Ngai sing (2016) Script

Miss Bai, I think we can get food up ahead.

Okay, Let's go see.


I just want one bowl.

One bowl?

For all of you?

Teacher, I want to go back to Stone City!

We're going to a new school.

We're not going back.

Here, reach out your hands.

No matter what happened before, we must look ahead.

We are the bravest and strongest.

We're a family, and we'll always stay together, remember?


Food is coming Dry your tears!

Look, it's Pigsy!

Your noodles Here it is.

Let's eat!

I want some!

Take it easy.


Sir, do you want the bill'?

It's 10 dollars in total.

This is a robbery!

There's a robbery, run!

If you wish to escape unharmed, Behave and put all your money on the table.

Listen, Today our knives will fly.

Your money better flow, Or else your blood will flow!

You hear me?

Don't move!

R... robbery


R... robbery Come on!

Right now is lunch time!

Everyone is supposed to be eating!

It's so rude to rob us now!

Food comas are very uncomfortable.

I care about my health.

After I eat, I want to sleep.

When I sleep, I hate to be interrupted!

Can't you be a more professional robber'?

You should come back at night for a...


I'll show you robbery!

I'll show you robbery!

Shouldn't you hide yourself?

You interrupted my nap!

Food comas are very uncomfortable!

Robbing by day is for amateurs!

Come back at night!

I feel much better.

Stay here.

My arm is breaking!

Spare us, Hero!

Bad boys!

Hey Boss, keep the change.

Pigsy is amazing!

For the noodles.




Thank you.

Thank you for helping us.

Girls sure are brazen these days.

Mantou, He's not Pigsy after all.

He's the Monkey King!

In 1914, China was divided by many powers, And warlords battled one another.

Cao Ying was the most vicious among them.

His army spread fear through slaughter, and everywhere he conquered became hell on Earth.

People fled for their lives, losing everything they had.


Sheriff Yang is back!

Sheriff Yang!


Sheriff is back!


Sheriff is back!

Meal time!

I'm starving.

I have an announcement.

Warlord Cao Ying's army has taken Stone City.

Due to this military emergency, our troops have been transferred to the front lines.

Pucheng won't have military protection.

For now, they will rely on us, the guardians.

The army has gone to war while we maintain order.

That's fine!

We have Sheriff Yang to lead us.

Isn't that right?


Let's eat!

Time to eat!

Eat up, Sheriff.


There are many refugees at the gate.

Our villagers won't let them in.

They're kicking up a big fuss!

Stand back, everyone!

Calm down, don't push!

Stand back!

Don't crowd!

No, there is no more room in the city!

Calm down.

Sir, we escaped from Stone City!

The Cao Army took our houses!

We are homeless now!

Please take us in!

Please, we beg you!

Get up now...

Listen to me.

Can you bear to watch refugees wander and starve?

Many of you aren't Pucheng natives And came during the famine 20 years ago We accepted you then And have lived well together.

That's right!

Think about it.

If we Pucheng people were the ones in trouble, Wouldn't we also want a temporary place to stay?

Let's obey the Sheriff!

We'll help in any way we can.

All right'?


I'll provide bread!

Fellow villagers!

Let's also help them!

Some can stay at my home!


We'll help in any way we can!




Why are you...?


Let me take her.

Cao soldiers charged into the school and killed many teachers and students because Cao Shaolun didn't like us reading.

I saw Cao Shaolun when he killed.

He looked like a demon!

I was able to escape with some of the children.

Teacher Bai, please settle here for now.

We won't let ourselves be bullied.

You'll be fine here.

Once you're in Pucheng Have no fear!

I'll take good care of you. Don't worry!

Go take a look.


What is your purpose here'?

Halt, halt!

Crashing around like that; do you have a deathwish?

Are you deaf?

They told you to stop!

You ran into people!

What are you up to?

Your city's richest man Boss Liu invited us here!

Out of our way!

You look like you're up to no good.

Let me tell you, Everyone who comes here must register.

You forced me into this.

You're just a small local guard!

I'm Wang!

Since this is our first visit, We will give you a show of force!


Don't help me!



This move is called "Eat Dog Poop"!

That's it?

Are you all right?

Of course I'm fine, get him!

Yes, sir!

Stop now!

Boss Liu!

Kenan, please don't misunderstand.

Don't make it worse.

These are protectors I have hired.

That's right.

The army has abandoned your city.

Cao Ying's army might be here any minute.

You know that, don't you?

If not for visionary Boss Liu's Foresight to hire protectors, Who will be in charge of our safety?

You guardians?

The few of you?

In real combat, what use are they?

Sheriff Yang!

Why did the army abandon us?

Will the battle begin tomorrow?

Listen to me!

The army has just gone to the front lines.

They did not abandon us.

Don't worry!

Monkey King!

Monkey King?



How many times have I asked you to wake me up?

We've been through this!

You know I'm a lazy pig!

You want me to fall to my death?

I won't buy you any food next time!

All right.

Stand down.


Men, do what Boss Liu wants.

Monkey King...

Monkey King...


Let's go.

Boss, trim my beard.

Have a seat.

Sure, Right away.

What style do you want?

Who are you?

Seems that I don't know you.

I am the Sheriff of Pucheng.

Handlebar, short moustache, goatee...

What style would you like?

Do your best; I'm so handsome anyway.

Miss Bai said you rescued the children.

What is your purpose in Pucheng?

I didn't choose to come.

I go wherever Taiping wants me to.


My horse.

What style are you going to out?

I'm still thinking.

What do you do?

I'd also like to know.

I have nothing to do today and tomorrow.

Hey man, can you concentrate?

Trim my beard.

A wanderer... passing through here?

When are you leaving?

Ask Taiping.

Any ideas?

None yet.

Let me ask you...

How about handlebar mustache?

Would it make me more handsome?

You would look lecherous.

Like a bad guy!

How can you tell who is good or bad?

Bad guys have no morals.

Don't you believe in justice?


But believing is not enough.

It must be enforced.

There can be no justice, without enforcement.

I still don't know...

Your name.

I'm Yang Kenan.

"Ke" as in kissing?

"Nan" as in Nancy?

"Ke" as in conquer, "nan" as in hardship.


I'm Ma Fang.

The nation is in chaos, But not in Pucheng.

You should leave soon.

All I want is simple:

"Taiping" (Peace).

Just like your horse's name.

Remember to register!

You're done?

How much?

Depends on how happy you are!

So handsome!



Come on!

Can't you let me sleep in peace?

I'm sorry to interrupt your rest.

We've met.

It's late, but I came to ask you a favour.

I'm Bai Ling, a teacher.

Just stop!

I know what you want.

Let me tell you, I'm not a loose man.

Don't misunderstand.

I'm taking some orphans to the Capital.

But the route is fraught with danger.

I'd like to ask you to protect us on the way.

Do you know me?

What kind of person am I?

I know you are a good man.


I do everything except what is good.

Please go home.


I beg you, please help them!

Their parents have been murdered!

Only you can guarantee their safety And bring them to their relatives in the Capital...

Can you please stop talking?

Besides being a bad guy, I'm a very busy man!

Do I look like I have nothing to do?


Do you have money?



I'm a very bad, very busy man who loves money!

I work for money, not for people.

$100 Republic dollars, do you have it?

A hundred?

Do you have it?

If you do, I can help you.

I have an idea.

See if you're interested.

You actually don't look bad.

If you get dressed up and made up you could be sold at a good price.

I won't disturb you anymore.

I know you want me to give up on this.

Get some rest; good night.


Why must you help those little urchins?

Is she asleep?



That's you.

The hairdo.

Those eyebrows.

Look, a hole.

She has your eyebrows.

Move those into the cart.

We'll have some noodles and get going.

Be careful!

Take your time.


I'll put this here.


Go inside for noodles.

Yes; let's eat.

Good morning, sir!

You're dressed to go hunting.

Are you lost?

Come in, have a seat.

No one else is open yet.

This way, please.

We just opened; excuse the mess.

The kid is sick, so I slept in a bit.

Please sit down, sir.

There are so many mountain trails so hunters always get lost around here.

Where are you from?

Did you come from Stone City?


You're so lucky to have escaped.

Stone City must be hellish now, Being taken over by Cao.

There's no peace there any more.

That dog of a warlord!

Dog of a warlord?

Isn't Cao Ying a dog of a warlord?

That dog of a warlord's bastard son, Cao Shaolun, is even more like a bastard!

He's a beast among beasts!

A beast among beasts?

Do you have something against him?


My cousin taught at Stone City.

If it weren't for that cold-blooded killer, that inhuman Cao Shaolun, All those children wouldn't be orphaned!

My cousin wouldn't suffer such hardship!

Here comes my cousin now.

If you don't believe me, ask her yourself!

She watched the bastard commit murder!

I, Li Tieniu, swear to Curse him all my life.

May he go to hell when he dies!

May he never be reincarnated!

If he has a son, May he be cursed!

Cousin, stop it!

Let me talk to him.

I'll make you some noodles!

You must taste Tieniu's beef noodles.


No scallions, please.

You know me'?

I do.

Come, have some tea.

I beg you, let them go.


Do I look like a murderer of innocents?

Then I'm finished!

If I have a son, will he really be cursed?

What will happen if I have a daughter?

What did I do wrong?

We are ordinary people.

We don't know each other!

Why do you kill people?

Killing people is no big deal.

I've been killing since I was 8.

My father told me then, "Son, it's no problem!

Kill whoever you want.

You're Cao Ying's son."

This is nonsense.

You're a teacher and you don't understand such a simple fact?

How can you teach the next generation?

With brute power there is no justice.

When you have power, others will fear you.

Those who don't...

Only meet with death.

I'll play a game with you.

If I lose I'll leave right away.

If I win...

You all must die.

Let's bet on whether my noodles will come with scallions.

You choose.

No? Then I'll choose.

Since he has been telling me off, I'm sure he's put a lot of scallions in it!

Here you are, sir!

Enjoy Tieniu's Beef Noodles while they're hot!

I don't eat beef!

Go see what's going on!

Run, Dayuan!


Run fast!

Teacher Bai!


Run fast!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you, you demon!

It's really not my fault!

Hurry, go see!

What was that'?

What's going on?

What's going on?

Teacher Bai...

Teacher Bai...


Murderer; I'll fight you to the death!

He must be punished!

He's a killer; execute him!

It should be done right here!

Quiet, everyone!

This man came to Pucheng and killed our Tieniu, A Stone City teacher, and a child today.

Our governor has left the city So Sheriff Yang will be in charge of the murderer's trial.

What is your name?

Where did you come from?

Why did you kill those three people?

I just went in to eat noodles But the kid came and grabbed my gun!

I was going to get it back but the gun went off!

The boss came to beat me up.

I asked him to stop; he didn't.

I shot and killed him.

I didn't mean to.


You did it on purpose; stop arguing!

So you killed all three of them?

They were accidents.

All three murders were accidents?

You won't say your name Or where you're from.

You're speaking only nonsense.

Since you admit to the murders, As the Sheriff of Pucheng I must sentence you, the nameless, to death.

Liao, summon the executioner.

Yes, sir!

According to the law, This man's dog of a head can be removed Early tomorrow morning.


What's this?


What is your purpose?

I came to pick up Junior Commandant.

What Junior Commandant? Go!

Go now!

Junior Commandant, I deserve to die For coming so late!

Please spare us, Junior Commandant!

Is everything all right?

He is the son of General Cao Ying, Junior Commandant Cao!

What? He's Cao Ying's son?

Release him now!

You're on my turf.

You cannot demand his release.

So what if Cao Ying is his father?

He is a murderer.

He will be executed tomorrow morning.

My army will arrive tomorrow.

When General Cao takes over Pucheng, We will be the law.

Release him!

We'll talk when you've fought your way in.

If you dare to steal him away, I will execute him on the spot.

Stop it, don't be reckless!

Don't you dare!

Try us.

May I remind you, If he dies, The entire city will be buried with him!

Colonel Zhang, Those who break the law must be punished.

Even I, the Junior Commandant.

Put down your guns!

Go back.

Yes, sir.

You only have one day's time.

Listen carefully!

Tomorrow morning, I will lead the army into the city for him.

If even a hair is missing on his head, This whole city will be covered with corpses And the rivers dyed red with blood!

I'll play a game with you:

In one day, I want you to release me with your own hands.

Lock him up!

What do we do now?

Everyone, don't worry.

Calm down.



I think we should probably let him go.

He is Cao Ying's son...

The Junior Commandant!

If we kowtowed and apologized, Perhaps...


He's a murderer who will be executed tomorrow!

Since that is how you feel, Kenan, I'm not going to die with you.

Out of the way!

What are you looking at?

Go home and wait to die!

I'll notify the army to back us up.

Don't worry, Go home now.

Colonel, Why didn't we grab Junior Commandant?

If anything goes wrong, we'll die.

Don't you know what kind of man he is?

If he's having fun he won't stop.

If he wanted them dead we would have killed them already.

Besides we want to reign a city, Not destroy it.

They won't harm Junior Commandant.

Come with me tomorrow morning to get him.


Say no more!


He thinks he's Commander pet.

If anything happens to Junior, We will be the ones to die, not he.


What's so scary about local guardians?

Are you leaving now?

Why would I stay?

Here is a letter.

I found it among Miss Bai's things.

Sorry, It didn't have an envelope, so I opened it.

The letter is for you.

The children are now with the Guardians.

Hero, You've helped us before, Sol know you have feelings.

I didn't mean to interfere with your wanderings, But as a teacher I cannot leave my students in mortal danger.

Unfortunately, I am weak and alone and unable to handle the prospect.

I was desperate for a long time.

I am writing this letter to you.

Please take them safely to the Capital.

I am willing to be your slave for the rest of my life, Waiting on you hand and foot And doing all your bidding To make up for your $100 fee.

Talk is cheap, So this letter shall serve as evidence Bai Ling bows to you.

Sheriff, You have arrested the murderer for Bai Ling.

I drink to you.

I don't drink while on duty.

Just one drink!

I'll toast with tea.

So stubborn!

Let me ask you,

This decision you made today...

Aren't you afraid of harming your family?

I am.

And that's why I must not back down.

The colonel who came today...

We studied under the same Master.

His name is Zhang Yi.

He is a man of his word and a martial arts expert.

You're no match for him.

So what?

Do you think I'll just give up like that?

What about those three lives?

Then why did you toast me earlier?

One lives through one's conscience.

I will bring the children to the Capital.

You will?



One time, I received... a request I couldn't refuse.

A test of one's conscience.

I have to go out for a while, will be back soon.

Be careful it doesn't catch fire!

See that it doesn't catch fire!

Don't you not want this?

I see your forehead is dark, Nose hair is too long; ears stick out too much.

You won't live past tonight.

You don't believe me?

Then never mind!

Prison raid!

Where is Junior Commandant?

In hell!

In hell?


Release Junior Commandant!


What is it?

They are coming to raid the prison!

Let's go!

Don't go after them!

Save Guang first!



I'm going to kill him!

Zhang Wu!


Let him down now!


Lift him up!

Let him down; quickly!

He cannot die!


Wake up... you can't die!

Wake up!

So now I can't die?

That look on your face...

Why the hurry to hang yourself?

I would have granted your wish tomorrow.

Tomorrow At least half the people here will die.


Who are you?

Colonel, You have a visitor outside the tent.

Bring him in.

Yes, sir.


It seems You have been very free these years.

It's been all right.

The facial hair suits you.

Thank you.

I can win on looks if not by fighting.


You don't believe me?

Wanna try and see?

Try and see?

No one has dared to speak to me like this!

You're bold.

Of course.

You're now the high and mighty Colonel Zhang.

Who would dare to joke with you?

Look at these two dragons.

You've achieved your goal.

This is just the start.

I want to go further.


And you?

Your grand wanderings...

How are they going?

I just started.

I want to see how far I will go.

I already asked you to make a new world with me.

But you wouldn't listen.

Come work for me.

Work for you?

Doing what?

Be a battalion commander for now.

After a few battles, I will give you My rank of colonel.

Battalion Commander sounds good.

Battalion Commander...

Does a battalion commander have to...

Fight and kill From here...

To here And then to here...


Speaking of Pucheng, I pity the residents there.

They'll all be dead tomorrow, right?

I've already said To let the Junior Commandant go, And Pucheng residents will be unscathed.

That Junior Commander of yours is a murderer!

He killed three people.

Two adults and an innocent child.

Forget about 3 people!

Even if he killed 300 people I must protect him!

It's my job.

I just don't want to see innocent people die.


Neither do I; so I'm giving them one day's time.

Shall we take the side of justice...

Don't talk to me about justice!

Have you forgotten you ruined our business?

Because of what you thought was justice, That dog of an official burned down our business!

Our men became homeless, And many died or were injured.

Have you forgotten that already?

I remember.

Do you have a deathwish?

Robbing us with no martial arts skills.

I'm not robbing you.


Do you not have a sense of justice?

That dog of an official Cheated me out of my money, Killed my parents, Took my wife...

Give me back my wife!

You dog of an official!

Even if I fail in revenge, I will haunt you after my death!

You can still escape now.




Dog of an official!

I'm going to kill you!

Yi, ignore him.


You may not kill him!

You're crazy!

If we escort him safely, the guards live.

If not, the guards die.

So we guards can ignore right from wrong And let this scumbag go free?

If you kill him, over 300 of us in the company Will die!

Feng That is reality.

Brute force beats reason every time

Yi, What results from this reality?

Those bastard officials always demand payback.

If you still consider me your senior classmate, Do not be my enemy.

Thanks for the egg.


Ask them to release him.

Junior Commandant...

I'm Ma Feng.

Here to rescue you under Colonel Zhang's orders!

So, sir?

I have a question.

Please don't mind; I'm just curious.


After you get out, What will you do?

Will you spare the people of Pucheng?

You think I'm an idiot?

After all that killing, Your clothes are still white, But your heart is definitely black.

Are you letting me go?

Yet another dog of an official!

He seems to mean for you to free him.

Now you understand.

He's not worried if we'll let him go,

He just loves to kill.

If we let him go now, We'd be giving him our lives unconditionally.

I hope the army will win on the front lines And return soon.

Only then will Pucheng's people be rescued.

Such crystal-clear vision!

But you will die, with or without clear vision.

It will be dawn soon.

I don't know you, But if you want to play a game I'll join you.

Liao, you're here.

Liao, Bao said you needed to see me urgently.

What is it?


Come with me.

Where to?

Let's talk as we walk.

So much has happened today.

I'll bet you haven't eaten.

Have a pastry.

Why are you so secretive?

No; let's go.

In all the years I've known you, Your stomach aches when you're nervous.

What is it?

Boss Liu wants to talk to you.

He has a way to resolve this crisis.

When did you meet with him?

His idea is for me to release Cao Shaolun?

You wouldn't believe him, would you?

Trust me this once.

We've risked our lives together all these years.

Everything I do is for your good!

I trust you.

But I won't do this.

Cao Shaolun is not a regular guy!

Who is his father?

A grand warlord!

With hundreds of thousands of troops!

And you?

Just a local guardian!

With the few of us; we're no match!

We can't afford this!

Guang is dead; I fear you may be next.

You fear you may be next!

You want me, a guardian, to release a murderer?

I didn't think you'd be the biggest coward.

I'm not afraid!

I want to save you!

I've been with you 30 years!

I've done everything you said!

I don't even mind being called a coward.


I trust you; you're my leader!

I'll obey you in everything!

But this time you must obey me!

Release him!

Someone told me the first day I became a guardian A guardian doesn't have to be very learned, But he must tell black from white.

Right from wrong.

Do you remember who told me that?

You did.

I trusted you, too.

But many people will die!

Is that worth it, for one Cao Shaolun?

Ask the people what they want.

Don't lecture them on justice or intergrity!

Everyone just wants peace...

To have a safe home and good job.

Don't give them a hard time!

You think we can solve everything if we kneel down.

Just kneel first.

It's critical to stay alive!

If we kneel today, Will we still be able to stand up tomorrow?

Can our future generations live with their heads held high?

We are not slaves.

We are the owners of Pucheng.

The more we fear, the worse our fate.

Cao Shaolun's arrival into our city

has sealed Pucheng's fate.

There is no escape for us.

Yes, We may die,

But everyone dies.

Let's not die in vain.

All right?

Yang Kenan!

What do you want?

Boss Liu invited us here!

You still don't understand?

Sub-commander Liao Your job is done; go!

Boss Liu said you must pay for your mistakes by killing him!

Yang Don't put the blame on us in the underworld.

We're just doing our jobs.

Kill me first, if you can!

Leave me!




You wouldn't go when I asked, Sol must send you out!

Out of my way!

Leave me!


Calm down!

Let go!

Out of my way!

Leave me alone!


All of you, let go!

Calm down, it's useless!

Why are you all standing here?

Liu Cheng!

You sent men to kill Liao!

I want your life for this!


I'll tell you what happened.

Yang offended Junior Commandant, Caused the death of his man.

And will kill all of us in Pucheng Listen to what the people are saying!

Sheriff Yang, Once the Cao army storms the city, They will kill everyone in the city!

Sheriff Yang

I beg you.

Can you let the Junior Commandant go?

Please; Let him go!

Kenan, My son is still young!

I just want him to grow up in peace!

You don't want to see your daughter killed by Cao's army tomorrow, do you?

I am devastated by the deaths of Liao and Guang.

But this is not for revenge.

I believe murderers should be punished.

But, Sheriff Yang!

What about us?

Sheriff Yang!

Sheriff Yang!

My family has lived here for 5 generations.

I am already in my eighties.

I beg you!

Please let my descendants live!

I beg you, give it up!



Please get UP!

Kneel with us and beg Sheriff Yang.

Beg Sheriff Yang!

Kneel down!

Sheriff, I...

There is righteousness among the people.

Justice is in everyone's hearts.

We Yangs have been guardians here for 3 generations.

We have been loyal and faithful; our consciences are clear.

Today, you don't need me anymore.

I understand your fear.

Before daybreak...

I will resign as your Sheriff.

You all decide whether to let him go.

The Guardians... are permenantly dismissed.

Xianger will love Guangzhou.

She will get to know many new schoolmates.

Give the men an extra month's pay.

You're staying here by yourself?

Is that useful?

I'm the one he wants.

With me here...

He won't vent his anger on the people.

I'm sorry.

Junior Commandant!

Come on out!

We're sorry!

We're releasing you.

Cut it open now!

You may not open it.

Please be serious, sir.

Junior Commandant, Please come out!

Please forgive us, come out!

Junior Commandant...

Junior Commandant!

We all know that we were wrong!


You promised to play hide-and-seek at Grandma's house.

I'll wait for you; hurry up!

I'll be very quick.

Show me a punch.


Really good!

That was so fast Daddy couldn't even see your fist.

But it hurts a little.

Give me a kiss.

One more.

And one more.


We don't care where you go, We just want to follow you.

What for?

All good things must come to an end.

You think I want to lead you monkeys around?

Go on.

We're leaving.


Thank you for all these years of care.

I hope to have a chance to repay you.


Take care.

Sheriff Yang,

They're leaving; why are you still here?

I have an extra seat; I could give you a lift.

Why do I need a lift from you?

Just take the children.

You're really staying?


Knowing you will lose?

I didn't do anything wrong So what will I lose?

Junior Commandant!

Please forgive us for being late!

Men, open the lock!

It's not for you to open.

Forgive me, Junior Commandant!

If you were not one of my father's dogs I would have killed you long ago.

Whoever cuffed me Will be the one to release me.

Yes, Junior Commandant!


Bring Yang Kenan!

I am here.

Sheriff Yang...

Come on.


Is the executioner here?

I think he's lost his way.

You need an executioner to chop off my head?

My head is right here.

Cut it off.

Cut it off!

How many hundred lives

may I exchange with my life?

I'm giving you my head, yet you won't cut!


You want to defend the people so badly And you want to die so badly.

I'll grant your wish.

Tie him up.

Let me toy with him.


Junior Commandant is handsome and smart!


Truly a shining young hero!

Thank you for gracing my home With your presence!

I am so honoured.

We are family from now on.

I will do anything for you.


Eat when you eat; stop talking.

Let's eat!

Please, eat!

Oh, you're really eating?

Let's go look over there.

No... don't take that...

Don't take it...

Xianger, you're a good girl.

When you grow up I'm sure you'll be a brave, heroic person.

Go to Grandma's house with Jiaoer.

I'll go be with Daddy.

All right'?


You're safe now; come.

Miss Bai and Dayuan are dead!


I hand over these rascals to you.

Monkey King!

Don't go!

Stop crying!


Grow up to be good people, you hear?

Yes, sir!

Where are you going, Monkey King?

To fight monsters!

Madam Yang, we're back!

Ma Feng You've returned, too?

I don't charge a fee For some things that must be done.


Isn't it fun to drink wine upside-down?

I told you last night, half of Pucheng will die.

Now, I want everyone to die.

And you'll be the last one!

So, hang in there.



Who are you?

I bring a gift to Junior Commandant.

What gift?

Let me see it!

You may see it, But I'm afraid your rank isn't high enough.

It's very... very confidential.

If you insist, I'll show it to you.

I'm going to show you now.

You really want to see it?

Bring him to Junior Commandant, take his weapons!



What's wrong?


Me too!


My Turn!



Junior Commandant!

Someone wants to see you outside.

He says he has a gift for you.

He came to join our game.

Send him up.

Yes, sir!

Come up!


Junior Commandant.

You changed into black clothes.


Congratulations on conquering Pucheng!

I bring you a valuable gift.

A... a gift?

Of course.

You want to rescue a cooked duck?

Let me see what it is'?

Don't get too excited!

I'll get it for you right away.

Bring it.


What I just gave you.


Where is the thing I just gave you?

What thing?

Junior Commandant!

I knew you didn't have a gift.

It's a trick.

I'm not tricking you!

My gift was to release Yang Kenan for you.

To help you build up some karma points.

But we don't need it anymore Since you killed another person.

Why do I need karma points?

Don't you know why I let you up here'?

It's because it's...


There's an explosion at the army camp!

Hurry; see what's going on!


I told you to behave!

Why must you get me in trouble?

When did I do that'?

I came to kill the bastard.

If you kill him You'll destroy me!

Get it?

How's this Kill the bastard for me, And I'll kill his dad for you.

I guarantee you'll be made Commandant.

Can you?

Let's go!





Stop pacing.


The heavens... choose who will die.

I am Cao Ying's son.

I am Cao...

Cao Ying is my father!

Kill him!

Remember when Master punished me and forbade me food and water for three days? thankfully, you...

Enough, already!

I brought you an egg.

You're eternally grateful.

You've told me hundreds of times.

Because of the egg and Master, I will always give you a 30% advantage.

So when I hit you you can't hit back.


Times have changed.

Ours was not a long-term career.

There is no 'always.'

Thank you.

You're welcome.

It's just as you said:

Justice exists only when maintained.

Days later, Cao's army headed to Pucheng with orders to destroy; the Southern army fought the Cao army 10 miles outside Pucheng and defeated them, killing Cao.

I should go.

When you come again, Remember to look me up.

I will trim your beard again Free of charge.

If you want to roam the country And be a wanderer, You can look me up.

I do...

I want to roam the country, Uphold justice, And be a heroine!

We'll talk when you're grown up.

My friend Ma Feng, Take care of yourself.

Take care.

Take care.

Ma Feng!

Where will you go?

I don't know.

You'll have to ask...

Taiping, here.