Mythica: The Darkspore (2015) Script

Transcript by pikatsou

I must take the stone to the Paladin.

I won't stop until I reach the monastery.

The Paladin will send the team their silver. My path is sure.

I have no fear. And the goddess says that you are to stay here for the time being.

Trust the goddess always.

To adventure. To riches and gold.

Here's to you Marek. And that nice piece of magic in the Ogre cave.

Gojun would be upset. Sorry, who's Gojun?

A friend.

Trust the goddess.

Something is not right.

The stone. He took the stone and the totem.

(?) He hunts (?) for the Darkspore.

Farewell my sister.

The Warrior Thane, I have seen how you look at him.

Make your choices with a clear heart and trust the goddess always.

He has had enough.

Marek, join the fun. She has gone because of you.

It is the drink talking. Get off of me, you cripple punk.

Leave me alone. Leave me.

Drunken fuck. Go away.

Marek, no...


Hello, Dagen.

Necromancer, your darkness strengthens.

It draws you to me. Marek.

I've been waiting so long time ... let me free you from your pain.

I can make you whole forever.

Marek. I know you. I ...



You peered into the darkness.

And has peered back. I was foolish.

Forces drew us together, but I did not see it.

I was not looking for one so young. Or a woman.

I'm sorry. What is this all about, Gojun?

You're a necromancer. Necromancer?

First one I've in a very long time.

I searched and I wandered.

But then I grew wiry of searching, so I turned into it, into a sleep of my own.

He has found you.

I had a dream, a figure ...

He knew me.


He's the darkest of the necromancers.

80 years ago the Vitalian army was at Deira's doorstep ...

Santri Senturi Impes octrus Urum.

Behold the Darkspore.

Santri Senturi Impes octrus Urum.

Worship me as I reforge the heart of the Lich King.

And now you will fulfill your true purpose in this ceremony.

Lich king, for a thousand years your power will rival the gods.

Szorlok, in the names of all the gods, I command you to stop.


Take the Darkspore, we will hold him.

Gojun the betrayer. The black heart beats again.

The Darkspore is mine.

Fire in the wind.

Through the four corners of the land.

Leave no trace of your passing.

Man has not known a power, that he does not crave.

Those that are bounded by darkness will do anything ... to keep their power.

The Darkspore is all that stands against Szorlok.

If those shards ever get put together, there'll be no way to stop him.

All that power, even win death.

What these have to do with me?

You are a necromancer. Your darkness is something he seeks.

Well, I won't be controled.

Yes. Perhaps.

But the lure of power draws in the wisest men to their doom.

Szorlok was much like you once. I'm not like him. I am not evil.

You borrow life for selfish gain. Is that not evil?

I am not evil.

Evil runs in the blood of all men.

You are untested and one day you will be forced to choose. You have potential Marek.

For real good and for real evil.

But you need to learn to control your power, or that choice will be made for you.

How can I control something I don't even understand? I'm alone in this.

I will teach you.

But you must be wary.

When you delve into the void, there is others who can sense you.

That is why Szorlok is poisoning your dreams and that is why Kishkumen was able to find you.

The man with the yellow eyes?

I took Kishkumen to Caeryn. The darkness has come.

And the world has need of heroes.

For now you must stay here. I will return in a few days.

Łapeta, well fetch me something to write with.

A message from your friend. The Elf.

Get Marek and come to my room.

Put those over there.

No, no, no. This one goes there. And that one goes there. Understood?

Hello, Marek.

I have found you. Dagen's looking for you.

Come on.

I am going to bed. Patience, Thane.

It takes time to rebuilt that which was broke.

Right. Of course.

Just a little attention here.

Yes, and she should keep it quite up.

What is it? I'm not sure.

But Kishkumen has one just like it.

Dagen, we're in trouble. What?

Give me some ink.

Is it a cypher? Some kind of code maybe?

No, it's a map.


What's Mondiatha? An ancient city of giants.

It's destroyed now, but it's only the biggest treasure trove out there.

The Darkspore is Mondiatha. We have to get there before Kishkumen does. The Darkspore.

Am I missing something?

It seeps city and heart of the Lich King. Broken into four pieces.

Caeryn took the first piece from the temple. It's what Kishkumen was after.

The second piece is in Mondiatha. What's it worth?

If reforged, an army can become invincible.

Limitless power, death, destruction.

I see why he's interested.

With any luck this map shows the entrance.

Whatever it is, we know where he's going be.

We can avenge Caeryn's death. I promised Gojun Pye I'd stay.

That old blow on. Is he even aware of recent developments?

Kishkumen has a half day on us back. We owe this to Teela.

We owe this to Teela? Well last I checked Teela's goddess owes us.

However ...

A hidden treasure of legendary proportions, unguarded ... and there for the taking. I could ... I mean ... We all could be rich.

Fyke the treasure. Fyke the treasure? Look ...

I didn't have to share this with you. Ok?

I could very easily have just taken this and ...

Marek, you could get your face off of those posters.

And Thane ... Well Thane, you could save the world.

We leave today.

With Teela. With Teela? Good luck with that.

She isn't speaking to anyone for 14 days. Part of an essence, mourning rites.

I find her. Send this one.

He need the work out, some of those angers. You and I can get my silver's worth of the bed.

Paid forth to the noon. What time is it?


Tell Teela we all mourn with her.

Have a fruit. Noon?

Your slave girl with the deformed foot. I like to purchase her from you.

She ran. I put a bounty on her head.

Yes. Bounties are high. She's worth what? 500?

600 on the open market?

What a pimp like you want with a crippled girl?

Let's just say she's ehhh ... left an impression on me.

Make an offer?

200 gold. Your pocket right now.

And you let my girls, my purse to track her down.

I' ll be greatful to be rid of the kniving bitch.

Good. Leave.


I want her back, alive and unharmed.

Teela, Teela I know you are still mourning, but ...

Teela, Kishkumen murdered Caeryn ... because he's going to unite the Darkspore. I need to stop him.

Come with me.

Who are you, Marek?

Why do you seek such dark magic?

You can use the same dark power which killed my sister.

It is a power that I do not understand. Or control.

You were marked by evil for all to see.

Your foot is twisted and cannot be healed.

You seek dangers surrounded by evil, yet you say you wish to be good.

You have no power over the darkness inside you. It calls you.

And in time it will claim you. It is your fate.

I'm sorry about Caeryn. I will come with you.

And I will report to you. And I will deliver the Darkspore to the Paladin.

He will know how best hide it.

Declare yourself.

Declare yourself.


Go to Mineas. Get reinforcements. Make haste.

Hold them off.

Did I ever tell you about those ten giants and their incredibly large...

Yes, several times. Yeah. Marek hasn't heard, have you?

The one where you awoke the dragon? Oh, yes.

What's that sound?

It's Elvish. No, doesn't sound like any Elvish that I ever heard.

Someone' s in trouble.

Let's go have a look.

Get off me. Get off.

Fairies. Nasty little fykers.

They're going cook 'm and eat 'm. We're going to aid him.

We do not even know who he is. Teela, go find some marmot seed.

Dagen, Thane, with me? You're on your own on this one sweetheart.

Alright, here we go. Let's get them with power.

How many of those little fyke ... Damn.

Dagen. Dagen, get in here.

I have the marmot seed. Dagen, you've got a plan ...

If I get eaten by a pixie, just tell them it was a dragon or something.


What's it you going do, nasty little bagger?

Not the eyes Smells good ...

Come on, they won't stay this way for long.

Let's get him out of here before they wake up.

Have you seen a man with yellow eyes, Dark Elf?

I am of the Garun-Dan. Fyke you all.

What would you know, half-breed? Dagen.

The Garun-Dan were destroyed and didn't mark their faces ... like savages from the north. You are not Garun-Dan.

What's his stand? Lifting rocks all day?

We're going to the ruins of Mondiatha. Don't fyking tell him the mission.

There is a Golgotiaan with yellow eyes who commands a horde of Orks.

??? His name is Kishkumen. Do you know of him?

He is too stupid to even understand your questions, even if he wanted to answer them..

I am cursed by the gods. I must wander this world ... till I have performed a task that appeases them.

How long have you wandered? Ten migrations of the Elch.

Alone? Thane.

Don't lie to us, long-ears . I speak the truth.

There is no honour in lying.

You saved my life. I owe you a life-dept.

I'm bound to you until that dept's been repaid.

Just what every girl wants.

He's lying by the way.

He is a Druichi and they lie lie.

Probably planning on slitting our throats tonight ... and painting pictures of it all over his face.

You believe him I am telling you: He is pure evil.

Good and evil lay across in the heart of every living creature.

Of course not. What tryke.

Are you sure about this? We could use the help.

What is your name? Qole.

Qole, you don't owe me anything.

I've been a slave and I will not accept slavery in anything.

But you're more than welcome to join with us. For free. Of your oath.

Alright, let's give him a shirt.

The Dark Elf dies a bloody, bloody death

Right there in the middle, that is where my pile of gold is.

Our pile of gold.

Something new? The shell of the Cockatrice.

When used with the right spell can turn flesh to stone.

I knew a woman from Valencia with that same power.



Right. What do you suppose this is?

A powerful healing potion. Didn't ask you Qole.

I was hoping for an aphrodisiac. Where did you get that?

The Oger Cave. Probably part of the temple st ... stash.

I might go see where Thane and Teela are.

If you excuse me.

I should clearly go.

Right. Harm a hair on her head and I will find you.

The crow's plucked out his bonny, bonny eyes.

Why do you stare me that way?

It pleases me.

An amulet. A legend of my people.

The sun follows the moon until she slows ... he lies next to her in the sky. Before they part ... he draws the stars from her and cast them into the night ... telling everyone of their love.

It means a lot to you.

It was a gift from a woman.

My people are no more. They were slaughtered.

I am the last one.

So are your faces marked? In remembrance?

I was raised by a shaman.

He gave me the markings to protect me from dark powers.

Goodnight, Marek.

Thank you for keeping watch. This daily bathing is unsafe.

The goddess demands it.

Keep talking. About what?

Tell me of your childhood. There's nothing to tell there.


My father was a soldier.

I think I'd seen him twice in my life before we got word he'd been killed.

We were put on the street.

I join the army, got to march across the world ... ended up here, long way from Mineas.

Are you from Mineas?

Is the capital very grand? I wouldn't say that.

Filth and shit, beggars. There's grand buildings, alright.

People grinding up on that (?) they piss on you on the street.

Is that how you imagine it? More beautiful.

There are parts.

When the sun goes down, the city starts to glow ... you can hear music.

You hear people laugh and sing.

And love.


Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It is so hard to find a moment of privacy in this woods.

Put the sword away, you won't be needing it tonight.

Dagen. Get up.

Qole, my sword.

Can someone hand me my sword?

Damn it. Good shot.

We've come for Marek. The rest of you are free to leave.

You have to kill us first. Hang on.

Gods. They are magnificent.

And she's good at the rope. Any of you bastards try to follow us ... and I'll slit her throat all the way her spine. You understand?


Damn. Marek.

Marek. Marek.

Who are you and what do you want with me?

Your new master wants to meet you.

And with the trouble you've been, I intend to collect in full.

Tuen and Samoc scintilos.

There're men in the woods. Not Deiran and they have horses.

Tuen and Samoc scintilos.

What did I tell you? Not Deirans. Why are Orks marching with men?

Hey, over here.

We will find you.


You freed youselves.

I wouldn't be much of a thief if a few bunch of rope could keep me captive.

Qole freed us using Teela's dagger. Where are the bounty hunters?

We run into a horde of Kishkumen's men.

They headed north, towards Mondiatha.

And you recognized him only by his eyes or was there more?

We must move quickly if we are to catch them.

It's two days march to the ruin. With no rest we can get 6 hours on them.

That's not enough time to get treasure out from a buried city.

Not even for me. Or to retrieve the Darkspore.

There is another way, straight between the mountains.

The Donkerbos Pass. How far?

Twelve hours if we keep good pace.

The pass goes through the Night Spings which is home to bog wights.

Do I need to ask? No.

Stories told to frighten children.

If we meet up with Kishkumen and his horde in a straight battle... we'll lose.

Anisette wills it. The path is sure.

I vote we take our chances going the long way around.

Alright. All in favor of the shortcut?

This was your idea.

Yes, but it is not a good idea.

I'll go. I'm not going to raise my hand for it.

This was a terrible, terrible idea.

I thought you said wights were just stories to frighten children?

Take my word I'm terrified.

We are being watched.

More than watched.

We're being followed.

Anisette, hear my prayer. Too late for Anisette's helping (?).


What ??? way to end it.

You are mine.

Marek, release him.


Release it.

Teela, he needs your help.

I can not do anything ... I can not feel my fingers.

He knows we are here, doesn't he? Who?



You did this. You make it right. Can't shoot my fyking bow.

Just tell them Marek.

He can sense it.

When I use it, the magic ... he can sense it, we're both necromancers.

So in the Ogre cave it just ... I used your lifeforce.

You should have told us. I can control it.

Just tell them the truth. I can control it.

I won't use it again. I can't heal him. Your dark magic is too strong.

I should never 've joined you.

I saved your lives.

Well a lot of good it did my hand.

Just admit it Marek. It's inside you you can't control it.

I saved your life.

Maybe instead of saving it you could try to stop sucking it out of me.

Hold. Dagen. Dagen.

Dagen. Hold.

Hey ...

Hey ...

Fyking Druichi. Would like his woman dark and damaged.

Enough. We don't have time for this.

We need to move.


Teela, we need to move.

We need to rest. There isn't time.

You saved them.

I would have killed them.

They hate me.

They fear you.

Very few resisted once they've tasted it ... and it grows easier to call upon each time.

What was I supposed to do? We would have died.

There is always another way.

No one's future is written. That is a lie by the gods.

You're strong. You may choose.

Hard to believe this was once a great city.

They thought amassing enough treasure would lure their god down from heavens.

Instead, the earth turned to dust and swallowed them whole.

Yeah. The mistake they made was hoarding the treasure instead of spending it.

The entrance is west to the ruins. Let's keep moving.

Is this it? Maybe it's a portal.

Maybe it's rocks in the sand. That looks Sathuan.

I learned some pictographes as a child.

This is the Wandering Path.

And the others must be the four elements that Mondiathans worshiped.

The marks are on the map but there is no activation rune, there is no spell to open it.

God, he is a strange one.

This symbol, over the arcway. It's here on the map.

It's not a pictographe, nothing I recognise.

There's five points and five stones.

Marek, I need to speak with you. We're so close to the end Teela.

We'll talk on the way home, after we have the stone.

I need to say it now. Then say it.

You've said it a hundred silent ways already. What?

That you blame for Caeryn's death. That was not what I was going to say.

It's true. And you're right.

I'm a necromancer and I can't control it.

And if the Darkspore is in there and I touch it, Kishkumen will see.

Look, there's something drawing me towards it and it's growing stronger.

I do not know if I can resist it.

We have come all this way. I'm not going in with you.

You have to keep it from me.

With the Darkspore,I could destroy as all.

You know, I'll say this for your priestess.

Once you've seen her without the dress it's too difficult to imagine her any other way.

I'm sorry Thane..


Qole, a little help please. The Wandering Path.

Gods, is it that simple?


Qole. Get off me.

It's so simple. So simple.

She's done it. She finally lost it. The last bit of her sense.

The portal is open.

It is the yellow-eyed necromancer. He sensed you're here.

Well done, Marek.

Always a step ahead or a step behind. We're never far from each other path, are we?

My master has seen you in the dark, Marek the slave girl.

But you don't know who you are, do you?

Szorlok has a great purpose for you.

Drop your weapons.

In time he will show who you are and what you may become.

But now you will save me the trouble of collecting the stone.

We will not serve Szorlok.

Yes you will. Whether in life or in death.

As your sister did.

Necromancer, you will retrieve the stone and you will deliver it to me.

Or your friend will die. No, Marek.

No love for the priestess' sister, I see. Very well.

I'll go. But Marek ...

I don't have a choice. Then we go together.

Marek, you'll be lost.

And should any doupt arise ...

NO. No. Marek.

The poison I've infected her with will fester, causing exquisite pain ... till it reaches her heart.

I will drow it from her should you return with the stone.

You have about two hours. I suggest you make your decision quickly.

We have to go now.

We'll go. We'll go.

Come on, Dagen.

Let me die you fools. Marek, you'll be lost.

It's black as pitch. Hang on.

Tempus Alorus luminescent.

Tempus Alorus luminescent.

Lead the way.

And the good elf found his sacks and sacks of gold Shut up, Dagen.

There is a doorway up ahead. There better be treasure in here.

What is that sound? Rats.

Let's go.

What do you mean rats? Are you sure that's a rat?

The sound is amplified by the tunnel.

Don't worry, Dagen. ??? because there are so many of them.

Get it off me.

That's no a rat. That's a dog.

There's your chance you know. One slip with the sword hardly would do to blame you.

Except maybe temple's little ??? priestess If I kill you it won't be in secret.

Kill me? What are you talking about?

Let's keep moving.

Ogres, rats, Druichis ...

Why is it always so damn complicated?


He's alive, but barely breathing.

He's asleep. Asleep? What do you mean asleep?

This place is cursed.

Your senses can't be trusted.

We need to keep moving.

Keep your thoughts clear and on the task ahead.

We can tie ourselves together.

If you fall asleep, the others will you through.

I am not tying myself to anyone. Shut up.

This is our first junction. The door is this way.

It's a beautiful knot.

A bit of magic, eh?

I know somebody who needs this more than you do.

I do not understand. This isn't on the map.

Look. Giants.

They have sought refuge here when the city was buried.

A cold, dark place to die.

Do you think they knew their world was going to end?

Do you think they thought they could stop it?

They didn't have you.

Sentry, report. All dead, Captain. All of them.

Who's there? We need to retreat.

No one is here. They're all dead. Say your name.

Come on, keep going.

There should be a door here. It can't just end.

I can feel it. We're getting closer.

I can feel the Darkspore.

Where there's one, there's more.

Hello, sunshine.

The treasure of Mondiatha.

Why is it moving?

Be very, very still.

Oh, fyke me.

Oh, fyke me.

Dagen, we really need to have a talk on your timing.


Maybe this isn't real. No, it's real.

Up here. This way.

We have to go back. We have to find the stone.

Fyke the stone if we are going to die.

Take this.

I smell fresh air. Help me up.

Hurry up, Dagen.

This way.

Gods, it's like escaping a mother's womb.


Dagen, I'll fyking murder you.

Then better do it quickly Thane. I wasn't really looking forward to be eaten by a dragon.

I think the Darkspore is keeping that dragon alive.

This might help. Schasaat.

Save it for the dragon. What was that?

I've six shots at most. If we distract it ...

I might have a clean shot at it with this wand.

Split up. Surround ...

Or, it will pick us off one at a time.

That's good plan. You could get us all killed.

Run, coward. It's that dragon or my sword.

Oh, you are the big fyking hero, when Qole's doing all the ...

Split up or we all die.

Hey, come and get me you fyker.








Come and get me.

Come. Be careful, Marek.

Miamortile odillus rittik.

Bring it to me. You're mine.

You are alive.

Fyke me. Be more careful next time.

You're welcome.

I'm good without a kiss, thank you.

Take the Darkspore. Run and don't look back.

All the way to Gojun Pye's.

Of all the treasure I've left behind ... this is the one piece of loot that I managed to grab.

Think you can hold on to it this time?

There's one shot. Let's save Teela.

You have the most selfless heart that I know. See that's not the end of you.

The darkness takes its time.

The only absolute power in this world is death.

Goddess of light, hear my prayer.

Fill with your presence and let me die according to your will.

Oh, you will die, but not without your friends as a witness.

You have touched it. I can tell. Its power lingers with you still.

Where is your elf?

He's buried.

Now honour our agreement and heal her.

You would trade what matters most for what matters least.

You have not yet known the importance of sacrifice.

Or how to cover your lies.

Where is the Darkspore? We never found it.

STOP, STOP. That's enough.

My dept to you is paid, shaman. Release me from my bondage.

You have served me well my child. You are cursed no more.

You fyking bastard. I told you. They trusted you.

They've done their part. Set them free.

Where's our money?

No. You gave your word.


Marek, I know you.

What was I supposed to do? We would have died.

There is always another way.


Kill them.

You cannot escape. I'll be back.

I'm sorry, Marek.

Remember ... fate is not written.

What happened? We're all dying. That's what happened.

You're going fix us up, aren't you?

I can stabilize everyone at least. Kishkumen?

Escaped with the Darkspore. Then we failed.

You were not wrong to trust or to hope.

It was all for nothing.

If we are not fighting this darkness, we are becoming a part of it.

Caeryn taught me that.

And you have not stopped fighting this darkness, Marek.

I was wrong. There is a great goodness inside of you.

And a great strength.

And your battle is only just beginning.

Where we'll go?

Anisette instructed Caeryn that I was to stay with this party. And I mean to Marek I will follow you till the goddess tells me otherwise.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to heal you further.

I'd be ungrateful to ask for anything more.

When I was dying, at the gates of Mondiatha, I was in agony.

I wished for death. But, I held on to life because ...

I long to see you safe and ???.

Do you know what I am going do next?

I'll get the biggest tankard of ale at Hammerhead's and spend a week on my back.

And how are you going to pay for that?

Scaly bastard had a toothy grave.

It's one hundred gold a piece. In wizard's guild.

And that makes your share.

Six hundred gold.

Six hundred gold. I am here to purchase my freedom.

Very well, show me your mark.

Do I know you? Doubtful.


This girl is a runaway.

She's my property. Dagen.

Her life is for my taking. Maggot.

He's lying.

600 gold pieces is the indentured sum. In this bag is 600 gold.

Give me the contract to make me a free woman.

600 gold earned by a runaway?

Magistrate, please. This girl, she's my property.

And I believe that makes this gold belong to me.


Please. This isn't right.

He is your master under the law. Nothing could be more right. Thank you.

No, this isn't ...

Marek. Marek, we will come for you.

You have cost me a lot of time and pain my dear.

But I'm going to delight in finding ways for you to make it up to me.

Get out.

My friends will come for me.

Quiet. Tired people are trying to sleep.

Listen very carefully you worthless piece of shit.

You're going sign away ownership for the slave girl Marek ... or I'll cut that hand off and do it myself.

What? What's he saying?

Say again. What?

I think he's right-handed.

Sign, maggot.


There you are you pig filth. Nice and legal.

We're not really going to pay him, huh?

If you ever follow her again, we'll be back.

And this time that little prick of yours won't survive the visit.

How you holding little marmot?

They're waiting for us.

It is good to see you. You too.

Ready for another adventure? What? Now?

So, you know. Maybe we go some place with summer after us.

Transcript by pikatsou