New Police Story (2004) Script

You again. Get out of here.

You threw up in my cab last time.

Shut up!

Stay back or I kill her!

Stay back! Relax.


I wanna see Chow.

Or they're dead. What's it gonna be?

You conned me out of thousands of dollars.

No, I didn't.

I'm sorry.

You were so arrogant.

It was you who talked me into it.

Now you're backing out?

You, move away! No. Stop!

Mr. Wong. Please calm down.

Call the media.

Get the media.

Do it or I'm gonna kill her.

Okay, I'm doing it.

Get the reporters.

Oh, no. No. He has a grenade. I'm not going.

Calm down, Mr. Wong. The press is here.

They're ready to listen. Just calm down.

Point the camera at me.

At me!

Eric Chow, you're a liar!

You took everything I had.

You made me gamble on stocks.

You said I'd make thousands.

You told me to use company funds.

Now I'm screwed!

My life is finished! You ruined my life!

You asshole, come on out!

Show yourself!

Stay away. Don't get any closer.

No one move.

Open the drain! Yes, sir.

Move. Go.

Over there!

Everybody down!

Inspector, are you okay? Yeah.

Go check everyone else.

Move. Move. Give me back my money.

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, inspector.

He's so crazy.

So what if he lost a few bucks?

You win some, you lose some.

You throw the book at him.

Make sure he rots in jail. Don't want guys like him running around.

And you are? Oh, let me get you my card.

The name is Chow. Eric Chow.

Care to invest?

You guys go. Get the evidence.

Yes, sir. I'll help.

Inspector, good thing you wore two vests, huh?

Look at you.

So proud of yourselves.

Well, let me tell you something.

It was a mess.

You there.

You worked crowd control, but people still got past.

One hostage became many hostages.

One small error, everybody could have died.

And there was another thing.

You let the crowd control you.

Hong, come here now.

He drew his gun so much faster.

Show me how fast you can do it.

Draw your gun.

See, your jacket makes you slow.

You should have a stone... your pocket on duty every time, understand?

Hey. You must carry a lucky stone, yeah?

You should listen to your future brother-in-law.

All right, sis.

Let's all have lunch, yeah?

Great, I'm starved. Okay, yeah.

Wing, you're going.

Don't you have something to say?

What? What?

Aren't you wanting to wish me a happy birthday?

Do I have to?

Happy birthday.




Open the safe.

Open it.

I just work here.


We are the shit, man. We are the shit. You got a phone?

I- I do.

Call the cops. Move it.

Call the cops.

Oh, God. Easy.

Why are you doing this?

I only work there.


Police! Drop your weapons!

They're armed, heavily!

Three. Four. Five. Six.

Yeah! Five. Okay.

Hey, you better get up.


Yeah, man. All right.


Go! Come on, go!


Don't move.

Drop your gun.

Drop it now!

Check the hall. Yes, sir.


Kid! Kid!

Bank of Asia robbed last night... an unknown gang of criminals.

Okay, listen, guys.

Joe got 100 points. Fire and Tin Tin got 80.

Me, 60. Okay, 20 per cop.

Thirty for an officer but we award 10 points for each cop car.

A million dollars per point...

...and we divide the remaining money equally.

Now, because Sue dropped moneybags, she loses 200 points.

How can you do that? You know, nobody helped out.

It's only a couple of dollars.

Stop arguing.

And, Sue...

...another fuck-up and you're out.


The police held a press conference...

...and here's what Senior Inspector Chan had to say.

Three hours. The force will apprehend the perpetrators within three hours.

The actions of this gang show us that they are nothing but naive kids.

/ guarantee that they will soon be behind bars.

How are you? Feeling better? How are you?

I was this close to dying.

I'd get them myself, except I'm stuck here.

Don't worry. We'll get them tonight.

How do you know? An informant found their location.

But I know what they're doing.

They're only after the police.

Chan, notify SDU.

Didn't you get the memo?

We're the SDU.

Very funny.

Don't worry, Sam. We're better than the SDU.

Yeah, I bet you are.

Okay, Sam.

I know some guys from a finance company came to see you.

I'll pay them. Don't worry about me.

It's okay. Sam.

If you're in trouble, I can help.

I know.


You've gotta get them.

Show them no mercy.

They're insane.

All right.

How about you sneak out tonight, have a drink...

...and you can ID them tomorrow.


...I wish I had your self-confidence.

And lay off the gambling.


Hey, sir, I'll take them down all by myself.

Hey. Are you crazy? He wants to be a hero. Let him.

I got a date later. So have I.

I have to pack. I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow.

Come on, guys. Leave it to me.

Cut that shit out. Wait your turn.

Come on, guys. Enough cheek.

We can relax at dinner. Team A first.

Team B, back up. Yes, sir!


Clear. Clear.

Clear. Clear.

Someone's there. Stay where you are.

Don't move!

A and B teams, go.

Two men stay. Copy.

Time to play.

Don't panic.

Inspector. Hey, sir.

Team A, report. Hello?

He's not able to hear you, inspector.

Team A. Hey, Rick.

Peter, stay with the guys. You're in charge here.

Hong, follow me.

Stay back.



Open it.



Where are they? Quiet.

Hold on, man.

Oh, yeah.

Help me. Help me!

Show yourself!

Oh, God. Kwong. Hang on!

Sir. Inspector.


Stay calm.

Someone's there!

Don't chase him! Hong!




Inspector, help me!




Hold on!

Oh, no, what happened?


Where are you?

Come out!

You know, this just means that we're not finished with you yet.

Who are you people?

We're cop haters.

Let them down!

After you drop the gun. First free them!




Chui! I'll kill you.

You're gonna listen and do what we tell you, see?

Okay, what do you want?

Only to play a game.

You know, inspector, they say that you're the gun champion.

So we're gonna play a game that tests your skill.

Come on.

Why are you doing this?

Now, these are your men's guns. Let's see how fast you are... putting them together for two of your men.

I will do it.

On three.




Brother-in-law, save us.

You lose two guys.

Didn't you wanna play something?

My turn.

You're the combat coach, huh?

I'll beat you.

You can try taking me in 20 seconds...

...for two men.


Ready. Go!

Oh, no.

Again, you lose.

Kill me as well.

Three hours.

Wasn't it, "I'll have them in three hours"?

You're not so positive now, are you?

What do you want me to do? On your knees.


Please spare their lives.


Now, let's do it again, yeah?

The rules are the same.

Come on.


For four men, though.

That's the spirit. Okay.

Ready. Go.

Oh, yeah. Good.

Oh, dear.

Three seconds over.

One man for each.

Yes, sir.



Just go, brother-in-law.

Hold on. I'll get you down.

Don't kill him yet.

I'm not quite done.



Hong, wake up.

Bombs down there.

Get the others out.

Hold on. I'll get you out.

I promise I'll get you out.


Help! Someone stop them!

Get out of the way! Help!

Get out of our way. Move it!

Out of our way!

Move it, drunk.

His wallet.

He's a cop.

A cop? Eat this.

You know, you are capable of great things.

Forget the past and use your pain.


Hey, who are you? PC 138, reporting, sir.

I'm your new partner, Frank Cheng.

I don't need a partner.

I'm taking a year off.

Chief called. He cancelled your leave.

Don't mess up my things.

You've gotta be kidding. They're messed up already.

I'm your new partner. I'm trying to help you.

I'm not your cleaning lady. You gotta fix that attitude.

First, we're gonna throw out all the stuff you don't need.

We'll throw out all this useless stuff so you can find what you need.

Go find me some water. Your girlfriend was here.

She gave you this.

See this?


Out you go.

Get out.

Look, I wanna tell you.

Please listen to me.

Okay, I'll tell you.

The same gang robbed another bank...

...and again, a lot of police were killed.

Chief wants you to handle the case.

Why does he want me on it? Did he tell you?

No, he didn't say. He just wants you back on the case.

Oh, the other thing is it's not about money.

I'll show you. Look at this.

A video game.

They made you into a video game...

...and posted it on the Internet-

I want you out. Out! Go!

Listen- Out!

What? Inspector Chan, it's me.

You again. Leave me alone.

I'm at your girlfriend's place. What happened? Something wrong?

Oh, yeah.

Something is wrong.

What is it? Bad enough for me to call you.

How bad is it? Better come quick.

Stay right there. I'm coming.

Smells good. The trick is to add olive oil.

Let me taste. Careful, it's hot.

Not bad. Of course.

I've given him the ring.

He was pretty shocked when I gave it to him.

He cares very deeply for you.

You know, he just can't forgive himself for what happened.


Who's this?

Who's this?

Just come in.

My eye.

Sit down.

What are you doing here?

Let's go. Why?

I'm just doing what you told me, remember?

Here it is. Just like you wanted.

Pay me later, when my eye gets better.

You remembered this time.

You know, he chose the cake.

I just went and got it.

Let's go.

What now?

Now you can smile.

Now you make a wish.

Make a wish.

I'll shut the door.

Come and sit down.

You haven't touched a thing.

Tell me. What is it you're writing?

It's nothing.

I know what it is:

"Forgive me."

Why don't you throw those away?

Throwing them out wouldn't help...

...because memories...

...they're permanent.

You'll never forgive me.

I don't blame you.

I often wonder if there's a cure...

...for missing someone.

There is.

It's to see the one you love.

What if you can't?

In time...

...the pain fades away...

...leaving behind happy memories.

You're right...

...but I can't forgive myself.

Does drinking help?

You know, you're on a destructive course.

It's time for you to pull yourself together...

...or everything you worked so hard for will be gone.

Let's you and I together go out and finish this.

Your men deserve for you to avenge them.

Okay, I've researched them for you.

One thing I've learned is that money is not what they're after.

They want-

Wait. Wait.

Please listen. There's more.

My research indicates that the whole gang are video-game crazy.

Their weapons, all European weapons..., therefore, probably very expensive.

My guess is they're wealthy.

Frank, go home.

Help! I've been robbed! Let's go.

Stop! Police. My bag!

You're gonna pay for this, cop.

Get him.


Out of my way! Stop him!

Stop him. Chan, you're a cop.

Don't let him get away.

You again? Get out of my way!

Move it!

Get out of my way! Chan, you're a cop.

Thanks, drunk.

Let me go!

Oh, you drunk!

You'll break my arm.

"I'm sorry I stole the purse because..."

I'm so...

I'm sorry. I feel so very...

Hey, can you spell "guilty," please?

No, I can't.

I forgot.


I'm not your teacher.

Look it up in jail.

Maybe then you'll remember it.

Why don't you write "gully"? It's close.



You got a tissue?

Just a moment. Hey.

Can you tell me how to get them to their cells?

Just take them down.

Yeah, I know. I mean, where?

Oh, it's my first day. I don't know where to go.

Let's move.

Could you tell them that we're sorry?

Thank you, sir. Stop crying.

Hey. Don't forget to look up "guilty."

Serious? Misdemeanor.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm Frank Cheng, senior inspector.

I'm not done yet.

I'm senior inspector's partner. My name is Frank Cheng, PC 138.


I'm Sa Sa, technical support.

Look, everyone. Our hero has returned.

Tell me...

...what are you after?

A drink?

You should be too ashamed to even come here...

...because you're not welcome.

Well, it's not your decision.

That belongs to the chief.

And who are you?

PC 138, sir.

Where's your superior?

He's in front of me. I'm on the Bank of Asia case, sir.

That's funny. I wasn't aware I had a partner.

You don't, sir. I'm with Chan, sir.

I'm the one in charge of this case.

He's not on it.


...go with him.

I transferred to work on this case with you, sir.

Do you know about him?


...I'll tell you.

This is his story.

He led...

...nine men on a routine op.

They were all killed through his negligence.

Everyone here has lost somebody close.

Everyone here has lost loved ones because of his ego.

Yes, sir.

I know, though, that before this...

...he solved every case and many owe their lives to him.

He's here to finish a job...

...and regain some of that which he lost.

So if you're afraid...

...that he'll be able to solve it a lot faster than you can, sir...

...I understand.

Okay, I'll let you work on it...

...but I'll wager that it's me who gets it.

What's at stake?

Loser gets down on his knees and apologizes.

I accept. Shut your mouth.



I can't do it. He offered.

It's your case.

Bargain has changed. The loser resigns.

Hang on.

It's a deal.

It's a deal.

Okay. Where do we start?

I'm going to bed.


It's your career. That's right.

You wanna lose. I don't want to be a cop.

But what about your partner?

Why do you want to be on this case?

Who are you?

PC 138.

What else?

PC 138.

Kwong was my brother.

You remember Kwong?

I'm his brother.

I have to get this gang.

So you managed to find your way home.

Where were you last night?

What do you care?

It's none of your business.

You're my wife.

What would people think, chief of police can't handle his wife?

The reason you can't handle your wife or the police... because you're useless.

The only reason you're here is because of my father.

Thank God your son is not like you.

You think you're so great strutting around in that uniform.

The only reason you're here is because of my father's money.

What? I've worked hard for this.

Oh, you're useless.

Your son's like you, a raging, spoiled brat. All you do is spoil him.

And all you do is beat him.

Hey. Get up!

Lazy shit.

Just get up.

Get up. Look at the time.

Every day you mooch around. Lazy!

It's embarrassing, you lazy shit.

I hate you.

You're not like me a bit!


Joe, don't listen to Daddy, huh?

Why don't you go out, have some fun?

There. Mommy knows best.

There's a bit of money. Go out and have some fun, okay?

Recently citizens complained about police attitude.

Well, I'll say it to you again:

When on duty, police officers must behave... a lawful and fair manner at all times.

/ personally guarantee...

...that the police will conduct themselves properly and justly.

You know, guys...

...when you've found that one thing that gets you really excited...'s higher than any drug in the world.

I told you, they love video games.

They turned your case into an online game.

Who are they?

Okay, at this stage, we can't tell. They posted it from all over the world.

Sa Sa.

This is the alley behind the bank that they robbed.

Now, this guy here seems to drop something in the alley.

The bag.

And we know Sam ran into them there.

That means he's with them.

Not Sam.

Why do you always wear the same jacket?

It's important to me.

Hey, what do you want? We wanna talk to Sam.

Sam? Sorry. Don't know a Sam.

Yes, you do. Your boss. Would you like to see a picture?

I have one right here.

This is him. Sam- I don't know him.

Careful. Don't push, all right? Or what?

I told you not to push. Hey, you there.

Police. It's the police.

Calm down.

You just hit a cop.

I'm gonna get you!

That's my man-


Sam, what's going on?

Why are you hiding?


...I'm not hiding.

It's just business, all right?

Boss? What?

Call for you.

What is it, boss?

Why were the police here?

You're not above suspicion, you know.

Make sure it doesn't happen again.

I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

/ can't protect you.

Yes, sir.

Get out now!


I'm here about the robbery.

You were the only one in the alley.


I can't remember.

I can't remember any of it.

What? You must have seen something.

You must remember something.

How about...

...the bag and the girl, huh?

What? You better watch yourself.

Really, what do you want from me?

I can't remember.

Please don't ask again.

I quit because of this case.

You are welcome here...

...but as a friend.

But if you want my help, I'm sorry.


It's for my crew.

Please help me.

I only know that one is a woman...

...and that they play X Games.

I pulled this watch from her in the alley.

That's all I can do.

Well, this comes a bit late.

Stay safe.

It's the X Crusaders logo.

They're a gang of X Gamers.

Got it. Today there will be a party at the Shing Mau Center.

Got it. Thanks a lot.


X Gamers.

B team, follow them.

That's gotta hurt.

The redhead one.

Out of my way. Police business.

Come on. Over there. Nobody leave.

Nobody leave.


The cops arrived. Get yourselves downstairs...

...and I'll meet you there.

You better find them...

...or you'll be sorry.


Everyone quiet. Nobody move.

Your friend?

Get down. Inspector.

He's hit. Get an ambulance.




...stole that money... pay back-

To pay the loan sharks...

...but they found me.

They made me tell them your plans.

I'm sorry.

I'm responsible.

I killed the team.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.


Chan, I'm sorry.

Screw you.

Everybody down. Go take the children!


Nobody move. Stay where you are!

It's okay.

It's okay.



Come on.



That's my man.


Oh, there you are. Doctor, I'm her mother.


I knew it.

Wherever there's trouble, I can bet that you'll be there.

Every time there's a problem, it's you.

And you know, I got 72 complaints.

Internal complaints from government departments...

...and some very unhappy civilians.

Are you gonna tell them what happened? Are you?

Are you? No. That's my job.

Sorry, sir.

It's just- We found those bank robbers.

No, Chan.

You're on leave. But you ordered me back.

When did I do that?

You told PC 138...

Are noodles the only thing you can cook?


...but they remind me of home, you see.

They're comforting, so I immediately thought about you.

You think I'm comforting?

Oh, I know you are.


We were just talking about you.

I'm very busy.

You're not a cop, are you?

Ten years ago...

...a man trying to feed his son...

...stole some sandwiches.

A truck ran over him.

A policeman- A kind-

You're still lying to me...

...and you're in a lot of trouble.

No, it's the truth.

You are not Kwong's brother.

Who are you?

I sat the cop exam and I blew it.

I just wanted to be a good cop-

Why me? Why did you come into my life?


I was lying.

Did I harm you, though?

No, I didn't harm you at all...

...and he wouldn't.

I've told Sa Sa's friends that if they win the game and get to the end...

...then you'll know what the gang's next move will be.

I'm not lying.

Do you regret being with me?

We have a profile on each of the suspects.

Sa Sa.

Sue Chow, daughter of a shipping magnate...

...recently disappeared.

Fire, son of a jewelry tycoon...

...ex-U.S. Navy.

Tin Tin Law.

His father is president of a securities company.

Max Leung, father is K.H. Leung...

...mother is Japanese.

Joe Kwan... for his mother.

He studied in the United States.

An underachiever.

Most important...

...his father is a policeman.

Northern District's chief superintendent.

All rich kids.

Each of them miserable, no purpose in life.

Let's go.

Chan Kwok-Wing, senior inspector...

...was given a year's suspension because of us...

...and his girlfriend won't marry him.

Can you tell me why you didn't join the police force?

I told you this. My dad was a thief.

Frank, you've got to stop lying.

He's toying with you.

Isn't that your girlfriend's place?

You wanna play games?

I'm the best of the best.

You wanna play me, you'll lose.

Leave her out of this. Sorry. You do what I say.

Game starts at police headquarters.

Go. Hey.


Yee, what brings you here?

I got a call saying Chan's in trouble...

...and to come straight away.

We've had no problem. Would you like to wait... the conference room? Okay.

See you later. Bye-bye. See you.

Ho Yee. Yes?

I'm the one you spoke with.

What's happened? Is he okay?

He's trying to get here... fast as he can. He'll be here.

I'm an old friend.

I'd like to give him this present.

These balls must be kept centered...

...or the bomb will explode.

So don't move.

You have 10 minutes.

I wanted to give it to him personally.

Now the pleasure will be yours instead.

Thank you.

Inspector, Ho Yee is waiting for you.



Everyone out. Now.

Call the bomb squad.

Don't be afraid.

Just stay steady.

What do we do?

We're going to carry her to the safe room.

The balls must remain in the middle.

Piece of cake.

Please just go. One.


Three. Up.

My foot's asleep.

It's all right.

Everybody out. Quickly. This way.

Keep moving.

Get her a chair.


It's always...

...mostly the red wire.

Sometimes green.

Or maybe yellow?



Ho Yee.

Don't be afraid.

I'm not frightened.

You're here, so I've got no reason to be scared.

I'm sorry.

I want you to understand.

I knew it could happen someday.

I was ready.

You cannot do this to yourself.

His death was not your fault.

Do you know how much it hurts me to see you like this?

Over here. Quickly.

Put the safe room on the screen.

On-screen now, sir.

Inspector Chan, I'm from the bomb squad. What's the situation?

/ think I may have stabilized it.

There's so many circuit boards.

It could be any wire.

Each circuit has a feedback.

Any wire may trigger the bomb.

I couldn't save your brother...

...but I promise...

...I'll save you.

You may think I'm silly for asking...

...but I wanna know something.

Are you in love with me?

In this life...

...and the next...

...I will always love you.

Our last option is to freeze it with C02.

I'll be right back.

Hey, sir. Sir.

She's cutting the wires.

Ho Yee!

Ho Yee.

Inspector, it may be a trick.

It still may go off.

Get out of there.


Don't move.


Ho Yee. Ho Yee.

Ho Yee.

Ho Yee.

Please don't die. Please.

Ho Yee.


Oh, God.

I'm sorry to have to do this...

...but you're under arrest...

...for aiding in the impersonation of an officer...

...and for operating as an officer whilst under suspension.

Sir, could you give me a cigarette?

Time to quit. You'll get cancer.


They'll let you out.

Don't worry.

It's your own fault.

Hey, what are you doing?

Our lawyer. Come here. What's going on?

We're concerned about police harassment.

You're in trouble.

The SB okayed this.

Oh, inspector.

How's your girlfriend doing?

We'd like to visit her... make sure she's okay.

Don't you dare go near her. If you do, I'll kill you.

Would you care to repeat that?

Now, you see, we may have to charge him...

...with threatening us. Absolutely.

Stinking cop.

You can't win, you know.

Another bank tonight.

The game continues.

Joe Kwan...

...I'm going to get you myself.

Whenever you like...

...but you gotta get out, no?

It's on the top floor.

One hundred million.

It's showtime.

Guard, I need to make a phone call, please.

It's important.

Inspector, I'm sorry. I can't do it.

It's completely against regulations.

Sa Sa.

So that's it. You're not helping.

I'm sorry.

I can't help.


Oh, Sa Sa. Please.

You have to get me out, or many will die tonight.

I know that.

Either I break you out or else kill him. You tell me.

Well, think of something.

It's not fair.

I joined the police...

...because my dad told me they were righteous.

I'll quit tomorrow and never talk to him again.

I'm going to the toilet.

Not again.

You know, Dad, you go so often.

I think you could be sick.

It's just down the hall. Okay.

Do you think that they don't see us?

Just bring it back when you're finished.

Over here.

You're too kind.

Oh, my God!

I've died and gone to heaven!

At the end of each level, there are new directions.

They're crazy.

If you win the game, they'll give us the next target.

Yeah, got it. Yeah!

The Bank of Hong Kong.

That's right in the city.

Sa Sa, no matter what happens... have to keep our men away.

Call the cops.

It's okay. Do it.

Big guy.

Would you come over this way, please? This way.

We just need to look at something through that telescope.

Okay. There they are.

A phone. Give it to me. I need to use it.

Yes? 999 emergency.

Sa Sa, I need you to make those calls.

Oh, I can't hold them off for long.

They're gonna trace the line.

Hey, make the calls.



Let's raise the stakes.

For every cop that you get... you get double the points.


Are we still shooting?

There are so many people down there.

Get them out, quietly, one by one.

Excuse me. Could you come with me?

Excuse me. Miss?

Miss, please. Go over there.

Joe, something's wrong. Maybe we should go.

Shut up, Max.

Fire, go over there.

Mom? Dad?

What are they doing here?

Why are they here?

Oh, so many police.

What's going on? Where's our son?

They're up in the bank, robbing it. What?

Robbing it? No, that's impossible.

I'll give you a mil to kill my old man.

I'll give you 2 million if you kill my old man.

Okay, single file. Come in now.

What's he doing? Max.

Max, come back.

Come back, Max.


Max, come back.

Max, where are you going?

Don't panic. Calm down.

Max. Max!

Oh, my son.


Move, move, move!

Get out. Get out of the way! Move!

Let's go, guys.


Don't let them see you. Call the SDU. Inspector.

Joe! I got shot! Help!

Oh, my dad shouldn't be here.

Joe. Joe. I've got him.

Hey. We tied the last fight.

We go again.


Everybody out!

Come on. Get up.

Come on.

Come on.

You lose.


Police. Drop your weapons.

Hands on your head.

Get down.

Police. On the ground now.

Identify yourself.

Senior Inspector Chan.

This boy's been shot.

Call an ambulance right away. Who is he?

Call an ambulance now.

He's dying!

For God's sake.

Help him.

He's just a kid.

It's Chan.

Call an ambulance.

Take a look.

No. No.

Drop your gun.

Joe, the whole building is surrounded by cops.


Oh, I'll play.

Don't you see?

If I go down, I'm taking you both as well.

Hey, Joe.

I'm not police.

Kill me, you're still gonna lose. You hear that?

Joe, you don't hate the police.

You hate your father and you hate yourself.


You don't know! Your friends are dead.

No one else should die.

You die...

...unless you stop.

The game is over, Joe.

No. I don't lose.

You're the one who loses!

Okay, I play with you! We play again.

What game this time?

You're gonna lose, and this time, you're playing for his life.


Let's play.


Inspector Chan, you're my man.


Let's go. Oh, yes.

Hey, Joe.

Hey, Joe! For God's sake.

What the hell are you doing?

What the hell are you doing?

Joe, how can you do this to me?

I'll never live thisó Hey, Joe.

Son of a bitch.

Give up. Please. Stupid, useless son of a bitch.

Drop your gun.

I'll never live this down.

Drop your gun.

Drop it, you piece of shit.


What the hell are you doing?

You're killing me.

I'll be ruined because of you.

I'll never live this down.

Drop your gun, you son of a bitch.

Give up now.



His gun's empty!

My son!

Hang on, Frank.

Chan, sir... know, I'm falling.

Oh, really?

Maybe you could hold on tighter.


...won't let you...


You could have held on tighter.

Let's see you try it.

I'm more hurt than you are, okay?

Thank you, everybody.

Thank you.

Inspector, hey.

At least get this thing off me.

Ho Yee, you seem much better.

I'm here to discharge you.

Goodbye. Good luck.

Take care of yourself.

Bye-bye. Bye.


I love you... matter what.

Will you marry me?

Will you please marry Inspector Chan?

Marry Inspector Chan.

Oh, how touching.

Come on.

Where to?

To take my statement.

When I get engaged...

...I want even more police.

How about a fake cop? Okay.

So, what's going on?

I've been here for over a month.

My wife is waiting for me.

I'm broke.

Just a little.

Please, you've-


You there?

You there?


...I'm still hungry.

Stay over here.

I'll be right back.



Frank, run!

Call the police. Thief! Run!

Freeze. Police.

Go on!


Thief. Serves you right.

Oh, Inspector Chan. That's not helping.

Call an ambulance. Yes, sir.


This world can seem unfair.

Many sad things happen.

Now just forget the past and be good.


What's your name?

I'm Frank Cheng.