Nadia (1984) Script

Good morning, Professor...

My name is Belya Karolyi, I'm a specialist in physical education -Oh yes?

I'm recruiting little girls for a new gymnastic school and I noticed you had-

Just girls? -Yes.

I see -Well, they develop faster than boys.

We believe we can train them at an earlier... -I'm very busy now.

Excuse me -Yes but I...

Contact the central office That wastes a lot of time. I have so many schools to visit.

Excuse me

Good morning, students. -Good morning, Professor.

Which of you were doing cart-wheels outside?

There were two.

How about you. Were you one of them?

Professor, we have work to do. -One moment, please.

I'm going to the director.

Attention girls, who would like to learn gymnastics? Raise your hands, eh You know tumbling and cartwheels.

Who likes to do cartwheels.

You and you and you. Take these home to your parents.

Weren't you one of the cartwheelers?

I wonder who the other cartwheeler was.

You know cartwheels.

The director wants to see you in his office.

Yes, of course.

Does anyone want to tell me who the other cartwheeler was?

Do you wanna tell me who it was?

I think you know who it is.

And I'll bet if you give her this card she'll think about it and fill this out.

Think its possible for a little girl to fy?

So do I.

Good morning students. -Good morning, professor.

My name is Mili Simonescu I am from Bucharest On behalf of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, I welcome you to the first class of training very young girls in a very old building.

Each of you passed a difficult co-ordination test to quality for this training.

You are very special girls and I wish you the best of success.

Now I turn you ovver to your coach, Marta Karolyi who will be assisted by her husband.

But first, look at what I brought you from Bucharest.

One for each of you!

Come on in, the water's great!

You're supposed to be one of the coaches, not one of the children.

They like it!

I didn't bring you here to be liked. -Sometimes people just can't help themselves.

It's Nadia Comaneci!

And how are you, young lady?

You know what I have for you?

So, you have a secret? huh? Won't tell me what it is?

Well, let me see You found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow eh?

I don't know what it could be, unless... oh oh oh oh It couldn't be that.

It couldn't be about the new school? -Yes Pappie.

You don't like going to school eh? This new school- you like it?

Yes I love it, Papa.

Look at my uniform. It's beautiful!

It's such fun! We run and jump into a hole filled with bouncy things!

What kind of school is this?

Fancy outfits but no books, no pencils, no studies.

We do that too, Papa, but in the gym we do all sorts of tricks.

Tricks? That's what you do, eh?

It's called tumbling.

I used to love it as a girl but today its a glamorous sport They give her free clothing and two free meals!

How bad can that be?

I'll ask around. Corelli's a boxer. What does he know about gymnastics?

No- his wife is the coach. He helps her, they say she is very good.

Come on... -I don't like it!

Why are you trying to make trouble?

You know how these schools are. Work, work, work.

No time to be a little girl. -This could be a great opportunity for her.

What does that mean? -They say she could be a champion.

With me she already is.

If you do anything to spoil this for her.... -For her?

For her!

Don't be mad, Papa

I'm not.

I just want what's best for you. Guess!

Where is he?

He's coming!

Oh dear!

Nobody came today! Where could everybody be?

In here!


Who's missing? -Nadia!

Nadia, time to wake up!

That was fun. Now shall we do some serious work, Professor?

We have a new student with us today. Her name is Teodora Ungureanu and she has just moved to Onesti Teodora is 8 years old and has been performing advanced gymnastics for two years.

After our workout she will demonstrate her floor workout for us.

So, everyone, please welcome Teodora.

How can a little girl do that?

That's what comes from serious work.

You're the best talent.

I knew it.

Are you jealous?

Why not?

It was beautiful.

Do you have a lot of friends?

Mostly boys.

Some day I'm going to marry the handsomest man in the world.

How about you?

Some day. I'm going to climb the tallest tree. Is that crazy?

I knew you'd understand.

Let's be friends forever.


Bela, get the gear. Girls, stay here.

Hello Emilia, how are you?

Welcome to Sibiu Nicolai, this is Marta Karolyi As you know this is Comrade Vieru from the Sports Federation.

How do you do, sir? -Secretary General.

I hear you're making wonderful progress with your little ones.

Well, we're trying. -And this is Bela Karolyi Nicholae Vieru

And these are the little girls from Onesti. Adorable!

Bela handles the bars and the vault. -Undoubtedly.

Yes, well...good luck! To you all!

Good day, little ones. -Good day, Comrade.

He's very interested in our Onesti program. He sees you as the bright stars of our future.

Yes, I can see that. -He's really a very nice man.

Competition days make me nervous.

Alright, inside, little ones.

Do exactly what you did in practice.

Don't let us down.

Nadia Comaneci. Score: 7.25

Don't cry about today. -I'm not crying.

I never cry.

You should.

So that I can tell you not to.

Nadia, it's not that you fell. It's that you were the best and didn't live up to it!

You completely lost your concentration!

It will never happen again.

Never You're not serious about gymnastics. -Yes, I am.

No, you're just playing. You should quit! -No Did you ever see anyone as bad as you were today?

No. -Neither did I! Quit!

Go back to the schoolyard and do cartwheels if you wanna play!

No, I want to be a champion!

I'll confess something to you.

I've been playing too.

When I first found you I only knew four sports.

I wasn't even a real gymnastics coach!

I'll make a pact with you so we can both stop playing.

Instead of teaching you what I don't know, I want to teach you what I do know.

I will teach you how to have a runner's strength.

The cunning of a handball player.

And how, like a boxer, to be fearless of pain.

You interested?

I'm talking about a lot of work.

Total commitment, total concentration!

Don't take up my time and then quit!

I'll never quit.

No one has ever worked as hard as I am going to work you.

I shall work You do and you will be the best in the world.

Concentrate Nadia!

Forget the crowds, the studio, the announcers. Even your teammates and coaches.

Only the exercise!

You've almost got it! But enough for tonight!

I can do better. I'll keep working.

Oh, Papa!

Good evening Mr. Comaneci It's getting late, your mother worries.

I can't get her to quit.

My routine is not perfect. -Looks good to me, so come home.

No, Papa, I must do it once more.

Only once!

It was good, wasn't it?

Get dressed and go home.

Did you see, Papa? -Yes.

Your mother's waiting.

She's getting very good! -I suppose.

Will all this make her happy?

Well, you just saw her. I have to order her to stop.

I'll wait by the door.

I have a surprise for you. -Oh, what?

Tickets to the circus. -Oh. When?

Saturday But Papa, I have to practise on Saturday.

Saturday. -I must

Guess who was lonely without you? -Who?

This funny little bear.

Oh, Papa.

This is my favourite bear.

I'm so glad he came to see me.

He missed you very much.

Keep your legs staight. Point your toes.

Faster! Faster!

Feet together!

Good Nadia!

Nadia, not like that!

You're not thinking about your finish. You must see it in your mind.

No, stay off the bar. -No!

It's alright! Don't worry about Nadia. Go back to your practising! Go!

Nadia, injuries happen. Now go back to your floor exercises.

And concentrate.

I think you better take her to the hospital. -Yes, I know.

They think its a ligament, the operation is tomorrow morning.

Oh, Bela.

Her parents are furious, they're taking her out of the school.

But it was no one's fault.

They say maybe we're asking too much from such little girls.

Maybe they're right.

Whay do you mean? The girls are doing just fine.

Bela, theirs a little girl in the hospital! -These things happen.

Where are your feelings?

I don't recognise you. -My feelings are in every one of those girls!

Don't think I have no feelings; I have too many feelings!

Bela, they're just little girls!

Remember how long a day took when you were a child?

A week.

A week lasted a month and a month lasted a year.

It was the time of life when we were the most alive. As adults we just pay off the bills.

Then we shouldn't try and take it away from them.

Away? Marta, I'm giving it to them!

How many of us experience a silent moment of radiant perfection?

Why shouldn't they experience that at the time of their life when they're most alive?

Bela, it is our responsibility to keep them from hurting themselves.

You can get well from an injury but you can't get the experience if you don't take the risk!

I still think you're pushing too hard.

It's not the Olympics, you know?

I will be.

Canada, Marta. We're going to Canada.

But they're too young!

They haven't even won a European event yet!

Yes, that's why we're going to Paris first.

No, they are not going to Paris! They would be laughed out of the arena.

They are the future! The best we will have for a long time!

It's only an exhibition! -We have better girls!

Right here in Bucharest! -No!

We do not! -Teodora is the only promising one and she was trained by another coach. -You are the expert for me, I for women.

Trust me! We have no better girls here.

Or anywhere else in Romania. We're taining champions!

That's another thing! I really do not like your man Karolyi He is ruthless! He will do anything to win.

Yes, he will.

Isn't that wonderful?

So Nadia, how do you like Paris? -Wonderful!

Especially the airport.

Romanian gymnasts.

Romanian gymnasts over here! -Isn't there somebody we can call?

I was told someone would meet the plane. -But that was two hours ago.

You speak French?

Neither do I.

Is there anyone here for Romania? -Hello.

Romania? Yes!

Come. Quick quick, someone's here! -Hello! Taxi!

Sport Palace, erm Palais de Sport. -No Monsieur, we are not going to the Palais de Sport.

What do you mean? -You have been assigned to the secondary competition.

We didn't come all the way to Paris to hide. Take us to the Sports Palace!

They won't let you in. Not with the babies. -They're not babies, they're champions!

But Monsieur -We go now!

This uncivilised man demands to request entrance!

Do you have anyone from god-forsaken Romania on your list?

No, Monsieur -Of course not! As I knew all along!

Thank you, my friend.

I trained my best but, its simple seed. -Oh, I was sure it would be.

But thank you very much for trying.

You must go now to the small competition. -One moment!

You girls stay close to me, we're going in.

Ladies and Gentleman, from Russia, ranked number one in the world...

Ludmila Tourischeva

Stay down! Hide!

Get ready but stay down!

My name is Bela Karolyi, I'm from Romania.

I have two gymnasts and I'm asking your permission to enter them into this competition.

She's beautiful!

Ludmila Tourischeva- that concludes the floor exercise.

No, one more, one more! From Romania!

Watch her!

Attention please. She is from Romania and she is 12 years old.

Her name is Nadia!

Well my friend, we did it. You'll take the papers and TV now.

In Paris, Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci won the hears of the audience in a surprise appearance.

Professor Bela Karolyi stated that she is one of top calibre gymnasts currently training at his school who will be competing at all up-coming European events.

That is blackmail! -But he's right!

100 sit-ups- begin.


You're late, Teodora! And 11.

Coach Karolyi says he expects his students to dominate the Romanian team from now on.

How could he say that? -I don't know.

Girls, this is Geza Poszar, your new choreographer.

He is joining us to put new life into your routines. This will begin now.

On your feet.

Follow me.

No, not like that, you'll break something. Now go back and do it right.

Another delicious carrot stick, my dear?

Which one is delicious?

Nadia gets so intense when she performs that she forgets the audience.

But she never thinks to smile.

Geza- teach her to smile!

What judge would like such a sour puss? -Nadia, smile.

''Prof. Bela Karolyi confidently predicted victories for his students'' -He is going too far!

Do you think so?

Miss Comaneci had dominated the 1974 championship with three gold medals and one silver.

And her coach Bela Karolyi is confident that his students will carry off several medals at the 1976 Olympic Games.

Nadia Comaneci again wins the overall gold establishing her place in European Women's Gymnastics As predicted by her colourful and outspoken coach Bela Karolyi.

For years I have been putting up with that egomaniac.

He's winning! -I don't like him You like him to win, don't you?

Whether he likes it or not, we're going to Montreal.

You must understand his problem.

Bucharest is the capital, it has the most expensive facilities, most experience coaches and the best gymnast.

Does Bucharest win medals? No, Onesti wins medals!

They don't expect medals! Only the Russians win medals!

Is that why we have worked so hard?

To be beaten? No. We have the best team in the world right here in Onesti!

We deserve to go to the Olympics. -Calm down, Belya!

I'm not your enemy!

I will do my best to get you to Montreal.

But compromises will be made.

I'm not asking for anything special. I'm only asking for what is fair!

My girls are best In this world to ask for what is fair is to ask for what is special.

If we don't go, I'll tell everyone why.

Including the press! -That would not be wise!

Tell me where are all the wise coaches? -I don't know.

It's because you've never heard of them. being wise is not what we do best.

Would you like more Emilia? -Don't tempt me, thank you.

Take care, Belya Don't push too hard.

That is what we do best.

You're late again, Theodora, that's 200 sit-ups. -Why not make it 400?

Very good idea. Make it 400.

Theodora? -I hate him, I really do.

Welome to Montreal and the 1976 Olympic Games.

What do you think? -Let's go home.

Over here.

Smell that food? -What is it?

I don't know but I like the way it smells.

Think they're dancing down there?

Maybe, I know they're eating though. -Think we ought to sneak down there, don't you?

Nadia, it's now or never.

Let's go.

Nadia, look at that boy's eyes.

All you think about is boys.

I think that guy likes you.

The games start late because of the timezones. It's six hours earlier there.

There she is!

Don't let anyone's reputation intimidate you.

All it means is that they used to be good. They must prove that they still are.

They're still good

You alright?

No, you're not alright. What did you eat last night?

You went out, didn't you?

How could you? Today of all days?

It won't matter.

Where's Bela?

In the stands -In the stands?

Officials decided only women coaches on the floor during women's events.

And now the next competitor Nadia Comaneci

''You think its possible for a little girl to fly?'' ''I'll never quit''

''Concentrate! Forget everything but the exercise''

Only 1?

There seems to be some kind of problem, the judges are conferring.

One moment, please.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think it is. Yes it is for the first time in the history of the modern Olympic Games...

A perfect 10!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are witnessing gymnastic history in the making!

With her final routine Nadia Comanesci has scored an umbelievable seven perfect tens!

She's receiving her gold medal, the overall indivdual champion gymnast, for the 1976 Olympic Games from Romania, Nadia Comanesci!

How does it feel to be the champion?

Is it true that you follow a very strict diet?

Would you like to have a boyfried?

Why don't you ask me questions about gymnastics?

This is the most prestigious gymnasium in Romania.

No, the world!

And there she is...

The greatest gymnast in the world, Nadia Comanesci What do you call that? -My new floor routine.

Where are the hand gestures?

I'm not a little girl anymore. I don't need the hand gestures.

Ever since Montreal you've... -I'm growing up!

Can't you see? -Growing up?

You call arguing with your coach growing up?

Those gestures are childish.

I won't do them.

As long as you are in my gymnasium you will do it my way! Do you understand?

Do you ?! -Yes.

Yes, what? -Yes, Comrade Professor.

Alright now, start again.

This is Teodora Ungureanu

Out! Clear the gym, all of you! -These are very important guests of the government.

I don't care who they are! -but they have travelled here from all over the world.

You cannot dismiss them.

They are not responsible for these girls. I am and I want them out!

If you perist in this... -Out!

Bela, think it through. -No, you think this through...

That flash nearly caused an injury to one of my girls.

When we are training, don't you bring anyone here without my permission! Not ever!

That was a very serious mistake.

Let us move on.

Not sure who's more excited about this- her or me.

What is this?

Some papers we have to sign. -What papers?

To get Nadia away from that awful man. He starves her. He overworks her.

He keeps her away from us. -He only wants the glory for himself.

He does not think about the girls.

Suddenly everyones thinking about Nadia. -It's best for her.

Maybe its time Nadia did retire.

Retire? -No, we are transferring the team fo Bucharest I will be personally responsible for Nadia -No!

She has done enough!

Do you have any idea how important you daughter is to this nation?

She gets thousands of letters every week. The whole world loves her.

It is true! She is a national treasure!

We must do what is best for Nadia. -With your permission, of course!


No, Stefania!

Nobody's here.

I'll get it.

Oh dear, nobody's here today!

What shall we do?

Where could they be?

In here!

Come on, where are you?

Bela, the girls...

They're gone. -What?

The team's been moved to Bucharest.

That's impossible!

Its true, Bela.

But we're their coaches!

Not any more.

Nadia too? -All of them.


For nine years, Marta. We were family!

It's Nadia Comaneci Boys, Nadia Comaneci!

Hello Could we play?

Later perhaps.

Fun place to stretch and you're welcome.

I'm George Condovici, your new coach -Good morning, sir.

Is it always like this? -To warm up the boys prefer soccer to calisthenics What about the girls? -They stretch and duck.

So Nadia, how do you like Bucharest?


Hi, come on in. Have some beer. I'm Schwitzy.

Let me introduce you around.

Hey everybody, this is Nadia.

You must be the other one. -That's me.

I'm Sergei, care to dance? -Love to.

Why are you called Schwitzy?

I love Germany.

This way!

They all recognise you.


You must be the most famous person in Romania.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests.

I proposed a toast to Romania's Olympic champion, little Miss Perfect.

Nadia Comaneci

There she is again. That's twice this week. -Three times.

She's having a wonderful time.

Then why does she look so sad?

She doesn't look sad. -Well, what's wrong with her?

She is becoming a woman.

A spoiled woman, I'd say.

Well, she is in Bucharest.

Where she belongs.

Oh Nadia, you must come, the president himself is expecting you.

What of the rest of us, huh? Meatballs?

Speaking of food. Have you noticed how big she's been getting lately?

Fat is the word. -I mean fat is the word!

Oh, Nadia, hi.

We were just... -Good night.

Is that how you talk about me when I'm not here?

You tell everybody I'm fat, right? -No.


Look at you. You are fat!

I thought you were my best friend. -That's what all the newspapers say.

I'm tired of being Nadia's best friend. A lot of people think that I'm better than you are.

If you're better why don't you win?

I do when you're not around!

If you didn't exist I would have been the star! -I'm not competing with you!

I've worked just as hard as you have!

I deserve more!

Bela always chose you over me. -Bela hates me.

Why did he spend all of his time working with you? You walked out on him.

What about you? -He didn't care about me leaving... it was always ''Nadia, Nadia. Nadia''

I took an Olympic silver medal next to you and no one even knows that I was there!

It's not my fault if people don't pay attention to you!

I wish they would!

I wish they'd leave me alone!

I'll be happy to leave you alone!

Fine with me! I don't need you!

Don't be my friend!

Don't be my friend at all!

Bucharest is so beautiful!

Adrian and I are moving to Bucharest.


What about Papa?

Your papa and I...

We're getting a divorce.

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

You've seen us fight. For Adrian's sake I had to; he'll be much happier here Mr. Belarus has arranged everything.

We'll be together. Adrian and I and you.

I'll miss Papa.

He'll stay in Onesti. He has his garage to run.

And his plum brandy.

How are the Corellis?

You didn't hear? They've moved to Deva. -Deva?

Are they starting over?

I suppose so. The Onesti Council blames him for losing the national team and rightfully so.

I didn't even get to say goodbye.



We'll have so much fun here.

A whole new life!

Let her find her own way.

Be patient. -Be patient? I am the one who moved her here, remember?

She's not even training. -No, she's not.

For the first time since she was 6 years old.

But she will. -She must.

I want you to confine her to the dormatory.

And restrict her eating.

Do you want me to do that? -Yes.


And. No visitors.

Hi You okay? -Go away.

Want me to spot? -Go away.

Just go away!

Go away!

Where are you going? -To get juice, do you mind?

May I see Nadia?

No visitors.

What is this? Solitary? -No visitors!


Now where?

Is Kurt there?

Do you know where he went? Oh never mind.

Nobody home?

Why won't you leave me alone?

All of you!

Just go away!

Gabriella, hi.

Come on, let's go for a walk.



Help me!


She tried to kill herself.

Come home with me.

Forget gymnastics. You'll be happy.

Have a simple life.

Take walks.

Climb trees.

The taller the better.

I couldn't do it, Papa.

Look at me.

I love you any way you are.

I'm so ashamed.

Don't be. You're alive. That's all that matters.

No, Papa, it isn't all that matters.

I have to be the best.

You've already done that. Now that you're growing there's all kinds of things you could do.

I have to train harder than ever now.

Does Bela know?

No, Bela is far away.

9.90, it's another gold medal for Deva. The Deva Team increased its lead over the Bucharest National Team.

We've got them! They can't win!

Congratulations. -Thank you.

It is so good to finally beat the Nationals.

Hello Bela, how is our top coach?


Any new Nadias on your team?

There will never be another Nadia and if I had one I wouldn't tell you.

Tell me about Emilia Eberle -Emilia? yes.

Yes, you just saw her.

She will win another gold before the evening is over.

Yes, impressive.

How old? -Twelve.

The whole team is twelve. They are harder to steal when they're twelve.

I wanted to tell you personally that we at the Federation are impressed with the work you have done in Deva.

You should be, -Yes.

In fact we had a special meeting last night.

Under the circumstances we want you to take over the National Team.


You are the best, we need you.

The world championships are five weeks away! How could I prepare a team in five weeks?

We want you to use your team as the National Team.

It becomes the National Team? -Yes, of course.

Plus two from Bucharest Which two? -Teodora and Nadia.


Nadia's been having problems, she needs you.

No. I won't do it. -She's the defending champion and you are her coach!

I was her coach. You stole her from me!

I was too rough, remember?

They left me eight months ago without looking back. Not a letter, phone call, nothing!

We have started over in Deva and that is where we will stay!

Defying the orders of the Sports Federation?


Keep your national team in Bucharest

Can you believe this, Marta? Four gold medals! -Yes I can believe it!

To the little ones.

Are you going to tell me or do I have to ask?

You saw me talking with Vieru. -He wants you to take Nadia back.

And Teodora. -Are you going to do it?

He can close our school down. He can drive us out of coaching.

I know.

Who is it?



Is that you?

How could that happen to her? -She's totally dependent on you.

What do you mean?

You didn't teach her to control her appetite, you took away her food.

She is not dependent on me, she is independent. She always was.

And you always won.

I can't be with her forever. What will she do then?

That's a very good question.

Come on!

Remember you are the defending world champion and you do not wish to make a fool of yourself.

I am the defending world champion and I do not wish to make a fool of myself

Wake up!

You let her get to the food!

I'm sorry. I coudn't help myself.

You can't stand the stress of being a star. Have some bread!

You wanna self-destruct so that nobody will recognise you.

The you'll have some pickle on it!

Have some chicken! Have some ham!

Want something to comfort you when the going gets rough?

Have some cottage cheese!

When you're done with this go down to the ice-cream parlour and have some dessert!

So, why are you not eating?

I don't want to.

Good. But from now on Nadia, it is up to you.

You can not depend on me anymore.

I will teach you what to do.

But I can't make you do it.

I won't do it for you.

Get up! -Oh please.

Get up, Nadia.

What's wrong? -It's just a scratch.

How did you do this? -It's my grips.

Sometimes I raise a rash. -No, that looks infected.

I want you to have this looked at. -Please, stop fussing.

I'm not a little girl anymore- happens all the time. -I want you to take care of that.


No sauna tonight. You go to bed.

I'll bring you a tray.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 1979 world championship in Fort Worth, Texas,

What? What now?

No, this is bad. You better get this taken care of now.

We were this close to beating the Russians. If you hadn't been so careless.

Careless? -Yes, careless and stupid.

You make it sound like my fault. -It is your fault I told you to take care of it. You are no use to us like that.

Teodora Ungureanu, 9.25

So how do you like Fort Worth? The judges were tough on you.

Was about right. -You usually do better.

Judges resent the fact that little girls grow up.

Gymnastics has changed. We're the ones that changed it.

What used to be special is now ordinary.

You and I can't compete with ourselves any more.

Next from Romania, Emilia Eberle I wanted to help the team win if I could.

But before Fort Worth I had already decided to retire.

Stop being around twelve year old who are better than I am.

They're not! -Not all of them but they're getting better.

And I'm getting worse.

It's time. -What will you do?

Joining the circus. -Circus?

It'll be fun and I'm going to marry the handsomest man in the world.

He doesn't know about it yet but the circus, it was his idea.

I know you'll be happy.

I'm sorry. -For what?

For being jealous. You deserve all your wins.

I've often wondered what would have happened if Bela had chosen you in Paris.

Instead of me.

So have I.

The Russians are going to win again.

What are you doing? -I will compete.

I can't let... -What does the team need to win?

9.9 -Tell the judges I'm competing.

Are you sure? -Tell them.

I understand now.

You do?

I can do it on my own.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, a surprise entry for Romania, Nadia Comaneci

What did you do to her?

For the first time: nothing.

Nadia Comaneci, 9.9

We're number one!

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 1979 World Championship Romania.