Neon Maniacs (1986) Script

When the world is ruled by violence, and the soul of mankind fades, the children's path shall be darkened, by the shadows, of the Neon Maniacs.

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Happy birthday, dear Natalie!

Happy birthday, to you!

Vozdra (Hello), asshole!

Okay Wally, fork over five bucks.

Five bucks? We're drinkin' beer, not champagne.

Cuhmeer, boy, cuhmeer!

Oh, my God.

Hi, Natalie.

Hello, Lisa.

What's up, everybody.

Has anybody seen my dog?

Very funny, Steven? Would you please, get him out of here, please.

I'm sorry. He just a-- He gets a little excited. Come on boy.

Yeah, I can see...

- What's his name? Dog.

You named your dog, dog?

Yeah, I thought about Cat, but--

Hey, baloney man. Father gave you the night off, or what?

Actually Ray, he sent me out looking for you.

He needs a bouncer in the fruit department.

That's pretty quick... pasta breath.

Say goodnight to Steven, girls.

You sure have great taste, Elvis.

Paula, it's way past bedtime.

Okay Ma, just testing the makeup for tomorrow's shoot.

Help, gimme back my hand!

Bad doggy.

Whaddaya doin'?

Keep it up, fella.

Come on Sue, let's play.

On, the jungle gym?

On the... jungle gym? Uh-huh.

On a bench?

Under a tree? Under a tree.

On a swing--

Sue's crazy. She's not on the pill or anything.

And you?

What do you think? I'm not stupid.

What did you an', Todd do?

We broke up.

You want a beer?

Just a sec.


Stringbean! Let 'em fall, Wally.

Will you excuse me? Of course.

Don't be long.

You haven't... done it yet, have you?

So is it a crime or something? No... but how can you stand it?

Sex isn't everything, Lisa.

Steven and Al would probably help you out.

Oh, give me a break, okay Lisa.


But I bet you're the last virgin in San Fran.

What the fuck?


She doesn't wanna play with us, she wants to fool around.

Did you hear that sick sound?

Yeah it was creepy.

Probably your mom, hollering out her anti sex warning.

She just thinks you have sex on the brain.

She's right.

Here's the Big G, here with ya, how ya doin' out there tonight?

Surrounded by friends, I hope.

I wanna warn ya, there's intermittent showers forecast for the bay area, tonight and tomorrow.

Stay warm and safe.

What the fuck are you guys dressed for?

Guys lookin' for a game?

Think fast pal.

Guys wanna play rough?

It can go both ways bozos.

Lisa, over here!



Ya got a problem here miss?

I can hear shouting.


Then the screams stopped.

And then one of 'em, the one with the ax...

he was trying to get into the van.

They were all around, the van.

I know they'd a got me but--

Go on.

That's all I can remember.

Can you believe that?

Just a prank, Wylie.

Just a bunch of jerk-off kids.

Probably drunk or on something.

Maybe, it's pretty elaborate for a prank.

Well whatever it is, we better have a name for it by tomorrow.

They'll be hell to pay, if a dozen kids turn up missin' overnight.

Well we sure can't tell anyone her story.

What do you think, Lieutenant Devon?

Let's see what the sunrise brings.

Natalie, I came as soon as I could.

Thanks Lorraine.

Hi Darling, Hal and I are having a wonderful time.

We left Paris last night, and you can now reach us at the Rome, Carlton.

We'll see you in a few weeks.

Oh, don't forget your dentist appointment next week.

Hugs and kisses sweetheart, bye.

Hello, this is the operator may I help you?

The overseas operator.

What country please?

What country please?



Oh, my God!

Help me!

Good morning, Devon.

What is that?

Gook, slime.

Nobody knows yet. Forensics found it all around here.

Anything else?

No, no bodys, no blood, not even a footprint.

The rain took care of that.

Okay, that's the third morning in a row you've overslept.

Okay, let's hurry, c'mon.

Hello? Paula?

Hi Gary. You won't believe it, but get this!

Last night, my dad was working the graveyard shift at the precinct.

They bring in this girl, all hysterical like... she says her, and her friends, were attacked by monsters in Tracy Park!

Monsters? What kind of monsters?

I don't know!

The ugly killing types!

Anyway, she says they killed all of her friends, and they're about to get her too.

But then Officer Manello, shows up.

Who was killed?

That's the strangest part! They couldn't find any bodies or clues.

And six kids, have absolutely disappeared!

Sounds scary!

Who the girl?

Natalie Lawrence, over on Maplewood, she goes to Union County High!

Mrs. Shiboski, please report to the assistant principal's office!



Nat. cuhmeer!

What's wrong with you, I've been hollering, didn'tja hear me.

I, guess I didn't, I'm sorry.

God, you look just awful, you should've stayed home today.

Oh, I'm okay, I just didn't get any sleep.

You sure? Yeah.

Excuse me, are you Natalie Lawrence?


Can I talk to you? About last night.

Whaddaya know about last night?

Hardly anything, see, that's why I wanna talk to you.

I'm really interested in finding out-- Why don't you go back to Sesame Street.

But I just wanna find out-- Hey can't you see she doesn't wanna talk?

Come on Nat, let's go to class.

The saga continues.

When ya gonna ask her out?

I heard it's a good way of gettin' a date.

Why don'tcha let me do this with my own plan, all right!

Then you'll be past puberty and into old age by the time you ask her out, come on.

Gene, she's not the kinda girl you just as out.

Look at her, she's, she's beautiful.

You got no shot. Look at you, look at her.

Look at you, look at her.

Hey, I'm good looking, you're disgusting!

Hey listen, forget it man. I hear she's going out with some guy from college anyway.

Who told you that?

It's a rumor, ya hear a rumor. Ya never heard a rumor?

She is going out, or she was going out, with a guy from col--

Is, was, what I'm trying to say is, maybe you should go for a fat lady because...

I think she's a little bit out of your league? You know what I mean chief?

I don't want the fat lady.

I'm Donna, Raymond's sister.

What the hell was that bull shit you handed the police?

And where's my brother?

Everything I told the police is the truth.

I'm sorry, Donna, but your brother is dead.

Liar! You're a liar!

Let me go, god damn it! Let me go!

Yeah, Steven.


And therefore Miss Lawrence...

We feel that it would be, not only in your interest... but in the schools interest, if you stayed home for a while.

You're late!

You're a great producer! It's not my fault.

Tom's mom, made us take a trip to the dance class.

Tom, Wendy has your fangs, why don't you go try'em on?

Did you talk to that Natalie, girl yet? Yes and no.

But she wouldn't talk to me. So I'm gonna call her back... and I'm definitely gonna check out that park.

Yeah, I heard forensics found his slimy gook, all over the place.


Well, that's what I heard, they're analyzing it.

We'll keep me posted, okay?

Wendy, you ready?

John, take your position over by the headstone.

Okay... and... action!

Hello. - Hi, can I speak to Natalie, please?

This is Natalie.

Natalie, this is Paula Peterson, I met you this morning at school.

I have nothing to say to you, so stop bothering me.

But wait, don't hang up, I just have a few questions to ask.

Leave me alone!

But, but, wait--


Excuse me, dad's with a, delivery boy, this ill make your day, and you gotta go to work.

And why can't you go? Cause I'm going shoppin' with Tracy.

I knew I must have been adopted.

Would you brats, stop bothering me!

Can I speak to Mrs. Lawrence?

This is Lisina's mother.

I thought you were someone else.


I'm sorry but, we're all so worried about her.

And, I don't understand, I don't understand, is this some kind of a, a joke you're playing?

Help me please, help me and just tell me where my baby is please.

I'm so worried about her.

Mrs. Lawrence, please help us if you can.

- Help us-- Lawrence, what the hell is goin' on here?

Where's my daughter ?!

I'm sorry about your daughter, I don't know!

I'm sorry, but I don't know!


I knew I wasn't adopted.

Hello, anybody home?

I'm coming, I'm coming.



I got your groceries.

Really, you don't have to do that.

It's, all part of the service at, Mellows.

These should go right into the refrigerator. Perishables.

Would you like a soda, beer, or something?

A beer. Bottom shelf on the right.

Thank you.

I didn't get a chance to thank you for this afternoon.


You're welcome.

I guess you heard a little about what--

Yeah um... a little... You know, school gossip, that kind of stuff.

Does everybody think I'm a liar, or cracking up?

I don't know, maybe I am cracking up.

I'm not even sure what I saw anymore. Natalie.

I don't think you're a liar and, I don't think you're cracking up.

I believe you.


Because you do.

Lemme get you a glass for that.

What happened with the principle?

Suspended, until further notice.

They're gonna send someone over with assignments, so I can keep up.

I'm sorry.

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Go ahead. No, you go ahead.

I was just gonna ask, how my mother usually pays for this stuff. She's not here--

Oh, it's no problem.You see we bill her at the end of every month.

Well at least let me give you a tip. Oh no, I couldn't take it.

Don't be silly. No, I couldn't!

I'll tell you what though...

You could go with me, to the movies tonight?


Yeah? Yeah!

Umm... one thing though... no horror movies?

Yes, no horror movies.


Let go of me! Relax, slow down kid.

Whaddaya doin' down here anyway? Nice little girl like you.

Nothing, I'm just lookin' around.

Just lookin' around, huh?

For what... dead pigeons?

Oh sure yeah, that's my hobby.

I collect dead pigeons, and then I press 'em between the pages of a book.

Okay, that's enough. Beat it, and don't let me catch down here again.

Yes, sir.

This your bike kid? Yes, sir.

Well you shoulden't outta leave it layin around. Somebody might steal it.

Or break it.

Thank you very much, sir. Oink,oink, oink!

Smart-ass, kid.

You are late, young lady. I'll deal with you later.

Suppers in the oven.

And don't forget to lock the door before you go to bed.

And don't stay up all night watching television.

We'll be home before midnight, Sport.

Have a good time.


And then one of 'em, the one with the ax... he was tryin' to get into the van.

That's all I can remember.

I don't believe it.

Who's gonna believe me now?

Hi, this is the Lawrence residence. No one's home right now please leave a--

Mass transit, good for the environment.

Hey look, I don't mind if we take the subway.

You don't? No!

I mean, it's not your fault that the van broke down.

It's not it my fault? No.

You see, it's not my fault.

Just a classic case of bad timing. Yeah.

How's our timing? Our timing is just great.

Now we have more time to be alone.

Alone an understatement.

Natalie, what's the matter?


I thought I saw something.


Well... feathers, brightly colored feathers!

That's nothing to be concerned about. Everyone knows this town's full of turkeys.

No, seriously Steven, I... feel very vulnerable.

I'll tell ya a secret...

I do too.

You're such a romantic.

It's in the blood.

Here we go, see?

Steven, it's them!

Let's get out of here! On the train!

I don't see them. They must have gotten on.

Hope not.

An awful quick way to ruin an evening.

Where is everyone?

At home, watching Dynasty.

Sometimes I think we're the only normal people left in this world.

Not quit. The engineers still left.

It's gonna be all right.

We'll be coming to a station soon, we can get off there.

You did see them, Steven?

Yes, I saw them, I don't understand it but--

They're after me.

After you?

I don't understand Natalie, I don't understand, why in the heck--


- They did get on. - I knew they did!

C'mon let's get the engineer.

Come on, run!

C'mon let us in! Hey let us in!

Take off!

You okay? Yes!

Steven, is this ever gonna end?

Yes... it's gonna be alright!

Yeah but, why are they after me?

I don't know.


Open the window.

Come on, open!

That's it, we gotta move out of this neighborhood, Elmo.

Hey you damn kids, cancha read? No smoking!



It's Devin, here. Sorry to bother you at this late hour.

But I want a tail on this, Lawrence, girl. You got the job.

Did forensics come up with anything, on that slime we found?

They're baffled... completely baffled.

They never seen anything like it before.

Devin? - What?

You think she's the link, don't you?

Go back to sleep, Jim.

I'll see you in the morning.




Not so sure yet. Are you alright?

I'm fine, I'm just... still shaky from last night.

That's okay, I wasn't that hungry anyways.

Good. Howja sleep?


- Look, would it be okay if I a-- Took a shower?


Upstairs bathroom, first door on your right.


Hi, remember me?

Please, just go away.

But it's about "them".

Wait, you don't understand?


Please listen to me!

You're not alone, I see them too.

To make a long story short.

I finally did him in, with a pail of water, and a blast from the shower.

Pail of water, and a shower.

Gets the bad guys every time.

You know Steven, after last night, I'd believe anything.

Look, what I'm saying is that, the only defense against these things is water.

Just plain, old, water.



We should do something.

What do you suggest? I don't know!

The Police?

They didn't believe you last time, you think they would now?

She's right, we're kids, and who listens to kids?

If only something showed up on my tape.

Wait a minute... the band competition is tonight.


What did you say, you said that, that, water kills these freaks?

All right. Now, if we can get enough squirt guns to the kids at the dance tonight.

It would be the safest place to be.

So if you wanna get a more tinny tone or more base tone...

Just turn the dials, which they would do.

Gonna be alright? Yeah, fine, good luck.

Thank you.

Hi Natalie, call ya, Steve bitten girl.

I hear Steve, took the night off. Cute huh.

Yeah. Does he play good?

Oh yeah, its brilliant. Cutest thing in the school.

Hi Lisa.

Well, welcome! Your attention, please!


Thank you. Thank you.

As you know, this is a battle!

A battle to the death!


This group here, we are "The Outlaws".

And I'd like to introduce to you... our competition tonight, which is a, "Tough Bunch of Mothers".

Let's hear hit for"Jaded".

You're wondering what the squirt guns are for... well... we plan on really cooking tonight.

So watch how I smoke.

What happened to the lights?


I think I'll kiss that dude in the corner over there.

Be careful. Of him?

Just be careful. Okay I'll see you later, bye.

Wouldja trust me, nothing is going to happen.


I'm packin'.

Nice dancin' with you, sweetheart.

I gotta go jam. Okay.

Hold down the fort? Never.

You want to dance?

Aww, come on.



Aww, come on... loosen up!

Steven! Natalie!

Behind you! Behind you, the Indian!

The Indian, Natalie.




Oh, God, it's them!

Some Indian without the arm, because his arm is back on.

Tricky son of a bitch, it's him!

Come on.

Hey, break, break!

Listen up!

Hey, I need your attention! Wait a minute!



Don't run!

Use your squirt guns! Come on, this isn't no joke!

Come and see more of us.

Come on!

Let's get to the principal's office, and use the phone.

Yeah, what about Paula?

Look, Paula, can take care of herself. Let's go, Natalie!

Oh my God, it's locked.

Come on.

I am not going to let anything happen to you.

I just met you.

I know you won't.

That's why I like you.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, calm down!

Now we want to handle this situation in as orderly a fashion as possible.

My daughter is missing, and I wanna know, what the police are doing about it!

And mine too! And my son!

Inspector Devin, is questioning some key witnesses right now.

And I can assure you, he'll be taking some action at any moment.

Now lemme get this straight...

You're telling me that these, these ah, things... are inside the Golden Gate Bridge, why?

Two... that they only come out at night.

And three... that they are responsible... for the death of 15 or more kids, and three of my police officers.

You kids, really believe this?

If you kids are giving me a snow job... all three of you are done!

Do you understand that?

Get me the mayor's office.

Come on now quick, Hoss, c'mon!

Bring it over here!

Get those hoses over here! Now!

- C'mon bring those hoses over! Put the spot, on the door.

C'mon, c'mon!

Get by the door.

All right, open it up.

Hold it!


Do you believe this shit?

Can it Anderson! Yes sir.

All right you guys, spread out.

All right, all right, let's get out of here. C'mon move it.

All right move it, c'mon!

I want you to get those fire hoses rolled up. And get this fire truck the hell out of here.

Yes sir.

All right, parades over, c'mon move it. Let's go move it, keep walking, go!

I had'em on video tape.

I had'em on tape! I swear I saw them!--

Do you still have your squirt gun?

Yeah, I think so.

Keep it.

This rain won't last forever.

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