Nathalie Granger (1972) Script

She cooked up that you didn't feed her... that you were very poor, and so on...

She beat another pupil...

For nothing, a missing eraser.

There were always good and bad pupils... this is nothing new for us.

But... this violence... from a very little girl...

They shot 4 times, killed 3 times.

"Seize them if you find them, shoot them if they resist".

Invitation for a man-hunt which every police station received at 9.30 a.m. At this time indeed, Mme Marie Bastide hiked in Drew: woods and saw the two young killers asleep near a black car at the Tower crossroad.

As this testimony accorded with the other ones... a vast police plan was organized to seize the madmen... who've terrified the region, for 12 days.

"Kids", said Mme Bastide...

"One dark, one fair, both exhausted ".

The boys were ordered to surrender.

A single shot at 1.30 was the only answer... to a command of the Chief of Police.

This race against time is very painful... considering their youth.

Only kids could do it... making a bull's eye.

Blind-shots, that's it.

They were first seen at the garage.

Is it far, Dreux?

25 miles.

The woods are near Bordiéres... the road crosses them.


Tell the school Nathalie leaves.

Tell Datkin she'll come on Monday.

I'll insist on piano lessons.

After, it's too late.

Yes, after 8 years...

No chance she can stay in school?

Not a chance.

If she doesn't study piano, she's finished.

At home, how does she seem?



Do you know her well? No.

What does Nathalie like?

I think she likes music...

Give me 24 in Lignon...

About my daughter's piano lessons...

I phoned once.

The teacher told us...

We're sorry, our principle is to leave the child free to learn or not to learn.

Only Nathalie will choose piano or not.

I cam hear you anymore.

Lignon is not far from home.

I'll see her, I'll take her on Saturdays.

We have to phone to the Mayor about Maria.

That's true.

"This is Nathalie's Don't touch it"

Many branches fell down.

From the wind? Yes.

I want to make a fire.

The Town Hall in Versailles, please...

Portuguese, yes...

That's the point... I phoned once.

The bailiff just told her to sign.

He told her it was nothing important, a simple formality.

And she signed.

She signed her own expulsion.

Nothing to do?

But she does not understand our language.



Sometimes, Nathalie wants to kill everybody...

She told Laurence.

She wants to be an orphan, a Portuguese maid.

She says we're very poor...

350 policemen are in the woods.

Little by little, they're closer to them.

They go on carefully to seize the 2 killers of the suburbs who committed several murders without a financial motive... just for violence, with the same blind rage... as Whitman - the student in Austin.

The most horrible thing is that they are below the penal age.

It seems likely they are Christian M. and Pierre 6., aged 16 and 17... who left home a month ago.

This violence, from a very little girl...

She tears her note-books, blotches... her “writing exercises.

There were always good and bad pupils... this is nothing new for us.

But... this violence, from a very little girl...

Police research in Dreux forest has stopped... given the time and nervous exhaustion of the men who have been scouring the area for 7 hours...

Two shots were just heard in the woods.

It seems they are afraid to be forgotten by their pursuers.

It's for the delivery of the fuel. It's late.

It's cold here.

What '.1 Is it a wrong number '.1?

There's no phone here. Oh, sorry...

We'll settle her in Datkin School.

Very well...

Very well. When?

Next week.

Very well.

In her case, that school is far better than ours.

Piano is so good for her.

She must study it again.

It's impossible.

That's a pity. If you insist...

Nathalie will refuse. That's a pity...

We'll put the bundle together.

The woods are quiet now.

There's a deep mist.

The young killers seem to sleep from exhaustion.

Can I do something? No.

I need a bag for her wool clothes.

Is it cold there?

It's in the mountains, with snow till March.

Without piano, she's finished.

Forget Nathalie a while.

I can't speak to her anymore.

I must hide from my child.


What do you want?

Sorry, the door was open.

No, we need nothing... 'Thanks.

We're not interested.

Oh, sorry.

It was open.

Do I disturb you? No.

Come in.

It was open...

What do you want? Oh, nothing...


I am...

Sit down.

I represent the brand Vedette Tambour.

You see it everywhere. It's entirely automatic, super automatic, if I may say so.

A real space-saver.

Vedette has horizontal axes on two levels.

Something new: it is automatically inverted... which increases by 50%... logical, isn't it?

The efficiency of the Vedette.

The best space-saver:

18 - 32 - 24...

It's the record in France.

No washing-machine in Europe... is so space-saving.


Vedette Tambour.

Its motor... has two speeds...

It's bi-phase.

I think the voltage is 220 here? Because...

110, click... 220... You buy a new house...

It's easy. And space-saving.

You're no salesman. What?

008... Yes, I am. 008 has three selectors instead of 2 in 007.

007... two selectors.

You are no salesman. I am indeed.

I've a license...

I've a license.


A license given by the authorities...


008 has three selectors.

One special washing for light clothes... one normal, and one, of course, for heavy washing.

The drier is graduated, but this is normal.

Of course, the trial is free.

You promise nothing.

A demonstrator shows you how it works.

He can take it back...

Nothing lost, nothing gained...

I mean, it's simple.

You've heard about Vedette Tambour 008?

I'm surprised. It's everywhere.

The advertising of Vedette is so... Oh, I forgot...

008 comes in several colours.

This was never done before.

Usually they are white.

White, White... nothing but white. Why?

Tell me why...

It's a habit.

But color is so pleasant.

You're no salesman.

I am indeed. No.

But... “My?

Ah, ladies...


No... I don't know...

One has to work... you know.

Thinking of buying it?

Do you want a trial?

If it's no, I won't take up your time... nor lose more of mine.

And it's late.

And I have many people to see...

If you want to...

I'll be back next week, or next month...

If you want to.

But I'll ask you this, if you don't mind...

don't buy another machine...

before testing 008, because it is so...

That's a promise?

A trifle, but it is important...

Vedette takes your old machine.

Maybe you have one?

Which brand?

It's over there.

You know the brand?

You've got a Vedette Tambour 008.

We can't help it...

I'll see other people.



While the research was thought to have stopped as night was falling the two murderers from Dreux forest have been arrested.

Lesson is over.

Who are they '.1 From where '.1?

The older escaped from penitentiary.

The younger is the first born of 9.

His mom, a drunken whore, just died.

Is this Datkin School?

I am Isabelle Granger.

My daughter won't come. I've changed my mind.

You came back?

I came back.

I thought you were out.

No, I'm home.

Not a single sale...

No lights yet?

It's no use. You're right.

I'll give it up.

I can't sell.

Some say who they are, and it's in the can. That's not me.

I don't like it.

Sure, I tried. I...

Deep down, I don't like it.

It's not pleasant. I just don't like it.

I'll take back my first job...

in a laundry.

I worked 7 years there... as an apprentice. I'm a real launderer.

I didn't like it.

I was through with the boss... the regular hours, the boss always on my heels...

Wet clothes are heavy...

Wasn't fun.

I tried another job.

Being a salesman... is worse, being kind with people even if...

Then I worked in a garage... in a department store as a loader.

In a printing-house.

You know how it is...

I tried to become someone...

So I worked for a real-estate agent.

I showed houses to people.

I stole money from him.

I left with a client's check.

They caught me. I don't mind.

I managed quite well.

I paid back in 2 years.

Yes, life was fine.

It lasted 15 days.

It was the first time.

Where's the light from? The terrace?

What do I hear?

Is it a piano?

It's a child, no?

Nat': going to a boarding-house?

No, she's not going.

What will she do?

Nobody knows.

Music, maybe...