Nekromantik (1987) Script

Come on, hurry up!


If you've got to go every ten minutes we'll never get there.

Get the map out, I want to know how far it is.

Where the hell are we?

You've got the map, haven't you?

Let me see...

Oh, my God! Watch out!!!

All right, boys. We're there. Get out!

Go ahead!

Where are the body bags?

Joe's Streetcleaning Agency

Get out of the way. I have to see the boss!

Hey, wait a minute... I'll show you wait a minute!!

It's all yours.

OK... Well, then... See you!

Bruno, how did it go?

How do you think it went?

This Schmadtke guy, he's hopeless, it's not going to work.

Listen, he hasn't been with us very long.

We got to give him a chance.

And anyway I'm too busy to bother with this kind of crap.

I'm still not happy with him...

That's your problem. OK, get to work!

Hi, darling.

...what we are talking about here are real phobias, with a high rating on the test anxiety scale according to Krumholtz and Thorensen.

And even after a very long desensitization period you can reckon with a sudden relapse with the worst possible consequences.

But when the person is continually confronted with his phobias, does it not become less horrific? I am thinking especially of soldiers in war who could not stand the sight of blood, or teenagers who watch brutal video nasties all the time.

Of course we have a reduction in fear through systematic desensitization, but only with less serious phobias.

But we're talking here about spider phobias.

We now hear from Prof. Dr. Laskowski.

Spiders, because of the way they look, even though they are very useful animals, are the cause of many phobias in people.

These phobias take the form of pathological fear.

These people can sometimes be cured through shock-therapy or desensitization.

I remember a case where I simply put a spider on the patient's hand and her phobia was immediately cured.

She then went on to develop a very close relationship to these animals.

This shows, that this kind of therapy can be used to cure other, similar aversions; for example fear of dirt, excrement or dead bodies.

This is, of course, a very unexplored area in psychology, and we have only made the first steps into a mysterious land of wonders...

Joe's Streetcleaning Agency.

Well, how does it look, officer?

OK, we're finished here. You can drag him out.

Get to it!

Have fun, boys.

He picked up a good day to go swimming, didn't he?

Hurry UP!

That's it for today. Rob, you take him away.

Betty, come here!

Guess what it is?

Here you go. I've got some videos here.

They're real hot stuff.

Good one!

What's that terrible smell? Is that you?

Have a look in Schmadtke's locker.

URGH! He's left his overalls here to rot over the weekend.

Where is he anyway?

He's not here. What, he's not here yet?

Good morning...

What's the idea, you're always late?!

Yeah, a couple of minutes.

I'll show you a couple of minutes. What is this, a pig sty?

I've had enough of you. We're going to see the boss.

Hey, are you CRAZY??!!


Yes, child, I hope we'd be a happy family.

Eva's tears run over her face.

I could not talk, and afraid to look at the man.

"What is with you?" he asked, worried.

"That was too much for me," she whispered.

Love showed in the sight of the smiling Eva.

"Do you think you could ever love me?" he whispered.

Do you think you could ever love me?

"It was love at first sight," she said, breathlessly, but I never hoped that you could love me too.

Didn't you feel it...?

OK, you can see for yourself...

You don't fit in here.

I have to rely on my foreman's judgment.

Go Pick your papers.

They've thrown me out.

Thrown you out? Fired??

What for?

Trouble with Bruno.

And they simply threw you out?

Why didn't you stand up for yourself?

Don't just hang there like a wet blanket.

I bet you stood there in front of your boss, staring at your feet, you wimp!


What can I say?

My God, you're unbelievable.

Do you want me to go out and work for you...?

Shall I go searching for corpses?

How long do you think he's going to last?

Look at the state of him!

I'll tell you something:

If I meet a guy with money, then you won't see me around here anymore.

I'm not going to waste the best years of my life here with you in this hole!

Stop it!

No, not at all!

Rob! it's all over.

I think you understand that I don't want to sacrifice the best years of my life for you.

I've taken “our friend” with me, as a last present from you to me.

Good bye. B.

Ticket, three beers, crisps, peanuts.

Has the film started?

Ten minutes ago.

Ticket and a beer.


I've never had such a horrible pig between my legs.

He stunk to high heaven and wanted to do it doggy style...

The old bastard!

Just looking, baby!

If he comes back tomorrow he's not going to find me here!

...yeah, if you want to do it there it's OK with me, but it will cost you more.

Here, that one.

OK, slip it in!

What's wrong?

Can't you get it up?

Come on, try it again...

Something's wrong...

Don't laugh at me, you cunt!