Naysayer (2019) Script

Yeah, how can you do this?


How can you not pick up your phone right now?

Grow up, grow the fuck up. Call me back

It's okay, it's okay

Hello, Ian?!

Hey, you hear me okay?

I got your message.

I don't really understand what's going on.

Okay, I got him so you can just stop freaking out. He's fine. Everything's fine So you can calm down, okay?

You're saying that Colin is with you?

Can you tell me where you are?

Look, the only reason I called you is because I don't want you thinking that someone else has him and I don't want you freaking out about it. He's totally fine.

He's with me I'm sorry. I'm sorry that it has to be this way But, he just can't be in that toxic environment anymore You know?


Your excuses are not excuses, they're lies Lies!!

He's not feeling well Ian!!

Or that you're your mom's in town, so you got to go hang out together or...


You have class so I can't see him for two weeks We can't I never said that!!

It's not healthy for him I'm not doing this anymore That was the old world. This is the new world That doesn't even make sense. What are you talking about?

I'm sorry, but there's nothing you can do.

Sorry about what?

All right This is just what's gonna be

Where are you?

He's fine. Everything is fine. So just don't worry Ian.. uhm I'm not gonna spend my life watching my kid grow up in my phone

You know?

Hello, are you there?

Yes, I'm here And you have nothing to say to that?!

Jesus, are you kidding me?

No, I just..

You have nothing to say to what I just said!

I actually think that..

You know what? I knew it I knew I knew that he was better off with me, all the time the whole time. I knew Oh my god, Ian!!

This is so obvious.

You always make up some bullshit excuse to keep us apart like oh, yeah, I don't have it I'm not in the right mindset or my place is a mess. This is ridiculous.

I knew it from the very beginning Can you..

You know what? I knew once I saw those photos?

I'm glad you blocked me


Ian, Look hey, look, I'm sorry. I'm I'm not trying to You are not making any sense

... blow up on you. Okay, I'm, you know how I get.

I'm so sorry But, I know you'll miss him And I truly think that this is what's gonna be best for all of us.

I know it.

I know

I gotta go.

Please, just tell me where you are.

No, I gotta go.


You said that Colin is in the car with you?

Yes What do you...

Yes, he's in the car with me I need you to stop talking and I need you to listen

Ian, I'm so sorry. This is getting worse Maybe..

Maybe blocking you did this but, I can't I can't do this anymore...