Need for Speed (2014) Script

Hey, I've been doing some homework on this kid Tobey Marshall from Mount Kisco.

This kid was a phenom. Used to tear up the local circuits.

Him and his dad, man, they campaigned like champions.

Of course, Mount Kisco had another great, Dino Brewster.

You all know Dino.

He went on to race in the big leagues at Indy and Tobey just kind of fell through the cracks.

Well, here's some news' cretins.

Tobeys been running again, and running fast,.

Real fast, fast as that "Grim Taquito" will take him.

Tobey, you wanna fly with the eagles, you need bigger wings, son.

I'm just telling you right now that if Tobey Marshall ever got a car worthy of his talents, he could be toeing the line at De Leon.

Give me four clicks of compression.

All right.

Actually, make it three.

No, two. Two is perfect.

You wanna make up your mind? What is it, two, three, or four'?

Exactly. Yo, guys!

You know I'm gonna hurt you, right?

Two. Thank you.

Guys. Joe, you gotta check this out, man.

Yo. Monarch's on fire.

Cretin, go ahead.

Monarch, this is Darryl from East Orange.

Why would you let a redneck trust fund baby into the De Leon?

He doesn't deserve to be in a winner-takes-all race with multi-million-dollar cars!

Come on, Monarch! Caller?

Do I get to talk?

Darryl, have your parents ever smacked you upside the head?

See, this is a case where sometimes you just need to beat kids.

Darryl, Darryl, it's my show. I get...

Shut up! Listen to me!

Darryl, one important question.

Have you ever even driven a race car?

That's what I thought.

Let me explain to all of you people out there how this works one more time.

It's my race.

It's the De Leon. I created it.

It's rarefied air, kids. It's beautiful.

I decide who gets in, and who does not get in to the race, okay?

I loved your dad.

He was a customer of the bank for 30 years.


What y'all talking about?

The Flyin' Hawaiian just took down Steve Heavy Chevy

-in the Arizona desert. What?

man invitation as a wild card. Okay? That's important.

Wild card. Maybe.

I'm not saying he's in, I'm saying he might be.

Who was that?

He's just an old customer of my dads.

I didn't recognize him.

Yeah, he might bring his car in on Friday.

What's wrong with it?

Our job to find out.

I was thinking about the race tonight. We should get there early.

Five cars, the race is full. Pot should be, like, what?

Five grand.

Tobey. Pete.

You good? Good.

Are you ready? Yeah.

You know, Monarch gave you a shout-out.

Then he shit on your car. Yeah, I know. I heard.

Never mind that.

While Monarch was talking about you, I had a vision.

All right, here we go.

Quiet, okay? I happen to like his visions.

Pete, proceed, please.

I see water, and the sun, and...

Your sister in a bikini. Shut it.

I see Tobey looking at a lighthouse.

I see you, and you're gonna win De Leon.

Really? Hey.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Petey, but I got my hands full trying to beat Jimmy Macintosh and you tonight, so...

Oh, man.

My sister and Dino are here.

She didn't tell me she was coming home, Tobe.

I'm sorry.

No, it's fine.

Coming with Dino isn't.

What's this fool even doing back here, man?

Maybe he just came to watch how a real racer drives.

The guy raced Indy.

It doesn't get more real than that, Finn.

Let's go, Tobey. You don't need that distraction.

No, it's fine.

All right, boys, the race is gonna start soon.

Ben, you should head up.

I just wanna let you know I'm going because I want to and not because you told me to.

J ust know that. Okay.

Way to put your foot down, Benny.

Nice pleather jacket, homie.

Hey. Hi, guys. Hi, Petey.

How are you?

-I'm good. How are you? Good.

Are you racing tonight? Yeah.

You be careful. Okay.


Hi, Tobey.


I'm really sorry to hear about your dad.

Did you get my flowers?



And thank you for watching out for Pete.

He's like a little brother to me.

How's the shop?

The shop is... It's good.

It's good.


How's the city?

It's different than I expected, but it's not here.

Are you still allergic to Mount Kisco?

Actually, Dino has something he wants to talk to you about.

I doubt that.

After the race, though. I don't wanna distract you.

Then you should have stayed in Manhattan.

You look beautiful.

How are you feeling? Good.

Have you got the roads looked dawn?

The road is clear.

We are at the finish line and Benny is in the Cessna.

Liar One, you standing by?

Here we go with this again.

I wouldn't have to use that handle if you stopped telling people you flew Apache helicopters.

I took an Apache for a Joyride, okay?

That's all I said.

I know that's what you said. We just don't believe you.

Hey, man, look, just because I'm a crew chief doesn't mean I don't know how to fly.

You gotta have balls of titanium alloy to do what I do.

So I need a little respect. A little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

All right, enough messing around. What's the status, Liar One?

Clear, and this is "Maverick."

Call me Maverick, or I will kamikaze this into your nut sack.

Mind if I watch?

Okay, gentlemen, please be advised, I got traffic ahead.

Repeat' I got traffic ahead.

That was close. He got lucky.

It's not luck. He's patient.

Sorry, little buddy.

My house!


You bodied that guy's grocery cart.

What's wrong with you?




Hey, yo, Father Joseph, make sure you save me a beer, buddy.


That's what we do. That's right.

Benny, my man.

I thought you had him, brother.

Nah, I had him in the turns.

Where were you? We missed you, brother, we missed you.

What do you mean?

I was flying, watching your butts.

You were flying? Flying?

I didn't see him flying. Y'all gonna play me like that?

I didn't see him flying. Did you see him flying?

Maybe you should ask the shopping cart guy if he saw you flying up there.

Shots fired! Boom, boom!

So I'm supposed to watch out for cops, fly the plane, make sure you got a clear lane and look out for homeless people coming out of the shadows?

I didn't get that memo, I'm sorry.

Nice driving.

I'm impressed.

Tobey Marshall.

The man to beat in Mount Kisco.

Sorry about your old man.

I know you were close.

You lost, Dino?


I mean, I haven't seen you around for a long time.

I figured, you know, you must be lost.

So, nothing has changed.

After 10 years, you wanna just pick up some locker room fight.

What do you want?

I wanna see you build a real car.

I got plenty of cars to build, Dino.


How's that going for you?

I didn't come to insult you.

I came to make a business proposition.

It could be a game-changer for you.

Are you handing out dreams now, Dino'?

I've seen a hundred custom racing shops since I left this town.

I still haven't seen work as good as yours.

That's these guys. Not me.

I have a very special car that needs to be finished.

What kind of car are we talking about?

Ford Mustang.

A Mustang?

It's the one Ford and Carroll Shelby were building when Carroll died.

How did you get it?

Mr. Shelby and my uncle, they were close.

You finish building my Mustang like you rebuilt that Gran Torino, I'll give you a quarter of what we get for the car.

A quarter'?

The car is worth 2 million.


That's $500,000 in your pocket.

Forget about the past, Tobey.

It's history.

I'm hereto make peace.

And money.

Don't answer me now.

Just think about it.

I don't need to think about it.

I'll do it.

I'll get the car here tomorrow.

Okay, I just wanna be the first to take the floor here and ask you...

Have you lost your mind?

You're gonna have us work for Dino Brewster?


What are you thinking, Tobey?

You don't wanna have anything to do with that piece of shit.

And, look, if this is about Anita, trying to get her back or something...

Do it another way, homie.

Write a poem or some shit. Okay?

I'll help you out.

"Dear Anita, Nothing is sweeter than Anita

"I really aneeda... Anita"

And Ijust came up with thatjust now.

Just now!

Yo, forget about that fool and his turtleneck.

All right? Just tell him you're out.

We're doing fine without him.

We're not.

Okay. We're not doing fine.


I'm behind on the loan.

That guy from earlier...

That guy is from the bank.

And he's just gonna keep coming back.

Tobey, if you say we need him, then I'm with you.

Wait. We made five grand tonight.

It's gotta be enough to make the payment.

What about next month?

We'll figure it out.

We always do.

This time it's different, okay?

If you guys don't show up tomorrow to work on that car,

we're gonna lose this place.

Hey, come on, guys.

This is Carroll Shelby.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

We're doing this. All right? For Tobey.

9:30 tomorrow. Don't be late.

You're cheating, man. Quit cheating!

You just can't keep up.


Here we go.


All right, all right, all right.

Where is the rest of it?

We got a lot of work to do.


Do you like that car over there?

Yeah, it's nice. Yeah.

We built that.

So, you're a mechanic.

That was real smooth, bro.

Hey. Do you like that car over there?

Okay. Excuse me.

We built that.

We're mechanics.

We're not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Do you know what I mean?

Do you like that car over there?

How fast does it go?


Very fast. Pete.

Aren't all Mustangs fast?

Well, this one was built by Ford and reimagined by Carroll Shelby, the greatest performance car builder in American history.

She's not from around here, Petey, so she probably has no idea who Carroll Shelby is.

But why is it so fast?

It's 900 horsepower, baby.

Is that a lot?

Are you kidding me? Petey.

Look, miss, this isn't the kind of car you can just go to the mall and buy.

Trust me when I say, it's one of a kind.

Can I see the engine?


5.8 liter, aluminum block, SVT supercharger and racing headers.

Yeah, it's quite nice, actually.

I wasn't expecting that.

Nor was I.


Because I'm a woman? Or because I'm from England?

Mr. Shelby's first Cobra was built using an AC body made in England.

It had a Ford 260 CID V8 engine.

Of course, you already knew that.

Life can be full of surprises.

I find life to be full of people who think they're smart because they have a fancy accent.

No offense.

Some taken.

I really love Piers Morgan.

So, this is how it goes, is it?

You're very quiet, very tough, and then you're just constantly cracking these hilarious jokes.

Hey, Jules.

Three million is way too much for this car, Dino.

Well, that's what it costs.

Let's see what Ingram thinks. I am what Ingram thinks, and he thinks two at the most.

Well, three is the number.

Three is absurd. That's why nobody has bid on it.

That's the best car I've driven since Indy.

You haven't driven it, Dino. Tobey's had the keys the whole time.

Do you want me to turn around and plug my ears while you all gel on the same page?

What's the top speed?

-180. -230.


He's talking about a theoretical top speed.

I know that you don't really talk, but maybe Mr. Strong and Silent could be a little less silent.

She'll go 230.

Top NASCAR speed ever was 228.

This car is faster.

8:00 am, tomorrow at Shepperton.

You get anything close to 230 out of this car, Ingram is going to buy it on the spot.

For 3 million.

Give or take a million.

Mostly take.

Good night, lads.



Are you crazy? What if I can't get the car there?

Well, maybe you can't, but I can.

I'll drive.

Don't even think about driving that car.

Yeah, Tobey!

What are you guys doing?

Stop! Stop!

What the hell are you doing?

You don't own this car! You don't get to joyride it!

Top speed just over 230.


According to this.


That was some driving, son.

And that is one hell of a car.

It's going to cost me $3 million?

That's the price.


2.7 million?

What the hell were you thinking?

We sold the car, Dino.

You never could've got that car to 230. Even on our track.

You think you're a better driver than me?

Everyone knows he's a better driver.

You know, I'm just about done with you, Pete.

Hey! Back off, Dino.

I'll beat you on a track, the dirt, a road, anywhere else you wanna race.

Hey, you're the man, okay?

You're the pro.

You got nothing to prove to me. Let's move on.


No, let's race.

If you win, I'll give you my 75% of the Mustang deal.

If you lose, you give me your 25%.

Well, that makes it interesting.

This is the biggest house I've ever seen.

It's my uncle's place.

Don't worry, he's in Monaco.

These aren't even legal in the United States.

They're all Euro-spec cars, so technically, they don't even exist here.

Are they some kind of Ferrari?

Koenigsegg Agera R.

Top speed, 270 miles an hour.

But, Dino, I thought you didn't go faster than 180.

You got a big mouth for a fan.

Yeah, well, then let me race.

I'll be happy to have you, Pete.

Awesome. I'm in. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey. Sit this one out.

No. Lei him be a big boy.

Three identical Ageras.

After you.

The finish line is at the end of the bridge, over the 684.

The first car to get to the other side wins.


This is my vision.

This is how I saw you winning De Leon.

You beat Dino, take his car and win.



Thanks, little buddy!

You got it' man!

Yeah, Pete.

Come on!

We got him, Pete.


No, no, no, no, no.




"Fear not, for I am with you.

"Be not dismayed, for I am your God.

"Behold, all those who were incensed against you

"shall be ashamed and disgraced.

"They shall be nothing.

"Those who war against you shall be as nothing.

"For I shall hold your right hand, saying to you, "'Fear not, I will help you."'

Let's go through this again, Mr. Marshall.

A couple witnesses say they may have seen three cars, but we can't find the third car.

Why don't you use that diagram there to show us where you claim the third car to have been.

My car was about two car lengths ahead.

This is where Pete was, and Dino was right behind him.

He tapped his back bumper hard, and at an angle.

Dino has two witnesses who say they were with him the whole day.

And the owner of Brewster Motors reported two Koenigseggs stolen last week.

Just seven minutes before police arrived at the scene of the crash.

That's his uncle, okay?

They're lying.

All right? He was there.

Dino was there.

Mr. Marshall, you're the only one that can place Dino at the scene.

No way is this happening.

This isn't happening.

Pete... This isn't happening.

- Bill Ingram speaking. Sign here.

Mr. Ingram, Tobey Marshall.

1 need to borrow your Mustang to race De Leon.

Excuse me, son?

You want to race my Mustang in De Leon?

What's in it for me?

When I win, I will give you half the cars.

That's around $4 million for you.

I'll think about it.

I'll call Julia.

All right. Step forward. Go. Everybody.

Come on. Come to me.

That's my boy.

Is Joe in?

Already on the road with the Beast.

If this thing works, we're gonna need that head start.

What about Finn?

We haven't convinced him yet, but we will. It's Finn.

But more importantly' do we even have a vehicle?

I'll know in an hour.

Hey, thanks for dropping it off.

And thank Ingram for me, please.

So, what do you think?

First American car to win De Leon?


You don't even have an invite.

Monarch is gonna want this car in the race.

Nobody knows where the race is until you get the invite, so exactly where would you be driving off to?

Well, on the low, we know it's in California, we just don't know where.

And we also know that one of the drivers is...

Benny. Okay, I'll shut up.

California is quite a big state and you might remember that I'm a numbers girl.

Okay, so what are your numbers telling you?

There's a drivers' meeting the night before the race.

And that means you have 45 hours or less to get from New York to somewhere in California.

And your problem is...

We better get going.

It's 45 hours and counting.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, wait, wait!

You're not going anywhere.

You need a right-seater.

And Ingram is not going to leave this car in the hands of an ex-con who is about to leave the state and break parole.

44 hours and 59 minutes left.

Let's go.


Maybe we can just ditch her at a gas station or something.

Hey, man. Look, you want her gone?

I'll broom her ass out. Okay?

Just follow me, dude. I'll have you driving like a bat out of hell.

She'll be screaming to get out of this car.

She's just crazy, you know?

She talks too much.

Okay, so you've never been a right-seater.

Well, if you see something I'm doing wrong, just point it out.

First of all, you're wearing high heels.

Wejust call them heels.

But if it's a real problem, then I can always...

I've got a change of shoes in my overnight bag.

Yep, okay-

So, is there anything else that right-seaters are supposed to do?

Be quiet.

Hello, Beauty. This is Maverick speaking, the most awesome pilot in the universe.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up and tell you about a little stop-and-go traffic up ahead.

Nothing too serious.

We got traffic up ahead. We're gonna need to reroute.

I don't see any traffic.

Well, Benny does, and he sees everything.

Al! right. Now, give me a dollar on the next exit.

What's a dollar?

Hard right for lane three.

In three, two, -one. Uh, no.


You're looking a little filthy down there, Beauty.

-lt's time to get you clean. What?

Hard left U in three, two, one.

oh. my God!

Go three...


You are moving, baby!

You do at least see the SUV that we are about to slam into?

You meant that one? The green one?


You see the bus, right? What's that?

The bus!

The bus! The bus! The bus!

Go two, now.

Looks like a scene out of Speed down there.

Hard left in three, Keanu.

You mean that bus, bus, bus.

Just so you know, your friend Benny sucks.

Hard left in one.

My man!

You got some skills, boy. You know you bad.

You know you bad!

Beauty, it looks to me like you're all clear from here, my friend.

That's right.

I'm just gonna keep doing my thing, and...

Fly like an eagle, to the sea Fly like an eagle Let my spirit carry me Go on and fly!

You know, I get that driving fast is going to be necessary, but driving like a complete maniac in order to scare me out of the car is not going to work.

Are you sure about that?

Is that what you think?

Whatever you think about me, I'm sure it's wrong.

Educate me.

So you think just because I make a living buying cars designed to triple the speed limit, and because I drive a Maserati, and by the way, I'm an awesome driver, that you have the right to condescend to me?

Well, this is going to be the longest 44 hours and 11 minutes of your life.

I'm not trying to be an asshole.

You don't have to try that hard.

The sound of a guy called the Monarch who hosts a secret race is hard to believe.

He's supposedly from an old wealthy family that made their money in the Industrial Revolution.

And no one knows who he is? No one'

Legend is he sponsored a few Formula One teams but always campaigned under other names.

A man of mystery.

Mystery and a bad heart.

He had a dalliance as a driver, but his head stopped like a watch one day.

So he quit.

So what's the prize for this De Leon'?

Well, big risks come with big rewards.

Maybe that's why I walked away with $6 million worth of cars.

That sounds like a good day's work. Yes, it was.

Look, I don't mean to push you, but I have another interested party.

I'm not 100% sure about them. You know that feeling?

I liked what I saw at your dealership.

The problem I have is, you haven't shown a hard profit yet.

But I thought you said the dealership was in profits last year.

Let me be blunt.

What do I have to do to get a real commitment from you?

I'll be blunt back. What's a real commitment?

Five million.

Okay, but you have to win this secret De Leon again.

And all those cars that come with it.


Checking in.

Mile marker 417. We're on schedule.

I know we're on schedule. I'm checking on you, bro.

I was just sitting here thinking, Pete would have loved this trip.


He loved the impossible, huh?

Perfect for Petey.

Where's your head at, brother?

I'll never forget what I saw that day.

Listen, don't you wow.

Dino's gonna get what's coming to him.

Just don't forget why we're doing this.

I'll see you in Detroit, brother. Beast out.

I'm sorry about Pete.

He just left him there.

That's what I can't forgive.

That's what this is really about then, isn't it'?

Good morning.

Dude, stop calling me, okay? We've already had this conversation.

Just go to the window. Ne.


Just go to the window. Quit being a little bitch.

You're the bitch.

Unit 4-Adam, report of noise complaint, Woodward circle.

Vehicle description, silver Ford...

What the hell are you doing?

- Keeping the engine hot. Unit 4 responding.

You're gonna attract attention to yourself.


Is that your car, son?

No, no, no, no, no.

Are you crazy? Do you know how expensive this car is?

Why don't you just take it around the corner?

Hey, hey, did you see how fast I was going?

It must have been, like, 160 on that off-ramp.

You should drive this car. It's amazing!

Officer, I am so sorry. -It's insane! Insane.

My boyfriend was showing off. He's trying to impress me.

Why don't we just take it around the block? Now.


I'm just trying to keep us out of jail.

Well, you might wanna fix your hair.

For my mug shot?


Because I'm about to make you famous.

Finn, ave you mere?

-I'm here. -AH right.

Don't mind the cop. That's not the problem.

Watch how the car leans as he pulls away.

That's our problem.

GO, go!

In pursuit' modified Ford Mustang.

Heading east on Woodward.

The car is loose.

Yeah, I know. Thank you for that.

If Tobey runs that setup in De Leon, he won't finish, let alone win.

He's in?


Look, we have a plan.

And what does that mean?

It means we know what we're doing. Get your ass down here, bitch.

Finn! Finn, you okay, buddy?

Casual Friday.

Finn, man, what's up?


I've always wanted to do that.


Have a nice day, you miserable bastards.

Finn, call me!

My friend is running the fastest Mustang in the world at De Leon on Sunday and the setup is all wrong.

I'm in accounting.

Don't you feel like you're dying inside?


It's cold in here.

Where's the Beast?

What the hell?

Where are your clothes? Did you miss this?

No, I didn't miss it. Don't touch me, man.

Stay away! We gotta go, let's go.

You missed me, didn't you?

No. Get off!

We got the shaved bird. We're jumping in the Beast.

We're behind. We got 28 hours to get to Cali.

Copy that.

Good morning. Oh, my God.

So, why the hell are you naked?

To make sure I'd never come back.

I'm sure you could've done that another way.

Lefs be clear, though, you're not wearing my underwear.

There's a helicopter in the middle of the street.


WNKW with a question for Tobey Marshall.

On a scale from one to ten, how crazy hot is your passenger?

Like my new wheels? Bitchin', right?

What happened to the Cessna?

Flight restrictions in the city, man.

But it's all good. I borrowed my buddy's little biml.

Let me get a hard right.

Y'all lucky, I almost got my hands on that Apache from Great Lakes Army Air Base, but Colonel Gatins was sweating me hard.

Here we go again.

Not talking to you, Beast.

Roger that, Liar One.

Finn, you're back in the crew for all of 10 minutes and you're already up my skirt talking shit.

Man, you're gonna rue the day you started calling me that.

What, did you all of a sudden go to college, fool?

Wow. What a really ignorant thing to say.

God, are you ignorant. ls it gonna be like this the entire way?

A reminder, the Motown Marathon races through town this weekend...

Romeo, stand by.

Standing by.

But for today's traffic, we go live to Romeo in the Channel 10 traffic helicopter.

- How are we looking, Romeo? Cut to two.

Bum Bum, bum, bum, bum! ls Romeo in the helicopter'? What's going on?

Bum, bum Looking good, Beth.

Real good.

Commercial! Hey, cut to commercial!

Hey, Liar One, eyes on the road.


I did not see that.

5-Charlie, Igor ops on the silver Mustang.

I'm in pursuit. Westbound Jefferson.

Copy, 7-Charlie.

We'll stop him before he gets on the 375.

All right, Beauty, this is gonna sound insane, but I need a two-lane grasshopper in order to get these guys off your back.

Roger. What's a grasshopper?

You may wanna close your eyes for this.

Is it worse than "Bus, bus, bus"?

All right. Now, just aim for the trees.

Spread your wings, Beauty!

What just happened? You're amazing.

I can't believe were alive.

Okay, got to go. Time's up in the bird.

That was amazing. You're amazing.

We are amazing.

All units, please be advised, silver Mustang last seen on 375.

Need to contact State for air support.

Stale dispatch status on Arrow One.

Needed for immediate officer assistance.

Suspect believed to be heading westbound on 94.

Arrow One en route. ETA is in five.

Liar One, are you tracking that air bear heading to I-94?

If he spots me, it's game over. We're gonna need to switch to plan B.

Plan B adds an hour to the trig.

No choice, we're gonna have to make up that time.

Roger that. Plan B it is.

Beauty will go bingo on that route, so we're gonna have to hot fuel and top off.

Hot fuel, coming up!

Get out there, skinny boy.

You were checking me out!


"Bingo" and "hot fuel"...

We're refueling without stopping.

So why don't you just say that?

Well, I mean, I guess I could, but...

What are you doing?



Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!




Yeah! All right!

I got this!

Go inside!

The hits just keep on coming with you, huh?

Never judge a girl by her Gucci boots.

Her what?

High heels.

Why don't you just say that?


Hey, Beast, take the shoulder, I'll go with you.

Roger that, Beauty.

All units be advised, we're on the lookout for a silver Mustang, Adam-David-Tom 4-6-1-9, heading westbound on 94.

Arrow One, 10-4'?

I need eyes on that bear in the air, Liar One.

What's your 20?

Still on the ground, Beauty.

Come on, Susan.

Don't let me down, baby. Come on...


That's my girl.

Arrow. ETA in one.

You're good!

We're clear.

Yeah, yeah!

Thanks, boys!

Beauty is a redneck.

Roger that. Beast loves a redneck.


Dispatch, this is Arrow One. 10-97 in the area.

No visual at this time.

Bear in the air is fangs-out down I-94.

Beauty, you are safe and sound.

"Redneck"? So, we're heading south.

All units be advised, Ford Mustang, New York plate Adam-David-Tom 4-&1-9, last seen headed westbound on 94.

Possible named suspect.

Tobey Marshall, wanted on parole violation and GTA.

Passenger described as a blonde, white female, identity still unknown.

It was just a matter of time.

Yeah, well, you sped it up with your little stunt in Detroit.

It had to be done.

To get Finn?

No, not just that.

Kids, I'm looking at something that I can't quite believe.

I mean, my inbox is white hot.

I got a bunch of trolls sending me footage of something that is mind-blowing.

I'm looking at footage of a car that supposedly disappeared.

That's the same car that Ford and Shelby were building when Carroll died.

Fm looking at a gorgeous ghost.

And I think that's Tobey Marshall inside there, driving a chariot of the gods.

So I bow down to Tobey Marshall.

Dino Brewster is on the line right now. Dino!

Dino, Dino bambino in San Francisco.

You need to see what Fm looking at.

I'm looking at some aerial footage of Tobey Marshal!

flying across {he country with the cops in tow, in a phantom Ford that will make your bowels loose.

Tobey Marshall doing something stupid and reckless again?

Didn't that guyjust get out of prison for manslaughter?

Whoa! Dino, Dino' bambino. Hey, accidents happen in racing.

Nobody knows that better than you, Dino, remember?

I just don't wanna see him race at De Leon.

You know, in fact, I'm willing to give up my...

I'm willing to give up my Elemento to anyone that puts a stop to Tobey Marshall.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute, did you just say what I think you said?

That car is one of three in the world.

You're willing to give away your Lamborghini to stop Tobey Marshall?

Yes, lam. And I'm gonna post some pictures online so everybody knows exactly what they're looking for.

This is too good.

1' got star-crossed lovers hauling ass across the country.

I got Dino Brewster, who just painted a huge bull's-eye on their ass.

Man. Christmas came early, wing nuts.

The thing you gotta understand is, racing is an art.

Douchebag is out here, he wants to talk to you.

Racing with passion...

Dude, that's high art.

Man, I can feel love and vengeance and smell motor oil all swirling together out there.

We got supernatural Mustangs, we got personal vendettas.

I have no idea where this is going. I just know I like it. I like It a lot!

Call in, defend yourself.

Everyone knows my story.

Go ahead.

Monarch, this is the blonde female sitting right next to Tobey Marshall.

Really? Okay.

We got a girl with a fake British accent, claiming she's sitting next to Tobey Marshall.

Having a spot of tea, are you, dove?

There were three cars in the race the day that Pete died, that's a fact.

And anyone that says that Tobey is responsible for Pete's death, answer this.

Why jump parole in New York knowing that you are going to be re-arrested and do serious time, unless you are innocent and hell-bent to right a wrong?

He did the time, he paid the debts, why would he risk it'?

Next time you talk to Dino, you can ask him that question.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I like this girl.

Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah, the British are coming. I gotta tell you, I'm moved. lam.

The whole thing just went right here to the old ticker.

I gotta pop one of these.


This is getting good.

I believe you, you crazy little tart.

Tobey Marshall versus Dino Brewster.

That's a deep rivalry right there.

Yeah. I hear you, honey. I hear you.

The two of you out there, flying across the country at killer speeds to prove something while you're tearing up the American asphalt.

Born to run, baby. Born to run.

T obey Marsha“, welcome to the De Leon.

That's it, cretins, De Leon is full.

But if you want Dino Brewstefls Lamborghini, you're gonna have to chase down that Mustang to get it.


The race before the race.

I love it.


Congrats on the wild card to the rodeo, my friend.

Your mute is clear to the Nebraska border.

Darkness is upon us, so the eyes in the sky will be shut for a while.

But I'm gonna leapfrog ahead and meet you guys at Record Breaker.

What's your 20, Liar One?

Flat-netting you, bitch!

Special delivery.

I hope you ladies didn't soil your panties down there.

I hate it when he does that!

That's what I thought. Keep talking that shit.

Nice to see you haven't changed, nimrod.

Okay, listen. I don't know who "nimrod" is, but I'm pretty sure he lived in the '50s.

All right? My handle is Maverick.

You better ask somebody.

Hey, make it fast, we're two hours behind schedule.

Okay, I got this.

Large coffee, please.

Cream and sugar'? No, just black.

Yeah. I can't talk. I know.

Excuse me, miss. Can I ask you a few questions?

Why, of course you can, Officer Lejeune.

How can I help you'!?

Do you live in the area?

No, sir. We're actually just long hauling.

Where from?

From south to north.

So we actually started in Louisiana.

So you are not traveling in that silver Mustang out from?


What, like the horse?

No, sir. No.

I'd like to ask you a few more questions.

If you'd step out to my cruiser, shouldn't take but a minute.


Stop right there!

Tobey? He's following me.

I know. Where are you?

I'm upstairs. I'm in a room.

All right, is there a window?

It's on the second floor.

Open up this door!

Look, just climb out the window. I'll come get you.


I'm gonna tell you one more time, open up this door!

Any units in the area? Over.

Ma'am, other units are on their way.

Where are you?

Hey, you gotta jump. Let's go.

No, I can't jump. I'm afraid of heights.

It's not high. Come on.

No, I can't. I'm afraid of heights.

I don't know what to do! Just trust me. Sit down.

Okay? Sit down.

Just close your eyes and count to three.

All right? On three.

One, two...

Unit 445, there are no other units available at this time.

Copy that. In pursuit of the silver Mustang.

Where is he?

He's not coming.

Are you sure?

Trust me.

Hey, you know...

That was really impressive back there.

I just thought you should know.

Hey, do you think you could drive for a few hours?

Let's just... Let's switch.

It's all right.

Okay, steady.

There you go.

All right, don't kill us.

That's nice.

Have you got her'?

Yeah. All right.


Good, good, good.


That was on purpose.

Yeah, thanks to Dino's bounty.

They're coming at you.

Copy that.

Wait, wait. See? They're trying to trap us.

Here, just drift onto the shoulder.

No, no, no, I'm going for the Hummer.

He's a pavement prowler.

Pavement what?

It's a show car with a big lift kit.

It makes up for his inferiority complex.

Wait. Are you crazy?

Wait, wait! Whoa, whoa!

Whoa! Jesus!

You are crazy!

Nice. Nice, nice.

No, keep it straight!

Holy shit.

Okay, Larry, bring it.

Go! it. We're moving out.

Shoot the tires, but don't kill them.

All right. Now, when I say, you're gonna let up on the gas and you're gonna make a hard left.

Okay? -Okay Okay! -Okay.

Your instincts are gonna say...

Just do it!


Don't let up.

Blast those buggers. We'll get them on the split.

Hey, Liar One, you got your ears on?

Son of a bitch!

We need to find another road.

Liar One, we need you!

You gotta go faster.

No, two hands on the wheel!


Liar One, is that you?

Hook up, hook up!

Sergeant Jackson, this is not what we discussed.

Sir, will you relax? Okay?

I got this.

We're good!

You gotta tell me you believe I can fly an Apache helicopter, man.

- What? -I'm serious, bro.

You're always trying to play me.

Tell me you believe I can fly an Apache helicopter.

Tell him whatever he wants!

Yeah, you can fly an Apache helicopter!

And my handle is Maverick.

Gotta call me Maverick, let me hear it.

Maverick! Maverick!


Was that so bad?



Holy shit!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Julia, hey!

Look at me.

Just breathe. Breathe.


Look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes. Good.

What color are they?

They're really blue.

They're really blue. Good, good.

They're a lot bluer than yours.

No! Yes, they are.

They're not! Yes !

They're not bluer!

Admit it! Mine are bluer!

Oh, God! Wow.

Benny! Don't drop us!


I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

I'm kidding. We're good, we're good.

What the hell is that?



Yeah, Tobey!

Hey, Benny!

We believe you, baby!

We believe you, Maverick!

Look at me, bitches!

We're good!



Are you guys Okay?


Major Davis, you are in violation of your flight plan.

My bad.

Return that bird to base immediately.

Looks like I'm gonna have to go away for a while, y'all.

But Benny always comes back.

Godspeed, boys. Godspeed.

You're 23 minutes late.

Are you checking in, sir'? I'll be right back.

I'm surprised you made it.

I'm impressed.

What's going on in that head of yours, Tobey?

You never went back for him.

I wasn't there, remember'?

I was there to comfort Anita at the funeral.

Such a sweet, innocent girl.

Do you wanna do this here?

Because one of us is on parole.

But you know that, right?

We'll settle this behind the wheel.

I'm not worried about you behind the wheel.


Why did you put a bounty on me?

Tomorrow is gonna be fun.


When you're hanging upside down tomorrow, I'm not coming back for you.

Watch yourself, Tobey.

See you tomorrow.

You ran into him, didn't you?

You need to forget about it.

You need to lei it go.

I think you need to get out of the car.

And you need a hot shower, and you need a good meal, and some rest, and some food.

And I'm going to book you a hotel room.

No, I think it's best if you just stay with me tonight.

You know, it's just safer...

If you stay with me.

Right? Yeah.

Look at you. Okay.

Beast, we've been hit.

All right, we're on our way. We're on our way.

Track them. -l'm on it.

Where is he?

He's up on California and Mason. Make a left.

Are you okay?

Go. Before the cops get here, go.


I got you. I got you.

Units, be advised, getting report of a vehicle roll-over.

115 Nob Hill.

Unit 1-David responding. Code 3.

Holy shit.

Open the door. We gotta let them in.

We gotta make this quick. All right.

Yo, we gotta move. Cops are coming.

Came in over the scanner. We gotta go!

Come on, man.

We gotta go.

Tobey, you guys good?

We need a hospital.

Find a hospital. Find a hospital. -l'm working on it.

All right, I got a hospital on Hill. Make a left.

Wait! We need your help.

What's her name? Did she ever lose consciousness?

Julia. Yeah, she's been in and out.

You stay with her, all right? -I will.

Take care of her. Come on. We gotta go.

Go, go, go. We're here.


why don't you just leave him?

I just did.

I know that Dino was there the night my brother died.

Yeah. He was.

I wish I could give you those years back.

Anita, I need a car.

I'm sorry, Tobey.

So am I.

Why wouldn't he destroy it?

I have no idea.

I guess some people just don't think they'll ever get caught.

How is she?

Arm is broke. Waiting on the CAT scan.


How you feeling?

Beat up.

But I'm fine.

You know...

You are not the girl I thought you were.

Well, you learn a lot about a person when they've been hit by a truck.

What are you gonna do about tomorrow?

I found a car.

Do I wanna know where you found the car?

No, you don't.

Is it fast?

It's fast enough, yeah.

Do it for Pete.


This is for Pete.


This is, by far, the best De Leon I've ever put together.

This is my David, man. This is my Pieta.

This is my Soup Can.

Is it possible to get a laptop?

Sure. I'll be right back.

Hey, what's up, baby? What's your name?


Do you have an iPad I can borrow? Please?

We've got our lineup.

Each driver takes his spot at the starting line.

In the first row is English Paul in a Bugatti Veyron and Dino Brewster in his Lamborghini Elemenia.

Row two is the Gooch in a Saleen S7.

Texas Mike is in the McLaren P1.

The third row has Johnny V in his GTA Spam.

I'm looking at $7 million in cars and thousands of horsepower. Winner takes all.

Losers, y'all can walk home.

No sign of Tobey Marshall.

I don't really know what all that's about, but I...

Hold up. Wait, hold on.

Wait a minute, now.

A sixth car hasjust arrived, but I can't...

Tobey Marshall just stepped out of a red Agera.

Well! Maybe the little tart was right about there being three Koenigseggs the day Pete died.

You like the car I brought? Because I know the cops will.

And by the way, I think this belongs to you.

Tobey Marshall and Johnny V are battling for fifth.

You got it, you got it, you got it.

And Johnny V is of the road.

Come on, come on, come on!

Golden Gate, this is H1. I got ops on them.

Westbound 128.

Tobey Marshall's gonna roll the dice and try to split the Saleen and the P1.

Yo, yo, yo. And he does it.

Yo, that's my dude right there. That's my dude.

Ladies and gentlemen... Y'all come check this out.

Marshall's balls have just been located and they are very, very large.

Texas Mike in the McLaren is now fifth, Tobey is now running fourth.

Dino Brewster, you better watch your ass, son.

Suspects approaching 150 miles per hour.

H1 will try to stall them.

All units, 10-3.

I've got flying cops. I've got flies in the ointment.

I got CHP in the air all over the course.

You add cops to the race and people get...

Racers should race, cops should eat donuts.

Ail units, disregard the spike strips. They're moving tun fast,.

They'll get past the deployment spot.

Let's try the rolling block instead.

73-4. roger?

18-2, six on Code 3.

Rolling block in formation, check.

The Gooch in the Saleen has been totally taken out.

L cam believe what Fm seeing.

British Paul holds first, Dino is still in second, Tobey Marshall moves into third.

Yeah, boy.

All right, brother, keep it going.

Dispatch, officers involved in TC. I need rescue, now.

Al! units, they TC'd into two of our officers.

Be advised, five suspect vehicles are entering the tree line.

Consider using lethal force.

They're at mile marker 27.

Dispatch, confirm rescue is rolling. We have another officer down as well as another suspect. 18-5, are you set up for the pit?

18-5 in position.

Suspects approaching on a five count.

18-5, countdown begins.


four, three, two, one.

18-5, perfect pit. Lead suspect down.

I'm hearing over scanners, the Bugatti has just got taken out.

Man. Wait a minute...

Wait a minute, Tobey Marshall has somehow just taken the lead.

Dino Brewster is running last in third place?

Are you kidding me? Hold that lead! Hold that lead!

And then there were three.

We need containment set at Navarro Bridge.

H1, Mendo PD is Code 3 to Navarro Bridge.

They're coming up to the race marker to the bridge.

Tobey is clearly running first. I can't believe it.

The blue collar kid from Mount Kisco is trying to wear Cinderella 's slipper.

That's my dude! Mount Kisco, let's go!

By the way, these cop cars, they top out at about 130.

Hold them back, baby! Hold them back.

Good luck catching up, Smokey. I'll tell you who wins.

Come on!

Dispatch, another suspect is down.

Only two remaining.

The Elemento just flicked the P1 into a roll.

We're down to Tobey Marshall and Dino Brewster.

This ain't just about racing.

Don't do it. Tobey, don't let him do it.

Tobey Marshall just let the Elemento get by him.

- Nice move. That kid better wake up.

Wake up, Tobey!

Wake up and smell that $2 million Lambo in your pocket.

Don't do it, brother. It's not worth it. You can beat him.

Pete... I need you, pal.

Okay, let's go.

Jeez, Dino took a swing and missed and flipped the Elemenm.

Dino Brewster is out Down goes Dino!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tobey is the last man standing! He's gonna win the De Leon!

He's gonna win the De Leon!

The Marshall kid from Mount Kisco! He's gonna make a milk run to victory!

That's right! That's my boy! That's my dude!

That's right. Give me space. I'm about to twerk it out.

Tobey is the last man standing!

Get it. Hit it, hit it. -He's gonna win the De Leon!

I can't believe what I'm seeing!

The kid from Mount Kisco! The blue collar kid!

Wait! Wait.

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Why are you stopping?

Come on, Come on.

Come on.

Hey, you okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Good. This is for Pete.

Let me see your hands!

Let me see your hands!


Stand up! Keep your hands where I can see them.

18-7, Euro plates Sam-Mary-Harry, 2-2-8, registered to a Dino Brewster.

Well, now, hold on, cretins.

I'm hearing over the scanners that the Koenigsegg does indeed belong to Dino and that's the missing evidence that killed Pete.

Well, then it looks like Dino, Dino bambino is going away for a long, longtime.

Well, kiddos, it looks like Tobey himself is gonna enjoy three hots and a cot in the pokey for illegal street racing.

I don't know, Tobey.

A few months in jail to prove your innocence.

Was it worth ii, kid?

All right. Step forward.

Get in!

I'll drive.

I've seen you drive and it's terrifying.

Come on, lovebirds.

We need to get Benny out of the clink.

Maverick is getting out for good behavior.

Yeah, apparently he started some fitness program for the inmates or some shit.

We got five hours to get to Utah.

Let's go.


Yeah, that's right, baby.

You're rocking with the champ.

You're rocking with the champ. Number one.

Don't even call me Maverick no more. Call me Benny the Champ.

That's right, baby. That's good, Jeff. I see you, Jeff.

What are you doing? What are you doing, Gerald?


You know what? You got a solo. Come on over here.

Let's see the solo, bro. Let's see the solo.

Get it, Gerald! Get it, bro!

That's what I'm talking about, bro! Yes!