Neo-eui kyeol-hoon-sik (2018) Script

PARK Bo-young KIM Young-gwang My life's been a series of impossibles.

Impossible is an opinion, not a fact.

Turning impossible into possible is tough.

It's filled with hard hits, often leaving behind scars.

But scars are signs of overcoming injuries.

Only one thing has the power to do that,

and that's love.

That's how I gifted her the trophy.


He's talking crap again.

Now that you're entertained, let's begin the lesson!

Stop that!

Let's begin! Spread out!

"Sender: Hwan Seung-hee"

Hwan Seung-hee.

I never knew there was a surname Hwan until that day.

"June, 2005"

Come at me.

You bastard!

Using a weapon?

Why do you keep picking fights?

What's the reason?

Say something!

Why am I punishing you?

Do you know? Yes!

And yet you still fought?

Hi, honey.

You got a new transferee. What happened?

Don't move, buddy!

Sit. Yes.

Hwan Seung-hee...

Never seen a Hwan before.

You came from Jeonju?

Your grades are excellent.

Seniors don't usually transfer, will you be okay?

It's fine.

Stay here for a bit. Okay.

Hey there, is this your first transfer?

I transferred here, 1 st semester last year.

If you need an advice, feel free to talk to me.

I'm Hwang Woo-yeon, class 1.

Not the best first impression, but I'm a good guy.

Hwang Woo-yeon, your butt crack's cracked.


"New chick's hot"

"There's a Hwan?"

"she's from Jeonju"

"So cute!"

"Gonna ask her out"

Did you get a pic?

Screw off, asshole.


Let's get along.

She's a tough nut.

Hey, look!

"Fresh meat belongs to Taek-ki, so leave her alone!"

Long jump!

2.7m! Did you see?

Did you?

Second jump!

What a dumb-ass.

Look at that.

"Taek-ki's girl"

"T loves S"

What is it?


Stupid bastards, so annoying.

You're adjusting quickly.

As 2 transferees, wanna go for a quickie?

Quickie: A brief and spontaneous episode of sexual activity.

I'm confused, what is she thinking?

I can't lose my composure, never. Never!

Should we?

Don't look up, I'll kill you. I'm not looking!

Hurry up! Don't look!

I need spicy rice cakes.

You know a good place?

Food here is good.

Are you sick?

No, I'm too healthy.

Are you originally from Jeonju?


Daejeon? Were you born there?

Are you from the census?

Could I get some tempura and liver?

Okay. Thank you.

"Convenience store"

Yo, let's go, go!

What did you buy?

Well, you know.

You know, what? Smokes?

When was your first quickie?

Grade 8?

Really? That's fast...

You're so dirty!

Why is that dirty?

Cherry popping at that age is definitely not clean.

Cherry popping? What's that?

What did you buy? Stop that!

Show me! Don't do that!

Bullcrap! It's nothing like that!

Come on!

Give it!

Lucky Charm, XX-Large?


Many slangs exist for skipping class:

Cutting class, playing hooky, or bunking off in England.

There are many adequate slangs for it!

Perverted bastard! What do you take me for!

It's still a mystery why it's "quickie" in Jeonju!


So why didn't you use a universal slang?!

It's skipping class! Playing hooky!

Stupid bastard!

What? What's wrong?

No quickie today?

Stop that!

Quickie?! Stop!

When did you do it?! Shut up!


Shut the hell up!

I'm not done, asshole!

You bitch!

You really like spicy rice cake.

And you really like fighting.

If you love it that much, at least get paid to do it.

Taek-ki's boys were looking for you.

So what?

If you tell them we're dating, they won't bother you.

You can pretend, or they'll keep harassing you.

Those guys are hooligans.

Look who's talking, you're the same.

I got a reason. An excuse.


I was 164 cm tall when I transferred here.

They picked on me and called me "City Hick", but I drank 3 bottles of milk everyday, and had a growth spurt, so I'm paying back.

One at a time.

You live a stupidly complicated life.

If I never fight again?

I'll promise.


Yo, City Hick.

Having lunch?

Are you nuts?!

We're dating.

Leave us have lunch quietly.

We're dating.

Your life at school will get tough.

Could you leave us?

Keep your promise. Yes, ma'am!

So you'll give up your revenge for love?

I was getting sick of throwing punches.

Same shit over and over.

You're all grown up after 1 quickie?

Stupid bastard.

I wanna grow up too.

I wanna be a man. Shoot!

What happened? Someone beat you up?

My dad beat me up while watching TV.


Your punishment is oral poison!

He commits crime and gets oral sex!

Did I just hear that?! What did you say?!

What a dumb-ass!

That's what I heard!

Let me go, you crazy idiot.

Thank you.

This food is unfit for pre-phys ed college student.

You don't have to sit here.

What's wrong with taking an empty seat?

You got some milk on you.

What's he doing? That dumb-ass...

Aren't I so dependable?

If it wasn't for me, you could've gotten hit.

I know.

Hey! Wait for me!

It's so cold!


"It's my 20th wedding anniversary! Come back tomorrow!"

What will you major in college?

Haven't thought about it.

I like to draw, but I'm sure to starve.

Why don't you ever study? Not interested in college?

Or is your family rich?

Studying is so boring.

Reading textbooks is the least fun thing to do.

Do you study for fun? Stop wasting your life away.

I'll live till 80, let me have fun for 2-3 years.

Idiot, you'll live a tough life because you wasted 2-3 years.

So have fun and study too.

Are you doing that on purpose?

Pretending to be tough, saying tough words.


I was right.

Look, our teacher!

Hey! You two! Teacher?!

Don't let me catch you!

Stop right there! Dang it!


I'm gonna get you! Don't follow us!

I'm gonna kill you!

You dwarf!

I'm gonna catch you!

I said stop! Punks!

I'll get you!

I'll find you at school!

Where are they?

Yo, giraffe!


I can hear your breathing!

I'll go easy on you so come out now.

Not coming out? Don't move!

I'm trying... Gonna be here all night?

Can you move up a little?

Stop squirming!

Come on out! Damn teacher...

I should quit smoking.

I think he's gone.

Is he? I think so.

You read everything.

I'm just curious about everything.

When's your birthday?

Mother's Day, May 8.

But we don't exchange gifts.

Holy crap. New Year for me.

"4.28.2003, bus terminal: My gift is always New Year allowance, and my cake was always New Year rice soup.

"7.8.2002, back from dentist" Oh well, how about a movie?


Do you write when and how you bought these books?

It's like capsulating a memory, instead of just a name.

Eh? Alien?

Which genre do you like? Comedy? Thriller?

Got anything erotic?

I heard all guys have stuff like that.


You know, with tits and asses.

I already grew out of those...

Wait! Stop it!

I got a loser friend named Geun-Nam, he left them here!

Do guys look at these and masturbate?

I'm curious, when do guys start masturbating?


What the hell?

This is a modern era, you can tell me.

When did you start?



At around 11 PM?

You dumb-ass, she didn't mean time...

Why didn't I say 11 -year-old? So dumb...

Midnight for Cinderella, 11 PM for Woo-yeon!

Stop that!

I'll kill you!

Okay, I promise, I'll stop.

"When time passes, it's nothing at all."

"Smile it off."

I really like that song.

When I'm sad, I listen to it over and over again, and I feel better.

I can walk home alone from here.

Hop on! I'll take you home.

It's okay, see you at school.

Good night! See you tomorrow!


I'm gonna go! Bye!

"Input new passcode" 0508

"Save new passcode?"

Holy cow! Who are you?!

Holy shit!

Can I stay here for a few days? I'm too embarrassed.

What did you do now?!

I had a terrible day, and was feeling blue, so I jerked off.

I locked my door, and played a hot porn.

You know.

And, goddammit...

I looked to my right and saw a roll cake and juice.

What a moron.

That's not all!

My relatives came by today, it could've been my aunt, my cousin or mom...

I can't tell...

Will dad understand?

Go kill yourself, dipshit!

What will you do?

What the hell? What is it?

I've had enough, let's go upstairs.

Upstairs where?

I gotta whip your ass to maintain order here.

Get up, asshole!

Sure, order is important.

Raise your hand if you think you're stronger than me.


Okay, Taek-ki, anyone else?

No one? Me.

Okay, Jin-Sam.

Anyone else?

1, 2, and then me.

I'll be the 3rd place, are you happy?

Are you dicking me around?

Hey, stop!

Come on, asshole!


We're settled.


Stop it!

I conceded to you, isn't that enough?

Let go of me!

You bastard!

Taek-ki! Come on, man!

He knelt down to you!

Let go of me! Stay out of this!

Let's stop! Son of a bitch!

Why isn't he fighting back?

Is something on my face?

Are you impressed that I kept my promise?

What are you doing?

Every chance you get...

That's all you think about.

About what?

What's wrong?


Eat something.

You even skipped lunch!

Should I feed you? Will you eat then?

Are you sick?

Start of your period?

Or fought with your mom?

What's going on?!

Just stop it! Leave me alone!

You got some temper...

Whatever! Eat it or toss it!

"Raise corners of your mouth,"

"it's a wonderful world!"

"Smile again!"

"Smile bigger!"

"When time passes, it's nothing at all."

"Smile it off,"

"smile wide once more."

"Like someone," Crazy bastard.

"Who owns the world." so full of crap.


"you can do it."

"I was angry,"

"annoyed too."

"Lament on my misfortune,"

"my love never answers me,"

"my future feels bleak,"

"it's so easy to give up."

"But that's life,"

"it'll feel like only bad things happen."

"It's all up to you."

"Smile brightly!"


This tiny thing can hold over 60 songs!

A thank you would be nice.

I actually can't say that, never said it.

What's so hard about it?

Well, it's like... a greeting.

Give me your hand, I got something for you too.


Just one hand.

Just your left. Okay, fine.

Don't move.

Don't move, hold still.

Seung-hee, rice cake!

She turned it off?

"Meteor Delivery"

He trashed everything.

How will she open the shop?

I know...

"Hair Salon"

How could he call himself her husband...

Why did I marry him...

You weren't answering my calls...



Hello? Seung-hee?


Are you okay?

Where are you?

That man was my dad.

He's a good man, except when he drinks.

I've been running away with mom.

He found us quickly this time.

Woo-yeon? Yeah?

You're a good guy, take care of yourself.

What do you mean by that?

Hey, Seung-hee!


If you skip class to cry in here like a baby, you think Min-Jung will take you back?


You're really not coming out?

Leave me alone, I'm going nuts!

Since you put it that way, it hurts me too.

Do you know what I did after high school?

I was too dumb for college, so I fried chicken.

There was a regular, a college chick.

Totally my type.

We got along, I bought her chicken and coffee.

So I asked her out, guess what she said.

"I hate college rejects."

Here you go. Thank you.

Have a great meal! See you again!

This beer tastes flat.

A college reject shouldn't drink.

Is your mock test score up?

Indeed, indeed, I'm up to level 3.

So which college?

A Seoul college, of course.

Check it out, chicks are so hot.

Such hotness!

I'm gonna start using Seoul accent.

And only drink Seoul milk, and wear Gangnam style, polo shirt and stuff.

Dude, I'm gonna take a leg.

Right? Aren't Seoul chicks hot?

So frigging hot... so you want to go to her college?


Love and college, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

What a load of crap.

Well, we can't say no if you want to study.

So, which college?

Hankook University.

Hankook University?

In Seoul?


Don't laugh, I'm gonna do this.

I'm sure you will, which major?

Phys ed. Physical education?

You think that's easy?

Stop laughing at me!

I want mixed rice for all my meals!

I'm gonna save time eating!

Stop laughing!

You're jealous that Geun-nam's going to Seoul, no?

Did you two even go to college?!

Seung-hee should've gone to Harvard!

It's simple.

Consider 2 girls as 1.

But there's 2.


I'm sick of this! Forget Hankook!

But it's 2...


I solved it! It's 480!

"Test Room 3"

"Welcome New Students!"

He looks hot.

I searched the campus inside out but nothing.

I asked about her at the admin office, but they said it's a violation of privacy, punishable by 3 years in prison and $10,000 fine.

While thinking about how to find her, an idea popped up.

So many rice cake shops...

Why is your group so weird?

Right? I'm doing all the work.

Don't do that.

It's not like you'll get the best score.

But no one's doing it!

Then ignore it like the rest.

Seung-hee! What if I fail?

Hey, Hwan Seung-hee!

Huh? Woo-yeon!


What are you doing here?

This doesn't make any sense, I'm sure you weren't a charity case.

I'm a genius, I just didn't try.

"Tutor Available Hankook U, Fashion Design"

Congrats, at least you wised up.

How did you end up in fashion design?

I got a new dream.

I want to start my own brand.


Do you do a lot of tutoring?

Not a lot because of classes.

He's here again.

You know him?

He hits on my boarding house lady quite a bit.

She rejects him, but he gifts her rice and flowers.

That's what you do when you like someone.

Where do you live?

Listen up, newbies!

Yes! Okay.

No gambling, overnight guests, and skipping classes!

It's okay to bring boy or girlfriends, but they can't move in.

Not because I'm single, but for the sake of your parents.

It's burning, flip them.


I know what your parents at home feel, okay?

Woo-yeon, Geun-Nam! Yes?

Eat plenty of veggies, and less fast food.

Veggies prevent fat hardening. Thank you.

Thank you!

Gong-ja, you're not eating?

I actually only eat beef.

But you look like you could eat an entire pig.

Come out when I say so!

Take it. Okay.


So we're all same age, huh?


We're on the same boat, good to meet you.

I'm a Hotel Management major, Choi Su-pyo.

Phys ed, Hwang Woo-yeon. Okay Geun-Nam.

Fashion design, Gu Gong-ja.

From Princess City, so I'm a prince type.

You're so stylish.

Eating that? No, take it.

I'm gonna make mixed rice, want some?

Come on... Did I say something?

He has allergic reaction to mixed rice.

Hey, Seung-hee!

Come, join! Eat with us!

Seung-hee, join us! Come over!

Woo-yeon, could we talk?

Did you have dinner? You should join us.

I got a boyfriend.

Is that so?

I wanted to tell you, so it's not awkward.

Not at all.

That's it?

Okay, then.


I didn't think of that...


Listen, buddy!

Probability-wise, it's better that she's taken.

Stop saying shit and go to sleep.

Love is all about probability...

What're you doing?! I hate bunk beds...

Drunk bastard...


Let's say she's available, this long leg is you, then this fatty, medium, and skinny legs, they're all your competition.

But with a boyfriend, you're competing with just one.

You got 50% chance, same as Taek-ki.

Son of a bitch!

You're a genius!

That prick's a captain of the football team.

This little prick...

Ready, set!


QB is awesome! I know...

Pass, pass!


Defense! Defense!

So he's the captain, look at his hair.

So shiny and perfect.

Wow, he must be popular.

He's a bit hotter than Taek-ki.

Screw that.

He looks like a pimp.

Palm of your hand shouldn't touch, put your fingers between laces.

Elbow by your ears, like this.

Woo-yeon, you try it.


Not like that.

Between the laces... Give me, I'll try again.

It's heavy, right?

Break time!

Take one. Thanks a lot.


Thank you. Drop your hand.

I needed this.

You okay? Didn't get hurt?

Maybe this much?

Don't be a baby.

Oh yeah.

Hey. Yeah?

Set me up with him.


Your tall and hot friend from your boarding house.


Why? He's got a girl?

No, nothing like that.

Don't wanna. Why?

I just don't want to.

You two could be a good couple.

Hwan Seung-hee.

You know me so well?

Let's hear it, which type is right for me?

Forget it then, it's your loss.

Let me help you with that!

Come here and help!

We're fine on our own. I'll help you.

Allow me!

You don't have to.

Let us help you. I Can help.

It'll only take a second. Yeah, really fast.

You really shouldn't. It's fine.

Get your own line, college students need internet.

Sorry about that.

Thank you so much!

Take this.

How do you say "flexible" in English?



I wanna date bendy women...


What the shit?


Is watching porno illegal? Be quiet!

We're so screwed!

Open this door! Sure!

What's wrong? Move aside.

Come with me. Why? What did I do?

You'll find out!

What's going on? What did I do?

What did he do?

I dunno.

What did I do?

You perverted bastard!

I didn't do anything! Tell me what I did!

Seung-hee! Hey!

Come with us!

Are you a cop? Don't push me!

Why're they taking Seung-hee?

Is it because we downloaded porn?

They must've traced her LP.

PC's Woo-yeon's.

That must be it! Korea's IT is so advanced!

What do we do?

What do I do with these?

You gotta destroy all of them!

Screw that, hold on! Not this one!

Hold still! Don't touch that!


It was su-pyo...

Here, look, they're taking money.

Who'd have thought these seniors were the thieves?

You tell them!

Sir, she's innocent, could you let her go?

You wanna be chivalrous?

Come on, we were curious hot-blooded boys, we wanted to see white chicks, you know?

What do you take me for?

How does 6 years in prison sound?

6 years? Really?

6 years for what?

You. Yes?

Give me the grandparents' number.

My grandparents? They passed away.

Passed away?! Like hell they are!

I checked it with my own damn eyes!

They died when I was a kid, I don't even remember them.

Don't lie!

You'll even like about not knowing your dad!

Yeah, I severed ties with him, is that a crime?!

Why are you bringing him up?

You little punk!

You guys are too much!

Why bring up her tragic family history?!

Buddy, how much did you take?

What money?

He's been brainwashed.

I know you took the money!

You got paid to show them that?

You got it all wrong! I didn't take any money!


Show what?

They got something else, this is a gold mine!

Sir, help me!

Just spill it.

Oh man!

What are we doing? In a jail cell...

Will you keep quiet?

Come on...

We arrested the seniors, so hold on tight.


Why are you so happy to get beaten up by a girl?

Dimwitted bastard.

Hey What?

Yoon-geun... why do you like him?

That's a bit random.

I was just curious.

It only took 3 seconds.

3 seconds?


I'm told it only takes 3 seconds to fall for someone.

It could be love at first sight, or it could be your friend, but feels like someone new.

I took the entrance exam and dropped my test slip.

See you in March.

That was... exactly 3 seconds.

That was it.

Really? Yeah.

In front of T.A.?

So-Jung was so embarrassed, she said to Bu-sun, "why are you so slow-witted?"

Ma'am! It's Woo-yeon, let me in!


What is it?

Isn't it important to create an academic atmosphere here?


This is a sacred space!

A man and a woman! In a room! Every night!

Chatting and laughing!

I can't study at all!

It wasn't intentional, but being lonely for so long...

Who's not lonely here? We're all from out of town!

I'm lonely too! I could die of that!

Hey there.

I'm sorry about everything.

We didn't intend to interfere with your studies.

We're celebrating our 100th day...

Sorry about that. Why are you sorry?!

Buddy! Ma'am!

We disturbed your studies! Wait, please!


What's your score? I'm sorry!

You drink everyday! What's going on?

Can't I fall in love too?!

Please stop... stay out of this!

Think you know love?

Why then?! Go easy on him, baby!

We gotta finish what we started!

Answer me! Buddy!

You did laundry drunk, you mixed colors and whites!

Don't touch me!

Oh my god, oh my god, who's that blonde?

She must be the German exchange student...

Her tits are out of this world!

Who did we exchange to get that angel? Hold this.

Ow, that hurts!

Hello? Hello.

What's your name, baby?

Catherine. Catherine? Wonderful.

He's so brave...

He watches so much porn that he doesn't fear white people.

Dude, yo, bud...

What will you do?

Excuse me, hello?

I'm a new student here, so I'm a little lost, Which way is to your home?

You're so pretty.

Did we come to college to hook up?

I bet they didn't call their moms, let alone send flowers.

Today's Mother's Day?

Don't do it, I already got 3 cones.

I gotta go!

That prick! He's a good son...

"Boarding House"

You like it?

So pretty.

Happy birthday.

Thank you.


"September, 2007"

He still looks like a hobo.

I regret asking you to set me up with him.

He should go to the homeless shelter.

Thanks for not setting me up... so-Jung!

Your brows are mismatched, this part's thicker.

Really? Yeah.

I drew it well...

You should check it.

Wash your shirt for once.

Hwang Woo-yeon!

Hey! Stop ignoring me!

Buddy! What?!

What is it!

I got some friends in Paris and London.

Wow... Paris? London?

I've never been outside Korea.

Wanna go?

But Europe's expensive.

Why worry about that? You'll be my guest.

What do I tell my parents?

Just say you're going on a trip with friends.

Ready, hut!

Yoon-geun, run!

Let's do this! We can win!

Yoon-geun, we might actually win this game.

I know, I'm nervous too.

I bet something on this game.

Way to go!

How much?

Not money, to Seung-hee.

If we win, I promised her a trip to Europe.

She didn't know we might be winning.

Too cold? Yeah, a bit.


What are you doing?

Going to Europe?

You wanna go with that bastard?

What's it to you?

Hwan Seung-hee, snap out of it!

Your boyfriend was using Europe to hit on a girl.

Smashing his window wasn't enough for you?

You disappoint me.

One touchdown to win!

1 minute is enough, don't give up, okay?

Okay! Ready, set.


Get it together! Look at the time!

Don't mind the clock, receivers, go wide.

Shit, 3 seconds!

It's that important?

I'll get through, so cover me.

What the hell, man. You will?

We got 3 seconds...

The play isn't over if we have the football, the game is still on.

I believe in you.

Ready, set!


Someone said once, first love is like walking.

You gotta learn to fall, so you can walk properly.

Another said, those who never experienced first love are fools.

They're so full of shit.

Good job!

Stop him!

"2012 General Election Gallup Poll"

Guys, there are feminine and adolescent psychologies, but not men, why do you think so?

Well, because... us guys are... so moody?

Why is that?

Because it's the same as adolescent psychology.

So I let my baby do whatever he likes.

Min-kyung, you should reconsider.

It's dad, I gotta take this.

Of course! Take your time!

Hi, dad.

I heard she's from a rich family.

If they're buying a house, for you two, accept it.

It's too early for that!

Graduate, become a teacher, then it's a done deal.

Still got the performance test That's piece of cake for you two.

I wanna meet Gangnam girls too, but I only get hick girls.

It's because you're targeting boarding house girls.

They provide food and shelter, what do you know about girls?!

Over here!

3 more portions, please! This soldier's buying!

What the hell, asshole!

How dare you try to buy drinks with tax money!

And I only ate 3 pieces!

Cheap bastard, he never buys.

COMSEC, Choi su-pyo!

A soldier's drinking!

He's using tax money!

National defense budget! He's wasting it all!

Last set!

One! Nice! Good posture!

Two, breathe out!

Come workout!


No thanks.

Turn your head slowly, okay, good.

Seung-hee, by yourself.


Look at the camera. Okay.



Let's switch it up.

Yeah, that's good.

Good, smile like that, very good!

I did a part-time modeling by chance, and I got paid $2,000.

That's like several months of part-time gigs.

So I wanted to do one more modeling gig, and still doing it.

I saw you on cable TV.

Taste of Market. Dang it!

So embarrassing!

That got cancelled in a month, you saw that?


Girlfriend? Yeah.

Her name is Min-kyung, a graduate student.

I see.

You? Dating anyone?

Don't even mention it, I'm not interested.

I saw so many weirdos in this field.


Something bad?

A friend was supposed to help, but she can't do it this time.

What kind of help?

I got a lot of work out of town, so she's been driving me.

It's hard driving all night and shooting in the morning.

I'll do it, I got plenty of time.

Really? Yeah.



You can't even do that?! I'm so sorry!

We gotta set up the table again!

I'm sorry...


The fish has to flap around, this feels dull.

Wake up!

Let's end with a front shot of you falling into water!


In the water?

Yeah, give it a try!

The weather's good, let's go with that.

Oh yeah.

The most important thing, your pay, thank you.

Good night, and see you in 2 days.



Didn't want it to go to waste.

"2013 New Designer Recruitment"

What you're doing is cool, but you were cooler when you were designing.

It was your first dream.

"Min-kyung: Movie tonight?"

Why didn't you call me during your military service?


There wasn't really any time, and too hectic too...

"5 years ago"


I heard you're up for military service.

Yeah, tomorrow morning.

I'm taking a bus there.

Should I see you off?

I was mortified.

I should've listened to you.

It's okay, I beat him up for you.

Son of a bitch, Yoon-geun.

I get instant relief when I say that.

Son of a bitch, Yoon-geun.

Son of a cow, Yoon-geun.

Thank you. Thank you.

Drink slowly, you're gulping it down.

It feels like I'm forcing you to drink.

It's almost over, there's no time to eat.

I already paid for the last bus.

Don't try to get me drunk, miss the bus, and force me to sleep here with you.

So I wasted money on condoms again?


Come on!


so cold...


Did you see my friend?

You were dead without her last night.


Hwang Woo-yeon!

Woo-yeon! Hey!

Why're you so loud?


I think my drunk friend fell asleep in there.

It's been 40 minutes.

But it's so cold in the washroom.

What do we do?

Got it, got it! It's open! Good!

Wait! Ma'am! Come back!

I don't believe this!

You pooped everywhere and fell asleep!

She cleaned you up with hot water, washed your clothes and left on the first bus.

Such a nice girl.

She did that?

You didn't clean me?

Why the hell would I clean your poop?!

I can still smell it...

Wear a diper when you go out drinking.


"I'm leaving early to save you some face,"

"call me when you're assigned."

Yes, Producer Choi!

I'm on the way.

It's my first TV commercial, so I'm taking extra care of my skin for...


Woman 4's been cut?

How could you tell me that hours before the shoot?


Producer? Hello?

Son of a bitch, Choi!

Son of an asshole, Choi!

You remember that?

Of course I do, you taught me that.

Stupid bastard, Choi!

Village idiot, Choi!

Get in, I know a place.

Let's just get lunch.

Dude. What?

Forget it.

I don't want to.

What did you want to show me?

Totally worth sneaking in.

Since you didn't call at all, I thought you forgot about me.

How could I forget?

Whenever I ride a bus, I keep hearing "transfer".

Why did we have to meet as transfer students?

I actually thought about you quite a bit.

What if you got drunk again, and pooped everywhere and died in a toilet?

Stop it.

I got something else, can I say it?

At 11 PM every night, I thought, "he must be busy!" stop it, come on.

Midnight for Cinderella, 11 PM for Woo-yeon!

Stop it!

I'll kill you!

I've had it!

You'll meet your end!

Yoon-geun in college, Min-kyung then.

We always had barriers.

Love is all about timing.

More than my passion for her, when our paths crossed again was more important, that was how fate worked.

See ya.



I still like you.



I'm happy when I'm around you, but...

That's enough.

What? What will you do?

Hwang Woo-yeon!


Come on...

Get set!



Maybe I gave you too much freedom.

That friend of yours is your first love, right?


Do you still like her?

I'm sorry.

I really am.

"We better not see each other, sorry, Seung-hee"

Was your body never the same even after recovering from your injuries or illnesses?

We're at a physiotherapy clinic in...


What's wrong?

I'm sorry, sir, one moment.


Take 5.

Didn't you see my text? We shouldn't meet again.

I broke up.

I told her what you mean to me.

How? What do I mean to you?

Why are you so stubborn?

You're like this because of lingering feelings from our youth.

I'm not the same girl you longed for back then.

But you are, you're still the same.

You know the sayings, there's always another bus, half of the world is female!

Seoul population is 10 million, half of that is 5 million.

Girls my age are 100,000.

Half of that for single and available girls.

Remove girls I'm related to, and from 1% tier upper class family!

And anyone my friends and relatives dated.

That'll only get complicated.

What else...

What's the point of half of the world?

They're not you.

I have to go.


Are you okay?

Oh my god!

Someone call an ambulance!


Hwang Woo-yeon!

Someone help! Woo-yeon!

I heard your performance exam was yesterday.

I can repeat a year, I'm good at that.

Don't joke about that.

How could you laugh?

I'm just glad you're not hurt.


Sorry. It's okay.

Do you have a brain?! What did I do?

You wasted a month of part-time work on this?

You're so hopeless, you stupid!

Stupid? How could you say that?

I bought it for you! I never got you proper gifts!

If you saved $100 a month, you could have $600!

Don't you have any future plans?

What about savings and housing deposit?

Look at this credit card bill!

You stupid! Seoul housing deposit can't be saved in a year or two!

So you'll rent all your life? Do you ever think about me?

Then you're thinking about moving in with me?

I want to kiss!

Then get on it!

What if I had bad credit with $1 million gambling debt?

I'll pay it all back by selling my organs.

Or go to jail for you.

What if I get dementia? I can't remember anything.

And I poop everywhere.

I'll put tiles and waterproof the bed.

What if I get into an accident, and can't walk anymore?

That's a good thing, you won't ever leave me then.

What if I lose this?

You're such a bad girl.

Almost done!

What is it?

Making my boyfriend a jacket, of course.

Nice. Widen your shoulder.

Put this over you. Okay.

It's still far off.

Not in public!

Got something on you!


It's not done yet. Let me try it!

Not yet! You said it's done!

No, not yet!

Looks so good.

My girl's work, the guys are here.

Over here! Seung-hee!

Congrats on your promotion!


Designer Hwan! I'm glad you stuck with design.

Where are your manners! We're getting old together.

Move over, let her sit.

"Job Application Form"

Baby, eat this.

It's burnt. Let's drink.

Seung-hee, why don't you do it too?

You'd look so good in a wedding dress.


Don't waste time, get hitched right away.

You totally should. But that's...


Is getting married so easy?

Remember Nelson Mandela? Nobel Peace Prize winner.

He endured torture for 27 years in a desert prison, but got divorced in 6 months.

Why bring that up here?

Don't worry, he's way too cheap to pay for a divorce.

He's never bought us booze, how's your new home It's great, you punk!

Mr. Homeowner! Congrats!

But the mortgage is ginormous. We're slaves to the bank.

Baby, I planned everything out, just trust me and go with it, okay?

Does life ever pan out accordingly?

Not even a single life works out properly.

Gong-ja borrowed money to start his business, but lost everything and got a job.


Geun-Nam bought a used car to drive himself to work, then smashed a luxury car on his first day at work.

I remember that, stupid idiot.

Let's go outside and get some fresh air.

Go ahead. Let's go.

Sorry about what I said. Not at all.

Choi su-pyo!

Before you get married, destroy CDs in Adidas shoe box.

What CDs?

Language tutorial CDs.

What language?

English! Japanese!

German! English!


What's wrong?

I think it's all because of me.

You didn't get the score needed to become a teacher, because you got injured.

That always bothered me, and seeing you like this...


I'm sorry.

You wanted to come here all of sudden?


This place never changes.

It'll still look the same decades later.

We'll reminisce about this walk, when we come back then.

The city will never redevelop this historic trail.

I got no energy to think that far away.

What should we have for dinner?

My company's sending me to Belgium.

How long?

2 years, maximum 3 years.

Go ahead.

That's it? It's that simple?

Why complicate things? I can't deter you.

You'll go anyway.

Did you get any sleep?

You know...

It's a son? Of course It's a son!

Wasn't 12 weeks ago that day?

The day you lost your porn stash.

Conceive on That day? Loser.

You got me really drunk... It's because of him.

I was too drunk for condom.

Give me that.

These are brand new.

You gotta start with these.

Something cheap.

What's with you lately?

About what?

Spill it, asshole!

Forget it.

I know you inside out.

Where would I be if I never met Seung-hee?

No college for you, asshole!

No, as a college senior!

I wouldn't have gotten injured, and got a job by now.

I wouldn't be training fat middle age people.

You'll get a job soon, I guarantee you that.

I'm trying desperately to get a job...

I was writing a cover letter, I wrote "athlete" as my dream, but I kept switching to something else.

Can't never stick with one, this isn't me.

I'm a fake.

Listen to me.

My cover letter is fiction, a fantasy novel.

I don't know what to do, how am I supposed to live?

I'm so afraid that

I might regret meeting her whenever it gets hard.

Dude, stop saying bullshit and let's get drunk.

Aren't I right though?

No matter how I think about it,

my life got tangled since then.


Because of me?

Did we come here to dick around?!

Regret? You regret it?

That's not it, I was saying I'm afraid I might.

So that's what you couldn't tell me.

But did I ask for that?

Getting hurt and us dating were all your choices.

But you regret it?

I'm just saying...

The circumstance was bad.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.

You know I'm not feeling myself lately.

I don't believe this...

How could you...

Dad was the same.

Whenever things didn't work out, he blamed mom.

He said she messed things up.

Let's break up.

Or I might regret it.

Does that still work?

Whenever dad got drunk, I came out and listened to this, until mom called me to say it's over.

I didn't think I'd listen to this because of you.


I'm really sorry.

I'm landing a job soon.

I got a call from a middle school my prof recommended me.

That's good. Really good.

That makes me feel better.

Of course, it'll be alright.

I decided to go to Belgium, it's a good opportunity.

That's great! I'll wait for you.

Consider it my punishment.

Is that good?

Fine! Just hit me!

Hwang Woo-yeon, you idiot!

I told you I wasn't myself.

I misspoke, it was a mistake.

Please forget what I said.

It's not that I can't forget that,

it's the fact that you thought about it.

This remedy doesn't work anymore.

Have a good interview.

Agility is evaluated with running in place, long jump, and high jump.

And 50m, 100m run.

Wanna study by yourself? Phys ed. Is dull, right?

Not even a class, right?

It's not the class, your lesson is dull.

Since the first class, you always look angry.


Yeah, why are you so serious?


Tell us about your first love!

First kiss! Please!

First kiss! First kiss!

You won't like first love story...

Tell us!

It's pretty intense, can you handle it?


There was a girl who worked at a spicy rice cake shop I liked, bullies from my school were harassing her.

So I told them to stop, "Who are you?" "Her boyfriend."

Then I was like, bam, bam! And dropped all 4.

But they brought 20 of their friends!

So I took her hand and sprinted!

Let's me continue, there was this charcoal factory.

And we hid inside.

The charcoal started getting mushy because of the rain.

So I went like this to protect the girl.

Transfer accepted.

"Present day, 2017"

You okay? Hurts a bit!

You punks!

When did you get back?

About a month ago...

I heard you became a full time teacher, congrats.

Thanks, they recognized my true potential.

Why're you hesitating? Getting married or something?


Really? Congratulations.

I thought it's courtesy to tell you in person.

I knew you'd find out.

I didn't want to call you about it either.

Sure, you're at that age to get hitched.

Get married and have plenty of healthy kids, and live a happy life.


Is he Korean?

Yeah, he works for a trade company in Belgium.

I see... Yup...

Oh yeah, make sure to send me... wedding invitation, got it?

"From Hwan Seung-hee"

So she actually sent it!

It was a figure of speech!

Same shit over and over... "Let's have beer sometime,"

Everyone says that but no one carries through!

She said it was courtesy to tell me in person.

Screw that! She planned it!

I know her too well!

Woo-yeon, drink water.

"Don't come around anymore!"

"Never want to see you again!" That's what she meant!

Woo-yeon! Drink water first.

This tastes like booze!

I'm not gonna go!

Why should I? Right?

Never, ever!

Either cry, or get some sleep!

Not gonna cry! I won't sleep!

What would you do?

You got a call about Eun-young's wedding.

I'd go, and bless her!

Bring a hundred guys to jack up her wedding expenses!



Go somewhere isolated!

Isolation... What?

This is isolation?

More like kidnapping, asshole.

This is nice.

No wife, no son, no dirty diapers, this is good.


Are you still using 0508 as your passcode?

Bank account, door and everything?

Not because I can't forget her.

I'm just too lazy.

There's an e-mail account I used when I was dating Hyun-joo.

Never used it after we broke up.

But this client kept sending me e-mail to it.

I forgot about her but PTSD continues.

Post traumatic stress disorder?

Are you kidding?

"Eun-young" Damn...

We broke up after I got this.

I got a brain freeze from the stress.

Whenever I go for a laser tattoo removal, I imagine burning her forehead and branding her...

Meet another Eun-young, you'll save some money.

Got one! A big one!

Know any Eun-young?

Holy cow!

So glad we came! I'll look around for you.

Great job, so proud of you.

So if I meet one, should I get it retouched?

Got any more beer?

Yo! Beer!

Why isn't anyone having fun?

"You're so lucky, you caught me"


It's all about timing.

Guys, get up!

I'm gonna go to the wedding!

Make up your damn mind!

I don't even have a suit!

I'll buy you suits! Free suit!

Okay, get ready!

What about shoes? I'll buy!





Stop! Sir!

Help! He's drowning! Sir! Help us!

Bride, straighten your back.

My waist is going numb.

One, two, three!

Good day.

So you're super isolated?

Say what?

I don't know what you'll say, but do it after the wedding.

She's about to get hitched, this is a huge mistake!

Okay, I'll take the center.

Right. Left.

Bring it in.

Thanks, I believe in you.

Okay, let's go. Sure.

100 days old already? It's so quick.

Did you see?

So adorable! I wanna see a photo.

Wanna see? Show me the baby.

Hold on.

Are you the bridesmaid? I am.

The MC wants to discuss something with you.

Me? Yes.

Why? You'll find out.

The groom's hair is all mess up.

He's so chubby.

Thank you. Congrats, see you inside.

See you later.

Where did everyone go? Did she go to the washroom?

This is so hard...

Wait a minute!

You can't go in right now.

But we're Seung-hee's friends.

She's having a wardrobe malfunction.

Did she fail her diet?

She could be pregnant!

She could be!


Sorry about that!

The dress is pretty.

But not the bride?

You came.

I told you to send the invitation.

I wanted to say something too.

Hwan Seung-hee.

I really regretted a lot.

For hurting you.

For saying I regretted meeting you.

It's actually the opposite.

I'm really happy lately.

Teaching is a lot of fun too.

It's all thanks to you.

I gained a new dream because of you.

Went to college, and met good friends.

Became a teacher.

You changed me into who I am.

I could've wasted my life, but you made me into a man.

Thanks for showing up suddenly in my life, Seung-hee.

Have a good life.

Always be happy.

When I... visited you at school, I wanted to say something.

Whenever I was lonely, lost direction in life, forget about my dream, or when I took a wrong turn, you were always by my side.

Hwang Woo-yeon!

Thank you, so very much.

Bride, enter!

Please greet her with huge applause!

So pretty! Beautiful!