Next of Kin (1989) Script

Uptown, Saturday night.

A hell of a place.

Fucking hillbilly heaven is what it is.

The hell with this. Let's go upstairs and get this asshole.

We'll wait for Gates. These are his people.

Sorry to take you away from dinner. What do you got?

A goddamn hillbilly wacko tore up two men at a bar.

Took the head off one guy with a bottle...

...and the other was dead before he hit the floor.

What the fuck gets into these people of yours, Gates?

Sometimes folks make us a mite testy, Zimmer. Got a name?

Willy Simpson. The manager said you might know him.

Hey, Gates, I'm gonna give you 15 minutes.

Then I'm going in. I'll put some hair on the wall.

You follow what I'm saying?

Herman. You watch yourself, officer.

Like a junkyard dog.

What kind of shape is he in?

They pulled a knife on him first. They was messing with his woman.

I'll see he gets a good lawyer. Back home he wouldn't need one.

Well, he should have drove them home and cut them there.

It would have saved us a shitload of trouble.


It's Truman Gates.

I was wondering if I could come in and talk.

Are you alone? Yes, sir, I am.

Come on in.

I heard of you.

Your family's from up in Perry County, ain't they?

Yeah, up near Hazard.

Mind if I sit down?

Damn things ride up on me.

So you wanna watch the TV?

She pissed me off.

You wanna see a doctor?

Shit, man, I've known worse than this.

Where'd that be?

Allegheny Mining Corporation, Number 3.

Harlan County, yeah?

I used to hunt up there with my brothers up on Daggots Ridge.

Shit, I know just where you're talking about.

Hey, there are ghosts up on that ridge.

No kidding?

Yeah. One time my dogs took me straight down this hollow.

There weren't no wind or nothing. It just got real cold.

Then all at once, them dogs started to howl like...

Like they was talking to the dead.

Yeah, man, there are ghosts up on that ridge.

They're coming for you, Willy.

I know you'll take a couple of them with you, but they'll get you just the same.

Or we could ride down to the station together.

Just a couple of fellas from the hills.

You've got my word on that.

I know you ain't scared to die, Willy.

You just ain't in no place to leave your ghost.

Good work, Truman.

Lenny, grab him. Oh, no. Zimmer.

This piece of shit's Homicide's now, pal!

What are you doing, you asshole? What are you doing?

Touch my prisoner again, I'll break every bone in your body. You hear me, huh?

You follow what I'm saying?

Do you follow what I'm saying?

Hey. Hey, brother.

Catch any thieves lately?

Same old, same old.

So, what happened to you the other night? Jessie and I waited two hours.

I had a late pickup out in Cicero.

I thought we left it loose about dinner.

Hey, no big deal. She only spent half the day making your favorite dinner.

Tell her I'm sorry.

So you heard from Briar lately? He still after you to stay clear of me?

Give me a break, Mom.

"Mom"? Yeah.

Are you afraid I'll talk you into staying here and leaving the mountains behind?

Well, ain't you? Yeah.

You can make your own decisions. I'm just trying to make things easier.

Bullshit. You're just as bad as Briar. You're just smoother.

Now wait a minute, little brother. No, you wait a second.

I feel like one of them little countries stuck between two big superpowers.

Both claim to be helping. They're just trying to outdo one another.

And I'm the one in the middle catching all the shit.

The fact is, I don't like it here.

As soon as I earn me enough to put down on a coal truck, I'm heading home.

Now, that ain't Briar talking. That's me.

Let's go, David.

The string section's wonderful.

Well. What a surprise, you were late.

Sorry. It's okay.

You was wonderful, from what I heard. Thank you.

How was Gerald?

He got another letter from Briar.

I pushed him a little hard... he probably won't speak to me again for a month or so, but...

Other than that, everything's great.

And he says that I do it just to get back at Briar.

And he's right. You do.

That's what I love about you, Jessie darling, the way you sugarcoat things.

Let's get out of here.

George. George, how's that sister of yours?

Not bad.

Hey, where you been?

Chasing girls? I'm sorry I'm late, PappaJohn.

Gabrielle, forgive me.

You're late. That doesn't matter. You're here, that's all that counts.

This is a special occasion.


I want you to meet Lawrence lsabella, my son.

Lawrence, Joey Rosselini I was telling you about.

Lawrence is my son from my first wife, Sylvia, who died.

It's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard a lot about you.

Yeah. Good things, I hope.

He's been bragging about you. Hey.

I've been telling Lawrence how much he could learn from you.

Like what? Business, Joey.

He wants to go to work for his papa. I couldn't be prouder.

Honey? What?

Do you believe in the hereafter?

Then you know what I'm here after. Not now. Go away.

Bravo. You wanna play on the teeter-totter?

I love you.

You know what happens when you say that to a mountain boy?

All right, stay close.

No problem. Let's go.

It's time to teach these fucking punks a lesson.

Hey, I don't bitch when you listen to that... What you call it? Rat music.

Rap. Rap, not rat.

You ever try to hum any rat?

Look, homeboy, you don't mix rap and hum music. They're different flavors.


Damn it. We're being pulled over.

That ain't no cop, man. That's a hit.

What are you doing, Gerald? Hold on.

What are you doing?

Gerald. Gerald, stop!


Yeah, boy.

Get them, Paulie.

Gerald, let them have it, man. It ain't worth it!

Why isn't he stopping? He'll stop.

What the hell is wrong with you?


This guy... Holy fuck!

Wait. Wait, wait. Hold it.

Leo, get the door.

Hey, Lawrence, come on. You wanna learn the family business.

Let me show you how we negotiate. Come on.

Come on, Lawrence. Come on. Come on up.

What's wrong with you, huh?

Don't you watch TV?

Don't you know when someone wants you to pull over and talk to them?

I didn't tell you to get up.

You ain't taking my truck.

"You ain't"?

You're a fucking hillbilly, aren't you?

No wonder you didn't pull over. You never seen a TV before.

What's your name?

Gerald Gates.

What the fuck is this?

You know, Gerald...

...I've dealt with niggers...

...kikes, Polacks, Chinks, spics.

If God made it, I've seen it.

But you fucking hillbillies, you are the dumbest I ever met.

Go to hell.

You know, Gerald, I gotta hand it to you. You got balls.

Stupid as shit, but major balls. Hey. Hey, what are you doing?

The owner of the restaurant asked for the machine to be removed last night.

It was an outfit setup.

Gerald just happened to be the driver.

God, Truman, I'm sorry.

You act like I was supposed to know his brother was a cop.

He was a fucking hillbilly. How many hillbilly cops do you know about, Frank?

PappaJohn, in 40 years, you ever hear of a hillbilly cop?

I did what I had to do.

It was clean. Am I right, Frank? Clean?

Bottom line is, did we get what we wanted here?

I'm supposed to meet Northside's lawyers at 3 to discuss our proposal.

That's good. That's real good.

Relax, Frank. Quit worrying. I'm paid to worry.

Not the first time you've made me anxious.

You do your job and I'll do mine.

Go home, Frank. Get some sleep.

Good night, Frank.

You shot him in cold blood, Joey.

Did Lawrence tell you that?

PappaJohn, you gave me two instructions:

Teach him the business...

...and take care of him.




You best wait here, hon. They ain't real quick with strangers.

I'm your wife. No, I ain't talking about you, honey.

I'm talking about me.

Okay? Okay.

Grandpa. Truman.


Goddamn it, you're still brothers, ain't you?


Truman. Cousin Hollis. Snake.

Uncle Pierce. Truman.

Cousin Selkirk.

Uncle De Witt. Truman.

Get the fella that killed him?

No, sir, not yet. They're working on it.

Is that your wife?

Her name's Jessie.

I wanna thank you for being good to Gerald.

His letters, they all said you made him feel at home.

How'd you and Truman meet?

At a church.

Truman in church?

Actually, he was investigating a robbery.

Truman says you play the fiddle.

I teach violin.

Yeah, you know where it is.

Would you? Now?

Why, sure. While we're waiting.


Wait, can I have that?

Come on in.

What you looking at? It ain't changed. Gotten dirtier.

Got another one of those? Refrigerator.

You get good reception on that dish? Only when the TV ain't busted.

Nice trophy. It ain't season yet, is it? Bow season.

Got it about two weeks ago.

Kind of hoping Gerald and me was...

So where's the coal truck?

Bank took it when the mine shut down. When was this?

About the same time Gerald went north. It kind of makes sense, don't it?

Briar, he never told me. That's because I told him not to.

He wanted me to go, Chicago. Shit.

Not me, brother. I been there and you can have it.

I wouldn't wanna leave these accommodations either.

At least it's my place. I still own the land it sits on.

I can open the door in the middle of the night and take a piss on it if I want.

Don't worry about paying for the funeral. I'll take care of it.

Is that what you come down here to talk to me about, paying for his funeral?

No, it ain't.

Goddamn it, Briar, you act like it don't bother me about Gerald.

Don't you think I ask myself 100 times a day what I could have done to stop it?

You tell me what I could have done.

It ain't what you could've done, it's what's gotta be done!


Rosie. Rosie.

So how are you handling all this? Better.

You can do better than that. Try again.

You're doing pretty good.

My daddy said you used to be good with a bow and arrow...

...before you went off to the city and forgot everything.

"Forgot everything"?

I've seen this man shoot a hummingbird out of the sky at 75 yards.

You ever heard of William Tell? This man makes William Tell look like a beginner.

Show us. Yeah, show us.

Sure. Come on.

Why, thank you, darling. You're welcome, darling.

You know paybacks are a bitch, don't you?

Can I borrow this?

Good luck. I just wanna say good luck.

Oh, my God.

Now your turn.

Lock your arrow.

Now put three fing... Yeah, good. Put that into first... Yeah, yeah.

Now put that finger up. Keep that finger down. Let your breath out as you let go.

All right, congratulations. You just got a 10-point buck.

No, sir. I just killed the man that shot Uncle Gerald.

Wait up.

It's yours this time, Briar.

And if any mischief follows, then I shall give... eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand...

The Chicago police will catch Gerald's killer...

...but we gotta give them time. We know about cities, Truman.

We all either lived in one or got kin there.

And we knows about your police there too.

Ask anybody here if your big-city cops ever cared about us, living or dead.

I'll grant you we ain't perfect, but we are gonna find Gerald's killer.

And as soon as we make a case, he is going up for murder one.

Damn it, man! He was our brother.

A life for a life.

Amen. Amen.


Hi. Hey.

What case are you working on?

These are some of the boys that might have killed Gerald.

Why did Tony let you have them?

Homicide's running out of leads.

And they haven't been able to find David Jenkins, Gerald's friend.

These guys may be the reason.

Did they ask for your help?



If Briar kills one of these men, they'll kill him.

I've already lost one brother. I can't lose my other.

No, no. I don't give a fuck about the dock situation.

As long as lsabella's happy, everybody's happy.

Hey, Leo, I owe you a fin. You know that, don't you? Excuse me.

What the hell's that?

Closed-circuit TV for security. Lawrence is putting it in.

Lawrence, huh? Yup.

Tell them not to put one in my office. Okay.

Hey. Hey.

I ordered a leather sofa.

You Lawrence lsabella? Man, just put it down here. Easy.

No, his office is down there.

This is my office. See?

What the fuck is this? That's good. Right under the painting.

Lawrence, what are you doing? This is my office.

Come on, Joey, I need the one by the stairs. I'm here all day.

It's okay. I cleared it with Dad.

Besides, you're never here, so it's...


Can I help you?

I need some ID.

All right, go ahead.

This isn't my office.

No fucking way.

It wasn't for me, he wouldn't be getting to play businessman.

Hey, who are you?

My name's Truman Gates. I'd like to talk to somebody...

...about that driver who was killed. He was my brother.

Now who are you? Who am I?


This is Mr. Rosselini.

I'm Lawrence lsabella. We now operate the business.

Wait. Isabella?

No, you ain't kin to Johnny lsabella? Yeah, he's my father.

No kidding. Well, I'll be danged.

Can we help you?

Yeah, I think maybe you can.

And I'm sure all your employee records are up-to-date.

I take it the police haven't been able to locate this David Jenkins.

If you ask me, nobody's looked in the right place yet.

Maybe he took a vacation.

I appreciate your help, Mr. Isabella. Yeah.

Did you find what you were looking for?

I don't know yet. We'll see, won't we?

Think he figured out where Jenkins is?

Well, if he did, I just gave you a way to find out.

Lawrence, you handled that real well. Thanks.

We might just make a good team.

Tell Leo to get the car.

Yeah, we make a great team, Joey.

He's taking us to the projects. No shit. Shut up and keep with him.

Hey, kid, you see a white guy come through here a couple of seconds ago?

One fifty-two.

One fifty-two? Okay.

Hey, there ain't no 152.

Hey, look at our fucking car!

My car! Come on, come on.

Sure sounds like a fun place.

Pay me $65 a month.

Forty-two dollars a week, $6.50 a day.

Cash up in front.

No cash, no flop.


...I used to pay only 25 for a whole month's rent back home.

Yeah, well, friend, you're in Chicago now... you better get used to those high prices.

You fellers better work on that.


I need to talk to Johnny lsabella.

I heard this is his club.



So how you boys doing?

Hey, you ain't gambling, are you?

You don't see no money on the table, do you?

What'd he say? That we're gambling.

Just a friendly little game, huh?

How we doing?

Good old Vinny. Who's Vinny?

Whoever you are, you're kicking ass.

Of course, it don't mean nothing, does it? Just for fun, right?

That's right.


And lsabella ain't here, huh? Nope.

And no idea where to find him?

Damn shame because all I wanted to do was talk to the man.

Hey, I'm John lsabella. What do you want?

So, what can I do for you? My name is Truman Gates.

I'm the brother of the Northside employee who was killed August 8.

One week before you took over the company.

I'm sorry. I didn't know anything about anyone being killed.

As for my taking over Northside, that's no big secret.

We've been after George Miller for five years to let me buy him out.

It was a good deal for both of us too.

Needs oregano.

You should check with George about all that.

But as for a murder in a truck...

I didn't say anything about a truck.

I must have read about it, something. I really don't remember.

But if you're insinuating that I had your brother killed...

Let me make something clear. I don't operate that way.

To you, I may look like Al Capone and God knows who. I don't know.

I'm a businessman... any other businessman. No better, no worse.

And I'll tell you something else.

I don't need to go around killing people to get what I want.

Let me tell you a story, Mr. Isabella.

Years ago, my uncle was shot and killed.

His wife was pregnant at the time and she saw it happen.

But when the sheriff asked her who did it...

...she just pointed here and said, "He knows.

And someday he'll settle it. "

And 16 years later, he did.

Good story.

I hope it's not a threat.

I got three counties worth of kin...

...that expect a certain amount of justice for that death.

I'm just trying to save both of us a lot of bloodletting.

So, what exactly do you want from me?

I want you to turn over the man who did it to the police.

You serious? Yes, sir.

First off, I didn't have anybody murdered.

But if I did...

...I'd never turn them over to the police.

I'm real sorry you feel that way, Mr. Isabella.

Hey, Gates.

I'm truly sorry about your brother.

Too bad. Oh, no, sir.

We ain't seen bad yet. But it's coming.

Don't kill me.

How'd you know I was out there? Smelled you.

God fucking damn!

You planning on taking on an army? Maybe.

What's your name? Harold.


How'd you like to make $20, Harold? What I gotta do?

Know how to use a telephone?


If I'm not back by morning, call my kin.

Hi. No, thank you. No?

Look, I'm gonna take this upstairs to Joey and show it to him, all right?


That's not a good idea. Why? What...?

All right.

What the fuck?

Hey, it got dark.

I'll be right back. Stay right there. Okay.

It's your dime.

What'd you do, stupid? I didn't do nothing. Why blame me?

I wish you'd break your ankle. Hey, fuck you.

Hey, what the fuck is going on down here? That's what I wanna know.

I don't know, boss. Leo screwed up.

What the fuck happened to all the lights?

We thought maybe you.

Let's go finish eating. Come on.

Just turn around and join your buddies.

Real easy like.

Everybody get down on the floor, face first.


Trying to rob this place? You know who owns it?

Johnny lsabella. That mean anything to you?

It means I got me the right place. Now, get your butt down.

Hey, who are you? What do you want? Get down, goddamn it.

My name's Briar Gates.

I want the man who killed my brother.

Let's put our thinking caps on, boys.

I don't have all night.

You son of a... Shit!


How's your memory doing now, boys?

Gerald Gates.

Shot in the back of one of your trucks. Nobody knows about your brother.

You just made the worst mistake of your life!

No, sir. I think you did.

I told you, nothing kinky.

This is kinky!

Since you can't do anything, I called the cops.

Fair warning, boys.

Till I find out who killed my brother...

...working around here is just gonna be no fun at all.

He's dead. He is dead!

Look at my suit!

You know how this makes me feel?

This makes me feel foolish!

You know who did it? Yeah.

We know.

Looks like you fellas had a little trouble.

Yeah. Well, it looks worse than it really is, Gates.

And that's why you ain't pressing charges against my brother.

Did I say it was your brother? Who said it was your brother?

Well, yes, well...

See, the cops asked me what he said and I said his name was...

Sounded like it.

Couldn't be sure. It was a misunderstanding.

Briar hates Chinese food.

It sets him off. Yeah, well, like I just said... was a little misunderstanding. With who, I don't know.

We got it worked out. Hey, we don't wanna press charges.

You're gonna take care of it, then?

Yeah, we'll take care of it. For your sake, I hope so.

Because you mess with my brother, you mess with me.

Fucking hillbillies.

I don't like this, Joey. PappaJohn.

They're nothing. They plow rocks for a living.


The same thing was said about our own people in Sicily.

Settle this. Now.

Find him. Take care of him.

I don't care if you have to go through every flophouse in uptown.

Pick it up. Pick it up.

Geez, if you weren't family...

This is fucked, Rhino.

We've been through every boarding house in five blocks.

He's not here.

He's here.

Pizza delivery for Gates.

See, that's gonna be a problem. I don't allow no food here.

What's his fucking room number?



You son of a bitch!


Get him, you asshole! Get him!

What are you doing?

You fool!

Rhino, come on, get in the car!

Yeah. We got the son of a bitch now.

Hey. Hey!

There he is!

Fuck you.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry, Rhino.

I fucked up. Sorry!

Well, look who's here.

Is that what they teach you in Airborne? Sneaking up on people?

I thought all you did was jump out of airplanes.

They taught me to jump quiet.


I suppose you're taking me in for busting up that shop, huh?

Well, totally destroying a place of business happens to be a crime up here.

That ain't why I'm taking you in.

I'm busting you for carrying a concealed weapon.

You asshole. I found out more in two hours than you did in two weeks.

I know who killed Gerald.

Joey Rosselini.

If you know, why ain't you doing something?

Because, like I told you before, I need solid proof so he won't get off.

I'll fix it so he won't get off.

That's why I'm taking you in.

Get up, big brother.

This is better than television.

You... You ain't one of us no more.

You might talk mountain and fight mountain...

...but in your heart, you ain't family no more.

You're just a cop that came from the hills.

Jessie. Jessie?


What are you...? What are you doing here?


You got accepted to the Chicago Symphony?

No? No, that's not it?

Well, then what?



Yes? You're serious?

Is it true, really?

Can I...? Is it okay to touch it?

It's down here. Oh, yeah.

I love you.

I got a deal for you.

First, I wanna know everything that was in Gerald's letters.

Pure and simple, it's like this.

Anything you have that might help us catch Joey Rosselini, you share with me.

We find him, we turn him over to stand trial.

What I need from you is to help me find David Jenkins.

He was with Gerald when he was killed. I'm betting on the fact that he saw it.

If I don't agree, you're gonna take me back to lockup? That's your deal?

That's my deal.

Take me back to jail, then. We both know who killed Gerald.

When I get out, I'll settle it.

Okay, if that's the way you want it.

But while you're sitting down there waiting on your butt...

...I'm gonna find the proof on Rosselini and I'm gonna put him away myself.

What if this here Rosselini feller should take another shot at me?

Am I supposed to stand around with my hands in my pockets?

Well, I sure as hell ain't.

Got a deal?

I guess we got a deal.

You sure this is the place?

That's the place, all right.

Just like he wrote me.

What can I get you? Two Old Styles on draft.

Draft, hell. I want a bottle.

You would.

Two bottles and a little information.

You know a guy by the name of David Jenkins? Comes here a lot.

You still want your beers? Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.

The preacher wants to talk to you.

The preacher?


I never say no to a man of the cloth.


This fella wants us to follow him. Not me!

Look out!

You sons of...

You won't believe this, but we don't want trouble.

All we wanna know is where to find David Jenkins.

Who is it wants to know?

Truman and Briar Gates, Gerald Gates' brothers.

You've come to the wrong place.

No, they didn't.

Are you David Jenkins? Yeah.

Can we talk to you outside?

Come on.

I'd like to show you some photographs.

I can look at your pictures, but I didn't see anything, okay?

You know, you're just as dumb as he was.

I told him to pull over, let them take what they wanted...

...but he wouldn't listen.

You keep pushing this thing, you'll wind up the same way.

These are bad people. You don't mess with them.

David, you can't hide from them. They'll get you.


If you're the same feller that Gerald wrote me about...'re gonna hate yourself for a long time for not looking at these.

You recognize either of these two?

Yeah. They were there.

Now, were they in the truck with him? No.

And him.

In the truck? Yeah.

And him. Two in the truck.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Man, if Gerald could see the two of you...

Stay out.

I say we go to the vending company now...

...and get them while they're not expecting it.

This ain't Kentucky, Briar.

And the deal was if we found them, we let the cops deal with them.

And right now, we're only halfway there.

How's it feel?

A little bit like I was hit head-on by a coal truck.

Hey, remember the time...

...I took Betty Jean to the movies and you thought she was your girl?

She was, damn it. Bullshit.

And we duked it out until 3 in the morning.


That was a bad one, all right. Yeah.

Betty Jean. Man, you should see her today.

A real scuzzbucket.

No shit? Yeah.

Hard to believe we had a fight over the likes of her.

We had some doozies.

Yeah, we made a mean pair too. Yeah.

It weren't the same after you left.

I'm gonna be a father, Briar.

No kidding? No kidding.

A kid? Goddamn.

A little nephew, huh? Uncle Briar.

Uncle Briar. Yeah.

I appreciate you letting me stay here tonight.

I have to tell you, I think what you're doing is wrong.

You're welcome to stay as long as you're in town, just like Gerald...

...but this is my home...

...and my family. And anything you do that threatens that... gonna make you unwelcome here. Okay?

Good night.



Where is he? I told him to wake me early.

I'm sorry. I'll be right back, okay?

Where is he, Jessie? He's at work.

The hell he is. He went after those sons of bitches without me.

Without you? Went after who? What are you talking about?

Last night we found out who killed Gerald. Didn't he tell you?

We made a deal. I help him find the killers...

...he keeps me with him till we catch them.

But he lied to me.

He planned to get them by himself the whole time.

Hey, Julie. Good morning, Mr. Isabella.

Have fun. Hi.

Could I get some coffee? Thanks.

Good morning.

Good morning.

How's this for a headline?

"Chicago Mobster's Son Indicted for Murder. "

Don't worry, Lawrence. Nobody's here.

I haven't done anything illegal. Oh, really?

Well, I had an interesting talk with a fella last night who claims different.

My man said you were in the back of the truck when my brother was killed.

That's good. Enjoy.

Why not bring him in if he saw everything?

Oh, I will. Unfortunately for you, it's enough to put you away for murder.

Even if you were just standing around in there.

That's the law. That's...

I don't want you, Lawrence. You know who I want.

I want the man who pulled the trigger. I want the man you saw do it.

No. No.

He doesn't have the money. - I don 't care. Irene, he doesn't have the money. Look, Irene...

I gotta call you back. Lawrence? Yo.

What's the matter? You look like shit.

Hey, talk to me. Think of me as your brother.

Perfect. That's all for today.

I'll see you next week. All right?

Hey, Jessie.


Jessie? Jessie, what's wrong, honey?

Somebody threw red paint in my face.

They knew my name...

...and they were waiting for me.

Stay inside, I'll be right there.

I can't get it out of my eyes. Just stay there.

Listen to me, Jessie... Relax, Lawrence. Everything's taken care of.

Well, what if it doesn't work?

Well, that's what we're gonna go check on right now.

See, your father taught me something early on:

Don't leave anything to chance.


Bring me the hillbilly's shotgun.







What are you doing? Stop it! Okay?

Listen to me. You lied to me.

I didn't lie to you, Jessie. You didn't tell me everything.

Come here. Come here, baby. What's going on?

Come here. Come here. What's going on?

I'm gonna get you out of here.

Briar, I tried to stop them but there was nothing I could do.

Shit! Who are they?

What's going on?

I left it like they left it. I haven't touched a thing.


When'd they find them? Last night.

You got a gun? Me? Hell, no.

I'd shoot somebody.

You come to pay me?

I'll give you $ 100 for your gun. I'll take the $ 100. Down payment.

I'm in a hurry. Look...

...this is a peaceful bar. We don't need you or guns to keep order around here.

Say what? You heard me.

Your gun, Jack.

Come on. Will you take it easy? I'll show you where the fucking...

Where? Open your fucking mouth! Where?

A beer.

I'll get you one.

Yeah, fill me up, would you, buddy? Yup.

There you go.

You have a good day now, you hear?

Two-three-four-two. Two-three-four-two.

All units stand by. Go ahead, 2342.

Yeah, request a mobile relay with car 5675.

Fifty-six, 75, Code 1.

Go ahead, 5675.

Five-six-seven-five, this is Antonelli. Truman, I've been trying to reach you.

Tony, did you get Lawrence lsabella?

Did I get him? Yeah, I got him. Somebody whacked him.

After they tortured him.

Who did it? I think it was your brother.

He never had a chance.

They ambushed him.

By the time I got back, they were gone.

We found the gun.

These people are animals. They don't give a fuck about anybody.


...just give me the chance to take care of it, please.

For Lawrence's sake.

John, I just heard.

I made some calls. Who did it, Frank?

We only know he was killed with a 12-gauge shotgun at close range.

If this is the hillbilly's gun, give it to the police.

With it, they can close the case. They have a suspect.


You, Joey. You kill them. You kill them.

You kill them, Joey.

Harold? Harold.

You missed him, Truman. He stormed out of here about an hour ago.

Requesting backup, Lake Michigan Vending.

Sangiman and Hubbard.

You got that? Sangiman and Hubbard.


Lawrence, you little prick. This wasn't such a bad idea after all.

- Boss... - Come here. I wanna show you something. I got a present. Jesus Christ.

We got him.

Fuck. Sleepy time, Gates.

Come on, Joey, the cops are here. Come on!

One-three-L-22, stand by. Briar!




I should have waited for you.

We could have whupped them together.


I'm at the Lake Michigan Vending Company...

...which earlier tonight was the scene of three deaths.

Truman. Look...

...they got breaking and entering, assault with a deadly weapon, murder.

It was a setup, Tony.

I know it was a setup! You know it was a setup!

Rosselini knows it was a setup! But just knowing...

...doesn't change anything.

Yeah, it does.

Hey, Harold, check out Channel 3.

Burglarizing the premises, an unidentified man killed two company employees...

... before being cut down by security guards. John Isabella, reputedly well-connected to members of Chicago organized crime...

... recently acquired the company...

... after an employee of the former owners of Northside Vending was murdered.

Hollis Gates.

My name is Harold, from the Wooden Nickel. Anyway, I'm a friend of Briar Gates.

He asked me to call you in the case that something happened to him.

Well, he was shot last night. I got his things here.

- I'm at Broadway and Wilson. I appreciate it, friend.

Rosie. Rosie, we're going on a trip.

Yes, my love. Yes, my love.

I got room for a couple with me.

Hell, no.

Howdy, Truman. Harold.

I got all his stuff here for you.

I'm sorry.

What are you gonna do?

I figured I'd do a little hunting. Where?

The cemetery.

Joey likes to brag.

And I wanna hear him brag.


So then he starts begging.

I had to laugh. "Please, Joey, please. "

Finally I just said "fuck it" and shot him.

You know, boys, I'm gonna miss this part of the job.

Come here, Leo.

Holy shit! Leo!

Are you okay? What the fuck happened?

It was Gates.

He wants you to meet him.

That hurt.

Anywhere he wants!

Any fucking place he wants!


About Joey.

He's been bragging.

Right. Tell PappaJohn...

I don't like this, Joey.

What's the matter, Leo?

Didn't you ever play in a cemetery when you were a kid?

Relax. I don't plan to be here all night.


Frank, go down the end there, turn right...

...park the car, come back towards me. Okay?

Okay, Joey.

You Harold?

They love you.

This is it, Joey. At the veiled lady.

Rhino, go over there.

Leo. Paulie.

Go find Rhino. Stick with him. You guys, over there, trees.

Okay, Gates! I'm here!

Yo, Gates, I thought you were the smart one!

But I guess you gotta make the same mistake as your brothers.

It's your mistake, Rosselini.

When you set up my brother, you forgot to kill me.

That's why I'm here.

He's gone.

I could swear I hit him! Where the fuck did he go?

Fuck! A fucking arrow.

The son of a bitch wants a war? We'll give him a war!



Spread out. Find him.

Time to pack it in, redneck.

What the fuck is that?

What the fuck are we waiting for? Let's nail him and get out of here.

Hey, if you're so fucking brave, why don't you go get him yourself?

Piece of cake.

Boy, I'm glad to see you guys.

Just tell us where you want us, Truman.

Go get him, boy. Go on! Go get him, dogs!


Good dog. Good dog. Okay.

Okay, you found me, now go away. Go away.

Get up. Get up.

You don't have a prayer!


Let him go.

It's too late, lsabella.

It's never too late.


Time to end it.

Move away, Joey.


What are you doing? This is for killing my son.

I believe this was your brother's.

It is over between our families, no? Yes.

It's done.

Don't ever scare me like that again.

What about Briar?

Oh, God.

I'm so sorry. You're my family, Jessie.

You and the baby.

Come on.