Next of Kin (1982) Script

To my daughter, Linda Mary Stevens, I leave my entire inheritance.

All goods, chattles and worldly possessions that comprise the estate of Montclare.

Thunderstorms bringing in a cooler change later on today.

There'll be some rain again tonight and tomorrow we can expect yet another fine and warm day.

While we're talking in the studio today,

residents in the area or even the tourists that might be listening would like to run over a few of these procedures for us.

Certainly would, Ryan.

And needless to say there's a fire ban on lighting fires in the open right now.

We should clear all combustible materials from around your home or your caravan even.

And all rubbish down at the gathering.

Easy on the onions, Harry.

No worries.

Oy, dad.

Nico, where you been, huh?

With Linda.

Oh, good day, Linda.


Welcome home.


Nico, get a cup of coffee for Linda, eh?

Come, look, you haven't even eaten your egg there.

Come on, Louis, don't play with your food.

Here look, I'll feed you.

What do you think of the old time, Linda?

Not much changed huh?

Hardly at all.

Well there's a new public toilet.

Took them 20 years to get that one up.

' Change?

Don't you look at me like that, young man.

You want me to knock you through to the middle of next week?

Come closer so I can hit you, Jason.

Get here and eat up.

On the house.

A test of nerves.

Watch this.

Hey Harry, come on, hurry up.

Two hamburgers coming up.



There we go.

And about time too, kid.

I'm sorry about your mother, Linda.

She was a good woman, Miss Berry.


She used to come in here sometimes, you know?

My mother?


Used to sit over in that corner for a long while.

Just looking out of the window as if, as if something was on her mind, you know.

Nico liked her.

He liked her very much.

He used to sit with her.

No talking.

Just sitting.

What you gonna do with that big house now, Linda, huh?

Lance, what are you doing?

Hmm, watering the flowers.

A bit?

Come and help me take the washing in.

I think it's going to rain.

Our loves and comforts should increase even as our days do go.

Here, grab this.

Hope it's a good storm, I like the rain.

Now mother and father have gone, we have the problem of maintaining Montclare.

We're determined not to sell it.

I suggested to Rita that we might turn it into a nursing home and she seemed to like the idea.

25th of August, 1950.


Can I give you a hand?

Oh, Connie.

I can't close it.

We'll have to get it repaired.

You should be careful.

What's that?

The wires.

Let's get out of here.

Do you think it's a good idea moving your mother's belongings right now?

It's got to be done sometime.

The old people are a little sensitive.

It's best when they're all asleep.

Whose room is this?

The new arrival.

What's she talking about?

Somebody's gotta do the flowers. - Mrs. Ryan.

Her nephew's bringing her up tonight.

We've already discussed this.

I don't want to take any more people.

We need the money.

Yes I know, but one more person isn't going to make any difference.

It's just all too much.

Oh no, it's just maintenance.

And the old for their mind, they still love it here.

You're a great optimist, Connie.

I better see Mr. Collins.

Cold night, Mr. Collins.

How are your eyes?

Let's have a look.

Head back.

Look at the ceiling.

Good god.

You'll get soaked!

I'll get them.

Come on, let's get you inside.

They're crazy.

You should have gone to the front entrance.

We got lost.

The lightning nearly got us.

You should be in bed.

Oh, rubbish.

And miss all the fun?

Damn, door's locked.

Look, you'll have to walk.

I was locked out of the barracks.

It was teeming with rain just like this.

' Cathy!

Enemy shell started exploding all over the bloody camp.

What happened?

The door slammed?

Didn't you slip the lock?

I'm sorry Mr. Ryan.

You must be tired after your long journey.

This is Linda, Mr. Cooney.

Mrs. Ryan and Mr. Ryan.


Wasn't your Aunt happy in the last house?

They weren't happy.

Then I got back and I put it like anyone here, thunder was coming and explosions all over the bloody place.

I didn't know what the hell to do.

And you know, it doesn't often rain in North Africa but my god, when it does it does come down in buckets and lumps.

Good heavens.

I'll take care of Mrs. Ryan.

Come on Lance.

You better stay the night, Mr. Ryan.

We've got a spare room upstairs.

Come on.

Well anyhow, there I was.

I'd locked out of the barracks.

I couldn't get in no matter how much I yelled.

Bags with Cynthia.

Is this the new one?


If we get any more, we'd have to stick them up the chimney.

Anyhow, what can I do?

I couldn't get into the barracks.

I said the only thing to do is walk back to the latrine.

While I was on the way there, halfway there then whoah, a whacking shell just blew the dunny sky high.

Lance has been like a father to Linda.

He drove with me into town today to buy Linda a birthday present, a red ball.

Then in his usual absent minded way forgot to pay Mr. Foley.

I discreetly settled the bill.


Someone was wandering around the house last night.

I didn't sleep.

It's from my niece.


What is it?

I have no idea.

Hey, turn that thing off.

You make the telly go all fuzzy.

All the fuss about, never stops cleaning, that woman.


Mrs. Collins and Lance not here yet.

Lance usually waits till the last one's finished.

Thinks he gets better service that way even though the food gets cold.

We'll have to do something about that fallen tree.

I've organised it.

We'll manage.

I might go into town and get you some oranges.

Would you like some sherry?

I'll get you some sherry.

The dry one?

The dry one.

Look I think this place is gonna do you a lot of good.

How you been?


You look great.

Where's your car?

I lost my licence.

Here I come!



This water stinks.

I hate dead flowers.

You know I didn't miss her at first.

She had secrets.


Oh, thank you.

I suppose you think I'm like her.







Oh yes.


You haven't changed.

What has?


What do you wanna know?


Not even that Tom's got a new stud phone?

Lucy Parker, the fat girl?

God, no.

None in New Guinea.

There's a place for her.

Doreen Lauren.


I don't wanna know.

Molly Fleming.

Stepped up his bulldozer under the tracks.

And his head popped like a watermelon!






I can hear you.

I know you're hiding.



I can see you.

Come on Barney, what are you doing?



There's someone watching us.

I can't see anyone.

Standing between those two trees.

Want me to check it out?

It's all right, it's just like a ripper.

You got any friends up there?

A few.

What kind of school is it?

It's a special school for emotionally disturbed kids.

Something bugging you?



I don't know, it's just that I feel unwelcome.

What do you expect after so many years?

No letters, no phone calls.

People are curious, that's all.

Hey, there's a party on at Pete Barker's tonight.

You wanna come?

Pete Barker.

Bet you haven't had a night out since you been back.

And I suppose you'll need a lift.



' BYE bye.

Stay well.

Linda, it's Mr. Collins.

He's dead.

Died in his bath.

Lance found him.

Dr. Barton's with Lance now.

How is he?

Minor stroke.

It's all right.

I'm here.

He's resting now, Linda.

He's gonna sleep properly soon.

It's okay.

Knowing Lance, he'll probably be up and about in a couple days.

You heard about Collins?

It's his heart.

Anyway, you can safely leave all that to Connie and me.

There's nothing you need to do.


Anyway, how are things with you?




If there's anything I can do.


Well you have got Connie.

She's a fine woman.

In fact during the last couple of months of your mother's life she practically ran this place single handed.

What exactly was wrong with mother?

Stress, anxiety.

She was worried about money, worried about Montclare.

It all contributed.

I might sell Montclare.

Could be a wise decision.

Be a pity though.

It's been in the family for a long time.

Linda, I really would like to help so why don't you drop around to the surgery sometime.

After all, I brought you into this world so I have some responsibility.

Now Carol, Mrs. Comry, it's Barney.

Yeah that's right.


How long ago did she leave?


Okay, thanks.

You don't mind?


Who were you talking to?

Um, Pete.

How's Lance?

He's all right, I think.

He's had a shock.

Don't bother changing, we should get going.

It won't take me a sec.

Almost there.

Oh, who's that?

I think it's Carol.


What's she doing here?

Well, actually she's running us to the party.

Not Carol.

I'll tell her to get gone.

Well, I don't think I'll come tonight, Barney.

Look, it's no trouble.

No really, I should stay and look after Lance.

I'm worried about him.

Have a nice day?


We could probably squeeze you in the back if you had a loose end.

No, I'm exhausted.

I'll probably fall asleep.

Suit yourself.

Sure you don't wanna change your mind?

Come on, Barnes.


Oh, bloody keys!

Honey, sick with your band?

Sleep tight.

Shouldn't you tell Linda at least?

What for?

It was just a coincidence.

If you're sure.

I was here then, you weren't.

Trust me.

Come here.

Come in.

Not going out, Linda?

No, I changed my mind.

I can look after things here if you two want to, Ah, that's very kind of you.

Hettie's gone for the weekend.

We'll manage.

I'm sure you will.

Night then, enjoy yourselves.

Thank you, Linda.

Hey, what do you want?






Dr. R. B.



R.B. Rita?

Doctor R.B.



Here, puss, puss.

Puss, puss.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Here, puss, puss, puss, puss.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Here, puss, puss, puss, puss, puss, puss, puss.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, come on.

Ah, who did this?

Oh, Mrs. Peterson, what are you doing?

I heard a noise, I thought that, It's nothing, go back to bed.

The lights.

I'm going to fix them now.

Go on, go back to bed.




Hi, Barney.

Where are you?

I'm at work.

Cold, isn't it?

Is it?

Yeah, freezing.

I walked half a mile to find this phone box.

Look, um.

I wanna see you.

' Oh, do you?

I'm on my own.

Where's Connie?



Where's Connie?

She's gone out.


Well where's she gone?

Hey, you having a good time?


" Why not?



That what it is.

What's that?


Stay there.


Can you hear me?





How did you get down here?

Come on.

Hurry UP-


Hey, shh.

It's me, okay?

It's only me.

Oh, Barney.

I don't know what's happening.

There was somebody in the bathroom.


Wake up.

Now when you've all got your hats and your capes and your scarves on, please go straight to the bus outside, is that clear?

Right to the bus where you'll be helped aboard by Simon and myself.

Don't leave your purse behind, dear.

Somebody“ take that.

Does everybody got a warm thing?

I can't hear you.

We're going on a lovely scenic tour.

I can't hear you.

We're going on a scenic tour, darling.

Out in the bus, outside.

See, out there.


Come on ladies, come on ladies.

Someone missing, Simon?

We seem to be a couple short.

Couple short?

Not really joking, that koala, you know, I saw that blokes' lips move.


Let's get you back to bed.

I think they all went.

Pity you missed out.

Suppose you wouldn't have gone anyway, would you?

Did you open your window last night?

I went over the accounts.

They're a real mess.

How do you feel?

You remember my aunt Rita?

When did she die?

No, no.

What's that?

Didn't die.

Oh, it's Carol.

I'll look in on you later.




Over here.

Did you see who was driving Carol just now?

Was she here?

Course she was here.

Her beret was in the pond this morning.


There was someone in the house last night.

Someone turned off the lights and all the taps in my room were left running.

Why would she do that?


You said Carol was here.


It's probably one of the old folk.

You look tired.

Why was I told my aunt Rita was dead?

Isn't she?

It was all before my time.

There was someone in the house.

Well if you like, I'll report it.

Will you be back for tea?

You take care of your mother now, you hear?

No answer.

Where do you think she is?

I don't know.

She had a too bit to drink last night.

There was someone driving her car.

Hey, you gotta get out of that house.

If you like, you can stay at my place.



Well the voluntary bush fire brigade is holding its annual meeting at the hall tonight.

Could be a bit of a hoot.

Plus a good fire out.

She did die.


Does it matter?



Because she's my aunt.

My family.

I need to know.

She's dead.

Isn't that enough?

I know you're very fond of Lance but he's a confused old man.

Ever since his first stroke he's been living more and more in the past.

Well, what he remembers of the past.

But he said she didn't die.

Not in Montclare, no.

Your mother couldn't cope, Linda, because your aunt was a very sick woman.

Finally she had to be sent to a home.

And that's where she died.

In some of the account books, there are recent payments made out to her care of you.


You know what your mother was like with the accounts.

They're a mess.


Connie rang me, she's very worried about you.

Are you sleeping okay?


Don't go digging into the past, Linda.

It's gone, forget it.

Who's there?

Is there anyone?


There was someone in my room.

There's no one here.

Wearing my mother's coat in my room!

The house is empty.

I saw someone.

Linda, what are you saying?

There's only Lance and myself.

And Lance is, is asleep.

I have no strength to write now.

My mind is wandering.

I cannot live with that memory of the past anymore yet the terrible pain of memory increases.

Connie is concerned about me.

I have spent the past week in bed.

Would you like a cup of tea?


You should try getting some sleep.

Can I get you anything?

No, I'm fine.

I am returning to the past so much now.

Yet I cannot erase from my mind the events of those fearful days 20 years ago.

I have been hearing noises in the house.

Strange sounds all night long that keep me awake.

Lights going on and off.

Taps left running.

My door was open during the night.

I have not slept.

There is something evil in this house.

Something that lives and breathes the same air.

Linda somehow wandered into the bathroom to discover the body of Mr. Holden lying in the bath.


This morning, my friend, Frida Cartwright was found dead in her bath.

What is happening?

And now I know there is evil here in this house.

Mr. Carmady was found in the bathroom, dead.

It is nearly dawn.

I'm afraid to sleep.

The house is full of whispering.

Dr. Barton came again today.

Where is she?


Where's everybody else?

The bus broke down, they've billeted out for the night.





Leslie, Holden.



Cause of death, pneumonia?




Barton, Barton.

I tried to get hold of you earlier.

She was in her room all afternoon.

She was very upset.

She found out I was lying.

Does it matter now?

Of course it matters.

Someone's been at the files.

I gotta look at this.

What are you doing?

There's, there's marks on the neck.


You said it was a heart attack.

Linda, those marks were made by Connie and the other residents trying to lift him out of the bath.

Don't come near me.

Tell her, you must!

Linda, take it easy.


There's no reason why we can't be in the top three.

Let's not come seventh like last year.

And as you know, I'm at the top of the game entering into the regional competition.

Last of all fellows, it relies on teamwork.

I want you to be familiar with the equipment on both trucks.

The Old Austin and the Inter.

If there's anything you're still not sure about, just talk to Ken or myself.

But for Christ's sake, " Barney!

For Christ's sake, don't just shrug something off as hard X Joe bloke's job. - Barney!

Because Joe Blow's probably off doing someone else's job, all right?

" Barney!

Winning means teamwork!

Less drinking and more thinking.

If for some reason you can't make it next Saturday because you plan on having a fight with your missus or something,

George, do you wanna?

For Christ's sake!

I don't know.

Listen to me.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Hey, stop it.

Listen to me.

You're fine.


Calm down.

All right?

You calm?


Just listen to me, all right?

We're gonna go for a little walk.

Then we're gonna talk about this thing, okay?

Just you and me, all right?


So who are we going to worry?

Woof the dog, flagged out nurse, or a bunch of old buggers?

Nothing much to worry about there, is it?

Barney, do you believe me?




So where do I find these papers?


Connie's desk.

I put them in the drawer.

I think I'll stay here.

All right.

You get scared, just give us a yell.


What if?

Don't worry.

If we have to, we'll get the whole buddy fire brigade to come down and piss on them.

" Barney!





It's me, hurry.

He's coming.



Lance, hurry!


Who is it?

This is my house, Linda.

I lived here, once.

20 years, they sent me away.


It was your mother.

She was the one.

She and Barton, they signed the papers, sent me away.

They wasted my life.

Do you know all the time, she was the one.

She was the mad one.

No, no!

It's all right.

There, there.



It's all right.

It'll all be over soon.

' No!


No, no!

Stay off!

Stay off!


I can see you.

Get away!





Harry, its me!

Harry, Harry!

Can't you hear them?

Where's Harry?


Where is he?

Gone out shooting rabbits.

Lock the door.


Lock it.

Has Harry got another gun?


Get it.


Just get it.

Shut the door after you.


Like a coffee?


Bowl of grubble?

Did you and Barney have an argument?

Holly waffle?

Kit kat?


An ice cream?

Chicken roll?

P as“?

Holy shit!



Let's get out of here!

Linda, Linda!

Come on, hurry!

Come on, hurry!

Come on.

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