Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997) Script

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Sections 2 and 3 of the east wing will be shut down today at 1800 hours.

Please complete all patient transfers by 1600 hours today.

I'm afraid of Ms. Misato and Ayanami...

Help me. Please help me, Asuka...

Come on... Wake up.

Come on!

Wake up...

Come on... Come on!


Help me...

Please help me...


Help me...

Make fun of me like you always do!

Come on!

I'm the lowest of the low...

A complete lockdown of headquarters?

And still at alert condition one?

But why? That boy was the final Angel, right?

Yeah, that should be the last of the Angels.

Doesn't that mean the crisis is over?

Then what about NERV HQ? What about the Evas?

And Senpai isn't here...

I think NERV will be disbanded.

I have no idea what will happen to us.

We'll have to tough it out until the Instrumentality Project starts.

The Human Instrumentality Project, meant to artificially evolve humanity, a flawed colony organism that's hit an impasse, into a perfect single lifeform.

Talk about paradise on Earth...

The Council intends to use an Eva to enact it, not Adam or NERV.

Just like Kaji predicted.

The promised time is upon us.

With the Spear of Longinus lost, Lilith cannot be our Instrumentality.

Our hopes rest on Unit 01, the sole offspring of Lilith.

That deviates from Seele's scenario.

The purpose of man's existence was to give birth to the Evas.

Humanity must advance to a new world.

The Eva series will do that.

We needn't abandon our human form in order to board Eva's ark.

This is a rite of passage, one necessary to reinvigorate the stagnated human race.

The fate of extinction also contains the rapture of new birth.

Through death, God, man, and all lifeforms will at last become one.

Death produces nothing.

Death is what we shall grant you.

Humanity finds meaning in the struggle for survival.

That was her hope when she chose to remain within the Eva.

Well, well. So this is the real story behind the Second Impact.

Did they spot me?

No, it's something else.

It's starting.

Link to Network No. 6 is down!

Change the left one to the blue emergency comm channel!

Open a satellite link if you must! How's the right one doing?

Communication to all outside networks and data feeds have been severed!

They're after the Magi?

Data intrusion from all external terminals!

They're trying to hack into the Magi!

As I thought. Is it coming from the Magi 02 at Matsushiro?

No, I'm detecting at least five Magi types!

Confirming intrusions from Germany, China and the US!

Seele is going all-out.

We're outnumbered five to one. Bad odds, indeed.

No. 4 firewall breached!

Quarantining main database! It's not working!

-I can't halt the intrusion! -Further intrusion in exterior blocks!

Backup circuits unable to halt advance!

Not good. Commandeering the Magi is the same as occupying HQ.

This is a condition two alert.

I repeat, all personnel report to alert condition two stations.

Man your positions...

Let me guess. The Magi's autonomous defenses?

Yes. Lt. Ibuki at Secondary Command Center will fill you in.

He'll even use a woman he's cast aside if need be?

Such an egotistical man...

A condition two alert is currently in effect.

-Sit-rep. -Good morning, ma'am.

-Tokyo-2 just issued an A-801. -A-801?

NERV has been stripped of legal protections, and the Japanese government has assumed control.

It's their ultimatum.

That's right, ma'am. The Magi are being hacked.

We're on the ropes.

Ibuki here. Dr. Akagi is beefing up our network security.

She's what?


Am I being a fool?

It's so illogical, the way men and women interact.

Isn't that right...


Goura landlines have recovered to 0.2%.

How much more?

It looks like we'll make it. Dr. Akagi is amazing as ever.

Would they stop at hacking the Magi? These guys don't play softball.

I bet...

The Magi attack is just the first round.

They want to secure HQ and the two Evas.

Yes, since we have both Lilith and Adam.

That'd certainly make the old men nervous.

Hacking against the Magi has stopped.

Danang Type B Firewall erected!

External intrusion will be impossible for the next 62 hours.

See you soon, Mother.

Ikari has used Code 666 network protection on the Magi.

Breaching it will be difficult.

We have no choice but to abort our attempt to take over the Magi.

We wanted to do this peacefully, but it seems we have no choice.

We shall attack and seize their HQ complex itself.

Let's get started. Stick to the timetable.

Radar sites no. 8 through 17 have gone dark!

An artillery battalion has breached the Goura Defense Line!

Two other battalions are approaching from the Gotenba area!

As we feared, our final enemy turned out to be our fellow man.

All personnel, condition one battle stations.

Battle stations?

But they're not Angels. They're humans, just like us!

They won't have the same reservations.

-What is it? Hey! -What's going on?

It's the south hub station.

-Daigatake tunnel impassable! -Fires in west no. 5 access corridor!

Intruding force has infiltrated Level 1!

The units in the west annex are a diversion!

If they want to secure the Evas, they'll kill the pilots.

-Get Shinji into Unit 01 immediately. -Yes, ma'am.

-Where's Asuka? -Hospital room 303.

Go ahead and put her into Unit 02.

But she still can't synchronize with her Eva!

She's as good as dead there. Better to stash her in her Eva.


Halt the pilot's meds!

Once Asuka's inside, hide Unit 02 at the bottom of the lake.

They'll find her in no time, but better there than the cage. And Rei?

Whereabouts unknown. We can't find her.

They'll kill her. Find her, and fast.

Launching Unit 02! Will use Route No. 8 and anchor her 70 meters down.

Now launch Unit 01! Station it inside the Geo-front!

No-go, ma'am! Cannot locate the pilot!

Oh, no...

Closing all blast doors up to Central Dogma Level 2.

All noncombatants, evacuate using corridor 87.

No. 3 underground blast door destroyed! Level 2 has been breached!

They must have deployed a division-size SSDF force.

We'll be overrun eventually.

Would you look after things, Prof. Fuyutsuki?

I understand. Give my best to Yui.

-Group 2 not responding! -Mainframe Room no. 77, contact lost!

Maglev line no. 52 demolished!

What a sick joke. These guys make the Angels look like amateurs!

It's only natural. Our side isn't used to killing humans.

Sever the red cables first!

Intruders in Level 3, Block B! They can't hold them off!

From Block F, too! The main bypass is being hit from two sides!

Abandon Level 3 and above! Pull back our combat forces!

Pump Bakelite into all passageways and exchange pipes up to Sector 803!

Yes, ma'am!

Flooding Bakelite from no. 703. Process will be complete in 30.

Flooding Bakelite from no. 703...

That should hold for a while.

Major Katsuragi! Route 47 has been cut, and Group 3 is stuck! At this rate, Shinji's will be killed!

Noncombatants should avoid close-quarters combat.

They're pros.

Anyone who can't retreat to the Dogma should surrender.

-Sorry, take care of things here. -Yes, ma'am.

-Forget Mt. Futago, seal off Nagao-touge. -This is harder than I expected.

They don't give us the easy jobs.

We're at a disadvantage. We don't have decent antipersonnel defenses.

Just basic counter-terrorism stuff.

If the SSDF put their mind to it, this complex would be toast in no time.

Maybe this is why our intruder prevention budget was cut.

That's plausible...

Switch the safety off.

I... I can't shoot one of these.

You've done it lots of times!

That was at targets, not people!

Get over it! It's kill, or be killed!


I thought you might be here.

The promised time has come. Let's go.

Level 2 completely secured, over.

Secondary Command Center and Magi original not yet secured.

Engaging from SCC lower level, west side.

Begin cooling cycle on 5th Bolgia immediately.

Terminate Eva pilots on sight. Weapons free on non-hostiles.

Yanagihara Force and Shinjyo Force, breach into the lower levels now!

Third Children found. Will neutralize.

Nothing personal, kid.

Hey, nothing personal.

Come on. Let's get you to Unit 01.

Yamagishi Detachment, report cage no. 7 status.

Secured the Purple one. Bakelite injection and flooding complete.

Red one seems to have been launched. Determining launch route.

This is bad. They're trying to keep Unit 01 and Shinji physically separated.

There's no time to lose.

Let's get moving, Shinji.

Decide. Will you run away from here or towards Unit 01?

If you just sit here, you're going to die!

Help me, Asuka... Help me...

Turning to a girl to escape a harsh reality is the worst kind of being half-assed!

Come on, stand up!


I'm done. I want to die. I don't want to do anything.

This is no time to act like a baby!

You're still alive, damn it!

Live your life on your feet, and then you can die!

Never mind us, severing the Terminal Dogma has priority!

They've used explosives everywhere else, but not here!

I bet they want to, but can't, with the Magi originals below us.

They must want to secure them with as little damage as possible.

But we don't have many bio-chem defenses. We'd be screwed.

N2 ordnances, too.

-You had to say it! -Have they ever heard of restraint?!

How rash...

Why do they want the Evas so badly?!

They want to trigger the Third Impact, but with the Eva series, not an Angel.

The Second Impact 15 years ago was set off by mankind.

But that was an attempt to minimize the damage by regressing Adam to an egg state before the other Angels could awaken.

Listen carefully, Shinji.

Like Adam, we humans also come from the source of life called Lilith.

We're the 18th Angel.

The other Angels were humanities that might have been, ones free of human form.

But we're all tragic beings who had to reject each other.

Our fellow humans.

Listen, Shinji, you need to destroy the entire Eva series.

It's our only hope of survival.

The phones are down?

Yes, we received confirmation of the missile detonation minutes ago.

This covert Human Instrumentality Project of NERV's...

To think their goal was triggering the Third Impact and obliterating mankind.

It's unbelievable.

Man must be the only creature capable of such hatred for its own kind.

Now, what to do with the NERV HQ complex?

Subcontract its redevelopment to the Germans or Chinese?

They would haggle us to death.

We'll shut it down for 20 years, I suppose. Just like Old Tokyo.

Surface heat has dissipated. No high-pressure steam risk, either.

All units now in initial positions.

We currently have Dogma Level 3 and the purple one secured.

What about the red one?

Located in the underground lake, depth 70. Pilot status unknown.

I'm alive?

I don't want to die...

-I don't want to die... -You must keep living.

-I don't want to die... -You mustn't die, not yet.

-I don't want to die... -You must keep living.

-I won't let you die. -Don't die.

-I won't let them kill you. -You must keep living.

-I won't let you die. -You mustn't die, not yet.

-We will die together! -You mustn't die.

-Die with me! -Don't kill her!

You must keep living!

I don't want to die!

Mommy, this is where you were!


-What the hell? -Did we kill it?

Mom! I understand now, Mom!

I know what the A.T. Field is!

You're protecting me!

You're watching over me!

You were with me this whole time, weren't you, Mom?

Eva Unit 02 has activated! Asuka's okay! She's alive!

She's what?!

The cable! That's its power cable! Concentrate all fire on it!

Even without my umbilical cable...

I've still got 12,000 layers of special armor...

and an A.T. Field!

I'm not about to lose...

to the likes of you!

The Eva abominations...

Once again, they are a thorn in our side.

It would seem that we must fight fire with fire.

The Eva series? They were already completed?

Committing all nine S2 Drive-equipped Evas?

That's a bit excessive...

Unless... Do they intend to set it off here?!

Asuka, you absolutely have to annihilate the Eva series.

I'll send Shinji up in a sec. Hang in there.

So, we can still reach Eva Unit 01 via emergency Route 20?

Yes, I have triple redundancies for the power.

Get there in three minutes, and you have a direct route to cage no. 7.

"Annihilate them," she says...

That's a lot to ask of someone who was just comatose.

Nine in three minutes, 30 seconds. That's just 20 seconds each!


This is it.

They got away?

Unable to neutralize target. Should we pursue?

Negative, we're going to blow that area. Evacuate immediately.


That should... buy us some time.

I'm okay. It's not as bad as it looks.

The power's on. You'll make it.

Listen, Shinji.

What you do next, you need to decide on your own.

You can't ask for help.

No, I can't.

I'm worthless.

Piloting an Eva and hurting or killing people... I don't have the right.

I thought that piloting it was all I had.

But I was kidding myself.

There's no point in someone as ignorant as me piloting an Eva.

What can I possibly do that would help others?

I did terrible things to Asuka. I even killed Kaworu.

I don't have a shred of decency. I'm just a sneak and a coward.

All I do is hurt people. So it's better if I don't do anything!

You'll get no pity from me. If you want to avoid pain, just curl up and die.

Crying now won't help!

You hate yourself, don't you? That's why you hurt others.

You know that hurting others hurts you more than it hurts them.

But no matter what lies ahead, it will be the result of your own decisions.

That means something, Shinji! It means you made a difference!

Don't lie to yourself, think about what you can do, and make amends.

You're just a stranger, Ms. Misato! You don't know anything about me!

So what if I am a stranger? You just want to give up?!

If you don't do anything now, I'll never forgive you!

I'll never forgive you for as long as I live!

You won't always be who you are now.

You'll learn that you made mistakes and regret them. That's me in a nutshell.

A cycle of false elation and self-loathing.

But each time, I made a little more progress.

Listen, Shinji, pilot your Eva again and figure things out.

With the you who piloted the Eva.

Why you came here. What you were meant to do here.

Figure out who you are now.

And when you've worked it out, make sure you come back.

Promise me.


See you soon.

That's how grown-ups kiss.

There's more in store when you get back.

If I'd known this would happen...

I should have gotten a new carpet like Asuka said.

Right, Pen Pen?

Kaji... I did the right thing, right?

Back off, damn it!

You can never count on that idiot Shinji!

I've been waiting for you.

I'm sorry.

I took the liberty of altering the Magi's programming earlier.

This is my last request. Mother, please die with me.

It didn't go off? Why?!

DENIED Casper has betrayed me?!

Mother, you chose your lover over your own daughter?

Ritsuko Akagi, I really did...


What's happening outside?!

Less than one minute until Unit 02 runs empty! Asuka won't make it!

I'm not about to be defeated!

Not with Mom watching!



This one's the last!

The Spear of Longinus?!

Internal power depleted... Operational limit reached.

Eva Unit 02 has gone silent...

What's this?

The Eva series units she killed, they're...

Eva series has reactivated.

They're going to finish her off?

-What's going on?! -I can't watch anymore!

I don't want to watch!

That's... Unit 02?

I'll kill you...

I'll kill you...

I'll kill you...

-Is it going berserk?! -Asuka, please, stop!

I'll kill you...

Shinji! Unit 02 is...

Asuka is... Asuka is...

But I can't get into my Eva.

There's nothing I can do.


Unit 01 must have activated.

Evangelion Unit 01...

It's the devil incarnate!



I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the staff, cast, friends, and five women who helped guide this motion picture to its finale once again.

Thank you very much. - Hideaki Anno

I am already one with Adam.

This is the only way to be reunited with Yui.

Only through the forbidden union of Adam and Lilith.

We're running out of time. Your A.T. Field can't maintain your form.

Let's begin, Rei.

Bring down our A.T. Fields, the walls of the heart.

Make our hearts whole.

Cast aside our unneeded flesh, unify all souls into one, and let us go to where Yui awaits.



High-velocity object approaching from space!


No! The Spear of Longinus?

At last, our wish will be granted.

The original Spear of Longinus has returned.

Our numbers may be short, but this will have to do.

Return the Eva series to their real form.

The true form which brings the gospel to humanity.

With death and prayer in equal measure, return man to his true form.

Only then will our souls know peace.

Now, let the ceremony begin.

Eva Unit 01 is being abducted!

Altitude, 12,000 and climbing!

The bastards. Seele must want to make Unit 01 the sacrificial medium.

The stigmata have been branded upon Eva Unit 01.

Resurrect now the Central Tree.

Our servants, the Eva series... were created for this day.

Eva series S2 Drives overloading!

Dimensional measurements inverted! They're showing negative!

Monitoring has failed! Unable to quantify!

Anti-A.T. Fields...

This is all just like 15 years ago.

Then this really is the lead-up to the Third Impact?

-S2 Drives have reached critical! -Intermolecular force breaking down!

Well, this operation was a failure.

Direct hit! Surface sedimentary layer liquefied!

Secondary blast is excavating HQ! Outer shell is being exposed!

It's still just a physical shock wave! Absorbers at full power will handle it!

-With the purification of... -...the red earth symbolizing eternity...

-...begin by restoring... -...the Geo-front to its true form.

The origin of human life, Lilith's Egg.

The Black Moon.

Crawling back into the shell holds no appeal.

But that is up to Lilith, I suppose.

It appears the process has begun.

Now, Rei, guide me to Yui.


I'm not your doll.


Because I am not you.


I beg you! Wait, Rei!

No, Shinji is calling for me.


I'm home.



Unknown high-energy object is rapidly approaching from the Terminal Dogma!

A.T. Field confirmed! Pattern Blue!

What, an Angel?!

No, it's a person! A human!



Damn it...



With the shattered ego of Eva-01's pilot, instrumentality will make mankind whole.

The time of the third tribulation is now at hand.

The A.T. Fields of the Eva series are resonating!

They're being amplified!

They've begun to synchronize with Rei?

-Psychograph is flatlining! -Destrudo materializing!

The pilot's ego is at its breaking point.

No more...

Are you alright?

This is where you were, Kaworu?

Solenoid graph inverted! Ego boundary weakening!

A.T. Field has changed to Pattern Red!

The Angels' Fruit of Life and man's Fruit of Knowledge...

Having obtained both, Eva Unit 01 has become a being equivalent to God.

And it is now reverting to the Tree of Life, the proto-embryo.

Will it become the ark that saves man from the oblivion of the Third Impact, or the devil that will destroy it?

We've placed our future in the hands of Ikari's son.

We... We did the right thing, right?

How should I know?!

This Rei is your heart.

The embodiment of your wishes.

What do you wish for?

Oh, right... This is just like when I started playing the cello.

I thought I might find something if I came here.

Play with us, Shinji! Let's work together to finish our castle!


-Look, it's Mommy! -Time to go home!

-Bye-bye! -Mommy!

Mommy! Guess what we did!

Unbelievable! Just looking at you makes my blood boil!

-Because I remind you of yourself? -Mommy!

-Mommy... -Mom?

In the end, I wasn't able to become Shinji's mother.

Come on, let's do it.

Again? Weren't you going to meet a friend on campus?

Oh, Ritsuko? Don't worry, there's still time.

We've been lying around in bed for a whole week now.

I think I've got the hang of it. So come on, okay?

I think we do this to prove to ourselves that we really exist.

How idiotic! This is just two lonely adults consoling each other!

You're needed, if only for your bodies.

It makes me happy to feel desired.

That's an easy way to give yourself a sense of self-worth.

The person doing this... This is Ms. Misato?

Yes, this is another side of me.

Our melded hearts are showing you this side of me that you never knew existed.

Truth tends to go hand in hand with pain, so we have to learn to endure it.

I wonder if I'll do stuff like Misato does when I grow up?

Hey, you want to kiss?

-No. -Or are you afraid?

That's not for kids.

Okay, here goes.

You know nothing about me! Stop bothering me!

-I do know. -You do not, you idiot!

You think you know the first thing about me?!

You think you can save me?

That's total arrogance! You could never know me!

How could I know you? You never talk to me, Asuka.

You never tell me anything or talk to me, so how could I?!

-Did you try to understand? -I tried.

Idiot, I know all about it. I know you've been jerking off to me.

Go on, do it like you always do. I'll watch.

If I can't have all of you, I don't want any of you.

Then be nice to me.

I am nice to you!

Liar, you're smiling to distract me! You just want to keep things vague!

Because telling the truth always hurts others.

And that's a very painful thing.

When something's left vague, it drives me crazy.

-You're just desperate. -I'm scared of things being like this.

People might decide they don't need me again.

It's gnawing away at me! I'm always worrying! Say something!

Talk to me! Pay attention to me!

I want to do anything I can for you. I want us to be together forever!

Then don't do anything. Stop bothering me.

All you do is hurt me.

Asuka, help me!

Please, you're the only one for me, Asuka!


Anyone would do.

You're scared of Misato and the First! Of your father and your mother!

-You're just running to me! -Help, Asuka!

That's the easiest, least painful option!

Come on, help me!

You've never really loved anybody!

You're the only one here!

And you've never once loved yourself!



Please, someone, anyone, help me.

Help me...

Help me...

Help me!

Don't leave me alone! Don't abandon me!

Don't kill me!


-No one understands me. -You understand nothing.

I thought the world was rock solid and free of pain.

You mistakenly assumed that everyone was just like you.

You betrayed me! You betrayed my feelings!

You were mistaken all along. You saw what you wanted to see.

No one wants me. So everyone should die.

Why do you have hands, then?

It makes no difference to anyone if I'm here or not.

Nothing would change. So everyone should die.

Why do you have a heart, then?

In fact, the world would be better off without me. So I should die, too.

Why are you here, then?

Is it okay for me to be here?


Pilot signal is effectively zero!

Eva series and Geo-front have crossed the E Layer and are still climbing!

Current altitude, 220,000 kilometers. Entering F Layer.

All Eva units still operational!

Lilith's Anti-A.T. Field is expanding! Beginning to materialize!

Anti-A.T. Field has hit critical!

At this rate, individual lifeforms won't be able to hold their shape!

The Chamber of Guf is opening.

Are the gates of the beginning and ending... of the world finally opening?

The world is filling with sadness.

Hopelessness is swallowing everyone.

It's weighing down the hearts of lonely people.

Ikari, were you also reunited with Yui?

Our A.T. Fields... They're all vanishing...

This the answer I've been searching for?




The beginning and the end are found in the same place.

It is good. All is good.

I've been waiting for this day with bated breath.

We meet again at last, Yui.

If I were with Shinji, I would only hurt him.

Leaving him alone was the best thing to do.

You were afraid for Shinji.

I don't believe that I can be loved by others.

I don't deserve it.

You're just running away.

You reject the world before it can hurt you.

There is an invisible, formless thing that exists between people.

You were so terrified of it that you walled off your heart.

And this is my punishment?

Forgive me, Shinji.

Rei Ayanami?

-I hate you. -Who'd want to be with you?

-I could never fall for you! -You're not a part of my life!

-Go away already! -Please stop calling me!

-You don't know when to quit! -Stop following me around.

You're the type of person I hate the most.

I could never love you.

-I can't stand you! -Stay away from me!

Things would have worked out if it wasn't for you.

Grow a spine.

If it's that hard for you, you can give up.

If you hate it that much, you can run away.

You want relief, don't you? You want peace, don't you?

You want to be one with me, don't you?

You want us to be one, body and soul, don't you?

But not with you. I'd rather die!

-So, um... -Yes?

What do you suppose dreams are?


Yes, dreams.


I don't know.

I don't understand reality all that well.

You can't tell where the gap is between your truth and another's reality.

I don't know where I can find happiness.

You can only find happiness inside your dreams.

That's why this isn't reality. It's a world devoid of people.

Yes, a dream.

That's why I'm not here.

You used a tailor-made fantasy to get revenge against reality.

Was that wrong?

You were avoiding the truth by escaping into a fictional world.

What's wrong with having a private dream world?

That's not a dream. That's just a substitute for reality.

Then where are my dreams?

Beyond where reality lies.

Then where is my reality?

Where dreams end.


-Where am I? -This is an ocean of LCL.

The ocean that is the origin of life.

A world without A.T. Fields, where the self has lost its shape.

A world where you don't know where you end and others begin.

An ambiguous world.

A delicate world where you are everywhere and nowhere.

Am I dead?

No, everybody has been merged into one.

This is exactly the world you wished for.

No, this isn't right. I don't think this is what I want.

If you wish for the existence of others, psychological walls will divide everyone again.

The fear of the other will begin again.

It's okay.

Thank you.

I feel like only bad things happened back there.

That's probably why I was so willing to run away.

But running didn't help anything.

Because it meant that I wasn't there anymore.

That's the same as no one being there.

Are you fine with A.T. Fields hurting yourself and others again?

I don't mind. But who are you two inside my heart?

We're hope.

The hope that people might understand one another.

And say the words, "I love you."

But that's just a facade. A self-serving assumption.

Something like a prayer. It could never last forever.

I'm always betrayed eventually.

They abandon me.

But I wanted to see them one more time.

And I think what I felt then was genuine.

Reality is found in places unknown. Dreams are found within reality.

And the truth lies within our hearts.

Because the human heart creates the form it inhabits.

And new visions will change the hearts and shape of mankind.

Visions, the power to imagine, is what creates their own future and the passage of time.

But nothing will change unless people act on their own initiative.

That's why you have to reclaim your lost selves on your own.

Even if you lose your own words, even if you are drawn in by the words of others...

If they can visualize themselves in their own minds... anyone can return to human form.

Don't worry. There's a drive in all life to try to restore itself.

A heart that strives to live on.

As long as you have the will to live, anywhere can be paradise.

After all, we're alive.

Opportunities for happiness are everywhere.

As long as there is the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth...

it will all work out.

You'll be okay?

I still have no idea where happiness can be found.

But I'll stay here... and keep thinking about my life.

I know that will just lead me to the same obvious conclusions over and over.

Just so that I can stay being who I am.

But what about you, Mother?

What will become of you?

For man to build an Eva in God's image.

Is that your real goal?

Yes. Humanity can only live on this planet.

But an Eva can live on forever.

Along with the soul of whoever is implanted inside it.

Even after five billion years, even after the Earth, Sun and Moon are gone, it will still be here.

Even if that person were the only one...

It would be very lonely, but if that person survived...

Proof that humanity had once lived will remain forever.

Goodbye, Mother.


THE END Translator: Dan Kanemitsu