adela, after what happened to Kylie...

...I'm beginning to doubt my capabilities.


This is our real fight.

You can do this.

I believe in you.


My Lord!

It has been centuries!

Welcome back!

Hellga, my mistress.

I still have to regain my earthly body.

I will need more time.

The Coven of Four is already complete.

But you must drive them away from here... I complete my transformation.

As you wish.

Guard Luvictus.




Aki, wake up.

I lost Kylie already and I can't lose you!

Welcome to the party, Adela.

The mind reader.

The queen of telekinesis.

Etcetera, etcetera.

It's now time to unburden you of your powers!

It's working!

Aki, wake up!

Aki, wake up.

Aki, wake up!

Luvictus' transformation is almost complete.

What do you need? Coffee?

Can you wake up already, Aki?

I don't know how long my force field can hold Luvictus' power.

Come on, get up! Quick!

Bye, Felicia.


Are you okay?

-I'm all right. -Really?

You're only asking your boyfriend if he's okay, but not me?

Thank you for saving me, Althea.

Aki, we need to get you out of here.


I need to face Luvictus.

This is my destiny.


That's Addie. Come on, let's go!

Queen Hellga!

The Council is insulting me if they think you are the Chosen One to kill me.

The so called "key".

You didn't even stand a chance against Hellga.

Now I have to kill you.

Very good, Adela.

I'm impressed.

You know you are only wasting your talent and powers.

Why don't you join me and Luvictus?

We can share in the power of the dark side.

No, thank you, Hellga.

That's the difference between us.

I'm not hungry for power... you and your lord who's greedy and selfish!

Oh, well.

I tried.

I guess it's now time to kill you.

You bitch!

Oh, you mean witch...


Good versus evil.

That's it?

Can you still handle it, Teacher Addie?

I came back expecting the Coven of Four to be stronger and more powerful!

I'm very disappointed.


...your power belongs to me.


Well, well, well and another well.

The Coven of Four is finally complete.

Show's over, Hellga.

You may have defeated me...

...but you can't defeat the four of us.

Don't you remember?

We beat you before.

This time, we will not only imprison you in the Portalis...

We will kill you.

Maybe you still think...

...that I'm the girl from before.

Well, you're wrong.

I'm more powerful now that Lord Luvictus is free!

Oh, I think we pissed her off.

You think?

Get ready to fight.

Impressive. The Council of Magic has prepared you well.

But I have world to conquer.

Time to end this game. Prepare to die!

I told you I am the Key!

Go back to hell!


You can't defeat me, sorceresses!

Thea, shield!

I am Hellga.

I am more powerful.

Surrender your powers to me!


Even to our deaths!


Hellga's a power whore.

I remembered something Devana taught me.

She was angry at me.

What are you doing?

That's not your magic.

I just want to be the best.

Different from all the sorcerers and sorceresses.

And to achieve that, I need different powers along with my own.

Sit down.

Ouch, that's hot. Council Devana, you spilled the tea.

See here, the tea is your power...

...and the cup is...



...too much power is dangerous.

We have to give her all of our powers.


What are you talking about?

Are you out of your mind?

No, trust me.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Are you sure about this?

Please, make a decision.

I can't hold it anymore!

Let's give all our powers to her!

-If we give our powers... -I can't hold it anymore!

Make it quick!

We just have to give this a shot.

This is what we have to do, girls.

-This is what we're here for. -What are you saying?

-This is our purpose! -What are you saying?

What are you saying?

We have to die!

Addie, no!


-This is our purpose. -Yes.

We have to protect good people.

It's okay.

Thea, at the count of three.

Surrender your powers to me!




Surrender your powers to me!

Yes, I feel the power.

I feel absolutely...

Wait, wait, stop!


Ena? Kat?

It worked.

We did it, girls!

Greetings to the new members of the council.

We also want to give you our gratitude.

Because if you haven't defeated Hellga and Luvictus...

...we will never be free.

You're very welcome, Council Devana.

We learned a lot from what happened.

And now that nothing hinders you from using your powers...

...we have new guidelines.

Continue using magic for the greater good.

If you want your loved ones to know about your real identity, we will not stop you this time.

Because it has been proven that by loving someone doesn't make you any less of a witch...

...instead, love makes your powers stronger.

What's important... you have forgiven one another.

And nothing will break you apart.

Go forth, sorceresses!

Use your magic to make this world a better place.

You go ahead.

You've leveled up.

See you?

On our next meeting.

Katalina, we have to leave.