Never Say Goodbye (1956) Script

I hate to interrupt genius at work, Suzy. But it's ..

5 o'clock.

5 o'clock?

Sorry Tucker. We're late. I over-practised.

Hurricane Suzy. Now I know why they name them after girls.

I was beginning to get a little worried, Joe.

Well you said 5 o'clock, Miss Tucker and here I am.

I had to cut a chemistry class to make it.

The station wagon is out in the drive. Oh, good.

These go, and these. And these.

Briefcase, magazines, gum.

It's really my gum, for his ears, you know, when they pop.

You know Suzy, when you grow up you'll make somebody a wonderful wife.

If I don't look after Daddy, who will?

Is he still in the lab, Tuck? I think so.

But you know he doesn't like to be disturbed there, Suzy.

If he misses his plane, it will disturb him more.

Like Joe says. This is what a good wife would do if her husband liked it or not.

Now these look pretty good, Harry.

What is it, Will? Telephone, Dr Parker.

Just study these when they're dry.

Harry, I'll call tomorrow from Chicago to see if they answer our question.

Good luck with your speech, sir. Thank you, Will. I'll need it.

As a public speaker, I should stick to orthopaedic research.

Yes, Tucker?

It isn't Tuck. It's me, Daddy. Suzy.

Joe is here, and you don't want to be late.

No, ma'am.

"Well then, step on it."

Yes, ma'am. Right away, ma'am.

I hate to see you leaving right now, Mike.

So close to an answer to that bone grafting.

Can't the convention do with one less speech?

The foundation subsidises this laboratory, Harry. You know that.

Besides, don't you want me to go back there and protect your salary?

My salary? Ha.

That wouldn't even show up on an X-Ray.

Here he comes. We're all ready, Daddy.

All set, Joe? Yes, sir.

My speech notes, young lady?

In the briefcase like you said. Sharp pencils and erasers.

You're a fine woman, ma'am. And now, may I have a word in private?

Delighted, Dr Parker.

If we want to get to the airport in time, we'd better ..

There is always time for this little ritual whenever he leaves.

You know if I was ever anybody's little girl or anybody's father ..

I'd like to be just like they are.

It's an unusual and beautiful relationship.

Between a father and a daughter.

And a very necessary one when there is no wife or mother.

Did you know her mother? No.

It was a long time ago and the doctor seldom talks about it.

It's almost done.

I said it's almost ..

I heard you.

I'm sorry, Daddy.

You don't like to come here, do you.

It doesn't matter where a man goes, Suzy, if he ..

Can't get away from his memories.

You loved her very much?

Very much.

And she was really the loveliest lady in Europe?

In the world, Suzy.

When we were together.

The three of us.

We were the happiest family.

Well, I'd better go.

Yes, Daddy. Last one to get to the car is a sissy!

Hello, Dr Andrews.

Hello, Tucker, Joe. Doctor.

I thought I'd wander over for the farewell festivities.

Hi, Kelly.

As your paediatrician, Suzy, I ..

Strongly advise that you don't put such a strain on your father's heart.

And also kiss him goodbye.

Oh no, Joe. Daddy and I never say goodbye, do we.

No, sweetheart.

Take good care of Tucker. I'll call tomorrow about six.

Have a good trip, Mike. Thanks, Doc.

And don't worry about a thing, Doc.

With you here and Dr Andrews next door, I'll sleep like a baby.

Bye. Goodbye.

A fine paper, Parker. Thank you, doctor.

Most informative, Michael. Congratulations.


Great work you're doing in California. Thank you. Good evening.

I'm proud of you, Mike. The success of the convention.

Well, Dr Barnes, the Foundation deserves all the credit.

The money, the time, the fine equipment the association donated.

Well, that could have been wasted on the wrong man.

Dr Bailey and I want to talk to you, Mike.

About increasing the subsidy.

Any time. Why not now?

Well, no. Not now, Mike. You're tired.

A little drink would fix that.

I've done a lot of research on the therapeutic value of a nightcap with ..

Quite favorable results.

Well, maybe one short beer, if it will advance medical technique.

I know just the place.

Timmy's Tavern on LaSalle Street. Timmy's Tavern?

It sounds very therapeutic.

No artist .. be he a master of oils ..

Or merely a caricaturist working in charcoal.

Can ask for more than beauty on a magnificent scale.

Thus madam, you have already rewarded me handsomely.

But of course if it is impossible to capture ..

All of your bountiful charms on my canvas ..

Then it is the canvas's loss, madam.

Not yours.

A masterpiece.

Good evening. You've got a good table for three?

A good table, doctor, here? You're asking the impossible.

Let me see.

Fourteen. In the corner, right behind the post. One of our best.

You'll excuse me for a minute.

I must call my daughter. I promised and I forgot.

What shall I order? Just a beer.

This way, doctor.

Right here, doctor.

Thank you.

Sit down, Timmy.

Have a drink with us. That I'll never refuse.

Time has added lines of great beauty to your face, madam.

I trust you will not take offence if I copy them?

Well, back to work. Oh.

Tell Victor I would like to buy him a drink too, when he's free.

That will no doubt cut his act short.

This Victor is really a genius.

Three stroke of his crayon and he has a perfect caricature.

Dr Bailey wants to buy you a drink. I shall be delighted.

Dr Bailey has asked us to join him.

Asked you, Victor.

People must learn that you are included in everything that I do.

Good. He's bringing his pianist.

She's an attractive girl, but puzzling.

German, I believe.

Dr Bailey.

This is Dr Barnes and .. Miss ..?

Dorian Kent.

Hello, Miss Kent.


A brandy?

Yes, that would be fine.

Well, I said I'd be back with more models for you, Victor.

Dr Barnes here, is on the distinguished man-of-letters order.

And we have a tall, dark and handsome type in the phone booth.

A panda tonight for your date?

I don't think either one of my dates is the panda type.

Here we are.


Happiness. And you.

Oh, here is Mike now.


I'd like you to meet Miss Kent and ..


Get an ambulance. I didn't see her.

She stepped right in front .. Never mind. Get an ambulance.

Fractured ribs.

Punctured pleura.

Evident collapse of the right lung.

We've tapped the pleural cavity.

That may have to be repeated.

But we still have to remove the rib that did the puncturing.

May I ask something, gentlemen?

That the decision to operate be given very serious thought.

Miss Kent, your patient.

Is neither strong physically nor emotionally.

She spent a long time ..

Years .. behind the iron curtain.

With considerable damage to her body and her soul.

I'm not sure that she can survive major surgery.

I'm not even sure that she has the will to try.

Nevertheless, we must do what we can.

And perhaps restore her will to try.

I'm confident that can be done, gentlemen, knowing ..

Knowing what, Mike?

Miss Kent is my wife.

You did a fine job, Dr Evans.

Your suggestions helped.

Not removing that rib was a good idea.

Elevating it accomplished the same thing.

She'll pull through alright without any apparent damage.

She has to pull through alright.

Now, I've packed the clothes she wore in. Her jewelry is on the dresser.

That's fine. Thanks very much.


They've taken her to the recovery room.

She'll be there for several hours.

Can I see her?

Tomorrow would be better.

What do you mean? Is she alright?

She'll be alright in time.

A punctured lung isn't fatal with the proper treatment.

And you can give the proper treatment doctor, as you did in the past?

It is past, Victor.

And I've found her again.

I wonder.

I wonder if anyone will ever really find Lisa again.

I thought she was dead, Victor.

Did you really, doctor?


I loved her more than anything in the whole world.

And you killed her.

Or the same thing.

In a way, you were right, doctor.

She might just as well have been dead.

And now, this great gesture.

Pretending concern for her life. What life?

The faint candle .. that burns ..

Almost unwillingly within her.

Well, I can't stay here any longer.

I'll .. be at Timmy's.

The show goes on .. even without music.

There is one thing about the practice of medicine.

It makes you very thirsty at night. Right .. Max!

Hello, Max. How are you?

Gentlemen, I have a very fine table for you. Next to the stage.

What did I tell you? A bit of Greenwich Village in the middle of Vienna.

Max. Yes, Herr Hauptmann?

The usual .. three shots in one. Right away, gentlemen.

I have in my lifetime sketched many faces.

Sad faces, happy faces.

The old and the very young.

But no face gives me greater inspiration than that of a pretty girl in love.

Your eyes .. your lips.

The texture of your skin. Why, even the highlights in your hair give you away.

Not to mention the young man beside you.

That caricaturist is great, isn't he.

Yeah .. and the Fräulein at the ivories.

Danke schön.

The Fräulein at the ivories.

There is a woman playing the piano on the stage.

Eve she is the Greenwich Village type.

Greenwich Village. Separation centres. Civilian clothes.

A plush office on Madison Avenue.

Sundays in Connecticut. Don't get maudlin.

How long you going to stay here, Mike?

I don't know. Next year, maybe.

Even the year after.

I've a lot to learn yet at the hospital. You're a fine man, Dr Parker.

Dedicated to your profession.

Here you are, my dear.

Ladies and gentlemen.

This is my wedding present to you.

Oh thank you, Victor.

You hear? Even my accompanist prophesies you future.

And now, while Miss Gosting and I take a few moments.

I'm going to turn the stage over to that gentleman of indefinable charms.

That loveable, laughable buffoon. Ricky.

Thank you. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.

And now my friends, I ..

I'd like to tell you a story about the first time I came to Vienna.

Darling, what happened?

The steps on the stage. I slipped.

Is it very bad?

It hurts.

There are some Army doctors. I'll get one.

Oh Victor, really no. It's ..

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Pardon me, but my accompanist has had a slight accident.

I wonder if one of you can .. Certainly.

Of course. Well, just one.

Call it. Heads.


Heads. Tails.

Doctor, would you mind ..? No, of course not.


If it hurts too badly Lisa, I will go on for you after my own act.

Thank you, Minnie.

This is Dr Parker, Lisa.

This is your patient, Miss Gosting.

Your ankle?

I've twisted it.

You've possibly sprained it. It should be examined.

Well, there it is.

Take your stocking off, please.

Of course.

It's a sprain alright.

It ought to be X-Rayed.

My Jeep is outside. I could take her over to the Army Hospital.

It would only take a minute.

I'll take her myself after the show.

The sooner the better.

He is the doctor, Victor.

I can't stand on it.

Can you help me?


Call me from the hospital and I'll come and take you home.

Victor, you mustn't disappoint your audience.

And I'll see you later, anyway. Goodbye, dear.

Here we are.

The lights are on.

That is Frau Hempel, the landlady. I live upstairs.



I'm afraid you have to help me again.


You know, the X-Ray showed no fracture. Thank you.

Stay off this ankle for a few days.

No. The switch is over there.

Oh yeah.

Just put me down anywhere. Over here on the chair.

Thank you. There you are.

Won't you sit down for a moment?

Would you like one of my cigarettes?

Thank you very much.

I sprain my ankle and not only meet a young doctor who is an orthopede ..

Orthopedist. Orthopedist?

But has American cigarettes. A lucky girl.

It's a very nice place here. You live here alone?

Yes. I live here alone.

My family, that is my father, lives in the Russian zone.

And .. Victor?

I would say he lives in the past.

Before the war, when he had a beautiful studio and a reputation as an artist ..

I used to model for him.

Well, I ..

Doctor, I would like to offer you something to drink .. but I ..

Only have milk. Would you like some?

No, thank you.

I'd better be running along.

Is there anything I can do for you?

No. Thank you very much. I will call for Frau Hempel. She will help me.

Well, I'll call her. You said, downstairs?


I suspect right outside that door ..

If she saw you carrying me in.

She sees everything.

Good evening, Frau Hempel. Good evening, sir.

Come in, Frau Hempel.

This is Dr Parker. A doctor?

Miss Gosting had an accident. I brought her home.

An accident?

She hurt her ankle and she liked to have some help getting into bed.

Oh .. of course.

Well, I'll drop by in the morning. Thank you very much. Goodnight.

You know ..

I don't even know your first name.


Goodnight, Lisa. Goodnight.

He's a very handsome young man.

Yes. Very.

Lisa .. look ..

Stay off that ankle.

I said, stay off that ankle!

[ Singing: ]

"For the first time."

"I found my real love."

"For the first time in my life."

"I really feel love."

"Every old love."

"Was a pastime."

"But I crossed them off my list."

"For .. the last time."

"For the first time."

"I'm a romancer."

"If you ask me why it is."

"You are the answer."

"You are the answer."

"To what I've been dreaming of."

"For the first time in my life."

"I'm .. in .. love .."

Thank you.

You were wonderful, Lisa.

You were truly wonderful. Thank you, Ricky. Goodnight.


You must be very free, to let everyone kiss you goodnight.

But .. Ricky is a friend of mine.

He is almost a member of the family.


I thought he was going to stay for ever.

Some people never leave.

Don't doctors ever sleep?


I like to dream my dreams while I'm awake.

If we're together, and without Victor for a change.

He is on a business appointment.

At midnight?

Yes. To discuss a new offer we have had.


In our business, some of the best deals are made at midnight.

I .. I'll remember that.

Another offer?

You're going to another café?

Another city, maybe.

Victor is very secretive.

You would leave Vienna?

You don't want to do that.

Why not? A lifetime is much too long to spend in one place.

Yes, but ..

Your lifetime is just beginning. No, thank you.

Excuse me, Herr Hauptmann .. I'm sorry.

I think he wants to get rid of us.

A foolish notion.

Have I ever told you that's a beautiful ring?

Yes, you have.

It was my mother's.

It relieves your curiosity.



I start speaking German with you. Mikhael is Michael.

My friends call me Mike.

Hmm. Maybe.

Women should call you Mikhael.

Nicknames are much more intimate.


Wasn't that intimate enough?

Captain, I am sorry. But we have to put the chairs on the table.

And I don't think you and Lisa will be very comfortable out there.

He's determined to get rid of us.

Goodnight, Max. Goodnight.

Thank you.

Thank you, and goodnight.

Oh no.

Oh yes.

You could at least invite me in for a glass of warm milk or something.

I still have so much to tell you.

You can tell all that tomorrow over coffee at Oskar's.


The pastry shop around the corner.

At four.

Why not here, now? Certainly.


Oskar's is open to the public. There will be other people there.

Yes, I think it should be Oskar's.

You're crazy. Maybe.

And beautiful.


Good afternoon, Herr Hauptmann. Good afternoon.

I was to meet a young lady here. A Miss ..


Ah, Fräulein Gosting. Yes ..

Yes, please.

Take this table here.

Thank you.

Perhaps .. a nice slice of kugelhopf?

While you're waiting, huh? Koogol what?


Angel cake. I've just made some.

Doesn't that take a lot of eggs?

Well .. I didn't tell my chickens about the war.

Oskar. Fräulein Gosting.

I'm sorry I'm late. I just got here.

Oh .. sit down.

Just the same.

Exactly the same as last night.

Do you expect me to change overnight?


Pardon me.

We have an expression in America.

Cloud 8.

I've been riding on it for a week.

I don't want anything to change.

Cloud 8?

Now you are being crazy. I don't think so.

Lisa .. I've been thinking for such a long time ..

This is a coincidence. I was on my way to your flat, Lisa.

Victor. May I sit down?

Yes, of course.

Ah, I must get another slice of kugelhopf.

Oh, no thank you.

I would hardly know how to eat such a luxury.

Anyway, since I'm not a Captain in the occupying army ..

I certainly couldn't afford it.

I have news from Hamburg. What?

The Odeon, that's the biggest nightclub there.

Have made us a fine offer and I've accepted.

No. The Odeon?

That's wonderful.

Hamburg is the gayest city in Germany.

I've given notice here.

We close a week from Saturday and open in Hamburg the following Monday night.

And who knows, Lisa?

If we're successful and get the proper papers ..

We can go on to Copenhagen, Brussels, Paris.

At long last get out of Austria for a while.

Copenhagen, Paris.

Oh, it's wonderful.

Then maybe you can slip on a step again and meet a handsome French doctor.

You shouldn't feel the way you do about Victor.

He is an old and dear friend of mine.

Don't you know enough about men to know they don't like to hear women say ..

Other men are old and dear friends?

The swans will never know how close they came to being eaten. Feathers and all.

Was it that bad?

Oh .. you Americans and your silly questions.

Yes, I know a little about men, Michael.


My father.

My brothers, both gone in the war.

Well, surely there has been someone else?


That explains everything.


I've been thinking a great deal in a very short time.

Victor wants you to go to Hamburg with him. - I want to go too.

Look .. beyond the park.

A block away. Half a block.

The Russian sector. Where my father lives.

My childhood.

My family. All what's left of it.

Emotionally, I can never completely leave that world.

But .. physically, I don't have to go back.

Hamburg may sound like a bombed-out German seaport to you, but .. to me ..

It could be the beginning of a whole new life.

That's just what I've been thinking, Lisa.

Beginning new lives.

You see .. I've been talking to Professor Zimmelman.

He likes me and he wants me to stay on here.

He's very close to our State Department. He could help me cut red tape.

So that I could get my Army discharge here in Austria.

You don't want to do that.

Well, I .. didn't want to a week ago.

I didn't believe in love at first sight, either.

A week ago.

I was wrong about both.

It was love at first sight, Lisa.

You know it. And I know it.

It wouldn't be much of a life I could offer.

Particularly without Army pay, but ..

Which isn't what Victor thinks it is.

If you're ever going to know anything about men you'll have to start sometime.

With someone.

How about now?

How about me?


Will you marry me?

Michael .. will you ..

Please stop asking those silly American questions.

The ring, please.

In accordance with the power vested in me ..

By the people and the government of the Republic of Austria.

I declare you .. legally married.

Frau Hempel.

Oh yes ..

I haven't seen a feast like this since ..

I don't know when.

Someday, we'll really raid the quartermaster and have a ball.

She is a lovely woman, Captain.

Thank you, Professor Zimmelman.

The champagne is excellent.

We missed you at the wedding.

You did?

I didn't think you would.

Victor, I am sorry about Hamburg but there will be someone else.

Yes, there is always someone else.

For everybody.

I'll get you some more wine.


Andy. Yes?

Some wine for Victor, please. Certainly.

I must propose a toast.

To you, Captain .. my congratulations.

Thank you.

And to you, Lisa.

My love.

Always and forever.

I .. I guess that speaks for all of us.

And it's a pretty good exit line, too.

Well, I think it is time to leave now and give the newlyweds some privacy.

Come on everybody. Let's go home. Come on, Rosie.

Goodnight, and my congratulations to you both.

Goodnight Lisa, and all the happiness in the world.



All happiness .. to the bride and to the groom.

Thank you. Goodnight.


Bride and groom.

It sounds so ..

So what? So married.

I feel very happy, you know.

Easy, easy.

Setzen sie es hier unten.

Danke schön.

Danke schön, danke schön.

A piano! Oh!

Oh .. it's beautiful.

But we can't afford a piano. We can afford this one.

All it cost was two hours work.

Setting the leg of the guy who owns the piano store.

Do you like it?

It's beautiful, darling.

And you're beautiful sitting at it.

And will get more beautiful.

I won't.

I get more hungry for silly things like cucumber sandwiches.

I already am.

You're more beautiful.

Play something .. for the three of us.

Silly American. Oh, that's alright.

Americans make just as good fathers as any other kind.

Oh Professor, I was looking for you.

This is more important.

I hope you will forgive a sentimental old man.

But I just couldn't resist the temptation.

A baby book.

In English, too. Where did you find it?

I have operators.

Lisa will love it.

How is she?

As big as a house.


And how am I?

Stone broke.

I hate to think how much this ..

Baby is going to eat after it's born. Not cucumber sandwiches, either.

Well, one day you will be going back to America where money grows on trees.

But not for struggling young doctors.

That "one of these days" may be some time off.

I still have a lot to learn here.

Excuse me.


Oh, hello Frau Hempel.

She has?

Is she alright?

The hospital?

I'm practically a father.


Have you seen her?

Not .. yet, darling.

Now, we have our little girl.


She's just beautiful.

What shall we call you, "uncle" Victor?

I suppose "uncle" will have to do.

Mike insists I put down everything that happens to Suzy even before it happens.

He idolises her.

Sometimes it worries me.

I don't blame him.

She looks exactly like you. Not when she's awake.

Come downstairs.

I want to hear everything about your tour.

Is Hamburg really so gay, and Paris so beautiful?

And a year and a half so long?

Too long to be away from people you love.

I've missed you, Lisa. And I've missed you.

But I don't suppose a married woman can admit it to a man who's not her husband.

Why not?

Love is a variable emotion, different in every relationship.

I'm sure Michael wouldn't understand that.

I'm sure you're right.

Darling .. we didn't hear you come in at all.

Apparently not. Hello, Victor.

I see I should no longer call you Captain.

And isn't it a shame.

He was so handsome in his uniform.

It deceived her.

These cheap civilian clothes don't do the same thing at all.

Victor has been all over Europe. He just got back this morning.

Suzy's 22nd visitor.

Three in the afternoon? She should be asleep.

She is. I've asked him to stay until she wakes up.

But unfortunately I can't. I'll come back some other day, Lisa.

This afternoon, I've much to do, like finding a new girl to work in the show.

Though I'll never find anyone like you.

Oh, Victor.

A thousand girls, a million can play the piano and sing a little.

Your eyes light up when you remember.

You miss it, Lisa? Of course not.

Well, I'd better be running along. Auf Wiedersehen.

Goodbye. Goodbye, doctor.


You shouldn't be that way.

So rude.

I'm insanely jealous. Didn't you know?

I'm finding out.

You wouldn't like it if I weren't.

I didn't notice. Is that a new dress?


I gave my two maternity dresses to Frau Hempel. You like it?


It looks like it fits you better than it fits our budget.

What can I do with all these bills?

They are not bills, they are receipts. I have paid the bills.

You did? Yes.

You and your little miracles.

Thank you for helping me tonight, doctor.

A few more operations like that and you will be considered a specialist.

Yes. And a few more nights like this and I won't be considered much of a husband.

Or a father. It is Suzy's ..

One o'clock?

Yesterday was Suzy's second birthday.

A big event .. goodnight, Professor.


Doctor Parker.

Hello, Frau Hempel.

You weren't expected for some time.

Where is Lisa?

She stepped out for a little while.

Where did she go? I'm not sure.

She said something about a studio.

Was she alone? She left alone.

She didn't expect you home until later.

I said I would stay with Suzy.

And she is sleeping like an angel.

She is an angel. Well, I'll take over now. Goodnight.

Goodnight, doctor.

There is some hot coffee on the stove.

Oh, fine. Thank you.

Goodnight, Victor.

It was the nicest evening I can remember in a long time.

It is good to recapture our yesterdays.

And good to see you looking so happy.

I'm glad I was the cause of it.

At least, partially.


Kurt, your champagne was wonderful.

Thank you very much. Goodnight, darling.


I didn't expect you so early.

What a nice surprise.

A nice surprise for a man to come home to his wife and baby.

To find the landlady taking care of the baby and the wife out.

With no explanation at all.

But I can explain.

Victor opened his new studio tonight.

He called to invite us.

And I know you don't want to be disturbed at the hospital.

I saw no harm in joining my friends for a glass of champagne.


They are still part of my life.

You can't expect me to close all of the doors.

Next time, I'll ..

You are always interrupting my sentences.

Oh, wait a minute. What is it?

A present for Suzy. What's in it?

You'll see.

You should be asleep, young lady.

Hi, bright-eyes.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Thank you.

Thank you.


What is it?

A necko.

A what? A necko.

A necko .. a necklace.


Are you happy, darling?

Can you say "locket"?


That's it.

Thank you, Daddy.

Thank you ..

Daddy. Give him a kiss.

Give Daddy a kiss.

I put in one more than the usual recipe.

Thirteen eggs.

No, no, no, no.

My present for your 3rd anniversary.

Danke schön, Oskar. Looks like a fine Kugelhopf.

It is a very nice idea to give this party for Frau Parker.

My wife and I are so excited.

She does not know about it? I hope not. Supposed to be a surprise.

Oh, good. I'll put it in a box.

It must be carried with care.

Truly. Yah.

There she is now.

Heading for her rendezvous.

Same man .. same corner.

Drives off in the same taxi at the same time ..

Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

And you tell me she has a husband? And a little girl.

It's quite the talk of the neighborhood.

And you always stay with Suzy on Tuesdays and Fridays?

Yes, doctor. When my aunt doesn't.

Mrs Parker always goes out then.

I see.

Put the dress on her. I shall be downstairs.


Home early again.

How wonderful.

You are always surprising me.

And I thought you had forgotten tonight. How could I forget.

Oh what a feast. Who have you invited?

Here we are, Mummy.

Did you sleep well?

Oh, she looks wonderful.

You've done a fine job, Luise.

She's had a lot of practice.

Every Tuesday and Friday.

[ Buzzer ]

But our guests? Answer it, Luise.

And tell them the party is cancelled.

Cancelled? Yes, cancelled.

What is the matter, Michael? Aren't you ..?


Yes, I'm well.

I was at Oskar's today.

I overheard gossip about a woman in the neighbourhood.

Gossip? Hmm.

And then I saw her for myself.

You. My wife.

Walking past the window, across the square. I followed you.

And then to the taxicab and then I saw the man standing beside you.

I can explain all that very simply, Michael.

Don't explain. I saw it for myself.

What you think you saw.

About six months ago.

Because we needed money, and we did.

Whether you admit it or not, Michael.

I started giving music lessons.

Music lessons?

You and Victor can think of something better than that.

Michael, listen to me and not to gossip in coffee houses.

Your suspicions.

You told me you could close all the doors in your past.

Well, you could at least have closed one door, when you married me.

The door to your lover!



"Suzy and I have gone away."

"There is no use trying to find us."


2200 Pratertrasse, please.

But that is in the Soviet zone. Yes, I know. It's my father's address.

I've tried to explain to him father, but he wouldn't listen.

And when I went back, he had taken Suzy and gone and left this.

"Suzy and I have gone away."

"There is no use trying to find us."

What can I do, father?

I love her so much.

I can't let him take her away from me. I won't.

All young couples have their problems.

And they are not solved by angry words and impulsive notes.

Perhaps if you had waited a little while, he would have let you explain.

He is blindly jealous and he was furious.

Americans cool off quickly.

It is one of their virtues.

If not one of their weaknesses.

Try to look at it from his point of view.

A foreigner in a foreign country.

I am sure he would be a completely different man in America.

That does not excuse him taking my child. Ever.

He can't have taken her far.

There is no doubt he will be home by tomorrow with the little girl.

Begging forgiveness.

And if not?


I know the head of the Missing Persons Bureau, Heinrich Mueller.

If necessary .. go to him. He will help you.


Now, you stay with me tonight and have supper like in old times, huh?

The border is closed for tonight anyhow.

Tomorrow morning, everything will be alright.

Goodbye, father. Goodbye.

The border is closed, Fräulein.

But my daughter and my husband .. The border is closed.

It was closed last midnight and it may stay closed forever.

It was open last night and I crossed it here.

The border is closed.


I was afraid of this. Trouble is increasing.

I must get across.

There are other ways? Yah.

But if you are caught, it will be bad for you.

Worse than losing Suzy and Michael?


Perhaps I can help you.

But you must wait for tonight.

Darkness defeats even the Russians.



Come with us.

But he has done nothing.

He and how many others, meine Fräulein?

Two more.

I think they have caught them all.

And there are always two more.

Oh, Dr Parker.

I have been cleaning up the apartment.

The party things have to be put away.

Where is Lisa?


I thought she and the baby were with you.


We had a little misunderstanding.

She took Suzy and went to Dr Zimmelman's.

Is Suzy ill?

Oh, no.

It was just an impulsive thing to do and I'm sorry.

I left a note .. have you seen it?

No, doctor.

Lisa must have found it herself.

Well, I must find Lisa.

That's all I know.

She seems to have ..

Completely disappeared.

And I thought .. you might ..

Help me try and find her.

We can try, Mike.

But disappearing, for many Europeans ..

Is the rule these days.

Rather than the exception.

Yes, I know.

Thank you, Colonel.

Suzy is asleep now, doctor. I will make you some tea.

Don't worry so.

She will come back. I know.

She loved both of you so much.

It's been three weeks, Frau Hempel.

I've gone everywhere and asked everyone. Done everything I could to find her.

I know, doctor.

[ Buzzer ]

Excuse me.


Is this the Parker flat? Yes.

Is Frau Parker here? No. No, she's not.

Won't you come in, please?

Thank you.

I am Frau Hempel.

I am a friend of the Parkers. Perhaps I can help you?

Perhaps you can.

For some time.

Frau Parker has been giving me piano lessons.

Something not many people would do with patience.

You see .. I am blind.

Her husband didn't know about the lessons.

She was trying to add a little to their income.

But he was so proud.

It was my custom to meet her.

With the help of my ..

Friend here, at a certain corner twice a week.

It was an outing for me.

And easy for her to reach my home.

Two weeks ago .. I was there.

But she wasn't.

And last Friday.

And again Tuesday and today.

I was a little worried.

I had this address .. so ..

Well, I came to see if anything has happened to her.

Frau Parker left unexpectedly.

She probably didn't have time to let you know.

When she returns I will tell her you called.

Herr ..? Romberg.

Karl Romberg.

Karl Romberg. Thank you very much for coming.

Thank you.

You mean, there is no trace at all?

You've found out nothing?

We've done everything within our limits.

I'm sorry. We can't raise the iron curtain from this office.

Much as I would like to look behind it.

Not only for your wife.

But for these.

Reported in labor camps in Poland.

Reported moved eastward to collective farms. To factories beyond the Urals.

Reported missing. Reported dead.


Herr Gosting has gone. We know that.

Now if she were with him, it would ..


You still have your little girl to think of.

Take my advice. Go back to America with her.

We'll keep working here, and if any clues turn up.

We'll let you know.

Frankly, it doesn't look too good.

She should sleep now, doctor.

I know. I just want one minute with her.

No, Mike.

Please go.

Leave me alone. I don't want to see you.

She has been dismissed.

We are leaving as soon as she can dress and pack.

You'd better leave first.

No. I am going to see her. Not after what you did to her, doctor.

She has recovered.

Physically, anyway.

We'll go on with our act.

And maybe someday get to California.

That's the only thing she wants and it has nothing to do with you. Just Suzy.

I have to see her, Victor.

I know what happened in Vienna.

You do? Or do you think you know what happened?

Like you thought that the mistakes that you believed in were the truth?

I know the mistakes were ..


I looked every place for her.


But the iron curtain has a fatal way of ..

Dropping, at crucial times, hasn't it, doctor.

And on crucial places.

Cutting cities ..

Countries, worlds, even people, in half.

Very well.

Time passes.

Even the communists can't control that.

When I returned to Austria.

The curtain was rising again.

Slowly. But rising.

I finally found her. Or the shell that remained.

Then began the wandering.

That's what brought us here.

And will take us further.

Excuse me. Mrs Parker asked me to give you these.

And asked if you were still out here, doctor.

Yes. Excuse me.

Come in.


You have to let me talk to you.

There isn't anything for us to say to each other that matters to me at all.

Now that I know where Suzy is. Yes there is.

Something that matters very much.

That night in Vienna when I took Suzy from you and left in a jealous rage.

I came back the next day. You were gone.

I tried to find you everywhere.

Each clue led to nothing. Victor had gone and I thought ..

You thought that I had gone with him. Is that it? - No, no.

I found out the truth.

The man in the taxi came back to the flat three weeks later.

Karl Romberg? Yes.

He said he was afraid something had happened to you.

So was I.

It's been seven years, Lisa.

Seven long years that I'd ..

Tried to make Suzy as happy as I could.

No man can take a mother's place with a child.

I know that nothing I can say will correct the mistake I've made but ..

Please come back to us, Lisa.

What does she know about me?

What did you tell her about me?

What does she think happened?


I told her that when we were together, we were ..

Very, very happy and ..

That I loved you more than anything in the world.

She does, too.

How can she love me without knowing me?

Your memory.

My memory?

You mean to say that ..?

That .. that Suzy thinks I'm dead?

Well, what else could we think?

You took Suzy out of my life when the two of you were my life.

Do you think you can take me home now ..

And present me as the mother she has never known?

Just pick up where we left off?

No. I don't think so.

I'm not asking you to come back to me, Lisa.

As much as I want that.

I'm asking you to come back to Suzy.

She needs her mother.

Alright. I will.

I'll come home with you.

But I will do all in my power to win Suzy's love for me and away from you.

Everything in my power.

Now, if you will leave me with Victor for a minute, please.

This is where I came in.

I hope it's the right thing.

And not another mistake.

How can anyone answer that?

Well I think I can, but I won't try now.

I won't be far away.

And you'll always know where to reach me.

Thank you, darling.

You'll see your daughter in less than an hour.

It has been so long.

I won't even know her and she won't know me.

We'll fix that.

What did you tell her? That her mother is coming home?

Only that I was married.

She was a little upset when I told her to give you a chance.

But that will come later.

Of course, later.

Alright, dear.

It is a beautiful house, Michael.

Oh, thank you.

Anything else?

That's all, Joe. Thanks for meeting us. My pleasure.

We'll see a lot of you, Mrs Parker, I hope.

Thank you, Joe.


Hello, Mike.

Suzy is alright. Oh, good.

And this must be .. My wife.

Dr Kelly Andrews.

Our neighbour and Suzy's paediatrician.

Speaking of your favourite daughter, Mike.

She pulled an all-night tantrum when she heard your unexpected news.

It scared Tucker to death.

You see, Suzy has had Mike to herself for so long ..

That, like any other woman, she does not want to share him with any other woman.

I gave her one of my famous pills.

Completely harmless, but taste so awful they cure anything, even hysteria.

It calmed her down a bit, too. She needs some sleep.

What happens when she wakes up?

Well .. that's up to you.

The new Mrs Parker doesn't look to me ..

As if Suzy is going to have any trouble with her stepmother.


Lisa .. isn't Suzy's stepmother.

She is .. her real mother.

It's a long story and I'd like to tell you about it sometime.

I don't want to do anything in any way to hurt her, Dr Andrews.

I hope in time to recapture the love she gave me as a baby.

I know this may be difficult, but ..

I may need your help since you ..

Have been with her so much.

I know Suzy pretty well, Mrs Parker.

She has an advanced Electra complex.

She worships her father.

And like most little girls, there is a bit of Camille in her too.

She can make a bird's nest the most remarkable thing in the world.

Or a loose tooth a stark tragedy.


I suggest that you get her to accept you as a friend, first.

Then her real mother, later on.

She has worked herself up into quite a foaming lather already.

Telling the truth now might be ..

Much worse than pretending an untruth until the bubbles float away.

I understand, doctor. Thank you.

I'll drop in later, Mike.

Alright, Kelly.

Thanks, Kelly.

Tucker. Dr Parker.

I'd like you to meet Mrs Parker.

Dear .. this is Miss Tucker.

She runs the household. I told you about her.

My very best wishes, Mrs Parker.

Thank you.

I hear we had a little trouble. A little trouble?

She went to pieces completely.

But she's asleep now.

I wonder if ..

Michael, I would like to see her even if she is asleep.

Of course.

You look lovely, Lisa.

Would you like a Martini? No thank you.

Tucker says that ..

Suzy ought to be down any minute.

I guess some of the bubbles are evaporating already.

It doesn't take a child long to bounce back.

A wonderful thing about childhood.

Are you .. comfortable in your room?

I told Tucker to ..

Get you anything you need. She may be a great help.




Hello, darling.


Did you have a nice rest?

Kelly said you had a little upset.


There is someone here who's heard a great deal about you.

And wants to meet you very much.

How do you do.

Hello, Suzy.

You are just as pretty as I thought you would be.

I am very happy to see you.

Thank you.

You'll have to do better than that, Suzy.

I am sorry. I am very glad you're here.

And I hope you'll be very happy.

And I hope you'll be very happy too, Daddy.

I hope we'll all be happy, Suzy.

I believe dinner is served.

Thank you, Tucker.

Suzy, will you lead the way?

Would you like to sit here, darling?

Marie, have you met Mrs Parker?

Tucker introduced us.

And if I may say so Doctor, you can be congratulated.

Thank you.

Well Suzy, how did things go when I while I was away?

The usual: school, school. Then more school.

It wasn't as bad as that, Suzy.

You went riding almost every day.

You see my dear, there are wonderful trails back in the hills.

Suzy rides very well for her age.

I love to ride.

Shall we go out together this weekend?

I suppose we could.

If you'd like .. Mrs ..?

Fine. Saturday?

Daddy? Huh?

What do I call your .. wife?

Just call me Dorian. Most people do.

Suzy is a little too young to call you Dorian.

And "stepmother" wouldn't sound quite right would it.

Why don't you just call her "mother"? Dorian wouldn't mind.

I couldn't possibly call her "mother".

She's not my mother and she can't take her place.

Ever! Even if you did marry her.

Suzy .. Suzy!

I'll see what I can do.

Alright, Tucker.

I'm sorry, Lisa.

It's a very strange feeling.

Suddenly, I have a terrible rival.

The girl I used to be.

It was Suzy's idea.

In memory of her mother.

It's ironic, isn't it.

A memorial to a person she will barely speak to.

It's almost funny. Lisa.

Stop it .. stop it now. Oh, Mike.

I am going to tell her now.

I can't have my daughter worshipping the memory of a woman she despises.

I am going to tell her.



I was just coming to talk to you.

What about? Come here. Sit down.

You see.

I have a problem.

I'm afraid it's a serious one.


I'm sorry if I'm a problem. I don't want to be.

There is something ..

There is something .. you must know.

It maybe a little hard for you to ..

Understand and realize, but ..

You must know that I am your mother.

Not a stepmother or some ..

Stranger your father married in Chicago and brought home with him.

Your real and only mother.

No, you're not. Yes.

My real mother is dead.

I've known that for ever.

But that's .. that's a story your father has told you.

Daddy doesn't tell me stories.

Not that kind. Not lies.

Darling, wait. For what?

So that you can tell me something else that isn't true?

But it is true.

Your father and I were married in Vienna right after the war.

You were born there. I know I was.

But I know that my real mother died.

You know it, too.

And you're just making this up to try and get me to like you.

You have to listen to me.

I don't want to listen to you. I don't believe what you say.

I hate you.

I tried to have it my way, but ..

I've only made things worse.

She doesn't believe me.


She'll believe me. I'll tell her.

No, Michael. Don't do that.

Why not?

She is a ..

Frightened, confused little girl, who can only think of me as .. an intruder.

A rival to that model of perfection she has created in her mind.

Sooner or later, we'll have to tell her.

Dr Andrews was right.

We have to give her some time.

I've thought it all over very carefully.

And I've made up my mind.

As long as I'm here Mrs Parker, I don't think Suzy will accept you.

She is so used to me. She has me for a refuge.

The best thing for everyone is for me to leave.

It will bring you two together that much quicker.

Suzy must learn to love her real mother more than she loves me.

You know?

I suspected.

Your accent and ..

From what the doctor had told me about Suzy's mother.

Now I know.

I have been very happy here, Dr Parker.

I shall always be grateful for that happiness.

I am more than grateful for everything you've done, Tucker.

Goodbye, Mrs Parker.

Goodbye and thank you very much.

I am sure that you and the doctor will work out all your problems.

We'll miss her.

Yes, we will.


Did you tell Miss Tucker to leave?

No Suzy, I didn't. Then who made her go?

No-one did.

She didn't go because she wanted to. I had nothing to do with it, Suzy.

I neither asked nor told Miss Tucker to leave. You must believe me.

I don't believe you.

I know you don't. You don't believe me.



I .. I just wanted to find out why she left.

If she decided to go so suddenly.

It was probably because she felt it was the best thing to do. Suzy!


When I was a little girl, I had curls just like you.

And my mother used to wind them around her fingers like this.

And then draw them out gently, like this.

Please don't.

Oh, good afternoon. I believe Mrs Parker is expecting me.

Oh yes, sir. She is in the garden. Will you just go through the living room.

Thank you. I'll take your hat.



Let me look at you.

How wonderful to see you.

A few short weeks, and it seems forever.

But I didn't expect a party. It is Suzy's birthday.

She has gone out with her father now, to get the ice-cream.

This is a lovely place.

A perfect background for you.

Yes, it is a nice house.

And you're happy in it?

You didn't say "I told you so". And I'm grateful.

But you might have.

Victor. It isn't working and it never will. That's why I called you.

You mean .. Suzy won't accept you as her mother?

She won't believe I'm her mother.

She has worked herself into such a jealous state.

Having a strange woman here.

She just won't believe it.

I am leaving with you today, Victor.

Leaving the perfect background.

Do you mind?

Well, hardly.

But I've thought of going back to Europe.

Then it will be Europe.

Don't you think your Dad has a point, young lady?

Yes, Daddy.

I'm sorry about the way I talked to you and Dorian the other night.

I am going to try and be better. That is my birthday vow.

A good one.

The kids should get here any minute.

My invitation said one o'clock. And they are always right on ..

Look who is here, Michael. Well, what a surprise.

Hello, Victor. Doctor Parker.

And this must be Suzanne.

My name is Victor. Which name?

The only name I've got. First and last.

Why didn't somebody tell me she was such a charmer.

A fine brow.

Bright eyes.

A saucy chin.

And a sprinkling of freckles.

What are you doing?

Hold still.

This model would do justice to a Gainsborough.

Unfortunately, I'm not a Gainsborough.

But it would take a very poor artist indeed ..

To fail to capture her piquant charm.

Here you are my dear.

With the compliments of your humble servant.

Do I really look this, Daddy?

Why, that looks more like you than you yourself.

Could you do one of Daddy?

Oh no .. not me.

How about one of yourself? It's my birthday.

It could be your present to me, Victor.

Would you stay for the party and do some sketches of the kids?

It will be so much more fun than the silly, childish games we usually play.

Well, I don't know .. Daddy.

Please .. you get him to.

We'd be delighted, Victor. Of course you'll stay, Victor.

How can I resist. Good.

Let's take these out to the kitchen before the children arrive.

Now .. you sit over there.

Now take a good look at me.

Remember, Lisa.



Have I ever told you that's a .. beautiful ring?


Victor is going to Europe.


I am going with him.

No, Lisa. Yes, I am.

We were wrong in trying this. I was wrong.

I can't take Suzy away from you.

I should never have thought that I could.

She won't accept me. No matter who I am.

I know this now. I am resigned to it.

Lisa, give it a little more time.

Michael, I've made up my mind.

It has been my privilege to sketch the world's most beautiful women.

But I've never had such charming models as today.

There you are, Julie. I'll remember you always.

It's divine.

It's also 5 o'clock. I have to get you kids home.

Thank you so much, Victor.

Bye. Bye.


It's been a lovely party, Mrs Parker and I'm so glad to have met you finally.

We've all been dying of curiosity.


Goodbye, Mrs Andrews. Goodbye, doctor.

Goodbye, Mrs Parker. Goodbye.



It was the nicest party I ever had.

I don't know which was the best.

The cake.

The ice-cream.

The presents. Or Victor.

I know which is the most exhausted: Victor.

Do you mind, doctor? Not at all, Victor.

You can come to all my birthday parties. Can't he, Daddy?

Yes, certainly.

It will be quite a hop from Europe, but I'll try.

Europe. My mother ..

My real mother was from Europe.


Suzy doesn't have a picture of her mother.

I wonder ..

If we told you what she looked like ..

Could you draw one of her?

Please. Please try.


Tell him what you used to tell me about her. How beautiful she was.

I don't know about the freckles.

But her hair was lighter than mine. Wasn't it, Daddy?

Brighter than sunshine.

Her eyes were blue, weren't they Daddy.

Very blue.

Don't stop, Victor.

I have hardly started. It is not so easy you know.

Well, you know she'd look a little bit like me.

She had a beautiful smile, didn't she, Daddy.


Did Daddy ever tell you about the little park he walked in with your mother?

In Vienna?

About the swans?

And your grandparents?


Or how much they loved you when you were a baby?

And decided that no other little girl in all the world was as beautiful as you?

Yes .. he's told me all that.

How happy we were then.

It's .. it's our secret life.

His and mine.

I suppose that's that.

For a moment, I hoped. Lisa.


At least something has been gained.

There is no hate in my heart any longer.

Just regret.

I have one more thing to say to Suzy and ..

Then I will be ready to go, Victor. If you are.

It's strange how ..

Complicated the simplest solutions can become.

Nearly finished?

Won't be long now.

Suzy, I want you to listen to me.

It is for the last time.

I am leaving.

A long time ago .. I lost a little girl.

She would have been just your age right now.

It was wanting her and loving her memory that .. made me hope ..

That you would come to love me too.

As much as she used to.

We won't be seeing each other again, Suzy.

But I hope.

That you'll think of me sometimes.

And not with hate.


I don't hate you.


I just say that.

I don't know why.

And I want to ask you something, too.

And that is ..

To remember that .. there was someone here for a short time.

Who loved you .. with all her heart.

Goodbye, Suzy.


Yes, ready.

My overnight case is in the hall.

I shall let you know where to send my other things, Michael. - Lisa.

It's no use, Mike. I am going.

It was a lovely birthday party, Suzy.

But I must be going now.

Here is what you asked for.

Thank you, Victor.

Goodbye, Dr Parker.

Is she really going for good, Daddy?

That's what you want, isn't it?

I don't know, Daddy .. I don't know.

Daddy. Hmm?

Why did you tell her so many things about Europe and me and my real mother?

I never told her anything, Suzy.


Look what Victor did. It's ..

It's .. Yes, it is, Suzy.

But Daddy .. She is your mother.

Stop her, Daddy!

Only you can do that, Suzy.




Suzy, Suzy. My little angel.

I understand, Lisa.

It isn't often that a dream comes true.

Oh, Victor.

We'll be looking for you my next birthday.

I will remember that.