Nailbiter (2013) Script

( Weather alert sounding )

( Beeping )

Recording: A tornado warning remains in effect for northeastern Johnson County in east central Kansas in west central Missouri until 9:45 pm. ( Heavy rain falling )

National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated this danger.

( Girl screaming ) Storm was located seven miles...

Girl: Ah! No!

God, help! God!

( Thunder rumbling ) - Ahh!

( Thunder echoes )

( Rain pattering )

( Birds chirping )

( Radio playing softly )

Boy: So is your mom home?

No, she's at her weekly "hair appointment."

You want to fool around?

Do you ever think I'm gonna say yes?

Patience is a virtue.

Mmm. Well, you got one.

Seriously though, you want me to wait till she gets home?

No, I want you to wait until I finish this cigarette.

Remind me again why I hang out with you.

'Cause you want to sleep with me.

( Coughs )

Oh yeah.

Thanks again for helping me cut geometry today.

Hey, I was leaving anyway.

Besides, I'm going to be a porn star.

The fuck do I need geometry for?

Thank you.

Hey, cheer up. Your dad's coming home soon.

Yeah, maybe he'll buy me a G.T.O. Just like your daddy.

Hey, I mowed a lot of yards to get this car, okay?

My dad's yard...

A lot of times.

All right, see you Saturday.

So it's a date then?

Bye, seen.

I'm six-months sober as of tomorrow, as a matter of fact.

My wife's coming back to me.

Hmm. I get to see my kids again.

I got you guys to all thank for that.

Thank you.

Okay, I guess I'll go next.

Uh, my name is Janet. I'm an alcoholic and I've been sober for four months.

All: Hi, Janet.

Well, I should be happy right now because my husband's coming home tonight.

He's in the military. He's been fighting overseas for the last year and a half.

But to be totally honest, I don't feel happy.

I feel... I feel really scared.

Like I've been thinking about all the things that he's seen over there and everything that he's lived through.

And then he's gonna come home to...


I just thought that sobriety was going to make things better.

You know? I thought that if I could just stop drinking that things would improve.

But it hasn't been like that at all.

In fact I feel like every day everything's getting worse at home, you know?

I don't know, it's... I've just been really selfish.

I guess that's why I'm here, you know?

I just... I want to do better.

I want to... I want to be better.

Weatherman: As these trained weather spotters are continuing to feed us and give us the new information, we'll make sure to give you the updates.

Stay tuned. We will keep you advised to this rapidly changing situation.

Good afternoon. The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch earlier this morning and things are going from showers to thunderstorms and getting a little more dangerous across eastern Kansas.

You can see over the last few hours, starting to see those colors brighten up...

A lot more red on the screen. That is indicative and really they're all converging on eastern Kansas.

Several warnings have been posted.

At this point, it is only for hail and high winds.

But certainly, as the National Weather Service has issued that tornado warning, there is the potential for some tornado activity as we progress throughout the day, as all of this travels across the state and to the east.

Areas west of I-35 look to be okay.

But areas east of I-35...

Girls, are you ready?

( Radio playing ) j& I hear the world j& somehow it's hard to see, you're making me hurt... j&

I thought you quit smoking.

Watch your face.

A serious situation to a slightly more dangerous situation as...

Janet: You ready?

No, I'm running away. That's why I've packed a bag.

Why are we staying in Kansas City tonight?

Weather channel says there's going to be a storm.

If your father's flight is delayed, we might have to stay in a hotel.

Then why don't we just stay here tonight and go in the morning?

Because I want us to be the first people your dad sees, not some hotel desk clerk. ( Scoffs ) Whatever.

County off to the east in Linn County, the situation is turning a little worse.

We're going from the thunderstorms now, severe weather.

Quite a bit of hail reported down in Linn County and that is indicative of these storms strengthening.

Once you see the purple, the bright...

( Birds chirping )

( Instrumental music playing )

Radio: ...Mobile homes and vehicles should be abandoned for sturdier shelter. Otherwise go to an interior room on the lowest level of your home or place of business.

Make sure there are as many floors and walls between you from the outside as possible.

Repeating: A tornado warning remains in effect...

Please, I've lived in Kansas my whole life.

I've never once seen a tornado.

You know you were born during a tornado.

Yeah, I never heard that before.

I can't say I remember much about it.


Hey, mom? Can I change my name?

Why would you want to do that?

Sally is just so unprofessional.

What do you mean?

Well, can I at least go by Sarah?

But your name's not Sarah, it's Sally.

Your father named you.

Yeah, you were named after Charlie Brown's sister.

( Sally laughs ) I was not, Jennifer!

Hey, Alice, how's your book?

It's fine.

What's it about?

A lot of things.


It's a bunch of short stories. They any good?

Haven't you read them?

Yes, but I want to know what you think.

Female reporter: ...Important weather information.

Recording: A tornado warning remains in effect...

They're fine.

Until 5:15 pm Central Daylight Time in Linn County in Kansas. The National Weather Service in Topeka, Kansas, has issued a tornado warning for northeastern Linn County near Blue Mound, Kansas...

Sally: Mom, I have to pee.

National Weather Service Doppler radar... Peachy.

( Thunder rumbling )

Reporter: ...Sturdier shelter.

Otherwise, go to an interior room on the lowest level of your home or place of business.

Make sure there are as many walls and floors betw...

A tornado warning remains in effect until 5:15 pm Central Daylight Time in Linn County in Kansas. The national weather serv...

Sally, I told you to go before we left.

Hurry, gotta pee!

Janet: Sorry. - It's okay.

You... you all right there, ma'am?

Yeah. We're heading to Kansas City tonight.

Oh, I really don't think that's a very good idea.

There's a tornado ripping through Blue Mound right now.

It's headed this way. - Oh, really?

My husband's flight gets in in a couple of hours.

He's in the military. He's coming home from overseas tonight.

Well, I reckon he could wait a few more hours as opposed to his wife and daughters having an accident.

Where would we go?

I'm the wrong guy to ask. I'm new here myself as of last week.

But I'd be willing to bet any of these old farmers would let you hole up in their cellar.

Looks like the townspeople are really taking this storm seriously.

( Thunder rumbles ) You folks best get some shelter.

Thanks. - ( Thunder crashes )

Officer: Need any help closing up, Mrs. Shurman?

No, thank you, barney.

Carr, get those people out of here.

Barney: Now you all be damned careful out there.


( Car starts )

I can't believe his name is barney.

( Thunder rumbling )

Recording: A tornado warning remains in effect until 5:15 pm central daylight time in Linn County.

At 3:41 central day...

( Siren blaring )

Jennifer: What is that?

A tornado siren.

Hey, mom? Yeah?

Reporter: ...12 miles west of Mound City...

I'm sorry I didn't pee at the house.

It's okay, sweetie.

Other locations in the warning include Anderson County...

This storm is visible...

Straight-line wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour...

( Hail clattering )

Or place of business. Make sure there are as many floors...

( Glass cracks )

A tornado warning remains in effect until 5:15 pm Central Daylight Time in Linn County in Kansas. The National Weather Service in Topeka, Kansas, has issued a tornado warning for northeastern Linn County.

Blue Mound, Kansas, until 5:30 pm Central Daylight Time.

At 4:50 pm Central Daylight Time...

Mom, what's wrong?

Doppler radar indicated a severe...

( Brakes squealing ) ( Girls screaming )

( Grunts )

Everybody out of the car now!

In addition to the tornado, large hail the size of quarters...

Don't look! Run, run!

Vehicles should be abandoned for sturdier cover.

Otherwise, go to...

All: Hello?! Hello?!

Help! Help! ( Ringing bell )

( All shouting )

( Metal creaks )


( Grunting )

( Thunder cracks )

All: Go, mom, go! Mom, hurry! Go, go!

Janet: Come on, come on! - ( Girls shout )

Janet: Go go go go!

( Loud rumbling, crashing )

( Wind gusting )

( Items crashing, rumbling )

( Glass smashing )

( Rumbling continues ) - ( Crying ) I'm scared.

( Loud crash )

( Screams )

( Thunder rumbling )

( Storm grows quieter )

( Thunder rumbling ) - ( Girls sobbing )

Janet: I think we're safe. I think we're okay.

Okay. Jen, are you okay?

Yeah. Are you?


Everybody okay?

I'm fine.

Honey, you're always fine.

( Whispers ) Okay, come here.

( Tornado alarm sounding )

Wow. ( Laughs )

That was intense.

Don't tell dad I cried.

Oh, honey.

It's okay.

Where are we?

You think the storm's over?

I think it's over enough for us to leave.

( Grunts )

Janet: Damn it. There's a tree across the door.

Shit, ow.

Jennifer, can you help?

Janet: Oh, shit. ( Grunts )

Push, hard.

( All grunting ) Janet: Okay.

Now what?

Come on.

Well, at least there's booze.


Let's see if somebody's home.

( Tapping )

Hey! Anybody up there?!

Help! Help!

Hey! - Hello?!

Shh, wait a minute.

Hey, do you have your cellphone?

Oh, duh.

( Phone beeps )

You got a signal? Yeah, three bars.

It's roaming though. Is that okay?

Yeah, I think the extra charge is okay.

( Beeping )


Nothing? Are you connected?

Yeah, it connects. It just connects to static.

( Phone beeping )

Who are you trying to call? 911.

Keep trying.

If you push me up there, I bet I could fit through.

Oh, honey. Are you sure?

No, but if you break out the rest of the glass, I'll try.

Any luck, Jen?


Try texting someone. Yeah.

Good idea.

Janet: Wow, you're fast at that.

Janet: Who are you texting?

His name's Sean. Yeah? Who's that?

He's a guy that would travel through a storm to get laid.

Jen, please, the girls.

Mom, please, I think we have bigger fish to catch right now.

( Phone beeping ) - Damn!

Alice: What is it?

Janet: Well, maybe it'll send after the storm clears.

Hey, will you send a message to your dad?

Okay, you ready to try this? Mm-hmm.

I'm gonna knock the rest of the glass out.

"Dad, stuck in a cellar halfway to K.C.

Running late.

Be there soon, Jen."

( Beeps ) - Okay, "message pending."

Hopefully he'll get it soon.

Alice: It's "fry," by the way.


You just said we had bigger fish to catch, but really it's "bigger fish to fry."

Oh, thanks.


You should talk more.


Because you're smart.

( Glass clatters ) - Are you ready?


( Footsteps )

Is that...

( Thunder rumbles )

Do you think they heard us?

I don't know how they couldn't have.

( Loud thud )

What the hell?

( Three thuds ) - Why would they do that?

( Footsteps )

I don't know.

( Bell rings ) - Jennifer: What was that?

I'm willing to give that window thing a try.

Yeah. Come on.

( Animal growls, chomps ) - ( Alice screaming )

( Animal howling )

( Crying )

It's throbbing, it's throbbing inside!

Go get something to wrap her arm! Go now!

Oh my... Help me!

( Alice crying ) Help me!

What is all this shit?


Mom, rope.

Okay, let me see, let me look.

( Crying )

This is soft.

( Ripping )

Come on.

Here here. ( Sally crying )

Sally: Ow, don't! No! Shh shh, oh baby.

It's okay. Hold still, hold still.

Shh, there.

It's okay, sweetheart.

I won't tell daddy you cried, I promise.

What did that to her?

I don't know.

( Sally crying )

( Thunder rumbling )

( Phone beeps )

Is she gonna be okay? Yeah.

We just... we just need to get her to a hospital right away. What happened to her?

I don't know.

I think maybe... I think maybe she got bit by a dog.

Mom, did you see her arm?

I know.

Alice: What?

It didn't look like a dog.

Of course it was a dog. What else would it have been?

It just looked... It just looked too clean...

Jennifer, please.

We need to... We need to get her to a hospital right away.

Shh, mom.

( Thunder rumbling )

( Thunder cracks )

Ah, come here.

It's okay. Here, I want you to stay with Sally.

Come here.

Here, I'll help.

Janet: Push. Oh, it's giving... okay.

Janet: Yes. Come on.

( Door slams ) ( Both gasp )

( Hammering )

The windows! Get through the windows!

( Hammering continues )

( Slams )

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Let us out!

( Hammering continues )

Where the hell are we?

What now?

I don't know.

( Hammering stops )

( Speaking softly ) "Sally is passed out.

Someone is...

Keeping us here.

Please help.

We are in Wellsville."

( Phone beeps )

Hey, Jen, we need to clean Sally's wound.

There's water. Where?

On the shelf in the corner.

Okay, let's go get some.

( Thunder rumbles )

Another storm?


The radio said it's going to storm all night.

I'll go get that water.

( Thunder rumbling )

( Soft clatter )

( Rips ) - Come on.

( Snarl )

Oh my god. I wish your dad was here.

What is that smell? It's not water.


( Spits )

Definitely not water.

What is it? I think it's moonshine.

What? Why?

That's alcohol.

I'm gonna use it to clean her wound and it's gonna hurt like hell.

Help me hold her down.

Okay, sweetie. Here we go.


( Crying )

Ow, mommy! Mom, stop it. You're hurting her.

Mom! It's okay, Alice.

I'm sorry. ( Sally screaming )

Mom! I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

That's it. That's it. Stay still.

It's gonna be okay. I promise.



Stay with me.

I will, Sally.

I won't let anything happen to you, okay?

I love you, Jennifer.

I love you too, Sally.

Just go to sleep now and rest, okay?

We're gonna find a way to get you out of here.

( Clanging ) - ( Gasps )

( Thunder cracks )

( Rumbling )

Janet: You okay?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

( Janet sighs )

Janet: There's got to be a way out of this basement.

Maybe a door that leads upstairs?

Alice: Is there a flashlight or something?

I don't know. Maybe.

Hey, Jen, do you have your lighter?


Uh, no.

It's in the car.

Jennifer? Check Sally's pockets.


Promise not to be mad at Sally.

Of course.

When we were in the car, she took your lighter out of your backpack.

Really? Yeah, she thought maybe if you didn't have your lighter, you wouldn't smoke.

Are you serious?

Yeah, check her pockets.

I don't believe it. Janet: Sally saves the day.

I promise, Sally, no more cigarettes, okay?


( Police radio chatter )

( Thunder rumbling )

( Police radio continues )

Hello, barney. Hi, Mrs. Shurman.

Well, goodness sake, get yourself out of this weather.

You'll catch your death. Thank you, ma'am.

( Radio playing music )

Can I get you a cup of coffee? It's still warm.

That'd be great. Thank you.

Are you baking something?

Cookies before the power went off.

Want one? - Oh, sure.

Looks like the tornado went right through.

Lot of trees and power lines down.

It'll be a hell of a clean-up effort around here.

Hell, it isn't even over. Gonna storm all night.

That's what I heard. Gotta love this time of year.

( Chuckles ) I never get used to it.

Makes people crazy in this town. Yeah, I noticed.

I'm surprised you weren't holed up in your cellar waiting for the storm to pass.

Well, I prefer to wait it out up here.

And bake? It calms my nerves.

Uh, Mrs. Shurman, real quick, the reason I stopped by...


Well, there's a car out front.

Oh really? Yes ma'am.

It belongs to a couple ladies on the road up to Kansas City.

And I was wondering if you'd seen them.

You don't say? Well, no, I sure haven't seen 'em.


Mrs. Shurman, their car is out in the ditch by the road.

Mmm, perfect.

Well, I sure hope they're all okay.

Are you sure they didn't stop by here?

It just seems like this would be the first place they would check.

Well, not unless they got here before I did.

How many of them did you say there were?

There were four of them actually.

There was a mother and three of her daughters.

And you say they were on their way to Kansas City?

Yes, ma'am, to pick up her husband at the airport.

Hello, barney. Out checking the roads, I see.

Hey, sheriff! I didn't know you were here.

I just stopped by to help her board up her cellar.

Oh, yeah, I was going to ask about that.

Looked like you got it boarded up pretty good.

Don't want a flood down there.

Lots of valuables in that old storm cellar.



Well, I'd better get back out on the road.

Horseshit. Stay inside here and have another cup of coffee.

You know, albert, I would love to, but those travelers really got me worried.

They probably just went down to Jacob s farm up the road.

Yeah, I'll check there.

You sure I can't talk you into another cup of coffee?

My, those lights seem to have a mind of their own.

( Laughing )

I'm sure they'll have them up and running soon enough.

Yeah. Thank you for the coffee, Mrs. Shurman.

But I really should go check on those ladies.

You be careful out there now, barney, and don't forget to say hello to that beautiful new bride of yours.

Will do. Now you folks get some candles lit.

No telling how long this is going to last.


Oh my!

You forgot your cookies. ( Chuckles )

Oh. Wow! What are they?

They're little tornadoes.


Good night, folks.

( Thunder rumbling )

If something happens, you're explaining it to his wife.

Shouldn't have married him in the first place, especially a month into storm season.

( Grunts )

Here, let me. ( Grunts )

Is this for dad?

Yeah. These storms are harder on him than they used to be.

( Pours liquid )

( Door creaking ) - Roger?

Settle down.

( Growling )

( Lapping sounds ) - ( Radio continues )

Is he getting a case of cabin fever?

Just a little restless.

I'm surprised that you grew out of it.

You used to be a real handful this time of year.

Storms really don't affect me the way they used to.

Teeth hurt a little... That's about it.

Now you get that from my side of the family.

I wish your brothers were more that way.

If this supercell they keep talking about gets any closer, I might not be able to control myself.

I'm gonna let Roger and the boys out for a while tonight to enjoy the storm.

Hershel's already out. Well, you know Hershel...

Always was a free spirit.

He took a bite out of one of our visitors earlier.

And Tommy? In the cellar.

The storm got to him early.

I was hoping that new muzzle will help him.

You know they make those things for kids and they never work right anyway.

I had to chain him up and give him some extra moonshine to calm him down.

Probably won't stay that way for long though.

It's a shame about that family down there.

They seem real nice.

Janet: Is there somebody out there?

Hello? Alice: Hello?!

Janet: Hello?

This is Deputy Carr from the Wellsville Sheriff's Department.

Alice: Oh, thank god. Help us! Janet: We're trapped.

Well, hold on, I'll see if I can get you out.

( Banging )

What the hell are you doing down there?

Get us out of here. Are you okay?

Hold on, I'll get the woman who lives upstairs.

All: No! What?

Jennifer: She's the one that locked us down here.

All right. Let's get you the hell out of there.

Take my hand. I'll pull you out.

Alice, you first.

( Growling, crunching ) - ( Screaming )

- ( Chomping ) - ( Barney screaming )


( Growling, crunching )

( All gasping )

( Chomping fades )


Mrs. Shurman: Hershel, calm down!

( Creaks )


Oswald triplets.

Jennifer: "Where are you?

Sally is hurt bad.

A cop tried to help..."


( Phone beeps )

( Thunder rumbling )

Alice: "Struck by lightning"?

( Clanging )

( Creaks ) ( Wind blowing )

Hey, I think I found a hallway or something.

I'm gonna check it out.

( Door creaks ) - Okay, I'll go with you.

No. - What?

I said no.

Then let Alice go with you.

I want you both to stay with Sally. No, that's stupid.

You're not going down a dark hallway by yourself.


I can stay with Sally. It's not that big a deal.

I don't want to leave you alone. I'll be fine.

Is it just me or does that sound like a terrible idea?

Yeah. You're right.

We all stay or we all go.

Then we all go.

Jennifer: How long is this tunnel?

Janet: Must be 100 yards.

What is it?

I think it's a still.

Jen, careful with your lantern.


If that's a still and this is a propane tank, it could explode.

( Thunder rumbling )

Alice, I need you to stay with Sally.

We'll be right down the hallway, so if you need something, just yell, okay? - Okay.



What do I tell Sally when she wakes up?

Tell her everything's going to be okay.

Is that true?

( Thunder rumbles )

Alice, with every other beat of my heart, I believe we're going to be okay.



( Alice humming )

( Thunder crashing )

( Humming continues )

( Chain clatters )

It's not so bad.

No, it's just... It's just awkward.


Okay, do you want to go forwards or backwards?

I'll go backwards. Can you get the lantern?


( Low humming )

( ElectriCity crackling )

( Chain clattering )

( Humming )

( Metal clanks )


Wait wait. What what?

I need to change my grip.

This could be a process.

Ready? Yeah.

Okay, back up.

All right. Janet: Okay, you go first.


( Humming )

( Thunder rumbling )

( Humming continues )

( Moaning )

( Sally coughs )

( Thunder rumbling )

( Humming continues )

( Electricity crackling )

( Humming continues )

( Creature breathing )

( Breathing intensifies )

( Gasps ) ( Chain clatters )

( Ripping, chomping )

( Glass shatters, chewing sounds )


Going too fast. Okay.


You okay?

Can you see now?

That's good.

( Thunder rumbling )

( Metal squeaking )

Here comes the door.

How's the ramp on your side?

It's good.

Are you okay? Mm-hmm.

All right, it's good.

Don't go too fast. Sorry.

Wait, do you hear something?

( Distant gnawing )

What is that?

I don't know.

Keep going.

That's it. All right.

Mom, where's Alice?

Janet: Alice?


Put the still there.


Alice? Alice? Where is she?

( Thunder rumbling )

Where is she?

Alice? ( Man moaning )

( Panting )

What the hell is this?


( Distant crunching sounds )

( Creature breathing ) - ( Janet panting )

( Growls )

( Creature screaming, growling )

( Crying )

( Creature growling ) - ( Janet moaning )

Janet: Oh god, no!

( Janet wailing )

Oh no!

I'm sorry. Oh, my baby.

Oh god, oh.

Oh god, no! ( Sobbing )

( Silence )

( Thunder rumbling softly )


We have to get out of here.

Mom, we can't give up.


We're gonna die here.

No, we're not.

You still have daughters who need you right now.

( Thunder rumbling )

I won't give up.

( Clanking )


What was that thing?

I don't know. But next time we'll be ready for it.



Give me a minute.

Never mind.

Mom, are you okay?

No, Jennifer.

I'm not fine.

( Crying )

Mom, I need you to pull it together.

( Thunder rumbling )

Pull it together? Your little sister just...

Mom, I'm thinking about right now, okay?

And right now we need to put that contraption in front of the door and blow it off the hinges.

And I need your help.

( Thunder rumbling )

( Metal banging )

Do you hear that?


( Chain clatters )

Mom! ( Creature growls )

( Firing nails ) ( Creature howling )

( Squelching )

( Creature moaning, whimpering )

( Fires )

( Creature silent ) - ( Panting )

Jennifer? Mom!

Oh god.

Can you stand? ( Grunts )

You gotta get Sally out of here.

We're all getting out of here.

( Thunder rumbling )

( Creature growling, gnawing )

Look at how happy dad is.

I haven't seen him with this much energy in years.

Should we let Roger out?

Give your dad a little while.

( Thunder rumbling )

( Bones cracking )

Looks like that second storm is coming after all.

It's gonna be strong.

Then I guess that explains all their energy.

They're gonna sleep for a month after this.

( Chuckles )

( Exhales )

Where am I?

It's okay, Sally. Jennifer, it hurts.

I know, Sally.

Where's mom? Right here, sweetie.

Mom, are you okay?

Sally, mom got hurt real bad.

I'm fine.

Where's Alice? Sally, we have to get out of here.

What's going on? We need to leave.

I need you to cover yourself, okay?

I... what do you mean? Where's Alice?

Alice is gone.

She... she's dead?

Yes. Now, Sally, we have to get out of here.

Can you walk?

Mom, you're bleeding.

It's okay, honey. I need you to be strong, and we're gonna get out of here, okay?

We're gonna get dad too, okay?

I need you to get behind me and cover your heads.

What are you going to do? I'm gonna throw this, you're gonna hide, okay?

Can you run?

I don't think... If I help you?

I'll try. Okay.

( Explodes )

( Rain pattering, thundering ) Mom!



Mom, please wake up.

Mommy, please!

Thank you, mommy.

( Thunder rumbling )

Are you ready?


( Thunder rumbling )

Are you okay?

( Creature growling ) - Behind you!

( Creature panting )

( Firing )

( Creature whining )

( Growling )

( Gun clicks ) - Shit!

( Growling )


( Gunshot ) ( Body thuds )

( Growling )

( Roars )

Woman: Why didn't you just listen to the weatherman for once?

Man: Relax, all right? We're not the only ones with trees down.

It's gonna be fine.

I told you to cut down that branch last year.

What if it would have hit the nursery?

It wasn't going to hit the nursery.

Honey, come here.

( Thunder rumbling )

What the...

You girls okay?

She's cut up pretty badly.

Let's get you guys inside. Come on.

All right, let's take a look.

( Distant baby crying )

Woman: Oh, sweetie.

We gotta get her out of here or call the cops...


It's gonna be all right.

It does look pretty infected though.

You poor thing. You don't understand.

There were these things out there that... Man: Just calm down.

I'm gonna go call for help.

Let's get you some new bandages. Bathroom's this way.

Come on. ( Baby continues crying )

Ahhh! ( Orchestral music plays )

Ah, Hee Hee Hee!

( Weather alert sounding )

Poor kid's teething in the other room.

There's disinfectant and bandages in the top drawer.

Just take whatever you need. Thanks.

( Baby wailing )

( Exhales ) This baby's just kicking up a storm.

I hate when this happens. Excuse me.

( Crying continues )

( Crying grows louder )

( Thunder rumbling ) - ( Door creaks )

( Silence )

( Baby fussing )

( Moaning )

( Door slams ) - Sally: Jennifer! Jennifer!

Sally! Sally, no! ( Sally screaming )

Sally: Get away from me! Please get away from me!

Jennifer, help me! Jennifer, please help me!

Sally! Ahh! Jennifer!

( Sally screaming )

Jennifer! - ( Creatures growling )

( Tearing, chomping )

( Panting ) ( Creatures gnawing )

( Thunder rumbling )

I'm so sorry, Sally.

( Faint baby crying )

( Thunder crashing )

There's no need to run, sweetie.

We just want to have a word with you.

Get the fuck back.

You're lucky that the storm affects each one of us a bit differently.

Otherwise you'd be dead already.

( Panting )

( Door closes )


( Jennifer panting )

This is where we part company, dear.

( Tornado siren blowing )

( Growling )

( Ripping )

( Creatures growling )

( Siren continues )


( Taps )

( Glass shatters ) ( Creature growling )

No no no no! ( Siren continues )

( Growling )

( Wind roaring )

( Screams )

( Glass shatters ) - ( Wind roaring )

( Silence )

( Crickets chirping )

No dead. But there's still a lot of us unaccounted for...

Mostly youngsters.

But you know how these storms go.

Some of them just don't know how to recover yet.

They'll find their way home this afternoon.

Any signs of the girl?


You think she's still alive?

No, she's gone with the storm.

With this much damage, there'll be news teams heading this way.

We'll see.

I'm sorry about your mother.

( Thunder rumbling )

More storms coming in a few hours.

Could be worse than last night.

( Jet engine roaring )

( People chattering )

( P.A. Beeping )

( P.A. Announcements )

( Cellphone chimes )

( Phone beeps )

( Creature growling )

( Suspenseful music playing )