Never Grow Old (2019) Script

I saw an angel standin' in the sun...

and he shouted aloud to all the birds flyin' overhead in the sky...

"Come here, gather at the feast that God is giving!

There will be the flesh of kings for you."

This one's for Thomas.

This one's... for Mama.

I'll be off now.

How's the baby? Sleeping.


"God is our refuge and strength.

Therefore do not fear, there is a river whose streams make glad the City of God, the holy place where the Most High dwell."


Thank you.

Goodnight, Papa.

Goodnight, sweetheart.

Goodnight, Papa.

Hey. Hey.

How's my wonderful niece and nephew?

How are you? Good. And you?

Glad you're good. How are you, my darling?

All right. Are we goin' in?

It has come... to my attention that certain people in this congregation... are questioning whether we made the right decision... when we banished alcohol... gambling, and whores... from this town.

Business has suffered, there's no denyin' that.

But who in this room... would return to the way it was?


Which one of you... would choose sin... over the way of the Lord?

Stand up!

Stand up now and show yourselves!

When those of us who founded this town first came here, the land was crawling with savages.

But, with the help of the U.S. Cavalry, we cleared this land.

Oh, it was... a sometimes horrific... and frightenin' task but we did not hesitate for a moment because we knew our town would be a holy town!

Here, in Garlow, we are a shining example to all America of what a true Christian town can be.



It's a new country.

We have an opportunity to make it a heaven or a hell!

We can make it a paradise here on Earth... where all men are treated equal where no man wants for food or shelter where we all work for a common good and our entire lives are in praise of the Lord.

And here, in Garlow, is where it all begins.

I can see it!

It is beautiful!

Before we go...

I'd like to remind you that the Garlow Women's Christian Temperance League led by my loving wife, Maria, will have hot soup and freshly baked bread ready for everyone who's attended this sermon.

And now, if you please stand we'll sing the hymn, "The Shining Shore."

♪ My days Are gliding swiftly by ♪ Get back here right now!

♪ And I a pilgrim stranger... ♪ Stop it! Get back here!

Hey. Hey, you be careful!

Don't go knockin' anyone over.

You know, Elsa and I, we... we kinda think of them as our own, so, you know, anytime you and Audrey want some time alone, just give us a holler.

We'll be glad to look after them for ya.

Hell, you can keep 'em.

So, um, I will need, uh, some jerky.

Do you still have some?

Um, I mean, I need some...

This one here.

That one.

I like that gun the best.

Emma, don't touch it. Never touch a gun.

Why don't you get a gun, Pa?

I have a gun. My rifle.

But you should get a new one.

It would be good if Indians come back and try and kill us.

I think we'll be all right.

Do you have some of that rice?

Rice? Certainly. Over here. Yeah. Great.

You stop me.


Yes, I'll be with you in a minute, sir.

Thank you.

So, let's see.

Now, who in the hell was that?

Everybody on Papa!

Come on! No!

Oh, no. Yeah! Yes!

Yeah, I got him!

Aye, you got me.

You children get washed up now.

I washed up earlier.

That was this morning.

Oh, you're covered in mud. Look at you.

But if I wash up any more, there ain't gonna be nothing left of me.

I heard that, mister!

Caught ya! Hey!

I'm gonna get you. You can't catch me.


Don't you think it's time we finally finish what we started and headed all the way out to California?

Why? I thought you liked it here.

I do, but...

...this isn't the same town that we stopped in.

You know, business was good back then, remember?

The saloon was busy. The town was full... all the time. But... now?

We're happy here, aren't we?

We don't want for anything.

Business will pick up.

But if it doesn't, there's always a chance we could go hungry.

That's not gonna happen.

There will always be enough job to get by.

I just can't help but feelin' that we're bein' left behind, you know?

Like we're missin' out.

And we're so close, Audrey.

Just over those mountains. In two months, we'd be there.

No. We can't just abandon the place.

We put so much effort into building it up.

It'll pick up.

You'll see.

Come on, boy!

Come on!

Come, boy.

Don't let me down. What's wrong with the horse?

I think he's sick.

Is he gonna die?

I don't know, sweetheart.

I think so. I don't want him to die.

I know you don't.

None of us do.

Can I put flowers on his coffin?

Horses don't have coffins, silly.

Why not? They just don't.

How would they fit in them? Papa can make one, can't you, Papa?

Hmm. Thomas is right.

He's too big for a coffin.

Okay, come on.

Come on, children. Let's go back inside.

Can I kiss him goodbye, first?


Bye. Thanks for carrying me on your back.

Goodbye. Goodnight, Sheriff.

Goodnight, Mrs. Tate. Bye.

Do you want me to stay with you, Pa?

It's all right, son.

You go on inside.


You can use this.

I can do it if you want me to.

No, it's all right.

I'll do it.

We're lookin' for a man named Bill Crabtree.

Do you know him?

Far as I know, he left a few months back but his wife lives over the other side of town.

Can you show us where?

Yeah, you ride straight through there, up through the town there, to the left, there.

No, no, no, no! You come with us and show us.

I can't. My wife is waitin' for me.

Climb on up here and take us there.

I said I can't.

How about if we come in there and we ask your wife to show us where he lives?

Climb up, son. Don't make me ask you again.

Mrs. Crabtree, I'm sorry, but these men...

Mommy! Oh, Mommy! No!


Where's Bill?

He's not here.

Well, where did he go?

I don't know.

You sure? Yeah.

He's not here. I swear.

You won't find him here.

He up and left us.

We haven't seen him in over a year.

What do you want Bill for?

Bill's got a price on his head.

He killed a guard and an old man, too.

Your daddy's a bank robber.

No. That can't be.

Bill's no killer.

He's been travelin' with a... with a half-breed Injun named Cherokee Thomson.

No, it can't be.

Oh, no, no.

It be, Ms. Crabtree. It be.

Sometimes I think the whole world is strung together by lies.

But I'm not gonna lie to you, ma'am.

I'm gonna kill your husband.

I'm gonna get up real close and if I get a good shot...

I'm gonna blow his head clean off.

But don't take it personal, 'cause he had it comin'.

Believe me when I tell ya.

So, where can a man get a drink in this shithole?

Saw the sign outside.

Crossed out "bar". Why'd you close the bar?

Preacher Pike and the Christian Temperance League make me do it. They said a... alcohol and whores was a sin and unless I closed up, they'd burn it d... down.

B... b... b... bur... burn it down?

There a law in this town?

The preacher runs the town.

The sheriff ain't worth shit.

Get another glass for my friend, and um, leave the bottle.

Sit down.

Have a drink.

I haven't had a drink in four years.

My wife, we don't approve... Good thing she ain't here.

It's nice.

What's your name, son?

Patrick Tate.

My name's Dutch Albert.

This here is Dumb-Dumb.

Open your mouth.

He got his tongue cut off by a Comanche.

I don't know why he carries it around.

He never told me.

And this here is Sicily. He loves to sing.

Doesn't speak much English. We think he's Italian.

And you...

where you from? Ireland.

What do you do?

I'm a carpenter and undertaker.

You're an Irish undertaker?

Bet you're Catholic, too, huh? Not anymore.

Oh, they made you convert. Did they?

Oh, these decent Christian folks... they don't like the Irish much, do they? Why is that?

'Cause they think too many of you comin' over here and you's all a buncha rats.

No better than the savages.

That's how they think, isn't it?

I bet they wouldn't even talk to you unless you converted.

That right? Things are all right now.

Yeah, but you still Irish.

You can't change that.

And every time they look at you, they'll be reminded of death.

They're gonna die.

You'll always be an outsider here.

You'll never be one of 'em, no matter what you do. Never.

I understand that.

What that's like.

I understand you.

We'd like to get some food now.

All I got is sour belly an... and coffee.

The sign outside said, "hotel".

Is this a fuckin' hotel?

I... I have some chickens in the backyard.

I can try and catch one.

Fuckin' chickens? Yeah.

E... eggs?

Yeah, go ahead. You go chase those fuckin' chickens!

A... all right.

You got a nice, pretty wife, right?

What do you say we go to your place and she fixes us somethin' to eat?

What is it?

Can't thank you enough for this, ma'am.

Well... it's not every day I have to get up in the middle of the night and give food to strangers, but... since you're here, you're welcome.

Where you from?


I'm from France. French.

I like the French.

Good people, honest people.

You know, your husband said, you were pretty.

That doesn't do you justice.

No, siree, huh?

You're downright beautiful.

Ain't she, fellas?

Why don't you go on back to bed, Audrey. I'll clean up here.

I think Dumb-Dumb wants her to stay.

Go, on, Audrey.

Well, we haven't had the pleasure of female company in a long time. Have we, boys?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I will go back to bed.

As I said, we're not accustomed to having visitors at such a late hour. You got kids?

Yeah. How many?


Are they sleepin' now?

Of course.


Why don't you go back to bed, Audrey.

Well, we're sorry for keepin' you up...

Get the fuck up!

We are sorry for keepin' you up and we wanna thank you for- for your... for your food and your company and for your general hospitality.

That's a hell of a wife you got there, Pat.

We about done here, boys?

Thank you again, Pat.

You don't mind if I call you Pat, do you?

No. You got a nice thing goin' here.

Nice house, nice family.

Nice wife. The whole bit.

Be seein' you around.

Wake up!

Here's how this is gonna go.

I'm gonna buy this place from you for a thousand dollars.

You can stay on as a bartender.

Does that seem fair? Y... yeah.

You sure? I... I... I, yeah, I'm sure.

Good. We reopen in a week.

I want you to get a wagon... go over to Edna, and get as many whores as you can, Jim.

Wh... wh... what kind of whores you like?

What kind of whores do you want?

Just good ones. Ones you wanna fuck.

Yeah? Good.

We're friends now.

Nice doin' business with you, Jim.

Y... yeah.

Come here!

Mr. Tate?

Mr. Tate!

There's been an accident over a... a... at the saloon.

A... a... a man's dead. What's happened?

A... a... an accident, ma'am.

A... a... a man's been killed.

The Temperance League said this would happen.

This place should have never been opened again.

The saloon is open now a... a... and it's open for good.

So, y... you and the reverend and all the little ladies over there in the league better start accepting that... Don't patronize me, Mr. Emmett!

Hey, hey. Go back inside Audrey, okay?

I better go. The sheriff needs me.

No. I won't be spoken to like that, Patrick.

Not by the likes of him, and especially not in my own home.

You're a lowlife, Mr. Emmett. And a pretty dumb one at that.

Do you feel proud of yourself, Mr. Emmett?

Making money off the exploitation of vulnerable women?

Do you? Take no notice of him.

Hey. I'll see you later.

Can I come too, Pa?

Not tonight, son.

Who did it?

He fell down... That's bullshit!

The man's got his head kicked in.

Who did it?

He fell, Sheriff. I... I... I swear it.

He... he... he was drunk. He... he fell.

Anyone in here wanna tell me what happened to this man?

What, none of you sons-of-bitches knows a thing?

No one knows anything?

All of a sudden, we're all deaf and dumb?

Try this one more time. Who did it?

Told you, Sheriff... Yeah, yeah, he fell down the stairs. Yeah.


I wanna go home.

Who is he?

Don't know.

Nobody knows him.

Better just put an "X" on his grave.

Thanks, Patrick.

None of us here knew this man but we all know he died a violent death... at the hands of evil men.

And they need to be punished, Sheriff.

Hang 'em, drive them outta town, whip 'em, do whatever you have to do but you gotta do somethin' before they drag this town into hell!

You know I can't do that, Reverend.

I can only act within the law.

What about the law of God?

"Thou shalt not kill."

This is not the time or place for this.

Not the time or place?

We're standing over the grave of a murdered man.

I'm gonna go. I've got some work to do.

You wanna come by the office later?

I'll explain to you just how the law works.

What work?

Hiding in your office?

I know the law too, Sheriff! "Thou shalt not kill!

Thou shalt not kill", Sheriff!

Saint Patrick.

In need of your services for a private funeral.

Would that be of interest to you?

Private funeral? Mm-hmm.

When? Now.


Is that a problem?

Who died?

I'll need two coffins.





Wake up, now.

You still with us?

I been to see your family, Bill.

I'm gonna take good care of 'em.

If you touch 'em, I'll kill ya.

You got your guts hangin' out all over the place.

You got maybe two minutes left.

Don't embarrass yourself, Bill. Oh, Jesus.

We should try and help him. Jesus Christ.

Why is the undertaker here?

He's here to bury you, Bill.

No. Don't thank me.

I know you'd do the same for me.


These men used to be friends of mine.

No. Just in case you think this is cold-blooded murder, it ain't.

They stole from me. Oh.

I warned 'em not to but they did it, anyway.

Please. And they deserve a... a good Christian burial. No. Wait, wait, wait!

Now, let's get 'em buried.

I envy you.

Doin' what you do for a livin'.

Workin' with your hands.

You know, when you're done, you really feel like you did an honest day's work.

Show me your hands.


Look at those hands. Oh.

Honest hands.

Worker's hands.

Do you think a decent... guy like you with honest hands could be friends with a guy like me?

I really don't know. I think we could.

Will you, Patrick... what's your second name?

Tate. Will you, Patrick Tate... take me...

Christopher Dutch Albert... to be your friend?


Look, boys, we got a new friend.

Life's a riddle.

We kill two old friends and straight away, we make another one.

Nice doin' business with ya, Pat.

I'll call.

I got two kings.

Thank you.

"And when they had mocked him... they took his robe... off him... and led him away to be crucified."

Good boy. Don't fuckin' push me. I never...

Oh, fuck you, Phillip!

Let us sing a hymn.

Let us sing... loud and clear so that... the good Lord will hear us... above the sinners.



Thanks, gentlemen. I'm gonna call it a night.

If you guys could cash me out for your chips, I'd appreciate that.

What's wrong, boy?

I don't have enough. You don't have my money?

Not all of it.

We play on an honor system here and nobody leaves the table unless they pay.

I can go home and get it.

But you wouldn't come back.

I will. I swear. No, you won't.

I will! I swear, you get a Bible in here...

What the fuck would I be doing with a Bible, son?

Now, I want my money.

I'll come back with your money. I promise.

No you won't. I wouldn't blame ya.

I wouldn't either.

Well, I'm different, sir.

Different? You're different how?

You're different than me? Yeah.

You just call me a thief? No. No, sir, I ain't.

I want my money, son.

You made a big mistake pullin' that gun...

'cause now you have to use it.

I could just walk on outta here, sir.

I'll get you the money when I can.

Well, it's not about the money now.

My momma, she's gonna be waitin' for me when I get home.

Please don't kill me, sir.

Let the Lord hear us!

Patrick, don't go. I'll be right back.

Don't let sin... Don't let the devil into this church!

The boy pulled a gun on Mr. Albert.

What age you reckon this boy is?

Old enough to own a gun.

He's 18.

Feel good killin' a kid, did it?

Felt neither good nor bad.

It was self-defense.

Is that the way it happened?

Anyone see things any differently?

Or was it as Dutch Albert says? Self-defense?

Take care of the kid, will ya?

I'll pay ya later.

Got another grave to dig.

"And he will enter the kingdom of heaven and sit at the right hand of Christ."


Rest assured, these men will be punished when God will damn them to hell forever, eternity.

Mama, can I have some candy?

No, you can't have any.

Soap to wash clothes?

Yes. Please. Do... do you still have some, you know, the same like last time?


We'll need that. There you go.

I think a handful will be enough.

One handful. Okay. Yes.

I don't understand you.

Get your hand off me!


You are frightening the child, Mister.

Mama? It's all right, Emma.

That man was in the store again today.

What man? That man, Dumb-Dumb.

He tried to touch my face.

He wouldn't have hurt ya.

How can you say that? He's a murderer.

Do you know what frightened me the most?


I just froze.

I couldn't even move.

All I wanted to do was get Emma out of there.

But I didn't know how.

If he had done something, I'm not sure I could have done anything.

Nothin' would've happened, Audrey.

All right?

Mama, can I have an apple?

Yes, sweetheart. Take one for Thomas, too.

Yes, Mama.

Don't worry about anything.

I'll take care of ya.

È stupido.

Stupid man.

Mr. Albert?

Yes, ma'am?

Could I talk to you?


In... in private?

Of course.


I, uh...

Speak up. I wanna come and work for you.

Doin' what, exactly?

Oh. We're not hiring right now. Please.

Please, I beg you.

I beg you. Me and my daughter, we are starving.

That's not my fault.

That's your fault for marryin' Bill Crabtree.

Who was a treacherous, lying, thieving son-of-a-bitch.

Second, how the fuck could I trust you?

You'd steal from me first chance you got, just like Bill.

Yes, you would. No, I wouldn't.

I'm not Bill.

I will never steal from you, I swear.

You swear to God?

Yeah. Why don't you go to the church?

Pass around the coffers?

It doesn't want to help me. Oh.

Turned you down, did they?

Please. I don't care about me but... but my daughter shouldn't have to starve.

All right, why don't you throw your daughter into the deal here and we can try to work somethin' out.

My daughter?

Yeah. No.

She's just a child.

Please. I... I will work very hard.

I swear to God. But not my daughter.

You a religious woman? Yes. I love the Lord.

Good. You just keep your faith in the Lord and go home, go to sleep, starve to death.

When you wake up, you'll be in paradise.

I can't turn a profit on just you.

Those are your choices.

Let me know what you wanna do.

Thank you for stoppin' by.

Pa, when will you teach me how to shoot that rifle again?

Oh, I'll take you out soon enough.




How you folks doing?


My name's Anthony Peale, and this here is my wife, Dorothy.

Patrick Tate.

You headed to California? Sure are.

Gonna make our fortune there.

Best of luck to ya. Thank you.

Thank you, kindly.

Hey, uh, is there a saloon around here?

Uh, yeah, we got, um, Dutch Albert's in town.

Thank goodness for that.

You know, I thought I wouldn't have me another whiskey until we got all the way over them mountains.

You're only having the one, mind.

That's fine by me. One's all I need.

Well, I'll be seein' you.

Best of luck to you. Walk on there, boys.

Bye! Bye!

I want Mommy.

I want Mommy!

I want Mommy.

I want Mommy.

I want Mommy.

I bought us some presents.

Presents! Presents!

Yeah. Some of that expensive candy from the store.

Don't open it 'til after dinner.

What's all this?

And this is for you.

It's beautiful, Mama.

Schuster ordered it in from New York City.

I told him not to tell ya. I wanted it to be a surprise.

What's wrong?

What would people think if I wore this around town?

What would they think of us?

What do you mean?

We can afford it.

Who cares what people think? Well, I care.

I'm sorry, Patrick, it...

It just doesn't seem right.

Mama, can we open our candy now?

I'll take it for now and... you can have it after supper.

Thanks very much.

Oh, hey uh, Patrick... wanna grab a drink with me?

Yeah, I'll lead around back. Yeah.

Excuse me. Another one, please.

Come on down, girls!

Here they come!

I'm gonna get me one of them fat ones!

I got mine picked out!

I want her.

You'll be okay. Mama.

All right. Come here, come here now.

Give me that damn kiss.

Let's go. Mommy.

And that, you know, and I've had women, you know, complain about that.

I'm just sayin' sometimes... Evenin', boys.

How are you, Pat? Haven't seen ya in a while.

You good?

We are friends, aren't we?


I thought we were friends.

No, we're not.

Can I offer you a drink, Mr. Albert?

How's business? Good?

It's all right. Oh, that's good.

How's that pretty little wife of yours?

You know...

Dumb-Dumb's taken quite a shine to her.

I think he's in love.

You keep that tongue-less son-of-a-bitch away from her.

He goes his own way, Pat.

If he comes near her again, I'll fuckin' kill him.

Sure you will.

You couldn't kill anybody.

When I look in your eyes, all I see is fear.

You want a whore?

On the house.


This is my friend Patrick. He's a notorious killer.

You need to fuck more.

Hi, killer.

How are you?

Fine, Thank you. I like you. Come on.

Come on. Go with her, Patrick.

I'm fine!


Emily, I need you to look at me.

So, you admit that you took his gun and you killed him?

There's a new marshal up at Fort Leavenworth.

I'm gonna send for him.

And if he comes, there's gonna be a trial.

And more than likely, you're gonna be found guilty.

You'll be hanged. More business for you, Pat.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Crabtree, that's the law.

Please, Reverend.

I'll talk to him.

Are they really gonna hang that little girl?

The reverend said you're going to build the gallows.

Is that true? Well, if she's found guilty, then, yeah.

I'm the town carpenter. It's my job.

Please don't do it.

It might not happen.

Maybe, she'll go free. But if she doesn't.

Don't do it.

I have to.

The sheriff asked me to. I already said yes.


You'll be responsible for her death.

If the law says she has to be hanged then someone has to build the gallows.

Is it true, that you were drinking with Dutch Albert when it happened? With women?

It wasn't like that. The whole town is saying that you and him are friends.

Don't you care what people say?

No. All I care about is you and the children.

No, no you don't! You don't care about us!

Stop it, Audrey! That's enough!

You never used to speak to me like that.

You've changed.

It took us so long to be accepted into this town.

What was all that for?

Why did we bother joining the church if you were just gonna throw it all away?

I joined because you asked me to join.

I joined because they gave me no choice!

You think those people care about us, Audrey?

It's every man for himself out here!

Don't you understand that by now?

Did they lift a finger to help Mrs. Crabtree and her children?

No! They were left to rot and starve.

If you wanna blame someone for Emily Crabtree bein' hanged then blame them, the good, Christian people of this town.

We're on our own out here, Audrey.

Face it. Everyone is.

And what about Ed and Elsa?

They care about us.

They're there for us! They always have been!

You're just using that as an excuse.

Please. Please, let's leave here.

Let's leave here before it's too late.

Before it changes you for good.

We're not leavin'. The time just isn't right.

There's still opportunities for us here.

You're not even listening to me.

That's it.

I need some water!

Let her sleep.

Come on, you gotta get up.


Emily! Mommy! Help me.


No! No! No!

Let her go! Please!

Emily! Mommy!

Leave her go!

♪ He brings My wandering spirit back ♪

♪ When I forsake his ways ♪ This is a sin!

You're killing an innocent child!

Whilst there are real murderers in our midst!

It's them you should be hanging!


Let her go! Please!

We are with you, child!

Trust in the Lord! Mommy!

Trust in God!


Can I see her?

Take the rope from her neck.

I beg you.

My darling.

I'm so sorry.

Hello, you two.

Where were you? Where were you?

I was in town.

You've been nice to your auntie?

Go and say goodbye.

Yes, Mama. Yes, Mama.

I did it myself.

Look what I can do, Mama.

That's nice, honey.

Thank you, Mama.

Have you been crying, Mama?

Yeah, I was. But I'm fine now.

Why? Why were you crying?

Come on, Emma. Don't go prying.

Come on. Up.

And then you can help me pick out vegetables for dinner.

I'll get started.

Thomas, come on.

Mama, is this one a flower?


Can I pick this one, Mama?

Mama, look at this one.

Mama, can I eat this one?

No, this one is not a flower, Emma.

Was it Papa?

No, it wasn't Papa.

Obviously, it was Grandma.

Thomas, look what I see. Let's try and catch it. Come on.

I'm coming. Faster! Come on, Thomas!

Some carrots, too?

There's one more. There's more...

You don't have to do anything.

Look at this.



Pa? It's fine!

Go back inside, son. Go back inside!

This innocent girl's life.

Jesus... says that...

Jesus says that...

Take your hands off him!

We don't need your help!

You... have chosen your friends.

You've had your 30 pieces of silver.

Go away. Leave us be.

What are you doin'?

I'm leaving tomorrow with the children.

With or without you.

Audrey. I don't care what you say.

I came to this country on my own.

I've been alone most of my life.

I don't need you. Audrey.

I'm gonna sell my mother's broach, buy supplies, and head back east.

I'm taking the rifle, too.

You can buy another one if you're staying.


I wanna leave, too.

All right?

I'll put an ad up in town tomorrow... sayin' we're sellin' up.

We'll leave as soon as we can.

I swear.

And if we don't sell quick, we'll just abandon the place, okay?

I just...

I need to get some sleep. I need... to lie down for a while.

All right?

I think I felt the baby kick today.

When that poor girl was hung.

When she fell through the trapdoor...

the baby gave a long, mighty kick.

It still hurts.

Still sore.

I'm sorry, Audrey.

I love you.

I love you so much.

I love you... and Emma and Thomas... more than anything else in the whole world.

You know that, right?



Trust in the Lord!


Samuel, where are you going?

Go back to sleep, dear.


Samuel! Oh, God. Samuel!


Samuel, what have you done? Samuel?

Samuel, what have you... They were sinners.

They were sinners.

No! No.

Reverend, come on. Come on, let's get out.

Move out of the way, ma'am.

No! No!


You just killed an unarmed man.

In cold blood.

You're gonna hang for this.

What is it?

Saint, Patrick.

Go ahead, pick it up.

What're ya gonna do, Irish?

You the law now?

You don't got the stomach for it.

I look in your eyes, all I see is fear.

I told ya, Irish.

Well, I'll give you a free shot.


If he shoots me, you let him go, yeah?

Come on!

Come on, Irish!

Go ahead and do it!

Good boy.

That what you want?

Bury 'im up good.

We ain't friends no more.

We're enemies now.

You understand that?

The reverend and Sheriff Parker are dead.

We're leavin' straight after the funerals tomorrow.

Let's just take what we can and get outta here.

All right? All right.

I have to go.

Just put it here.

♪ Our friends are passing over ♪

♪ And just before The shining shore ♪

♪ We may almost discover ♪ Oh, where do you want it now? On your hand.


Yes. Good boy.

Go inside!

Go inside now!


Go to your room and lock the door.

But why do we have to go to our room, Mama?

I'm staying.

You have to look after your sister, all right?

You go to your room, you go out the window, you go get some help. Get your father. Get the others.

You understand what I say? You go! Go!

I'm gonna hold him off as long as I can.



No! No! What about Mama?


Now, get out of my home!

Mama! He's hurting Mama! Sicily's hurting Mama!

Come on!

She's still alive, but don't bring them in there.

Go! Stay with Ed!

Where's Papa going?


Oh, God. Oh, God.


My love.

Are my babies all right? Yeah.

Take her to your place, Ed.

Elsa will know what to do.

If I don't make it back... promise me you'll take care of my family for me.

Of course.

I'll be needin' some guns.

I want a gun that'll kill the most people in one shot.

"I saw an angel standing in the sun... and he shouted aloud to all the birds flyin' overhead in the sky.

Come here, gather at the feast that God is giving.

There will be the flesh of kings for you.

Of great generals and heroes.

The flesh of horses and their riders... and of all citizens great and small."

Been waitin' for ya, Pat.

Are you with him, Jim?

If not, you got two seconds to get outta here you gutless fuckin' bastard.

He made his decision a long time ago.

Maybe I was wrong about you, Irish.

I don't see fear in your eyes anymore.

Just hate.


I was wrong about you, Irish.

You're American by blood.

Get on with it.



Did you kill him?

Did you kill him, Pa?


What are you still doin' here?

Are you hurt bad?

Are you dyin'?


I think I am.

Aunt Elsa says Mama's gonna be all right.

That's good, son.

I'll go get Uncle Ed. He can help you.

I don't think so, son.

But just in case... just in case I don't make it...

I'll get him. You're gonna be fine, Pa. You'll see.

And me and you and Emma and Mama, we're all gonna go to California.

We can see the ocean. That sounds great.

But just in case...

I want you to know how proud I am of you, son.

I'm so proud of you. And your sister, too.

I love you... your mother and your sister more than life itself.

And I'm sorry for all the mistakes I made.

You can tell your mother and sister that for me.

Can't ya? Yes, Pa.

But you're not gonna die. You can tell them yourself.

You're gonna be a hundred times the man I ever was.

You're gonna be a great man, Thomas.

And you're gonna do great things.

Great things.

Now go on and get your uncle.

♪ And I a pilgrim stranger ♪

♪ Would not detain them As they fly ♪

♪ Those hours Of toil and danger ♪

♪ Set sail for a heavenly place They let me out today ♪

♪ Don't wanna die this way Vandzant ♪

♪ Tie me up And cover my face ♪

♪ Send for the priest to pray ♪

♪ I'm gonna fly away From Vandzant ♪

♪ If God loves me ♪ I want to taste His kiss ♪

♪ All I wanted was your touch ♪

♪ This rope burns my neck To breathe's a bitch ♪

♪ I'm gonna fly away ♪

♪ Four years in the dark In chains ♪

♪ I learned to live again ♪

♪ Wake me up when they call My name Vandzant ♪

♪ Gravedigger said My bed been laid ♪

♪ And he sent for the maid To check ♪

♪ I don't pray I don't want To go back to Vandzant ♪

♪ If God loves me ♪ I want to taste His kiss ♪

♪ All I wanted was your touch ♪

♪ This crucifix clenched Cuts through my fist ♪

♪ I'm gonna fly away ♪

♪ As a child The sun was warm ♪

♪ We had a house and home ♪

♪ I don't wanna die alone Vandzant ♪

♪ May everything I broke Be mend ♪

♪ May it be heaven sent ♪

♪ I pray the walls crumble And fall in Vandzant ♪

♪ If God loves me I wanna taste His kiss ♪

♪ All I wanted was your touch ♪

♪ This rope burns my neck To breathe's a bitch ♪

♪ I wanna fly away ♪

♪ His last breath And a small bird sung ♪

♪ A song he'd heard When he was young ♪

♪ I'm gonna fly away ♪

♪ From Vandzant ♪