Nathicharami (2018) Script

I won't tolerate your excuses!

You have to come.

You've never come with us anywhere even for a single day.

You always make some excuse or the other.

It won't be fun without the team leader.


You guys carry on.

Maybe some other day.


The summer has begun...

There are frequent power cuts.

Let's get a UPS.

No, Mahi.

I like how it gets dark unexpectedly.

I enjoy looking for you...

Hug you...

I love to cuddle you.


It's impossible to imagine my life without you.

Isn't the dialog a little overly romantic?

Who is taking the advantage of darkness?

Look at you crave like that.


You don't have to come here.

We'll meet tomorrow.

I'll text you the address.


Do you want some money?

We don't want your money.

I receive a pension.

I don't understand this young generation.

We bring them up with so much love and care.

It all amounts to nothing.

You like mango pickle, right? Here. I brought it for you.

You still remember what I like.

Thanks, mother.

You could've just come home.

When time comes, we'll definitely come.

It was really tiresome to bring your father here.

What was the urgency?

How long will you live like this, Gowri?

Girls shouldn't live alone.

An orchard without fence attracts strangers.

Are you in your senses, Dad?

Don't lecture me about sense.

I value my daughter's life over traditions.

She isn't someone who listens.

Knock some sense into her.


Don't you have any desires?

How long are you going to live alone like this?

Look here.

My brother won't go against my words.

He has agreed to marry you.

Mother, I won't marry again.

Especially a lecher like him.

Did I ever say I was helpless?

After Mahesh's death, it's the second time you've broached the subject of marriage.

I'm capable of living alone which I don't have to prove to you.

To keep strangers away from the orchard, fence isn't the only thing needed.

Why do you let me down every time?

Don't you have desires?

He has agreed to marry you.

Don't you have any desires?

Madam, I don't have change. You can pay me tomorrow.

I told you long time ago to consult a psychiatrist and seek counseling.

I don't think I'm facing any major problem right now to seek counseling.

Don't decide that for yourself.

Listen to me. Consult a psychiatrist.

I know one person, Dr. Carvalho.

I'll fix an appointment for you.

Meet him once, Gowri.

Okay, I'll do that.

Vandana, keep it inside.

Haseena told me about your visit.

Wait, man, I'll be with you.

I have to take him for a walk.

One second.

Has this happened before?

No, it's the first time.

Your sleeping habits?

It's been quite sometime since I slept well.

In fact, it takes a long time for me to fall asleep.

And once I'm awake I don't feel fresh.

Do you drink?

I mean, consuming alcohol to fall asleep?


That's it.

How long has it been since you slept properly?

Long back, when I was with my husband.

He left me three years ago.

How was your married life?

It was good.

It was very good.

Our parents were against our marriage.


Mahesh wasn't just my husband, my friend, lover, father, mother and everything.

He meant everything to me.

So after Mahesh's death, you didn't think about marrying again or...

Definitely not.

I can't imagine someone else taking Mahesh's place.

I have to set him free.

The more you keep him in chains... the more he fears of being free.

The more we cling to the ground... the more we're afraid to fly in the air.

I started working even harder to forget everything.


Now I feel my work is also mechanical.


I feel I've lost myself.


How was your sex life with your husband?

How was your sex life with your husband?

It was quite normal.

So after your husband, Mahesh's death, you aren't involved with anyone, sexually?

I'm... I'm loyal to Mahesh and I will continue to be so.

When we are hungry, we need food.

When we're tired, we need sleep.

It's a very natural for us to have sexual desires.

It's not a question of loyalty.

But we can't live like animals, right?

One of the most important things we often fail to remember is... that we're animals too.

There isn't much difference between the needs of animals and ours.

Only the societal norms have changed our way of living and it has made us believe this is the right way, that's it.

If not fulfilled, the animal inside us would come out of the chains someday.

You're late again, Jayamma.

I had to stock up water today.

I had to do the dishes and store fresh water. That's why I'm late.

I didn't go to the other house which was other side of the park. Trust me.

I came here a bit late, madam.

How many times do I tell you?

Madam, how long will you do this?

You want to arrange things as your husband would do, right?

What will people say?

Gowri, you won't talk to me, that's okay.

But if you don't speak to the counselor, how will you get a solution to your problem?

It doesn't mean, I can talk about my desires to everyone.

Yes, that's also true.

What's your age?

Why don't you think about remarrying again?

How is it right to marry only for sex?

You tell me?

Marriage is meant for companionship or love.

I want neither of the two.

It's not possible for me to forget Mahesh.


I've found a temporary solution.

What's up?

You both seem to be discussing something very serious.

We were talking about sex outside marriage.

I tell her something, she misunderstands completely.

What's the problem?

We were discussing if it was right or wrong.

It depends on the situation and the people.

Now, whose problem is this?

Sex outside marriage, right?

Gowri, I have a friend who is always traveling.

He was telling me about the dating app.

I'll install it for you.

Here it is.

Try it.

Hello, I'm Mahesh's father Keshava speaking.

It's Gowri speaking, right?

Sorry, father-in-law, it's me Gowri, tell me.

I wanted to talk to you about the property.

Can you come here once?

I'm a little busy for now.

I will visit you when I'm free.



What have you decided about our discussion?

What is there to think about it again, mom?

I made it clear to you the other day.

You have a job and you make money.

That explains your rude tone.

But that alone is not enough to survive.

Don't you want a husband and a happy married life?


To live happily with a man... do I really need to marry?

Shut up.

You were born on an auspicious day.

Your father and I don't drink a drop of water before offering our prayers.

You're our daughter! How dare you talk like that!


Just like our physical needs, there is something called the heart, right?

My heart is with Mahesh.


If I try to fulfill only my physical needs, It...

It feels like prostitution.

Prostitution is a big word.

The heart has to... pump blood for the rest of the body.

It's the mind that searches for logic.

See, if you observe human evolution, it looks like we've taken everything on lease.

The skin of Sarisripagalu...


The body of Mammaliaformes.

-That means? -Primates.

The ape's brain, etc.

Like this, we have leased each and every body part.

Society is an acquired taste.

You know okra?

It can be eaten raw.


The societal norms tell us that certain ingredients need to go into it to taste good.

We attempt to give the best to our bodies and the taste palate.


The basic element behind all this is...


This is the stuff.

Everything else is just an embellishment.

If we keep thinking about society, heart etc...

The okra will turn to ashes.

Daughter has gone to win.

Give me some time.

I'll work on a new rate and send you across.

Okay, sir.

How can we feel happy?

Though everyone disliked Immat, no one was angry at her.

Have coffee.

Only ten minutes left.

Why did you change the channel?

It's okay.


You're getting three days off for the festival this time, right?

Can we go somewhere on a vacation?

My sister and her husband also went on vacation recently.


Your friend Latha is also going on a trip.

We haven't gone on a vacation in a long time.

We need to go on a trip this time, please.

Please. Let's go, please.


Can't work even for five minutes peacefully at home.

You go on blabbering continuously or watch this wretched show.

Is this a house or a fish market?

It's so messy and untidy.

Phew! Wretched!

I don't feel like coming home these days.

Did I say anything that wasn't supposed to be said?

Don't I slog at home all day?

When I ask you to take me on a vacation, you get angry.


Even I'm tired of all this.


Sleep quietly. I'm feeling sleepy.

I told you this is temporary.

Why are you writing poems for me?

Okay okay, I'm sorry.

By the by, when are we meeting?

I'm here only for another four to five days.

Okay, I'll call you back in sometime.

Jayamma, the tap is leaking.

Can you ask your husband to send someone and get it fixed?

It's not a major leakage.

I'll fix it on my own.

You know all this?

Is it a rocket science?


Once the cloth gets damp, won't it leak again?

But it won't make any sound.

Check it yourself.

It won't make any sound today.

What about tomorrow?

Oh, yeah?

I will get it fixed tomorrow, don't worry.

Who is it?

Your package.

You ordered so many things of late. You bought something again.

Had we gone to the market, we could've gotten it much cheaper.

It's not that.

I'm really very tensed.

Shall I cancel it?

Don't worry.

There won't be a problem.

Now hurry up, you'll be late.

You remember all the conditions, right?

Yes, I do.

I shouldn't hug or kiss you.

I shouldn't say I love you in any way.

And after this, all WhatsApp messages and chats should be deleted.

Most important of all, I shouldn't develop any emotional attachment.

That's all right?


Sit there.

My husband would use it.

Are you not interested in business?

Yes, of course.

I want neither of the two.


Why don't you come here?

I mean, would you like some wine?

No, that's okay. I'll get it.

I'm not able to open it.


By the way...

There are so many wind chimes in the house.


It was a thing for me and my husband, Mahesh.


For every special occasion, we'd buy a wind chime and put the date on it.

See, 11/11/2011, our first anniversary.

This one.

Every time it chimes, we'd recall the date.


This was our first Paris trip.


This one, I bought it alone.

At that time, Mahi wasn't with me.

Not here.

Each word spoken feels so appealing, but...

Each word spoken feels so appealing, but...

There lies emptiness in the heart and soul.


The way you express your love... feels so fascinating.

I feel the urge to like you.

I can't sleep with a woman in her husband's presence.

"I am being used" isn't felt... by a woman alone.

But I made it clear earlier.


I don't know how to persuade you.

Love, romance, sex cannot persist in some sort of a vacuum.

I'll leave now.

I'm not able to understand.

It feels like I'm losing at every step of my test.

Never heard of someone stumbling over while sitting down.

Since you're taking efforts, you're feeling this way.

Things will change slowly.

But never give up.

Okay, doctor.


What's the solution to my problem?


Keep trying.


This was my morning newspaper.

How many times should I clean this house?

It all seems meaningless.

I'll do it later.

I had cleaned everything recently, madam.

Everything is mess again.

It's okay. Leave it, Jayamma.

What's the use of tidying up this place?

The person I do it for, doesn't even care.

Why do you say so, madam?

The man who comes home from work shouldn't feel like running away from it.

When the husband comes home cheerful and happy, the wife feels like keeping the house tidy and herself presentable.

Why are you complaining so much, madam?

You don't have a child. Don't worry, you'll have one.

I don't want it.

I'm not happy, why do I want a child?

Others are very proud of their wives.

But this man...

He doesn't even consider me a human being.

Sometimes I feel like running away from home.


I'm not courageous enough.

I don't understand educated people like you.

If the husband goofs up, you should catch him by his collar not run away from the house.

No, Jayamma.

My husband is a good man.

But I don't know what I should do to bring him back to his old self.

After a year into our marriage, all husbands turn out to be like this.

No, madam, nothing like that.

I work for another family.

That's where I started working.

That's why I haven't stopped working there even to this day.

They are a great example of an excellent couple.

They were very fond of each other.

That means?

It's a long story...

Do you recognize me?

The other day... flowers.

Yes. I remember.

What's the matter? Tell me.

You left before I could thank you, sir.

Actually, I spend time on the same bench as you do every day.

So that day, I was waiting for you to leave that place.

I just noticed the flowers, that's it.

Usually, you come here early, right?

But today you seem to be a bit late.


I normally finish jogging by this time.

But got a bit late today.

Where do you work?

I'm a team leader in an IT company called Techno.

What about you?


I'm a civil engineer in Mars constructions.

What does your husband do?

He was also working in the same company.

But he's not there now.

My wife also used to work before marriage.

Not anymore.

We live in a house right next to the park.


Okay, it's getting late, I'll leave.


-Suma. -Yes.

Why didn't you iron my shirt?

Look at this picture.

You look so nice.

Especially in this lungi.

I've asked you so many times not to hang these photos outside.

You want our guests to think I'm a hillbilly?

You want to insult me?

Take them off and keep them inside.

You want to put me down before our visitors.


Attitude of village folks.

I married her and now I must tolerate her.

Can you help me hang this, dear?

I don't have time to waste on such things.


I made green curry. Take it before you leave.

Which green? Mixed green?

Oh! My husband loves this mixed green curry.

Which husband?

The former or the current?

The first husband.

Jayamma, hold the pleats.

By the way...

Why did you marry again?

Did the first husband...

Nothing like that, madam!

-He's still as strong as a rock. -Then?

I was married into a weird family.

They would send me to work as a daily laborer.

There was no less torture at home either.

I was an innocent girl.

If it was someone else, she'd have run away.


One day, I ran away from there.

What about the second marriage?

When I came to Bangalore with my brother, he was also married.

His wife left him because he was an alcoholic.

How did you agree?

Irrespective of his habits, I wanted a family.

So I agreed to marry him.

Later, he quit drinking.

Finally, you made him give up.

Who will listen to the wife?

They should realize on their own.


Were you able to forget your first husband?

Why should I forget, madam?

Even now when I cook greens, I think of him.

What's up?

These days, you are taking too many sick leaves.

And, today...

You're late.

Rishi, I have a few personal issues.

Though I take a sick leave, I'm working from home.

I log in on time and my work is up to date.

Even if you work from home, you won't be able to complete all the work.

You have so many years of experience...

I need not tell you that.

There are meetings about project reports.

But I haven't missed any meetings, Rishi.

Look, Gowri.

Of late, you seem to be in some sort of a problem.

I don't think you'd find a way out by sharing it with your juniors.

Share your problems with me.

If you can't talk about it here, we can go out somewhere.

Or... I had suggested you last time...

You remember?

We can go there.

I know what to discuss and with whom I should discuss it.

I have enough maturity.

You don't have to worry about me.

I have work.

I wanted to share something with you.

Usually, when people find out I'm a widow, some show extreme sympathy.

Some try to take advantage of my lonely life.

Because of which, I don't mingle with lot of people.


You don't seem to be like one of them.

I've been observing you for quite some time now.

You always keep to yourself.

There has been no change in your attitude.

Nothing like that.

I'm lost in my own thoughts most of the time. That's it.

Apart from that, you are living courageously.

One should appreciate that rather than showing sympathy.

That is my opinion.

What do you say?

Which idiot... put a pot in my helmet spot?


I was cleaning the house.


First, clean all this.

Cleaning the house doesn't mean replacing things.

What's the use of all that education?

You still act like a villager.

She made a mess of everything.


I didn't come here for three days.

I thought I'd be doing extra work.

But you seem to have changed the entire setup.

You also bought this peculiar bell like that lady?

Everything will be fine now.


When you leave, throw these flints away.

I'll get another bowl for this plant.

Why do you want to throw these away?

If we throw away what we have today, in the future, we'll have tough time finding it.

Let's do something about it.

You know all this?

I've seen so many things like this.

Put all of them together.

Slowly, man. I'm already suffering from dust allergy.

Finish the work quickly.

Hey, who is that?

Where are you pouring the water?

Right here, sir.


From tomorrow, get the concrete layered for the third floor.

-Okay, sir. -I'll get it all arranged today itself.



CS is better than Civil Engineering.

One can sit in an AC room and finish the work.

A beggar will treat the holy offerings from a temple as alms.

It looks the same in your case too.

You want to work in the labor department for all your life?

Don't you have big dreams, Ravi?


We should be lucky to possess a woman and land.

You need to be lucky.

We're from a middleclass background.

My father labored at a temple to put me through school and then got me married as well.

Every month, after the expenses, I have enough money left to watch two movies at a multiplex.

If I start thinking about dreams, I'll be shattered for a lifetime.

It isn't for people like us.

That might be your case.

Anything may happen, any time in our lives.

If my dreams come true, I'll buy a bigger car than this in the coming year.

How is that possible?

Bro, if something like that happens, don't forget me.

Get me a good job in your company.


-Hello. -Hello.

How's the work going?

Everything's good, sir.

Okay. Let's go.


You forgot yesterday?

What, Jayamma?

You forgot to bring flowers?

It's okay.

It happens sometimes.

You must've forgotten due to work pressure. Don't worry.


I haven't forgotten in the past three years.

You should mourn only for 11 days.

On the eleventh day, everyone shares their grief and forgets their sorrow.

Nothing wrong if you forget only once in three years.

It's okay.

You forgot about flowers, but not about the person, right?

Don't get stressed over it, madam.

Let's bring flowers. Just relax.



I'll bring water for you.


Stand a bit further and see.

Not here, generally, in life.

When you're tensed, you must stand away and observe things objectively.

That's when we understand that circumstances leading to the problems are ridiculous.


It isn't that great a complication.

The trees and plants in the farm are watered by us.

Who will water the trees in the forest?

Try to understand that Mahesh has become one among the five elements.

You intended to bring home the flowers, right?

Pass that basket.

Now tell me.

Why did you forget to bring the flowers?


The solution to my problem.

Last evening, while going home, I was talking to Suresh, I forgot to visit the flower shop.

Have you told this person, Suresh... about your expectations?

Conversing openly is the foundation of any relationship.

If the foundation is not solid, the building will collapse.

If you ask me, it's better to talk about your intensions to Suresh as soon as possible.

Every life is entwined with another, destiny taking its course from within.

Thou art that.

What's up, bro?

You seem to be very happy.

You brought me here for a treat?

There are two reasons why I'm happy.

That's why.

Oh, then there must be some great news!

Also, you maintain a great standard.

But, bro.

How do you manage all this in your salary?

See, Ravi, we get only one life.

There are few who accept life as it comes.

And then there are some who live on their own terms.

I belong to the second category.

Come here.

What will you have?

The same old thing, Rum with Sprite.

I don't understand all this, brother.

You decide the menu.

They serve excellent seafood.


Get us two large scotch and one crab ghee roast.


You haven't told me about the good news.

I want to start a construction company and the land loan is almost finalized.

The manager is coming here now to talk about that.

That's great news, brother!

Give it to me.


The other day when you told me, I thought you were just kidding.

Is this the age to play around?


I couldn't choose my life partner.

I wanted to marry a girl from the city.

But my parents got me married to a village girl.

I can tolerate it up to a limit.

I can't do it all my life.


I wanted to start a business of my own.

I asked my parents for support.

They didn't support me for that.

I can't work as a labor and struggle all my life.

Give it to me.

Give it here.

Here, taste it.


in life...

I have set my own standards.

And to lead a quality life, our life partner should also be quite special.

Let's see.

The good days are coming.

I'm able to possess both woman and land.

One of them, I'm trying from my side.

The other one...

Oh, sir. Please come. Have a seat.

What can I get you, sir?

I don't need anything.

I asked you to bring documents. Did you bring them?

-Yes, sir. -Show me. One second.

Here they are, sir.

Suresh, are you busy?

That's okay, tell me.

What's the matter?

Actually... I wanted to tell you something.

We are meeting in the evening, right?

We could've spoken then.

No, this is a little urgent and important too.

Okay, tell me right now.

It's like...

I don't know how to tell you about it.

Also, after telling you...

I wonder how you'd respond to it.

If you find it difficult to say...

You can send a WhatsApp message.

That seems better.

-Okay. -Okay.

I assumed that... you're a woman from a good family background.

You'll hurt yourself.

I had great expectations from her.

She shouldn't have said those things.


I can't believe girls are like that too.

She looked...

She looked very modest.


I thought she's from a good family.

If that's what I wanted, I have my wife, right?

Why would I want her?

Just a minute...

So, it means you don't want a physical relationship with Gowri?

Phew! No, it's not like that.


She shouldn't have asked for it like that.

She lost the respect I had for her by asking for it.

I don't know...

I don't understand modern girls.

They have no value for traditions and culture.

Do one thing, bro.

Tell me.

Don't talk to her. Just be quiet.

Talk to her?

From now on, I won't even look at her.

Just ignore her.

Hey, bro.

What happened to your project?

That's also doubtful.

I guess...

Both women and land are not in my destiny.


She shouldn't have said that.

Shall I ask them to repeat the order?

Hey, bro. Repeat the order.

If you talk to anyone about such things directly, will they not be shocked, Gowri?

Yet, you could've tried another approach...

However I say it, it means the same, right?

The point here is if we talk about our physical desires, directly or indirectly we're considered immoral, right?

Shall I give you a piece of advice?

Take some time.


This is our final session.


Has madam left?

Last night, you were online for a very long time.

What's happening?

Okay, madam.

I don't want to poke my nose into your personal life.

It was just a casual question.

Gowri, I can understand.

You lead a lonely life.

The absence of a life partner.


This is quite common.

I can understand.

What do you understand, Mr. Rishi?

Tell me.

Whether I'm chatting or sexting, what's your concern regarding it?

Please come.

Why are you so concerned about my personal life?

There are lot of people in this office who have greater problems than me.

You ignored all of them, and chose only me?

No, no, not like that.

I've been observing for the last few days and I can clearly make out your intentions.

I want to talk to you about something.

You said you wanted to talk.

There is a lot to talk, but...

If you're free right now...


I want a favor from you.

What is it?

It's nothing that would make you feel disrespectful.

The flowers I usually buy from here aren't available.

Can you come with me to the other shop?

Only if you are willing to.

It's fine, otherwise.

Okay, let's go.

It wasn't right, the way you spoke to me the other day.


What did I say?

You said you assumed I'm from a good family.

What does that mean?

Just because I asked for it...

It made you feel I'm immoral?

That wasn't my intention.

It was... It was a sudden reflex action.

That's why, it's the truth, Suresh.

Is there anything wrong about what I asked for, Suresh?

Gowri, you're taking it the wrong way.

It's quite easy for men to list woman's imperfections.


When she talks about her desires and expectations openly...

It becomes a challenge to handle her.

Gowri, why are you assuming this is the case?


As soon as, I spoke to you about my expectations, your behavior toward me changed completely.

My... my...

We should go with the flow in terms of relationships.

They should find their way on their own. Understand?

But between the two of us, someone had to take the first step, right?

I took that step.

If you were interested, you could've agreed to it or not.

I didn't even think that my words... would hurt you so much.

It's okay.

Initially... I felt, I shouldn't have spoken to you.


I realized that our friendship isn't so transparent.

That's why, I spoke to you.

-How much? -Hundred rupees.

Didn't I tell you you'd find them here.


We can't find everything we expect in life so easily as these flowers.



I said, I don't want it.


Do you think I'm a TV?

Switch it on when you wish and switch off when you're bored?

What's wrong with you today?

This isn't something new.

I'm only talking about it today.

How much more could I tolerate?

Toilet commode is used and flushed out.

You are using me in the same way, right?

You think only you have physical desires?

Don't I have them?

Have you ever asked me about my satisfaction?

That's okay.

Do you remember the last time you hugged and cuddled me?

I cry each day when we sleep together.

One day...

Did you ever bother to ask me about it?

Women are humans too!

They too have wants and desires.

Do you understand?

We got married five years ago.

Stop behaving like a newlywed.

You are spoiled by watching those stupid films and shows.

You're getting pretentious day by day.

-The proposal can still be considered. -We'll talk tomorrow.

I'm sorry, I am late.

I'd been to the temple. Take the offerings.

You'll never miss going to the temple.

Of course.

Touch it to your eyes before you eat it.

Take the offerings.

Which deity?

Holy Uccheshwara, a very powerful deity.


Why don't you ask our boss for help?

No, that won't be right.

I don't want to take his help and I don't want to be obliged to him.

The boss wants to see you.

-Sir. -Suresh.

What's the progress of our Ethnic City project?

It's at the finishing stage, sir.

We can hand it over to the client by the beginning of next month.

Take this.

This file has details about the new Hubli project.

Study it in detail and visit the Hubli site tomorrow.

Then we can start off with the project.

Should I go tomorrow itself?

Yes, Suresh, it's a little urgent.

We have to start the project immediately.

Do you have some other work?

It's okay, sir.

-I'll visit the place. -Okay, Suresh.

Okay, sir.

Do I have to leave for Hubli tomorrow itself?

I have some urgent work.

Can I leave the day after?

Okay, Suresh. Don't miss that date though.

No, sir. Okay, sir.


When did you come?

I had to come.

In spite of calling you several times, you never came.

I am sorry.

I was very busy with work.

Come inside, please come.

Please come in.

Aren't those Mahesh's shoes?

Yes, you bought those for him.

Please sit down.

Have some water.

There's something important I wanted to tell you.

Please freshen up, we'll talk.

I don't have time.

I have to go back today itself.

You can leave after dinner.

Please freshen up now.

Father-in-law, treat me like your daughter.

You should come home often.

Bring mother-in-law too.

When Mahesh told us he wanted to marry you, we thought he was making a mistake.

Now I think we wouldn't have gotten a better daughter-in-law than you.

He wasn't lucky enough to spend his life with someone like you.

Pack four sets of dresses.

I'll be traveling today after work.

Where are you going?

Do as I say.

You're only fit for this... kind of menial work.

What happened, bro?

Nothing much, Ravi.

I was thinking about the ways to satisfy the clients who approach us, so that they can stay with us for a long time.

What's there to think about it?

You call yourself brilliant.


We need to give them what they want.

Once they're satisfied, they'll never leave us.

-Is that so? -Of course.

Both parties should be satisfied by completing their respective tasks.

I was just thinking about you and voila, you called me.

Actually, Suresh, there is something I need to talk to you urgently.

We're meeting in the evening anyway.

No, Suresh.

I've taken a day off from work.

I'm in the park already.

Can you come as soon as possible, please?

Who called you, bro?

Why are you in a hurry? You're leaving in the evening, right?

They asked me to come immediately.

I'll finish it and leave for Hubli immediately.

Okay, brother.

I wish you all the best.

May God bless you.

Tell me, Gowri.

What was the urgency?

Yesterday, when I got back home...

Mahesh's father was waiting for me.

He's still at home?


Then what's the problem?

I wanted to talk about that.

Please sit down, Suresh.

Tell me.

What's the matter?

My in-laws never visited me so far.

In fact...

When Mahesh passed away, they came only to the hospital.

They didn't even say a single word.

But yesterday when he was leaving, he had tears in his eyes.

He said his son wasn't lucky enough to lead a life with me.

He is right.

Isn't that right?

Anyway, you're living with his son's memories.

But... I don't know I feel extremely heavy at heart.

But Gowri...

What's the problem here?

Sorry, I...

I'm not saying this because I'm involved.

You're not able to understand my problem.

Don't assume I'm forcing you.


This proposal was from your side.

If you're not comfortable, tell me...

We can stop it right here.


It's already very late.

What do we do now?

Let's go home.

Are you sure?

Before that, let's roam around a little.

There is no UPS at home?

No, I haven't installed it yet.

I am the guardian of this body The feelings are mine too I am the hedge, I am the field too

I am the heat I am the grief too I am the lust I am the shield too

You are only the touch Don't need any happiness

You are only the touch Don't need any happiness Go, get burnt I can't tolerate anything more

I can't tolerate anything more

The heart is burning with The erstwhile memory

The heart is burning with The erstwhile memory Isn't it natural for the earth To couple with the new rain?



Why are you wearing this shirt?

It's not even ironed.

I'll bring you another one.

I don't want it.

Let it be.

What happened?

You said you'd be traveling, But you came back?

Are you not well?

Wait, I'll bring some herbal tea.

Come here, dear.

Nothing much...

Make breakfast.

We shall eat together.