Natsamrat (2016) Script

Here is your tea.

How was your day, Appa?

It was great.

It was like building a temple.

I'm sad that the construction is over, but I'm glad that the temple has been built.

Grief is inevitable, hence there is bliss.


No tea for me. I'd like some sherbet.

It's too hot.

Yes, too hot.

Too hot.

When the long shadows of evil engulf the earth, where will you find the abyss of darkness to hide your gloomy, lying face?

You use a thousand faces, It is only right that you mask your ugly, deceitful face with a smile.

Caesar or Brutus?


-Did you act as Caesar or Brutus? -Why do you keep coming here?

Run along!

May I have some tea?

-What? -Tea!

Don't yell. I am not deaf.

Blindness is an unwanted blessing.

It is the curse of being able to hear that clings on.

Little baby, sweet child Wearing a bangle made of gold

Let me put an anklet of silver On your other foot

Why are you following me?

I like talking to you.

Your words are pleasing to hear.

You told me your name the other day, but I have forgotten it.

Are you testing me?

No, I honestly can't remember.

You are lying to me, aren't you?

Lies and truth, no one really knows.

I am Keshav Murwadikar. My family is originally from Baroda.

We used to run a theater canteen.

We moved to Sangli, then went to Nagpur.

I've been doing this profession for 40 years.

That is where I met these stalwarts.

Is that enough?

Now leave and don't come back.

-Don't come to see me again. -I am sorry, please.

-Hey. -Slap me if you want, -What are you doing? -but I want to see you again.

-I won't trouble you, but please meet me. -People are staring at us. Get up.

Promise me that you will see me tomorrow.

Yes, I'll see you tomorrow.

Get up.

I know you won't stop bothering me.

I will have to leave this town.

I'll find you.

What is your name?


The enlightened one.

So what do you do?

I have a master's degree in Technology.

I used to live in the US.

Okay, that's nice.

I worked there for seven or eight years.

But theater is my true calling.

Oh, God, why do you make some people crazy?

I must leave.

I can drop you home.

Where do you live?

I'll let you know when I find it out.

-Ammi, give me the money. -Hey! Go away. I'll hit you.

-Get up! -Who is it?

You drunkard! Why are you bothering Rukhsana?

-Why are you troubling her? -Hey, what...

Hey. Why are you hitting him?

-Why is he bothering Rukhsana? -She is my mother!

-Do you like troubling your mother? -Calm down.

I am in pain. I need to see a doctor.

Just give me a little money for medicine.

-Go. -I'll go to a doctor.

-A doctor. -Appa, why did you do that?

It's okay.

It's already late. Everyone was worried about you.

A crazy fellow kept pestering me.

One day, you'll wander off while muttering to yourself, and get lost in the streets of Mumbai.

What do I have to lose?

Go get two glasses.

You seem to be making quite the bucks!

Hey, Rukhsana! Give me two glasses.

They are over there. Get them yourself.


Hey, old man! Are you getting any younger?

Finish your drinks quickly.

Dinner is almost ready.

And when it gets cold, you refuse to eat it.

Rukhsana, anyone who wastes your food is condemned to hell.

You're such a shrewd old man!

I enjoy my life more than a bee does.

I enjoy my life more than a bee that likes a nectar.

My body and soul are enlightened by the warmth of this existence.

-Do you get it? -Yes.

You, Almighty, fill me with wisdom and understanding, and envelope me with purity.

I hope this is pure too.


Wake up.

Have this.

I am not hungry.

I brought this for you, yet you say you're not hungry?

I don't want anything.

How can you take your medicines?

Get up and eat.

Come on, get up.

You know, Raja will yell at me.

Do you understand?

He works so hard for you.

He asks you to rest, but you don't listen.

You keep going to the tea stall.

How much does the owner pay you?

You work so hard, but how much does he pay you?

Tell me.

You don't care about anything.

You spend all your earnings on alcohol.

You have aged, but have you matured?

Your wound hasn't healed yet.

I told you to go to a doctor, but you don't listen.

You can't quit drinking alcohol.


Why are you crying?

What did I say to make you cry?

Why are you crying?

Is it too spicy?

Say something!

I'll get you some water.

What did I say to make him cry?

I said what Raja told me to.

If I nag him for his sake, he starts crying.

You must eat something before taking your medicines.


Where did he go?

-Banu, have you seen Appa? -No.

Hey, old lady!

He flew away.

Shut up!

Salim, come here.

-Hurry up! -Yes.

Go and get Raja, hurry.


Hey, step out.

-Where is Appa? -I'm not lying, he lives here.

Rukhsana, where is Appa?

I don't know.

What do you mean?

I gave him some food and asked him to eat, so he can take his medicines.

It was spicy, so I went to get him some water.

By the time, I came back, he was gone.

I swear he was right here.

Do you think we are fools?

Sir, what is this nonsense?

Get lost!

Tell me, where are you hiding him?


Say it! I'm warning you!

Sir, why are you beating up this poor fellow?

He only took care of him.

You're all so ungrateful.

Look. He was eating just before he took off.

See for yourself. Come here and see.

Now, why are you crying?


Hey, you divine forces!

Give me the tenacity of rocks.

Bless me with patience.

No, you ungrateful wretches, I won't cry.

My heart will shatter to pieces before I shed a tear, but King Lear won't show his grief.

Let my heart blare with rage!

Hello, everyone.

-Hello! -Hello!

We have known each other for the past 40 years.

But we have never had a conversation like this, so I am not sure how to address you.

Unlike Narayanrao, I will not address you as generous patrons or benefactors.

That suited his agreeable image.

Actors like me, we're like crude rocks.

Sugar-coating doesn't suit our personality.

But to tell you the truth, I don't like being too humble either.

You have loved me, but did you do it as a favor?


For the past 40 years, every single night, with all my heart, I have earned your love.

I have been blessed by so many stalwarts.

Annasaheb, Tatyasaheb, Bhau, and a doctor...

"Ganpat, get me some tea!"

They would call out like that.

Serving tea to these demons was my very first role.

I avidly watched their plays from these very wings.

You may think I am exaggerating, but I truly believe that this stage is a part of my destiny.

This stage makes me feel as secured as I did in my mother's womb, it comforts me.

I confess it is extremely difficult to leave a wonderful audience like you behind.

Unfortunately, I have to stop at some point.

One must know when to stop, and I think it's my time to do so.

This journey was eventful, but I neglected my family.

My wife is present here, I address her as Her Highness.

My son, his wife, and his daughter are here too.

And so is Rambhau who held my hand and led me into this career path, and his wife Kumud.

I want to spend time with all of them.

They've made a lot of compromises for me throughout their lives.

Now I want to spend the rest of my life with them.

My friends, you have given me a lot of love.

Loads of it.

I was a nobody, just an ordinary actor who merely scavenged upon the vast wealth of words created by the writers.

You've given me the title, the King of Theater.

How do I repay this debt?

It hardly suits my personality, but please accept my gratitude.

Thank you, everyone.

Hey, Ram, are your knees hurting?


They're crying for help now.

We need to move the base to the ground floor.

Get this over with.


Please come in.

I don't like these rituals.

Who is going to wish bad luck upon me now?

Who wouldn't?

There were thousands of people who turned up.

And you put up such a fake show!

Ram, you really think I was just pretending?

Of course, and not only today, you've been faking it since the day you stepped on stage.

You are a half-baked actor.


He is like a suspicious dog who thinks everyone is a thief.

Both of you are ridiculous!

Consider how old you are.

Tell that to your pig of a husband.

Slaughter him and you could feed an entire village.

When you die, I shall compliment you in the newspapers.

But I won't attend your funeral.

I would collapse carrying you, fatso!

Don't you come to my funeral because I won't be going to yours.

-Deal? -Deal!

Look at you, acting like children.

Let's go to the kitchen.

Neha, come with us.

-And what about me? -No.

You'll pretend to have a taste and finish all the food.

Don't think you are too smart.

An actor keeps coming up with new ideas.

But a modest actor does the right thing at the right time.

And you are not modest at all.

Do you get it?

You are not an exceptional actor.

That's true.

But you won us over.

You won our hearts over.

Ram, you moron!

I've retired to hear these praises from you.

I'm honored!

You should retire too.

I don't need your useless advice.

I have a long way to go.

Until I reach a point where I am content, I'll keep going.

Damn you!

I'm more handsome than you.

Yes, of course!

-You know I am a better actor than you. -Right.

But you marched on and left us behind and they crowned you as the King of Theater.

You earned fame and fortune.

-I am happy for you. -I can see that!

But keep your foolish advice to yourself.

I want to be greater than you.

Right. You jealous wretch.

An actor is responsible for his audience.

But I wasn't accountable only to them.

While standing on the stage, I could see many faces, sitting in the 15th or 16th row.

Shakespeare, Tatyasaheb, Deval, and Gadkari!

They held a pack of chips in one hand, and a single chip in another.

The mere sight of it had me raging.

All I wanted was to do something extraordinary that they should forget to eat the chip.

That is it.

It had been a journey of 40 years as an actor, but the real journey was the trip of that chip from the pack to their mouths.

I started getting anxious that Tatyasaheb would finish off the entire pack.

These thoughts were a sign that I should stop.

Yes, you must stop now.

Come on, everyone is waiting to have lunch.

-Sure. -That is what I said to this idiot.

What's wrong with you?

-Hey! -There's a time for everything.

Go ahead, set the table.

Let's go.

Finish your drink. Go on.

-What is it, Mother? -Nothing.

Mother, please call Father, I am dying out of hunger.

-Please, call him. -Little sparrow, stop chirping, I'm here.

I have an announcement to make before lunch.

What is it now?

Where is Her Highness? Oh, here she is.

No need to stand. Sit down.

-Sit down and say your piece. -I should sit down? Okay.

I won't be staying at my house anymore.

That's it.

What do you mean?

From now on, I will be staying at Makrand's house.

My house?

Today, I've transferred the ownership of this house to you.


Was that necessary?

Yes. How could I live in your house after I am dead?

Father, don't say that.

Sorry, dear.

There is no greater joy than seeing my son and his wife live as they wish in their own house.

-Let me help you. -It's not a real elephant!

Neha, come here.

Come here.

Hurry up.

This is a copy of the agreement.

-But why so suddenly? -Listen.

Once you've decided, you must just do it.


Listen, dear.

Take this. Come on.

-What is this? -This...

Sit down.

Your father earned a lot, but he spent it lavishly.

Thanks to your mother, we managed to save some of it.

Some savings, fixed deposits, shares, it's a decent amount.

-I don't want this. -Why?

How could you give it all away?

What about you? Won't you need anything?

You, my children, are here for me.

I want to retire completely. What do you think, Ram?

Very good.

-But you rushed it. -You think so?

-Yes, you rushed it. -Okay, I got it.

You gave us everything. But what about mother?

She has me. Completely.

So, the poor woman still has to suffer.

What are you saying? Mind your language.

And learn something from him.

Learning is useless.

At the moment, I don't have any property.

And even if I did, I don't have any children who will inherit it.

What are you saying?


Don't start crying now.

Shut up, pig.


Don't listen to this rascal.

How irresponsible!

So insensitive!

Shouldn't you consider other people?

Everyone was tired.

Kumud was waiting to have lunch.

No one is getting any younger.

Medicines have to be taken after meals.

I was wrong.

Forgive me. I am sorry.

Stop putting a show.

Just go to bed.

All right.

Kaveri, today, the children were shocked by my decision, weren't they?

They were baffled.

I don't think Ram quite liked my surprise.

I was a little apprehensive about giving everything away as well.

Well, what is the point in planning everything?

Surprises are supposed to

-shock you. -Goodness!

Oh, dear!

What is this?

Take a look.

Whom is it for?

Who else would it be for? It's for you.

Is it real gold?

As real as you!

This must be so expensive!

Your Highness, don't say a word.

All thanks to you, this wanderer was valued by everyone.

You spent your life taking care of me.

This is all I can afford, otherwise, I would have showered you with diamonds.

It's beautiful!

-It's like a string of stars. -Wear it.

Put it on.

Oh, wow.


Now the necklace looks beautiful.

Just a minute.

Take a look, just like Desdemona.

Everyone will be staring at you at Vidya's wedding.

What do you mean?

Yes, the groom's family called me.

He said, "You decide everything.

We don't expect anything from you." They said that, but of course, they do.

Don't act smart!

Why didn't you tell me?

Tell you what?

That fellow will snatch our little sparrow from us.

Should I be happy about it?

I realized it the day he came home to see Vidya.

I noticed the way he was staring at her.

I knew that rascal was bowled over.

Mind your language.

He is going to marry our daughter.

He is seven years older than her.

You are ten years older than I am.

It was all right at that time.

He is an engineer.

He has a good job.

And actors like us are bloody beggars.

Go to bed.

You're back?

Did you think I will stop following you?

Are you the Devil Incarnate?

Why are you pestering me?

Let me die in peace. Go away.

Just go away. Get lost!

Leave me alone.

Didn't I tell you?

You are lying to me.


Siddharth, you knew why I'm grieving, didn't you?

The end is near, but I am tied in these bonds.

Your life is trapped in it.

Set it free.

Suppressed grief is a double-edged sword.

Relive your memories and move on from them.

Her Highness.

Her Highness.


Bless you.

-Mother. -Please accept my respect.

Take care of our little sparrow.


Love her like we do, and she will make you very happy.

One more thing.

If you make her cry, remember that I've played many villain roles onstage.


-Let them go. -Fine.

Let's go.

Go, my child.



I'll hit you!

Sit down and relax.

The little sparrow has flown away.

He is a good man.

He'll take care of her.

And she hasn't gone abroad.

When a daughter gets married and gets out of the nest, she goes far away.

You can still see her, but she is no longer yours.

You won't understand.

Yes, I won't!

You are right.

Only you know how it feels.

You have a daughter and also a son as a bonus!

You rascal, how can you grieve for your stolen shoes in front of a man without legs?

Can't you act as if everything is normal at least in front of me?

According to you, I am a third-grade actor.

Yes, that is true.


Let's have a drink.

In the middle of the day?

-Hello! -Father, this is Makrand.

I have a baby girl now!

So, I have a granddaughter now. I'm coming!

Oh, wonderful!

How are you?

She looks just like me.

Look at her!

My little sparrow is back.

Come on, take a photo.

Go ahead.

Please stop it. The flash is bad for the baby.

Not at all. She is an actor's granddaughter.

She must get used to the camera. You go ahead.

Grandma, here you go.

-Look at her! -Little princess!

What should we call you?

Don't cry.

With little eyes That see the world

She has just begun her life

With little eyes That see the world There is my fairy. Say bye to your mother.

Not like that, Grandpa. Carry me like a sack of potatoes!

-Potatoes for sale! -Bye, Mother!

Onions for sale!

I am about to play a new role That will fill my life with immense joy I am about to play a new role That will fill my life with immense joy

Come on, Grandpa. Tell me.


-Wrong! Hold out your hand! -Oh, god!

Oh, dear!

My darling!

This new beginning and new story This is a new and lovely role of a grandpa As I get absorbed in this new role I bloom with immense joy...

Hey, my sparrow!



A new role That will fill my life with immense joy I am about to play a new role Will fill my life with immense joy

Hello, who is it?

Is your Grandpa there?

-Grandpa? -Yes, darling.

Grandpa, it's for you.

All right.


Brain hemorrhage due to extremely high blood pressure.

She is in a coma.

She will be all right.

What did the doctors say?

The doctors say...

Have you eaten?

I am fine.

I'll stay here.

-You go. -Come on.


Rambhau, this is your second bottle.

-Should I get you some more? -No.


She never had to go to a hospital before.

Thanks to my mother's nagging, she did see a few doctors.

But finally, Mother found out it is me who is infertile, not Kumud.

That silenced everyone.

What if she were infertile?

She went on constant trips to the doctor.

Perpetual hardship.

She was the only one with all the responsibilities, and I was carefree.

She would have faced everything bravely, if only her husband had been loyal.

But I was a dirty cheat.

I wanted to talk to her,

confess everything, and ask for her forgiveness.

But look at her now.

Ram, you have become wise at the end of your life.

If one had to sit and count, we have had more affairs than awards.

We are nothing but rascals.

Hell awaits us.

-Hey, Ganpat. -What?

Tell the doctor...

Tell him to save her. Save her at any cost.

I shall take care of her no matter what happens to her.

I can't live without her.

I'm used to having her around.

What should I do?

Please save her.

-I'll take care of her. -Yes.

Why do they let this idiot play?

Sweetheart, you are home!

What's wrong?

Won't you talk to me?

Are you angry?

What's wrong, darling?

Sagar yells cuss words at me every day.

-Tell that to the teacher. -I did.

She already scolded him. But he hasn't stopped.

And all the children laughed at me.

Then you should do the same.

But I don't know any cuss words.

I'll teach you. I know a lot of them.

Your Grandpa is here for you.

Your lesson begins today.

Tell me. Which song do you know?


Sagar is a pig and chicken-shit fry Sagar is a donkey, tell me why Sagar is a monkey, stupid boy What did you say?

Sagar is not completely innocent.

We have had complaints about his behavior.

I can understand why she would respond like this.

But gathering some students and teaching them profanities, that's not a good behavior.

It disrupts the school's order.

I'll talk to her.

I will teach her a lesson.

Sagar is a pig and a chicken-shit fry

-Sagar is a donkey, tell me why... -Hey!

Neha, what is this?

-A song. -A song?


What do you mean?

Don't be mad at me.

Ask your father.

He taught her that song.


He did?

Yes. Should I sing it again?

Has no one seen Lord Krishna Has no one seen Lord Krishna Lord Krishna...

No breakfast, no tea?


What is the matter?

Come on, tell me.

What is it?

Did you teach Megha any cuss words?

Cuss words? Oh, yes!

Idiot, fool, these aren't cuss words.

My mother used them all the time.

But that is not allowed in her school.

My teacher used to say, "Ganpat, you scoundrel, why don't you study?"

It's an expression.

Two words relay the exact emotion that ten words can't.

"What do you think, you spineless pig?"

Father, Megha is just a child.

It's not right for her to learn those at her age.

Oh, so I should learn from you.

Schools have their own rules. This is not permissible.

Is it?

Well, I thought a fight with cuss words would be better than physically hurting each other.

They are children. They will forget about it, right?

Am I right?

Father, do you owe the wine shop money?

Oh, yes. I had forgotten my wallet at home.

And you borrowed money from the watchman too?

He asked for it in front of everyone.

Are you interrogating me?

There was a poor hungry fellow on the street.

I asked the watchman to give him money, I'll return it.

What's wrong with that?

No, nothing. I've returned the money.

Is there anything else to discuss?

-None, Grandpa. -Exactly.

You lazy bum, get me some tea.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? Lazy bum.

Or imagine me saying, "Your Highness, may I have some tea?"

As if I were begging.

You witch, that wasn't for you.

I said what's on your mind. Are you happy now?

You are ridiculous!

By the way, Rahul told us that you have many stories of Anna.

Anna was so amusing.

-Menakabai had a funny habit. -Right.

Each time she met a man she used to say, "I dreamed of you last night."

And the men would be happy at the thought.

One day, a man met Anna, he said, "Anna, I dreamed of you last night!"

Anna asked, "What was I doing?"

"Oh, dear. Nothing."

Anna said, "Then it wasn't me!"

Mr. Barve!

-Sir, your boss is here. -All right.

-Call Father. -Yes.


It's all thanks to you.

Rahul is calling you.

His boss, Mr. Dixit, is here.

Such a funny man!

-Come, let's go. I'll wait. -That's a good one!

-I will be back. -Wow!

Yes, Rahul, what is it?

Come here, Father.

This is my boss, Mr. Dixit.

-Hello. -Hello.

Who doesn't know him?

Supporters like you have given me this identity.

I'll be forgotten as time passes by.

-Father. -Father.

Father, he wants to speak to you.

-Take a seat. -Yes.

-Yes. -Take a seat.

What do you want?



Actually, my son wants to meet you.

Is that so? Why?

-Here, sir. -Yes.

He's taking his postgraduate degree in London.

-Okay. -And he is specializing in theater.


-This generation is exploring new things. -Yes.

Also, they're currently staging A Streetcar Named Desire.

Tennessee Williams.


A Streetcar Named Desire.

Yes, Tennessee Williams is the writer of that play.

I see.

A 1947 play directed by Elia Kazan. Marlon Brando was portrayed by Kowalski.

It's an amazing play.

The sexual overtones of this writer are baffling.

In the theaters here, when it comes to sex, we're...

So, will he be working there, or is he going to come back?

He wants to come back home.

Then ask him to come back soon.

This profession is like walking on fire.

It has the power to ruin you.

We have gone through very tough times.

I would love to meet him.

I always look forward to meeting men as crazy as me!

-Father. -Yes, darling?

You should stay with us for a few days.

Mr. Dixit is an avid reader.

You can share your experiences, and we'll enjoy listening.

No, my dear.

One shouldn't stay with their son-in-law. Am I right, Mr. Dixit?



Then I'll come stay with you.

-You'll leave him and come back home? -Yes!

She loves me so much.

There are generally three reasons for a divorce.

Domestic fights, adultery, or impotency.

Choose the one that suits you best.

What are you saying?

Your humor has no limit.

We are used to it.

Such conversation is quite normal in our house.

Neha's sense of humor has become better because of me.

Rahul, sorry.

Don't be sorry.


Father, meet my friends.

-Hello. -Hello.

-What is the matter? -Nothing at all.

-Why is she dressed like this? -What do you mean?

Why is she in her night dress?

Father, this is a fashion trend.

Oh, is it? I had no clue.

Well, this is a trend here. Have some bhaji.

Don't look at the oil. Taste it.

Have some.

You too.

Maintain this taste even in the way you dress.

Darling, come on. We have to rehearse for your dance.

I will shred you to pieces If you dare to go ahead And attack our kingdom I will shred you to pieces If you dare to go ahead And attack our kingdom

And the next student to perform is Megha Belwalkar!

This is the same old court Illuminated with chandeliers Here, in the middle of the night Let's get lost I play with colors And color my entire body Putting flowers in my hair Even a matured leaf Even a matured leaf Has a tender stem

Madam, she's good.


I'll be right back.


Neha, listen to me.

Sit down.

What is going on?

Don't say a word, Makrand.

Don't overreact, Neha.

Am I?

Am I overreacting?

It was so embarrassing!

Do you think I am responsible for this?

-I didn't say that... -Don't touch me!

It's okay. It is not a big deal.

All the other parents had nothing but disgust in their eyes.

Forget about them, didn't you see it?

It was so cheap and tacky.

Neha, why are you so angry?

Passion, emotion, and anger are the basic traits of human beings.

An actor only displays them.

If a decent man plays a hideous villain, does that make him a bad person?

She is just a child.

We have to think of her welfare, right?

It was a performance by an innocent child and everyone enjoyed it.

She even won an award for it.

I am her mother I know what is good for her.

You think we are not good for her?

Father, I need to talk to you.

-Okay, let's talk. -Neha!

Makrand, you talk to him or I'll do it.

-Is this the time-- -No, let her speak.

Go ahead.

Father, should you express your opinion in every matter?

It's our life. Can't we make our own decisions?

Speaking loudly in the house, teaching Megha cuss words, borrowing money,

insulting my friends because of their clothes.

And the smallest fault in my cooking is always pointed out.

We are scared to invite anyone home.

Who knows what will you end up saying?

Your snide remarks are too much to handle.

Please, Father, stay away from Megha.


What are you saying?

Mother, I have no choice but to ask this.

Megha, you will be sleeping in my bedroom.


She is just a child.

That is why I am worried about her.

Come on, Megha.

No. Grandpa tells me stories.

I will tell you stories.

You don't know any.

I'll slap you.

Slap me. I won't sleep with you.

What are you doing?

That's enough!

Go, my dear.

Go to your mother.

Neha, punish us, not the child.

I am wrong. Forgive me.

Go, darling.

Your life is beautiful. Let it stay that way.

Come with me.


Sound needs companionship.

A lamp yearns for a wick.

All that an old man needs is a helping hand.

A crow says he wants wings.

A sparrow says she wants a nest.

All this grandfather needs is a peck on the cheeks.

All this grandfather needs is a peck on the cheeks.

-How much for the okra? -It's two rupees per kilo.

Should we buy some okra for tomorrow?

Should we buy some?


-What is it? -Nothing.


What's the matter?


Are you upset?

You haven't retired from theater yet.

You brought it home.

If this is about what happened yesterday, I have apologized to Neha.

I am angry because you apologized.

You showed Neha your weakness.

Be careful when you give away something that belongs to you.

But you went ahead and gave away everything you had.

Another thing.


I do not like to see you apologize to anyone.

Come on.

Come on.

Oh, yes, and the horse in this story?

He was white as snow!

-He had a horn on his forehead. -A horse with a horn?

Not a horse. It was a unicorn.

So, the prince rode the horse to the giant's lair.

The giant had stored his life in the parrot.

No matter how much he tried, the giant would never die.

And that's why, -Father. -The prince would always lose.


What happened yesterday was a mistake.

I apologize for what I said.

And then, he went to the forest and...

Come here, my son.

She has signaled, you may come out now.

-Father, I was wondering-- -Sit here in front of me.

Tell me.

Come here. You should sit here.

Go ahead.

It's nothing important, Father.

I was just wondering, since the tension in the house is growing...

Be clear and get straight to the point. Talk like a man.

Father, we are thinking of moving out.

What is wrong with you, Makrand?

You want to break up our family over such a trivial matter?

No, Mother but...

Father, we didn't decide to do this out of anger.

But the way we argued yesterday was quite unpleasant.

We aren't happy about it either.

Is that so?

We can't deny that there's a rift now between us.

What is the point in living together out of obligation?

It's our house, our family, there is no compulsion.

Mother, you live your life differently.

I'm not saying it is wrong.

But we don't agree on certain things.

None of us should live in distress.

Such little fights are common in every family.

Your Highness.

They are not asking for our permission.

They have already decided.

Makrand, I am glad about one thing though.

For the first time in all these years, without hesitation, you have spoken your mind.


So, where will you live?

We are thinking of renting a place near my mother's house.

What about her school?

She can take the rickshaw.

It will be so stressful for her.

There is no other option.

Okay, all right.

In that case, we shall start packing our stuff today.

You don't have to leave. We will move out.

This house is not mine anymore.

Of course, it is yours. Where will you go?

Anywhere. It's a big world.

Why don't you stay in our house in the village for a few days?

Once I get my own house, you can come back.


It's all right.

Go on.

I haven't finished reading the story, darling.

Your Highness.

My weakness.

Treat victory and defeat alike, and engage in battle.

This way, you won't commit a sin.

Let's go.

Honey, give me my umbrella.

Give it to him.

My good girl.

-Take care. -Yes, Mother.

Father, let us know when you get there.

Yes, I will. I won't let you worry.

Kaveri, get in.

Let's go.

-Grandpa! -Megha!

Megha! Stop!

-Please stop the car. -Grandpa, wait!

Don't go!

Grandpa, please stay.

My little sparrow.

You're a good girl, aren't you?

-Let me go. I will come back to see you. -No.

I promise.

Now listen to me.

I will come back, I promise.

-Go. -Megha, come here.

-No, I won't. -Go, little one.

Come here.


You are running a fever.

I am absolutely fine.


Hey, you naughty girl!

There you are, my little angel.


I am so happy.

Neha, let us play for a while.

My dear, come here. Let's play.

-Appa? -Megha!

What is the matter?

Megha, here...

Whom are you talking to?

I've played so many roles onstage.

But the role of being a grandfather leaves me helpless.

A star-studded sky during the day.

How can one resist the temptation?

My little sparrow.

Don't be so furious. Calm down.

I won't!

Neha can say whatever she likes. But what about Makrand?

Why didn't he talk some sense into her?

Why did you stay there until the situation became this bad?

You should have left that night.

Don't make a fuss.

He'll let us know once he buys his own house, then we'll decide afterward.

You really believe he is telling the truth?

I bet he won't buy his own house.

Neha wanted to throw you out of the house.

Don't jump to conclusions.

We lost our tempers too.

Once everyone calms down, we will solve this.

Don't bother solving it.

You are going to stay with me forever.

Yes. This is your house.

-But remember one thing. -What?

I won't let Neha get away so easily.

She is quite like me, isn't she?

-She is one step ahead of you! -All the best!

Come, Vithoba!

Here's your tea.

Why are there five cups?

-The fifth one is mine. -Yes, of course!

Give it to him first.

Of course!

We'll need a bigger lamp for this one.

Give it to me.

What is this? I'll have to do it all over again.

What's going on, Mother?

-You're back? -Yes.

Do you think you are young and fit?

Why are you working?

You aren't well. Why don't you relax?

I get bored if I just sit and do nothing.

-I'll be in a good condition again soon. -Right.


-Coming! -Okay.


Sir, it's for you.

Now, who's calling you?

They're all old now.

"Now, who's calling you?"


Kumud has passed away.



I should go.

Ram, enough!

-What are you doing? -Give it to me.

Give it to me.

That dead body needs kerosene to burn and this dead body needs this fuel.

-Goodbye. -Let's go home.

What will I do at home?

There is no one waiting for me.

The clock keeps ticking loudly.

Everyone has left.

The skull hasn't shattered.


I haven't been able to do anything for her.

I must do this today.

I'll wait.

For the...

For the past three months, I've seen her dying every day.

The doctors asked, "Should I take the life support from her?"

I refused.

I am selfish.

More than losing her, it's being alone that terrified me.

I'm waiting for her.

Who will wait for my skull to shatter?

Will you?

Let's go home, you must sleep.

I cannot sleep.

I keep staring at the ceiling for hours.

I asked the doctor to prescribe me some sleeping pills.

He said, "There's nothing wrong with you".

The rascal refused.

What's left to go wrong?

I have spoken to the engineer.

He'll come.

Look into it and get it done.

-Got it? -Yes, sir.

I am going home. Tomorrow, 11 o'clock.

-Fine. -Okay.

-Father! You are late today. -This is Mr. Barve's bag.

Yes, I'm late.

Let's go home.

No. You go ahead. I'll take a stroll.

Don't forget that we have a party at home.

Of course, this is the day you abducted our daughter.

It's on government records!

-You go ahead. -Okay.

Be careful!

May I join you?

Yes, please do.


Give it to me.

-May I? -Yes!

Hit it hard. That way.

Be ready!

Hey! There it goes.

These rats and their silly game!

What a nuisance!

Give it back!

I threw it in the fire, get lost!


He won't give it back.

Go ahead, call some loser to help you. I am not scared.


Why are you harassing the children?

They are useless brats. Don't spoil them.

Go away.

You make liquor, and you say we are useless?

Your father just bought two bottles from me.

Run home before he beats up your mother!

So, you make liquor here.

Of course, I do.

The man in charge is a friend of mine.

What is his name?

Mr. Barve.

If I tell him about you, he won't let you step on this land anymore.

Go home.

-I am sorry. -Just go.

Don't tell Mr. Barve, his father-in-law was here.

I won't tell him. Just go.

-Go. -Let's go.

He is Mr. Barve's worker.



So, you're the father-in-law of my boss!

Why didn't you tell me sooner?

What do you make here?

Nothing much, it's just water and...

Come on, tell me, what kind of liquor?

Blackberry wine!

-One last cup! -No, enough.

-There isn't much left! -Enough.

It is my daughter's anniversary.

I see. Is it very serious?

Take her to a good doctor.

Anniversary is a date celebrated because she was married on this day.

I didn't know that.

I must leave now. I need to go home and take a shower.


Take a dip in the dam right here.

Right here!

-But I can't swim. -Neither can I.

Tell me, when the fish first fell into the water, did he know how to swim?

Stand up.

Stand up.

I will push you first, then you push me.

Hands up.

Hands up. One, two, three!


-Is everything all right? -Just fine!

-Call Vithoba if you need anything. -Yes.

We are right here.

-Welcome, sir. -Vithoba!

Where's your wife?

She is unwell.

-Where is Rahul? -Over there.

Oh, okay.

Neha didn't come with you?

She is unwell.

-Which hospital is she admitted? -Vidya!

We're fortunate she let even you come.


-How are you? -Fine.

-And Megha? -She's good.

Isn't she unwell?

-Vidya! -I'm just asking, Rahul.

Come with me. I'll introduce you to my friends.

-This is Nishant. -Hello.

-Rahul's assistant, he has just joined. -Madam.

-And this is his wife... -Hello.

Everyone is waiting. Should we cut the cake?


Oh, hello.

My son.

Shall we cut the cake?

Let's wait, Father will be here soon.

Everyone is waiting.

-Let him take his own time. -Okay.

Yes. I knew it.

You will cut the cake without me.

No, Father, it was because some guests have to leave early.

-I am just kidding, it's okay. -Come.

Hello, everyone.

Seven years ago, this swindler stole our daughter.

He is a trickster.

But he is a good man, may you live a long life!

My sweet child.

Oh, Dixit!


-Hello. -Welcome.

Good to see you.

Your son who was staying in London to study theater!

What are you drinking?

Oh, it's rubbish, throw it away.

This is the real stuff.


What do mean by that?

Blackberry wine!

Blackberry wine.

Isn't it?

Everyone, throw away your drinks. Don't drink that, you fool.

Why do you drink this foreign whiskey?

Try this local brew!

One more?

That's great!

You are a true connoisseur!

We're merely captivated by fancy labels.

Mr. Dixit, have some.

I have already had enough. Really.

-Mother. -Of course not. Not until I say so.

-Come here. -I'm coming.

-It's Her Highness, I must go. -Come here. Get inside.

Why do you get so carried away?

-You drunkards are all the same. -What are you saying?



My wife says I am a drunkard.

Listen to this.

Whether to drink or not, that is a complex question.

In the grind of daily life, man discovered a miraculous potion!

Color, form, flavor, scent, and resonance.

It stimulates all the five senses.

The soul which lies within the body is sent into a euphoric state.


A drink soothes your disturbed mind.


Listen to me, our Anna...

He was as fond of reading as he was of women.

He was an avid reader.

He once read somewhere that liquor is bad for health.

The very next day, Anna quit reading!

That is the beauty of alcohol!

Somras, Madira, Vaaruni, Sura, Shambhavi...

Such beautiful names it has.

It works its magic on you like witchcraft!

With every gulp, a heavy body gets lighter and lighter.

It clears the fog over your mind in an instant.

-Wow! -Understood?

The moment it gets to you, it takes over your senses.

Mr. Dixit, it is indeed a truth serum!

It hides the secrets of the devil and turns many tame husbands into brave lions.

Mr. Dixit, tell me the truth, once you have had some, don't you roar like a lion in front of your wife?

Now, listen to this.

A smart Alec once asked Anna, "Does alcohol solve problems?"

Anna replied, "No, but milk doesn't solve them either, you rascal!"

-Have some! -No.

You must have some for me. Or else I'll jump into the dam.

Go on.

-Let's go. -Yes, let's go.

You idiot.

You keep refusing, but you drank half a bottle.

Good morning, Your Highness.

Are you mad at me?

Should we keep talking like Alauddin and Padmini via the mirror?

Please turn around.

Don't talk to me.

Rahul cares for you more than your own son does.

He is an important person.

Are we here to make his life miserable?

I am sorry.


Go apologize to him.

Apologize to him?

Half a spoon of sugar.

Good morning, Father.

Sir, do you want some tea?

-Yes, please, I'll eat now. -Come sit.

I am here to apologize on Her Highness orders.

What? Apologize? Mother, come here.

I am sorry about last night.

The blackberry wine went straight to my head.

I'm used to living freely, I didn't realize when my habits turned into vices.

My little sparrow, I got carried away last night. Sorry.

I ruined your party.

Yes, Father.

-You got drunk and began-- -Are you crazy?

Stop that.

Not at all, Father.

-No, Rahul. -It was fun!

My head is pounding.

I can't handle alcoholic drinks anymore.

I shouldn't have drunk that night.

No, Father.

My boss told me.


"Your father-in-law is amazing!"

What? Did he say that?

Of course.

Are you listening, Her Highness?

Everyone wants a copy of your poem.

Which one?

The one that you recited last night.

I recited a poem last night?

-Yes. -Yes.

In the grind of daily life, man discovered...

A miraculous potion.

Yes, I must have ranted away. I don't quite remember.

If Ram had been there, he would have said, "Ganpat, you rascal! You are such a fake!"


Who are you?

Ram, it's me, Ganpat.

Ganpat, who?

I don't know anyone by that name.

Hey, Ram.

You are not just a mediocre actor, you are a despicable human being as well.


I have always stood by you through all your highs and lows.

But you didn't think of me even once for the past several months?

You know, even a disease keeps you company.

It walks with you.

But loneliness, it's a painful burden.

It's very difficult.

Forgive me.

I was occupied in my own world.

I am sorry.

Forgive me.

-Did it hurt? -No. Let's go inside.

You must listen to me. Do as I say.

Don't be obstinate. Got it?

-Ganpat. -Yes.

Had I been in your shoes, I'd have done a lot for you too.

I know, Ram, you are a good man.

Rascal! Don't bite me.

-Enough. -Okay.

-Okay. -Fine.

Now go to sleep.

The beautiful Menaka will visit you in your dreams.


Uddhava! Tell me the truth now.

Don't you evade my question once again.

A man should spend his entire life solving and battling the mysteries of life.

And you put an end to this journey in the name of fate.

This is not justice.

I protest this scheme called fate.

You are an advocate of Karma, aren't you?

What did I get from you for being loyal to my Karma?

I was the son of the Sun God!

I was the first son of Kunti, the eldest Pandava.

I was the most generous person on this earth.

And yet, why did I face constant rejection?


Just like you, I'm experiencing the hardships of life in the human form.

No one can escape it.

People like you is a lighthouse to other men.

Your life is meant to burn like a lamp.

We find our way in your light.

Stop regretting and put a rest to the bitterness.

Karma, forgive everyone with a generous heart.

Forgive me as well. I haven't been fair to you.

You were the best warrior on this earth.


You have showered me with nectar.

What should I do with these moments?

The bad luck is being washed away.


will you forgive me?

No, Govinda.

Don't apologize to me.

I must overcome my share of hardships.

There is no bitterness left.

The creator of this world,

my father, the Sun himself is here to take me with him.

-Krishna. -Yes?

I am leaving.



Ram, you are better than me at everything.

And this inferiority complex made my life miserable.

And yet, I enjoyed all the success.

Now this realization won't let me die in peace.

You are the true King of Theater.

Even today, you were better than me.

What do you want?

Will you give it to me?



He has passed away?

He overdosed on sleeping pills?

Shall we leave?

What will we do there?

I have arranged for everything.

What do you mean?

I gave him the sleeping pills.


Ever since Kumud died, he was as good as dead.

Only his body was alive.

He was a very studious, deserving fellow.

But he didn't get what he truly deserved.

An actor's life is a curse.

An absolute curse.

We are endlessly insecure, mirror-loving, selfish beings.

We can't bear to see our dazzling popularity drop.

You have to be in love with yourself every single moment.

And that makes your skin glow.

Everyone is taken in by the glow.

Those who work in films and theater live in a fake world.

It's very difficult to nurture your true self.

There is a very heavy price to pay.

You've been searching the whole day, where is it?

-I had kept it right here. -Then where is it?

I don't know. It was right here.

Neither do I.

Issaq, give me some tea.

-Wonderful! -Hello.

How fortunate we are to be graced by your presence!

The handsome hunk!

The lady killer!

-Hey! -You rascal!

I spend all my day with you.

When can I have the time for women?


So do these photographs lie?

-What photographs? -Look at these.

Sheela, Zeenat. Here, take a look.

Issaq, enough of your nonsense.

You keep pestering me, idiot!

Why are you so furious?

Just mind your own business.

Whom are you having an affair with this time?

No one.

Why didn't you show up at work yesterday?

I... But I did call him.

He said he'll pay up tomorrow.

What is this?

-A reminder of your romance? -What is this?

It has come out of your pocket, you should know.

-Where did this come from? -No. I don't know.

Is that so?


Who gave this to you?

It must be some chick.

-Dilpreet! -Coming.


I swear I had kept it here.

You bitch!

You're back to your old habits!

If you don't want to change, why waste time with me?


I was invited to watch Othello. What is this?

Please don't leave. What is the matter?

This stage, it looks small.

But it has the potential to absorb the entire world.

It is very profound.

It rejects deceit.

It's a mission.

Devote yourselves to it. Don't be dumb.


Sir, please go on.

You were staging a play by Shakespeare, isn't it?

Do you believe it captures the soul of Shakespeare's work?


Why don't you show us what you have created?

We will watch it gladly.

Why use Shakespeare's work as a crutch?

Unfortunately, we are his disciples.

Many great men have spent their entire lives interpreting him.

If you stage what is yours, it will be an experiment.

But if you do it using his name, it will be fraud.

Sorry, Ganpatrao.

You don't realize that times have changed.

-Is that so? -Yes.

Art has evolved.

These children travel all over the world and see various plays.

Then they use this knowledge in their work and create a new form of art.

Mr. Dixit.

They should absolutely create a form of art.

But let me give you an example.

If you want a pedigree horse, you need to mate two pedigreed horses.

A donkey will also do.

But then a mule will be born.

It's up to you to choose between a horse and a mule.

A complete waste of time.

They think they can revive Shakespeare.

Vidya, calm down.

He didn't do it on purpose.

He didn't realize what he did wrong.

How could he not realize?

How can you be so irresponsible?

We often have important people visiting us.

But you make a mess in the house, bring home dirty roadside snacks, and even insult our guests!

Remember how you embarrassed us at our own party?

Yes, people do respect your age and experience But there is a limit to it.

To top it all off, you insulted Mr. Dixit yesterday!

What about Rahul's job?

I am sorry.

But this was about theater.

And I spoke because they wanted my opinion.

That doesn't mean you could insult them.

Vidya, enough!

My little sparrow, let me speak.

I agree there is etiquette which needs to be followed.

You are right.

But you don't have to worry anymore.

Just let us go away.

Father, you are not going to leave.


You often have special guests visiting you.

We don't want to inconvenience you.

We have stayed with you for a long time. It's time for us to go.

Mother, I won't let you leave.

Got it?

-Father. -Yes?

May I suggest something?

Yes, of course.

This is happening because we are constantly together.

Neither of us are getting our privacy.


Would you mind moving to the outhouse?


Sure, that will be great.

-Are you sure? -Yes.

That way, I can look after you and still have our privacy.

Great. Come on, Your Highness.


You will be very comfortable, the place is cozy and plush.

Come on, Your Highness.

Are you upset?


I do not approve of treating them like this just because they are dependent on us.

Rahul, they are my parents, and I know how to deal with them.

But Rishabh knows what father meant.

He is not offended at all.

As for Mr. Dixit, he can differentiate between personal and work life.

And if he is upset, I will deal with him.

Why should you put up with it?

Rahul, you are a good man.

But I don't want anyone to take advantage of you, not even my parents.

This is your life.

I will not let my parents disrupt it.

Remember, old age is another childhood.

But where will I find someone who will take care of them?

It has a nice high ceiling.


That's a lovely patio.

Kaveri, our little sparrow is so creative.


This is quite good.

I thought an outhouse would be a shabby place.

But this is bright and airy!

We should have come here much earlier.

And now we can have our own privacy.

Isn't it?

Why do you give anybody a chance to insult you?

I do what I believe is right.

I can't change that.

Don't take it so lightly.

We have been cast aside like old unwanted stuff.

I was wrong too, wasn't I?

They have their own life.

-Let us leave this place. -Where?


We have our own small piece of land and a house.

Are you crazy?

Doctors in that town aren't good enough.

Even the specialists in the city haven't even been able to diagnose your ailment.

It doesn't matter.

I don't want to live like a hindrance to our children.

I feel suffocated.

You must bear with it. You are running a fever.

Your Highness.

Your Highness, sit down here.

Come here.

I shall set up everything the way you want it.

Sit down.


I did not help you when you first set up our house.

Now I will set this place up just the way you want it.

You just keep smiling.

It will help us start afresh.

-Shall we? -Yes.

-Then listen to me. -Okay We have saved 12,000 rupees.

I have the necklace as well.

Let us sell it, and we shall have enough.

Why do you insist?

I'm not comfortable here.


I will go to Pune next week and meet some of my jeweler friends.

I will take care of it.

Come on.

-Just tell me what to do. -Please don't do anything.

I'll have to do everything all over again.

All right, as you wish.

-Vithoba, did you get everything? -Yes, madam.

-Turmeric? -Yes.

Mustard. 38 rupees for rice!

The prices have gone up.

Oh, what is this?


Oh, it's the oil brand.

-Madam, here is the balance. -Where are Mother's medicines?

The pharmacist will deliver it in the evening.

Then keep the money and make sure you get it in the evening.

-You're still checking the grocery list? -You're late today.

There were many people at the bank. Keep this money safe.

Why did you withdraw so much?

I am going to Nasik tomorrow.

I'll need it. That's why I made a withdrawal.

Am I not going with you?

We had decided to go to Shirdi!

-Of course, come with me then. -All right.

I'll shower, then let's have breakfast together.


-Are you sure you got everything? -Yes.

Where is the towel?

Why can't he get it himself?

You prepare the tea, I'll be right back.

-Okay. -Coming.

Vithoba, are you done with the newspaper?

-Yes. -Give them to me.

Please take it, I'm preparing the tea.

Kaveri, how could you forget Dabholkar?

Dabholkar? A man or a woman?

He was the producer of my play.

Which one?

The one that shut down after ten shows.

Which one?

Oh, the one I couldn't attend?

Because your sister was unwell.

-Is that the one? -Yes.

Oh, I see.

I didn't get to see you perform in that play.

I was really good.

Dabholkar and you had a spat over the actress, that is all I know.

God knows the rest.

A good play had to be shut down, and you couldn't see it, that's all.

The rest of the details don't matter.

When did I ever ask for details?

But since you raised the topic, -why don't you tell me? -What?

How many were there?

Who were they?

Your Highness, why dig up the past?

You always insist on not suppressing your true feelings!

Why remind a ruined fort of its past battles?

You don't need to hide it anymore.

I am not!

You were a little fond of Menka, right?

Your Highness.

You and the audience were a little too curious about Menka.

She used to sing well, but what about her jaw?

Wasn't it a bit too large?

To clean her teeth, toothpick had to go through her ear.

What about the others?

This dazzling world has lured millions into temptation.

How can those who live in that world and not be affected?

Someone or the other touches your heart.

Someone's beauty, someone's talent, it warms up your heart.

Your Highness.

Some aroused unusual thoughts, and some gave profound understanding.

The body always asks for more, it would be foolish to reflect on it.

You don't achieve anything.

At the end, with the scars of defeat and flags of victories, the battleship always returns to the port.

I did falter, I must confess.

What more do I need to confess?

Your love was stronger.

It triumphed.

Not at all.

I was never charming.

You underestimate yourself!

You betray yourself.

You are beautiful!

I swear to everyone and you.

You are simply exquisite!

A love bird!

Have you seen one?

Always in full bloom because it is full of love.

Love makes everyone beautiful.

And you're beautiful as it is.

Just keep smiling, keep singing.

Not superficially, but from deep within, from your heart, from your soul.

You are simply lovely!

What was that?

The play you had missed.

-Oh, dear! -Why?

I thought those were true feelings.

That was sarcastic!

Good morning. What are you doing?

Vithoba got me to do this.

Why did you deliver our breakfast?

Where is he?

He is around.

But I wanted to see you. It's been a while.

-Here, Father. -What a pleasant surprise.

Father, I am going to Nasik for a couple of days, so I wanted to see you.

Who will take care of us?

Vithoba is here.


Keep that aside and eat something.

Eat it while it's hot.

Nice, there's saffron in this!

How is your fever?


-Father. -Yes?

When you came to get the newspaper yesterday, was anyone else around?

No, it was just me.

Is something missing?

Did I leave my knitting needles here?

I haven't seen them for a couple of days.

How would your needles end up here?

What about these?

They are mine.

Do you want them?

No. In the cupboard?

Why would they be in the cupboard?

What if they were kept inside along with the clothes?

Then check for yourself.

-They aren't here. -Buy new ones.

Rahul got them from Singapore.

I wanted to finish knitting your scarf before I leave for Nasik.


Why is your suitcase here? What's inside?

Nothing but our old stuff.

Could the needles be in there?

How could they be there?

Perhaps they are with the woolen clothes that I sent last week.

Check it out.

Has Rahul left for office?

What is it?

What's the matter?

The needles aren't in there.

I told you they couldn't be there.


Hey, Vidya!


Why is she so obsessed with the needles?

A woman's obsessions are inexplicable.

Finish eating.


What is the matter?



Why are you crying?

The money is in Father's suitcase.


If he had asked, would we have refused?

How could he steal from his own daughter's house?

Let's not jump to conclusions, okay?

Don't be silly.

They are my parents.


During the festival of Holi My beloved will be here To apply colors to me Where have you been since morning?

What's the matter?

Punish me if I am wrong, but don't accuse me.

What have I said to you?

Never mind.

-What is going on? -Mr. Barve's money has been stolen.

They have been interrogating me since morning.

When did this happen?

Since yesterday.

I know that they lost something important.

But what about my feelings?

We had no idea.

Now they say they were mistaken.

But they already humiliated me.

I can't comprehend what goes through their minds.

I am going to quit.

Hey, Vithoba.

Now, look for another Vithoba.


Vithoba wouldn't do such a thing.

How could Rahul accuse him?

She wasn't looking for the needles.



Father! Come in.

-No, call her out. -Just come inside.

No, I won't. Vidya!

Hey, Vidya!

I am here. Don't shout.

What is it?

Do you suspect me of stealing your money?

You think your father is a thief?

-Father, it's a misunderstanding-- -Stay out of this.

Father, if you needed money why didn't you ask me?

Would I have refused? Why did you steal?

You mean you think I stole your money?

I have seen the money in your suitcase.

-Foolish girl, that money-- -You are not going to say a word!

Not a word?

When you're surrounded by people who cruelly make accusations without consideration of others, how can I not speak up?

She knows my wrath is worthless, like a dying pig at the side of the road.

I stole their money?

I stole their money?

-I know you haven't done it. -I stole their money?

-But don't be angry. -Anger is pointless.

And I am not going to cry either.

If my eyes well up with tears, I'll hammer nails into them.

But I won't cry in front of these wretched people.

Shameless girl, I stole your money?

Yes, you did!

-You stole the money. -Vidya, enough!


Are you all right?

Vidya, call the police.

That's the right thing to do.

-What a grateful daughter you are! -Mother, listen...

-Mother-- -Enough!

You call the police and put us behind bars.

Let's go.

Are you all right?

Don't worry, we won't run away.

Let's go.

I told you, I feel suffocated here.

This King of Theater who has spent thousands without a second thought has been called a thief by his own child.

Never mind.

We shall leave behind these unpleasant memories.

-But calm down. -Yes.

I can't let anything bad happen to you.

When I am with you, I am not worried at all.

I will live like I never bore any children, but don't be mad.

-No, I will not be mad. -Do as I say.

-Yes, that is all I will do. -Promise me.


Why did he have to do this?

Did you have to overreact?

We could have handled this in a much better way.

Also, is money so important?

A soul hovering in space.

It comes to the earth through the path of our lust, and we think we've become fathers and mothers!

It's all false.


We are mere bridges.

To connect.

Ask the elephants who bear the load of expectations, they will tell you.

We all walk alone.

Come on.

I am leaving.

Do you want to come with me?

I'll wait for you.

I really don't feel like going. You can go.

-Are you sure? -Yes.

Take care.

Take care of Mother and Father too.



What is it?

I forgot about this.

Come, let's go.

-Your Highness. -Yes?

You left your idol.



What is it now?

Please don't say that.

What happened?

I've made a huge mistake, please forgive me.

What happened?


I kept the money safe somewhere, -and I forgot about it. -All right.

-So, you found your money. -Yes.

So, we are free from the blame.

Thank you, Almighty.

Mother, please talk to Father.

Please tell him...

Shut up.

Don't you dare speak to me.

Mother, please don't say that.

I am sorry.

He gave everything he had to both of you, his children, didn't he?

I told him so many times to save something for our old age.

But he didn't!

He trusted his children blindly.

"My children are gems."

"There is no need to worry."

These are your gems!

Mother, you are right.

We made a mistake.

The money that she saw in our suitcase, do you even know where it came from?

He sold the necklace that he gave me as a present.

That's where the money came from.

Please calm down.

How dare she accuse him?


She must have thought, "What can they do?

Even if I humiliate them with such disgusting accusations, how can they retaliate?

They are dependent on us."

No, Father.

This man, one of the most respected actors, who always lived lavishly and was lauded by the stalwarts.

Today, this King of Theater lies like a helpless dog at their doorstep.


Call him a thief or a bandit, what difference does it make?

His only fault is he trusted blindly.

No, Father! Your little sparrow has made a huge mistake.

No, not anymore.

My little sparrow is gone. She is dead.

And now I am alone.

Your Highness, it's just you and me now.

We only have each other. Let's go.

-Get ready. -No!


I won't let you leave.

You are too late, my dear.

You have lost the right to say that.

Let's go, Kaveri.

Where will you go?

We are going away from here. As for the place, I don't know.


Nobody is leaving!

Mother! Nobody...

Nobody is leaving!

Vithoba, just tell them.

Tell them! Nobody is leaving!

Nobody is going anywhere.


Listen, get up.

Everyone must be sleeping.

Come, let's go.

Your Highness, you're running a high fever.

-No, I am fine. Let's leave. -Are you sure?

-Let's go. -You don't listen to me.

This is locked from outside.

Try that door.

This one is locked too.

Now what?


The great escape!

Don't give our relationship A title or a definition Don't give our relationship A title or a definition The world is oblivious To a lot of stars in the sky Don't give our relationship A title or a definition The world is oblivious To a lot of stars in the sky Don't give our relationship...


Go back.

Where are you going on such a rainy night?

Can you take us to Morwadi?

Where is that?

Just after Koregaon.

I'll drop you at Gulbarg Junction.

You'll get a bus to Morwadi from there.

Okay, that will do.

Get in, then.

Be careful!

Great! We've got a whole truck to ourselves!

Sit down.

-You know what... -What?

I am feeling much better today.

But don't say it aloud.

The devil can hear everything.

-Tell me. -What?

What should we do once we reach Morwadi?

We'll call someone to clean the house.

Make it new and shiny!

Until it is ready, we'll build a little fireplace in the backyard.

The food will be delicious when you cook on it.


First, we'll pay a visit to the Moreshwar temple.


Before going to the temple, I'll take a dip in the river.

All that is evil shall be washed away.

Yes, it will.

The river will purify us.

You still have a fever.

I am absolutely fine.

Once we get to Morwadi, I will paint the walls with my own hands.

Once I put my mind into it, I can transform the hut into a palace.

You must not interfere or lecture me.

I am warning you.

Just hope I don't forget your warning by then.

I have a wish since a long time ago.


I want to plant the holy basil in the backyard.

All right.

Your Highness.

In the last 50 years, there's one thing I forgot to tell you.

Oh, dear! Now what?

You make me very happy.

I love you very much.

Don't I know that already?

You don't have to tell me.

But I wanted to say it aloud.

Sir, this is your stop.

You can take a bus to Morwadi from here.


Come on, Your Highness.

Get up. Be careful.

Get up, we are here.

He is not bound By the rules of rhythm and notes He is not bound By the rules of rhythm and notes Don't bother him. Let him sleep.

Put off the lamps, don't waste oil.

Please come with me.

A cloud of music A cloud of music Will be showered all around us Thank god, my knees are intact.

The world is oblivious To a lot of stars in the sky Here, take this blanket.

Cozy up now.

Go to sleep.

Here's my crown.


Has your fever gone up?

No, it's just the rain.

Once we get to Morwadi, everything will be fine.

Please sing for me.

You won't be able to sleep.

Don't worry about me. Just sing.


Wake up, it's morning.

I slept peacefully after such a long time.

Come on, get up.


Your fever is gone.

Get up.

Actually, no, sleep for a while. I'll get us some tea.

-Hello. -Hello.

Two cups of tea, please.

You have come to visit the temple so early!

No, we came last night and stayed here.

We are going to Morwadi.

-Morwadi? -Yes.

The bus will be here in half an hour.

We must get ready. I should wake up Her Highness now.

Her Highness?

Yes, my wife. I call her that.

Oh, I see. She seems to be in deep sleep.

I left the money over there, I'll get it.


Are you up already?


But she is still asleep.

Come on, get up.

Your Highness!

Get up, have some tea.

Open your eyes.

Our bus will be here soon.

Get up.

Your Highness.

Your Highness.

Your Highness, don't scare me.

Haven't we planned everything already?

I will be your serve you all the time.

Come on. Get up, let's get ready.

Your Highness.

The whole world can betray me, but you can't.

Ram was a rascal, so he's gone.

Your Highness, get up. Please don't scare me.

Get up.

Our house, the holy basil, they are waiting for us.

Come on.

Come on, wake up!

I will not put up with your stubbornness.

Get up!

Come on, get up!

-Sir... -Yes.

She has passed away.


The dim street lamps Cannot guide a person in the night The dim street lamps Cannot guide a person in the night A person whose destination lies In the star-studded sky Don't give our relationship...



It's yours.

I stole it from your bag last night.

I spent some of it.

What's wrong? Take it. Or else I'll spend it all on alcohol.

-Sir! -You are young.

All you can do is lust after women.

But the crows and vultures are also young.

The pigs and donkeys by the road are young too.

The lowly bugs in hell also procreate with the female bugs, and add to their population growth and die like bugs.

One man rose above the swamp of bodily pleasures, my father and yours.

You may forget your own, but if you forget this father, the vultures waiting in the hills will consume you within a moment.

Not just you, but all of mankind.

We're doing the best we can.

We'll let you know the moment we find out.

But when? It's been three months!

What have you done in three months?

Don't teach us how to do our job.

If you had been responsible, you wouldn't be in this situation.

-You may leave. -What?

Let's go.

Where have you been, Appa?

I woke up in the morning to see you were gone.

Where were you? At the restaurant?

That is only in the evening.

Then where were you?

I have other things to do.

Yes, of course!

You are the chief minister of the state!

You must have so much to do!

Where is your car with the beacon?

Apply some cream.

-Here, do it yourself. -Okay, never mind.

More cream!

Appar, take this and eat something.

Go ahead, I'll join you.

Look at this, yellow cream.

I'm here, my love, I'm back With my heart on my sleeve...


THE FORT OF RAIGAD CHARLEY'S AUNT Do you want to go see a play tonight?

No, it's very expensive.

Don't worry about money, I have a lot of it.

Have you ever seen a play?


It's a bad habit.


Is he here?

-Who? -Appa!

-Appa. -Kashinath, what does he want?


-Sir... -Let me go!

-Appa is here. -What is it?


-The police... -Where?

-They are taking everyone away. -Where is the police?

Why do you drink so much?



Hey! Don't hit him!

Hey, Raja!

Raja! Let him go!


-Appa, don't worry. -Wait.

Go to the food stall.

Get yourself something to eat. I'll pay for it later.


What is going on?

Can you give me a shelter?

No, you can't.

Can someone provide me shelter?

A storm is in need of shelter.

Without a roof, walls, love, or God's kindness, a storm brews in the mountains, looking for a place to settle down forever.

Can someone provide shelter?

What do you want?

Honestly, the storm is exhausted.

It has lost its strength after roaring in the forest, the mountains, and the valleys.

After riding the waves of the ocean and singing in the flames of the forest fire, the storm is exhausted.

It is dragging its half-burned wings behind it.


the storm has become its own nemesis.


Hey, anybody...

Can anybody give me shelter?

A home?

The storm doesn't need a mansion nor the set of a palace, neither laurels nor garlands, nor costly gifts.

Just a tiny house to rest in.

An armchair for the storm to sit in.

And a holy basil plant in the backyard.

For Her Highness.

Her Highness!

How can I live now, Your Highness?

Can someone please give me shelter?

Mother, give me my bottle.

Makrand, please walk her to the bus stop.

-Makrand! -Yes?

Could you walk her to the bus stop?

Isn't your mother going today?

I am not feeling well.

Otherwise, I'd have gone with her.

Okay. I'll go.

Are you all right?

I am fine.

You've been unusually quiet since morning.

It is Father's birthday today.

Mother, where is Grandpa?


Hey, dear.

Hey, Raja! When did you get back?

-Are you all right? -Hey!

-Yes. -When did you get back?

-They let us go in the morning. -Did they beat you up?

No, not at all.

All they need is a little bribe.

Forget about that.

What is this?

The theater manager had 30 shoes to be shined.

I asked for two tickets instead of the money.


-But, why did you... -Please don't say no.

From darkness Toward glory Take us, oh, Lord of Light, to burn To the temple of Lord Shiva Like the holy flame...

To live or to die that is the only question.


Do you remember what she said?

He is a drunkard.

He surrounds himself with women who are impure, deranged, and good-for-nothing!

My revenge will shake the earth!

You might think that this old helpless man will cry. But I won't.

Oh, musical notes, be like the moon And shine your light on me...


And let it reach my love as well...

I am not brave enough to venture into a new and unknown territory.

That's why...

Appa, let's get something to eat.

To live or to die, that is the only question.

Is it wise to live a useless, shameless, and helpless existence, in this unbearable situation?

Or should I end the suffering of this body and fling it into the abyss of death?

Put an end to everybody! Me, you, and him too.

May death overpower life and reduce it to a state of endless sleep.

But what if dreams invade that sleep as well?

That is the important part.

I am not brave enough to venture into a new and unknown territory.

That is why I tolerate this old existence.

I tolerate the crushing of my self-respect like a lifeless corpse.

I tolerate the mockery of my existence and finally beg for mercy at the feet of my own killers.

Oh, Almighty, why have you been so cruel?

On one hand, the children we gave birth to have abandoned us.

And on the other hand, You who created us, deserted us too.

Now, where do these old bones seek refuge?

And at whose feet do they lie, my Lord?

Tell me.

Appa, are you all right?

He is with me.

Who is this old man?

Not just some old man, he is a renowned actor.

Chandra is humming a song

Seems like The gleaming moonlight shone All over the earth Ram, you're singing so well.

If you had controlled your weight, Bal Gandharv would have been reduced to playing a chambermaid all his life!

You neglected your body.

What brings you here?

-I had to come. -What for?

-Belwalkar. -Yes?

I heard about your melodrama in the theater.

-I see. -I thought that I should see you.


Have you come to pay tribute to this mediocre actor?

-Are you out of your mind? -Yes.

No, not at all.

Hamlet was one of the few memorable roles that you played.

It was unforgettable because you captured the soul of the character.

-Rascal. -What?

You will never change.

-Where are you going? -I'll be right back.

"Few memorable roles."

Even your praise is laced with sarcasm.

All I did was mediocre, and all your roles are works of art.

Was I that lucky?

All the great roles were always reserved for you!

Yes, right!

What is that?

My dear, you can't just eat peanuts. Not without a drink.

Is this what you drink these days?

I am used to this brand now.

There was a time when your romantic scenes with leading actresses used to be so intense!

Look who's talking!

The pot is calling the kettle black.

You used to run after the actresses.

"My dear, your lines are falling flat.

You must feel the emotions from within."

Everyone knew what you really meant.


It wasn't blackmail.

Nobody takes an actor's emotions seriously.

Not just the emotions, they don't even take the person seriously.

You have chosen a lovely place It's airy and spacious.

Yes, make my situation worse.

No, it's not that.

But I am glad that I don't have any children.

How lucky you are!

Give me some more.

Oh, is it empty now?

-I'll get some more. -Oh, no.

No need.

Are you sure?


Does anyone recognize you in this state?

I don't recognize myself anymore, forget about the others.

At times, it scares me.

What if someone recognizes me, feels sorry for my state, and takes me home?

What does that mean?

An actor's life is like, "Out of sight out of mind."

Ganpat, you shouldn't have retired.

Being an actor seeps into your cells, it stays there.

We wear the masks of the characters and lose our real identities.

An actor is forgotten, but the roles he plays live forever.

God knows what lives on and what dies.

Don't you remember how Pant lost his mind?


He died thinking he was Tukaram himself!



Why are you calling me Ram?

-You drink too much, you old man. -Where is he?

You're drunk.

I am Mohammed.

You'll start a fuss.

You should go sleep.

I've seen him outside the theater.

Where did you see him?

At Shivaji Theater.

He lives with a man who polishes shoes.

-Father, have you found Grandpa? -Yes, darling.

Where is he?

Hey, you divine forces!

Give me the tenacity of rocks.

Bless me with patience.

Wow, such work of art.


These epics were created by legendary writers.

We were mere messengers.

Ram Ganesh, Shripadrao, Kakasaheb, Annasaheb, Vijayrao, Mamasaheb...

Each deadlier than the other.

They would thrive on by pulling at the heartstrings of the audience.

They were scavengers.

Seeing the audience cry brought a smile on their wicked faces.

But they all have vanished now.

They filled my body with the ghosts of so many characters.





Henry! Beckett!

Where the hell are you hiding?

You rascals!

I gave your grief an identity.

I made it bigger than my life.

But what about me?

Isn't my grief as real as yours?

It is like a sharp knife, searing through my heart yet no one seems to notice.

How much humiliation do I have to go through for my grief to be as valid as yours?

I showed your tears.

But you never valued this actor's grief.

I may not get justice anywhere in the world.

But shouldn't I find it here? On this stage?

-Father! -Yes?

Who is it? Caesar?


Father, it's me, Makrand.

Makrand, who?

Father, all of us are here to take you back.

You're really here?

Of course, Father.

Where will you take me?

Back home, Father.

Back to our home.

Where had you been? We've been looking for you.

I was looking for you as well.

But you were nowhere to be found.

Then I lost my way.

Father, we were wrong.

We are ashamed.

Is that so?


Father, where is Mother?

Your mother?

She found her way.

She reached her destination.

Where is she?

How would I know?

What do you mean?

She died

in the street.

We arranged for her funeral.


Think hard before you make a decision.

They already threw you out on the streets once before.

Go ahead and sign off your wealth to them.

-I am here for you. -Shut up!

Don't you dare, officer!

Don't you dare touch him!

Put your swords back in their sheaths, they will rust away in the night.

Officer, this is a theater, and it's my kingdom.

You don't rule here.

Go to your territory where you are needed.

This is not a place to dance in your dirty shoes.

Here you will find the footprints of my mentors.


Get out!



Are you hurt?

No, I am fine.

We have to go home.

Rukhsana must be worried.

I didn't inform her before leaving.

Father, are you still upset with us?

Anger and greed are now beyond me, my children.

Now, it's time to celebrate.

It's time to begin a new show.

I can hear the final bell.

My actress is already on the stage, waiting for me.

Father, enough of this and come back home with us--

Stay away!

Stay away! Everything is pointless now.

Caesar doesn't plead for anyone's mercy.

Neither does he forgive the one who pleads.

Stay away!

Now, I strive to be like the immovable North Star.

Just like Julius Caesar did in his own time.

And I am the chosen one.

Standing tall before you.

I am Julius Caesar!

I am Prataprao.

I'm Othello.

Sudhakar and Hamlet and...

I am Ganpat Ramchandra Belwalkar, the King of Theater!

All the great men reside in my body now.

And a great man's heart tempts the daggers of his killers.

All the killers have surrounded me.

They have their daggers drawn, but I must face them.

-Father! -Father!



-Appa! -Father!

Do you get it now, Siddharth?

This is what theater acting is all about, my dear.


Father, no!


Get up, Father!

Do something.

My role in the play is over now

My role in the play is over now I found my stage in the darkness But out of this darkness A new stage will emerge soon

The curtain rose after the music, and I was full to the brim with a thousand colorful words, surrounded by numerous expressions of fear, hope, and expectation.

And once the curtain came down, the auditorium emptied out.

And there, I stood, waiting to begin a journey that is not scripted.


Completely empty like the auditorium in front of me.

Of course.

Some of my words from the play still float in the air even now!

Some of my gestures are clinging to the arms of the empty chairs even now!

Some of my happy and sad moments lie shivering on the walls like drops of rain even now!

That's all.

That is the only relief to my emptiness.

I'm disappointed that the play has ended.

Not just the play, but my entire existence contained in those three hours has come to an end.

But it has ended here for me.

Thousands of spectators have taken home with them an essence of my existence.

And I, a single being, have been distributed, bit by bit, to the lives of thousands of spectators.

And perhaps, in their memory as well.