Naked Dragon (2014) Script

(classical music)

(radio static and mumbling) (sirens wailing)

>> Ready for another one?

>> Ready as I'm gonna be.

>> Landlord: I figured something wasn't right.

(knocking on door)

>> LAPD, come out with your hands up.

>> Clear.

Ah shit.

>> What?

>> We got a body.

>> What?

(dramatic music)

>> Let's get out and secure the room, call homicide.

>> Do you have the young man's name?

>> Yeah, just moved in this morning.

>> Did he mention if he had any family in the area?

>> I don't remember but I can call his references if you like.

>> That'd be great.

And once the move was over, did you notice anything unusual coming from the apartment?

>> No, I just saw the blood, that's all.

>> Here's my card.

I'll put the case number on it.

Call me if you find anything.

>> Okay.

You guys are gonna be here for awhile, right?

>> Dave: Yeah, yeah.

>> Landlord: Okay.

>> I just got word that the FBI are coming to the scene.

>> Why?

>> Apparently there was some similar murders in Oregon last month.

>> I didn't hear anything about that.

>> Me neither.

They probably tried to keep it quiet.

They said it was three weeks ago, same MO.

I'll go to the front door and let homicide in but it's gonna be awhile.

You don't mind the overtime?

>> No, no, no problem.

>> We haven't touched a thing, just walked in, confirmed there was a body and walked out.

>> Okay.

Holy shit.

>> The FBI is right behind us.

>> Okay.

>> This is Agent Taylor, he's a psychic based out of Virginia.

Agency holds his abilities in high regard so we had him come out here and help with the case which may be related to a series of murders we had in Oregon last month.

>> If we're gonna be here awhile, let's get some coffee.

>> Sorry, am I in the way?

>> Not at all.

You haven't been doing this job long, have you?

>> No.

>> You live alone, interested in sports and you have a secret.

>> I've got a report to write up.

>> I'm Robbie Taylor, nice to meet you Officer Harris.

>> Dave, Dave Harris.

>> Agent Skinner: Taylor, let's go.

>> I'll be right there.

We'll meet again.

>> So you're a psychic, huh?

>> Yeah, they call me in to help with difficult cases.

>> Never met a real psychic before.

>> The feeling's mutual.

>> What?

>> I've got some more work to do inside once the coroner removes the body.

But like I said before, I'll see you again.

Call me, day or night.

And don't worry, your secret's safe with me.

>> Eric: There you are.

>> Nice working with you, Officer Harris.

>> Hey Eric.

>> So how bad was it?

>> Bad.

>> The hell's going on?

What's with all the murders suddenly?

>> Yeah, they're crazy right?

>> Catch one murderer, another one pops up.

Who's the suit?

Is he one of ours?

>> FBI.

There were some similar murders in Oregon.

They think it's the same guy, similar MO.

>> Alright Harris, time for you to head home, you worked enough overtime for one day.

>> Hey, I was just watching the scene until homicide and the FBI showed up.

I don't know what they'll need you for but--

>> I'm not helping the coroner lift the body, that's for damn sure.

>> Dave: Okay, I'll see you.

>> Dave!

Dave, what's up?

What do you think of the FBI profile?

>> White male, age 30, 50, tall average built.

>> Yeah, that's the one.

>> Could be anyone, right?

>> Right, except you and me.

Hey, I'mma see you around.

>> See you man.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 60.

>> Officer: Seven Lincoln 60.

>> Dispatcher: Meet seven Lincoln 48 at the location on your screen.

You copy, seven Lincoln 48?

>> Ten four.

This is insane.

>> We should go public with the info, and ask the community for help.

Keeping it secret isn't helping anyone.

>> Yeah, except the killer.

Hey, maybe you could talk to the captain.

>> Yeah...

You ready?

>> Yeah.

>> Let's go.

Hello mam, I'm Sergeant Wilson, this is Officer Harris, we'd like to ask you a couple of questions.

>> You have any information on the young man that was renting the apartment?

>> It wasn't occupied.

The door was unlocked so I guess that's how they got in.

I was gonna show it this afternoon but then I saw blood on the door.

>> Did you see anybody?

>> There were two men who came in earlier today.

I didn't know them but I figured they were going to visit a friend.

>> Do you remember anything about them?

>> One was a young Asian man, the other was white, maybe 30's.

>> Anything else?

>> He was kind of tall.

>> Would you recognize him if you saw him?

>> I think so.

He was kind of weird, lots of clothing, too much.

>> Did they have a car?

>> Something light I think, four doors, I think.

They parked where you are.

This is it.

>> Both: Thank you.

>> LAPD, come out now.






>> They're leaving clues.

>> Sergeant Wilson: We could use 'em.

>> Tell the captain to put some info out on this man.

>> Word is most of these young men are prostitutes, killer picks them up off the street.

So the FBI isn't in a hurry to alert the general public for no reason.

>> They're still human beings.

>> The whole homo thing makes everyone nervous.

I'll go let the detectives in, stay put and guard the door.

>> Dave: Do you have any suspects yet?

>> Agent Skinner: Too soon.

>> Told you we'd meet again.

>> Hey, you're good, you're good, you're good.

>> So everyone's upstairs?

>> Yeah.

The landlady saw the guy.

Her description matches the bureau's profile.

>> Is she still here?

>> Yeah.

>> I'll let homicide know we have an eye witness.

Put what you've got down in your report, same as you did yesterday.

We'll try to get a composite sketch from her as well.

>> He wants you to think you've got him.

He's beginning to play.

>> What if the landlady can ID him?

>> She can't.

He's never been handled before, the police don't know him, he's new to the area.

>> What about the word dragon?

>> That's about his attraction to Asian men.

>> Why do you think he's doing this?

>> Guilt.

He wanted to have sex with these guys and then probably got scared that someone would find out so he started killing them.

His routine is one a day and then he moves on.

These killers are really OCD about their deeds.

>> What?

>> You want to grab a coffee after we finish?

>> Oh, I don't know.

>> You're not comfortable in the open, I get it.

Your place, mine?

>> Oh shit man.

>> I'm sorry, I thought you were interested.

>> I am.

>> If I'm moving too fast it's only because you wouldn't want to be seen together in public.

>> You like black men?

>> I like men in general, you in particular.

>> I never really done this before.

>> Hey, we're just gonna hang out, get to know each other, see what happens.


>> It's probably better if I come to your place.

>> Not a problem.

They rented me a place in Hollywood.

You still got my card?

Text me later and I'll send you the address.

When are you off next?

>> Tomorrow.

>> Come after work.

>> My sergeant's coming, I'll text you.

>> Did you finish that report?

>> Yeah.

You want me to copy everyone I did last time?

>> Yeah, then go home.

(phone ringing)

>> Hello.

>> Robbie: I'm looking forward to tomorrow night too.

>> Reading my mind again, huh?

>> Robbie: I'll text you my address right now.

Sleep well.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 48 on 1195, ten four.

Suspect with shorts.

Give me your message.

>> Officer: It's a burglary for motor vehicle.

>> Dispatcher: Description, please.

>> Officer: Male Hispanic, about five six, 160.

(officers mumbling over each other)

>> License, registration and proof of insurance, please.

>> What'd I do wrong, officer?

>> Broken taillight.

>> Yeah.

Here you go.

>> I'll be right back.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 60.

>> Officer: Seven Lincoln 60.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 44, meet seven Lincoln 60 at the location on your screen.

>> Seven Lincoln 48.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 48.

>> Radio, I'll be done with my stop in a minute, just give it to me.

>> Dispatcher: Ten four, seven Lincoln 48.

(rock music)

>> Dave: Here you go.

There's your license and get your taillight fixed.

>> Oh, thank you, will Officer.

>> Dispatcher: Suspect with shorts, five, six, one, two.

(tense music)

>> Agent Taylor.

>> How can I help you, Officer?

>> I didn't want to disturb you in there but did the detectives tell you about the money the manager gave me?

I think the suspect might've touched it too.

>> Yeah, unfortunately, it's not gonna help us.

There's gonna be a million fingerprints on that money.

See you around nine?

>> Yeah, I'll call you when I'm almost there so you can let me in.

>> See you then.

>> Hot date tonight?

>> Uh, yeah, a date.

>> Good for you, man, have fun, bro.

>> Have a good weekend, man.

>> Thanks.

See you guys.

>> Alright, take it easy, bro.

Hey, you got some deodorant I could use to freshen up?

>> No.

(steamy music)

(phone ringing)

>> Hey, are you here?

>> Dave: I'm at the gate.

>> Welcome.

>> Thanks.

>> You can put your gun down over there.

>> How do you always know what I'm thinking?

>> I'm a psychic.

>> Yeah, but how does that work?

>> If I told you, you'd blow my cover.

>> I won't, I promise.

>> I study human nature.

I don't read minds, per say, I just understand they way people behave and the way they think.

It's not a trick, it's just common sense.

>> Does the FBI know or do they think you hear voices and see spirits?

>> They have a feeling I'm just being clever and observant but they boast about me as if I were some sort of profit.

I'd hate to blow their illusions.

>> You solve a lot of crimes?

>> Yeah, I help solve a bunch.

I did all my studying in abnormal human behavior.

Like I said, it's just about being observant and understanding the human mind.

They all have patterns, profiles.

>> I'm impressed.

I don't know how many times I thought you were reading my mind.

>> You'd be surprised by how much information a person gives about themselves just from facial expressions, body language.

>> I've never thought of it like that.

Is that how you knew I was open to--

>> Me?

>> Yeah.

>> You weren't shy when you were checking me out the first day we met.

>> I didn't check you out.

>> You may not have thought so but you did.

>> I gotta be more careful.

Do that to the wrong guy...

>> Don't worry.

I doubt many men are tuned in enough to catch it.

I'm just glad I am.

(romantic music)

>> What?

>> Follow me.

(romantic music)

Damn, you're sexy.

>> Yeah, you're one to talk.

(romantic music)

>> Let's take these off.

>> Damn.

>> You like it?

>> Yeah.

>> Now let's get you naked.

>> Sure, sure.

>> Do you not want to do this?

>> I am, I just, I've never done this before and...

>> Don't worry, I'll take the lead.

>> You have to get up early tomorrow?

>> Yeah.

>> What time?

>> Eightish.

>> I'm off tomorrow.

>> I remember.

Too bad we couldn't take off and hit the beach together.

>> I know but you're here to solve a case.

How many people were killed in Oregon?

>> Robbie: 20.

>> You're kidding, right?

>> I wish I was.

>> Dave: One a night?

>> For 20 nights.

And then he stopped.

That's when we suspect he had a cooling off period.

>> And then came here.

Did it start in Oregon?

>> San Francisco, as far as we know, the same pattern to a tee.

>> Dave: How many there?

>> 20.

>> God, I can't handle 20, it was bad enough.

How is he not getting caught?

>> He's smart and he knows how we work.

>> Which is why everyone thinks he's an ex cop.

>> Ex agent, ex cop, ex evidence tech, ex something.

And we still have no idea where he puts his bloody clothing after each murder.

None of the witnesses have ever seen him carrying anything.

>> Well, the landlady I talked to said that he wears a lot of clothes.

>> More things to get rid of, right?

It's weird.

>> 40 victims, that's just insane.

>> That we're aware of.

Sometimes we don't find out until after the arrest that we've completely underestimated the body count.

>> Have you guys ever tried using a decoy, an off duty officer who fits the description?

>> I haven't been on this case that long but yes, we've tried everything.

It's like he's privy to inside info, he's always a step ahead of us and there's never a trace of forensic evidence anywhere.

I should get some sleep.

Morning, handsome.

>> Morning.

>> Time to get up.

>> Not so fast, mister.

>> Robbie: Did I mention my colleagues are right down the hall?

>> No.

>> Agent Green and Agent Skinner, they're roomies.

>> Wait, they're not?

>> Oh, hell no.

>> I didn't think so.

>> Skinner's going through a divorce and he's staying with Green temporarily.

This place became available and they just...

>> Makes it easy I guess.

>> Yeah, except for unplanned situations like this.

>> We'll just have to be discrete.

Will I see you again?

>> How 'bout tonight?

>> See you later.

>> We got some DNA results from the first crime scene, no matches found.

>> So it wasn't the suspect?

>> Correct.

So I doubt it'll be any help.

>> These run down buildings are loaded with DNA from every tenant who's lived in 'em.

>> You mean they don't steam clean in between?

>> This fucker's really getting on my nerves.

>> Yeah, it's killing him too.

He hates himself for doing it, even though he can't stop himself.

>> You sound sympathetic?

>> Hardly.

>> We need something concrete.

So far all of your speculation has gotten us nowhere.

>> Look, just because your wife's sucking some other guy's cock, doesn't mean you can take it out on me.

>> I never told you that.

>> You didn't have to.

Stop the car.

(dramatic music)

>> What?

What, what is it?

>> I saw them.

>> You what?

>> Our eyes met and he just took off down the alley.

>> How the hell do you know it was him?

>> I know.

And now he knows that I know.

>> Did you get a good look at him?

Get some back up.

>> It was him.

>> You're sure?

>> Positive.

>> Alright, when you're ready, we'll radio in your description.

>> Get me a canine unit.

>> That'll take time.

>> Shit.

>> Agent Skinner: Hey, you need to stay and start the track.

>> You stay.

Clever mother fucker.

>> Well, that was a waste of time.

>> Too late to contain him but not a waste of time.

>> How do you figure?

>> I know how he gets out of the crime scenes.

>> How?

>> Everyone says he looks overdressed right?

That's because he puts the bloody clothing on first and then clean clothing on over it.

>> Makes sense.

>> Then he has to burn everything, right?

Where's he doing that?

>> I don't know.

>> You think if you spot him, he'll skip on killing someone tonight?

>> Just the opposite, it's angered him, he's even more enraged now.

The next victim will be the one to face his wrath.

I'm sick about it.

>> It's not your fault.

You're the closest anyone's ever gotten to him.

(phone ringing)

>> Give me a minute, guys, I need to take this.


No, I'm glad you called.

Look, are you gonna be around later tonight?


I'll give you a call when I get home, okay?


>> Hurry up, dispatcher just put out the call.

>> What did I tell you?


>> Dave: You home?

>> Yeah.

Can you come by?

>> Dave: I'll call you when I'm outside the garage.

>> Alright, I'm just gonna jump in the shower.

So I'll see you soon?

>> Dave: Okay, bye.

>> Drink?

>> Sure.

It's getting worse, isn't it?

>> Yeah, worst one yet.

When I spotted him, he knew that I knew and it made him really angry.

I'm telling you, I can feel it.

>> It's not your fault.

You can't blame yourself.

>> Sure I can.

It doesn't help but I...

>> You found the guy.

Talk about a needle in a haystack.

You should be proud of yourself.

You need this more than me.

>> Trying to get my drunk?

>> Maybe.

>> Good plan.

I like that plan.

Let me off here.

I'm getting something but I can't think in this car.

>> Just sit tight, Taylor, you'll find the guy.

>> I said let me off.

>> Agent Green: Call us when you want us to pick you up.

>> I will.

Unit 400, put this out.

>> Dispatcher: Location unit 400.

Location unit 400.

Location, unit 400.

>> Unknown.

>> Officer: Last location for unit 400 was Wilson and Vermont.

(heavy breathing)

>> Stop running, you fucking coward.

(bullets firing)

>> Unit 400.

>> Dispatcher: Unit 400, go ahead.

>> Shots fired, all units use caution.

>> Shit.

(sirens wailing)

(bullets firing)

>> You fucker!

I'm on to you, I'm fucking on to you.

(sirens wailing)

>> Are you okay?

>> Yeah, but that fucker, he lured me away so he could nail me.

>> Well, where are your buddies?

>> I foolishly went off on my own.

>> Which way did he go?

>> That way, about five minutes ago.

>> You want a canine?

>> No, he's gone, it's no use.

>> Hey, I'm glad you're okay.

Try and stay out of trouble.

(sirens wailing)

>> Why didn't you tell us where the hell you were going?

>> Because I didn't know.

I don't know this city, I just use my instincts.

>> Yeah, your instincts almost got you killed.

>> No, they almost got our man.

Expect another grisly one today, gentlemen.

(sirens wailing)

>> Upstairs, first door to your left.

It's bad in there.

Last officer they sent threw up.

Sergeant sent me to takeover.

>> Robbie: It's always bad.

>> This time there's two.

>> Jesus.

>> Has he ever done this before?

>> No.

>> You're close to getting him, Robbie.

>> I'm pissing him off.

>> How does he do it, two against one?

>> He drugs them.

He feeds them and then puts tranquilizers in their food.

The coroner finds it in their blood every time.

>> Shit.

>> I better head upstairs.


>> Hey.

You okay?

>> Better now after some scotch.

>> Can I be honest?

>> Robbie: You hate scotch?

>> Hate's a strong word, I prefer beer.

>> Robbie: Now I know.

>> Fuck, you're hot.

>> You're the hot one.

Every time I look at you, I just want to rip your clothes off.

>> And that's a bad thing?

>> Hell no.

Ever think about living in Virginia?

I don't think I want you getting away.

>> What?

>> You're wrong.

>> Stop doing that.

>> I can tell by your expression.

>> Tel what?

>> You think I do this all the time, whenever I'm on assignment.

>> Don't you?

>> I'm human.

I don't screw around much.

I'm either too busy or too tired.

>> Once you're done with this case, you're going back home, right?

And sent on the next case and sent on the next case.

>> And?

>> And I'm just saying maybe I shouldn't get too close to you.

If I do,

it's gonna suck when you have to leave.

>> Let's just enjoy the time that we have,

anything can happen.

And it sounds as if a new location might be an option for both of us.

>> You're right, I'm sorry, I'm new at this.

>> And I get that.

>> We're not letting you wander around on your own again.

>> You just don't want me to make the call or you'd lose the glory.

>> No, wise ass, we just don't want to have to arrange for your body to be shipped back to Quantico.

>> Nice.

How am I supposed to find this asshole when I'm stuck in the back of a car, huh?

>> I get what you're saying but we'll have to go with you.

>> Three men in black suits, you call that inconspicuous?

>> What's the difference?

>> Yeah, he already knows we're looking for him.

>> My luck, I'll be sniped as we crawl around the same stupid streets.

>> You're not going out alone.

>> What are you, my mother?

>> No, the senior agent on this assignment and you answer to me.

>> You both cringed when I was sent out here, didn't you?

You probably shivered in revulsion.

I'm not an idiot but I can find this lunatic so let me before he kills someone else.

I don't need a babysitter.

>> We're going with you.

Just cruise around, I'll call you when our freak gets tired of being a jerk.

>> One of us might look like a businessman but two of us?

Agents, instantly.

>> We already had this conversation Taylor and we determined that he already knows who you are so which way?

>> I'm beginning to hate this job.

>> Stop your whining and find the bastard.

I need coffee.

>> So go.

>> Come and I'll buy.

>> I'll wait out here.

>> No you won't.

>> Just go get your coffee.

>> Look, I come back out here and you're gone, there's gonna be hell to pay.

Do I make myself clear?

>> Perfectly and if I do see the guy and don't go after him, will there be hell to pay then too?

>> Are we gonna look down every stupid alley in the area?

>> Maybe.

You don't have to go if you don't want to.

>> I have to go pee now, too much coffee.

>> Fine go.

>> Stay here.

(tense music)

Oh, what are you doing, Taylor?

>> You think this is from the kitchen help?

>> Shit, where the hell are we?

>> Somewhere in Korea Town.

>> I'll go check for a street sign or something.

What the hell made you think to look here in the first place?

>> The smell, for one thing, but I had a feeling.

Oh christ!

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 60.

>> Officer: Seven Lincoln 60.

>> Dispatcher: Meet seven Lincoln 48 at the location on your screen.

You copy seven Lincoln 48?

>> Ten four.

Why do you think we're in front of an alley instead of an apartment?

>> I don't know.

>> Hey, can one of you call homicide?

>> What'd you find?

>> Intestines and a bloody shirt.

>> I'll make the call.

>> Are you okay?

>> Yeah, but he's a sick fucker.

>> How the hell did you know to look in the alley?

>> Intuition.

He's playing a lethal game of chess with me.

Do you have any evidence bags?

>> Sure, I'll be right back.

>> You like that guy, don't you?

So what's up with you and that cop?

>> What do you mean?

>> I didn't know you were gay.

>> Now you do.

>> Boys in blue know that he's gay?

>> No.

>> It's okay, I'm not gonna say anything.

I'm cool with it.

>> Robbie: Really?

>> Yeah.

>> I'm convinced this creep finds them first, probably when he's driving.

>> You think he's driving around now?

>> Maybe.

>> Hey!

What are you doing, looking for his car?

>> Yes, be quiet.

>> I'm gonna grab a quick coffee.

(tense music)

(shots firing)

>> Oh fuck!

Unit 400, alpha.

>> Dispatcher: Unit 400 alpha, go ahead.

>> Robbie: I've been shot.

>> Shit!

>> Robbie: I'm in a parking garage next to shadow reconciliation center.

>> Seven Lincoln 48, code three.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 48, code three, ten four.


(upbeat music)

(sirens wailing)

>> Robbie!

>> Dave, get down.

(sirens wailing)

>> We need to get you to the hospital.

>> It's not that bad I can still feel my arm.

>> What happened?

>> I was looking around at the cars.

I found one that I think would be a candidate and then I got hit.

>> Agent Skinner's looking for you.

>> Frank, you moron, get down.

>> Shit, Taylor, what happened?

>> I got shot.

If you would've fucking turned your radio back up, you would've known.

>> Do you know where the suspect is shooting from?

>> No.

>> Agent Skinner: We need to get you out of here.

>> My car's at the end of the road, I'll get him to the hospital, it's close by.

>> Good.

You take the left, I'll take the right.


>> Clear.


(sirens wailing)

>> I want that car impounded and no one's allowed near it until I get there.

>> Don't worry about it, I'll take care of it.

>> Shit.

>> What is it?

>> I stopped that car a few days ago.

>> You did?

>> Yeah, I'll look it up at the station.

>> Do you remember what he looked like?

>> I don't remember.

>> How's the patient?

>> Fine.

>> We'll take it from here, Harris.

>> Its okay, I don't mind.

>> We're gonna take him back to the apartment after this.

Don't you have to stay on duty?

>> I'll just hang out till he's ready to go.

>> They're gonna need you at the next crime scene.

>> And there will be one.

>> Okay, I get it, just give me a minute, okay?

>> Be careful, guys.

>> Shut up and let the doctor finish.

>> Thank you, I appreciate that.

>> Dave's big enough to squash you like a bug, Frank.

>> Alright, there you go, good as new and make sure you keep that wound clean, okay?

>> Thanks, doc.

>> You're all set.

>> Thank you.

>> You can't put that back on.

>> I guess I'm just stuck in this hospital gown till I get home.

>> Well you should stay.

>> Exactly, you need your rest.

>> We're hot on this asshole's trail.

I just needed a change of clothes.

>> After we drop you off, you are taking the night off.

Am I making myself clear?

>> Why don't I just take him home that way you guys can get back out there?

>> Who put you in charge?

>> Hey, I just thought it would stop the argument, okay?

>> Fine, let's go, come on.

>> They hate you, don't they?

>> It's just how they are.

Never mind, just get me home, I want you to take a look at that call and give me a name.

>> Here it is, Bob T. Stalker.

>> You're joking, right?

That's not his real name.

Where's the address?

>> 100 Ramrod Street, Boise, Idaho.

>> Useless crap.

>> All made up?

>> Ramrod Street, come on.

>> What about the car?

There has to be something.

>> It's a mess in there, they're never gonna find anything inside.

Dead end after dead end.

>> Well at least we have his car, he can't go too far.

>> Here.

This'll make getting in and out of my building a lot easier.

>> Thanks.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 60.

>> Officer: Seven Lincoln 60.

>> Dispatcher: Meet seven Lincoln 48 at the location on your screen.

You copy, seven Lincoln 48?

>> Ten four.

You see where we are?

>> No.

>> We're right next to the parking lot where you got shot.

>> Figures.

I bet he already murdered the victim before he shot at me and then waited for all the excitement to die down before he walked away.

>> At least he can't drive.

>> He'll steal another car.

That won't stop him.

>> Sergeant Wilson's here.

Hey, you okay?

>> So now we're looking for a torso with no contents.

How the hell did he get the rest of the body out without being seen?

>> Fuck.

>> What?

>> Robbie: In the trunk.

>> The torso?

>> Yeah.

>> Well, how could he know you'd find his car?

>> He didn't.

I have no idea if he shot me to get me away from finding it or to kill me.

We gotta go to the crime lab.

>> He's never done this before.

>> You think I put a damper on his plan?

My guess is he wanted to put the torso in the alley again so we'd stumble onto it.

But then I think I pissed him off when I found his car.

>> Yeah, I bet you're right.

>> I'll have my guys take me to the lab.

They just got here so they'll probably want to take a look around first.

I'll go get 'em.

>> No problem.

>> How's your arm?

>> Fine.

You guys should probably go take a look around inside.

I'm gonna hang out here if you don't mind.

>> So what are we in for this time?

>> Be prepared.

He emptied the chest cavity and left the organs all over the place.

>> Charming.

>> But I think the torso may be in that trunk of the car I had impounded.

>> Wonderful.

We'll be back in a few minutes.

>> The guys upstairs said the tow truck only brought it up an hour ago.

>> So nobody's been near it?

>> Not yet.

>> Looks clean.

>> But I can smell it.

>> Think the rest of him's in there?

>> Yep, it's him.

But we better get the lab guys down here anyway.

No use screwing with the evidence.

>> I'll take care of it.

>> I don't understand why the hell it took 'em so long to bring you in.

You should've been here ages ago.

>> You think?

>> You're on to this bastard.

I just can't help thinking that we wouldn't be standing here right now if you'd been brought in earlier.

>> Well, the deputy director needed convincing.

I offered to come in early.

I tried.

(dramatic music)

>> Fuck!

(phone dings)

(soft classical music)

(knocking on door)

>> Hey sexy.

Obviously everything worked out with the garage clicker.

>> No problem.

>> Come in.

(romantic music)

>> Oh sorry, how's the shoulder?

>> Not bad, the scotch helped.

I'm just mad that he got me.

>> Man, I almost had a heart attack when I found out you had been shot.

>> At least the bullet just grazed my arm.

The lab guys removed it from the car.

>> Hey,

I'm glad you're okay.

Do you think you should still be out there?

I mean, he knows who you are.

>> I have to.

I'm the only one that can ID him.

>> But he's a serial killer.

He has it in for you and you guys never wear vests.

>> You're right, maybe I should.

I mean, we're usually investigating the scene after the crime's done.

I've never actually worn one.

>> Get one, please, just for now.

>> Alright, I will.

Are you hungry?

>> I am.

>> Frank knows about us.

>> Frank?

>> Robbie: Agent Skinner.

>> Is that why he and the other guy were giving me such a hard time at the hospital?

>> Probably.

>> Do you even care that he knows.

>> Not anymore.

Do you?

>> No one at the police station knows I'm gay.

>> I understand but just so you know I don't go around telling people that I'm gay.

>> But you wouldn't deny it.

>> True.

>> I wonder what my squad would think if they knew or my sergeant.

>> Agent Skinner won't say a word to your guys.

Don't worry.

>> Let me help.

>> Okay.


>> Ah, sorry.

I'm trying to be careful.

It looks pretty raw.

>> It should calm down by tomorrow.

I could kill that bastard.

>> Dave: Yeah, me too.


>> Hi there, vest please.


Director's orders.

>> You got to sign for it.

>> Taylor.

There you go.


You're such a mess.

>> The jacket barely covers the thing.

>> Shut up and let's go.

>> I checked on the name Bob T. Stalker, no records were found.

>> Seriously, why'd you bother?

>> Well, we can't find the original owner on the sale of the vehicle.

>> He's good, he's really good.

>> Got plenty of DNA samples though, not from any of his victims.

>> Yeah, they're so buried they can match anyone.

>> Who'd they match?

>> No one.

>> Unbelievable.

>> Listen, you don't go out alone anymore.

And from now on, if I go to get some coffee, you're coming in with me.

Got that?

>> Sure and the next time, make sure the volume on your radio's turned up.

>> Deal.

>> I should just ride with Dave.

>> The guy you're sleeping with?

>> Yeah, at least I can trust him.

>> What's that supposed to mean?

>> Nothing.

>> Go ahead, ride with him, we don't give a shit.

>> No, you can't ride with him.

>> What?

>> I just can't believe big black guy is gay.

>> Why?

You think all gay guys are delicate little flowers like you?

Then what?

>> He just looks more like a football player than a--

>> Cop.

>> That wasn't what he was gonna say.

>> I know what he was gonna say and I'm glad he didn't.

>> What kind of car is our man driving now?

>> A stolen one.

>> Hey bro.

>> Hey Ken, you good?

>> I'm good, man.

Hey, did they patch that old agent up?

>> Oh, yeah, it was just a graze.

>> Hey Dave, why were you there?

I mean, don't they have their own guys to handle that type of shit?

Why are they wasting our time?

>> I just offered.

I was at the scene with him.

>> Say what?

>> Yeah, I've seen him at every call.

It's like I'm working with the dude.

>> That's fucked up.

Hey, you're not thinking bout trading forces, are you?

>> Who, me, FBI agent?

>> Why not?

Come on, man, they need more brothers.

>> See ya, man.

>> Alright, take it easy.

>> Stay back and let me concentrate.

>> Dispatcher: Unit 400.

>> Robbie: Unit 400.

>> Dispatcher: Unit 400, switch to southwest frequency.

>> He's moved south.

>> Agent Skinner: That's not good.

>> Walden Hills, not too far.

>> Fuck me.

>> I've never seen anything like it.

>> You think he's still here?

>> Yeah, I can feel him.

Where are you, you fucking psycho?

(dramatic music)

400 alpha, behind the building, switch to FBI frequency.

>> Officer: Coming up, you find something?

>> Yeah, bring a couple of lab guys.

>> We just had a chat with the assistant chief of your director.

>> Why?

>> Well, we requested that you be able to respond to scenes if at all possible, even if they aren't under your jurisdiction.

>> So far you're the only one who seems to have a stomach to handle it.

>> See we're all a little concerned about the crime scenes and how they're affecting everybody but you seem to be handling it professionally.

>> Thanks sir.

I assumed you talked to my sergeant.

>> We have and he's letting our head dispatcher know as well so he'll be dispatching you as a priority unless of course you're on something else major.

>> Okay.

>> This is good news.

>> Indeed, thanks guys, I'll see you out there.

(upbeat music)

>> Sergeant: Harris, I need to speak to you.

>> It's fine, sarge.

>> You don't even know what I'm gonna say.

You might not think it's fine after you hear--

>> I do know and I don't mind.

You want me to go on all those homicide scenes, right?

>> How the hell did you know?

Only me, the captain and the assistant chief were supposed to know.

>> Someone mentioned it, that's all.

>> Who?

We didn't want the rest of the team to know about this or feel that they weren't capable.

>> I ran into that FBI agent, Skinner.

>> So he just tells you everything, huh?

>> No, sarge, we ran into each other by accident yesterday.

>> So you're okay with it?

>> Fine.

>> Good man.

You know the captain appreciates it.

Too many of the other guys were getting sick or needing counseling.

>> It's no problem.

See you tomorrow.

>> Alright.

(upbeat music)

>> Agent Skinner: Slow down, will you?

>> Robbie: You guys move like snails, not my problem.

>> Agent Skinner: It will be when you need us.

>> Shit, I left my phone in the car.

Let me have the keys, I'll go grab it and then meet you guys back on the street.

Wait down there.

>> There he goes, off on his own again.

>> I don't like it.

(mysterious music)

>> Unit 400, suspect just tried to run me down.

I'm gonna try to intercept.

Give up.

You can't get away now.


(sirens wailing)

>> Dave: Are you okay?

>> Robbie: No, I lost him.

>> Seven Lincoln 48.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 48, go ahead.

>> Robbie, what is it?

>> I'm fine, we need to go after him.

>> Take a breath, man.

>> But I had him, I fucking had him.

>> How did you find him?

>> We were at the rec center.

I left my phone in the car.

He must've been looking for his next victim.

I went in the parking garage and he just came out of nowhere, almost ran me down.

>> You okay?

>> Yeah.

>> Lost him again, huh?

>> No thanks to you.

>> You told us to park and walk what the hell do you want from us?

>> We would've preferred to just stayed in the car, trust me.

>> Where do you hurt?

>> Robbie: My ribs.

>> Gotta go get some x-rays.

>> I'm not going back to the fucking hospital.

>> Shut up and go get checked out, that's an order.

>> This is becoming a habit, Agent Taylor.


>> Boy aren't you lucky, only a cracked rib and a bruised pelvis.

>> You call that luck?

>> You could be dead.

>> Good point.

>> Hey, do you mind taking me down to the impound later?

>> What you need to do is go home and go to bed.

I don't want to see you back here.

>> I know, thanks doc.

>> Alright, here we go.

Easy, easy.

>> They have the car down there.

They want me to take a look inside.

Do you mind?

>> Of course not.

>> You're the best.

What have you got?

>> You okay?

>> You look like hell.

>> Thanks, I'm okay, what's up?

>> Take a look inside.

>> Robbie: Holy shit.

>> Agent Skinner: Jackpot, huh?

>> The fucking jackpot.

This is gonna hit him hard, it's his arsenal.

>> Gotta slow him down a little bit, right?

>> I'm here to get this maniac.

>> We should just put you out there on a hook and wait for him.

>> Does this whole teasing thing mean you're starting to like me?

>> Fuck no.

Besides, how many more admirers can you handle?

>> Only one.

(phone ringing)

What is it Frank?


Yeah, fine, just give me a few minutes.

>> What's up?

>> Home invasion, he just killed three people, two adults and a kid.

>> Dave: Oh God.

>> Well at least it wasn't messy.

>> Just three dead people.

>> We sound jaded, don't we?

>> We are.

>> He strangled them with a pair of nylons.

Must've found them in the bedroom.

>> Want to go looking for him again?

>> Maybe later.

>> Yeah I guess he's gotta sleep sometime.

>> Wait a second, we need to find a list of all the cheap motels in the area and then go check 'em out as soon as we can.

My guess is he's on a week to week.

>> You're right.

Good thinking, Taylor.

I told Green to bring the car around.

>> FBI, we'd like to see a list of today's registered guests.

(tense music)


>> We got 'em?

>> Mr. R. Stalker, number 27.

>> When did he check in?

>> About a week ago.

>> And paid how?

>> Cash, weekly.

>> We'd like a key to the room, please.

>> Afraid he checked out, about an hour ago, housekeeping's already cleaned the room.

>> Robbie: Damn it.

>> It's okay, we're getting close.

>> I heard they're closing in on that sicko.

>> Won't be long now.

>> Too bad he wasn't in his hotel room, huh?

Well at least they got his car, right?

>> It was stolen, he'll probably just steal another.

>> And get out of town?

>> Let's hope not.

If he leaves town, who knows when he'll get caught.

>> Have a good night, man.

>> Where to, Taylor?

>> I'm thinking.

>> If I were him, I'd be halfway to Idaho.

>> Well you're not and he isn't.

>> How do you know?

>> He's too damn mad, he knows I've got his toys and souvenirs.

I don't think he's gonna leave until he has the upper hand again.

>> Some loose teeth and a few pieces of jewelry?-

>> Maybe, he certainly likes playing with the victims things, they remind him of the murders when he's not at the crime scenes.

>> I think he'll leave.

It's too hot here.

>> That's just naive.

He wants revenge, trust me.

>> Where we going?

>> Fish hook, with me as the bait.

Forget it boys, he's not biting.

>> Agent Skinner: We'll be right there.

>> I thought for sure he'd come looking for me.

>> Well it was worth the try.

>> It's almost six.

You boys want to stop for a bite or head back to the apartment?

>> I'm starving.

>> What are you in the mood for?

>> Food, whatever.

>> I can't believe we missed this asshole again.

>> Not by much.

>> Everything okay over here?

>> It's good, thank you.

>> We're doing the best we can and your instincts were right.

>> Just like they were about this restaurant.

Good choice, Taylor.

>> I just feel like my focus is off.

>> Maybe you cracked your head when you cracked that rib.

>> This humor thing, it's becoming a habit, huh?

I think I'm gonna go take a look in the park.

You guys finish up here and then come find me when you're done.

>> Waitress: Any room for dessert you guys?

>> No, thank you but you can leave these guys with the check.

(phone ringing)

>> How's it going?

>> Robbie: I'm over at Shadow Rec Center.

I think you should head over here.

>> I'm on my way.

>> Agent Taylor, what's your 20?

You know where he went?

>> Give up, it's over.

(tense music)

You can't get away this time, give up.

(tense music)

>> Shit!

>> Don't, not yet.

>> What's your plan?

>> Let me talk to him first.

>> Talk to him?

Are you kidding me?

>> Nobody gets too close.

>> That includes you, Robbie.

He's gonna kill him.

>> Seven Lincoln 48.

I have the suspect at gunpoint.

He has the victim, he's holding him at knife point.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 48.

One at gunpoint.

If you need to respond, code two.

>> Give it up, man, it's over.

Even if you claim him as your own, you still lose.

>> Let me go and then I'll let him go.

>> Let you go?

You're joking, right?

Just put down the knife.

Look, we can sit down and talk, write out your story,

you're already a star, think of the publicity, think of the book deals.

(bullets firing)

>> Officer: Seven Lincoln 44.

We have an injured victim.

Send in fire.

>> Dispatcher: Seven Lincoln 44, as it apears, sending fire.

>> Nice shot.

>> I've never had to actually use my gun before.

>> Officer Harris, you did it, you saved that boys life.

(slow music)

>> Nice work.

>> It wasn't me, it was Officer Harris, congratulate him.

>> Really?

Shit, Taylor, what the hell good are you?

>> Just finding the killer, Frank, that's all.

>> Nice work, Harris.

>> Thank you, sir.

>> You've been top notch throughout this entire investigation.

I promise you it won't go unnoticed.

>> Which one of you shot him?

>> I did.

>> Right, give me your gun, you're off now until an inquest.

You need to head over to homicide and make a statement.

>> Don't worry, it's standard procedure.

You're a hero.

I'll go with you.

>> Let's get a coffee.

>> You know what this means?

>> You're going back to FBI headquarters.

>> Yeah, so why don't you go with me?

I can get you an interview with one of the directors.

They'd love to have a guy like you.

>> Because they're short on black agents?

>> No, educated ones.

Smart fuckers like yourself.

You'd earn more, you'd be challenged, you'll be with me.

>> You really want me there?

>> Yeah, I really do.

>> Let's do it.

>> Hey, Officer Harris, one more thing.

(radio static and mumbling)