Najlepszy (2017) Script brings poker back Million Dollar Sunday Tournament every Sunday

Present a film by Łukasz Palkowski

Legnica, 1978


Fuck, honey, cops!

I got a cut!

Stop! Militia!




The Legment Cultural Club written by

You're a champion, man!

Fuck me...

The buffet is now open!

Haven't seen you before. You new? Yeah, hi.

Come on. We're all family.

For fuck's sake, she's my girlfriend!

Sorry. I'm Andrzej.

Hi. I'm Grażyna.

This is my fucking best friend.

And there's Krzysiek. Say hi!

Hi! I'm Krzysiek. Hi. I'm Grażyna.

Music by All right, gentlemen. An initiation ceremony.

Well, well, well.

Huxley wrote 'The Doors of Perception' after an eight-hour trip on mescaline.

While Nietzsche liked opium... What the fuck are you talking about?

90 per cent of philosophy students in the West do drugs.

Philosophy? Impossible!

The more drugs you do, the smarter you get.

Directed by

Not sure, man. No one can understand women.

But I guess she's spot on.

She's never bitching.

You wanna have fun, she has fun with you.

She steals with you. She has a fix with you.


Meaning she's fucking awesome.

Don't worry. Things are fine.

You're pissing on your trousers. Shit!

Watch out, Jurek! What?

If I fucking see you with her, I'll kill you like a dog.

Get it?!


Take her bag!

Show me your tits!

We don't know when, we don't know why...

Fucking cops are gonna die!

We don't know when, we don't know why...

Fucking cops are gonna die!

Run, fucking run!

I love you, you know?

Love you too, honey.

Go, fucking go!

What now, dipshits?

You'll leave my daughter alone.

You won't call her, meet her, write her.

Nothing. You'll disappear from her life. OK?

So I'm gonna need...

A passport for starters and a thousand dollars.

You really want me to fuck your shit up?

Your mug is itching? I know!

I'll just tell her I'm a poof!

You really think Grażyna cares about you?

She met a scumbag who respects nothing.

She got enchanted for a moment.

Easy come, easy go.

She won't even lift a finger. And you, punk?

Did you count on getting more?

I thought you had a nice big house.

We might all fit in, right?

Write down the minutes!

Who are your accomplices?

How did you try to topple our government?


Lie down!

Lie down! Don't move! Let fucking go of me!

Hi, you!


Fuck! You scared me, honey.

At least, I finally met your old man.

Nice gentleman.

You all right? Yep.

So let's get the fuck outta here.

Where are your clothes? In the cabinet.

Honey, I'm off to school.

See you tonight!

You little punks! Told you not to hit the stand!

Where have you been again?

Oh, you remembered! Thank you.

You don't look too good, son.

That girl should leave you alone. She exhausts you.

Is it serious?

Mum, stop it. It's not like I'm getting married.

That's good.

It's noon.

Shouldn't you be at work?

Fancy some soup?


I bought them for you.


With my money.

I stole them from a news-stand.

What's this?

Happy birthday.

I had my birthday on the fourth.

I had my payday on the tenth.

It's past the twentieth. You forgot about something.

Thank you, Dad!

What will you get me in February for Christmas?

Two years later

Fuck off.


Fucking sulks...


Oh, boy...

You all right? Fuck off!

You're on a bad trip or what? Kind of.

'Scuse me!

Got a spare cigarette?

Let's go back, love. Fuck off!

What's your problem?!

My fucking problem is that I'm pregnant.


You're gonna be a grandma!

Let go of her!

You can beat me! I don't care! But leave her alone!

You ever cared about anything, wanker?!

Yes, I fucking did!

I fucking cared about this!

But you fucking brought me down all my life!

You told me I wasn't worth shit! And I believed it!

You would have achieved nothing.

What have you achieved?

Want some soup?

Can't you really see it?

Mum, I'm a junkie.

Try vodka instead of those...


Won't you give me anaesthetics? No, I won't.

Why not?

What you take must be still working, right?


We are the champions!

I am the champion!


Look at the bright side of this: you might put on some weight.

Mum... The Walczaks' boy, our neighbour...

He finished school in jail.

He was released as a skilled worker.


What? I don't meet her.

Heard she keeps going to your club.

Did you talk to her?

Once. And?

Everything's fine.


I don't know! It feels awkward to ask questions.

Please, don't lie. I'm not.

Sonny, she wants to get rid of the baby.

Shut the fuck up or I'm gonna help you do it!

Oi! Wake up, fuckers! The junkie's dying!

Help me.

You must lie down now.

Gotta get up. Gotta talk to her.

Do you want a sedative?

She wants to abort my baby. What are you talking about, junkie?


Where the fuck are you going?!

You think I don't know why people swallow forks in jail?!

Let me talk to her!

Stay the fuck away from her!

Stay the fuck away from her!

She's pregnant.

You out of your mind?! He's just been operated on!


Gotta go easy for a while.


Meaning, I gotta be fucking clean.

As you wish.

Actually, I was shocked you started using this shit.


Don't what me.

You were a young, promising athlete.

You won, like, fucking medals, right?

Sounds poof, but it was huge.

Sorry to let you down. It's not the point.

Take me, for instance.

I'll always be a homeless scumbag from the club.

I'll sit and do up here until I overdose. The end.

But you had your family and home.

Some food, some bed.

You had your fucking sport.

This is a goal.

I have a goal 'cos I'm gonna be a father.

That's why I need to be clean.

I'm so fucking happy, man!

I'm scared shitless, but I'm happy.

If only I wasn't such a prick like my old man...

What is it?


I can see something's wrong. Tell me.

Grażyna had an abortion.

Ms Ewa!

I brought Andrzej in here. How's he doing?

Did he do drugs with you?

Well, yeah.

How is he? Does he need anything?

A blanket or some broth?

He had a heart attack.

That's good. Tell him I'll see him at the club.

Tell him yourself.

Nah, he should rest.

Come on!


Just lie down...

Get some rest. I'll wait for you, all right?

At the club. Don't worry.

Listen to me!

Look in the mirror.

It's been the tenth death this year. You're next.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

It's hard to understand God's verdicts.

Especially verdicts like this one, Andrzej's tragic death.

Yet, we need to accept them and ask for redemption granted by His Son, who also died a tragic death by crucifixion.

That's right!



Wait, for fuck's sake.

This is for you, bro!

We're gonna miss you, bro.


Fuck off!

What I'm going to say may sound like a cliché.

But things can only get worse. Worse and worse.

Deeper and deeper. More and more.

Doesn't matter if it's alcohol...

...drugs, psychotropic substances or other toxins.

Some people even sniff glue.

All these shades of grey are the same.

You're entrapped by new demons.

Lies, anger, violence, depression...


And you've become an enemy of this world.

You've become an enemy of yourself.

For an enemy, the only option is rejection.

Don't do it.

You hear me?

No, no, no!

Help me.

Wrocław, 1984


The rules are the same for everyone.

How many times do I have to repeat them?

You two were caught in bed together.

Which is, as we all know, strictly forbidden.

You knew about it, but didn't say a word.

All three of you are demoted.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

Open your eyes.


A cigarette.

The last one before the check-in.

Jerzy Górski.

Our rules. Read and sign them.

Your status is 'a newcomer'.

You break any of the rules, you're out, get it?

You can get promoted to 'a tenant' and 'a host'.

Then, if you break a rule, you get demoted to the first level.

Like they did.

OK, I get it.

I'm in.

But why the fuck shave?

You can leave. The door is always open.

But if you stay, the rules are like in jail.

Górski! Is it your day off?

Why haven't you finished?

Off to the square!

Let's run!

Run for your life!

Halina, get two guys to pick him up!


One year later Can you swim? What are we doing here?

Can you swim? I can't.

Never mind.

Good morning! Hi, gentlemen!

This is your new worker, Jerzy Górski.

Hello. He can start today.

I think we've met.

Did you come here as a kid?

Maybe a few times.

Doesn't fucking matter.

You can do the tiles. Here and in the changing room.

And we'll do the paperwork.

How's Halina?

Good. She can't complain.

He can't swim?

He said he could swim very well.

Now I remember you.


Come here!

Thanks for the clothes. Yours are already dry.

Got a favour to ask.

Can I stay after hours to swim a little?

No going commando, all right?

No, thank you. Stop bullshitting, kid.

I see you work hard.

You're gonna warm yourself up. Only informers don't drink.

Hi, Górski!

How's it going?

Don't tell me you forgot. Inspection!

How could I forget? Check his pockets.


Close your eyes.

Open your eyes!


Let me through!

As you know, our colleague committed suicide.

Lately, in hospital, she took medication and got addicted again.

This tragedy was caused by her weakness.

Her weakness?

Or your methods?

Weakness, Górski.

Suicide is weakness.

What's this?

Give it back!

Your girlfriend?

That drug addict?

You broke our rules.

Why are you here?

I'm a drug addict.

And I want to change myself.

I want to beat my addiction.

So I promise to be humble and disciplined.

I'll follow the rules.

And I won't challenge the authority of the centre leaders.

I don't believe you.

This place is worse than fucking jail!

The door is always open.

And that's the worst part.

Run for your life!


To do what? To enter the competition.

Are you with a club?

No. Been training on my own for a year. Want to see how I'm doing.

You know this is a triathlon?


Swimming. 700 metres.

Running. 5 kilometres.


Cycling? 20 kilometres.

You wanna race on this?

Your name?



How are you doing?

You look great. Thank you.

What brings you here?

I got a therapeutic task to have some fun.

And your idea of fun is waiting outside a hospital in a blizzard?


My idea of fun is taking up dance classes.

The problem is I don't have a partner.



Let the music guide you.

And strings...

This is the tango.

Closer. Cheek to cheek.

Closer! This is a passionate dance.

Grab the shoulders! Grab the hips!

Lead your partner confidently so she can trust you!

That's right...

Closer, closer. That's it!



Passionately. Close to each other.

Grab her!

Look her in the eye!

Lower your leg slowly. And turn.

Grab him by the hips.

The shoulders.

That's right.

Less, not more. Moderately but passionately.

Move your hips...


You were doing great. Thanks. You too.


Are you all right?

You should go now. I don't want you to get into trouble.


It's fine. I had a great time.

See you.

You let them cut our hair?

What's going on, Jurek?

Can you hear me? I'm talking to you!

What did I do to you that you want to starve me to death?

I'm done with you!

And the life I had!

You'll never run away from me.

I understand your head is fucked up.

But you're gonna pay for the mirror.

It's fine, mum.

Need to talk to you.

It's Krzysiek. Will you talk to him?

Why? I can't.

You argued or what? These are the rules.

Sonny, who's gonna know?


I'm very sorry, baby.

I really am.

We'll do all we can.



What's your name?

Come on.

What's her name?

She's not your daughter.

Any confessions to make?


You want to make a confession?

No. Why?

Because you're lying.

You went to Legnica.

To visit my mum.

I saw my ex, a junkie, in hospital.

But she's brain-dead. We didn't even talk.

It doesn't matter.

In this illness, you can't trust yourself.

You can't trust your emotions.

If you want to stay here, go shave your head.

Put on a uniform and sit on the floor.

I've been here for two bloody years.

So what? You know nothing about yourself.

No, no.

Fuck this!

Grażyna Nowakowska passed away on 21 November 1986.

Jurek! Get in!


You threw in the towel.

I thought it over. I've come back.

You're not consistent even in giving up.

So why the fuck talk about therapy?

What are you trying to tell me?

That you're gonna manage?

What nonsense is that?!

So if someone in Legnica had given you drugs yesterday, wouldn't you have taken them?

You want me to believe it?

You need a goal.

I have a goal.

Do you? Enlighten me.

Before, my head was...

I had fucked up thoughts.

All I wanted was to get back with my ex.

That drug addict.

When she was dying...

I saw our daughter.

And everything changed.

This I can believe.

But I won't accept shaving...

Been through this crap too many times.

Either I just return or...

Be honest with me.

Aren't you afraid?

Don't you feel fucking scared that you won't get out of this?

You got yourself in a load of crap.

You can't imagine how bad this is. This is a terrible, serious disease.

Only world champions beat their drug addiction.

You must be strong.

You must be the best.

You can spend the night in the centre.

I need a decision in the morning.

You know what this is?

It means you managed.

Certificate of Recognition

Wow, execs in my humble abode.

You fucking put on some weight. Look in the mirror, prick!

Come on up!

And that idiot yells: 'Shoot, don't run!'

You yelled yourself you'd set dogs loose on him.

The national fucking champion. Did he win?

He came third. An amateur screwed him over.



Is that the same guy who was swimming when we got here?

Jurek Górski. The guy I take care of.

He can swim forever. Is he fucking nuts?

Screw you! The boy's unsinkable.

If he keeps swimming until the booze runs out, I'll let him join my club!

Fine! But I'm gonna train him.


And I'm gonna help you. Cut it out...

What the fuck are you doing? Where?

In the arse!

In the water! Swimming!

A drunk kid without a leg would beat you!

Your arse is down.

Take a fucking breath with one eye underwater!

Keep your fucking arms by the head!


His arse is down again... Stop pissing me off!

If I could swim, I'd be a champion.

Of the world. Maybe.


But why the bloody cycling section?

They've got no triathlon section.


Why not the fucking Ironman, huh?

What's that? A damn hard triathlon in the USA.

Two dead guys every year.

How can you enter it?

Getting on the roof of a dustbin doesn't mean you're ready for the Himalayas.

Besides, you need to break an official record.

Long time no see.

I saw you in a paper lately.

It's nothing.

The trophy you held in the photo said otherwise.

But I'll need to report on you.


Either you're on steroids or there's been a miracle.

Deep breaths.

Cold hands?


Sensory memory.

Are you still taking dance classes?

No. I didn't find the right partner.

But I don't step on feet anymore.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Are we cycling to the dance class?

The class is called off today.

We'll manage.

And you can't swim? Didn't have a chance to learn.

Here's your chance.

What do you mean? I'll teach you.

Start with your legs.

Very good.

Rhythmic breaths, like in a dance.

Trust me.

And now swim.

I'm swimming!

That's it!

I'm swimming!

Wrocław, 1988

I'd like to see the Chief. Did you have an appointment?

Three o'clock. Górski.

If you're here to ask for a meeting with the girl, it will be over my dead body.

Even when I die...

I'll make arrangements to stop you from seeing her.

I'm not ready to take responsibility for anyone.

Not yet.

But I promise you this: when I'm ready...

I'll fight for her.

And I won't give up.

What is this about?

I need one road to be closed for two days.

Two militia vehicles and a few permits.

What's it going to be?

A competition?

How many participants?

Only me.

Here's beer! Nine hours and thirteen minutes!

Jurek has broken the European Ironman record!

We'll send his results to the USA. Next year, he can compete there!

Well done, Jurek! Bravo!

Here's our hero!

What's going on? A fucking lot is going on!

Here you are, champion.

I don't speak English. What's this? You're qualified.

You're going to the bloody Ironman!

Easy. Haven't won anything yet.

The organiser invites you to Colorado for a month before the race.

Oh man. I have no money to go there.

Don't worry. The club has a special fund.

But... Nina!

In America, you must look good.

Here you go.


It would be a shame to lose now.


What the hell are you doing?!

Morphine? He's a clean drug addict! Who could know that?

The accident report. Now.

It's gonna be fine.

Kotański called me.

Okoń complains he has no new trophies on his shelf.

And he bought a new one.

Please. I've had enough. Don't even think that.

Hello. Hello.

Can I talk to him in private, please?

His treatment starts in 15 minutes.

I gave them my guarantee.

Get back on your feet or I'm gonna fucking pay for that.

It doesn't matter anymore.

What's wrong? Haven't you heard?

I might walk one day. But forget about running.

You've been in deeper shit before.


Your daughter's name is Lilka.


No, wait.

Gotta do it myself.


Nine months later

Look at him!

A young god! You got him out.


During the Ironman race, young healthy men die.

He's a wreck, with running skills on loan.

He can't enter this race.

And he won't.

Why are you giving him hope?

This is what keeps him alive.

What does it do? Don't fucking touch it!

Sorry. it's my first time in a militia car.

You're fucking joking! My first time in the front seat.



You don't have to do anything.

You're a new man.

You don't have to prove anything to anyone.

Only to myself.

After the accident, it's risky to go to the States.

You might fucking die out there.

You fixed me the passport. I did.

I won't live forever.

Lilka can't be left alone.

Soon Alzheimer's or other shit will kill me.

You don't get it, do you?

I'm tight-arsed all the time.

I always control myself because I'm scared.

I'm scared, get it?

If I let go for a second, I'll get into this shit again.

What the fuck?

I haven't won yet.

It's not about the podium.

What kind of life is this?

You're scared all the time. You can't look in the mirror.

There's no other way for me.

This is my only option if my fear is ever going to stop.

If I want to be a father.

For Lilka.

You are. That's why I'm worried about you.

She's got only you and me.

Did Ewa set you on me?

Fuck off.

Fuck me... Bloody hell...

Guess who trained him!

And? Terrible!

Will you shut up? Jurek, that was fantastic!

You get faster day by day. That's not what I mean.

The invitation to the Ironman is valid for three years.

But you know... No money?

The bloody directors think you're out. They shut the fund.

But we'll manage, right?

Sure we will! Of course!

My training sessions are perfect.

My medical test results are great.

Talk to Wolski. He'll confirm it.

I did find out you'd seen a different doctor!

Surprise! I can read test results.

It's important to me. You know that.

Four floors and you almost collapsed!

Look, Ewa. I won't back out.


Guys, this isn't the best moment.

Maybe tomorrow? Shut up.

Dollars for expenses. Złotys for the ticket.

You got no money.

Don't underestimate us.

We ran a fundraiser.

Everyone from the club. And some friends.

The list is inside.

So that you know whom to thank from the podium.

Jurek! See that?

Look, solar power!

Takes your fucking breath away.

Yep. Literally.

I can't breathe.

The air's dry. You gotta drink a lot of water.

But if you train here, you're gonna bang the Ironman like Miss Sylvia at the prom. In the arse.

See, there's only this tiny problem.

What problem?

Those pricks, the organisers...

They want to do the Double Ironman.

I found out a few days ago.

Why didn't you tell me?

It's not everyday you go to the States.

We'll spend a little time here, visit some places, and go back.

We'll say they fucked up the rules. No one's gonna hold any grudges.

Let's do it.

Are you sure?

An eight-kilometre swim, a 360-km bike ride...

And an 84-km run. I know.

You know what the doctor told me when I was leaving hospital?

To take care of my life.

Apparently, it ends with death.

I've got a gift for you.


Are you crazy?! Thank you!

Don't thank me. Thank Ewa.


Alabama, 2 September 1990

I'm fine!

Are you OK?

You're ten minutes behind!

You hear me? Ten minutes!

The first two are guys from Germany and Holland.

I thought you were swimming with them. What happened?!

Ten minutes! Watch out for that German prick.

You need anything?


Take care! I'll be right behind you.

What's wrong?

What's going on?


Here's water.

Pour it...

How can I help you? A knife!

Give me a knife. What for?!

Come on!

No! Don't help me!

You'll manage! It's not far away.



Broth! Your fucking favourite meal.

So I fixed some. With noodles.

You all right?


You stopped calling me... You forgot about me.

Wanna sniff some glue?

Where are you going? Everyone's coming...

Jurek! You can talk to me now.

Honey, you're here!

You're dead.

And you think you're alive?

You're heading in the wrong direction, Jurek.

Everyone is out here.

You're not here.

But you are.

I'm not fucking here?!

I won't let you forget me.

Are you OK?

You know where you are?

You've fucking won it, you prick!

You're the fucking champion of the world!

I'm sure my victory will help...

...many people... Poland...

...who are addicted to drugs.

I was a drug addict myself.

So I'm a living example...

...of a person who got out of that.

By winning the race in Alabama with a time of 24:47:46, Jerzy Górski became the Double Ironman World Champion.

Jerzy Górski wishes to thank: Marek Kotański for his inspiration for freedom Antoni Niemczak for his inspiration for the sport