Naoko (2008) Script


A small island floating in the sea of Japan, Namikirijima.

That summer, I left Tokyo, in order to treat my asthma at a quiet place.

I apologise for making you give us a ride in your boat.

We haven't been fully paid back for last time yet.

We haven't yet... Money.

Ah, no problem! We don't accept money from island visitors.

That's right, we won't accept any.

You're not entitled to say that!

I'm sorry, thank you very much.

I'm sorry, thank you very much.

Can you fish Girella punctata* in this environment?

* smallscale blackfish Girella punctata?


Ah! You're talking about the Kuro!

Ah, Kuro! Yes you can fish a lot around here.

He's still running!


Your son.

Like father, like son.

Like father?

He was a marathon relay runner.

He was really fast.

He was called "The Wind of Japan's Sea".

That was back in the day.

He looks fast as well.

What's his name?



Running Yusuke was really fascinating.

I couldn't gaze after him.

At that moment, I was still in a much darker place.









Here, here.

Come on, a little more!

Stretch out your hand!

Got her!

Help me...

Does it hurt anywhere?

Are you OK?

She's OK, thank you so much.

Does it hurt anywhere?

You startled me.

You startled me, you startled me!

Kensuke-san, catch this!

No need, no need.

It took me by surprise all of a sudden.

Everything is fine now.

It's OK.

Are you OK? Everything is fine.


In the water!

Kensuke-san, Kensuke-san!



Kensuke, Kensuke!

He's not on my side, what about you?

He's not here either.


What's the matter? Are you OK?

Keep breathing.

Keep breathing slowly.

Keep breathing.

Slowly, slowly...

There is nothing in the sea apart from my floating white hat.

The form of Yusuke's father was nowhere to be seen.


You went running again, didn't you?

I only made a few rounds in this area.

If you're not careful your asthma will attack again.

I know.

I still disagree with you being in the athletic club.

What? Isn't today your day off?

It's the athletic club again.

What was it? For the record meeting of the accepted runners.

Eh? Naoko will be there?

I'm only helping.

Shall we eat then?


Excuse me, hasn't he arrived yet?

No, he hasn't yet...

What is he doing? This guy is really..

Please wait a little more.

Everybody's counting on him.

It's nothing.

I will search for him.

I'm already finished.

Ah, that would be a great help, thank you very much.

It's him, Iki Yusuke.

Iki Yusuke.

I'm home!

Didn't I tell you to enter through the front door?

Say hello.

Mom, that's her.

Come in.

It's that girl's fault.

Don't say anything and put down your backpack.

Give my Dad back.

Give my Dad back!

Give him back right now!


Wait, give my dad back!

Let me go, give my Dad back!


Quit it! Apologize to Naoko-Chan.



Excuse me, are you Iki Yusuke, the runner who is enlisted for the 100m sprint?

Ah, the receptionist?

Wait a minute, it's the best part now.

The one in red, he will get ahead of the others at the next curve.


Thanks for letting me know.

I'm Shinomiya Naoko.

When I was in the 6th year of elementary school, your father saved me.

I've already forgotten about it.

I'm not blaming anyone for it.


I couldn't tear my eyes away from Yusuke running.

This time, without closing my eyes.

What's your next goal?

You probably want to participate in the Olympic Games in the future?

The next goal is the marathon relay of Kyushu.

Marathon relay?

Our Senior High School participates each year.

So you're putting aside plans for short distance races?

Such a waste.

Iki-kun is the raising star of 100m races!

She said I'm the raising star of 100m races!

Weren't you the one who said you wanted to participate in a marathon relay?

Why the marathon?

Because I've always wanted to participate in one. It's been my wish since I was a child.

I want to see Yusuke running.

I'm fine with watching him from afar.

At that moment, I only had this intention in my head.

10 seconds to go!

Get set..

This was the starting shot.

Here are the senior high school student. The participants of the Kyushu marathon 2007.

The 42.1 km marathon with 30 runners has begun.

Ah, someone has fallen!

Seems like it's runner Okuda from Namikirijima Senior High School.

The Namikirijima Senior High School which attracted public attention due to Iki Yusuke's decision to participate in this marathon.

He was successfully running though.

Okuda-kun can't get up!

Maybe it's a cramp.

Seems like he's fine.

He stands up and... he's running again!

The majority of the runners are quite ahead, I think at about 200m.

We hope he will do his best!

The race has just started!

Excuse me...


Could you tell me where Iki Yusuke's section is?

It's the last section, so...

It's at the next lap.

About 3 km away, I guess.

Thank you.

I don't want it.

I said I don't want it!

Got it, I'll drink it.

Do your best...

Do you best, do your best

As expected Shin Kuroda is leading...

Wait, it seems like there is a runner who is catching up!

Senior high school student from Namikirijima: Iki Yusuke.

Within 3 minutes he has caught up 8 runners!

Get ready!

Runner Kuroda has arrived!

Runner Kuroda, take the water!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry...

Nagazaki Todai.

Daiyu Denki.

Do your best!

I can't do this on my own.

Nagazaki Todai in second place and Daiyu Denki in third place, both seem to have accepted the water bottle.

Information: Seems like a candidate in white is drawing near!

Iki Yusuke of Narikimijima is arriving.

He will soon reach the station where he'll get water.

Excuse me...


I have a favour to ask of you.

Uhm, I don't know if I can do this...

I'm begging you... We don't have a lot of assistants in our athletic club.

I'm the only one who can fill this vacancy.

And I'm also the only one distributing the water.


It's fine. If I fail, you have to hand it over.

If you fail too, it would be terrible for Yusuke.

Do your best.

I understand.

Take the cap off and hold out the bottle.

Hold it at the top.

It's fine... you're okay, Yusuke, aren't you?




I'm surprised... I thought there would have been a difference of 2 minutes.

He's fallen, the contender Yusuke has fallen.

He suddenly collapsed to the ground... ahh he's not moving.

According to the information we received, the water distribution wasn't successful. Was it dehydration?

The judge stopped.

The assistants are taking care of Yusuke for the moment.

This is really worrying.

Later we will have more information on the details of the race.

I've heard that the water distribution failed.

You failed?

It's my fault.

You are...?

The race...?

Kuroda won.

His school won the first prize as expected.

He was really fast.

Good to see you're awake, I was really worried.

You were sleeping, weren't you?

Of course not, I was just thinking about something.

Liar, you were definitely sleeping, you definitely were.

I'm sorry.

Why didn't you take the water bottle?

It's my fault.

You can come in. He's finally woken up.

I'm sorry.

Suddenly I...

I've heard the whole story.

What happened to your Dad...

About what happened in Tokyo.

The person who brought you together again is me.

I know it's sudden.

And I understand your feelings very well.

The water this girl held out..

She truly wanted to give you the water.

That's the truth.

But you refused it.

This means, at the same time, that you have also refused any help from other people.

No, it doesn't!

It's the same thing! It's the same, Yusuke.

Look at this once you're on the plane.

When you're home, I want you to pass this on to your parents.

I hope you can forgive me for passing you this letter so suddenly.

I'm the coach of Narikirijima Senior High School's athletic club: Nishiyura Tenzen.

Iki-san, who passed away saving Naoko, was in the same senior high school athletic club as I was.

I know about the incident very well.

Maybe he floated to the east?

I participated in the search the next morning.

I also remember about Naoko-san very well.

She answered the questions of the marine safety crew very specifically. She was very serious.

I thought I have to take responsibility.

I have assumed the role of father in order to take care of Yusuke.

But it has always been my own desire.

Yusuke's time hasn't moved forward since then.

I felt that it's the same for Naoko-san.

If it's possible, I would like to move forward both of their times.

Watch out for the pace!

3 min 30 seconds.


Good, good, let's run like this, that's fine.

Hey, don't force yourself.

I'm fine already!

During this year's summer vacation, the athletic club will have a training camp.

Our goal is to participate in the marathon relay in September in Nagasaki.

I'm not going to beat about the bush, I'll tell you what I think.

During the training camp this summer, I'd like Naoko-san to help us.

I know very well that it's an unreasonable favour.

I want to go.

For what?

What can you do?


In this world, there are unchangeable things.

Unchangeable things... can't be changed.

Madam, It was Naoko's own decision, right?

If that's so, then leave the rest to me.

Nishiyura-san, why are you so concerned about my daughter?

Because this summer has to be different.

It's my selfishness.

Ey! Ey!


This..we are sorry to make you clean the room but stop digging! You're a girl.

If you're like this, Shinomiya will be shocked.

That's why I told you to clean up!

What are you doing.. Are you stupid or what?

Ah, it's so dirty!

She's here already.

Here, here, come on in.

I'll clean the room right away.

Listen Shinomiya, your bed is here.

Ah, you don't have to help... it's gonna be tidy soon!

Hey, introduce yourself.

My name is Yuuki Yoshizawa, I'm the manager of the athletic club.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Ah yes, do you want to live at my place? It's impossible to live with "that man"!

How dare you call your own teacher "that man"...?!

Because you are "that man".

Hey, Yusuke, say something.

Well you are "that man".

You don't have to worry, nothing will happen.

I'll clean this room.

Hurry up!

You don't have to.

You don't have to help, you really don't..

Yuuki, hurry.

It's OK, I'll do it.

The coach said we're going to school now.

You should get ready.

What are you doing?

You scared me!

They wrote about us.

What? It's only about Yusuke.

They also write about you, look here.

3rd year student of Namikirijima Senior High School: Okuda.

Combat: Will he be able to run without falling in the next race?

Make sure not to lose your shoes!

Oh wait... it's only my imagination!

There's nothing like that written in there.

You bastard! Saying such a thing!


Can't help it, that Yusuke.

Now we can finally joke about it, about the fact that Okuda fell.


But in fact it's your fault the other time!

Because you have failed to take the bottle of water!

I'm sorry!

Is this all you can say?!

It's all about Yusuke.

I'm going to buy some juice.

Who is this girl?

Hey, everyone look here.

I'd like to present...

Hey, Okuda, turn around.

Okuda, you're talking the most!

Eh, a short introduction Shinomiya is from Tokyo.

From the training camp until the marathon, she will participate as the manager.

She's our manager.

She's our manager, he said.

She's from Tokyo.

It doesn't matter if she's from Tokyo or not.

Oi, Miyazaki.


Greet her properly!


Hurry up with the greeting!

Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too.

That's it.


What is your relationship?

Uhm..she's a relative.

A relative?


She's from Tokyo!

Liar! Liar!

She doesn't resemble you at all!


You were playing weren't you?

I wasn't.


Calm down.

Calm down I said!

This time, in the National Senior High School Marathon Relay, from today on, we're aiming straight for the top.

Up 'til now, you've always called me "The Smiling Nishiyura".

We don't.

But during the training camp, I'm turning into "The Devil Nishiyura".

Starting today, each day you will run 5 times to Oohama and back.

5 times?

It's about 50km.

Then towards the sea, you'll run 10 times, there and back.

This is the 3 weeks training camp.

You're at it again!

You gotta be kidding us.

Start the warm up!



OK, split up.

Crouch first.

1 2 3 4 Louder!


1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8 Louder, even louder!

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8 More!

2 2 3 4

5 6 7 8 Other direction.

1 2 3 4

1km, 3min 40sec.

Yusuke, keep up this pace.

It's not working out like that.

This isn't enough.

Yusuke, accelerate!

Increase speed, 10sec per kilometer!


We're going to speed up!

10sec per kilometer!

Run the last 5km!

Within 3 minutes!


Keep up the speed up for a good pace!

Follow Yusuke!

Yoshizaki, what are you doing?

You're a pain in the ass for everyone, idiot!



Don't think you can relax because you're not an official runner!

Run you "vacancy filler"! Otherwise we don't need you anymore!

Run, idiot!

Yoshizaki, breathe slowly.

Run faster, got it?


Ahh... why are you guys falling? You're not allowed to fall yet.

Didn't I tell you to train more often in order to strengthen your muscles?

Did you fall?

What's with that face?

Why can't you keep the pace?

Always there to rebel.

Didn't I tell you to run the last 5 km within 3 minutes, idiot?!

Why did you violate my rule?

What's up with you?

How are you talking to me?

It's impossible.

5km within 3 minutes is definitely impossible.

You can't run?

Do you think you're the only one who can run, so all the others won't be able to follow?

Are you worried about Yoshizaki?

Yoshizaki, he underestimates you!

He's making fun of you!

When did I make fun of him?

That's because you don't trust him, you're going easy on him.

Isn't it like that?

That's proof that you're making fun of him.

That's not true.

You'll run along the sand beach another 100 times.

OK, the others can end their training now.

You guys recover, I'll go home.



Put away the water.



Hurry up!



Ahh... I want to go fishing.

Go on, no one will stop you.

But I can't move my body.

Besides, how can I go fishing?

I'd be killed, killed I say, if I went.

The coach doesn't stop screaming, "Yusuke, Yusuke".

It's not like Yusuke is the only one in the team.

Don't you think so?

Are we just here to accompany Yusuke?

How is that possible?


Let go.

I can't do this anymore.

It's not impossible.

It is.

How can you suddenly think like that?

You wouldn't understand it anyway.

Say something.

Let him go, Yusuke.

I think the same.

Captain, what do you think?

I think Yoshizaki is at his limit.

What are you saying? You really let him go?

Don't act so cool.

It's you who doesn't understand the situation.

Good morning, everyone.

Yoshizaki is at his limit.

That's why we let him go.

Why can't you understand this?

Yoshizaki is still able to run.

You really think that?

Ey, are you ready?

3 km, Yusuke go ahead.

Yoshizaki! How many times do I have to tell you?

I told you not to "sway" your upper body!


But you are! You're not addressing that problem!

I understand.


Why did you stop? You guys too..

Why do you go that far? Being that strict.

Because I think everyone can run.

Everyone can run fast.


I don't lie, I believe in it.

Yoshizaki will definitely be able to run, I'm absolutely sure about this.

I don't have any choice other than to believe in it.

That's the marathon relay.

Because you can't do this, you're too weak.


OK, let's go!



Where are you going?

To the seaside, to listen to the sound of the boats.

I'll go too.

You can't. You won't make it in time.

Don't force yourself.

Go home.

I can still run.

We're almost there.

Do your best.

Soon we can hear it!


Thank you.

For what?

For believing in my ability to run.

See you...

Yes... See you tomorrow.

Coach, coach!


Call the doc-...The do-

Call the doctor.

Hold on, coach!

What is it? It's me! It's gonna be fine..

Say what you want...

It's fine.

It's too late.

If it's affected even there...

This means that there is no need to fight the cancer.

It's not guaranteed that using these products will help against the pain.

OK, I understand.

Can't help it. I see...


2 Bananas for each.



Yes, yes.


Then... Enjoy your meal!

I have to tell you guys something.

Yes, yes.

Because of some school projects, Coach Nishiyura will be leaving team training as of today.

Ahh, good to hear! We can lighten our training schedule..

No! We have to keep on doing it!

Keep on? Definitely not...

The training schedule has changed a bit.

The route to Oohama and back has been reduced to 3 times.



You're the captain aren't you? You should set a good example.

So as compensation for it, increase the speed to 20 km/h.

20 km?

What the hell?!

The training comes to an end. How can you relax!

That's right.

Yusuke, where are you going to?

Yusuke! You're too fast!

Slow down your pace.

What's wrong with him?!

Total 16min 48sec.

Last km, time used: 3 min 20 sec.

20 sec too late.

Walk around a little, otherwise you'll get even worse later.

Come on, stand up!

Hurry, walk.

Everyone, let's do our best.

Come on, it will get worse later.

Walk around a bit.

Takuji-senpai, when you run your body is too soft.

Don't be so soft, you have to run firmly.


Mokusen senpai, you have to raise your chin more, please pay attention to it.

Okuda senpai, stand up, just walk around a little.

Okuda senpai, your elbow, you should be ruthless, like you're beating a drum "tong tong tong".

Shut up! I know!

That the elbow is my weakpoint... But you think it's easy to change?!

Then please work on it!

What? You bastard...

Wait, wait.

You guys, let me go!

I just want to win!

I want to win too! Isn't that obvious?

If you do what I say, then we'll win.

What did you say?

Calm down.


Are we...

Are we only small pieces that have to pass you the baton?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...

OK, finish!

It's OK. Good job.

Why are you so glad about it?

Ouch, ouch, ouch...

Drink, are you OK?

You only have a 5 minute break.

Only 5 minutes!


What shall I do?

I don't know.

What are you doing?

Can't you see?

I'm swimming!

Ey, don't stop, walk around!

Walk around a little!

You guys...

You look like a bear in the zoo.

What's this?

OK, gather!


Congratulations to all for following the training.

Today I have great news for you!

Don't be surprised.


You're not happy?


A lot of meat!


As an exchange, tomorrow you will have to train even more, got it?


Today, let's enjoy ourselves!

Don't push me!

What are you doing?

You're not allowed to drink!

Don't be such a puritan!

The wind is fresh, the sea is beautiful.

My beloved guys are here.

And even more my beloved beer.

A gathering like this... I guess it's the last time.

I want to be a cloud.

Become a very large, very large cloud so I can watch over you guys forever.


During the next competition,

you don't have to think about me!

You run all together.

That's the marathon relay.

No matter what you say.

I'll run for you!

I'll win for you!

Do you really think it'll turn out this good?

What happened?


Too stupid.


Do you have a moment?

Sure, come on in.

Everyone is breaking apart?


I can't do anything,

but watch over it.

It's the same for me.

Things aren't going that well..

Seems like there are only hopeless things out there.

What shall we do?

Hopeless things will stay hopeless after all?


what are we running for?

I often ask this question myself.

10 seconds to go!

Get set,

Do your best, come on!

Today the Nagasaki Student High School Marathon Relay has finally started.

Starting at the port, bypassing the surrounding hills, then passing through the nearby village, and finally passing the bridge and returning to the start; it's a round trip.

At this moment the runners are entering the first part of the race.

It's a sharp ascent.

Because of the different levels of the runners, the gaps will be created here.

This is one of the most cruel passage of the race.

There are currently 15 runners who entered this passage, their differences aren't that large.

But as the last of the bunch remains the runner of Namikirijima Senior High School, Yoshizaki.

He's still a 1st year student.

Looks like it's painful for him.

Because he is a 1st year student, might this passage be too hard for him?

The pace is really fast.


It's impossible for me!

Look carefully at Yusuke's back, How can you win seeing Yusuke's back, that way?

Never forget about this!

Go and take a close-up look at his back!


I can run...

I can run!

Yusuke, wait for me!

Behind him is 1st year student Yoshizaki from Namikirijima.

He's showing incredible strength on the hill road.

He managed to join the troupe.

Damn it.

The first race is for Yoshizaki.

I was pissed.

For this section it wasn't me..nor Miyazaki, who were chosen.

Why is it Yoshizaki?

But after seeing his running, I'm satisfied.

This guy in incredible.


I hate you.

You run faster than everyone and you're a nice guy.

But what I hate even more is that I'm jealous of you.

I hate myself the most.

Here, here



I did a good race.

Yes, I know.

Usually you'd ask "Did I do good??"


did a good race.

After the bridge of Megami we will leave Nagasaki city for the moment, We are entering the second passage of the race, which requires a lot of speed.

Do your best!

Like the elbows beating a drum..

Tong tong tong...

I can do it.

Do your best!

Okuda of Namikirijima Senior High School is really fast!

He's surpassed a runner of the famous Izagaya school.

He has taken the lead in a short time.

His current running is over the average pace of the race.

Ahh... he's too fast!

Ah! Runner Okuda fell!

Damn, I did it again.

Damn it.

Do your best!



Coach, are you OK?

It's nothing, nothing. It's over soon.

Halfway down the downhill section, we can see the following runners.

Oh, Okuda of Namikirijima.

Oh, he's holding his right shoulder, seems like he's in pain.

Perhaps he got injured when he fell a while ago.

Looks like it's painful for him.

Because of his fall, he was in the twelfth position.

But currently he's in the tenth position.

It is not known whether he can complete his route.

But runner Okuda seems to suffer a lot and he falls behind the forerunners.

He can't move his arm but his speed continues to accelerate.

But runner Okuda doesn't give up!

Such a mess...

Third runner, get ready!

Do your best!

It's the end here!

I'm counting on you!

Senpai, are you OK?

What should we do?

It hurts, it hurts...



When we return to the island, let's go fishing!

What are you talking about at such a moment?

This time, we will go for sure!




Senpai Okuda!

Do your best!

Be careful, lower your head!

It's fine. It hurts, uncle!

Lower your head!

Do your best!

It hurts, it hurts!

It's team member Heiso, We don't see this often in a marathon.

Though it oughtn't to be encouraged..

However, Fujimoto of Namikirijima has recovered.

He's currently in the ninth position!

Yoshizaki, don't you want to meet everyone?

Yes, I want to.

Everyone breaking apart...

In order meet again at the end of the race.

This race is really weird.

A weird race.

Yusuke, Yusuke...


Sasagi, it's the finish spurt! Do your best!

Pass it to Yusuke!

Pass it to Yusuke!

Even the names of classmates of a team are sent to the relay.

This is the fun side of the relays.

The last runner who must get prepared now is Namikirijima's Iki Yusuke.

He seems to be very important for Namikirijima.

Shinomiya, please go to cheer on Yusuke.

And you, Coach?

My stomach hurts a bit.

I want to rest here a little more.

When you go to Yusuke...

I don't know what you can do either, but...

But since his father's death, you're the one who ran the same distance as he did.

No matter how...

There are things only you can do.


Currently, the leader is from Izagaya High School.

Second is Gotou High and the third is..

Are you ready?


Are you OK?

The runner for Namikirijima is slowly catching up with the troupe!

Currently it's the captain, Miyazaki, who is catching up.

He's in the seventh position right now.

Miyazaki accelerates his steps.

He's doing his best for the remaining term.

He's gritting his teeth, his facial expression look serious.

Is there a chance of winning something for the Namikirijima team?

If we're able to pass it to Yusuke, we may have a chance to win!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...

Stop, good job.

OK, let's go!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...


I'm scared.

It's the first time..

Pass it to Yusuke, pass it Yusuke...

We were waiting for you!

Pass it to Yusuke, pass it to Yusuke...

You definitely have to pass it to Yusuke!



Very well done, Miyazaki!


I'm the captain you know, wait a little..

Are you OK? Just throw up.


Yusuke, Yusuke, so annoying.

I'm doing my best too!



You're almost finished! Take off the sash!



Bastard, don't you dare lose!

Do your best, do your best!

Yusuke Iki is running as fast as the wind.

When he received the cloth sash, he was in the seventh position.

He has already overtaken two runners, he's in the 5th position now.


Outdistanced again.

He climbed up to the third position!

This is the technique for short distance races.

Can he keep it up until the end?

If he can keep it up, then he'll be able to catch up to runner Shin Kuroda.

Come on.

Kuroda, Kuroda, Kuroda...

You caught up.


Fine then, let's go!

The first runner is arriving!

Get the water ready.

The second is arriving as well.

Get the water ready.

Mom, mom!

Do your best!

I have money for everyone.

Let's go!

Paying 5 tickets!

Yusuke obviously seems to suffer.

He's tottering and his upper body is swaying.

Is he already at his limits?

Will the cloth sash stop here?



Why is it so resistant?

I want to return to the island as soon as possible.

Dad, why am I running?




You... Were you running all the way along?

I'm going.


You have to win!

You definitely have to win!

Shin Kuroda, Shin Kuroda...

Come on, do your best!

It's Naoko, Naoko!



Get in the car!

Shout together to encourage them.

Go, Go, Go...

Is he coming?

Not yet.

He's coming!

He's coming, he's coming.

Yusuke, Yusuke, Yusuke...

Yusuke, Yusuke, Yusuke...


Yusuke, do your best!

Yusuke, Yusuke...

Yusuke, amazing, we won! We won!

You were great!

You were so awesome!

We did it! We did it!

Here, have some water.

Say something, Yusuke.

Coach... Where is the coach?

Where have you been?

I've been watching you... I've been watching you!

We did it!

I've been watching all of you closely!

Close to you, I have not left!

We won. We won.

Good job, good job, boy!

Thank you!

We did it! We did it!

Two month after the competition.

Coach Nishiyura has passed away.

Everyone in the athletic club is still running.

Of course, Yusuke too.

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