Namiya (2017) Script

Don't just stand there, do something!


Hold still!

Stop moving! Hear me?

Did she drive? Where's her key?


What are you doing?


You've got nerves.

You've got nerves.

Hurry up! Let's go!

You've got nerves.

Let's go!

Let's go! Xiao Bo.

Let's go!

We agreed only to trash the house.

Why did you nick her stuff?

Aren't you driving her car?

If I hadn't, we'd be in jail by now.

Can you stop dragging us along to this kind of small-time rackets?

I thought we did it for Xiao Bo.

Look at the mess we're in now.

And you, Xiao Bo.

You're supposed to be on the lookout.

Why did you tie her up?

Answer me.


With the approach of the chime, we eagerly and fondly await, the arrival of the new year.

As we bid 2017 farewell, let us wish our family, our mentors, our friends, and all our listeners a happy new year!

What happened?

Out of gas.

Get out.

Where are we?

Where should we go?

That place looks abandoned.

It's vacant.

Watch your hands!

Move over.

It's opened.

Anyone here?

Chiming on the hour.

You're such a wimp.

You jumped.

Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Happy my ass!

Let's quickly look around.

Check this out!

31 December 1993.

We weren't even born.

This place is ancient!

The battery is dead.

Where should we go tomorrow?

Out of town.

Let's talk in the morning.

I don't want to go.

Me neither.

Are you out of your mind?

Want to go to jail?

We did nothing to deserve jail.

Not initially.

Not until you guys committed burglary and tied someone up.

Namiya General Store.

Small Town Musician.

Stay here.

Not sure if you're still in business.

Please excuse my impudence.

My dream is to make good music.

A musician!

Friends I once jammed with at bars have released albums and headlined gigs.

But I am still a nobody.

I am my family's only son.

Dad has just been taken ill.

So I came home.

In fact, dad will soon retire.

He has arranged for me to take his job.

But I'm not giving up on my dreams.

I don't know who else to talk to.

If you happen to read this letter, I hope to get your advice.


A corner store with no name, dubbed the Namiya store by the locals.

One can seek counseling there by dropping off questions at the front door.

Replies will be posted on the wall the next day.

If the question is personal the reply is put in a milk box at the back.

This is 1993.

The no name corner store is Namiya.

I... Yes, I know.

Must be an old letter, you know it got stuck and just fell down now.

But this looks brand new no smudges or stains.

How can it be old?

Maybe this guy didn't know the store was closed.

So he writes in, hoping to get advice.


What era are we living in?

Who would still write letters?

Stop this nonsense.

Go to sleep.

We leave at first light.


Will that musician give up his dream?

I don't know.

But to give up is as hard as to carry on.

If you were him, how would you choose?

I have nothing to linger on and nothing to let go of.

Wanna write a reply for the store?

Why not?

What's wrong with you two?


Now that we've read his letter, we might as well give him a reply.

Stop this bullshit!

Have you thought about getting caught?

Since he won't come for it until tomorrow, we'll be gone by then.

I'd say, my dear buddies, take a good look at yourselves.

Know what kind of mess we are in?

Can you listen to me for once?




Your dad wants you to take over, so to hell with your music career.

Or you could live stream your singalongs, and hope you hit it big as an internet celeb!


Happy now?

Where did you leave the letter?

Milk box at the back, just like the papers say.

Not this one, right?

He doesn't know what internet celeb or live stream means.

Never heard of them.

It's been barely a minute.

How did he manage to reply?

It's a few days.

What do you mean?

He said it in his letter.

"I thought it over for days before replying..."

I'm telling you, I sense bad vibes the minute I set foot here.


We'd better leave.

Let's go.

Hang on.

Now what?

I have an idea.

Xiao Bo, you write to explain about the internet and live streaming.


Xiao Bo, Xiao Bo, why did you come out?

Get back in!

So nobody came to the back.

But the letter in the milk box is gone.

Nobody came to the front either.


Still the third letter arrived.

He doesn't know what a cell phone is.

I can't stay anymore. Let's go.

We have to find out what is going on.

Let's go.


He sent us a letter.

I want to give a reply to help him.


Have fun.

I am leaving.


I thought you'd left for good I knew it.

I can't leave you alone for a minute.

What are you talking about?

You were gone for nearly two hours.

Xiao Bo almost passed out with hunger.

I just saw an announcement posted online, saying that this general store will revive for one night tonight from midnight until sunrise.

Anyone who has received advice before can again... write to the store-owner.

Xiao Bo, what is it?

What's the matter?

Oh my god...

He is choking.

Hold still.

Stop making me worried.

No one is stealing your biscuits.

What's the matter?

What is it?

The shadow.

I measured it when I first got here.

It's been a while since we came inside.

The shadow should have gotten longer.

No, I only went out for a moment.

Didn't I?

I checked my phone when I left.

It was just past midnight.

I even thought it was broken.


You were gone for a lot longer.

Time runs slower.

You said you saw an online post, announcing the store's revival for a night.


But when I left here, I didn't see anybody.

But didn't we get the musician's reply?


This place is haunted!

In order to answer your questions, I'd like to know more about you.

Try closing the door.

One, two, three.

This man uses a pager watches the drama "The Legend of White Snake."

"What is smog?"

He doesn't know what smog is.

Beijing is bidding to host the 2000 Olympics.

Can this man be actually from the 90s?

We just found out by closing the back door the letter in the milk box will disappear.

So I think the back door is an on-off switch.

What switch?

To access the time portal.


The portal is right here.

Xiao Bo, let's write back to encourage him to hold on to his dreams.

Stop this nonsense.

Let's say he's from the 90s.

He never made big-time.

During all these years from around here, only Zhang Wei Wei made a name for herself.

And she is a girl.

Is only outcome that matters?

Wouldn't it be great if he pursued his dreams?

You can sit around twiddling your thumbs. Who are you to judge anyone?

Sure. Write him back.

I won't stop you.

But can he make a living with music?

Greetings, Namiya Store.

Not sure if you're still in business.

Please excuse my impudence.

My dream is to make good music.

For three years, I fought hard in Beijing.

I stayed up all night.

To write you a passionate poem.

I see autumn like songbirds perching disorderly on poplar.

The red crow on your body squeals breathing tenderly.

I can see an arrogant knight riding out from a white castle,

as love reaches the emerald sea.

I can see the succulent ginkgos dangling from her shoulders with breath as a breeze.

With cherries like the eyes of pigeons...

Let your voice shiver more!

Sound more desperate!

You should know this is a weird sensation.

Don't look at her. Look at the sky.

What are you drawing?

How many times have you started over?

Where is your hometown?

Can you hear me?

Get ready.


The flower of youth blossoms and withers.

Tiring me out but I have no regrets.

The rain and snow of four seasons flutter in the air.

Fascinating me but I pine away.

The soft wind and the supple dream are dazedly gentle.



For someone who's so out of touch, you should try rock 'n' roll... that might work better.

C'mon, show me.

Sing with anger!

Free that rage from your heart!


Get ready.

Five, six, seven! Go!

I've heard about but not seen 25,000 miles.

Yes, go on!

Who knows if it is easy or not.

Move forward with head down to find the real me.

Fire it up!


Walking back and forth, losing myself.

Once more!

Rifles and millet are everything.

Canons and bombers are truths.

Not bad Chuan!

Now we're rocking!

Cui Jian, I love you.

Friends I once jammed with at bars have released albums and headlined gigs.

But I am still a nobody.

What's up?

After rehearsing for three years, I'm finally ready.

You must come tomorrow.

We have to go now.

Will you come for the play? I'm afraid not.

We have to catch a plane to U.S.A.

See you on Broadway.

We'll tour the U.S. next!

Bye bye.

Take care! Qin Lang.

Bye bye.

Mr. Poet, what are you doing?


I love you like I love my motherland but you've forsaken the Yangtze and Yellow River.

A pigeon as your parting gift.

To hell, with your Yankee!

Qin Lang, phone call for you.

Hurry up, you slacker.

Who is it?

I am my family's only son.

Dad has just been taken ill.

So I came home.


My Lang is back.

You wear your hair so long like a savage!

Look, your son is back.

Why the fuss?

What can happen to me?

Brother, You didn't bring much with you.

Are you not planning to stay?

In fact, dad will retire soon.

He has arranged for me to take his job.

To work in the same factory unit.

But I'm not giving up on my dreams.



How is your music career?

I've been composing.

When you have a dream, the whole world is your stage.

Who said that?

The old man at the corner store.

Remember him?



Oh, yes!

He even gave an interview a while ago.

Is it still open?

I think it's closed now.

We used to draw on his walls.

Yes, we're a nuisance.

The old man would come and scold us.

"Kids, if you want to draw"

"please draw better."

I don't know who else to talk to.

If you happen to read this letter, I hope to get your advice.

Small Town Musician.

internet celeb?

Live stream?

Don't drink.

You just got better.

What are your plans?

After you have recovered, I will go back to Beijing.

Don't worry about me.

Think about yourself.

I know what I'm doing.

When you quit school for Beijing you assured us that you'd succeed.

Then why are you bumming around?

Not me!

Making music is not as simple as you think.

You won't understand.

Of course we won't.

But I can tell, you talk louder than you sing.



Sit down.

Everyone should have dreams.

But life must go on.

Maybe take over your father's job, it's not so bad.


Come here!

Where have you been?

What happened?

Don't you know dad has a heart problem?

It can relapse anytime.

Brother, your health is deteriorating, shall we ask Qin Lang to come back?

I'm fine.

I can return to work in days.

Stay off Qin Lang.

I know you love your son, but the way he's living his life, can he even support himself?

He can't just... bum around in Beijing, forever.

If you feel awkward, I can talk to him.

Let him decide what to do with himself.

When even I didn't speak up, He doesn't need your parenting.

Fine, Fine...

Brother, please calm down.

Forget what I said.

You don't have to worry about my problems.

Maybe it is better for me to stay home.

Anyone there?

No one.

Thanks for lending an ear to my problems and giving me replies.

In fact, I just wrote a song.

The lyrics aren't done yet.

So I've never performed it.

But it is the song I love most.

I want to play it for you with my harmonica as my way of saying thanks.

Isn't that Zhang Wei Wei's "Reborn"?

It's her big hit.

She sings it well.

You all know the story behind this song?

Maybe he should have given up.

Then he won't...

And no future for Zhang Wei Wei.

To tell you the truth, I never wanted you to succeed me.

But if your mind is made up, then so be it.

I'm your father.

Can I not know what you're thinking?

What's wrong with me staying?

Big talk!

Save it until you reach your goal.

Go back to Beijing and give it everything.

Try your best!

Don't give up even if you stumble.

Otherwise, don't come back here.

Do you understand?


Are you sure?

If someday.

You can choose to relive your life or to continue I don't know if your answer will be your true sensation or just a deception.

I hope from blue sky to fame and fortune everything that you want will not vanish with the wind.

They come and go freely like dust.

Let me tell you I once had problems.

Who is that?

That's Madam Zhang.

She founded The House of Rainbows 20 years ago.

And she raised all the children here.

That's why we're all Zhangs.

After she passed away, it became my duty to look after them, right up to this day.

Those who have moved on often come back to visit, and bring money, food, clothes...


Older kids will help the young, Seniors will help newcomers.

I performed all over the country.

I don't know why but I feel most at home in this place.


I think the madam is always watching over us.

I bored you.

Anyway, thank you for performing here.

We all had a good time.

I should be thanking you for letting me sing for the children.

Thank you.

The song you sang was really good.


I wrote it.

Do you like it?

Does the song have a name?



It tells your own story?

You can tell?

Isn't that obvious?

What is your name?

Zhang Wei Wei.

If someday you can choose to relive your life or to continue, I don't know if your answer will be your true sensation or just a deception.

I hope from blue sky to fame and fortune, everything that you want will not vanish with the wind.

There's a fire!

Children, run!

Hurry up!

Go downstairs!

Hurry up!

Mr. Qin, run! Hurry!


Mr. Zhang, take my guitar.

Mr. Qin.

Mr. Qin.

The relentless pursuit of your dreams will be fully rewarded.

Trust me.

Countless people will be comforted and inspired by your songs in the future.

Persist on walking your own path until that final moment...

This last song was not only my first hit.

Its composer, Mr. Qin Lang, also saved my life.

He gave me a second chance to live and also a career in music.


For you.

If someday.

You can choose to relive your life or to continue.

I don't know if your answer will be your true sensation or just a deception.

I hope from blue sky to fame and fortune, everything that you want will not vanish with the wind.

Please tell me.

Don't be silent like a riddle.

They come and go freely like dust.

Let me tell you I once had problems, and you are now looking at the answer.

Papa, How can I win the gold on sports day?

Hold your own sports day!

Papa, we are reporters from Close-Up, Bin Hai.

Can we ask a few questions?

Why do you want to be an advice columnist?

It's nothing.

What was your motive in helping so many strangers?

Thank you.

When facing these pranksters, what do you think of them?

I really don't have much to say.

How about... a photo, then?

Take a few steps forward and we'll shoot a photo.

Look right here... smile.


Beat it!

What are you buying?

Michael Jackson.

Three dollars.

You follow pop stars?

Isn't that Lin Yong Fei's boy?

The rich spend differently, without a care in the world.

Whose kid?

Never heard of Lin?

He's an automobile trader, made quite a fortune.

Lin Yong Fei?

Rings a bell...

What are you drawing?

If you want to draw, draw better.

Papa is coming. Run!

Michael Jackson.

You have a sharp eye!

It just got in yesterday and you found it.


Don't you want it?

I'm short.

Come over.

How much do you have?


Since you are a die-hard Michael fan, you can have it for 35.

Thank you, sir!

I don't want the change.

Me neither!

This 2 million loan, has now become

4.3 million with accrued interest.

You're a month behind.

Since I count you as a friend, I waive the month's interest.

Isn't that something?

Why are you so late?

My son is back.

Come over.

Greet my friends.

Where are your manners?

Where have you been?

Open the door!

Open up!

Tell the boy to turn off the music!

Turn the volume down please.

Please give us a bit more time.

We will pay back the loan.

If we fail this time, do whatever you want with us.

We have no qualms.

Madam, you're so gentle and pretty, since you made a personal plea, how can I refuse?

Brother give me one more month.

I've greased all the right palms.

Once the cars get here, everything will go...


One more week.

Your music is so loud, you drive me nuts!

What's your problem?

Don't take your frustration out on my son!

If you're so tough, hit me!


Hi, uncle.

Why come over on such a sweltering day?

I haven't seen you for a while, and I was in the neighborhood.

What is this?

Michael Jackson.

That's personal.

None of your business.


Can I say something?

It's good that you have a hobby to kill time.

But look at this, you're turning it into a post office!

You're getting too serious with those kids.

Those kids...

Despite their horsing around... they actually gave me good feedback.

One even wrote me recently from abroad to thank me.

I heard you were interviewed a few days ago.

You're a celebrity now.

It's no good being famous.

Best to live a life of anonymity.

I've asked you many times to move in and live with us.

You live so far away.

How can we look after you?

We get worried.

Enjoy your own lives.

I'll be fine by myself.

I don't want to be a burden.

I read your letter, please ask Mr. Jackson to pick up the letter.

Mr. Jackson I'm not sure if my interpretation is correct.

However, do not worry, I'll answer all your questions, and keep them secret.

Can you tell me, why you are so sad?

Where have you been all day?

Are we moving?

We are taking you on a trip.

Mom and Dad are acting strange.

They're planning to take me away.

I'm really disgusted with them.

I'd rather be left on my own than keep living with them.

I don't know what I should do.

Where are my CDs?


How could you sell my stuff without my permission?

Kid, no matter what, your family is still your bedrock.

Never walk out on them.

When a family stays together, it can overcome all odds.

Does it still hurt?

I was wrong to hit you.

As long as you behave, I'll never lay a finger on you.

I have something important to tell you.

You must not tell anyone.

Pretty soon you'll start grade school.

So it's a good time to move south, and find you a better school.

You are lying.

You just wanted to move.

This conversation stays between us.

Only pack what's important to you.

I've arranged everything for you and mom.

You didn't say it but I know you hate me.

You think I'm a loser.

But I promise you, before long, we will prosper again like before.

I care for nothing but this family.

For this family, I will do anything even giving up my life.

A 13-year-old American boy, Jordan Chandler has accused the famous pop star Michael Jackson of sexual assault.

Jackson has denied the accusation...

Allegedly since 1992 Jackson has invited children to visit his Neverland Ranch.

This is not suitable for children, X-rated!

Neverland Ranch is to make up for his lost childhood.

His fans from around the world are stunned.

If the boy's family decides to press charges, whether or not Jackson is found guilty, he'll have to undergo lengthy investigations...

Hao Bo!

Hao Bo!

Come up.

We have to hurry.

Don't mess things up.

Mom, where are we going?

I don't really know.

But don't worry.

Dad has everything sorted out.

You're all lying to me.

Give me my CD money!

They were sold for scraps.

They're worthless.

Where's your pocket money?

Pocket money?

There'll be no pocket money from now on.

I need to go to the toilet.

Hao Bo, I'm leaving the umbrella here.

Why did you get out?

Go back, go back!

Where's the boy?

He's still in the toilet.

You can't just leave him.

I left him an umbrella.

Get back in the car.

Where are we going?

Cut this out!

Get in quick!

I can't leave without knowing where we're going.

Have you eaten?


Let's meet up soon.


You can't spend the night here.

Give it to me.

C'mon, stand up.

What on earth is this?

All my feelings are in there.

What did you say?

Long live rock 'n' roll!

Yeah, you'd wish.

You really are stubborn.

Speak up! Your parents must be worried.

The police will arrive in 30 minutes.

Then you will have to go with these two.

It'll be too late for me to help.

In a few days, you will be sent to the Civil Services Department or a youth detention center.

That wouldn't be fun.

Lunch is served!


The window.



I'd like to introduce a new friend.

He doesn't remember his own name or where he comes from.

It's okay.

Forget the past, cherish the present.

I don't think you're much of a talker.

You must be quietly introspecting.

We all adopted the surname Zhang.

Why don't we call you Mo... as in "silence."

Let's welcome Zhang Mo!

This is your home from now on.

Customarily, since today is Zhang Mo's first day, it is also his birthday.

Let's wish him a happy birthday.



Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!



What is it?

You asked to see me.

Something wrong?

Yes, I've heard of this Lin.

What about him?

Remember the kid who wrote me?

The illustrator.

Lately I've been thinking.

The advice I gave people, was it helpful?

Could my advice even lead them to catastrophe?

Whenever I think of this I feel a cold shudder down my spine.

I can't write these letters anymore.

It's time.

Can I move in with you?

Didn't I tell you already?

We've kept a room for you.


Are you feeling okay?

I am fine.

Hopefully I won't be a nuisance.

We are family.

Just consider me your son.

Uncle, get in the car.

Uncle you are still on the mend, it's too cold for you to make this trip.


Even if I'd told you you wouldn't understand.

Ever since I closed the store, I've had the same dream.

I dreamt of the store

as if it were right in front of me.

I saw people from the future write to tell me,

about changes in their lives.


It's been closed for months.

It's still spotless.


It's late. Go to bed.

Go sleep upstairs.

I want to stay a little longer.


I'll go to bed now.

Just yell if you need me.

My dear uncle, Why are you... still burning the midnight oil?

Are these letters for you?

Let me see.

December 31, '17.

It's even a printed letter.

They're all from the future.

The future?

Michael Jackson.

I'm such an old fool, so pathetic!

I thought my advice would bring misfortune to others.

Why would I have such power?

Don't say that.

Everyone now writes to thank you.

I... have never helped anyone.

When they came to me with a problem, they already knew the answer.

But if they don't even try, nothing I write will help them.

They have only themselves to thank.

Who would slip in a blank page at this ungodly hour?

Who could that be?

Let me think it over.

What's there to think about?

Take this.

Read it in the car.


this is for you.

What's that for?

Just take it.

Besides, these letters from the future.

Keep them safe for me.

Uncle, why do you want to keep these?

Heavenly secrets cannot be divulged.


I'll wait for you in the car.

I never married.

You are like a son to me.

You looked after me, and I am forever grateful.

Please do me another favor.

Consider it my last wish.

In the next 25 years do not sell the store or demolish it.

Do your best to maintain it.

The letters I received, please keep them safe.

After 25 years, before the anniversary of my death, announce for me, that the store's counseling service will be back for just one night until midnight.

Whoever got advice from me in the past is invited to write in and tell me if the advice they received had any impact on their lives.

Also, for my funeral keep it simple.

I don't want to be a nuisance.

Mr. Zhang, congratulations on the show!

Thank you.

In only five years since graduating you have already achieved recognition from both home and abroad.

Among our many budding artists you've been very fortunate.

We know you're enormously creative.

So, among all your works do you have a favorite?

It should be my life.

Are we done?

We all know that you grew up in an orphanage.

Does this life experience come through in any of the exhibits?

It's a common perception, that orphans must have gone through a life of misery.

But I may be an exception.

My recollections

are all heart-warming.

This feeling is also reflected in my works.

What about your biological parents, relatives?

Did they influence your works?

I mean...

I often sense solitude in your work, desperation, cries of anguish, are you trying to seek redemption through your paintings?

Mr. Zhang...

We'll talk again, thank you.

Mr. Zhang.

Mr. Zhang.


It's beautiful.

When you were kids, everyone was scavenging for bottles, but you'd draw all day.

Well, it makes an artist out of you.

This mural must worth a fortune now.

I owe my life to the House of Rainbows.

This mural is priceless.

What'd you like?

This didn't use to be a bar, right?

It used to be an AV shop.

Since there are more tourists these days, I turned it into an old-time bar.

What'd you like?


Single malt.

Thank you.

I've collected these.

Michael lived a tragic life.

He was notorious when alive, at least he was cleared in death.

June 28, 2009.

On the day of June 28th the alleged victim admitted he falsely accused Michael for money.

A die-hard fan!

Hang on...

This is part of my collection I have more at home.

Even his original imports.

Where did you get this?

Let me see.

This CD has history.

It was during the '90s.

I got it from a scrap merchant.

He told me he got it from the home of a local big shot.

What was his name?

I've forgotten.

But he was a celebrity from around here.

Really well-known.

And rich, too... until he couldn't pay the loan sharks.

He ran away.

It shocked the whole neighborhood.

And made the front pages.

I kept a copy.



The whole family perished.

The man left a death note.

Hey, boss.

Check, please.

Take a look.

My child...

Find me my son!

Bring him back.

We will find him.

We're doing that right now.

That's him. Get him!

It's Yang.

Sit tight.

Lin, where are you taking your wife?

Roll down the window.

Lin, pull over!

Stop the car!


Ram him.


Pull over!

Stop now.

Ram him!

Pull over.



Oh god, I'm losing control...

I am not only heavily in debt I've caused the death of my wife and child.

I deserved to be punished.

My death today will end it all.

It's retribution.

My darling wife, my darling boy, I have let you down...

Today we die together.

Let's be a family again in our next lives.

Kid no matter what, you can always count on your family.

Never walk out on them.

When a family stays together, they can overcome anything.

I wrote you 25 years ago.

I called myself Michael Jackson.

Do you still remember me?

I told you my parents were acting strange and wanted to take me away.

I was disgusted with them.

I didn't want to live with them.

Thank you for not dismissing my drawing as some bad joke.

You gave me sincere advice.

You said:

When a family stays together they can overcome anything.

I believe you were right.

I've had a wonderful life and I owe it all to you.

Thank you.

The Golden Voice Challenge.

Go sign up.

The deadline's coming up.

If I enter this contest and tell them I'm an orphan, would they let me skip the qualifiers?

Not unless you blend our hard-luck tales into your own story.

Might as well crown me the champ!

Compared to Jie, we are very lucky.

Whenever he drinks one too much, he talks about his hostess mother and those hooligans who could be his dad.

He was lucky to have made it out or he'd have been killed a long time ago.

Which song should I sing?


If someday.

You can choose to relive your life or to continue.

Will you two ever stop?

Can I get some sleep around here?

Easy, okay?

I'm telling you, do what you want with your music just don't drag Xiao Bo down with you.

The Lost Wang Wang.

The Lost Wang Wang.

Even the name is ridiculous.

Don't bother reading or replying.

It won't change anything.

What destined to happen will happen.

"To the Namiya Store:"

"I work as a hostess."

"I heard of you by chance..."

I am a hostess.

I'm nineteen, working in a night club.

The place is littered with low lives, but because the pay is good, I do my best to put up with them.

What do you want?

Getting my mail.


If you have a problem, drop the old man a line.

He'll leave you a reply in the milk box the next day.

Tonight you should understand.

Destiny will not go away easy.

Love will not go away easily.

With Mr. Su's compliment.

Thank you, Mr. Su for your support.


A toast to Mr. Su.

You've been drinking all night.

Stop it.

Have a soft drink instead.

However, I have an admirer lately.

He's different from the others.

A girl should treat herself well.


Pick anything you fancy.

I really hope that I can have my own shop one day.

If you want this shop, you can have it.

He wants me to become his lover.

I know this is immoral.

But he is good to me.

The shoes look better when they're on your feet.

That would be $299.

It's expensive!

Wait, here's your change.

Keep the change.

Keep the rest as a tip.

Consider this my gift to you.

Thank you.

If you can give me some advice, I'd be grateful.



Don't you think she's lost her mind?

Why does she choose to be a hostess?

For dirty money?

Is it worth it to sacrifice your feelings?

Jie, please... calm down first.

He might not be a lowlife!


We don't know everything, right?

You... Xiao Bo, write to her.

Come here.

Write down what I say, word for word.


Now you're fine with writing back?

You said it wouldn't make a difference.

I just want to rebuke her, can't I?

I think you have misunderstood.

I'm not doing this because of vanity.

I need to take care of my family.

They can barely make ends meet.

I make good money being a hostess, but not all the time.

The man said he could open a shop for me.

In the shopping mall he's investing in.

I've saved up some money, and have been waiting for an opportunity like this.

Sis, where are the flowers?

If you water them with love, flowers will bloom.

Over here...

I think she is shameless.

Maybe she is like us, unable to find a decent job.

Can't find a decent job?

I'd be a pauper before a madame.

Xiao Bo, write.

Tell her that the man must be a crook.

What if he is genuine, and helps her open a shop, then she won't need to be a hostess.

Then you tell her:

If the man starts asking for money, he is definitely a cheat.

Everybody knows Causeway Bay is my turf.


Make sure the fund hits my Hong Kong account soon.


Sure, no problem.

I'll treat you to dim sum when I return.


I have so many deals to do lately.

Oh, yes.

About the shop, I have arranged everything for you.


Moreover, overhead utilities, product sourcing...

I'll handle all of that.

And you just need to put up 70,000 for the rent.

Then we're all set.


You need 70,000?

70,000 is not a lot.

Don't you know?

Of all the shops in the mall this one has the best location.

In order to secure this shop, I've already... spent hundreds of thousands.

Remember No matter how nicely he puts it.

Once he asks you for money, he is a con artist.

Go out and ask around.

Is the shop for real?

Where's the shop that was here before?

It went bust.

I took over a few days ago.

If your heart is tired tears have run dry.

This profound love is hard to forget or end.

But I don't see you anymore.

Sit down.

Are you Zhang Long?


My surname is Su, not Zhang.

I ask you one more time.

Are you Zhang Long?

Mind your attitude.

I am a Hong Kong citizen.


You can't fool me!

Don't move.

Big brother.

What's going on?

What's your name?

Let's be civil and talk...

Hold still!

Where are you taking us?

We did nothing!

Why are you here to stir up my heartbeat.

How can I stop loving you?

Why are you so indifferent?

According to the notice, the store revives from midnight till dawn.

If I am not mistaken, the portal will close at daybreak.

You were right about him.

He was in fact a con man.

But I now feel even more lost.

Other than being a hostess, I really don't know how else I can support my family.

She believed in us.

We helped her.

We helped her.

Why aren't you happy?

What for?

Now she's even more lost.


What more can we do?

How would I know?

Which year is it over there?

Grab a pen and some paper.


In fact, like you...

Lowlives like him exist in all ages.

Don't feel bad about it.

In fact, like you I am totally lost.

But I want to tell you, no matter what, don't even think of relying on anyone else.

You have to rely on yourself.

I can't tell you how to become financially independent.

But being a hostess is not the way out.

Maybe it's hard for you to imagine in the future, people will stop writing letters like this.

The proliferation of computers and the Internet will shrink our world.

The advent of social networks will make communication much easier.

We don't even need to use cash.

A cell phone can handle all of our daily needs.

In 20 years, China's economy will flourish.

Stocks, real estate, IT, Internet, e-commerce...

These industries will develop at light speed.

If you study hard now, save up and invest, be a first mover, the better your chances of success are.

I have no idea what happened to her since.

You tried your best.

Let it be.

We've received letters from the past.

But the notice invites people from 2017 to write in.



If we drop a letter from the front, will it travel back 20 years?

Do we still have time?

Stop debating, we'll know after we tried.


Get a blank page.

Blank sheet.

Hurry up.

Hurry up.

It went through.

I really want to know what 1993 was like.

And what these people looked like.

It's morning now.

The portal is closed.

No more letters.

So... let's go.

Where to?

Where did it go?

What is this?


Namiya store, greetings!

I am The Lost Wang Wang who wrote you in the winter of 1993.

Your advice changed my life.

Fixed assets.

Young lady, tell me, what's your major?

Do you have a major?

Don't you have a major?

What do you study?


Yes, your major is accounting.

My major is accounting.

Study, save up and invest I did not forget any of them.

I did loads of research, invested wisely in technology stocks, and accumulated some cash.

I kept pace with the national policy.

I soon bought my first property, then my second and third.

Just as I'd wished, I bought my late foster parents' house too.

In the future that you described, I seem to have made all the right moves.

In time, I left my hometown and set up my own company.

I am still learning to turn risks into opportunities.

From a simple food court to the latest housing developments, I've yet to lose a battle.

Those awesome prophecies that you made are all coming true.

Now I think of it, life is truly a miracle.

Come in.


What is it?

We've been invited by Binhai's North District to bid for an urban renewal project.


Your hometown.

Please take a look.

This is the tender document.

Also, this is our research.

Please review it.

I don't know if you remember the reason I wanted money was to support my big family.

When I heard that the House of Rainbow was zoned for urban renewal, I decided to go for it.

I'll do my utmost to secure this project.

I want to tear it down and rebuild it.

Mr. Chen, prepare our offer at once.

We must win this bid.

Ms. Zhang, since you grew up in the House of Rainbows, what do you plan to do with it?

Ms. Zhang...

How do you do?

Brother Yi.

Xiao Mei.

Long time no see.


Let me introduce, Madam Zhang's niece.

I'm Zhang Qing Mei.

Nice to meet you.

Thanks for taking this place over.

You're welcome.

I lived here when my foster parents passed away.

The House of Rainbows is always my home.

Don't worry.

I will take good care of the children.

I'm grateful.

Madam Zhang left these behind.

That's a young Madam Zhang?

So pretty!

He's handsome, too.

Who was he?

I heard from elder relatives, when my aunt was young she fell in love with this man.

The family was against it.

They even planned to elope.

But my aunt's family locked her in.

They've lost contact since.

No wonder Madam Zhang never got married.

What a pity!

So what has happened to this man?

My grandpa said he'd met him once.

He was a gentleman.

He'd written once to my aunt.

Could this be that letter?

In his letter, he asked my aunt to move on without him.

After receiving this letter, my aunt decided never to marry.

She bought this place and spent the rest of her life here.

The man has moved away, no one heard from him since.

They haven't seen each other again.

"No Name..."

During the transition, I accidentally stumbled across the story of you and Madam Zhang.

Be careful.

Madam Zhang founded the House of Rainbows.

I became what I am today because of your advice back then.

And I can now repay the House of Rainbows.

I feel that you are both watching over us, so I can grow up in a loving environment, with all my brothers and sisters.

Madam Zhang devoted her life in providing shelter for dozens of children.

And you, you showed me how to be benevolent, when I can think only of myself, and neglecting the feelings of others.

Thank you for giving me advice.

The fact that I have not repaid you is my greatest regret.

From now on, I endeavor to help more people.

From up above, I hope you can feel my aspirations.

The Lost Wang Wang is in fact Zhang Qing Mei.

She's not closing down the House of Rainbows.

We were wrong about her.

Xiao Bo.

What's wrong, Xiao Bo?

Say something.

Brother Xiao Bo.

Xiao Bo.

Xiao Bo.

Uncle Yi asked us to bring Xiao Bo with us, but he wouldn't come out.

Xiao Bo.

He hasn't eaten all day.

Kids, you go down first.

Kids, you go down first.

Watch your step.

Watch out for the steps.

Xiao Bo.

Xiao Bo.

Xiao Bo, are you okay?

Everyone has left.

Let's go, okay?

Pull yourself together!

What do you want?

My biological parents abandoned me.

My foster parents didn't want me.

Now even the House of Rainbows is going to be demolished by Zhang Qing Mei.

Don't they want to tear it down?

They can bury me in the rubble.

I can help them tear it down!

Watch me!

Xiao Bo.

Damn it...

Xiao Bo.

Xiao Bo I order you to calm down.

Are you crazy?

Tell us what you want.

We're with you all the way, okay?

If she wants to demolish Rainbows, fine!

We will trash her house.

Hold still!

Don't move, hear me?

You've got nerves.

You've got nerves.

It's sad the letter never reached the old man.

The letter was intended for us.

There seems to be an invisible force linking Rainbows to this store.

Let's go.

I've decided.

I'll go and sign up.

Are you confident?

How about Xiao Bo?

I want to go to Qing Mei's house.

If possible, I hope to have her forgiveness.

And you?


Let's go find Qing Mei first.

To Blank Page.

To Blank Page.

I am getting old.

I thought long and hard before I realized why you sent me this.

Maybe I'm becoming senile.

My guess is that you didn't know what to ask.

For those who sought my advice they usually had specific questions.

Or, should I say, they already come with their own maps.

But in most cases, they had no idea where they were.

But you sent only a blank page.

This shows you didn't have a map.

This is indeed disturbing.

But what I want to share with you is, after counseling so many people I discovered that one must still work hard in order to attain a better life.

The advice I gave in my letters only meant to reinforce an already determined heart.

The good thing about a blank page is you can freely draw your own.

That is to say, your future is your own.

Now go and draw your own map.

I sincerely hope you have faith in yourself.

Create without fear and... sparkle!

This is the last reply I write.

Thank you.